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Hot vixen audrey royal has her pussy wrecked
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The Wrath of Gaia pt 6 So I have been thinking about this for a while now, but I feel like you all should deserve a say in it seeing as it effects you all just as much as myself. I know the main complaint about my story so far is that I just don't write enough. I have known this for a while and still struggle to put out more than what seems to be my limit in each chapter.

I have already decided I'm not going to hate myself over this, but I must ask for you all to make a decision. Would you like me to make a secondary account where, going forward, I would post the stories by combining three parts. I'd still have this channel posting every two days, but I'd have that account posting once a week with the 3 posts from that week woven together. Tell me what you all think in the comments and I will decide based off of that.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The night was slightly cloudy, so as the embers extinguished, nothing could be seen inside the cave.

Cat took a deep breath trying to calm herself down, but she simply couldn't do it. This was the first man olf fart fucks throat of a young attractive girl ever be this close to her body, and yet he still made no attempts to take advantage of the situation. He didn't nudge up closer than needed, he made no unnecessary hands movements along her body, the closest thing to her from his, besides his hand that lay wedged between her own hand and her waist was his soft breath that tickled the back of her neck.

Every exhale made her shiver, yet every inhale made her yearn for more. He was driving her crazy without even meaning to, yet Cat refused to believe it. She tried to rationalize with herself that holding his hand on her waist kept him from moving away from the warmth of the fire that had been out for a few minutes now.

She wanted to believe that it was the fact that she had never felt breathing on her neck before that was making her feel so addicted to it, but she knew that was long. This man, this mortal human being, was everything she had ever wanted without ever knowing what she herself wanted. He was kind and caring, strong and humble, and was ready to fight for her. She started to wonder hot colombian teens fucking coffeeblackmore webcamshow chaturbate this was how others felt when they looked at Aphrodite and not herself.This feeling made her feel cold for some reason, she had never cared that the other gods wanted Aphrodite and seemed to only like her as a friend.

So why was she feeling sad right now. What if Justin saw Aphrodite? This thought made her tense up for less than a moment, but it was still enough for him to notice.

I had to keep watch, no matter what I couldn't let Cat be hurt for my carelessness. I had to keep her happy, she didn't deserve to be in this shitty situation. I could tell when Zeus spoke before we left that I was resented by the others, but she still tried to be nice to chubby chick with saggy tits bates on cam, she even called me by name. I was going to do whatever it took to keep her happy and safe, if that means keeping her warm then so be it.

I tried to stay focused on the mouth of the cave to keep alert for any signs of movement, but I couldn't help myself. This was the first time I had ever lain in bed with a woman, and I had never imagined in my wildest dream that I would lay with one as beautiful as Cat.

Her being a god didn't even matter to me anymore. It was the little things that made her seem special. The way she cared about others, how she tried to act like she was better than everyone even though she didn't believe it herself. She tried so hard to be like how the gods wanted her to, but it just wasn't her, and that made me feel good inside.

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I got to see a side of her that she hid from others. As my eyes trailed down her neck to the collar of the shirt she was wearing, I could feel my breathing get heavier. She was wearing my shirt, she looked so beautiful in it.

This moment was almost too perfect, but as my eyes started to move down to her lower back, I felt her tense up. It was a very minute change, and I wouldn't have noticed if I wasn't focused on her, but I did notice. I moved my hand softly in a circle, rubbing her hip lightly before whispering lightly. "What's the matter Cat? Did something happen?" After a few moments of silence I stopped rubbing her side thinking she was asleep, but as I stopped she spoke.

"Don't." It was barely even a whisper so I thought she was speaking in her sleep at first, but as another few moments went by, she spoke a little louder. "Please don't stop.It felt nice." As she said this, the cloud covering the night sky parted just enough to give a brief few moments of light into the cave. As it did, I could clearly see Cat turned back facing me, and her cheeks were flushed red as her eyes almost pleaded with me to continue.

I had never seen someone like this, so the only thing that I thought of was to continue. I started to move my hand lisa ann 2019 new porn story a circle again and I could feel the faintest of tension in her hand on mine as she turned back around and sighed softly in content.

She would never admit it, but this feeling was one she would cherish for as long as she could remember. I don't remember falling asleep, but as I smelled the feint smell of smoke, I quickly pushed myself back towards the wall of the cave. Having just woken up I was still a little groggy, but I still had the instincts to stand quickly and place a hand against the wall to stop myself from falling as my eyes tried desperately to focus.

Before my vision came to, I could hear a soft laugh coming from the mouth of the cave and slowly put together what had happened. My eyes adjusted to show Cat sitting by a fire alongside Lukos, cooking up what looked like a small hare. "You have a very strange way of waking up, you know that?" Cat said with a laugh before continuing to tend to the hare. Lukos meanwhile stood, yawning lazily before walking over to my side.

He looked up at me expectantly before pointing his nose between myself and Cat several times. When I continued to not understand his hint, he got behind me and pushed me towards Cat's side where Lukos had sat moments before, then kicking out my knees from under me to make me sit beside her. As I sat rather abruptly, Lukos moved to the other side of Cat, before laying back down. "He can be so lazy when he doesn't get to do anything for extended periods of time, but it's tough to give him a chance to hunt when here since a giant wolf being seen by a human would cause a huge hunt to begin." She ran her hand along his side, sweeties penetrate men butthole with oversized strap on dildos and bla down at him.

"Not many people get to see this side of him, how calm and nurtured he can be. They only see him as a wild, bloodthirsty animal, or a trained, mutant-like killer." She then looked back at me and continued. "Everyone but you it seems." She smiled softly at this last bit before pulling the cooked hare from the fire and resting another to cook. She quickly split the hare in two before handing me a half and beginning to eat her own half. We ate in silence for a few moments before Cat put her food down and turned back to me.

"Back in town.were you planning on telling me what that was about? I understand if you don't." She looked down, expecting me to blow her off saying it was none of her business. I sighed lightly knowing that this would eventually come up. " I lived in Greece for a year about three years ago." As I started to explain, she looked up surprised and listened intently. "There was a population high in Greece so the need for housing was almost nonstop and I was always working.

It was great for pay, but I was only 16 at the time, so my body wasn't prepared for this type of manual labor. I was working during the day building rooftops and outer walls, and spent most nights making the cabinets I'd need to later install.

I was working so much that I started making sloppy mistakes, but I just couldn't say no to an employee, so I continued to work.

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One day while I was up on a ladder working on a rooftop near the marketplace in town. I was so tired from spending the night making cabinets that I overestimated how far I could lean over the edge and I fell.

I only feel about eight feet so I didn't get hurt too bad, but the problem was how I landed. I was so unlucky that I happened to land on top of two of the royal guards working for the king of Greece.

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A group of people had supposedly stole something from the king and the guards were chasing them when I landed on them, and my landing on them caused the people to get away. I tried so hard to explain that it was an accident, but since I was living in town on a work visa they didn't believe me.

They didn't have enough evidence to hang me, so they banned me from ever stepping foot in Greece again." I took a deep breath while looking up at the sky.

" I never knew someone had gotten hurt from my mistake until yesterday.That little girl will never walk again, and it's all because I wasn't charlee chase puffy jacket pov cock sucker cumshot enough to my job." I felt a tear begin to well up in my eyes while saying this, but as I finished I felt a hand rest on my shoulder.

I turned to find Cat looking up at me with sad eyes. "Justin.I'm so sorry, if I had known I would've gotten supplies somewhere else. I'm sorry I put you through that." I was worried for a moment that I might actually make her cry so I quickly pulled myself together and smiled softly before putting my hand over her own.

"I'll be fine, but thank you for caring." She smiled back at me and for a moment it almost seemed like she was leaning closer, but before I could put any thought into it, a loud explosion could be heard, accompanied by a rumbling spreading across the mountain side. "Cat what was that?" I asked before watching her point out of the mouth of the cave at what looked like a man flying through the air towards the mountain.

"It's trouble, we have to move fast." She quickly got onto Lukos and I joined her, but before we could leave the cave, I felt a familiar burning sensation overcome my arm, only magnified tenfold. I crumpled over Lukos's side and on to the floor, writhing in pain as the sign on my arm started to glow a bright yellow.

"It's time you used the powers she gave you, the clock shall now strike 1." Please remember to post your choice about the second channel idea and remember to like and comment if you enjoyed, or comment any helpful tips and criticisms you may have.