Twistys gabrielle della moon starring at di

Twistys gabrielle della moon starring at di
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WARNING: the following story contains themes which may be sensitive to certain people. If violence, rough sex, coercion and blackmail make you uncomfortable then this story isn't for you.

Karen is a 24 year old single mother. She got pregnant in high school, dropped out and gave birth to a son. The 20 year old who knocked her up bailed and she needed money.

So she became a stripper. It was only destiny, a girl like that; hot, sexy, limber, dumb and from a broken home. A girl born to please men. Why not make money doing just that? She gets ready to go to work, doing the usual routine of dolling herself up. In the bathroom, touching herself up in the mirror. She stands at about 5'5'', appearing to be around 5'8'' from her high heel black leather boots which cover her shins over her jeans.

She's petite, you'd never guess she's a mom. A sweet, somewhat trashy looking white girl with 34E breast implants. Firm, perky, busty, she considers them some of her best features. Long legs covered by tight, lightly toned low-rising designer jeans and held up by a tight white studded belt which makes her tight ass pop. Just above that tight ass is a tribal tramp stamp tattoo, of which many girls like her undoubtedly have. She's wearing a small, very tight and thin black leather jacket which doesn't cover her midriff and under that is a tight white crop top; a shiny, little naval piercing exposed on her flat sweet chick carter cruise wants a cock to fuck. The jacket zipped down to show some of her busty cleavage.

Her tits propped up by a tight push-up bra, they look like they could burst out at any minute. Her face is pretty, with soft features, a cute little nose and big blue eyes, accented by some dark eye shadow and delicately plucked thin eyebrows. Soft, lush lips painted light pink. Her long brunette hair of a dark chestnut brown color runs down her shoulders, chest and backside. Soft and shiny with plenty of volume, her hair could also look black in the right light.

As she finishes dolling herself up for work, she suddenly hears a loud knock at her door. Before she can leave the bathroom, her little boy answers it. "Go get your mom." The man says in a stern tone and expression, looking down at Karen's little boy. The boy doesn't say anything, he's always scared of the mean man down the hall. Karen runs to the door. "It's okay, sweetie, I got it." She say softly, leading her son away and then going back to the door. "Hi, Paul." She says with a slightly nervous tone.

Paul is sort of like her landlord. He doesn't own the building but he manages it, collects rent and does maintenance. A gruff older man without a family, he's a rough-looking bully. A very abrasive and aggressive large man in his 40s, Karen is constantly being intimidated by him and doesn't like to run into him. He gives her the creeps and he's always making her feel uncomfortable with his staring. Paul barges in, stepping into Karen's apartment. "We need to talk." He says abruptly as Karen smells the alcohol on his breath.

Dressed in a wife beater and sweat pants, he's not a very pleasant sight, especially with his unshaven face, balding head and protruding gut. Karen looks up at him nervously, big ass mature georgia peach as she turns to her boy. "Come on, go to your room, okay?" She says as calmly as possible as he looks up at her with a curious, confused and scared expression.

She takes him to his room and then returns to face Paul. "What is it?" She asks meekly. "I'm all caught up on my rent." Her voice trembles slightly. Paul shuts the door to her apartment and turns to face her, getting closer. "This isn't about rent." He begins, glaring down at her. "This is about your dealer boyfriend storing bricks of cocaine in my building!" He yells, slamming down the bag he's carrying on her kitchen table.

He pulls out a small brick of cocaine as Karen's heart rate jumps, her mind racing for a way to explain herself. "I saw you putting them behind one of the machines in the laundry room on the security camera you stupid whore." He snickers.

Karen stammers over herself, as Paul glares at her waiting for her to speak. "I. I can explain." "Explain what? That you're putting this entire building, my job, at risk?" He asks angrily. "Give me one good reason why I shouldn't call the police and show them the tape." "Please!" She begs up at him, a sullen, desperate expression on her face.

"Don't, please. I'm sorry, it will never, ever happen again." She pleads in her soft voice. "I can't go to jail, my boy needs me.

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Please." She nearly breaks down into tears. "You should have thought about that before you put illegal drugs in my building." He shakes his head. "You're going to jail, bitch." He snickers before putting the brick of coke back in the bag and beginning to leave.

"No! Hot charley and alexia share a boner She pleads further in desperation, grabbing his wrist. "I'll do anything, just please don't." He stops, turning back around to her, looking down at her soft little hand on his wrist.

"Anything." She calms down a little, looking up at him. "I'm listening." He says, jerking his arm away from her. In her mind she's already thinking about how to get him to stop. "Just hear me out, please." She begs. "It was a dumb mistake. It was only temporary. He said he'd beat me if I didn't do it!" She pouts up at him. "It will never happen again, I promise.

No one has to know about this. This can't happen to me, they'll take my boy away." She forces herself to sob a little. "Stop." He commands. "You know what I want." He looks her up and down, licking his lips. She gulps, knowing it would come to this. "I want you. I want everything." He says in a creepy, lustful tone as he nearly drools looking at her. "Do everything I say and I won't tell anybody about this. But I want you whenever I want from now on. Whenever I want you to suck me, fuck me.

Kiss me." He sneers at her. "I want it all, and if you don't I'll make sure they take your boy away and you go to jail.

I'll be keeping this and the tape." He smirks, putting the bag down and beginning to walk closer to her. 5095142 the zebra print bitch tube porn She nods nervously, gulping while looking up at him and backing away as he approaches her. "I'll do anything you want. I'm yours." She forces a nervous smile up at him. He smiles, leering into her scared eyes. "Good." He breathes harder while getting closer to her as she continues to back away.

He lunges at her, grabbing her shoulders harshly. "You better learn to like this. You're going to love me." He shakes her. She smiles up at him insincerely, putting her hand on his chest. Her lip quivers, heart thumping. Suddenly he grabs the back of her head roughly with his left hand, pulling her into him and jerking her head back.

He smirks down at her before striking her face with his open right hand. Karen yelps helplessly as she feels the sting of his slap. It reminds her of her father. Paul slaps her around while holding her head in place. He chuckles as her arms flail around, trying to escape his clutches. Her face stings red as he slaps her over and over, but not nearly as hard as he could be slapping her.

She tries not to scream too loud, thinking about her little boy in his room and hoping he doesn't hear. He stops as she leans into him and he grabs her wrists near his chest. "Please, stop." She begs, sobbing but not crying.

He chuckles, enjoying this pathetic sight. He's finally able to do everything he's always wanted to do to her and without repurcussion. Paul quickly puts his rough hands around her little neck and slams her against the wall, choking her. Her soft little hands grasp his much larger hands, trying to pry them off her as she struggles beneath him.

He applies more pressure, banging her against the wall back and forth and then lifting her up off the ground, smiling up at her as he strangles her. He lets go and she falls to the ground, collapsing bellow him as she coughs and pants, her face red from being slapped around and his hand prints around her neck.

He chuckles, standing above her dominantly. "Get up." He demands. She gets up reluctantly, shaking up at him covering her face. He raises his hand to her, ready to slap her again and she flinches, letting out a faint screech in anticipation of another stinging slap. He stops before hitting her, laughing. He strokes her hair slowly, gazing down at her.

"You will love me." He says sternly. "I love you." She says softly, quietly, her voice shaking. He grips her hair tightly, jerking her head up at him. "Look at me and say it." He smirks.

"I love you." She says louder, looking into his eyes. His body surrounds her as he presses up against her, his arms behind her feeling up and down her back as he moans into her shoulder, breathing harder as he enjoys the feel of her leather jacket and the scent of her sweet perfume and the softness of her hair against his face. He feels her all over, groping down to her tight ass. He feels her soft skin, all down her back and hips.

"Such a hot little slut." He groans as he enjoys her body. He exhales in pleasure, holding her closely while he rubs her all over.

"Hot stripper mom." He sneers before kissing her eagerly. He holds her face in place with his hands as he forces her to lock lips with him. She reluctantly kisses back, not wanting to be hit and choked again. She places her hand on his chest, caressing it slowly. They make out some more as he paws at her big, busty cute eighteen year old asian luscious cutie tits. "Get down and suck my cock." He demands as he lets her go and steps back.

She drops to her knees and instantly begins to rub the bulge in his pants with her soft little hands and kissing it with her pink lips, running her mouth over the bulge as she gazes up at him submissively.

He can only stare back down dominantly, his right hand holding her head against the bulge in his pants and stroking her soft hair. He slides down his sweatpants, taking his cock and balls out. His cock dangling in her face, she smiles up at him while stroking it softly and slowly. Her pretty eyes shut halfway as she slowly begins to brunette wife fucks stranger in car sloppy seconds the tip of his fat, six-inch cock.

He gasps, his head hanging back in pleasure, his hands on his hips. The image of her soft, bright pink lips on his cock pleasing him. She goes down on him, slowly taking his cock into her mouth as she holds kittens fuck dudes asshole with oversized strapons and splatter cream monstercock and ejaculating the base of his cock dirty whores compilation and blonde teen masturbation kyra rose in military sex her left hand.

She stares up at him as he breathes harder, his cock between her pink lips, his cock filling her mouth. "Oh fuck." He mumbles under his breath as he feels his cock on her tongue. She applies more suction, going in and out on his cock. Making little slurping noises and soft moans as she enjoys the taste of his throbbing cock. "You're so fucking sexy." He groans down to her as his right hand strokes her hair, guiding her head up and down on his cock.

"My little fucktoy to use and abuse as I please." He groans again. Her mouth salivates over his cock as she moans softly, giving little looks up at him. She actually sort of enjoys it, she likes being treated like this after all. Her right hand begins to cup his balls, rubbing them gently as she goes back and forth on his cock.

She works the head, running her lips all over it, kissing it, making love to it, swirling her tongue around his throbbing head as she rubs his testicles. She takes it out, breathing ever so slightly over his cock as she gazes at it, still rubbing his balls. She licks and kisses up and down the sides as she bats her eyes up at him. He can't believe all of this is actually happening.

He grins down at her with his hands on his hips. She dribbles a little bit of spit from her mouth onto his cock and jerks it all over it. She begins to deepthroat his cock, her hands pulling her into his cock by holding onto the side of his thighs.

He groans dominantly, eyes rolling back into his head as he bites his lip from feeling his cock go down her little throat. She eagerly deepthroats, slurping and slobbering all over his dick. Her saliva mixed with his pre-cum dripping from her mouth and onto her cleavage. She kneels perfectly, her back arched slightly, her busty chest sticking out.

She goes all the way in on his cock, taking it all over and over. His knees buckle a little as his wet, throbbing cock slides in and out of her mouth and blonde jiggles jizzy jugs pornstars and big tits her throat as she gives him the greatest blowjob of his life.

"Such a good cocksucker." He groans down at her boldly. She just looks up at him with his cock in her mouth, her blue eyes gazing up at him. She goes all the way down once more, her nose pressed against his pubes, sticking her little tongue out just enough to graze his balls. "Ah, fuck." He groans. She comes up for air, panting a little before going down to kiss, lick and suck his balls. His wet throbbing cock dangles over her pretty face as she faces up to him, sucking and licking each of his balls.

Kissing them over and over with her soft pink lips. "Fuck, you're good." He growls as he focuses on not blowing his load. She comes back up to face his throbbing cock and begins to deepthroat some more, her hands on his thighs. Her mouth waters on his cock, eagerly slurping. He bends his knees a little and grabs her pretty head, feeling her soft hair on his fingers. He pumps her mouth, fucking her face in and out.

Thrusting in and out of her mouth and down her throat, faster and faster as he groans and enjoys the sound of his cock forcing its way into her mouth.

"Ah fuck!" He groans loudly, almost cumming. He holds her down all the way, patting her head, then lets go as she gasps for air. He slaps his throbbing cock on her slutty face before face fucking her some more, gripping her hair and jerking her head back and forth on his cock. She's used to this but it doesn't stop her from almost gagging. He goes faster and faster, then pulls out abruptly as she gasps for air. He walks over to her couch and sits down.

"Dance for me, whore. I'm not paying either." He chuckles, his throbbing cock dangling up as he gets completely naked. She reluctantly walks over, trying her hardest to do a good job in pleasing him. She smiles down at him, her hand rising up her exposed torso to rub her tits. She bites her lip and gives out a soft, slight moan, getting closer to him and turning around to show her ass to him, knees together and bending over.

She looks over her shoulder back at him, trying to pretend it's at the club she dances at and giving him a flirtatious, horny smile. She slaps her own ass and gasps playfully. Then she straddles his left knee, grinding her crotch on him while leaning over his shoulder, her tits in his face. She moans softly into his ear before standing back up. She turns around, wicked masturbation session of a blonde webcam model masturbate homemade bends over on his crotch, grinding her ass on him.

He clenches his teeth, enjoying it. She gets down further, her back to him, her hair on his cock as she looks up at him upside down. Then she straddles his crotch again, this time on both his legs. Their genitals lined up and touching, she moves her hips on him and moans softly while arching her back. He grips her ass to hold onto her. "Everything is so tight on you. Fuck I love it." He groans, almost drooling. His hands go up her back as she hovers her tits in front of his face. With her hands on the back of his neck, he goes in to rub his face in her tits, kissing and licking them eagerly.

Both hands now on each implant, he gazes up at her, feeling the leather on her tits and her soft skin when he gropes her cleavage. "Get back on your knees and suck my cock." He grins up at her while still groping her busty chest. She gets back down on her knees and starts to bob her head up and down on his cock while he sits there, smirking down at her. She eagerly slurps up and down, her hands on his thighs. "Lick my ass." He demands.

She stops sucking and begins to kiss his cock all over, going further down to kiss his balls, then down further, finally reaching his ass as he spreads his legs. She moans softly, trying not to puke as she kisses and licks his asshole. He grips her hair, pushing her head into his ass. She breathes into his asshole as she feels his rough hand on the back of her head pushing her.

She licks it up and down, side to side. "Mmm." He groans, loving the feeling. He jerks her head away and pulls her back up to his cock and begins to fuck her throat. He pumps up and down into her mouth, then deciding to force her head up and down. He holds her down all the way, keeping his cock buried in her throat as she struggles to breathe. He lets go and she gasps for air. "Take off your clothes." Paul commands. Karen stands up and begins to do what she's told.

She unzips her small leather jacket and takes off her tight crop-top to reveal her pale pink lace bra. Then she unbuckles her belt and slides off her tight jeans and boots, to reveal her pale pink lace thong.

Then she takes off the underwear. "Get on me. Ride me." He demands. Karen straddles his crotch, feeling him slowly enter her as she sits down on his cock.

"Ahh." Paul groans as he grips her tight ass and they begin to fuck rhythmically. With her hands on teen horny brunette ass fingering on webcam shoulders, she rides him faster and harder, feeling his throbbing cock inside her. She lets out a soft moan. His rough hands move to grab her tits as she arches her back, moaning a little louder.

His right hand moves up to choke her as she continues to ride him. He squeezes her throat while looking into her eyes intensely. Suddenly he stands up, groaning in pleasure as his cock throbs inside her. While still inside her, he picks her up and fucks her while standing up as she holds onto his neck. He bounces her up and down, then leads her to the wall to fuck her against it. She feels his hairy, sweaty, large chest against her face and she moans softly, feeling his cock fuck her against the wall.

He carries her back over to the couch and while still inside her, lays down with her on top of him. He holds her down onto his chest, pumping her pussy. He groans loudly, kissing her head all over eagerly, getting off on the fact that she hates it.

"You like that, huh?" He smirks and chuckles a bit, continuing to pump her faster and harder with his arms wrapped around her. She smells his hairy, sweaty chest, the alcohol on his breath while feeling his throbbing cock inside her. He fucks her a few minutes before stopping and holding her tightly, kissing her and smelling her hair. "Get off and stand up." He orders while panting. They both stand up and he stands behind her, grabbing the back of her head and pushing her down harshly to bend her over.

"You like it up the ass, slut?" He asks boldly while grabbing her ass. She doesn't reply, then he spanks her ass hard. "Yes!" She screeches. "Good." He chuckles before rubbing the tip of his throbbing wet cock against her asshole. He partially puts the tip in, stretching it open around his cock. She clenches her ass cheeks, biting her lip and looks back at him nervously.

She doesn't like anal. Then he slams into her hard, putting half his cock in as she nearly screams. She whimpers in pain as she thrusts in and out, trying not to scream. "Ah fuck, so tight." He groans angrily before slapping her ass. He fucks her faster, going in deeper, until his balls start to slap against her, the sound of it filling the room.

She continues to whimper helplessly, her give me pink eva rubs her sexy body and inserts a huge toy jiggling. He leans over to grab her hair and pull her head back as he plunges into her tight ass. He continues to fuck her ass. "Yeah you fuckin' whore, this is my ass now." He groans, his voice trembling from the feeling of his throbbing cock buried in her ass.

He lets go of her hair and pulls out. "Get down on your knees, slut." He orders as he pants. She immediately gets back down on her knees in front of him and starts to suck his cock while gazing up at him. She sucks slowly, her hands behind her back. "Suck my balls." He whispers down to her as he pulls out of her mouth. She licks and sucks each of his testicles as he jacks off over her face. "Mmm." He groans, feeling the cum building lovely brunette bbae ariana grand riding stepdads cock in his balls as his knees buckle a bit.

"Open your mouth." He orders. She opens her mouth, looking up at him. "Oh fuck." He groans loudly, beginning to erupt into her mouth.

He shoots a big load into her mouth and on her lips. He gasps, breathing hard as he continues to unload his huge load into her mouth. "Swallow." He demands and then watches her swallow as told. He chuckles while rubbing the tip of his sensitive cock around her pink lips. She kisses the tip, then kisses his balls. "Good girl." He grins down at her. He bends down to wrap his hands around her throat, and shakes her a bit violently while choking her.

"Are you mine now, hmm?" He leers into her eyes. She can barely nod as she stares back in fear. He lets go as she pants and coughs.

He puts his clothes back on as she continues to kneel there, feeling terrible and used. "Get used to that." He snickers.

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"I'll be back over here tomorrow and you better look pretty for me." He chuckles and winks at her. He picks up the bag with the brick of cocaine in it. "I'll be holding onto this." He smirks at her before leaving. After he leaves, Karen gets up off her knees and begins to think about what just happened and thinking about doing it again, whenever he wants it. She has no choice. She goes to the bathroom to clean up and get ready for work. She walks past her boy's room, wondering what he heard and feels guilty as she enters the bathroom and shuts the door.