Raunchy angelina rides on a fat schlong creampie and cumshot

Raunchy angelina rides on a fat schlong creampie and cumshot
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Um this is my first story ever I also typed it from my ipodtouch tell me what you think. Hi my name is Malik, I'm my favorite stepdaughter extra small porn movies of those guys everyone seems to like.

I'm in 8th grade. I'm black about 5'9 people say I'm tall but I don't think so. I'm extremely fit beat runner in my class but I ain't skinny I'm built like I got muscles there not hugeee But there more visibly then other kids in my class.

There's this girl her name is Stacy. She's probrally the hottest girl in my grade. She has an amazing ass it's so round and thick. Her breasts where amazing they big compared to other girls my age. If I bad to guess I'd probrally say c cup.

I will be honest I had fantasized about her a couple of times and at one point i really liked her but I stopped. To be honest it was cause she was a bit slow. Not retarded but like stupid. She didn't know much but her body made up for it. Small about 5'5 and she was athletic almost as much as me and that's saying a lot.

I have to say slot of guys like her she was sexy plus she and I were pretty close. I was In my class one waiting for first period to end.

I Started to brush my hair(look up 360 waves) she turns around from her seat and asks why am I brushing my hair She knew why but she loved to bring it up. I think it's cuz I say slot of blonde jokes to her. I said jokingly it was because I wanted to look good for you( I always talk like this to her) she started blushing and she said really. I decided not to answer and the teacher finally demissed us so I walked away.

Second period We had gym and a good part about gym was ethics Stacy would wear the decider short shorts or the tightest tights that showed her panty lines. When she walked her ass cheeks would go jav collection big tits loving shota erotic and down.

I don't her is one guy who hasn't seen her who didn't want to anal her on the spot. While we were running our first lap I couldn't help but hear that she was heading to lower-town my neighborhood two days from now for a soccer practice.

I was about to say she should come visit me but I decided to just keep my mouth shut and just do my lap. When I got home I found out that my dad was going to be out of the house to go to a doctors convection. He would be Gone for about 2 weeks. He said he would leave gina to check up on me everyone once in a while. Gina was this 19 yr old girl who I knew since I was a baby. She was practically family. Any ways I was watching reruns of NCOs and csi Miami law and order. All of these shows where about mysteries and for some reason today it was about rapes I learned a bunch of things about how the Gus would stalk them then rape them where gloves cleanup the messes and everything but they would make that one mistake and get caught.

This got me thinking about rape and how it turned me on.I always loved hardcore sex. Stacy popped into my head. I had an opportunity 2 days from now do rape her. But I didn't take it seriously cuz I didn't feel like going to jail.

For the rest of the night I thought about me and Stacy Next day The day went by pretty fast nothing really interesting happened except when I got home from school And went on Facebook and stacy posted if anyone wanted to come to her soccer practice I said yeah seeing how I lived nearby and my dad wouldn't be home.

She in boxed me the address. Then my mind started racing out of no where a plan started forming. I went to my dads medic cabinet I place I could never touch It had a lock on it I thought of a combo my dad might use I tried 1990 the lock came off predicable dad 1990 was the year he met my mom who happened to pass away after I was born. I got sleeping pills and I grinded them all up I poured them in a cup of water I wondered if it would work then I heard a knock at m door I ran to answer it and there was standing Sweet hot raylin ann fucking large massive cock oldvsyoung and smalltits looking pretty dam hot she was about my height with.

brown hair perky c cup tits that didn't need a bra With a pink shirt. Her amazing tanned legs where long and sexy. Her short shorts showed them off nicely.

Her ass was just as fine as stacys. Firm big and round. My whole life I had never looked at Gina like that but I guess planning a rape makes you more aware.

Anyways Gina said she was just checking to see how I was. I said I was good. Then an idea came to me I asked her if she was thirsty.

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I was hoping she said yes. I hoped right. I told her to go to the kitchen and get a drink that was on the table. I wonder why she didn't even consider asking for a new cup or something instead of just drinking a random cup maby she trusted me.

Since she knew me ever since I was born. Good. She drank it down on 4 gulps. About 2 mins later she was about to leave when she started tripping. She lost her balance and said she couldn't stand straight and that she felt extremely tired.

I helped her to the couch.she dat down and instantly she was asleep. To make sure I tapped her forehead no response. Then I poked her boob softy. What can I say I'm new to rapping people. I placed my hand around her breast. Before I even touched it my penis was extremely hard.

Her tit felt magical I didn't do much at first I just enjoyed the touch throughout her pink shirt. I started squeezing I did this about for 10 mins.

Then I grently bit her tit. I was just sucking her tit and squeezing he other one. I had the biggest boner in my life any ways I wanted to go further and strip there and just fuck her but I decided I'd save lesbian centerfolds spread their deep anals and poke fat sex toys for Stacy also I could in trouble with Gina if she wakes up.

So I pretty much just ended up slipping Mugabe throughout her shorts and touching her pussy lips I didn't ringer her I just felt them circled around them enjoyed them.

I stopped in my tracks when I saw her smile but she didn't wake up I guess it was a natural reaction. I started breathing again. It wasn't good to hold my breath for that long while my heart was pounding so fast. Next morning I woke up and went over my plan over and over and tried to count ever possible option.

Oh if your wondering Gina woke up like 30 mins later and went home but I did see her rubbing her tits I guess she felt her tits hurting a little bit. Lol. I started planning my big day. I got rope duck tape. My grinded up sleeping pills and my pocket knife also I charged my camera. 6 pm came and I headed to the Practice I arrived at the field and Stacy was near by I stuck my hands out for a hug.

She hesitated for like three seconds then finally hugged me. I was pissed off I had seen her hug guys at my school who weren't even as close as me and her without thinking about it. This made me mad but I didn't show it.

I just acted like it didn't bother me. I had to find a time when could get acres to he water bottle and as if magic she asked for her water bottle. Then she turned around and started talking.

thank god for her being blonde.

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Any ways I walked over the her water bottle and opened it and pured the powder Then I walked over to her and I looked down at her and said here's your bottle. The way she smiled was so cute and hot. It's like cute like a new born baby cute and it was hot like it turned you on. She was sweaty so I hoped that she would drink a lot teen with most beautiful body riding dildo fast. I got my wish. After like 5 mins.

She could barely walk or talk I could see she was trying o fight it hard but not use then I spoke for her and I told everyone I was talking her home. They believed me. So I called a taxi and it took us to my house I entered it and laid Stacy on the couch. I put tape on her mouth.

Then I slapped her hard on the cheek. she started mumbling I got a bucket of ice water and poured it on her head she woke up trynna to scream but it muffled. The reason I left her hands free and her legs was so her could be.

A fight she got up and tried to run I grabbed her and through her to my wall. She looked up at me in pain then I grabbed her by her neck until she almost passed out then I tied her up. I took off her soccer kleats. And pulled her jersey over her body there was her sports bra. I took that off then I started to suck on her nipples and she moaned but her face was red. Hen I stared to caress her breasts I licked all over.

Then I kissed stacys nose she was in complete fear I told her that I loved her and how I fantasized about her and culled to her name. Her crying started to increase it was rolling down her cheeks down to her tits I slapped her tits. They jiggled I started letting the animal in me get lose. I un did my pants and my shirt.I lifted her shorts off and revealed her blue thong. I started kissing her small pussy lips over her thong then I slid in a finger I was amazed how it wrapped around me like that.

It was also wet. It was a good thing I wanted her to feel shame and pleasure. I then started sucking her pussy. Putting my tongue everywhere it smelled amazing then I slid my hands under her ass. I started to caress them. Remember when I said I had the biggest boner ever well forget that. Seeing the way she was bucking mumbling and squirming turned meningitis so much then I slid two fingers in her and started to move fast it was much slicker then last time.

Then I bit her lip. I moved my tongue over her flit and pretty soon found that that was where most of the pleasure was. After about her 5th orgasm I was done. I got up and went to my camera got it out and started taking pictures of her face and her pussy. I put two fingers out and spread her lips then took pictures. I started focusing on her breasts and face now. After I was done it took me like 30mins to upload the pictures and set then in a good file for fast uploading.

I returned to my prize I told her if she didn't listen to my commands I would hurt her. She nodded I un tied her hands and feet. I took a chair and shruti hassan sex xxx story on it. I told her to come straddle me. She walked slowly over to me trying to cover he hands I lost it. I jumped out of eloge de la chair cumshots and brunette chair and grabbed her threw her in my room on my bed I put my dick between her vagina and I ripped out her duck tape from her mouth.

I told her speak. As I was grinding my cock outside of her pussy lips all she could let out was why. I didn't answer. I asked her do u want me to stop she said yes. With that I grabbed my 6' cock and guided it to her vagina and I rammed into her pussy fully. She opened her mouth and tried to scream but her mouth was just frozen open with pain.

I started ramming my ball sack against her asshole. Blood was dripping out. But it felt amazing as her pussy squeezed me. After a while I started to see her enjoy it.

She was humping me back I was sliding superb delicate japanese siren sucking starved pecker and out so fast. My first fuck couldn't haven been much better, Stacy was in shame getting fucked un willingly but what could she do? As I felt her cum I taunted her.

So u like my cock en you slut just milking me are you getting hot for my little fuck bitch. I don't know what just happened she just cracked lost all her fight she was crying un controllably but still humping back. Being inside Stacy was he bet feeling ever as her walls surrender me I felt then twitch and move according with my dick.

She cummed again. She squeezed me so fucking tight. They say when you lose your virginity it's supposed to be such a memorable time. Your supposed to lose it to someone you care about and you can choose who but for Stacy she didn't love or choose me. Plus she would be scarred for life. After a few more pumps I finally felt my balls tingling I went all the way out if her pussy then just dove right in and laid my seed inside her tummy.

Best cum ever. Stacy cummed right after me. I kissed her on the mouth she kissed me back I Tom my did out and placed it in her mouth no instructions needed she started to suck going up and down twisting her tongue all around it. I would have kept her Doing this all night if not it been late I let her get off and get dressed. I told her if she told anyone I would post the pics she started crying I told her to shut up because I know you enjoyed it.

She started crying harder. Just what I wanted. She grabbed the door knob to leave when I stopped her I said. When I see u around school and I want some ass or a hug or whatever u give to me. You can date people but I control how Far your relationship goes.

When I want u do to something you do it. You understand. She nodded yes. Good The following weeks where amazing I would fingering Stacy right after school whenever we had sex a couple of times luscious peach is showing her gaped wet twat in close range spreading hairless just feeling her ass on me when ever I wanted at school was amazing.

Plus making out with her in public was awesome too people would ask if where going out and I would say no. I love seeing there surprised reaction. The end for now please comment and rate if u liked it or disliked please tell me something I can do to impove my first story don't know if it's good. If anyone wants one I might do a sequel or something