Teen babe sweet cat recives some hard dicking

Teen babe sweet cat recives some hard dicking
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One night I was at a staff party for a restaurant I worked at. we drank sexy college stunner rides a thick member restaurant dry (there was an open bar, the owners knew we needed to blow off some steam) and afterwards we went to the owners son's house.He had a wicked liquor cabinet, but I had been good, trying not to over drink or get drunk with a bunch of strangers around, until we played "truth, dare, spin the bottle or take a shot".

I have yet to find a copy of that game, so im guessing it was custom. It was a crazy game most of the time i chose truth, or take a shot, Those two options were the safest. I cant remember much but for some reason I switched it up, and chose dare, they dared me to kiss this red headed bartender named Sara.

She was hot in the way that made you instantly like her, she had this crazy confidence and charisma, in essence she was the kind of attractive that everyone wanted to be and so few people have the ego to pull off. Instead of just a simple peck on the lips we full on made out, because one of the rules in the game was if you failed your turn, or rather failed to do what you were supposed to do, you had to take off clothes and most of the guys were in their underwear, so we were trying to make them uncomfortable.

We had been working together for a few months and gave each other these looks like you could tell what the other one was thinking and all i was thinking was how hot the room had gotten and she had something on her lips that short small blonde teen permission to cum like cherries, but i didn't know how because she was wearing lipstick. and she was wearing a black low cut tee, her uniform. Because she had gone straight from closing up the restaurant to drinking.

And then i just stopped thinking. As soon as everyone went outside for a toke Sara and i snuck back downstairs to the spare bedroom to find Sam (another chef) was already passed out in there, but we were too drunk to care.

So we started making out and shoved Sam over.

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He woke up to two girls making out, half naked, in the same bed he was laying in. i can still picture the look on his face. He just lay there for a bit, because he wasn't sure if he was awake. he hadn't actually had a lot to drink, he'd been smoking weed all night. We knew he might wake up, but do you know that flushed feeling you get when you're so into someone that you feel like you're on fire from the inside out and you might die or explode if you don't kiss them, don't touch them?

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It was instant mutual attraction, but until she kissed me in that game i hadn't been brave enough to tell her, or do anything about it. Sam is a drug dealer. We've had our moments (he keeps me sane at work), but Sam and Sara were fuck buddies in the past and everyone in the restaurant knew that, because she has this thing about her that makes her so brilliant and everyone liked her, they werent sure if they wanted tio be her, or be IN her.

Maybe it was her laugh? or the fact that she just made any bad day better by being there, and she was so sweet and hot.Which is a rare combination. Sam reached over and pulled Sara's tee over her head with both hands, like he had done it a million times (and he probably had) Sara grinned at me and was kissing me with this fire.

I'm going to plead insanity here because that chick makes me crazy and Ive never done anything like this before, but i let Sam grab the bottom of my shirt and pull it over my head.

Then he had two half naked drunk and stoned girls in his bed. Sam was so fucking happy, he had a big goofy grin on his face. he was like a little kid in a candy store and he was gentle at first. I guess assuming we would tell him to stop and kick him out.

But neither of us was sober enough to care. It was exciting and we were incredibly turned on.

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she was kissing me and Sam was brushing her hair over her shoulder and kissing it as he fumbled with her bra strap She had already un fastened mine (I don't know when) and Sam unhooked hers and slid it down her arms. She slid off me so she could take the rest of her clothes off, she looked like a porn star.

she was wearing a black lacy underwear with red trim and I wanted to tear it off her, I don't even know how i got undressed, I don't really remember, though i imagine Sam helped me. we were all kissing and touching each other. I like being touched and when you're high it feels amazing, your skin is so sensitive. It feels like there were hands everywhere and your skin is on fire and suddenly you're insatiable and need everything, the entire world. And hands were tracing over my body, either calming the fire or making it burn hotter.

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I turned to Sam and there was a question in his eyes and i licked my lips, that was all the encouragement that he needed. He dove into me and at the same time Sara was underneath me and i kissed down her body until I found the place she wanted and she arched her back and moaned. I kept finding places between her legs that made her squirm and drove her to new heights until she came.

Then Sam was in the same place and pounding inside me until I came and collapsed, exhausted on the bed, only to wake up and do it again in a few hours.