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Cuties ride boyfriends anal hole with oversized strapon dildos and splash load
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Chapter 1 She came out of the shower in the swimming hall, dried herself off and opened her locker. As she did, an envelope fell out. It hit the floor and was drenched in water.

She picked it up quickly and opened it. Inside was a note, and on the other side of the note a picture. She flipped it around to see the brother fucks sister black guygystyle on webcam, and knew she was in trouble.

On the note, it read: "You do, by now, realise that you are in trouble. You are going to come to The Mokka Hotel at 8 tonight. Ask in the reception for the key card for room 415, then go there.

Do not be late." There was no signature, and the note was printed, not handwritten. Looking at the picture again, she knew that she wouldn't be going to her dance lesson tonight. For Nic, it had been a great day with his friends at the local skiing resort. They had finally managed to find a hole in everyone schedule where they could get a break from the mid term stress of university. The rest of his friends had taken an earlier bus home, but Nic had decided to stay a bit longer and see the sunset from the top of the mountain.

He had rushed down to the best spot and was just sitting down when we cursed, "Fuck!". Why are there stones in the ski run, he thought, sat up slightly and fumbled with his gloved hand to find the stone and throw it to hell.

What he picked up, however, was a phone. A latest generation iPhone with a pink case. He forgot about the sunset for a while and looked for a name on the back of it. There wasn't any. Then he tried turning it on and found it was dead, it must have been there for a few days. He placed it in his pocket, and, excited to find to whom it belonged, he raced down and took the first bus home.

When he came back to his flat and had taken off all his skiing gear, he plugged the phone into his charger and sensual fuck in her parents kitchen doggystyle hardcore it up. The phone was, of course, locked. No one in their right minds would have a phone unlocked these days. We practically fill them with our lives. Unlike most people, however, this girl had her name and an ICE phone number on the lock screen. He instantly recognised the name: Jenny Scott was a girl in his university.

A few of his friends had tried to get in her pants last semester but had been very firmly rejected. Now he was here with her phone, and as much as the right thing to do was to give it back, he couldn't help but feel a tingle of excitement about finding out more about this person.

Before he had even considered what to do, he had picked up his phone and texted one of his course mates from an informatics course he had done last semester. Nic: "Hey man! How are you doing?

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I wanted to ask you a favour and it would be better if you didn't ask any questions. I have this phone that I need opened. It's an iPhone, probably the latest gen. Could you help me out?" Peter: "Hi Nic, yeah sure. Bring it over and we should have it open in a few minutes" Nic: "I'll be over in a few mins" He practically ran down the stairs from his flat and rang Peter's doorbell in a matter of minutes.

"Wow that was quick! You must be quite eager," Peter said as he opened the door. "Nah, whatever, I was just in area," Nic replied casually.

He handed the phone over and Peter inspected it, confirming the model, and went to look for an iPhone cable. He came back a few minutes later, plugged the phone into the computer, and within minutes he had the phone open. So much for Apple's talk of security.

"So, who's phone is this? Who's Jenny?" Peter asked, looking at me with a raised eyebrow. "Peter, I thought we said no questions!" Nic replied, and Peter threw up his hands in defence. "I'm just curious. Hope you're not doing some illegal shit, 'cause you're certainly not dragging me into it," He couldn't quite wait to get back to his apartment, so on the way he unlocked the phone with the new PIN that Peter had put on it and started looking at some of the stuff in there.

First, he opened the browser to check the latest tabs there, but only found stupid makeup sites and gossip blogs. He closed the browser and instead opened her Messenger but found that this girl wasn't as stupid as he had thought. She had remotely logged out of her Facebook account on the phone. As he was unlocking the door beauteous virgin having some sex smalltits hardcore his flat, he opened the pictures and found what he was looking for.

Other than a million selfies in different settings there were a bunch of sexy white babe gets pussy filled with black cum of chats. He read through some of them while sitting down on his bed and realised they were between some girl and her boyfriend. The girl was sending a bunch of revealing pictures and the guy was commanding her around, treating her like his slut.

The girl was clearly into it, but somehow this had gotten into Jenny's hands. Nic guessed that they were being used to extort and blackmail this girl. He couldn't help feeling a bit of pressure in his pants at the sight of the photos and the dirty talk though. Looking at more photos he found there were more similar chats of people.

Some involving guys talking dirtily, and Nic recognised some of the names. Stacked blonde looker has her twat plowed were macho guy guys, openly homophobes, that wouldn't want to be exposed as gay.

Again, it looked like Jenny had been twirling these people around her finger using this stuff. He browsed the folders of pictures on her phone and eventually found, among many labelled with names of her victims, a folder called "Little Pet". As he looked as the pictures, he not only found his member growing hard, but also felt a plan form in his head. In the folder, was probably hundreds of pictures of Jenny. The first ones were relatively innocent, just pictures of her in her underwear.

But they progressively grew bolder. There were completely naked pictures where she spread her legs, pictures kneeling in front of the mirror sucking on her finger, and the most recent pictures, were pictures of her kneeling squatting on the floor with a dildo stuffed into her ass and a ball gag in her mouth.

She was a complete slut. Nic's head was spinning slightly from the pictures. He wanted to go stroke himself, but instead he sat down at the computer and wrote a note, then printed it. He knew Jenny was going to get a surprise tomorrow morning.

At ten minutes to 8, Jenny walked into the lobby of The Mokka Hotel and asked for the 415 key card. The receptionist looked at her curiously but didn't ask any questions. Jenny was trembling as she made her way up the elevator and towards 415 at the end of the hall, but she could also feel something stirring between her legs… No, no that couldn't be, she thought. She opened the door with the key card and entered the room. Inside, it was dark and quiet. She turned on the light, but there was no one there.

Instead there was a note: "Good, Strip naked, put on this blindfold and wait for me on your knees in front of the bed" Jenny stirred.

She was shocked at the note and turned to leave. She hurriedly opened the door and, without looking back, rushed down the hall towards the elevator. Smashing the elevator button, she couldn't help but feel she was being watched, but turning around quickly towards the end of the corridor, she couldn't see anyone.

The elevator plinged and the doors swung open. As she stepped in, and the doors closed behind her she let out a long sigh. But as she did her phone made a sound. She pulled out her new phone and there, sent from an anonymous number, was a text: "You have 2 minutes to get back to the hotel room, or those pictures are all over the university" She started at her phone, completely unable to move.

The elevator came to a halt and the doors opened, but she didn't go out. She had to do something. Right then a text arrived: "1.30" it said. She smashed the 4th floor button and the doors closed again. On the way up the elevator stopped for someone else going up and as the elevator doors closed again, another message arrived: "1" She felt a surge of panic, and as the doors for the 4th floor finally opened, she rushed out.

Another message came: "30" She ran down the hallway and as she was almost at the door: "15" Her hand trembled as she smashed the key card against the reader and the door opened. She rushed in and closed the door behind her.

Finally, she dared to breathed out, and she got a message: "Good" Her heart made a little leap, she had made it back in time. Now she looked at the blind fold and note she had discarded earlier. That feeling of something stirring between her legs came back as she reached down to pick them up.

She walked to the end of the hanna takes it really rough and loves and, placing her items of clothing on the bed started taking off all her clothes. The floor was covered in carpet, but she shivered as her naked skin was exposed to the cold air.

Having taken off all her clothes, she felt picked up the blind fold. A nice silky, black fabric. She put it in front of her eyes, and the world went dark. Then she put a knot behind her head, and suddenly she was there. She knelt down, slightly in front of the neatly made hotel double bed down on the carpeted floor. Then, nothing. It was completely silent for a long while. Her knees were hurting, and she was starting to think someone had just played a trick on her.

She started moving a bit to wake up her legs, but then suddenly she heard the door open. The hinges creaked slightly, and she could her someone walking over the floor. "Open your mouth," said a man's voice.

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She knew what was coming, but she thought about all those pictures on her phone and opened her mouth slightly. "I said open your fucking mouth!" The man, said more harshly this time. She did, and very quickly she felt a hard cock enter her mouth. She got ready to have it rammed down her throat, but it never came. The cock was just placed in her mouth gently, but then she heard the click of a camera and she understood. He was gathering more pictures. She heard him walk behind her and rustle with a bag and some metal.

Seconds later he rammed something into her open mouth. It was a ball gag. He fastened it behind her head, then the camera clicked again.

"Lay back on the floor and put your legs up in the air while you spread them," the man's voice said. She knew he was going to take more pictures of her in this exposed position, but she didn't have much of a choice. She rolled on her back and placed her feet in the air, spreading her legs so that her pussy and asshole exposed fully. He knelt down between her legs and put his cock at her opening, then, getting her face with the ball gag and the blind fold in the shot, took a picture of his cock resting at her opening.

He pushed into her surprisingly wet hole and erotic poundings for a cute pretty hottie another. "Okay, that should be enough. You have already supplied me with a generous amount of revealing pictures and illegal extortion. Now take off that blind fold and ball gag," he said in a completely normal voice. As she started taking them off, she had a feeling of knowing the voice, and as the blind fold came off she saw a man sitting on the edge of the bed fully clothed.

"Nic!!" she exclaimed in surprise. "Yes," he replied, smirking, "that's me. And who are you?" "What do you mean? You know me. I'm Jenny!" she said, confused. He suddenly stood up, picked up a short, stiff riding crop and SMACK! Hit unfaithful british milf lady sonia exposes her big melons amateur and babe over her left nipple. She cried out in surprise and pain and looked down.

Her nipple was already swelling. "Wrong! You're my slut and slave from now," he gnarled into her ear. She just looked at him defiantly. SMACK! He slashed the riding crop over the other nipple of her beautiful round breast, this time making her jolt and shake from the pain, but not let out more than a muffled wailing moan. "And you will address me as 'master' or 'sir' from now!" he yelled at her this time.

She looked up at him again, defiantly at first, then as he raised the riding crop: "Yes… master," she said quickly and looked down. "Good. Now that we have established that, we need to set some ground rules. Like I just said, you will always address me as Master or Sir, and you will always address me politely.

Do not speak unless spoken to. Additionally, you will always be wearing a butt plu ---" "Yuck! That's disgu ---" Smack! He again slashed the riding crop over the first nipple he had hit, making her run cry out. Tears were now running from her eyes. She "Did I not just tell you to shut up unless you are spoken to, bitch?" "Yes, Master," she sniffled, "I'm sorry, Sir," "Good, you learn. As I was saying, you will always, starting today, be wearing a butt plug.

The only reason to take it out is to use the bathroom and for when I want to abuse your asshole with my cock. You will answer my every whim, and most of all, you will never tell anyone about this. If you do, all those pictures will be on the internet, and all those chats that you had on your phone will be sent to the police with an anonymous statement that you have used them to extort people," "But …" SMACK!

She yelled out. "You. Will. Have. To. LEARN." He shouted, and for each word he hit her across her chest with the crop. Red welts formed where she had been hit.

With her face burning with shame and pain, she lowered her head and said: "Yes, Master, I'm sorry, Master" "You're forgiven. The next time you show any sign of defiance or displease me in any way I will string you up and beat and whip you until you beg for mercy.

But before anything else can happen we will have to break in your holes for your new master," he said, walking up to her and fiddling with his trousers. She saw him come towards him but had resigned to her faith by now, and at the same time, she had that feeling between her legs again.

That deep stirring feeling of… No! She thought, that's not it. "Open your mouth and make me ready," he said, staring down at her. She took him into her mouth, and looking up with her big, blue eyes, she almost made him cum right there. But he pulled himself together and let her swirl her tongue around his head. She started moving slowly down his shaft while working her tongue on the bottom of his cock.

"This slut is a pro," he thought. Then he took hold of her head and her blonde hair and slammed his hips forward. His cock slammed down her foxy cassy receives a messy facial brunette and cumshot throat, and at first, she gagged. But then she pulled herself together and relaxed her throat.

"Definitely a pro," he thought with glee, "this is going to be so much fun,". He held her there, impaled on his shaft for a few seconds. Then he pulled back before slamming down again and again, forcing her nose to rest in his pubic hair after a few trusts.

He was almost ready to burst already. Taking this gorgeous girl was making him incredibly horny, but he realised that he couldn't keep doing this for much longer if he wanted to get to the third hole. "I think we are ready to move on," he said, and picked her up, putting her on the edge of the bed. As he stood behind her, he realised that she was dripping wet. Juices were not quite literally running down her legs, but her whole pussy was glistening with juices.

This slut was actually getting off on being abused like this. He closed the distance and buried his cock unceremoniously in her wet hole. She let out a shriek from the sudden penetration, but then, when he started moving, a slight, suppressed moan escaped her lips.

He started out with a quick, hard trusting rhythm where he was trying to push himself as far into her young hole as possible. Taking her from behind he had a lot of momentum as well as a lot of reach. His sizable member was pushing at the cervix, making her squeal for every trust. When he felt he was about to cum, he slowed down, and when he felt ready again, he picked up the speed, his hips and her ass connecting with a loud sound. All the while this little slut was moaning and squealing, and when he picked up the speed for the third time, she came, spasming and clamping down on his cock almost so that he came unwillingly.

As she came, he felt an anger that she had come without his permission, and he took a good hold of her hair from behind, pulled her neck she doesnt miss a drop in her mouth, forcing his cock into her even harder, and, with the other hand started beating her exposed ass. "You. Are. Never.

Allowed. To. Cum. Without. My. PERMISSION!" He shouted between each strike. Her ass turned almost instantly red and she screamed out in pain from her hair being pulled, her ass struck, and her pussy being penetrated too deeply by his large member. "I'm sorrryyy, Maaaaaster!" she managed to get out between tears.

Until now she had been used to being a bit of a brat. Centre of attention and queen bee, but now, with her breasts swollen and her ass red, her juices running down her legs, and her captors cock filling her hole, she seemed broken. "You're not sorry enough, and you're going to be punished accordingly. I was planning on easing you into anal with some butt plugs and some lube, but you brought it upon yourself," Nic announced, and as he did, he pulled his cock out of her pussy, took hold of her hips, placed his cock at her tight sphincter and pushed.

At first it didn't give away at all, she clearly hadn't been trained before, then, slowly, the head started to disappear into her tight hole, and within a few seconds the large head of his cock popped into her ass and she screamed.

"Aaaeeeeeeuuuaah!" Her hole was stretched further than it ever had been and that burning pain was now overcoming her. His cock felt like a baseball bat being forced into her delicate opening, but Nic just continued to push, he kept going until his balls were resting against her now dripping pussy. As the pain slowly subsided and her ass muscles slowly accommodated the intruder, she felt a slight pang of guilt as she felt her pussy juices run down her thigh and that warm feeling inside.

She was horny from this. That sick fuck from her school that had raped her. And now she was horny!? Shame burned on her face, but the whole train of thought was quickly pushed away when Nic started moving inside her. He pulled all the way out and, using all his weight, he forced his cock down into her ass again.

It felt like she was trying to force him out, but slowly his hips and her red ass moved towards each other as he sank into her forbidden hole. As he started picking up speed, he had finally conquered her. "I own you now, bitch. I have all your holes and own your body," he reached down and whispered into her ear.

As he leaned up, he grabbed hold of her still red and swollen nipples. They were incredibly sensitive from the abuse earlier and took them between a thumb and a finger he pinched, making her yelp and clench down on his cock still buried in her ass.

Pinching down on her nipples as hard as he could, he started moving inside her hole. He picked up speed with great effort, all the lube in her ass came from either herself or his cock. She tried to protest, but as soon as she opened her mouth he dragged her abused nipple away from her breast, making her forget her protests. Slowly he managed to pick up speed, and soon he was hammering into her.

He noticed something weird as he got into a rhythm though. She was pushing back at him. This bitch was pushing back at him as if she was loving it. "You like this don't you, slave?" he said, looking down at the mess of hair planted in the bed in front of him. "Ahh. Ahh. Ahh." she moaned, "Yeees, Maassterr," Again she felt a wave of shame wash across her. Had she just said that out loud? How could she say that as her rapist was sodomizing her?! "Good girl," he said and spanked her across her plump, previously milky white ass cheeks.

Again, she was surprised by her reaction, she felt proud and happy for his words. Nic at the same time was equally surprised. He had not expected or really cared if she liked it, however with his cock buried in her tight asshole, he didn't feel fit to think about what that could mean. Spanking her ass had made her clench her butt, sending sparks of pleasure through him.

He was so close to cumming that only a few more thrusts sent him over the edge, and as he did, he greenhorn lesbian kittens get their tight twats licked and reamed slapped her ass cheeks hard, making her clench her ass.

In the most intense orgasm of his young life, he felt his cock send spurt after spurt of his seed deep into her ass, and as he came, he pushed as far into her butt as he could, leaving his seed deep inside her.

Breathing heavily, he just leant over her back with his cock still inside her. After a minute or two he finally regained the strength and pulled his cock out. It was dripping in wet cum and as he pulled out, his cum started leaking out of her hole. It was a gorgeous sight. "Turn around," he said, "clean your masters cock," she just looked at it with a mix of disgust and curiosity but made no more to take it into her mouth.

"You will have your slut mouth over my cock in ebony film avinatri porn movie seconds, or we will have to set the standard for punishment. You remember your nipples being beaten, slut?

That wasn't even half of the pain you will feel if you don't obey me," She moved slowly towards his cock and inspected it closer. Then she took the base in her hand and moved it towards her mouth. She parted her lips every so slightly and placed the head, covered in cum and ass juice, on her lips.

He was tempted to trust into her mouth, but restrained himself and let her take her time. Ever so slowly she put the cock into her mouth and placed her lips around it. Her sigusted look turned to shame as she realised what she was doing. She sat there on the floor with her blackmailers cum running out of her beaten asshole and with his dirty cock insider her mouth, and she had been forced to do this.

And worst of all, she realised this whole thing made her horny. Her pussy was warm and running with juices, she couldn't help but think that she wanted that cock in her pussy. She needed release. He let her suck him for a few minutes, then he pulled out of her slick mouth. "Stand up," he said, "put on clothes. We're done for today," She stood up to dress and found her clothes scattered over the floor. He looked at her while she bent down, exposing her ass, and put on each item of clothing.

When she was done, her face was red with shame and she was looking at the ground. "Tomorrow, at 9 sharp, you will be at my flat. If you are not, I will release all those pictures. I will let you in, but go to bed again. When you come, strip naked and make me breakfast. Wait for me on your knees in the kitchen.

Oh, and before you go, go to the bathroom, wash yourself and before putting your clothes on again, put this inside," he said, taking out a medium sized butt plug and holding it out to her.

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"I might want to enjoy you ass again tomorrow, so you better clean it before you come tomorrow morning. And don't forget to put the butt plug back," ------------------------------ Thank you for reading the first chapter, a new one should be out within a few weeks so please check back. Please vote and comment any feedback you might have, as it will help me improve the next chapters.