Sex body cumshot compilation first time left behind at a mansion soiree in a bad

Sex body cumshot compilation first time left behind at a mansion soiree in a bad
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It all started when my mother called me on the phone at school and left me a message. And it has changed my life - a weekend with an aunt - an experience of a lifetime! "Danni, can you get tomorrow off if I write a note for you to take to the school?" Mum asked. "Aunt Jenny has just rung to say the friend staying with her at her Lake District hotel has had to go home, so she wondered if you would like to take her place for Friday and Saturday nights. I can take you over to the hotel, then she will bring you back on Sunday afternoon.

I'll meet you after school if you like, and we can look for some nice clothes for you to wear - it sounds a really plush hotel." Mum added. I couldn't say no. Indeed, I didn't want to. I had always got on very well with my Aunt we were really close, and I always just called her Jenny. She was my Mum's younger sister, and there was a quite a gap between their years, so she was only 10 years older than my age of 16. We always seemed to have a lot in common, she showed a real interest in me and over the last few years even more so.

Funnily enough, I was probably able to talk about almost as much with my mum as with my aunt, but with the exception of sex. Whereas Aunt Jenny would quite frequently bring up the subject of my sexual development, my adventures, and my growing discovery of all things erotic, my mother seemed less willing to discuss such things, almost seeming happy to leave it all to Jenny.

I mean, it wasn't as if mum wasn't an attractive woman herself - quite the opposite, and one or two boyfriends I had had who had met her had actually commented on what a sexy mum I had, one even calling her a MILF. (A term I didn't understand, but one which led to quite an enjoyable discussion with my aunt as she explained it to me later!!) I had an older sister who I missed very much as she was away at University, and a dad who spent long periods of the year away from home as a merchant shipping captain after he and mum had become separated.

This meant that mum and I were alone in the house and obviously spent quite a lot of time together. She always gave me a free reign to do much as I liked, let me dress mostly as I liked, and never had any qualms about me spending time with boys, or indeed girls. She would always show an interest in any friend I brought home, and my girlfriends in particular used to say how lucky I was to have such an open minded free thinking woman for a mum. Thus, it was no real surprise to find mum encouraging me to take a day off school to have a trip away if she thought it would be something special for me to enjoy.

But back to my Aunt Jenny. I really did love her company, and I loved the fact that we could talk about anything together, clothes, films, boyfriends, girlfriends, and even sex. In fact, although I hadn't really realised it, recently, especially sex!

I regarded her more as a friend than an aunt I think, and the thought of spending two whole days away and ebony teen kendall woods has her pussy torn apart with taylor rain gives us some pov action her, filled me full of excitement and anticipation. Occasionally, she had regaled me with one or two of her more erotic adventures, and I couldn't help feeling a special thrill and I wondered if this weekend could turn out to be another one, but this time one which included me!

And maybe that little tingle of excitement extended down between my legs, where I felt that altogether familiar sense of arousal and even a slight moistening.

Goodness, what was I thinking. That night, after school, mum took me to the shops so she could help me choose something suitable for two days and nights away in a luxury hotel.

"We've got to have you looking your best for my sister", she told me with a smile. "She always looks pretty hot when she goes out, so we don't want you feeling under dressed, do we." That did surprise me a little, my mum referring to her sister as "pretty hot", but I certainly couldn't disagree with her description as I often thought of her that way myself, so it was with a growing sense of excitement that I chose a couple of short dresses, a new skirt, and even some new rather daring new underwear, Mum persuading me that I should buy a sexy set of matching white, lacy, bra and pants, and a particularly daring bra which made the most of my small 34b breasts, even emphasising the cheating milf on phone horny step mom gets slammed of my nipples through it.

"You never know what might happen when you are at the hotel". Mum said. "And we can go through my wardrobe too when we get home. It's a really smart hotel, and you want to have some nice clothes for the evenings" "Mmm, mum", I can't wait, I replied, "I can't believe how good it is of you to spend all this time with me." "It's a pleasure sweetie.

If a mum can't spend a little time with her special daughter, then she shouldn't be a mum. And besides, it's lovely to see you looking so sexy and desirable. If I know Jenny, she won't be able to believe just how lovely her number one niece looks when she sees you tomorrow. I can almost hear her heart skipping a beat now!" I was again surprised to hearing my mother talk like this, but I have to admit I really enjoyed the extra attention she was giving me, and even the hint of naughtiness was adding a special little thrill to everything.

So that's what we did when we got home. Mum and I are about the same size, both quite tall, about 5ft 9, slim and athletic, and I tried a number of mum's dresses on in her bedroom, stripping down to my bra and panties in front of her with her helping me, and mum even trying on my new dress herself. This latter meant that I saw my own mother in just her bra and knickers, and I have to admit that I couldn't help but admire her body.

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Mum had had me early in her life which meant that she was only 16 years older than me, and while her breasts were a little fuller than mine, they still seemed a wonderful shape, and her bum in the surprisingly skimpy pair of knickers she was wearing, looked lovely and firm.

I even found my eyes drifting down to the front of her panties, and I couldn't help noticing that there seemed no dark outline under the thin material - "Goodness, had my mum shaved her pussy?" I wondered to myself with another naughty little pang of excitement.

By the time we had finished, I had got exactly what we both agreed would be suitable. A long black dress tight round the waist, fairly low cut, and with a slit up the front which Mum said nicely showed off my long legs, still tanned from a recent holiday in Greece and a shorter dress which I absolutely loved; white with blue trim, again lowish, showing off my breasts and with thin straps leaving my tanned shoulders almost completely bare and really emphasising my figure.

Mum complimented me on my choice, and even made nice comments on my breasts and figure, saying how nice my boobs were and how she bet there'd be plenty boys eyeing me up over the weekend, and maybe even one or two girls.

"I think I'd better have a word with my sister to make sure she takes good care of you," she said with a naughty grin. "Heaven knows what attention you are going to get looking as sexy and desirable as this!" This was the first time mum had ever mentioned me looking sexy, and also girls being attracted, or even attractive, and I couldn't help wondering if mum had ever had an interest in that direction.

At one time while we had been trying on clothes, she'd run her hands down my back, smoothing a dress over my bum, and I had a strange thrill as silver haired beauty loves having sensual sex fingers traced the outline of my backside and down over the back of my thighs.

A strangely intimate touch from my mother I thought, but one I found surprisingly enjoyable, and one I had wanted to go on even longer. What was I thinking? Together with the clothes I had bought earlier we agreed I was perfectly ready for two nights and days in a nice hotel.

I took the clothes back to my room, now just wearing my bra and knickers, and started putting things together for the weekend. For some reason I was now feeling as horny as hell maybe it was trying all these clothes on with my mum with us both having just our underwear on, and sometimes even just our knickers, or whether it was the thought of the weekend, or whether even it girl her best shoot nude xxx 2019 the occasional slightly suggestive comments mum had made, but I had a desperate urge to touch myself.

I hadn't had sex for a couple of months, having finished with my boyfriend, and I had had to resort to masturbation for my sexual satisfaction, something I must admit I did fairly often.

Most nights, in fact. Now again, I could feel that oh so familiar ache between my thighs, and I could tell my pussy was already moist. I had heard the shower running next door, so I knew Mum had been in the shower, and I thought by now she would have gone downstairs, so I was confident I wouldn't be interrupted. First though, I wanted to get a couple more things from Mum's room, and I quickly slipped in there, again with only my underwear on.

I could hardly believe the sight that met me when I went in far from having gone downstairs, my mum was lying on the bed naked, her lags apart, one hand playing with one of her breasts, and the other hand holding a vibrator against her slit, and rubbing it over and around her clit.

Her eyes, were closed, and she was moaning quietly to herself as she slowly became more and more aroused in front of my eyes. I should have left immediately, but I was strangely drawn to the sight of my own mother masturbating, so rather than leave I stayed watching for a few minutes feeling myself becoming more and more aroused. Finally, I knew I shouldn't let her see me in this highly personal moment, so I tried to slip back out of the room. I must have made some slight noise though, because mum suddenly opened her eyes and saw me.

"Oh my God", she said, her face flushing with embarrassment, as she pulled the vibrator away from her cunt and sat up on the bed, "I'm so sorry Danni". "No Mum, I'm sorry, it's my fault, I didn't know you were beautiful girl years anal cum in ass up here or I wouldn't have come in to your room," I said, disappearing out of her room, equally embarrassed, and quickly going back to my own.

I didn't know how to feel I knew mum masturbated. I had heard her occasionally, and since she was divorced she hadn't had a permanent man in her life. I had also seen a couple of sex toys in her room, so I knew that she pleasured herself with them. But to actually see her, naked, her pussy wet and exposed in front of me, aroused and playing with herself, was a completely different thing. Maybe she had felt horny just like I had. Maybe she had felt the same urge to touch and arouse herself just like I almost did.

I went in the shower myself, and while I fingered my cunny a little and played with my tits cute nerdy teen shows off her ass and gets her pussy smashed nipples as I washed, I had lost the desperate urge to make myself cum.

After all, I had all night, so after getting dressed I went downstairs, where I was indeed still struggling with all the strange emotions I was experiencing. Being semi naked with my mother choosing clothes, feeling (and enjoying) her touch on my bum, and now seeing her naked, seeing her exposed lovehole, and seeing her masturbating was all managing to totally confuse untamed and hot muff diving hardcore blowjob bewilder me, and not to say also, strangely arouse and excite me.

I must admit, therefore, that I was a little nervous about seeing mum after what had happened in her bedroom, but when I walked in she was there already making the tea.

I hugged her, and apologised for coming into her room. "That's alright it was my fault" she said with a smile and a kiss on my cheek, and we said no more, although I couldn't help but be more than usually aware of her breasts pressing against mine as we hugged, and both of us maybe held on to each other just a little longer than usual. Was I imagining things, or did I think my mother looked rather sexy that evening. My own mother? Whatever was I thinking? Later that night as we were chatting, we started talking about Jenny, and I asked mum why she thought she hadn't married.

I mean, she is an extremely attractive sexy woman. "Maybe she just hasn't found the right person" mum said, and I noted she said person, not man. Anyway, by the time I got back to my room I was really looking forward to my white booty for black cock interracial hardcore away with Jenny, and I admit I was also looking forward to getting my fingers deep inside my by now very wet and wanton pussy and bringing myself off a couple of times.

Imagine my surprise to see beside my bed, mum's vibrator, with a little note saying "just in case!!!" I couldn't wait, and in what seemed seconds I was naked on a towel on my bed with first my fingers, then the vibrator rubbing my so, so sensitive cunt.

I needed to cum really badly, so I rubbed my clit with my fingers before letting the vibrator take over. I had used one before, but I tend to prefer my fingers, but on this occasion I was so desperate for relief that I just put the toy up to maximum, and pressed and rubbed it around my engorged clitoris. I came in no time, and I am sure I made quite a noise, so I hoped mum hadn't heard, …&hellip. but then she had left the toy for me, hadn't she? I brought myself off twice more after that, pushing my fingers in and out of my sopping cunt, rubbing them up and down my soaking slittasting my own juice from my fingers, and even slipping one finger up my arsehole for a little while, while I used the vibrator again, mom and baby xxxx story also squeezing and tweaking my erect and sensitive nipples.

Thank goodness I'd thought to put a towel under myself, or I'm sure my sheets would have been soaked! Eventually I drifted off to sleep, exhausted with my sexual stimulation, and next morning I was up early, ate a quick breakfast, before mum took me to the station for the train to the town where I was meeting Jenny.

"You have got everything" she said with a smile, "and I do mean EVERYTHING" she added with a wink. "Yes, all securely packed, including your little present. I hope you can do without it for two nights" I replied, with a grin. We hugged, and mum kissed me on the lips, telling me to enjoy myself.

"I know Jenny will look after you. Make sure you have lots of fun together, and make the most of this special opportunity to spend time with Jenny" were her parting words. She seemed to add extra emphasis on that last sentence and I have to admit I was still feeling a little horny after last night, so when I went to the train toilet for a pee, I spent a little longer in there than I should, not cumming, but playing with myself a little, pushing my fingers into my cunt, tasting my sweet juices from them, then putting them back and rubbing them over my clit.

My pussy lips were engorged, as was my clit, and I found them extremely sensitive to every touch of my fingers. I loved the feel, sensitive, smooth, moist, and erotic as I slid my fingers up and down my slit. I seemed to be constantly getting into a state of arousal, and I wasn't really sure why.

I mean, I was going to spend a weekend with my aunt, and sexy though she was, who did I think I was going to be fucking? Who did I think I was going to be having sex with? And I must admit I did also have the occasional thought about seeing my mum naked, her legs apart, her sex wide open, fingering her breasts and playing with her nipples while rubbing her clit and using the toy on herself. I couldn't help but find myself being strangely aroused, but I put those thoughts behind me as the train pulled into the station and I saw Jenny waiting for me.

She looked great. She had on tight jeans, a white t shirt, both of which emphasised her neat figure, and black shoes with just enough of a heel to emphasise the shape of her denim clad legs.

She was about the same height as me, 5ft 8 or 9, and the jeans showed off her lovely bum to perfection. The t shirt was v necked, and showed a hint of cleavage, her top tight over her breasts, her nipples poking through the material slightly.

We kissed and hugged, me feeling her breasts against mine as we did so. "Goodness, you look great Danni", she said, standing back and looking me up and down. "I can see I'm going to have to keep you very close to me for the next two days and make sure all your inevitable admirers don't snatch you away.

For some reason I was especially pleased I had spent so much time choosing my clothes and caused such a reaction from my favourite aunt. "You look pretty good too, Jenny" I replied. "Maybe I'm ffm anal french casting of half blood slut to have to keep just as close an eye on you too." "Come on, I'll show you our hotel and room, I'm sure you'll love it," she said, "then I've booked us a massage each before lunch.

You'll adore that too, I just know" It was only a short journey to the hotel, and she took me straight up to our room. Wow. It was huge, and so luxurious. There was a fabulous bathroom with a spa bath ("Bubbles and jets of water coming at you in all the naughtiest sexy places" Jenny said as she gave me a hug), a separate sitting room with a couch and a large chair, but pride of place went to the actual bedroom with in the middle this huge 4 poster bed.

I couldn't help but jump straight on it, and lie back, legs spread out, and just lie there revelling in the comfort. "Jenny this is amazing", I said "Come and let me give you a hug". She joined me on the bed, and I hugged her tight, again our breasts touching and this time me holding her whole body against mine, and her hugging me tight as well, our whole bodies pressed against one another.

"It's a pleasure" she replied. "I've old man cum in pussy frannkie and the gang tag team a door to door saleswoman us to spend some time together for ages, and this seemed the perfect chance.

I hope you don't mind that there is only one bed, it's the only room they had. Come on, let's get undressed and go down to the massage room. The masseusses are two Thai ladies, and they know just how to get to all those sensitive tender spots and those aching muscles. You will never have had a massage like these two girls give" We undressed down to just our knickers, and for the first time in my life I saw Jenny's almost naked body.

Yesterday I had seen my mum naked, now today it was my aunt. She showed no inhibitions whatsoever as she undressed, and I could see what lovely breasts she had, and what a cute pert bum too, as she had on little more than a g string under her jeans.

Her breasts were larger than mine, like her sisters but not by a lot. They were firm and nicely rounded, but I couldn't help noticing her nipples. They seemed a little larger than mine, and quite prominent.

Were they even a little hard and erect? Very, very, sexy I thought.

I bet she'd had them sucked a few times. I put these thoughts out of my mind she was my aunt after all. What was I thinking of last night getting turned on by my mum, now feeling aroused by the sight of my aunt's tits - and together we put on our robes and went off for our massage.

To be continued…………&hellip.