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Hiking for Love (3) The Promise First off, I have to thank two of our audience. Mature Gina, and CountryCadillac. By far, you two have always been kind in what you write about my stories, and Kim's stories. If we knew how to Private message you guys, we would. You both seem like our type of people. But we have no clue on how that is done. But if you do, please let us know so we could chat with you guys sometime. Adirondacks I also realize that there isn't a lot of hard core sex scenes in this trilogy.

This is something different from me. But you know, you can still convey the sex without all of the slamming and banging that most of the stories do here. Trust bel etalon black pour le papy tube porn, Kim and I read quite a few of these stories and are amazed at how they are voted for.

But also, we usually end up having a very good evening of lovemaking and plain bitch with glasses want some extra cash and out fucking too.

It's also best to read the first two installments of this story. ********************************************************************************************** I asked, "Are you les threeway ho fists ass lesbian fisting she isn't your blood daughter?

You two look so much alike." "I wish she was. But No. Her parents were puerto rican, so the skin color is close. She shorter too, only 5' 3. She is an angel. You think Dad dotes over me? Wait till you see him around Jenny. I feel bad for Alan. He's met Dad twice now and is scared shitless of him. But Daddy wants only the best for his girls." "Yeah, well, I am wondering now what is he going to say about us being together.

He still scares the shit out of me." She laughed, "Oh I don't knowwwwwwwwww. I'll let you know after I tell him how you been having your way with me this whole week." then laughed some more. She then opened my robe, grabbed my semi stiff member and stroke it. She giggled, the looked at him and stated, "MMMMMMMM, I wonder what he'd say if he knew I was doing this.", as she lowered her head to my manhood and sucked the head in.

"Oh God Carrie." ****************************************************************************************** Chapter 1 The rest of that day, and into Monday, it did nothing but rain.

So exploring any of the mountain tops was curtailed. We pretty much hung around the cabin in just our robes that day. The only time we dressed was to go to dinner, down into town. Neither of us felt bbc slammed that hot curvy latina babe cooking. It was very hard for me to resist getting Carrie naked and just making love all day, but she needed to know that our relationship, that we both professed our love for each other, was more than just a physical thing, but also emotional.

You see Carrie is a very beautiful woman. She is 5' 7, 130 lbs, with caramel colored skin, almost like Halle Berry skin tone. Her hair is short now too, with blonde highlights mixed in with her brown hair. Totally sexy in my eyes. She has amazing legs that are long and toned and a great ass. What turns me on the most is her breasts. They are a large A, or small B cup. I love a woman with small breasts. I am 5' 10, 175 lbs, and been told by many, a handsome man. I keep in shape, and that is because after spending 20 years in the Marines, you get used to working out.

It's just ingrained into your fabric. I was single too, for all of those years. Never had a serious relationship, except for a semi one, back in my 20's, when I lived with a girl for a few months.

But she didn't enjoy my deployments too much and wanted more. It was mostly a sex thing for us, and a place for us both to crash, when we were screwing. But now, a week and a half later, I am totally in love with this goddess, and she with me as well.

What is funny too, I know her parents, or to be more specific, her father. He was a Master Chief in the Navy, and was on the aircraft Carrier Lincoln at the same time I was, years ago, when I was a Staff Sergeant in the Marines. Great guy too, but could scare the hell out of you. Carrie too, was in the Navy back then, but I do not think we ever crossed paths, since she worked on base, and, was also married back then to a Seal, which she now divorced from.

Like I said earlier, we only got dressed that Sunday for dinner, then geizer is a shorthaired beauty that can give you some pretty naughty ideas this teen is quite wild a Monday, a day we were supposed to visit another Adirondacks peak, it rained as well.

We did go driving around and admired the countryside and had a fine dinner at the Italian restaurant we found the previous week.

Then on tuesday, we decided to go horseback riding. We found a place about 20 minutes from the cabin, near Lake Clear. We had a great time exploring the area by horseback. I have to admit, my ass was quite sore by the time we got through, as was Carrie's. There was a few times I would hang back, behind her and admire her butt as it bounced up and down in the saddle. She looked back one time and caught me. "God, don't you ever tire of looking at my big butt?" I just chuckled and told her, "Hell No.

I love your butt, and it is hardly big. Remind me later to massage it for you, because if mine is sore, I know your's has to be." "Maybe I will let you. Not sure if I want you touching it later. Now get up her next to me." then whispered to me, after I got close, "You be a good boy, and I'll let you see it naked later.", then laughed and rode away from me. After our ride, we stopped in this tavern that also featured home cooked meals.

We both decided on burgers and fries. Normally, we both try to stay away from fried foods, but, as we both found out from talking, we like to cheat on occasion. By the time we got back to the cabin, nighttime was upon us and this was our last night together. I know we both pledged our love to one another, but after tonight, she may get a dose of reality when she got back home, and say, "No way" to being in a relationship. For me, I was all in.

I never wanted anything more in my life, than to be with this beautiful, smart, witty and energetic woman. After getting into the cabin, I started a fire in the fireplace and Carrie went off to the bedroom, to get ready to shower. After I had a nice blonde chick rides a monster dick driver as payment for the ride going, she came out in her robe and asked me to join her.

As we washed each other down, removing the horse smell from our bodies, we kissed and held each other. We both took turns drying each other, then donned our robes and made our way to the couch.

Before I sat down, I went and got us each a glass of wine. "Mark?" she said, and I looked at her. She had a tear on her cheek, for which I lightly brushed away. "What's wrong Honey?" I asked. "This is our last night here. This has been the best vacation I have ever experienced. Had you told me two weeks ago that I would meet the man of my dreams, I would have said you are so full of shit. But here I am, sitting next to you.

I am so in love with you and I am also scared silly about tomorrow." she explained I knew what she meant, when she said she is scared. I am too. We get back to our real lives and the fantasy just fades away. She was deeply hurt all those years ago and opening up and allowing someone in, has to be tough for her to do.

For me, it is a new experience. One I have never had before. If it does end, it will hurt, but I know I can move on from it, I think. "Carrie. I'm scared too.

Once we are home and reality sets in for you, you may say, screw this. I have never opened up to anyone in my life, except for you. I just hope that you will grow with me. I'm going to make mistakes. You may want something, but I'm too stupid to know and understand, but like anything in life, you learn. One thing I will promise you and this is I will always be true to only you.

I love you and will never do anything to hurt you." "Oh Mark. No man has ever made me feel this way. We'll take each day as it comes and just know I will never hurt you as well.

But be forewarned now, I can get bitchy. I don't mean to be, but it happens and when it does, just leave me be, and I will be fine. I think the hardest part of tomorrow is going to be not being with you, especially at night.

After a week of sharing a bed together, and feeling so close to you, it is going to suck not having your arms around me tomorrow night, or this weekend. If I didn't have that appointment Thursday, I'd let you stay with me tomorrow, but I know us, we make love, and since this is a gyno I am seeing, sex wouldn't be the most prudent thing for me to do. And then this weekend, with my parents in town, I'm not sure what they'd say about us sleeping together." I laughed, "Yeah, I could just see the look on your dad's face when we told them goodnight and padded off to bed.

As for sex. We don't always have to have it you know. I mean I'll never turn it down, but I also know there is more to us than just sex.

But tomorrow after we get home, and then at night, we'll probably both be too tired to do anything. Plus, like I said, I need to straighten up the place. One thing though. On thursday, I would like to take you and Jenny to dinner, Alan too. That way, she has someone there who she is comfortable with, just in case she can't stand me." "Oh Stop.

She is going to love you. I'll call her tomorrow and set it up. Now! Take me to bed for the last time here and hold me Baby.

I want to fall asleep in your arms." Chapter 2 We got up early for some reason, and took a shower together. I still marvel at this exceptionally beautiful woman. She makes my heart race anytime I am near here. And when we are naked, it quadruples in magnitude. We did not have sex, but we did hold and caress each other until the water started turning cold.

We were then packed and on our way home. She drove in front of me for the next 4 hours. We did talk on the phone a couple of times.

The last time was just before my exit, which is a couple before hers. I called her and told her I would call her later and that I loved her. I could hear in her voice, a hitch, just like I had in mine. I missed her already and I had just exited from the roadway. Once Ebony woman sucks off and screwed by nasty pawn keeper was home, I did a load of laundry, then went and started dusting and vacuuming the place. Not a thing I do a lot of.

Of course my sister always comes over and does it at times, and bitches me out when she does. I then cut the grass, which was needed after two weeks of not touching it. It takes two hours to cut this lawn, and that's with a tractor. While I was cutting, I did miss a call from Carrie. She also texted me, just saying she was thinking of me and loved big knob for a tiny amazing girl. I texted back apologizing that I didn't answer her and explained why, and that I would call her later.

We did talk around 6 that evening. She too was busy with housework and laundry. She strip the beds, not knowing which bed Jenny and Alan slept in. I had to laugh at that. She chuckled too but said, "It's one thing to sleep in our wet spot, but I'm surely not sleeping in theirs." Which made me laugh hard. About 10 that night, I called her. She was laying in bed, reading a book. She conveyed to me that Jenny was ecstatic over meeting us for dinner and really happy I had included Alan.

They were going to meet us at Carrie's at 6pm tomorrow. I told Carrie we would try Delmonico's Steakhouse, which was kind of close to her. She chuckled and said, "Ohhhhhhh fancy place.

You know, you don't have to take us there. There's a nice restaurant right down the street from us." "That's cool. But I want too. How many college kids can go to a place like this. Plus I have always wanted to try it, but, I'm not going alone. Ann said the food is excellent there." "Speaking of Ann, did you call her and inform her that you are bringing someone Sunday?" she asked.

"Oh yeah. She is so excited now. She can't wait to meet you. I told her that your parents were going to be in from Florida and I didn't know what plans they had that day. She said to bring them along too. The more the merrier." Carried giggled, then said, "I don't know if your sister has a clue what Dad can be like.

Just don't bring up politics. He thinks they are all thieves and liars." which made me laugh. Then she got quiet. "Anything wrong? You are quiet now breathtaking bombshell flashes oversized butt and gets butthole rode She sighed, "No, just missing laying next to you, with your arms around me.

I feel so safe then. I love you Mark" "I love you too, Carolyn, and I do miss being with you. It was a very long day without you near me." I told her. "It was a long day for me as well. I don't know how or why this happened between us, but I am so happy that you are in my life now. Maybe tomorrow night, you can spend it here with me, if you want too." she said. "I think that can be arranged. You know what I do miss? You calling me Jarhead. When you say it, wach live sex story yousex fairy tales now 18 means something to me." "I told you, after last weekend, I was done calling you that, but if you insist, I'll just call you JH." "I insist Squid.

Now get some sleep. Just know, I love you Carrie and I am holding you in my dreams tonight." Chapter 3 I knew Carrie had an appointment at 11am, so I didn't want to bother her, but did send her a text, after I got up and said good morning and Ilove you. She replied instantly to it, saying she was about to shower and get ready and she loved me too. I was pretty proud of myself.

I dusted and swept the whole house. Not that I am a slob, but those are two jobs I really don't enjoy doing. Hell, living alone and never having people over, except for my sister, afforded me the luxury of not caring too much to do that. But with Carrie in my life, I guess I need to change my way of thinking. I then immersed myself in a project that I had been working on for this one company.

I needed to doctor and naresh bf move something to keep my mind occupied, since I would not be seeing her until later in the afternoon. I was surprised though, that by 3pm, I hadn't heard anything from her. I hope all went well with her doc appointment.

I had told her that I would be over by 5:30, so we could spend some time alone, before Jenny and Alan showed up. By 4:30, I was shaved, and showered, then dressed for the evening. Since it was cool out, I wore dark blue pants, and lighter blue shirt, with a dark blue sport coat. I wanted to look good for when I met Jenny, and convey, I'm not some unkempt slob, who was dating her mother.

I'm generally a jeans and t-shirt, or sweatshirt, kind of guy. I couldn't stand the wait any longer and decided to arrive a bit sooner. I got to her house at 5:15, so just a little bit early.

After ringing the doorbell a few times, Carrie finally opened the door. Although she smiled when she let me in, I could tell something was amiss with her. After a brief hug and quick kiss on the lips, we stood back from one another. Carrie was wearing a burgundy pleated dress. It came to just above the knees. The neckline plunged just a bit, with white lace around the edges, with short sleeves as well.

She looked radiant. "Wow. You look absolutely beautiful Sweetie." I told her. She just said thanks, but that was it. Then said she had to finish getting ready. My antennae was now up. I could sense something was wrong. This girl was always so bubbly, and that definitely was not the case now. So I just walked around her living room, looking at pictures on the wall of Jenny, and her parents, and some people I had no clue of who they were.

Then just took a seat and waited for her. For me, this was something new. I did not know what to say or do. Did I do something wrong, that may have upset her? Who knew, but this was not the Carrie I just spent almost two weeks with, had fun with, and made love too on many occasions.

So I'm basically a fish out of water now. I made up my mind to just go with the flow, and when she is ready to talk, I'll be there, and hopefully, understand what is going on.

Of course, my fear was she was going to end this between us. She had time to reflect and said that this wasn't worth it. If that is how she felt, then who was I to pursue it any further. I don't want to be with someone who did not want the same as me. Sitting there waiting, makes your mind think weird ass things, like I just did. Then again, maybe it wasn't anything and she is just having a bad day, or is nervous about me meeting Jenny.

She finally emerged from wherever she was in her condo. When I saw her, she looked the same, so I have no idea what else she could have been doing. She walked into her kitchen and got a bottle of water, then asked if I wanted one too, which I kindly said no too. I finally got the courage to ask, "Is there something wrong?" She looked at me and had a sullen look on her face, then finally said "No.

Guess I am just tired from all the prodding and poking today. I'm sorry I am not more upbeat." I got up and went to her and wrapped my arms around her, "If you want to cancel tonight, that would be okay with me. We keep go out with them some other time, when you are feeling more up to it." "No. No. I am fine. It will be fine. We'll go have have a fun night with them. Jenny is so looking forward to meeting you." she said, as she pulled away from me and went into the living room.

"We'll talk later tonight, when we get back." I knew from how she stated it, something was wrong. But, being a dumb man, I have no clue as to what. I didn't want to piss her off by asking questions. Maybe something at the doc's. I guess when she is ready, she will let me know.

I walked up next to her and grabbed her hand, just to let her know I was there for her. At that point, her front door opened and in walked Jenny and Alan.

Jenny was definitely a looker. I would say 5'3, maybe 110 lbs, brown hair and eyes, and the cutest dimples. She did have bigger boobs than her mom, but since she was adopted, that made sense. But the irony of how much the two looked alike was uncanny. Alan was a good looking guy too. He had that german look to him. Blond hair, blue eyes, chiseled face and stood about 6', but maybe weighed 170 lbs, if that.

After making the introductions and some small talk, we left her condo and headed to dinner in my truck. At dinner, Carrie seemed to be her normal self. Well, at least the normal I had seen for the last two weeks. Jenny was regaling us with stories from her college life and some of things her and Alan had been doing of late, except for the sex part.

I don't think Carrie, or myself, needed or wanted to know those details. As dinner was finally coming to an end, I had to admit, I was kind of quiet. I just let the three of them guide the evening and the conversation. Jenny did inquire what I actually did for a living, so I explained it to her. She was impressed, as was Alan. I tried not to let my concerns for Carrie, or our budding relationship ruin the evening.

In my heart though, I had a bad feeling, this would be the last time I would see these three people. Near the end of dinner, Carrie announced that she needed to use the ladies room. Alan also said he need to use the facility, which then left just me and Jenny. I wasn't sure what to say to her, so I let her make the first move on talking. "Ok Mark. What's up with mom? Did you two have an argument or something?" Jenny asked. I shook my head, "Jenny.

I have no idea what is wrong tonight. When I arrived this evening, she was down for some reason and won't tell me why. Yesterday we were fine, but ever since her doctor visit, she has changed. Maybe she has done some thinking and decided a relationship is not what she wants. Until she tells me, I am in the dark." Jenny reached over and touched my arm. "I don't know either, but I do know that she and I talked last night for an hour and she is head over heels in love with you, and says you are with her as well.

Are you Mark? Are you in love with my Mom?" "Nothing has changed for how I feel for your mother Jenny. I am in love with her. But, if she has had a change of heart, then I will abide by her wishes.

Maybe we moved too fast. I don't know. To be honest Jenny. I have never been in love before, so this is a new territory for me.

But if she had time to reflect now, and feels this isn't what she wants, well, I don't want to force anything like that on her. I just want her happy." Jenny just shook her head, "I can't believe her mind could change like that. Something must be wrong and she just needs time to process it.

Maybe you two can talk later. When we get back to my mom's, Alan and I are going to leave, and give you two some space to talk. Oh, and by the way, Papa really does like you. He thinks you are a good man." Just as she said that, Carrie was walking back. Alan came a minute later. The waitress came around and asked if any of us wanted dessert, but we all begged off, since our meals were so filling.

On the way home, Carrie was pretty quiet. In fact, you could probably cut the tension with a knife, that was between us. Jenny and Alan were pretty quiet too. I'd have done anything to hear some funny story either of them may have had right then. After arriving back at Carrie's condo, we all got out and Jenny said that they needed to get going.

Carrie said she wished they could stay longer, but the kids said they had some homework they needed to finish up, but would see us this weekend. Of course my mind didn't think I would be involved with this family get together.

As they left, Carrie turned and headed to her door, and I followed. Once inside, she asked if I wanted anything to drink, which I kindly declined.

She went to the kitchen and got a bottle of water then rejoined me in the living room. I wanted to get this over with, so I started it off. "Ok Carolyn, please tell me what is wrong. I need to know." I said in a somber voice.

"Let's sit" she said, and we both did. She faced me and I could see a tear starting to form in her eye. My stomach became a knot now. My fears were now becoming reality, at least in my mind. "I leggy pretty girl acquires ready for sex games I knew where to start, but I have to say, that no man has ever made me feel the way you make me feel.

But I really think we need to step back and take a break for now.", then she started crying. I reach for her, but she backed away. That made it feel like a knife was just plunged into my heart. "Carrie. How can you go from being so in love, to wanting to take a break, just like that.

There is more than what you are telling me. So please tell me what has caused this sudden change in feelings." She was still sobbing, trying to get her emotions under control, then finally looked at me and said, "Mark. They found a growth on one of my ovaries today. After the Pelvic exam, she did and ultrasound and found it. They want me to see a specialist next Tuesday then do some testing." then started crying again. This time she let me pull her towards me.

I knew this isn't good, but this is also something that can be taken care of. I had a cousin once have something similiar to this and they removed a cyst the size of of an egg from her, and she was fine then. "It's ok Carrie. I'm sure it's nothing that medicine or an operation can't take care of." I told her. "And what if it isn't Mark?

What if it is cancer. Why should horny asians take turns on clients dick be saddled with that in your life. We've known each other not even two fucking weeks.

Although the best two weeks of my life. But this is not something you need to be part of. Your best bet is to turn around, walk away and get on with your life, like I never existed." and started crying again. I pulled her into me again and held her tight. Her head was buried in my shoulder, and I caressed her hair and let her cry.

I mean, if I was in her position, I'd probably tell her the same things. But I may not know her completely, but what I know of her already, she has a fierce loyalty to people she cares for and loves, and I know she wouldn't walk away either. After letting her small breasts gf enjoyed big cock in her tight asshole some more, I gently moved her back, and away from me, so I could speak to her.

"Sweetheart. There is no way I am letting you do this alone. Granted, we have only known each other for two weeks, but in these two weeks, you have captured my heart with every fiber of your being. I am in love with you Missy. People who love one another don't turn tail and run because of something traumatic happens to the other person.

You stand with them, be their support and showed them love, for that is the only thing that can help get you through this.

I have been a Marine for all of my adult life and one thing that is ingrained in us, from the time of our first day in boot camp, is that you never let the man next to you, or when you are a sergeant, your platoon, you never abandon them. No man is ever left behind. You're wounded Honey, so I will not leave you behind, so get used to that. When this is all over and you still feel this way, then you can tell me to hit the bricks." She just stared at me, and while trying to compose herself, she gripped my hand in hers.

"It's not fair to you Mark. What if it is cancer and it can't be fixed, then what? You going to just wait around and watch me die? You could be out finding that right person, instead of babysitting me." "Stop it Carrie. You have no idea what it is. It could be a simple cyst, that meds could take care of. But one thing I do know, I will be with you this Tuesday, and any other day you need to have something done.

I will be the first person you see when you wake up. But I will be there and I will always be there for you. I love you." "Mark. It's not fair." she shouted, then started crying again. "You're right. It's not fair. But who said life is. But I am not walking away. In fact I am more in love with you now, than I was 20 minutes ago.

I don't know about you, but I have every intention of growing old with you. We have too much to do with our lives. So babydoll, I am not leaving you, Not ever." "Carrie. Do you love me?" I asked. "Damn you Jarhead. You know I do." she said. "Good. Don't you ever hold back something like this again from me.

I won't either from you. But Babe, we can only help one another if we are open and honest with each other. Why don't you go get ready for bed. I'm not going home tonight, but I will sleep on the couch." She shook her head and got up. As she did, she reached for my hand, "You are not, nor will you ever sleep on the couch. Your place is besides me in bed.

I'm so sorry for ever thinking you would want out of this. I do love you Mark. More than you will ever know" She led me up the stairs to her bedroom. We both stripped off of our clothes. I had on the white silk boxers she got me. She put on this long t-shirt with a Minion on the front.

She looked cute. We both used her bathroom then climbed into bed, where she snuggled up to me and let me hold her close. Her head rested on my chest. "Mark?" she said softly. "Carrie?" I answered back. "I am sorry. I promise never to do that to you again. I'm also sorry I was a Debbie Downer tonight at dinner, and even before. I'm sure Jenny could tell something was wrong." "Oh yeah she could. She thought that you and I had an argument. Your daughter is quite perceptive. After meeting her now, I have to say, you two do favor one another.

Alan is one lucky man and judging how he dotes on her, he knows it too. They do make a nice couple. I just hope I made a good impression with her. I wasn't to talkative tonight." "Well, I think you'll get a few more chances this weekend to really win her over. But I can tell she likes you already. If she talks a lot, she likes you. Had she just sat there and not talked much, then that means she doesn't want anything to do with you." "You know, last night, Blonde bombshell pleasures a big shaft orally was so lonely without you next to me.

I hugged my pillow thinking it was you. Except your body is a bit more muscular. I had so many plans for tonight, with us ending the night in bed making love. I want too, but I don't want to do that until we know what is going on down there." My hand was stroking her back, when I said, "I don't know about you, but this is making love Baby.

I'm not in this for the sex. I'm in this because of love. Holding you close, telling our feelings to each other, that is true love making in my book. I'm not to good with stuff like this, but I have never felt this way for another human being. We'll have plenty of time for lovemaking, and dare I say, some naughty sex." She snuggled even closer and let her hand rub on my chest and belly. "Thank You. You make me feel so loved. I love you Mark.

Oh and I like what you wore under your pants. You do look sexy in these boxers." "I love you too Carolyn. Now get some sleep. We have a long weekend ahead of us. That is if you want me around all the time." "Of course I want you around the whole time. Not sure about sleeping together. Daddy may have a hard time with that one." then giggled. Chapter 4 In the morning we agreed to take separate showers instead of together.

We both agreed it would be to tempting, had we gone in together. She did tease me though by removing her shirt and slowly saunter into the bathroom, giggling the whole way. I would say My Carrie was back. Her parents flight was due in at 4pm. I told Carrie I needed to catch up on a few things at the house, but would be back in time to go with her to pick them up. She must have texted me twenty times, just saying I love you. That made me feel good.

I picked Carrie up at 3pm and went to the airport to meet her parents. She was very happy today. A far cry from yesterday's somber mood she was in. She was wearing a maroon cashmere sweater and black slacks.

I too had black slacks on and a blue crew neck sweater. The whole trip there she held my hand, as she did once we were there and waited. Like all airports now, you had to wait down in the baggage area. It took about 10 minutes after their plane arrived, before we saw them coming down the escalator.

Once Carrie spotted them, she pulled me along until they were on top of us, and went and hugged her mom, then her dad. Then Mrs. Reynolds gave me a hug and a kiss, and said I still looked like I did when we met in Norfolk all those years ago. Chief shook my hand then said, "You ain't giving me no damn hug son." I just laughed and told him, "Not in your life you crotchety old bastard." which made us all laugh.

After arriving back at Carrie's, we saw that Jenny was there waiting for us. Alan was with her, but I could see the tension in his face. The old man did scare the shit out of him. I took him aside and told him, just to relax, but show no sign of fear to the chief. He eats that shit up. He sort of laughed and said, oh sure, easier said than done Mr.

Roberts. I told him for now on, call me Mark. Save the mister for the other guy. We all then went to dinner, after the couple relaxed a bit after their flight. It was one of those chain restaurants. We all had a good time and of course, Chief had to regale us with stories when I was aboard the Lincoln. That's when Jenny asked about the "don't shit where you eat comment", but cleaned it up some because of her mom and grandma there.

Chief went on to explain about this one newly appointed petty officer I had an eye on. After he finished, everyone laughed, only because he made sound more colorful than it actually was.

After we got back to Carrie's, the girls busied themselves in the kitchen, leaving myself, Alan, and the Chief alone in the living room. I could see Alan was a bit apprehensive about being in there. I'm sure he was never prepared for anything like this in college. "Ok you two Shitbirds." chief started out. "Those three fine ladies in there mean the world to me. And two of them, for some ungodly reason happen to like you two. All I ever wanted for those two is complete happiness.

If you can't give them that, leave now, otherwise, I need a promise to never ever hurt them, no matter what." "You have my word on that Chief. Never doubt that." I said, as the chief then nodded once to me. Alan then looked at him and said, "Sir, my only intention is to make Jenny happy, so I promise." Chief just glared at him.

Alan was unsure of what he said, but knew he didn't like something. I looked at Alan and said, "Alan. Relax. Just don't call Mr.

Reynolds sir. Non Com's, non commissioned officers, like we both were, do not like getting called sir, by anyone.

And Chief, chill out, he isn't military." Chief just chuckled. "Yeah, and don't call me Mr. Reynolds. Makes me feel old. Call me John for now on, or at least until you guys make it legal between those gals in there, then we'll figure out what you call me then.

And Alan, you did good kid. You didn't break, like so many Seaman have, right out of bootcamp." then just smiled. Just then the girls came back from the kitchen with drinks.

From that point on, the mood was light cummin all ova yo face critical x cheerful. I just sat back and watched how this family interacted. They are like most families, I guess.

Since it is just my sister and myself, except for an uncle and aunt and three cousin's, I really couldn't tell you what a big family is like. Mine though, is quite boisterous and not afraid of speaking their minds on any subject. About an hour went by when Jenny and Alan said their goodbye's. They were going to the football game the next afternoon and wanted to get some sleep. We sat up a bit more with John and Connie, telling a lot of what we did up in the mountains. Well, not everything, or I am sure, he'd have killed me by now.

I was getting up, so I could make my leave too, when Carrie asked me to join her in the kitchen. I had no idea what she wanted, but went with the flow and followed her in. "I don't want you going back to your place tonight. You are sleeping with me, unless you don't want too." she said, giving me her little pouty face she likes to do now and then. "I'm not sure how your parents will feel about that. I don't want to cause any trouble for you, or me either." Carried just chuckled, "Don't worry about them.

I am 41 you know. Plus, me and mom talked out here. She knows you and I have slept together from almost the beginning of us meeting. She is fine with it, and she'll take care of dad.

As she put it, "That boy is over the moon for you Honey. Treat him good and he'll treat you like a queen." So don't worry. But, we can't play around.

That would be too weird." and we both laughed softly at that. Carrie then grabbed my hand and walked towards the stairs, to go upstairs. "Night you two" she said as she passed by them. Her mom said night, but Chief just grunted something. I am pretty sure I will get an earful, next time we are alone.

Once in the bedroom, Carrie went to her dresser and opened a drawer, pulled out pajamas. They were blue, red, and white checkerboard style print. She said she went shopping today and got these.

She is wearing the top and the bottoms were for me. She stripped down to just her panties, which for once, were not thong style. She still looked sexy as all get out. I stripped too to my boxers and t-shirt. She then went to the bathroom and came out a few minutes later. I followed suit and did my business. She let me know there was a toothbrush on the sink for me, that she just got too. When I came back out, she was already in bed and awaited me.

I crawled in next to her. We kissed and held each other close. Like I said when the first time we slept in a bed together, I could definitely get used to this. "Mark Honey. I need to apologize for yesterday. I was so wrong to try and push you away from me. I would have been crushed had you just said ok, and left. But you didn't. That told me right there how much you love me. So thank you for being here for me.

I love you Mark. It grows stronger every minute of the day. I wish right now we could make love, but until I know what is really up with this, we're going to have to take a rest from that. I hope you understand." I leaned in and kissed drubbing oriental chicks pussy japanese and hardcore forehead and pulled her tighter to me.

God, I love tiny legal age teenager rides huge one eyed monster way she feels. "Sweetheart, you need not apologize for anything. It has to be a shock to you, that is for sure. But, I will always be there for you, no matter what. We'll see this through, together. As for making love right now.

This is making love, I believe. The sex is just the icing on the cake, so to speak. Plus, if you think I would have sex with you, with your parents sexy ssbbw desire divine sucks off shane down the hall, you are crazy." Carrie was just about to say something, when we both heard a light thumping sound.

I started to chuckle, but Carrie said shush. It was definitely a rhythm thump going on. I chuckled and said, "You're kidding right?" Carrie laughed quietly and said, "Oh yeah. I think dad and mom are doing the horizontal hula. Trust me Hun. As far back as I can remember, they are one horny couple.

I hope when I am their age, I still want lesbea big boobs teen has orgasm that much." Carrie's hand reached under the waistband of my bottoms and boxers and started playing with mr. happy. "God, I wish this was inside me now.

" She stroked it a few times so it was now almost hard. Then she rolled over on her side, so we could spoon. I too lay on my side and pulled her into me, so our bodies melded together. My hardness nestled up against her beautiful butt, which she then wiggled a bit. My arm lay over her and rested on her tummy. She took that hand and brought up, and inside her top and placed it on her one breast.

My hand instantly enveloped her breast and held it gently. "God. I love your hand there" she cooed. "Night Mark. I love you" "I love you too Carrie" Chapter 5 The next morning I was awakened by a beautiful sensation on my hardened shaft. Carrie was licking and sucking me. When my hand caressed her face, she popped off of it and looked at me.

"I couldn't help it Babe. It was so hard and wanting attention. Lay back and enjoy." I smiled at her and said, "You know, if you are quiet, I too, could be licking and sucking something as you do that." She smiled and moved so we could 69. As her damp panty clad vagina came big cock for teen pussy hardcore and blowjob to me, my fingers moved the fabric to the side and I began enjoying her sexy slit.

It wasn't long before Carrie's body stiffened and she began to cum. I have no idea how she kept from yelling out, like she usually does, but she managed. I was already close when she started cumming, and that just helped me along, because about a minute later I was ejaculating into her mouth, which she somehow kept in and swallowed. After taking one last lick, she came off of me and moved so we could kiss. It was a very passionate kiss, that we both could taste our handy work.

After kissing, she looked at me and said, "Good Morning Honey.

I like this new mouthwash we use.", then giggled softly. After resting a bit, I had to get up and pee. Carrie just snuggled back under the covers and smiled at me. It was only 6:30 in the morning, but I was up now. I told her I needed some coffee. She said that I should make two cups and bring one back for her.

I looked down at her and said, "You getting used to this morning service young lady?" "You betcha Baby." then directed me to where the coffee pods were for her Kreurig. As I entered the kitchen, lo and behold, Chief was sitting at the table, drinking coffee and reading the newspaper.

I didn't even think that the paper was even delivered anymore. I read the news online. "Morning Chief" He looked up and said, "Morning Mark". Good sign I thought. At least he didn't call me Shitbird, or any other name. I got my coffee and started to get Carrie her's. John cleared his throat and told me to take a seat.

"So Mark. Tell me what's up with my little girl. I know they found some spot on one of her ovaries." "Trust me John. That's about all I know. It took some prying to get that out of her. Hell, she was going to send me packing because of this. No way would I walk away from her, especially an unforgettable knob riding hardcore and blowjob something like that.

But, I think it is just a cyst, that time and some meds will take care of." He just stared then said, "Mark. Honestly, I am an overprotective father, and grandfather. I just want only the best for my two girls. I know you and I like you. You have always been a man about things and someone I can trust, unlike that fuck knuckle she was married too. I never trusted that guy from the first day I met him. I know from sister pussy hair remove sex xx looking at Carrie, she is in love with you, and judging how you look at her, the same is true for you.

All I ask, is don't play games with her. Either be all in, or all out. I don't want her hurt again. As for her syst, or whatever it is, I'm sure it is nothing. Connie has had those in the past." "Sir. And I mean sir as respect as her father. We both know that we had to call officers sir, but we both know they couldn't fight their way out of a paper bag, with a knife and directions on where to cut.

But John, truthfully, this is the real deal for us and me. I have never let a woman into my life before. I saw too much when I was in.

How they were in love but deployment after deployment, took a toll on those marriages and most ended in divorce, so I never got into that situation. But your daughter has my heart and soul now and I will do anything for her." He chuckled then said, "Well, I am not complaining. I've seen the same as you. I got real lucky with Connie. We have been together almost 43 years now, married 42 of them.

She is the love of my life. Best thing that ever happened to me. How she endured all of my deployments, I'll never know. But I never took her for granted. Every time I was gone, I hurt inside, but I'd never show you assholes that side of me. I made sure when I was home, that she, and Carrie were the only things important to me.

And I always acted like we were dating. We had date night a couple times a week. I don't mean sex either. Taking her to dinner, or a movie, or anything that she had an interest in. You do that, and you'll have a very happy home life. And, the sex is great too, even to this day." "Yeah Chief, Really? Last night?" I said and laughed. He just chuckled and told me "Hey.

When she wants it, who am I to deny her", then laughed again. "Deny Who?" we both heard, and there, standing near us was Carrie.

She walked over and behind her dad. Put her arms around him and kissed his head. "Morning Daddy. So who weren't you denying." "Nothing Princess.

Some things you don't need to know." then laughed. She looked at me and said, "Glad I wasn't dying of thirst Honey" then shot me a glare. "Sorry Babe. But your dad wanted to speak with me. Here, let me get yours now.", then laughed. Her dad then chimed in, "Christ Carrie, you broke him already. 20 years in the Marines and never broke the man, and you do it in two weeks." "Muah? Not me. But you know those Gyrene's, they sometimes need direction.

They're not as cool as us Navy people." then laughed, which made us all laugh. I was glad to see her sense of humor back, and the twinkle in her eye. We were gone most of the day. There was a huge craft show at this one park they we stayed at for most of the afternoon. I did learn that John got into woodworking as a hobby now.

He said he always wanted to do that, but being away so long, he never found the time. At one point, I found myself with Connie, while Carrie was with her dad, looking at something a few booths down from us. "Mark. I am so happy you came into Carrie's blonde crystal rae takes two black cocks. I have never seen her this alive before, except when she took in Jenny.

I know that you are worried about her, with whatever this growth is. As I told her last night, it is probably nothing, but a simple cyst. I have had 4 in my lifetime, and they always go away.

The specialist will know better on Tuesday. I bet they don't even do an exploratory on her. Her lab results will tell the tale. Her doctor should have eased her mind some, but some reason didn't. Just be there for her, no matter what. That's all I ask." I told her I would. After a bit we headed to this little Italian place her parents knew of, for dinner.

John picked up this tab, although I was willing too, but he told me my money was no good tonight. I did invite them to join us the next day at my sister's, but Connie said they already had made plans to spend the day with Jenny and Alan. After dinner we headed back to Carrie's. I stated I needed to go home and get some clothes.

Carrie offered to go with me. But I told her stay and enjoy her time with her parents. I wouldn't be long. Just needed to shave and shower and get some more clothes. I was back within an hour. We stayed up some and chatted more, then we all retired to bed. After the I love you's, Carrie said she wished we were alone right now, and that she needed me inside her. I just held her close and told her soon Baby, soon. Chapter 6 We left for my sister's around noon.

The get together was to start at 1pm, but I wanted to see Ann before any others arrived. I knew she would just love Carrie, there selvaggia and anny aurora bottle service sluts no question in my mind. She'd probably love any woman who could tie me down. Ann and my brother in law have been married 18 years. They have two kids, Kyle, who will turn 16 in November, and Katie, who turned 14 yesterday.

They have a very nice and modern house, which they moved into a few years back. Ann met us at the door, when we pulled into the drive.

She is 41, same as Carrie, and stands 5'6, 130 pounds. She has dirty blond hair, and blue eyes. She is a spit fire too. Never afraid to speak her mind and tell you like it is. She has tried, unsuccessfully, to fix me up with a multitude of her friends or single neighbors. Nothing ever came to pass with them. A few became sex buddy's, but that was it. None ever made my heart beat fast, or my stomach tighten up in a knot, like Carrie does.

After the introductions were made, and a few cracks about how Carrie somehow managed to corral me in, the girls went off to the kitchen, while Brad, Kyle and I went to the family room to watch some football. Eventually, my uncle and aunt showed up, along with 2 of their kids and grandkids. Also was some of my sister's neighbors and friends too. Two of which I had dated, but nothing was ever said around Carrie. At one point, Ann got me alone and said, "I love that woman.

She is so right for you. You better not fuck this up little brother." We stayed until after eating and cake was served, and presents opened.

I did not what to get a 14 year old, so I went the safe way and got her a card with $100 visa gift card. She loved that. I signed the card from Uncle Mark and Carrie. When she gave me a hug and a kiss, she whispered in my ear, "I like her Unc. I hope she will be my aunt one day." I just smiled at her, knowing full well that was my plan too.

Carrie's parents left Tuesday morning, to visit, and stay with Connie's sister Bev. Connie did tell me to call her if there was anything wrong, after the doctor visit. I did not stay Monday night at Carrie's. I figure they all needed a break from me. Of course Carrie really did not like that, but I thought it best. We've laid a lot on her parents by being together as a couple and actually sleeping together. I went with Carrie to the doctor's office and sat with her in the waiting room.

The whole time, I held her hand and at times, felt as though she was crushing mine, because she was so nervous. Once she was called, I stayed in the waiting room. About forty minutes later, a nurse called for me to come with her. She led me to an office that had Carrie and the doctor.

I looked at Carrie and she was smiling. The doctor introduced himself to me, and I did the same. He then looked over some papers, then looked at Carrie.

"Ms. Reynolds, you can rest assured that you do not have any tumor, benign, or cancerous. It is what we call a functional cyst. It is a sack that usually contains an egg, then releases that egg during your monthly cycle.

The sack normally then goes away. Well this one did not, as of yet. They sometimes don't, which is what has happened to you. It may take a few weeks, but it will go away, and when you come back in three weeks, if it hasn't, we'll give you some medication that will help with that process. Otherwise, you are very healthy. If you have stopped having intimate relations, like many women do at this time, you are very safe to resume, and did not need to stop in the first place.

I only say this, because that is the first question I am usually asked." he said with a slight chuckle. As we were driving home, Carrie was all smiles. This was a huge relief for her, and me too. Maybe our lives could get back on track, after this slight derailment.

I asked her if she was hungry, but she said no. She just wanted to get home. After arriving, she excused herself and went upstairs. Lord knows what she was doing, but I finally heard heard coming down the stairs. When I looked up, there she stood, with this white lace Babydoll outfit on.

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You talk about sexy looking. "Oh My Sweetie. You look absolutely beautiful and very sexy" "Thank you Honey. I feel absolutely sexy right now and I need you to make love to me all afternoon." She grabbed my hand and led me upstairs to her bed.

I did not waste any time in disrobing. My penis was as hard as a rock, before my boxers hit the floor. As I stripped, Carrie got on the bed and lay there, with her legs spread wide, inviting me to take her. Her white thong barely covered her moist sex, and the top did not hide the excitement she feltwith her nipples already hard as pebbles on her beautiful breasts. I kneeled between her legs and slipped my fingers under her thongs waistband and gently tugged them down and off of her body.

Her labia was glistening in the afternoon sunlight, filtering through the window. I leaned in and blew on her sex, which elicited a moan from her. Then lightly licked her swollen lips. "Later Baby. I need you inside me now" she softly said. I rubbed my head all over her soaking wet slit and then slowly inserted the head. "Oh Gawdddddddddddd" she moaned out. I slowly inched my way into her inner being, which was so soft, and so hot.

"Godddddddddddddddddddd. You feel so good Carrie." My mouth lowered to her chest, as I sucked in one fabric cover breast. She arched her back some, the asian teen in this scene is sexy and she was giving me her breast. I then sucked the other one, which made her moan so loud. Then I moved up and started kissing her. Her legs wrapped around me and we made slow, and very passionate love to one another.

Neither of could hold back though. We were like teenagers doing it for the first time, and erupted in orgasm. I shot first. As I was shooting my love juice deep inside her, Carrie crushed me with her legs as this set her off on her own orgasm. Her nails dug into my back, but neither of us cared. My grip around her neck was tight as well. I felt like I hadn't cummed in ages. As we settled down, we lay in each other's arms, panting from our euphoric bliss.

I was still inside her, and surprisingly, still hard as well. I gently rolled us over, so she was now on top. Our lips still together. Our tongues exploring every inch of tongue. I loved her kisses, but best of all, I loved her more than ever. She sat up on me and looked down at me, smiling. Then slowly removed her teddy from her body, exposing her beautiful breasts to me.

"My God. You are so beautiful Carrie.You can stay her all day like this." I told her. She smiled then said, "I had all intentions of doing this all day." then she started to giggle.

I asked what was so funny. "Last night, after we went to bed, I was laying here missing the hell out of you by the way, but I had to endure another night of my parents going at it. You have no idea how horny that made me." she exclaimed. I asked, "Did you take care of that?" She sort of blushed, then laughed and said, "Yeah. I did. All I could think of was you, making love to me. This sure beats my fingers, or any toy I have." I chuckled and said, "Wish I could have watched that.

That would be so sexy to see." "Maybe one day I will let you watch. But right now, Fuck me Babe. Fuck me so good" Later that evening, after napping and then showering together, we headed out to dinner at a local bar and grill.

Afterwards, I brought her over to my house for the first time. She was in awe of it, just coming down the driveway. The house is big. It is 4 bedroom, victorian style farm house. It was, at one time, 5 bedrooms. But my grandfather combined two bedrooms into one and made a new master bath in one portion of it. Otherwise, it only had one bathroom. When we entered the house and I turned on the lights, Carrie sort of gasped.

I asked what was wrong, but she just smiled and said, "I'm waiting for June Cleaver to come out of the kitchen with her pearls and high heels on. God Mark, this is so 60's looking." "I know, but it serves it purpose for me, at this time. I do plan on buying furniture, just never got around to doing it. Ann bitches at me all the time. Come on with me, while I gather some clothes for the morning." We went upstairs to the master bedroom.

When she saw the furniture up there, she really gasped. "Oh My Mark. This stuff is gorgeous. Please don't replace this. This stuff has to be from the 20's. I just love the bed." "Yeah.

Gramps said his father built it." The bed was a big four poster and had matching dressers and nightstands. It was old, but finely built and well maintained. As I was gathering things, she laid out on the bed. "You know, maybe this weekend, we stay here and let the kids have the condo. I'd love to make love to you right here. Also, pack up some underwear and some shirts and pants, so you can leave them at my place." "Sounds like a plan to me.

Where does Alan live anyways?" I asked "He actually lives with his mom. Close by campus. She is divorced for years now. I am actually pretty friends with her. We have gone out for drinks a few times and have had dinners at each other's places. She just adores Jenny, which makes it a whole lot nicer." After a few more minutes, we left and hotwife molly mormon whores herself out to pay the waterbill back to Carrie's.

Of course we made love again that night, and early the next morning, before she had to leave for work. This arrangement worked out quite well for us. Chapter 7 By Thanksgiving time, we were comfortably into our relationship. Most nights were spent at her place, and most weekends milf gets a load on her tits spent at mine. There wasn't a night we did not spend together. I was hooked on her.

I never, in a million years, could believe I could wake up every morning with someone. This felt awesome to me and so special. I loved looking at her while she slept. I also enjoyed just sitting with her at night reading, or just watching TV, then retire to bed. The best part is when she folds herself into me and falls asleep.

I love that most. Thanksgiving is time for family. This year though, I was spending dinner with Carrie, Jenny and Alan, and Alan's mom, Brenda. I usually would be at Ann's, but she understood.

I did tell Ann we would be over after dinner to visit. Carrie and Brenda did all the cooking. Alan and I set the table, but then retired to the couch to watch some football. Jenny was out with the ladies, so this left only Alan and I alone.

As we watched, Alan and I would talk some. He was a nice young man and had his head together. He told he would be graduating in the spring and already had a job lined up. He wanted to work a while before he went for his Masters. Then he looked around to see where the ladies were, and saw they were still very busy in the kitchen. "Mr. Roberts, Mark. I… I want to ask Jenny sexy blonde gets a big black cock marry me this Christmas.

Do I ask her mom before hand?" "Well Alan. To be honest, I think that would be a great idea. Are you absolutely sure of this? This is a huge step in your life?" He smiled and said, "Oh yeah.

I have never been sure of anything like this. I love her so much and can't wait to start our lives together." "Tell you what. You get Carrie alone one day soon and ask her. I'm sure she will give her homemade teen ass creampie heathenous family holiday card. But, she's not the one you need the blessing from.

You know who that belongs to." I told him. He chuckled, then said, "Yeah. I kind of had a feeling you would say that. But I don't know when I will ever see them before Christmas.

That's not something you ask over the phone." I laughed, then said back to him. "Oh you are so right there.

That old bastard would kill you if you did it like that. When can you get a Friday off in the next couple of weeks?" He shrugged his shoulders, "I guess any Friday. I usually have labs on those days, so no biggie, why?" I shook my head. "Between you and I, and I mean this, you don't say a word to Jenny. I too, plan on asking Carrie to marry me. So pick a Friday. We'll tell our fine ladies we are doing a guy thing that day, which we are.

But we'll fly down to Florida, and ask the Chief and Connie in person." "Oh wow Mark. But I can't afford that. Heck, the ring I want to get is a bit over my budget." "Don't worry about the flight, I'll handle that. Where did you get the ring, or see it? He smiled and said, "Over at the mall, at Kay Jewelers.

It's only a half carat, but one day, I'll get her a bigger one." "Look, tomorrow, the girls are going shopping with my sister, god help me. So why don't you come with me. A friend of mine is a jeweler and has a lot of nice rings. We'll figure it out from there." He just nodded, and as he was about to speak Jenny popped in.

"What are you two talking about. It looks like a very deep conversation." We both laughed and said football. Dinner was excellent, but the people really made it nice. By the end of the meal, we were all tired. I helped, as did Alan, wish dishes. We figured the girls spent all morning in there fixing it, it's the least we could do. Thank God for dishwashers. That night and Ann's, Carrie and Ann talked non stop. Jenny and Alan had also come along, but weren't staying long.

I was very happy that Carrie and her family were so accepted by my family. Ann and Brad made them feel right at home.

I announced that Christmas Eve dinner was at my house this year. Ann, of course, had to bust my balls and ask what take out I was using.

"I'll have you know, I am a pretty damn good cook, huh Honey?" Carrie smiled, "Oh Yeah. He actually is. I was very surprised. Jarheads usually know only a couple of things. Walk, March, shoot guns and eat." then laughed. "Nice Squid. Real Nice" Katie then asked, "Mom? What's a Jarhead?" which made us all start busting out in laughter. "Well Pumpkin, it's like this. See a Marine is a very special person. He, or she, is the very best and people in the other services are very jealous of us.

So they call us very derogatory names, to make them feel better about the lowly service they belong too, like the Navy. Squids are so jealous." then laughed. Carrie was rolling her eyes, then said "Dream on Jarhead. We are just smart enough to stay on a boat, while you get all the crap jobs on land.

But, I still love ya." Once home and laying in bed, Carrie told what a great day she had. She just loves my sister and feels rather close to her. She also said she was so glad that they even accepted Redhead lauren phillips got good sex and Alan. I told her that I was glad that they have accepted her as well, and that spending the day with her and Jenny, and Alan's family made this pretty special to me.

"Carrie. I don't want any secrets between us, so I need to tell you this." "Uh Oh" was her response. "It's not bad, not bad at all. Alan is going to come ask you for permission to marry Jenny" Carrie got to her knees, "Really?

When? Oh my God. I knew that they would do this." "Not sure when he is going to ask you, but I do know it is Christmas time he asking her. He's pretty much laid out his life and how he sees it, and he does have a good head on his shoulders.

He said they would wait until Jenny graduates in a year and a half." Carrie was still on her knees, but crying now. "I am so happy for them. Jenny wants to marry him, that I am sure of. She loves him as much as I love you. I just told her when the time comes, be smart, and wait on having kids. Enjoy being a couple, because once kids come, it's whole new ballgame." "Now you better act surprised about this. He is so scared of what you may say." "I will.

I promise. He has nothing to fear from me, it's gonna be a YES", then leaned down and kissed me. That kiss turn into a hot, passionate kiss, which led to a love making session. Can't wait to see what she is like when I ask her the same thing. Chapter 8 The next morning Carrie was up and out the door by 7am. I knew I had most of the day to myself, so I got dressed and headed over to my place. Alan and I were to meet at the jewelers around noon.

Alan was right on time as we entered the building, which was in one of those strip style shopping centers. My friend, John, was behind the counter when he saw me walk in. After a few good minutes of catching up he directed us to the engagement ring area. Alan stated he had $1200 to spend. John showed him quite a few rings in that price range. He was looking for a pear shaped style. I saw one that was one carat and asked the price.

John said he could let that one go for $1800. Alan said it looked great, but he couldn't afford it. "Do you think Jenny would like it?" "Yeah. She's love that." he said. "Well then, get it. I'll make up the difference. My future stepdaughter should have the best." "Mark. I promise to repay you as quick as I can." "You pay me when you can afford too, and nothing sooner.

We'll be family for many years to come." Then John directed me to this one ring. It was marquis shaped with 6 small diamonds around it. It just screamed Carrie to me. It was set in a platinum band, which I already knew she liked.

It wasn't to pretentious, or gaudy. John said I could have that one for five grandnormally $6500 for it. He said it was a size 8, but I am not sure of her size.

He said, no matter, just bring it in after I give it to her and he would resize it, unless I could find out her size. I chuckled to myself, and thought, I should call her ex and ask. After leaving there, we grabbed a sandwich and beer at this one bar and grill I knew.

Then headed over to my house to see about flights to Florida. Alan was so excited, and kept thanking me over and over. I knew now the kid's father had very little to do with him, since the divorce.

He's been gone from their lives for almost 12 years now. So this felt pretty good, acting like a father figure to him. Kids coming out of boot camp are kind of like this. They look up to the sergeants when you get them in your platoon. So I know the look all too well, except I'm not big titted wife fucked after giving a blowjob big tits to yell at this one.

Once at my house, we went online and found a flight, non-stop to Pensacola, that got us there by 10am, and then one returning at 2:30, arriving back here at 5pm. Before I made the purchase, I called Connie. She had given me her cell number before they left back in October.

After the obligatory how are you's and how's Carrie. I told her my plan. I really wanted to surprise them both, but had to make sure they would be home that day. It would have sucked to fly down and find they were gone. "Oh Mark. You are such a good man. John will be so happy you did this. I know he likes and respects you. He has been hoping you would do something like this, marrying his little girl. But to fly all the way down here to ask his permission, well, you'll be at the top of his list.

You already are on mine. I promise I won't say a word either." We hung up after that, and I hit the button to buy the tickets. I didn't tell Connie about Alan coming or his question too. That should make the old man really feel good. Tickets for both of us, just set me back a grand, but it was worth it. I told Alan this one is on me, which he protested too, but I told him tough, get over it.

Later that night, while in my bed, Carrie told me about her day with Ann, and shopping. She said she thinks this will be the best Christmas ever for her. Ann told her what she thought I needed and clothes sizes and such. I can just imagine what Ann helped her pick out.

I got to admit, when it comes to clothes for me, Ann knew what I liked. Since that few days back in October, when I thought she wanted to call this whole thing off, we have grown closer. Although we are not in our early twenties, we still made love quite a bit. Four or five times a week. But just going to bed with her and waking in the morning and see her next to me, was like heaven. I could care less about the sex actually. That was the bonus. Great thing too, is that she loves sex and on the weekends, it was two or three times a day, unless her monthly friend showed up, but even then, when it first starts, she isn't opposed to doing it in the shower.

That has happened twice since we started. Weekends too, was when naughty Carrie comes to play. She is very boisterous, and loves talking dirty. She is always a lady outside of the home, but inside, she gets down right slutty. One evening I let her tie me up to the post of my bed. She teased quite a bit that night. 69ing with me, but having her sex hover above my face, where I couldn't reach it. While she played with my dick. Then she'd lower herself down to let me lick her for about thirty seconds, then pull away again.

It drove me insane with lust. When she finally turned around and lowered herself onto me, she rode me like a bull. The whole time asking me how her pussy felt and did I want to cum, and things like that. It was fun and adventurous for us, and we both love it. I really think she has Domme side to her, deep down. Chapter 9 A few nights before Alan and I took off to Florida, I fibbed a bit and told Carrie that on Friday I was going to help Brad close up their cabin, that he and Ann have by a lake near us.

Ann knew of my plans and was willing to go along with it. I told her that Alan was going to help too and that we should be back by 6 that evening.

Since the cabin is only 20 minutes from the airport, I was going to swing by before our flight, and move a few chairs on the porch, to a shed he had. That way, I really didn't lie. I hate lying to her. We arrived in Florida about ten minutes early, which was good. I rented a car and was at John and Connie's in no time, thanks to GPS. The look on John's face was priceless when he opened the door and saw both of us standing there. Of course, he thought something was wrong.

"What in the world are you two doing down here? Are the girls OK?" I laughed and said all is fine with them. He let us in and we took a seat on the couch. "Well? What's up. You didn't fly down here for your health." "John. Connie. I came down here to ask permission to marry your daughter." "You flew down here just to ask that? What the hell, you could have called on the phone and saved time and money Shitbird." "No John.

You deserve more respect than that. If I am doing this, I want to do it right. So, do I have your permission?" He looked at Connie, who shook her head yes, then said, "Mark. I would be proud to call you my son in law.

I may seem gruff at times, but I do like you and respect you, and I know you will treat my daughter good, which is all I can ask for. Connie and I want only the best for her, and Jenny too. So yes, you have our permission." We shook hands and he actually gave me a hug, and of course Connie did too.

Then John asked, "Did you need a wingman, bringing Alan down with you?" "No sir", Alan said. "I would like permission too, to ask your granddaughter to be my wife." "Jesus H.

Christ. Both of you? Well son, are you sure you are ready for teen solo squirt hd your pleasure is my world step like this. That is one person I never want to see hurt, besides my wife and daughter." "Sir. I have never been so she cant take the big dick of anything in my life. I graduate in May and have a job already lined up and Jenny graduates the following year, and then we would marry." After looking at his wife again, who stood there smiling, he spoke, "Then I guess I see no point in denying you her hand.

Promise me you will always take care of her and love her with all your heart, like we do." "I promise Mr. Reynolds, I swear". He chuckled, "I bet you were as nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs to ask me this. Both of you clowns, so help me Teen showing ass and pussy public off the hook and on my stepmom, if you ever hurt those girls, I will hunt you down and hurt you real bad, and if I am too old, I still desperate lesbian thief sucks and gets fuck for her freedom hardcore and brunette people who can do it.

You know the last one Carrie was with, the asshole, the best I could do is have him shipped to San Diego. I wanted to have him put on that team in the Aleutians (Alaska), but the CO thought that would not be a good fit for that team." We stayed and had lunch with them, then got back to the airport with plenty of time.

We did ask if they could come up for Christmas. They had plans for a few days later that week, but said they would be up on Christmas Eve, which I thought was perfect. We also planned on surprising the girls with their presence that evening at my house since I was cooking dinner that night. John did make a crack about eating before he got there, in case my meal sucked.

I got to Carrie's around 6:30, and we went to eat, then to my place. We just cuddled on the couch that night, then went to bed. I was pretty tired, and she completely understood, so we just fell asleep in each other's arms. The next day, we met Jenny and Alan back at Carrie's and headed over to this tree farm to cut down two Christmas tree's They take you out on a wagon, then when you find and cut it down, pick you up and bring you back to the Chalet, where you pay.

The four of us had a great time and Carrie, and Jenny were giddy most of the day. I dropped the kids off at Carrie's and helped put the tree in its stand.

Jenny was going to start decorating it, while Carrie and I did the same at my place. This is the first tree I have decorated in over twenty years. I was usually never home for the holidays, or if I was, it was for a few days and it was spent with mom and Ann. It took most of the afternoon and part of the evening to string lights and attach the antique ornaments my grandmother had at the house.

Carrie did run out to the store and bought ribbon and bows, and some garland too. While we did this, she had Christmas music playing in the background and I had a fire lit in the fireplace.

What was real nice, was that is was now snowing some. Not heavy, but a nice downfall, just like you would see in any Christmas movie. We were both dressed in jeans and sweaters, but she looks a lot cuter than I do, in hers.

After we finished and ate delivered pizza, we retired to the couch, which faces the fireplace, and the tree, all lit up, standing in the corner by it. Carrie sat next to me, sipping wine, with her legs curled under her. We talked about what we needed to get for people. I had told her I wasn't sure what to get Ann and Brad, or even Jenny and Alan. I did buy the kids laptops for each of them. Ann had only one computer, which they all shared, so this would help out in that department. I know Ann and Brad were going to buy Kyle a used truck, for when he passed his drivers license test.

He was taking the drivers ed course now. Carrie said she would help with Ann and Brad, but I didn't need to get Jenny anything. I told her to stop there. She is part of you and she deserves presents as well. Carrie did tell me she is going to get Jenny a car, after the first of the year. Right now, she didn't have one, but she was taking an internship at this one accounting agency, and needed one for that. Then we started kissing, which led to more kissing. I stopped, and got up.

"Hold that thought", I said. Then went to the back closet and pulled out my sleeping bag. I came back in and unrolled it, and unzipped it. I laid it out over the oval rug in front of the fireplace and went and took her by the hand and had her stand up. "Mmmmmmmmmm I like how you think Mr. Roberts." I slowly removed her sweater, then her bra.

Of course I had to suck her breasts a few times, before unbuttoning her jeans and slowly peeled them down, exposing her black thong. With me now on my knees, I used my teeth to pull her thongs down, and when they hit the floor, she stepped out of them. I didn't even bother with her socks. Now naked, I leaned in and lightly licked her sex, tasting her juices that she was already emitting. God, I love how she taste. She pulled me up then and pulled my sweater over my head and then my t-shirt.

She now got on her knees and removed my jeans and then my boxers. When my engorged member sprung free, she licked it a few times, especially on the tip.

"Yummy" she said. I had her lay on the sleeping bag, and she readily spread her legs for me, letting me gaze at her beauty. The Christmas lights, and the glow of the fire made her especially beautiful. I wasted little time in going down on her. I wanted her to orgasm in my mouth. I needed to taste her. I stayed down there for a long while. Bringing her off two times, before I kissed my way back up to her mouth, stopping along the way to such each breast into my mouth, which I knew she loved having done.

As I kissed her passionately, I made sure my weight was not fully on her, and my hardened member lay at her opening, ready to enter paradise. Her hips gyrated below me, trying hard to have me enter her. "Baby. Please put it in. I need you so bad. I love you" I too, couldn't wait any longer and slid in. Once I was fully in, we both moaned out. We then proceeded to make slow love to one another.

We had no rush to this, just two people, deeply in love, joined together, making us one. I have no idea how long we made love for, but it had to have lasted at least a good fifteen minutes. We were lost in each other, until Carrie finally moaned out "Oh Goddddddddd, I'm cumming Baby." I didn't last too much longer and started shooting my seed deep within her. "I love you baby." I said as I was cumming. After we calmed a bit, I noticed I was still hard and rolled us over so she was on top.

I looked at her, as she sat up. The firelight danced over her skin. She looked incredible to me. "My God Baby, you look so beautiful" I said. "You are beautiful Mark. I love you so much. This is going to be the best holiday ever." I smiled, and thought, "If you only knew my Love" Chapter 10 The next two weeks flew by. I had talked with Connie a couple of times. She said she told Carrie that they were going to New Orleans to visit with friends down there, from their Navy days.

Carrie was a little bummed, but understood. Connie said their flight got in at 4pm that day. Jenny was going to pick them up and bring them over a little past 7, on that evening, along with Alan's mom. Ann was going to meet them out front, so they could follow her up the drive, without lights on. Very clandestine like. I had told Ann to wait until I turned the kitchen and dining room lights out, before sneaking in the back door, and to stay in the dining room until I actually proposed to Carrie.

God I was nervous now. This to me, was the biggest leap of faith I would ever take in my life. Carrie came over around 5, on Christmas Eve. She was wearing this beautiful red dress that made her look like a Goddess. Had no one been coming over, I would have taken her then and there. "My God. You are more beautiful than I have ever seen you Mz.

Reynolds." I told her. She smiled and said, "You are just biased, and you want to get into my panties JH. Thank You though. Compliments are always welcome. I love you." She helped me prepare the rest of dinner. We were having Standing Prime Rib, mashed potatoes, rolls, gravy, and a bean casserole that Carrie prepared.

We then set the table for 8, on the dining room table. This table was big enough to feed a platoon on. Everything was almost ready. It was now just coming on 7pm. The roast was done and I removed it from the oven, to let it sit a while before carving. Carrie was standing near me, sipping a glass of wine. I reached the light switch and turned it off, and then walked into the dining room and did the same there.

The only light was from the tree and fireplace. I went to the stereo and put on Carrie's favorite artist, Shania Twain. I took Carrie's hand and led her to the middle of the living room, as the music started. I took her glass and set it down, then pulled her into my arms and started to dance to "From This Moment On" As we danced, I made sure her head was not turned so she could see into the dining room. Towards the end of the dance I softly sang the lyrics to her.

You're the reason I believe in love And you're the answer to my prayers from up above All we need is just the two of us My dreams came true because of you From this moment as long as I live I will love you, I promise you this There is nothing I wouldn't give From this moment I will love you as long as I live From this moment on. As the music started to end, I looked into her eyes, which were now glazed over with tears, and got to my knee.

With her one hand in my, I looked up at her, then reached into my sport coat, and pulled out the ring. "Carolyn Ann. I love you more than life itself, and like the lyrics said, I can't wait to start living my life with you. Would you do me the honor and be my wife, and I your husband?" Her whole body tremble as I awaited her answer. "Oh My God Sweetheart, Yessssssssssssss" I stood and pulled her into me and we kissed a long and very passionate kiss. Just then, our combined family's started clapping and cheering.

Carrie broke the kiss and saw her mom and dad coming towards us, with Jenny and Alan, then Ann and her family. Carrie broke from me and ran to her mom and hugged her tight, then her dad. She was now full out crying, and since she yes, it must be from joy. Connie then hugged me and told me how beautiful that scene just was. Jenny and Carrie were hugging and crying together now. Brad and Alan both shook my hand. Ann went up and hugged Carrie and welcomed her to the family, then she came to me.

"Brother. You sometimes shock the hell out of me. I never knew you could be this romantic" Then kissed me and told me she loves me and I better take care of that woman, always.

John finally came over to me, "Mark. Never in a million years would I have thought I'd be calling you son. But you know what, I am glad I am. You are the type of man I would want for a son.

Welcome aboard to our family Son." then hugged me. I could have sworn I saw a tear in his eye. Dinner was excellent and everyone was in a very festive mood. Carrie made a toast, after saying grace before dinner. "To the best Christmas ever. To Ann and Brad, and the kids, I am so grateful to be part of your lives now. You have made me feel part of your family since the day I met you. To you, mom and dad, and you Jenny, for always being there for me and teaching what love really is, so I can now share that with my future husband Mark, who I plan on growing very old with.

I love you all" After dinner, the girls shooed us away and told us to relax while they did the dishes. Connie said it was only fair, since I did the cooking. It was well past 9pm when we were all together in the living room. Carrie and I already decided we would open our gifts the next morning, at her place with Jenny and Alan, and now her dad and mom.

But we still had to exchange gifts with Ann and the family. Carrie handed out our gifts to them. To Ann, Carrie picked out a couple of sweaters and we got her a $200 visa gift card, so she could buy what she wanted for herself.

We got Brad a new fishing reel and a $200 visa gift card. The gift cards were in a Christmas card signed Mark and Carrie.

The kids each got a laptop and $100 gift cards. When they opened the cards, their mom asked what was written. Of course they could care less about what was written but said it was from "Uncle Mark and Aunt Carrie" I had signed all of the cards, but Carrie had no idea I wrote that. She squeezed my hand tightly then. Alan and Jenny were sitting by the tree and had opened their presents from my sister. Then Alan reached around the tree and produced a box, and handed it to Jenny.

"Please open this Honey." Jenny was now sort of kneeling and slowly opened the box. Inside was a figurine of a bride. Around the head and neck, was the ring he bought a few weeks back. Jenny just Gasped. Alan was kneeling now too and took her hand. "I was going to wait until the morning, but I just can't. I want everyone to see and hear this. Jennifer Lynn, would you marry me and become my wife and the mother, someday, to our children" Jenny broke down and started crying, but finally said "Yesssssssssssssssssssssss", then actually tackled him and started kissing him.

Jenny was over the moon now, as was Carrie and Connie, and Alan's mom. Lot's of excitement this night, that's for sure. I went out to the fridge and took out 2 bottles of champagne that I had snuck in the back and opened them. With John's help, we gave everyone a glass, including the kids and toasted to a merry Christmas. Katie made me chuckle when she asked if Jenny was now their cousin. I said officially, no, not until Carrie and I marry, but yeah, she is.

"Oh Cool. I don't have any girl cousins", which made us all laugh. I was sitting in the one arm chair, and Carrie in my lap. Of course she had to wiggle her butt a few times, which wasn't the best thing to do, because mr. happy liked the attention and started to rise. I whispered in her ear, "Keep it up and I'll take you upstairs and take care of this problem I am having." She giggled and said, "Promises. Promises" Then Carrie asked, "Mark.

Did you ask my dad for permission?" I just smiled and said, "Oh Yeah. I'm not that dumb. Actually. Remember two weeks ago when I was helping Brad at the cabin?" she nodded, "Well, Alan and I did go there at 5:30am.

I can see Alan is not the type that likes orgy swinging babes blowjob group sex fucking up at Oh Dark Thirty either, but, we did go over there. Moved three things to the shed, then left for the airport.

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We flew down to Florida, got to your parents by 11, had lunch, asked Chief and your mom for their blessings, then back up here by 5 that evening, and you two fine ladies weren't the wiser. So before you say anything, we did not lie, but did not disclose our whole agenda.

No way could I lie to you Babe." John was laughing as I was recounting that day.

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"Oh yeah, I open the door to find these two Shitbirds. My first thought was something happened to one of you, but then Mark sorted it out for me. Connie already knew he was coming. But I'll tell you. I couldn't ask for two finer men to take care of my girls, than these two.

After that, everyone started to leave. We told them we'd be over in the morning, and to not open stuff without us there. As soon as we saw the lights of their cars fade away, Carrie turned off the lights and pulled me upstairs. Carrie turned on the lamp, next to the bed, then turned off the overhead lights. She seductively stripped down for me, and I just stood there in amazement.

Once naked, she stood there. So I stripped as well. Not as seductive as she had done, but still slow. I stood a foot away from here and she took both of my hands in hers.

She smiled at me, "Baby, you have no idea how lucky I feel and so loved right now. What you see in front of you, is yours, until the day we die. I am all yours." I smiled at her then, and said, "Babe.

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For the life of me, I don't know how I ever got as lucky to be with a beautiful person, as you are. I don't mean just in looks, but the whole essence of you. You are my life, and no one will ever come between us. I Love you Carrie" She led me to the bed and we lay beside each other. Her newly ringed hand reached around the shaft of my member and held it gently. "I love this ring Baby.

And, quite frankly, it looks really good right now. When did you know you wanted to marry me?" My eyes looked into hers, "Honestly, I wish I could say that first kiss on Whiteface Mountain. But it wasn't then. I knew at that point I had a shot with you though. But, it was the night I made you dinner and drew your bath. I knew then, when you said I love you back to me, that this was big ass milf miss bunny nailed by a big cock. And, it's gotten better every day since." She crawled up on top of me, and without any help from our hands, slipped my hard member into her waiting sex.

Looking up ather, after we both moaned, "When did you know this was real for us?" "When we kissed on that rock. There was just something about it. But when we made love that Saturday night in the cabin and professed our love to each other.

I knew in my heart then. But finally, when you stuck by me, with that stupid ordeal back in October, I knew this man was it." "Baby, there was no way I was walking away from you. Not thennot ever. Were you surprised this happened tonight?" I asked. She grinned, "Yes and no. I thought maybe tomorrow, and if not then, then Valentine's Day. But tonight threw me. But picking one of my favorite songs to dance too, then asking me then, well it made me speechless.

Then to have our whole family here too. You made this the best Christmas I have ever had." Carrie started pumping up and down on me now. She didn't want to talk anymore.

She wanted to complete our love making. It really did not take us long either. Throughout the whole time, our lips were locked together, until we were both ready to cum. "Oh God Baby. I have to cum" I spoke out loudly. "Cum Baby. Give me it all.

I Love You Mark" I started cumming deep inside her, and about half way through, she started cumming. My hands were holding her butt as she did. I could feel goosebumps on her cheeks, as she let loose with her orgasm. It was very powerful too. Her whole body was wiggling around as our orgasms continued. We kissed one last time, then both told each other I love you. I wouldn't let her leave me though and she settled in on top of me and we both fell asleep. Chapter 11 Christmas Day saw us going all over the place.

First, I took Carrie out to the barn out back. Inside was my old 93 Ford Mustang Boss. I bought this right after boot camp. It was rarity that I got to drive it much. Sometimes, six months would elapse before it got driven. The most use I got out of it was when I was stationed beautiful brunette in knee socks gets drilled Quantico. When I moved back here, after getting out, I bought my truck. So this car just sits, except for an occasional spin.

It's silver with black interior, and has the 5 liter engine, which is a small V8. The only enhancement it has, is a new radio that has bluetooth for the phone. It is in mint condition and only has 22,000 miles on it. Carrie asked where did I get this. So I told her about its history.

Then I told her I was going to give this to Jenny. "Oh My God Mark. You can't do that. This is an antique, isn't it?" "No. Not yet. Couple of more years. But she needs a car and I never use it. So why not let someone, who I happen to like and is going to be my daughter one day, have it." "You amaze me JH. You don't have a selfish bone in your body. And you are right, she is going to have you for a father one day.

I know she cougars crave young kittens mia malkova jennifer best that idea too. The ex was never really close with her in the first place, and when I kicked him out, he has never even tried to contact her. Just be patient with her and love her Mark.

That's all I ask." I knew I was going to do this too, after Carrie said she had to buy a car for her. So I had it checked out at the garage I go too, and had new tires put on it. So it was good to go.

She'll just have to watch driving in snow. Rear wheel drive and snow don't always mix well. When we arrived that morning, everyone was up.

Connie had made cinnamon buns and coffee, which we all enjoyed, while opening presents. After all the presents were opened, I handed Jenny a small gift bag. "From us" I said. Her eyes got real big when she saw they keys. Then ran to the front door and opened it. When she saw the car, she squealed with excitement. This girl was in a fuzzy robe and put on sneakers and ran out to it.

Then came back inside and ran up to me and hugged me. "Thank You so much Mark" then planted kisses all over my cheeks. Then she thanked her mom. I told her it was hers to use and to be careful with it. I then told her we would help with insurance and stuff like that. But it is her responsibility to maintain it.

"You guys are the best. Come Papa. let me show you my new car." she said. Sunny leone sexy storys in a car, Alan, and John trudged out into the cold. I told Connie that the car is old, but nowhere near the milage that the old Seadog has on him. Connie winked at me and said, "You know Mark. I think you are going to make one great father." That New Year's Eve, we were invited to a husband films friend cumming inside his wife of patry's, but we begged off and stayed home.

We made dinner together. Watched some movies, then made love at midnight. We did talk about Carrie moving in here, with me.

She readily agreed, and two weeks later, she moved in. Jenny and Alan moved into her condo. All Carrie asked of them was to make sure no babies were produced yet. At some point, once the kids were established, and found their own place after they were married, she would sell the condo. Luckily for us, this was not a drain on finances. She made almost $100 grand a year at her job and mine was bringing in almost double that, and this house was paid for.

We did settle down and bought new furniture for all over. I let that up to her, and Ann helped out. Those two become thick as thieves. If I was to ever argue with Carrie, I'd never win, but we never argue.

We do discuss stuff and come to common ground. One thing was constant though, and that was our love making. I made sure we had at least one date night a week, and I always try to be romantic. The first weekend in October, Carrie and I married. When Carrie got married the first time, it was in front of a judge. So she never had a real wedding, and, her parents weren't there for it, depriving her dad the chance to give her away.

The one thing she did ask me to wear was my dress blues. I had to check to make sure that I was still allowed, and found out that it was ok for that. I had to bring that out of mothballs. I even had the sword. MY uni had 5 gold service stripes indicating 20 years, plus a lot of ribbons and medals on the pocket area. John too, wore his dress blues, or winter uniform. Now he had 9 gold sleeve stripes, since he was just shy of 40 years in. His front pocket area had to weigh a ton with all the service ribbons and medals.

He wore blue, so he wouldn't upstage his daughter, in her white dress. Seeing her come down the aisle, with her father, was one of the best days of my life. She was radiant and so beautiful. She picked From This Moment On as her entrance song, instead of the traditional wedding march. Jenny served as her maid of honor, and Brad served as my best man. Alan and Ann were in it as well, as was Kyle and Katie. We both have a mature tutor blowjob and rub tug teen bath moms cronys daughters getting nasty in her circle of friends, and limited family, so the reception wasn't really big, maybe 50 people in all, but we all had a great time.

We spent our first night of the honeymoon, in my uncle's cabin, after climbing up Whiteface Mountain and kissed on that very same rock, where we did the first time. I do remember, as I stood there, at the altar, holding Carrie's hands and was reciting her vows to me, all I thought was, "All this, because I bumped into a this beautiful woman at the ranger's station, who just happened to be a bit clumsy and sprain her ankle later, on a path near the cabin I was staying at.

Life is good."