Real babe gets pussy fucked by doctor

Real babe gets pussy fucked by doctor
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I'm so excited that I finally got a boyfriend, but he doesn't know my little secret yet. There is a reason why I'm the least liked person in the Griffin family. I'm not really a girl. I was born as a boy, and as a joke they named me meg, then got drunk and forgot I was really a boy.

Anyways, I have a date with Cleveland tomorrow. Since I'm under 18, we can't go out in public. He said we would just take it easy at his place. Maybe watch some movies or something. *2 days later* "hey meg, good to see you. Would you teen pornstar gets laid by mature couple something to drink?" said Cleveland on our date Of course.

I've never had alcohol before. What do you have? Hmm, I'm thinking you look like a whiskey girl. Are you thirsty? Dear god yes, I'll have a 20oz of whiskey. *2 hours later* I woke up, apparently passed out from the excessive amount of whiskey, but with a sharp pain in my behind. I looked back and saw what it was. There was a beer bottle sticking up out of my ass, buried the length of the neck.

I had played with my asshole a lot recently, hoping I could fool Cleveland in to thinking I'm actually a girl by getting him drunk, and letting him ass fuck me. Well, it turns out things went the other way around. Some time passed, and Cleveland finally came in.

He seemed kind of angry that I had lied about being a girl, but his 10" black cock was ok with it. He pulled out the beer bottle and replaced it with his own manhood. My little puckered asshole was screaming in pain, as he hadn't used any lube.

It was almost unbearable, but his throbbing fuck-meat felt sooo good inside me. He was so long it felt like any minute his cock would come through my intestines and out my mouth.

He started to pound rythmicly into my bleeding, 17 year old asshole, and (much to my disappointment) came within minutes. He dropped a huge load of steamy spunk deep inside my ass, to parts of me that my puny dildo could never reach. He seemed satisfied, but amazing round ass while make you cum things got A LOT WORSE.

Brian walked in. I had fantasized about doing it with my dog before, but never planned on actually doing it. Brian lied down on the floor, and out slid his throbbing, 14" dog cock. I cant believe Cleveland actually wanted me to fuck him. Cleveland lay me down on the floor, and started to lick my asshole until I stopped bleeding.

He lovingly worked his mouth to my balls, taking one into his mouth at a time, and swirling his tongue all around. Next, he planted kisses all the way up the shaft, to the tip of my now rock hard 5" cock.

Shockingly, he shoved his tongue about half an inch up my urethra, and started to wiggle it around. Next, he started to deepthroat me.

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I was sooo close to cumming, when he stopped, and rearranged himself. We started to 69.

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I was a little reluctant at first, because I could see a mix of his cum, and my shit and blood on his cock, but the combination, along with my lingering intoxication seemed quite appealing at the time. Luckily for me, Cleveland didn't cum so fast this time.

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Brian, though, got a little excited by the show taking place in front of him. Cleveland had one hand clamped on my left tit, and the other hand buried in my hair. While brian was attempting to mount me, I realized that there was no chance of my escape without becoming a bald, one boobed shemale. His cock had softened, but once it med my little asshole, it grew quickly.

He mercilessly pounded his doggy dick deep into my ass, making it feel like my insides were on fire with pleasure. I started to come to terms with what was happening. There was a big cock in my mouth, and another in my asshole, and cleveland's soft mouth was enveloping my dick.

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I couldn't take it any more, and wave after wave of my cum began to pour down cleveland's throat, and my asshole started to convulse. The taste of sperm got Cleveland going again, and the way my sphincter was tightening sent brian over the edge.

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The semin began to flow like the niagra, and I passed out again. I woke up in my room, completely naked, with a little stream of cum left dripping from naughty slut jumps on black dudes dick cock, and my bleeding, gaping asshole leaking cum. Lois was calling me, so I cleaned myself up fast, and came downstairs.

I was sitting on the couch, watching T.V., while keeping an eye on Stewie who was playing with his blocks. Lois was in the kitchen preparing dinner. -Meg, she said putting a pan on the stove, could you feed Stewie please? -No problemo mom, I said, turning off the television. I took Stewie away from his blocks and put him on the couch. I took the milk bottle from the table, which Lois had just put on and replaced his pacifier with it. I then resumed watching my T.V.

show. However, I was now distracted by the sucking sound beside me. I tried focusing all of my attention on the cartoons in front of me, but even my years of experience ignoring teachers could not help me against this. Without realising it at first, I started to be aroused by the sound. I closed my eyes and imagined Cleveland's pair of lips around my young white shaft. He pictured him licking the length all the way down to my hairless pouch, sucking and kissing a ball before going back up.

I saw my neighbor taking the tip of my cock in his mouth and milking me for all I'm worth. And just when I felt myself cumming, the sucking sound stopped.

I opened my eyes to see that Stewie had finished her lunch. I took the bottle away and gave him back his pacifier, still hurting with my erection. I put the bottle on the table and felt a small hand on my leg.

Stewie had taken off his pacifier and was asking for something else. He seamed french amateur sucks dick in public publicpickups and exhibitionist still be hungry and had his arms extended to grab anything that could feed him. Anything? I looked to the kitchen and saw mom cooking in a trance like state.

With the TV on, it was unlikely that she would catch him. -Are you still hungry Stewie, I asked in a whisper. I have more milk for you right here. I unzipped my pants and slipped out my small 17-year-old member. I put it in Stewie's capable hands. The baby tried to pull his new bottle close to himself, but seeing that it didn't move, he advanced to it and quickly took it whole in his mouth.

I laid down on my back, legs opened to give my baby brother complete access to my crotch area and let him do all the work. Stewie put his small hands around the "bottle", giving me a shiver down my spine. He didn't seem to mind at all that no juice was coming out yet. Finally, no longer about to control myself, I let myself be and flowed my warm milk down his throat, which seamed to make him happy since she started sucking even more. I came my load and only when there was no more did Stewie let go.

He burped loudly, licked his lips to remove the cum and put his pacifier back on. -Meg, could you bring me the empty bottle please? Mom! I had completely forgotten about her mother. I quickly slipped my organ back into my pants and brought the bottle back.

-So, did he drink well? -Oh yeah, he drank real nice. Have me feed him anytime!