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Amateur blonde fucked by her lucky man
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-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In the Ashford Academy of Area Eleven, there lives a young girl and her brother who wander the halls of this educational facility as if it were their own home. The students and faculty know that if one could see the young, handicapped girl, they will know that her caring older brother is behind her, following closely.

She is Nunnally Lamperouge, a lost princess of just fourteen blinded by misfortune and crippled by conspiracy. Her brother is a prince of the Kingdom of Britannia and a prodigy tactician by the name of Lelouch Lamperouge.

Within the safety of the walls of Ashford Academy, he is often seen strolling with his sister, pushing her wheelchair where no one else would. Lelouch often leans forward to whisper affectionate words of encouragement and praise into Nunnally's ears as he pushes her wheelchair, sexy xx desi blue film story ke bache chodte hue the impression of a humpback, where Nunnally would turn her ear towards her beloved brother and lean back to comfort and help him heal old, invisible scars from battle and form disaster.

Where her brother is a dark hero, driven by unknown means and reasons, everyone around Nunnally knows and refers to her as a maiden with a heart of gold. She is sorry, for the troubles she caused her dear brother, no matter how many times he waves off her apologies. He would smile so radiantly at her that she could feel his happiness from seeing her even though she is blind.

Through the halls of Ashford Academy, the brother and sister pair would be greeted and loved by all, because everyone can see the loving bond between the siblings. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nunnally could feel her brother's breath washing over her as Lelouch bent down and sled his arms under her frail body.

He always exercised the utmost care with her, especially when they were alone. She felt one arm gently caress her back while the other touched her smooth, milky white legs. Her disability years ago had left her without means to enjoy the sun like many others her age and left her with smooth, porcelain skin.

As he carried her to her bed, he would whisper words of endearment on her brow, telling her how beautiful she is and how she is only going to grow evermore beautiful. She could feel his lips touching her ear, brushing lightly against her dark, golden hair. She would smile, showing her teeth, and wrap an arm around her brother's neck, just over his shoulders. As he felt this, he would hold her closer, as if she could be lost as any moment. She felt his hand push her upward gently towards his face.

She could feel his breath down her neck as his lips inched closer to hers. …This is not how a brother and sister kiss… His tongue brushed against her bottom lips, licking her taste to his mouth.

His eyes closed similarly to hers, and his face pressed against her face. With some effort, she would move her arm upwards, and hold on to his neck, aiding her face to inch closer to his. In sync, they would tilt their head so that they can fits their lips against each other. She could feel his soft kisses grow in passion, from the first kiss being a chaste kiss on the lips.

She parts her mouth and lets him in, and they tangle in troughs of sexy blonde nikki facesitting in fishnet lingerie love. This is indeed not how a brother and a sister should kiss, but this forbidden love runs deep with their pains and sorrows… For all the memories they have shared and all the experiences they have faced together.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nunnally's face blossomed in a rosy blush. She reached down and experimented, touching herself gently. "Um," She voiced her uncertainties, "I have been worrying about this," She said with embarrassment.

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"What should I do, Onii-sama?" She lies on her bed, with her back raised slightly above her sheets, as she tried to face her brother even though she could not see his face. Her white uniform is slightly crumpled from her brother's handling and her tie lies on her side. Nunnally's left hand is touching her most sensitive area, just pushing her panties slightly over her hips.

"My 'here' is… is it strange?" "Strange?" Lelouch asks as his voice filled with concern and endearment. Nunnally can feel his intense glaze as he studied her, and paid special attention to her 'there'.

His voice is as smooth and sensual as always, deep and calm as he examined her. "That's… well," Nunnally's voice drops to a cum hungry rinka kanzaki pounded and filled with hot cum hardcore action creamed pussy as she feels her brother's large hand reach under and vixen hot stepsister has revenge sex with stepbrother push her dainty fingers aside.

Her hand reached out, only to grab to his wrist as his dexterous fingers worked magic against her pink, spreading her there and rubbing her lightly as if he is teasing her.

"Recently it has been sticky," she breathes out, feeling tingling sensations caused by her brother's monstrations. "Ah…" she gives a soft and quick moan of pleasure as his skilled fingers worked against her. "Hm?" He would ask in with mirth and amusement filling his voice.

Although no thoughts of mischief filled his mind, his teasing fingers began to work even faster. "And?" He asked, a gentle smile on his face. "Ah…" She moans again. This new sensation of pleasure only increased more and more from her brother's work and she could feel no sign of it ever stopping, nor did she wish it would ever stop. "W-well…" She says, clutching to her brother's distracting hands while giving off another soft cry of pleasure.

To Lelouch, she sounded like a mewing kitten, her voice reaching higher and higher pitch. "Ah… Well… I feel like it's gotten wetter than before…" She would mutter through her fingers and she attempted vainly to cover her blushing face from her brother. She lays her head back and turns away sideways, embarrassment and pleasure, as well as her embarrassment from being in pleasure and her pleasure of being embarrassed in front of her brother filled her mind.

"Because Onii-sama is looking at me… ah… ah…" She mewed and moaned cutely. "Ah! Ah! Ah…" Her breathing quickened with her moans as his fingers started drilling into her. The room filled with the sounds of her pleasure and the sounds of his wet fingers inside Nunnally. "Look at me, Nunnally." He spoke firmly into her ear, breathing against her, "I'm looking at you.

You are beautiful, Nunnally." He said passionately. "Looking at… me…" She cried out in between her troughs of passion, "Onii… ah… sama…" She felt his hand raise her leg from her thigh roughly and his other hand pulling out of her.

She held herself from thrashing in heat, but she could not help arch her back from. She felt both of his hands part her down there and a third something enter her. His tongue sheathed into her smoothly, the saliva covered organ aided by her wetness. She felt his fingers clutching on to her inner thigh and leg, parting her open. She twitched as he flicked her with the tip of his tongue, and soon she began to clutch on to the sheets and his head as she felt waves of pleasure crash through her body.

"First of all," Lelouch muttered through inside Nunnally, his tongue still buried inside her and twitching with each syllable. "I'm the only one who's looking," He spoke louder, between soft slurps, "So there's no problem, right?" "That's…" She mewed softly, "But… ah!" Her hands crawled over her face as her entire body pulsed with pleasure, "But… My panties… and such…" She tried to speak freely, but her brother's tongue did not let her and caused her to pant and pause for breath in between words, "They get dirty so quickly… Ah!" "It's like I'm… a perverted girl…" Perhaps Lelouch is especially aroused by his sister's soft mewing moans, but he quickened his pace.

"Oh… AH! AH! Onii…" Nunnally grabbed onto the back of his head, pulling on his hair roughly, "Onii… Oh…" She curled her left leg over his shoulder, with even her toes curling in pleasure. Lelouch lifted her other leg over his head with his hand under her thighs, all the while he is still working his tongue like a hungry animal. "Onii-sama… ONII-SAMA! OH! Ah… Ah…" Her mouth hung open wide with cries of the new sensations she is experiencing.

Lelouch pulled his tongue out slowly and began to brush against her and tease Nunnally again, "No… N… o… Onii-sama…" Nunnally cried, clutching on to her brother's head while urging and pushing him lower. "There… Oh! T-there…" She whispered out tiredly, as Lelouch went lower hanbaobao live cam sex masturbate part teenxxxnetworkcom deeper into her, exploring her untouched and innocent body.

"Ya-Ah… I feel…" She whispered out at her brother, "I feel… like I'm losing my mind… oh! AH!" Lelouch smirked under his sister's soft fingers. He let go of his sister's legs slowly and paced his hands over hers, pulling her off his head slowly. He then pulled out of Nunnally slowly and tasted her juices that were still clinging to his tongue and lips.

In his deep, firm voice, he spoke in a whisper, inches from her face, "It's alright, Nunnally." She shivered as his breath brushed against her cheek leaving a hot burning sensation not different from the blush on her face.

She felt him breathe in her scent slowly, cherishing their every moment. She felt his nose in her hair, nudging her nap. Holding an arm between her body chubby milf jump on cock in taxi stockings and fingering his, Nunnally lifted her other hand to feel Lelouch's soft hair as he inched closer to her face. Her body heated up as she felt his arms around her and his hair touched and tickled her forehead. "It's alright, Nunnally." He said again, pulling the arm between their bodies lower, and moving his hand over hers to touch the erection.

He guided her fingers over the hardness, letting her feel it through his pants, bulging and twitching against the confines of the dark fabric. "Ah…" Nunnally mumbled with a red half-amused and half-confused look on her face, her other hand covering her mouth in surprise. "Don't you want it?" Lelouch asked in a rich, soothing tone. "It's not that…" Nunnally said slowly, "But…" Nunnally held the her blushing and heating cheeks and asked softly, "If I said I didn't want it, what would you do, Onii-sama?" "'What would you do?' What?

She says that?" Lelouch thought to himself with a dark and annoyed look on his face, turning sideways away from Nunnally. "…" He said nothing. Nunnally lifted a hand, brushing against Lelouch's face and touching his lips slowly, in the same teasing motions Lelouch used with his tongue. "Just kidding," She spoke firmly and lovingly, lifting both hands to cross and hold on to the back of her brother's neck. "I want you." Nunnally's face became even redder as her words became more jumbled form embarrassment, "Onii-sama's… um… that… and my… um… m-my…" Nunnally reached down and touched herself, feeling the heat of her inner thighs and her juices still lingering on her skin.

Lelouch cut his sister off by taking off his pants and rubbing his erection against his sister. "It's alright." He said to her, "I understand, Nunnally." He whispered to her as she parted for him and he penetrated her virgin body. "Like this…" Nunnally whispered back to her brother, her voice full of love. Lelouch pushed down against Nunnally's body with a thrust of his hips and pushed his hands against Nunnally's thighs, pushing her feet to reach his shoulder tops as he breathed into the hair at the top of her head.

"If I do it like this…" He whispered down at her slowly, "Like this…" "Oh… Onii-sama…" Nunnally began to moan loudly in her heat of passion. "Like this—" Lelouch thrusted slowly, feeling Nunnally's juices leaking on to the sheets.

"Mm… ah… Uh…" Nunnally bit on her bottom lip to crazy girl gets to fuck her teacher from crying out. "Right, Nunnally?" Asked Lelouch into Nunnally's ear as he pushed in and out rhythmically at the same spot Nunnally pointed out. His lips barely an inch away from Nunnally, Lelouch licked and bit Nunnally's ear and nap, leaving a trail of love marks.

"Uh… uh… M… ah! Ah!" Nunnally cried in passion, "Yes… Yes…" The pitch of her voice went higher and higher, "Like this… Um…" Lelouch quickened and deepened his thrusts, faster and deeper, reaching and passing his limits.

"Onii-sama… O-onii… sa… sama…" Her mind clouded with pleasure, and she could no longer even speak coherently unless Lelouch's ear was conveniently right next to her lips.

"Onii-sama's… It's hot…" She whispered between squeaks and mews, "Something's… coming… ah!

AH! In the back of my stomach…" "…Nunnally?" Lelouch asked caringly, "Does it hurt?" Nunnally ignored Lelouch's question, too deep with in her heat of passion, "Uh, uh… OH!

More! Ah! More! Oh… Onii-sama!" "Because…" Nunnally whispered into Lelouch's ear, as the thrusts became even harder and hotter, "It's been a long time since I have been together with Onii-sama…" Lelouch closed his eyes, some joy filling his heart.

The thought of, and the moment of, his sister telling him that she loved him warmed him to the core. He traced the side of Nunnally's cheeks with the tip of his tongue, leaving Nunnally's skin tingling and twitching. He saw a tear in her eyes, and he knew that some part of Nunnally did hurt. His tongue traced slowly over her face to the bottom of her eyes, licking the corner of her eyes and tasting her tears. Her eyelids parted ever so slightly at the contact of his tongue, "Onii-sama… there…" She whispered through her lips, so full of love and satisfaction.

"Mm…" She felt her juices leak more out of her as he became harder and hotter inside her. "Onii-sama! There! There!" She cried out, no longer able to hold her pleasure in, "Onii-sama… there… there… AH! AH! AH! AH!" Lelouch clutched Nunnally's bottom as he came inside her, his neck curled and he breathed in Nunnally's scent.

He shook and his thrusts slowed to a halt as he shivered with orgasmic pleasure. She clutched on to the sides of his arms, mewing out soft moans and whispering, "Onii-sama's… It's coming out… Ah!" She cried in pleasure again. She felt her brother's still hard shaft stop twitching after a few minutes and the sticky, slimy mix of their juices over her nether regions.

She felt him rest his shaft inside her, an occasional shiver once every few minutes still leaving a tingling sensation in her body. "Ah… ah… um…" She cried softly against her brother as he lay on top of her. She panted, catching her breath and feeling very flustered. Lelouch moved his lips to under Nunnally's chin and kissed her neck again and again.

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He whispered loving words to her and kissed her nap, muttering, "Nunnally…" Her panting slowed and her breathing slowly became quiet as they lay together on her bed peacefully. She felt at peace with the world now, hugging her brother and her brother hugging back. She felt his love and he felt hers, while still inside her.

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Tired, he closed his eyes and rested his body on top of her. They were a picture of a loving brother and a loving sister.