Kayla synz horny blonde wish for an anal sexual activity

Kayla synz horny blonde wish for an anal sexual activity
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Terra's mom, Beth Addams, a hard-working woman. Rather sexy to most men, with her huge double d juggs and round, firm ass hanging halfway out of her skirt. Beth works at the fanciest restaurant in town from 1 p.m. to 11. It's very tiring for her.

She decides to go home early for lunch because her boss was being the biggest asshole on the planet today. She walks in the front door and sits in her relaxing chair for the time being, she hears an odd noise in her daughter Terra's room. "What is that unusual noise?", Beth thinks to herself. She slowly gets out of her chair and slids off her shoes so she doesnt make to much noise.

She creeps down the hallway to her daughters door.

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She hears the nosie again, "oh, oh, AHHH." Beth quietly cracks the door open and sees her daughter Terra ramming 3 fingers into her young, tight, pussy, all the way to the third knuckle. Beth, astonished by what she sees starts to feel a little aroused. "i can't believe im getting excited to my own daughter masterbating!" beth thought.

She started down her skirt to her pussy and started rubbing gently but at a quick pace. She then realizes the sexual urges she has for her 14 year old daughter. "i must have her," beth thought. The next day, Beth began to plan on how she would get into your daughters special place. She Finally thought of the perfect plan. Beth decided to leave early on monday, her boss was a little uneasy about it but nothing a quit blowjob in the pantry cant help.

After swallowing the huge load he boss unloaded in her mouth, he let her off.

Beth quickly drove home because it was roughly 2:30, time for Terra to get home form school. Beth took the extra time she had to make the family room extra romantic. After Beth slid on a skimpy little number, red laced with a hole where her sexy 33 year old clit was.

She lit at least 16 candles as she heard the front door open, then close, Terra was finally home. She then started to rub her pussy and control her fingers to dive into her sexy cunt, she amateur sex tape-amateure 17413 tube porn the door open but paid it no mind.

Terra stood in the doorway watching her own mother rub her pussy until orgasm. Terra started to get hot. Beth was aware of her daughters presence but thats what she was aiming for. She acted for a moment to get up as she heard her daughters footsteps running down the hall and slamming the door to her room behind her. Beths plan was a semi-victory.

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Terra ran into her room, ripped off her shirt and bra, and pulled down her skimpy shorts and black thong. She immediatly rammed her fingers inside her nice young clit.

She heard the door open, and turned very quickly to see her mother standing in the doorway. "what are you doing sweetheart?", Beth asked her young, horny daughter.

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"NOO-NOTHIN!" terra quickly replied. "Dont think i didnt see your sexy little sexy sitting there finger-fucking yourself, plus your doing it all wrong." Beth slowly walked over to her daughters bedrest and began working on her daughter. "First baby, you stick two fingers in the top then you pinkey in the bottom," "OH AHH!" Terra screamed as her mother sat there on her knees ramming her fingers into her hot, wet clit.

"FUCK MOM THAT FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD!" "You think this is good?" beth asked. "How about this." Beth moved her head up to her daughters neck and starting kissing as passionatly as she could.

She could tell that her daughter was going crazy inside. She started grabbing her daughters 40c size tits and started licking her perky nipples. Beth continued to finger Terra. She then moved down to her daughters sexy pussy and started licking and sucking on her pussylips. "IM GOING TO CUM MOMMY!"terra screamed at the top of her lungs.

"ITS ON ITS WAY!" "GIVE IT TO ME BABY, CUM ALL OVER MOMMYS BIG TITIES!" Terra then wanted the chance to pay back her mother for the love she had shared with her. "Mom, i love you!", terra said, "I Love You Too Baby!" beth replied.

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Terra started licking on her mothers plump tities and sucking on the nipples until they were a hard as rock. She started finger fucking her mother and made her moan like a midnight fuck session between a man and his wife.

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Terra then kissed her way down her mothers stomach down to her pussy. She licked, and licked, and licked until her mother came in her wide mouth. "OH TERRA! YOUR AMAZING AT THIS!" Terra thought to herself, "of course i am, i learned from the best," but she didnt want to waste anytime talking. Terra was ramming her tongue deep into her mothers cunt. "IM GOING TO CUM, ITS SO CLOSE!" Terra felt the warm, think liquid running down her throat.

She pulled herself away from her mothers sexy pussy. She couldn't believe what had happened that glorious day. After the fuck session with her own flesh and blood, Beth and Terra's Lives were never the same.

They fucked as often as they had the chance, and every single time they had sexual relations, they both thought about the first time they ever tried lesbian incest. And they then think about how much they love the fact that they started.

It was something that just brought them closer than EVER before