Unusual centerfold gets sperm load on her face gulping all the love juice

Unusual centerfold gets sperm load on her face gulping all the love juice
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**YES, she is supposed to be taking from Dunkin Donuts! This story is based on a dream that I had once where I got caught stealing donuts from Dunkin Donuts and had to make it up to the owner.

However, Katie the Dunkin Donuts Klepto doesn't exactly work, and Danielle the Dunkin Donuts Delfactor is a bit of a reach. And lastly, it's a sex story people. You're really focusing on the donut shop she stole from?** In all my life, all my years and years of stealing, I've never gotten caught and of all times, I get caught stealing donuts.

Literally a hand-in-the-cookie-jar moment, with powdered sugar smeared over my lips and fingers sticky from jelly. I'm Katherine. Katie, that is. I live in a shitty part of town in a shitty part of New Jersey. Mom and Dad left a while ago, so it's just me and my three younger brothers, Max and Mark, the twins, and Alex, london keyes has been a very bad girl youngest.

He's only eight and he still doesn't really get why mom and dad left. I think he still thinks they're on vacation…you know, the one they never came back from. I never even told Mark and Max that they had left me a note and a couple hundred dollars telling me I needed to take care of them. Gee, thanks guys, that couple hundred dollars didn't even pay our rent for the month.

So now we're sleeping at a cheap motel and I gotta scrounge for what I can find. We eat McDonald's way too often and I work as best as I can at the local grocery store, but the pay sucks and so does sorting through rotting tomatoes and spoiled grapefruits. I've definitely had better jobs, but at least at this one, no one tries to grope me in the storage room, like they did when I worked at Rite Aid.

I'll admit, I've become a bit of a thief. I never steal a lot though! Just food, usually, or some cheap dollar store toy for Alex. I'm just trying to help my family out, you know? Anyway. It was after my shift was over and there was a Dunkin Donuts up the street. I was starving, and it was late, about one in the morning or so.

I knew from experience that the Dunkin Blonde cougar nina shared with dauhters bf dick left the back door open, where they kept all the donuts. So I snuck in. It was really quiet and dark in the back, and I stopped to listen for a moment. Most of the lights were off, I think only the drive thru was open.

I heard quiet chatter from the employees and quickly hurried to the shelves of donuts. I knew I should bring some home for my brothers, so I shoved a couple in my bag that I knew they'd like for breakfast in the morning. I won't take any more than six.

That way, there's two for each of the boys. Like I said, I was starving, so I decided that one more wouldn't hurt. I picked a big plump powdered jelly donut off the bottom shelf and took a big bite. Jelly squirted out of the back onto my hand and I moaned quietly. Jelly donuts were my favorites. The light flicked on and I froze, my back to the door.

I heard two quiet footsteps that then stopped behind me. I straightened and turned slowly, my eyes wide and my mouth still full. It's the owner! I thought. Sure enough, he stood there, tall and menacing, arms crossed over his chest. He slowly unfolded them and reached behind him, pulling the door closed with a soft click. My eyes traveled frantically over him and I swallowed, the previously-delicious donut feeling like a lump of lead in my throat.

"Uh…um…" I stammered, my voice cracking with fear. He had bright green eyes that seemed to pierce into me and I felt myself flushing. "What are you doing in here?" he asked quietly. He took another few steps towards me until he was right in front of me.

I still stupidly was holding the donut in my trembling hands. Oh, man, I can't go to jail! What about the boys? "I…I just…I…" I jumped as he knocked the powdered pastry out of my hands and grabbed my wrists, pulling me towards him. "I asked what you are doing in here, little girl?" I whimpered, torn between anger at the insult and fear about what he would do to me.

"I'm…I'm sorry! I just wanted to b-bring home food to my brothers!" I whispered. "Please…please don't call the police, if I go to jail, they're gonna starve, the twins are only thirteen, they can't get a job yet, please, sir, please." I was babbling and I knew it but I was terrified.

For the past three years, all I've done is take care of my brothers; they were my number one priority. I couldn't leave them. The man's hard face seemed to soften a little bit, his heavy brows lifting. He couldn't have been more than 35 but there were tiny lines around his eyes that indicated he smiled often. Of course, he wasn't smiling right now. Holding my wrists in one of his hands, he lifted the other to brush the powdered sugar off my face.

I blushed, knowing I must have looked ridiculous begging him not to call the police. "What is your name?" "K-Katie," I said weakly. I suddenly felt so tired and I just wanted to go home to my boys, crawl into bed and sleep. The thought that I might be sleeping on a prisoner's cot instead tonight sent a chill down my spine. Abruptly, he dropped my wrists and leveled a stern glare at me. "Don't move," he growled; I didn't even think of disobeying. He turned towards the crew room, heading for the wall where the phone hung.

I stiffened, thinking he was going to call the authorities, but he walked past it into an office. He dude cheats his gf with ebony roomie in mom and dad sex and son sleeping the doorway, snagged a set of keys from a hanger and shut the light off.

He walked right by me and opened the door he had come through. "Jess? Becky? I'm going home for the night. It's pretty slow. Call me if you need me." There were two mumbled responses and then the door shut and he turned to me again, his eyes still hard as he grabbed my arm and pulled me out the backdoor, turning off the light as we passed it.

My bag hung limp and heavy from my arm as I followed him numbly to a car. He shoved me into the passenger seat and then walked around to his side. I was shaking from fear. It seemed he was more of a hands-on kind of guy. Probably wanted to hand me right over to the police himself.

The numbness started to fade and the reality of my situation began to set in. My hazel eyes filled with tears and I hiccupped, struggling to hold them back. It would do no good for him to see me cry. He started the car and pulled out of the employee parking lot, heading towards a nicer part of town. I supposed owning a store has its perks, I thought snarkily. Unbidden, the tears started to roll down my cheeks and I bit my lip to hold back a sob. "Don't cry." His voice wasn't soothing, but rather, a command.

We fell silent as I wiped at my eyes, trying unsuccessfully to quiet my sniffling. "I'm not going to report you," he said after a moment and my shocked eyes met his. "What? Oh, thank you, sir, thank…" "Quiet," he said, his voice full of calm authority, a man clearly used to being obeyed.

I immediately fell silent, my stomach dropping with anxiousness. "I am not going to report you if you do exactly as I say." He stared straight ahead out of the window; it was beginning to rain and the streetlamps cast ghostly shadows of trickling raindrops over his dark hair and face.

"Wh…what are you going to make me do?" "I'm not going to tell you. But you're going to do it anyway." I felt a little sick. So he's blackmailing me.

Oh god, what's he going to make me do? "C…can I please…can I please make one request?" I implored. He glanced at me once and then gave a small nod. "I don't want my brothers to know about this. I don't want them involved. Please." The corner of his mouth twitched up slightly in a smile and he nodded once more. "Don't worry. I won't involve them." He pulled into the parking lot of an apartment building and unbuckled his seatbelt and then unbuckled mine for me. As if I'm a child, I thought with a bit of irritation.

He exited the car and came around to my side to pull me out. The anxiousness in my stomach was twisting as he pulled me up the stairs by my arm to the fifth floor. He unlocked the door, releasing my arm, and entered. I hesitated and he looked back at me sternly. I swallowed and walked into his apartment. ----- I never really liked thieves. But this was one that I could certainly grow to like.

Wild curly brown hair falling haphazardly out of a sloppy ponytail and big hazel eyes that looked at me nervously, she was nothing short of adorable. When I was a kid, I never would have expected that I'd be the owner of a donut shop, for Christ's sakes but as I escorted Katie into my home, I was strangely glad of my profession. She was probably no older than 21, making me feel even older than my 36 years, especially as I ran my eyes over riley winter is a cute teen with a big ass body, still in a simple work uniform of black slacks and a black polo shirt.

Katie turned to face me as I brought her into the living room. There were doors leading to a balcony facing the street and I had the curtains open, which would prove interesting for what I was going to ask her to do.

She was chewing nervously on her lip and her eyes were downcast. "Look at me," I said. Her eyes jumped nervously to mine and she bit extra hard on her lower lip. "Repeat after me. Okay?" She nodded, her eyes widening a little.

"I submit myself to you." "I submit myself…to you." "For whatever you may ask." "For wh-whatever you may ask." "For as long as you ask me to do so." "For…wait…um," she stammered, fidgeting.

I closed the distance between us and grasped her wrists in one of my hands, gazing down into her face. "For as long as you ask me to do so," I repeated and felt the breath leave her lungs in a nervous whoosh. "F-for as long as you a…ask me to do so." "Sir." I raised an eyebrow at her and watched her flush softly. I let her hesitate longer this time before her eyes finally drifted downwards again.

"…Sir." I nodded, fighting a smile. "Good girl." I released her hands and took a few steps back, crossing my arms over my chest. "Now strip." ----- What? He wanted me to do what exactly? Oh no…I'd never even had sex with a guy before and he wants me to…oh no. "B-but…I…" "Whatever I may ask, is that correct, Katie?" I spluttered and tears filled my eyes.

"Is that correct, Katie?" he repeated, a hint of frustration in his voice. "Yes!"I blurted. "But I can't…I can't do that…" my voice faltered out. "And why not?" There was a long pause and I twisted my fingers together uncomfortably, rocking on the balls of my feet in my knock-off Converse sneakers. "I…I've never had sex," I whispered, mortified.

My face was two tiny teens share a throbbing rod group sex creampie furiously, I was sure. He was silent and I risked a glance up at him. His brow was furrowed and for a moment he looked sincerely torn but shook his head. "Whatever I may ask." A whimper was torn from my throat and my shoulders sagged. It won't be that bad, I told myself. Better than prison. I toed off my sneakers and with shaking hands, I reached for the collar of my polo, unbuttoning the three buttons before pulling it over my head.

I wore a simple white camisole underneath.

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Next came the pants and I was fighting tears as I pulled them down, but another part of me, the part that wasn't scared out of its mind, was beginning to feel quite warm. I can't be turned on by this! He's practically going to rape me! But as I pulled my pants down to my ankles and stepped out of them, revealing the light blue lace-covered satin panties I'd stolen from Victoria's Secret, there was a familiar tightening sensation low in my abdomen.

The camisole joined the polo shirt on the floor. I was really shaking now, clad in only my blue panties and bra and a pair of ridiculous knee-high socks. I had put them on that morning for a bit of fun; they were super soft black socks patterned with Snitches and broomsticks from the Harry Potter series.

I found myself blushing over the socks more than my semi-nude appearance. Cringing, I raised my eyes to his and saw the amusement in them. Great, he probably thinks I'm twelve years old now. Well, you are still a virgin at twenty years old.

Might as well be twelve, a snarky voice in the back of my mind snickered. Shut the fuck up. ----- I never thought a girl in lingerie sex dot com sexx storys janwr look adorable, but Katie did.

The childish socks paired with her luscious curves and sexy undergarments were a shock to me, but it made it hard to fight a smile. "Now the rest of it…but leave the socks," I said, unable to keep the trace of amusement out of my voice. Her honeyed eyes were anxious again as she reached behind her to unhook her bra. I could visibly see her shrinking in on herself as she continued to strip. Her shoulders sunk deeper and deeper and she hid behind the strands of hair that escaped from her ponytail to frame her face.

I swallowed when she dropped her panties, her pussy almost completely unobstructed, only a small landing strip of hair to obscure my view. My eyes drifted over her lazily and I crossed the room to her.

She flinched a little, shrinking back, but I playgirl seduces fellow to fuck pornstar and hardcore my arms around her waist, pulling her into me. She stiffened, feeling my cock swollen against her stomach beneath my work slacks. I ran one hand up her smooth spine to her hair. I gripped the tail firmly and jerked her head back.

She gasped as I ran my hot lips over her throat and up to her ear. "Someone has been a very bad girl," I murmured, biting down on her earlobe, hearing her quiet whimper. "What do you think happens to bad girls, Katie?" "I…I don't know, Sir," she breathed, shaking in my arms.

"Well…I guess I'll just have to show you." I pulled on the band in her hair until it snapped, her wild hair spilling out around her, nibbling down the side of her neck.

I heard the surprise in her moan and felt some of the resistance leak out of her. "Come," I commanded, grasping her arm and pulling her into my bedroom.

There was a large four-poster canopy bed, as well as a lovely wingback chair and walnut furniture. I dragged her over towards the wingback chair and sat, positioning her in front of me. "What happens to bad girls, Katie?" "I…I don't know…Sir, please," she ribald beauteous girlie likes hard sessions hardcore blowjob, blushing and fidgeting.

I gave her arms a jerk and she stumbled and fell across my lap. I pressed a hand between her shoulder blades to keep her firmly on my lap as she struggled, her socked feet kicking helplessly. My other hand ran over her smooth rounded buttocks and she gasped. She squirmed and I caught a glimpse of her blushing face beneath her curly hair. My hand came down sharply on spanked and fingered by daddy extreme rough brutal hardcore gangbang first time wanting left cheek.

I had to give her credit, she didn't yelp as I expected, but her shoulders stiffened under my hand and I heard her inhale sharply. Oh, it will be fun making you scream, little girl.

----- I kicked helplessly as he landed another smack on my ass. Ohfuck ohfuck ohfuck. Why was this turning me on, it hurt. "Give me your hands." Practically without thinking, I moved my hands to rest at the small of my back. He grabbed them and held me down even more. I bit my lip as he spanked my ass again, muffling a whimper. "Bad girls…get…spanked," he ground out, each word punctuated with another slap.

I moaned, jerking in his hold. "And you're a very bad girl, Katie. Why, look…" I gasped as his fingers suddenly slid between my lips, spreading the moisture he found there. "You're soaking wet. If I didn't know any better, I'd say you were enjoying this." His thumb circled my clit and I gasped again, bucking against his hand.

I was overly sensitive, the burn in my cheeks only intensifying the sensations. "No…please," I whispered. He delivered another smack in response and this time I yelped. "Be quiet," he growled, his hand diving between my legs again to tease my clit.

I moaned when he drove his fingers inside me in one rough thrust; I was wetter than I'd ever been in my life. Why? The fingers inside me left and I barely had time to protest when his hand landed on my ass. I struggled and kicked, whimpering. The blows started coming harder and faster, my ass was on fire and…oh, god, I'd never been so turned on. Finally I couldn't stay quiet anymore and blurted, "Please! Please, Sir…no more, please, please." I thought my broken pleas fell on deaf ears when he gave one hefty smack to my upper thigh, but then he stopped and I sagged in his lap, moaning.

His breath against my ear startled me. "Good girl," he whispered and I felt a strange warmth in my stomach. Almost like pride. "Stand up," he said briskly and pushed me from his lap. I stumbled to my feet, brushing my hair from my eyes.

It felt like he could cook a damn T-bone on my ass cheeks. My legs were shaking. "Now, on the bed. Face up." ---- The apprehension in her face warred with the excitement. I always enjoyed watching the play of emotions across a girl's face during her first time.

Fear and embarrassment and excitement and arousal and surprise; they all just made it even more exciting for me. She lay down on the bed, almost never taking her eyes off of me. I went to my drawers and pulled out four of my ties. I saw her stiffen and sit up out of the corner of my eye and I glared at her. "I said lay down." She plopped back on the bed so fast, I swear I heard the wind get knocked out of her. I bit back a smile and approached the end of the bed. I took her right foot gently in my hands, moving her legs until she was laying spread eagle on the bed.

I heard her whimper uncomfortably at being so exposed. "S-Sir…" she began in a halting voice but I looked at her sternly and she fell silent. I tied both of her feet to the bottom posts, running my hands over the soft material of her socks. Moving to the head of the bed, I started to secure her wrists.

She was breathing heavily and her eyes were wild with panic. "Sir…Sir, please," she pleaded. I bent until our foreheads were touching and heard her breath stop. "Would you rather I call the police and tell them exactly how I found you in my store?" Tears filled her eyes again and she shook her head rapidly, whispering, "No, no, please don't." "Then keep quiet." I continued tying her wrists to the posts until she was completely secure.

She trembled so strongly, I could nearly feel the bed vibrating. I smiled. She was surely going to be fun. "S…Sir?" I heard her whisper, barely audible. I saw the actual fear in her face then and my heart gave a little ping of sympathy. I sat down near her and ran a hand over her hair. "What?" I asked, trying to keep my voice curt but a note of compassion seeping in. Still, she flinched a bit. "I…I don't…I mean, will you…" She squirmed uncomfortably.

I watched her war with herself for a few moments before I sighed impatiently. "You have five seconds to tell me what it is you need to say, or you don't speak at all." Her eyes widened. "Will you be careful? Gentle, I mean. With…me?" she blurted, her voice nearly dying out at the end.

Those beautiful hazel eyes locked with mine for a minute before flitting away, embarrassed and afraid. I felt another ping and my chest tightened; with a sigh, I leaned over to kiss her on the forehead. "Don't worry. I'm not so heartless, little one," I murmured. My chest relaxed as I felt some of the tension bleed out of her and to my surprise, she tipped her head back and lightly pecked my lips. I jolted back, blinking and she blushed, dropping her head once more.

She started to mumble an apology, but I cupped her chin and pulled her mouth to mine, this time delving my tongue into her mouth. She gave a soft startled moan and after a tentative moment, her tongue brushed mine. Reluctantly I pulled back. I could kiss her untutored mouth for hours, teach her all the ways to kiss. But for now, she had other things to learn. ----- I swallowed thickly, my fear returning a bit as he pulled back.

I saw his face harden and a shudder ran down my spine. What's he going to do to me? I wondered. He stood from the bed and walked to the foot of it slowly, his eyes on me the whole time. My shaking returned, but I couldn't tell sunny day by sapphic erotica candy sweet and kittina cox lesbians masturbation it was from nerves, fear or…something else entirely.

He reached the foot of the bed and stood staring for a few moments, making my face flare crimson. It wasn't overly bright in the room, just a few small lamps on the nightstands, but there was certainly enough light for him to see every part of me, spread as I was.

I watched, wide-eyed, as he began to undress, slowly, leisurely, as if there wasn't a naked woman tied to his bed. His expression was neutral, almost bored as he unbuttoned his shirt. I bit my lip, almost afraid that liz honey has dp in exclusive hidden scene would be an unimpressive specimen, but I sucked in a sharp breath as he removed his shirt.

Owning a donut shop certainly hadn't changed his physique. His stomach was nicely toned, not super ripped and muscular, but with fairly visible abdominal muscles. There was a pattern of dark tattoos in some language I didn't know over his right pectoral muscle and high on his left shoulder, a brighter, colorful tattoo that I couldn't distinguish from this distance. With the same slow care, he removed his belt. He folded it in his hands, flexed it and I stiffened.

Was he going to whip me, after such a hard spanking? He smirked, as if reading my mind, and ran the smooth leather over the arch of my foot, tied to the post of the bed. I whimpered, shaking, my toes twitching involuntarily. He chuckled and dropped the belt; I relaxed, my head falling back into the pillows. I felt a kiss on my inner thigh and automatically jerked, hearing the bedposts creak in protest. I lifted my head again; he was kneeling on the bed between my thighs, shirtless and shoeless, running his hands up the inside of my thighs to spread me even more.

"Wh…what…" I stammered, but he bit the top of my thigh, making me yelp. "Quiet. Don't make a sound until I want you to." "H-how will I know…" "You'll know." I gulped; well, that didn't sound formidable or anything.

I trembled, dropping my head back against the soft pillows again, feeling his fingers gently massaging the muscles of my thighs. My cheeks were on fire, knowing he was so close to…to there, looking right at… "Ah!" I cried out in surprise, my back arching.

I glanced down, alarmed, to see his eyes closed, his mouth pressed firmly against my clit, his tongue circling the hard, sensitive nub. Another swirl and I gasped again, my legs jerking once more. He growled against my flesh and my neck arched back, my mouth open in surprise and pleasure. I'd never had oral sex either, and it was, in a word, shocking. Masturbating had never felt this goodthat's for sure.

I groaned as his tongue drove deep, his thumbs holding me spread for his torturous mouth. It became an effort to breathe and every exhale carried with it another shocked moan or helpless cry. It didn't take long for me to reach my peak. My cries grew higher, more desperate and my legs trembled. "Oh, please…" I breathed…and he pulled away, leaving me hanging right at the edge.

I let out a frustrated scream and jerked at all my bounds, lifting my head to look at him pleadingly. "Wh-why'd you stop…oh, please, Sir…" I begged. ----- It took all my willpower not to press a hand against my aching cock, straining in my pants at the sound of her begging, her taste still on my tongue. I smiled at her, licking my lips. "You know, as pretty as it is to hear you beg, I don't think you're ready to cum yet," I purred, pressing kisses over the soft skin of her thighs and stomach.

I delighted in her desperate growl, chuckling. "Poor Katie.

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Always getting yourself into a predicament, aren't you?" I trailed more kisses up her body until I was hovering over her, supported by my hands. I took one perky, tight nipple into my mouth, sucking and laving with my tongue. She whimpered, her eyes rolling back.

Oh, she was just so sensitive and so fun to play with. I tugged with my teeth and looked up at her face. Her brow was furrowed and her soft lips parted, breathing hard and heavy. I released her breast. "Look at me, Katie," I murmured. Her eyes opened and she looked at me, desperation and frustration deep in her eyes. "Ask me nicely," I said, grinning.

I saw the flare of anger in her eyes and loved it. ----- Ask him nicely? Wasn't I already begging?! I thought, fuming. But I tried not to grit my teeth as I pleaded, "P…please, Sir…can you make me cum?" He looked thoughtful for a moment.

"Hm…yes, I suppose I can. But I don't think that's the right question." He stood abruptly, making me want to scream. God, my pussy was on fire and he wanted to play games? Wasn't this what he wanted in the first place?

I watched him walk to the dresser and open the top drawer, removing something in a shiny metal case. He shut the drawer and returned to the bed, crawling up between my legs.

He sat back on his heels, staring at me in silence. What? What does he want? I thought in frustration. I looked at him helplessly and he sighed, apparently deciding to help me. "What do you want, Katie?" I opened my mouth to speak, but he held up a hand. "Think carefully about what you want before you say it." That gave me pause. What did I want?

I wanted a lot of things. A better job, a proper home for my brothers, my parents to come home, a car to drive places instead of walking everywhere…but what did I want right now?

I sighed and looked at him, in the eyes. "I want you to make me cum, Sir," I said firmly. He was sexe vierge avec du sang for a moment before smiling at me. "Since you asked," was all he said. He leaned over me and I stiffened for a moment.

He lifted my head and wrapped a thin cloth around my head, over my eyes. A blindfold, I thought, my body tensing in fear.

But he dropped a soft kiss against my temple and murmured, "Relax," so I did. The legend of chocolate big dick blowjob kiss transferred down my cheek to my mouth and I sighed against his lips. He really was quite good at kissing. I opened my mouth for his tongue, my eyes fluttering shut behind the dark cloth.

He kissed me hard, gripping my jaw firmly in his hand, controlling my mouth and I moaned, a little shocked by the burst of heat that shot through me. I jumped when I felt his hand move down between my thighs, his thumb rubbing firm circles around my clit.

A throaty moan echoed from my throat and got caught in his mouth and he growled in response. I gasped when he slipped one finger inside me, moving in tandem with his thumb on my clit. One finger turned into two and he pulled his mouth from mine. I moaned in disappointment, feeling him shift back on his heels again. His fingers began to pulse quickly inside me, his thumb never leaving my swollen bud. I felt my body begin to tighten again, heat swirling thickly in my stomach and my cries gained pitch.

He suddenly abandoned my clit and I started to cry out in protest until he shoved something cool and smooth against it. I heard a click and suddenly my entire pussy buzzed with vibrations. I screamed as I came, suddenly, violently, my body arching off the bed. The posts creaked as I thrashed, trying to escape the intense vibrations against my hypersensitive clitoris. His fingers thrust steadily inside me, curling just right to hit my G-spot on each thrust.

I gasped, one huge breath of air, and started begging. "Oh, please, Sir, fuck, please!" Another orgasm barreled into my cunt and I screamed again, the vibrator grinding roughly against my poor nub. The darkness behind my blindfold made it ten times worse; all my senses were focused on the intense pleasure between my thighs. I tried to jerk my legs closed, but between the ties holding me down and his knees carefully separating my thighs, I was trapped.

His fingers jerked away and I collapsed for a moment, but the vibrator still buzzed against my swollen flesh. I yelped as he seemed to turn it up a notch, sobbing as I came again, colorful spots appearing behind my lids. I blinked as he tore the blindfold off and gasped.

He wrapped his free hand around my throat, forcing my gaze to his; his fingers were wet with my juices against my pulse. "Is this what you wanted?" he growled, grinding the vibrator harder against my clit. I cried out, panting and asian sucks her st bbc in africa interracial and japanese. "P-please, Sir…" I gasped weakly.

"Is this what you wanted?" he demanded and I shrieked wildly. "No!" "What do you want, then?" I felt my legs tensing in another orgasm and sobbed, tears gathering in the corners of my eyes.

His hand tightened on my throat and I let out a wild cry. "Please, Sir, fuck me!" The vibrator tore away and he thrust into me. I cried out, my legs jerking so hard I heard two long rips, his ties tearing right off the bed frame. Almost instinctively, I lifted my legs to wrap around his hips, crossing my ankles over his lower back.

I didn't feel any pain, adjusting almost immediately to his size. He locked eyes with mine, his hand still around my throat as he began thrusting hard into me. "Mine…you're mine," he growled. His eyes were hot, the pupils dilated, his lips parted as he panted.

Breathless, I responded. "Yes…yours." ----- It was stupid of me to not wear a condom, I knew, but I just had to control myself. I grit my teeth, feeling her muscles clamping down on me tightly, the shocked, pleased look on her face almost driving me over the edge.

I dropped my forehead against hers and squeezed my eyes shut, groaning. I gasped when her muscles gave another clench and opened my eyes to look at her. She had a naughty little smile on her face and two bffs having outdoor fun tube porn pussy squeezed again. A ragged gasp tore from my throat and I growled. "Stop that," I breathed. I tightened my sexy selfies behind the scenes with vosamour girl agatha against her throat and the smile on her face disappeared, a little moan escaping.

Her pussy gave another pulse but I could tell it wasn't voluntary. I moved my mouth to her ear, kissing and sucking at her earlobe. "Now you have two options, Katie…I can move to get a condom and fuck you properly…" I felt a shudder go through her, the answering ripples moving down my shaft; I groaned.

"Or I can finish in your pretty little mouth." She went stiff; apparently the idea hadn't occurred to her, but judging by the sudden clench of her pussy, it wasn't unappealing.

"You seem to like that idea," I purred, rocking my hips slowly against her, sliding the head of my cock smoothly over her G-spot a few times until her body shook with tremors. I watched her eyes fill with exhausted tears even as she gasped and moaned. "Please don't make me cum again, Sir, I can't," she whimpered. I chuckled, squeezing her throat and feeling her cunt squeeze me in response.

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"Oh, you will cum again for me, Katie. We don't say I can't here." I thrust roughly again, grinding into her G-spot until she gasped for breath, her body bowing beneath mine. "Please.please," she mumbled, her eyes rolling back into her head.

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I squeezed her throat, hard, and her eyes popped back open, staring into mine with shock and pleasure. "You're going to ask me if you can cum, Katie. You're going to be a good girl and cum for me again. Cum 10eiyar xas com indin xas over my cock." Her thighs tightened around my hips and I felt the first pulses of an orgasm start deep inside her. "Fuck.please, Sir." A tear escaped and rolled down her cheek as she begged. "Please, can I cum Sir?" she breathed.

------ I cried out when he thrust hard, deep, feeling every inch of him inside me. I teetered, right there, right at the edge and he dropped his head against my ear and growled, "Cum for me, now." His hips pistoned against mine, hard rough thrusts that sent me over the edge as I screamed, feeling the orgasm rip through my entire body.

Heat and pain and sweetness, all swelling in my stomach.

I heard him gasp and then groan, his muscles clenching. "Oh god.fuck," he whispered, giving an especially hard thrust that made me gasp. He growled against my ear; I felt another small shock go through me. And then all was still. ----- step mom and son late night, I thought, the orgasm still fading from my body.

I hadn't meant to cum inside her. I buried my face against the side of her neck, catching my breath. I pressed a few lazy kisses to her neck and ear and she mumbled contently. I lifted my head to look at her; her eyes were closed, head throw to the side in exhaustion, the marks of tears still faintly on her cheeks.

"Katie?" I murmured, lifting a hand to stroke her hair. She mumbled again but barely stirred. "Please…" she muttered faintly. She was going to fall asleep. I smiled, reaching up to untie her wrists. She brought her arms down with a groan and I turned her on her side, pulling her body into mine.

She snuggled close into me, her mouth pressed against my shoulder, clinging to me. I blinked a bit in surprise. Someone's cuddly. Within moments her breathing turned deep and soft. I continued to stroke her hair, feeling the soft texture under my fingers.

From what it sounded like, she really shouldn't sleep here. She had three boys to get home to. I grimaced; it wasn't very nice to have taken advantage of her like this, I supposed. I hadn't necessarily planned on it to be honest. When I put her in the car, I honestly didn't know where I'd be taking her. But once she'd agreed to do whatever I requested, I just couldn't resist. She gave another murmur and I paused in my stroking.

But she settled and snuggled even closer to me. I sighed. Perhaps it was just that damn afterglow, but all of a sudden I was feeling very protective of my little kleptomaniac.