Teen ride dildo orgasm and webcam tease ass first time just as they began to get into the

Teen ride dildo orgasm and webcam tease ass first time just as they began to get into the
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Bridgette felt as if she were blushing from head to toe as she crawled into the livingroom. In the heat of the moment, with Dustin standing over her, it had been so easy to agree to be his slut. Obeying his every whim had seemed natural to her. That feeling faded time one her knees ground against the carpet as she crawled down the long hallway to the room where her boys were playing video games. It wasn't like they hadn't seen her naked, she thought.

The boys always found excuses to pop their heads into the bathroom while she showered or got dressed. On hot days, she was almost never full dressed, letting them see her in the skimpiest of cut-off jeans and bikini tops.

Hell, she'd flash them her boobs or tits just because they asked any time. And they asked a lot, usually on movie nights when they'd compare her to the actresses on the screen. They'd seen men fuck her on more than one occasion. Their father had loved to attractive gal receives banged well pornstar hardcore her and fuck her as they watched.

So had his best friend. Her brother had often just shown up unannounced, fucked her, shared her with his friends and left. The boys knew their mother was a whore. But this was different. Those had been grown men.

Dustin was their age. They went to school together. It seemed disrespectful to them to worship his cock and not theirs, to help him taunt them by telling them she'd be spending the night with him while his cum was still wet on her face.

Bridgette shivered as alexis monroe sex nicole aniston the thought of this humiliation made her pussy ache. It wasn't even her fault, she rationalized.

She was perfectly willing to worship her son's cocks and wear their cum. She would love to grovel at their feet and debase herself to show her boys how much their mother loved them. It's not her fault they never demanded it. It wasn't her fault they respected her too much to treat her like the filthy slut she was. She went out of her way to show them what she was, what she needed. No, Bridgette thought, was she was doing was humiliating and degrading but it wasn't a betrayal of her sons.

They had to know that, right? The sounds of boyish laughter and video games crashed to halt as the blonde slut crawled into the living room. Both her sons were staring at her in surprise and amusement.

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"What's up, Mom?" her youngest asked, surprised she'd be crawling around naked with their cousin in the house. Bridgette kept her eyes focused on the floor in front of her, letting her long, blonde hair hide her cum-streaked face from her children as she took a deep breath and replied. "I just wanted to know if you guys needed anything," she said.

"I'll be spending the rest of the evening in the bedroom with Dustin, so I won't be available. If you want food or anything, I will have to get it for you now before I go back into the bedroom." "Are you okay?" her oldest son demanded. "Look at me mom." Bridgette lifted her head, allowing her sons a good view of Dustin's cum dripping down her face before she answered.

"I'm find, sons," she said. "Dustin just wants to fuck me tonight and I didn't want you to have to do without anything while I'm behaving like a nasty whore for him." "You let Dustin do that to you?" the younger brother demanded.

"Yes," Bridgette answered. "I let him do anything he wants to me. I'm a woman, son. I'm nothing but three holes and a pair of tits designed to make men cum. I will do anything any man wants me to do." She paused, taking a long moment to gaze at each of her sons, before repeating, very slowly, meaningfully, "Any man." Her youngest son stared at her, his eyes clouded with thought. Her oldest son laughed. "You are such a slut," he said. "Bring us a couple of sodas and some more chips before you go off to whore around with Dustin." Bridgette blushed even more deeply as she crawled into the kitchen.

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Fixing a tray of snacks without getting off her knees was challenging, but not as challenging as pushing the tray ahead of her on the floor all the hot chicks blow cocks in the club from the kitchen to the couch with her mouth.

She had wanted to stand up but knew Dustin would be watching and he'd probably punish her for disobeying his orders. The boys laughed at her obscene display of submissiveness. She burned with shame, the afterglow of her orgasm gone. She hated this feeling, groveling in front of her sons, admitting she was nothing, acting like she was nothing.

It was in these moments when the sex faded, that she could almost hate herself for what she'd become. She could almost think about rebelling against whatever man was humiliating her at the moment. Before that could happen, she heard a chuckle from the hallway.

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Then Dustin whistled for her. He actually whistled as if she were a damned dog. "C'mon, slut," that's enough playing around.

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"I've got some more cock for you." Bridgette actually wiggled her ass as she scampered toward him, grateful her new master was offering her more cock and degradation to keep her mind away from the dark spots she had been about to explore.