Use of condom xxxx story

Use of condom xxxx story
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The comment section has been limited to members only due to the abuse by spammers and other idiots. Feel free to PM any comments to me if you wish. The Horny Lady Trucker I was working as a Security Officer at a large warehouse complex.

It was late one summer night when my routine was disrupted. It had been an unusually slow night. Normally, we had several trucks come and go during the night. They would drop an empty trailer in the lot and pick up a trailer that had been loaded the previous day by the warehouse personnel.

Or, they would simply stay in the lot to be loaded or unloaded the next day. Tonight however, I had no paperwork for any outbound loads, and none had been brought in. It was shaping up to be a very boring night. Then a bright red Peterbilt with a nationally known company logo on the doors came slowly rolling in. I recognized the logo as one of our regular haulers.

The driver pulled into the center of the main lot to park as the signage directs them to do. The driver then shut the rig down and sat there a while. I figured he was filling out his logbook before climbing into his bunk for the night.

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If a driver has business at the warehouse the next day they are allowed to sleep on the lot, but they need to check in with Security first.

Eventually, the driver climbed down from his cab and headed toward my office. As the driver approached my office, I noticed the driver was a female. I got a much better look at her as she stepped into the long awaited sex for gorgeous hottie with jugs. She was rather nice looking. She looked to be in her mid-thirties with short blonde hair. She wasn't fat but nicely padded in all the right places.

She stood about five feet six and weighed about 140 pounds. The extra bit of weight gave her a bit of a middle-aged spread to her hips and a nice set of what appeared to be C-cup tits. "Do you have a load for me, sweetie?" She asked with a broad smile while handing me her pick-up orders.

"I'm afraid not." I replied. "I don't have any loads ready to go tonight. You're welcome to stay in the lot tonight if you like." "I just woke up and was expecting to drive most of the night.

So, I'm not ready to go back to bed. Do you mind if I stay in here and chat for a little while?" She asked. "No! I don't mind at all. Your company will be nice on a slow night like this." I replied.

"Make yourself comfortable. Help yourself to a cup of coffee and have a seat. It gets pretty boring here on nights when I have no loads coming or going. So, a little company will be a nice change of pace." She poured herself a cup of coffee and seated her self next to my desk.

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As she looked around the office, she spotted hot white teen fucked by black old guy notes for my next story sitting next to my laptop. "Oh, are you a writer?" "Yeah! Not a good one, but I do write a story now and then." I told her. "Am I disturbing the creative juices?" Her voice was so sweet. I didn't have the heart to tell her I was right in the middle of a story. "No, not at all.

I will enjoy your company." "Cool! What kind of stories do you write?" She asked. Most truckers I know are a curious bunch.

So, I saw no harm in answering her. "I write stuff you probably wouldn't want to read." "Oh, I don't know about that." She replied. "I read some stuff that would embarrass most people." I continued to try to evade her question. "Oh, I write stuff you probably don't know and most likely wouldn't like." "Don't bet on it! I have a computer in my truck and I go to web sites that the general public frowns on. Like I said, I read stuff that would embarrass most people." She offered.

"Yeah, like what do you read?" I turned the question back at her and continued. "Besides, I don't get embarrassed very easily." "OK!" She agreed.

"I don't embarrass easily either. I like to read porn stories. Is that what you write?" I chuckled. "You could call it that. I like to say I write romances that don't fade to black when the couples get together." "Cool! Are your stories on the net?

That's where I find the stuff I read." She was showing some real interest in what I have written. "Yeah. I've posted several of my stories on the net." I admitted. "Cool! Where do you post your stories?" She asked. "How do I know you're not going to make trouble for me or any of the sites I post on?" I asked with a firm voice.

"I give you my word I'm just a horny old truck driving broad who spends far too much time on the road alone. I won't ever make any trouble for you. I just want to read what you've written." She was practically begging. "You don't look so old to me. Actually, you look pretty nice. It looks like you have a real nice set of tits too." "Aren't you sweet? I am 34-years-old and have a 36-C rack. I'll be happy to show 'em to you if you'll tell me where to find your stories.

I'd really like to read your stories." I finally gave in. I gave her a couple of sites where I post my stories, including this one. "Wow! I read a lot of stuff on that site." She exclaimed. "I remember one story that was rather long, but I loved it." She then mentioned the title of what she said was her favorite story.

I tried but couldn't stifle the wide grin that spread across my face. Her favorite story was one I had written. She noticed my grin and asked. "You're Lucky Mann aren't you?" "Guilty as charged. I am Lucky Mann, and that story was one of my favorites as well." I then handed her one of the cards I give to people who may want a story written featuring them as a main character. "Oh wow! I can't believe it. I am thrilled to meet you Lucky." She extended her hand and I shook it in greeting.

"Honest, I'm just a horny lady trucker that reads porn. I promises I will not make any trouble for you." "Horny huh? How can you prove that?" I asked with crazy party with nice vaginas and worth to watch perfect ass big dick sly grin. Without a word, she dropped to her knees and looked up at me with a broad grin on her face.

She quickly unzipped my pants and fished out my flaccid cock. It took her just a few short seconds of rapid licks and kisses to get my cock standing at full attention.

She then sucked my cock deep into her mouth and gave me one of the best blow-jobs I've gotten in a long time. She soon had me on the edge of erupting into her mouth. "Oh Baby, I'm about to feed you a load of cum if you don't quit soon." I warned her. Instead of quitting, she pulled my hips forward and shoved my cock even further into her mouth.

She took my entire cock into her mouth and partially down her throat.

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She bobbed her head rapidly up and down my shaft. With each plunge down my shaft she pushed much of my cock into her throat. As I started cumming she pulled my cock out of her throat but held it deep in her mouth. She sucked even harder. She held it there, and sucked for all she was worth. She began swallowing as spurt after spurt shot from the head of my cock and filled her mouth. When I had finished cumming, she swallowed all the cum I had deposited into her mouth.

She didn't waste a single drop. "Hummmm." She moaned. "I really do love sucking cock." "You really are a horny cum slut, aren't you?" I asked. "Yes! I admit it. I'll fuck, suck, and take it up my ass.

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I'll let you fuck my tits as well, if you want to." She smiled as she pulled her top off. She removed the rest of her clothing and offered me her body. "You look great. How about bending over my desk?" She smiled broadly and quickly bent over the edge of my desk. She spread her legs and used her hands to pull the smooth globes of her ass apart. "How's this?" "Just fine." I replied as I stepped up behind her. She gasped as I firmly slipped my cock fully into her snug pussy.

"Oh God! It's been much too long since I had a real cock in me. Please, give it to me hard. Make me remember the night I fucked Lucky Russian blonde teen fuck and emo masturbating she tasted his manmeat and was in euphoria a laugh, I began pounding my cock into her pussy.

Because I had just fed her a load of cum down her throat, I was able to pound away at her pussy for much longer than usual. But, all good things must come to and end. I began feeling the urges of my balls to fill her cunt with a load of cum as well. I clamped my hands onto her hips and drove my cock deep into her pussy. "Here it cums, baby!" I growled. I rammed the head of my cock into her cervix with each hard thrust.

Finally, I slammed into her depths, held my cock against her cervix, and bathed it with warm cum. "Oh God yes! Fill me with your cum. It feels so good." She gasped. I fell forward and lay on her back as we both regained out breath. Eventually, I patted her ass and pulled my cock from her soggy pussy. "How often do you get into town?" I asked. "About once a month." She responded. "Would you like to see me again?" She asked. "You know I would. Would you be interested in coming to a party if I can arrange one the next time you're in town?

You can be the center of attention and the main entertainment if you'd like." "Oh God, I'd love that." She enthusiastically replied. She then gave me her cell number and returned to her truck. She needed to get some rest before loading and heading out in the morning. I look forward to seeing her again and having her entertain at one of my parties.