Jail teen tag teamed by a male and a female officer

Jail teen tag teamed by a male and a female officer
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Moms got cum all over her Part 1 Gail finished giving Terry a blow job, he gave her Caroline's phone number and headed for his room to do his homework.

It was too early to start dinner so she fixed herself a drink and called Caroline. After a few minutes she realized Caroline was a very outgoing person, she actually liked her.

Now their conversation shifted gears, they were discussing the boys cocks, what outfits they seemed to like, the fact both women had a bush, the panty thing and lastly they got to discuss the party. Caroline explained Terry and Carl had asked if they could come over Saturday night for a party with a couple of friends, she had agreed and asked who was coming.

Gail wasn't sure who or how many may be coming either they both laughed as Caroline quipped the more cock the better. They decided to meet Friday for lunch to get acquainted. Terry came into the kitchen, "mom Carl can't come over tonight his parents are taking him to their marriage consular.

Would it be ok if we had dinner and I fucked you a couple of time?" Gail seemed a bit disappointed but agreed. Now Terry smiled "you know what mom maybe you will get dp d tonight after all," and headed back to his room.

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At six thirty she called Terry to dinner, they were the both sipping their wine as Terry spoke. "I've got some news," she looked up with surprise. "What exactly would that be sir?" He put his glass down "well I told you about the panties I'm getting for you right? The guy who gets them made, his name is Al I was talking to me before.

He's got two pair ready now; he hasn't busted a nut in a week so I told him I'd discuss it with you if you're agreeable he could come over around 7:30 with them." "Is he going to want to fuck me?" Terry picked up his glass and took a large gulp of wine, "well first he's going to want to see how you look in the panties then my guess would be yes he's really going to want to fuck you." She glanced at the clock in the microwave 6:46, she gave Terry a big smile "honey if were having company I'm going upstairs to fix myself up, would you do the dishes?" "Sure mom." "Honey what color are the panties, I need to see if I have a matching bra." Terry thought about it for several moments.

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"Mom just wear a black bra with black heels, when he gets here I'll bring the panties up stairs, you can put them on and join us in the den." She was halfway to her room when she stopped, Terry besides the bra, panties and heels should I wear a robe or jeans or." "Mom just the bra, panties and heels, will do." She was in her room when she yelled for him to make her a vodka on the rocks and bring it up to her.

By 7:15 she had already had two vodkas and was working on her third when she heard the door bell. She heard Terry talking to the company, the sound of beer cans popping and several minutes' later footsteps heading to her room.

Terry knocked twice and walked in, "well here are your first two pair, light pink and teal what do you think?" She examined the garment; they were from Victoria's so she knew they were good quality.

On the front were the words Terry Cum's in here. On the back was Carl & Terry have both cum in here? Terry was gone before she could say anything.

She put the pink ones on finished her drink and headed for Terries room where they were. She knocked once and entered, there were three young me sitting on Terry's bed, all in their underwear with semi erections. They all stood up as she entered, "mom this is Al he made the panties this is Nick he helped." She gazed down at the crotches, Al seemed to have a nice size cock, Nick had a very teen sex jav jav iki adam beni sikiyor bulge and neither of them were even hard yet.

"Hi I'm Gail thanks for the panties do you like the way I look in them?" Both boys nodded in agreement. Gail walked over to them, as she kissed each boy on the lips she gently ran her hand over their cocks. Stepping back she saw she had achieved the result she wanted both new boys were standing straight up, she glanced over to see Terry was in the same state. "Al Terry tells me you haven't busted a nut in over a week, why not daring?" It took him a moment to respond, "Well first last week Terry and Carl said they were going to fuck Caroline then Nick and I could come over.

They didn't get to do her till Saturday, Nick and I figured we'd save the nut cream till the next day. Carl's parents are getting a divorce and that screwed things up until we saw pictures of you.

We figured we'd save the nut cream till the Saturday party. Older ladies seem to like a lot of cream right?" She smiled at him, "yes honey we love lots of cream. I'm sorry you both had to wait this long but at least I can help before Saturday night. I do have a question though?" Both boys looked surprised "What's the question Gail." "Will both of you have a good supply of nut cream made for the party Saturday because Caroline and I need plenty I don't want to deprive her?" Nick reached out and took her hand.

luxury lingerie and pantyhose on schoolmates with strapons lesbians erotica their will be plenty of cream for the party why not sit down." Al looked at her "Gail how big are those tits?" Smiling coyly she responded "their 40 triple d would you like to see them close up and free?" With a swift movement they unclasped her bra, he tits were free they each took a nipple in their mouth and began sucking.

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Her nipples were already rock hard she lay back to enjoy the sexual sensation it caused. She felt hands on her panties and saw Terry removing them. No sooner where they off then Terry was between her legs working on her clit. Within a few minutes she was face humping him with her mound. Small shudders of orgasms swept over her as she was building towards a climax.

Terry stopped, they sat her up, Nick looked at her "Gail I would really like to fuck you is it ok?" She smiled a sexy smile "Oh yes baby please I'd really like for you to bust a nut of your cream in me." Nick moved between her legs, his cock was the largest of all the cock she had seen so far; it was at least 9 ½ inches and very fat. He gently rubbed the large head in the folds of her pussy lips for a few minutes which caused her to get wetter then she though she could get.

Al moved up on her chest he put his cock on her lips, she opened her mouth wide and swallowed the entire length. She felt the head of his cock in her throat. Nicks cock was pushing in slow and steadily, as he got to her cervix he hesitated, she pushed her hips up to him as her mouth was full of cock. He understood and gave a final push. He was balls deep in her; the final push caused a ripple of orgasms to start deep in her pussy and flow outward. Nick started a slow movement in her pussy. Her pussy muscles were contracting around his cock with every thrust inward and outward.

Al's cock was face facing her furiously, she was sure he wasn't going to last to much longer. The sensation of sucking a cock while getting deep fucked had caused her to start moaning and thrashing about. She was going to have a very explosive orgasm from a young man with a large cock she had just met. She was in sexual haven. Al grabbed her ears she knew what was coming, the first blast of cum shot out with such force it hit the back of her throat and was on its way down to her belly, the next five spurts were so large she had to swallow three time to get it all down.

She was savoring the cum in her mouth as her pussy had its first explosive orgasm. Al had rolled off and was laying next to her, she pulled Nick close crushing him boy fucks tight lovely teen gap hardcore blowjob her chest. She rubbed her tits on his chest and whispered "baby please bust a nut in my pussy she really needs your cream." He pounded her several times when all of a sudden she let out with a low growling scream.

She dug her nails into his shoulders and sucked on his neck as she climaxed. This drove Nick over the edge he pushed deeper then he thought he could go and cum erupted from deep in his ball out the tip of his cock like a garden hose.

The feeling of hot cum flowing that deeply in her pussy caused her to continue to orgasm, she almost lost consciousness. Her and Nick lay there for quite a while sweat pouring off them while they attempted to catch their breath.

She looked into his eyes "honey do you know how wonderful that was?" "No please tell me." "You gave me such an exquisite orgasm you made me squirt. No man has ever been able to make me do that, thank you." She opened her mouth and stuck her tongue in his mouth. After a long kiss Nick rolled off and they all sat up looking at each other. Terry looked at her "mom why don't you tell the guys what you really enjoy." Giggling she coyly spoke, "If you guys were up for it I would be very receptive to a dp.

Al gave a thumbs up to Nick, "I'm all for it Gail what about you Nick?" Nick looked into her eyes "Gail I'm very up for it but I'm telling you something I have every intention of every time my cock goes in you making you squirt." With a sexy stare she said "the last dp I had I almost squirted, I actually leaked a bit but nothing like what we just made me do.

You can make me squirt with your cock in me or not. I'll squirt for you if you want me to, you can use my vibrator or your cock. I want you to know a squirting pussy is a happy pussy, the only thing is at some point a pussy need to be filled with cute with glasses wants some hard dick. Those are the rules." Nick shock his head to acknowledge he understood, Al asked "Gail on Saturday night could we have you girls squirt for us?" "If Caroline agrees we'll get a heavy duty vibrator and squirt for you guys, now about the dp we discussed." Al looked around for the lube; Terry saw him looking and grabbed the bottle off his night stand.

Gail rolled over so Al could lube up her ass, "hey baby be gentle I only lost my cherry back their yesterday." While Al was lubing her ass she lovingly started to suck Nicks cock, she hoped it would be back in pussy in the dp episode which was about to take place. Nick laid on the bed and helped Gail get on top of him, she slowly pushed her pussy down on his rock hard cock.

She moaned with delight as it slid in, he pulled her close to him so her big tits were crushing into his chest.

Now she felt a slight pressure on her ass hole, the head of Al's cock slipped in. "just both of you stay where you are for a few seconds until I get use to this, remember I only lost my cherry yesterday." After a few minutes Gail began to rock her body slowly back and forth, the guys felt the movement and pushed deep into her. They kept the rhythm going as it felt wonderful.

This was sexual supercharging as far as she was concerned. Jolts of electric shocks were emanating from the bottom of her pussy; she knew soon she would erupt into an uncontrollable orgasm.

Their pace had quicken, her pussy muscles burningangel pov petite emo chick riding dick around Nicks big cock while her ass held Al tightly. Al grunted she felt hot cum flood her bowels. That caused her to orgasm, which caused Nick to pump her deep and hard, just as she felt him stiffen another orgasm hit her; she was squirting on his cock as he pumped cum deep into her pussy.

Al collapsed on her back completely spent; she was laying on Nick's chest her tits crushing into him. All three were sweating; it took a while for them to catch their breath. Al's cock plopped out of her, he rolled off. She whispered in Nick's ear, "You should spend the night; I think I'm hooked on that cock of yours." "If you want Saturday I'll stay." She cuddled him while rubbing her tits on his chest. Finally she rolled off. "Let me get a couple of warm washrags to clean you guys up." As she stood she saw Al & Nick about to say something, she giggled, "I know panties on, I've got it." She pulled her panties on as sexily as she could; before she was out the door she was literally make squishing noises from her pussy and ass.

Once she got back to the room they gave each other high fives as cum was everywhere, the entire bottom half of her body was cum coated. Both guys were taking picture she smiled sexily she proudly displayed the mess the guys had given her.

After cleaning their cock they dp d her again. She was cleaning their cocks for the second time when Terry asked "What time do you guys have to be home?" "Oh wow by ten the latest or I'll have problems with Saturday night" She looked at Nick, she was pouting "I wanted to give you both really super blow jobs before you left, If you haven't noticed I'm really getting addicted to your nut cream." "Well you'll just have to suck it out on Saturday." The guys got up and dressed, they had to get going.

They started for the stairs, Gail grabbed Nicks hand "If you can get away Friday call me I think I really need to get your nut cream in my mouth before Saturday, don't tell the other or even Terry it can be our secret." He looked deep in eyes, he kiss her and headed for the stairs.

Friday morning at 8 her cell rang, it was Nick. "Hi honey what's up?" "I'm cutting the first three of my classes this morning, would you like me to come over for about two hours?" "Oh yes, how fast can you get here?" "I'll be their in fifteen minutes." The line best sloppy bj ive ever seen blo dead she needed a quick shower, some makeup and hair fixing anyway. Fifteen minutes later the doorbell rang, she raced down stairs in panties and bra; she peeked out and saw Nick.

She opened the door grabbed his hand and pulled him inside. No sooner had the door closed then she had her tongue in his mouth, his hands were squeezing boy fucked his brother wife tits.

She pulled him upstairs to her bedroom, once inside the room she unclipped beautiful german teen anal xxx touching your hottest buddy for the first time bra and slowly wiggled out of her panties as he pulled his jeans down. "Baby I really want your nut cream in me." His placed his finger on her lips, "honey you're going to get the cream you want, the first creaming is going into that tight pussy, ok?" "Oh yes that would be wonderful." She was gently rubbing his already stiffening cock, she lay down on the bed and spread for him, he got between her legs and gently pushed the head of his cock deep in her.

He was sitting up looking at her as his cock slowly moved in and out. His hand had started to gently rub his swollen clit, "Gail you're not getting any nut cream until you squirt for me and I get to see it.

She giggled ""Baby if you keep working my clit and pussy like your doing I'm sure you'll get what you want, just remember she needs to be filled with cum." Nick's cock continued to pump in and out, his pace was getting more rapid. She was thrusting her mound up to meet every downward stroke, while kept rubbing her clit.

She felt it deep in her pussy, their was no mistaking the feeling she was going to cum and squirt. She grabbed the sheets and clenched them tightly as the first wave or orgasm rocked her pussy. Suddenly she was wet, Nick had caused her to squirt, she screamed with pleasure, Nicks cock stiffened cum spewed out into her waiting pussy, this caused her to orgasm and squirt yet again.

Nick collapsed on her chest.

They were both hot and wet. Gail realized Nicks cock was still hard, he didn't say anything just sat back up and repeated the entire thing again. After the second time he rolled off attempting to catch his breath. "You ok Nick baby?" "I'm great Gail; I'm going to turn you into my personal squirt girl." She laughed "I'm good with that, honey if you'd keiran banged nicolette in many ways and cums on her pretty face you can have panties made for me that say Nicks pussy." "Do you think Terry will be pissed?" She thought about it for a moment "probably but I'll square it with him, now I want to suck your cock, I'm going to get a warm cloth clean you up and suck you dry.

Yes I'll put my panties on so by the time I get back her I'll be squishing all over." She entered the room warm cloth in hand making squishing sounds from her pussy. Nick took at least 10 pictures, she cleaned his cock.

He was hard so she went to work, his cock was too big to swallow completely the fact he had cum twice in her pussy was allowing him to hold off cumming. She took his cock out of her mouth smiled coyly, "holding back on me babe?" "I'm just trying to prolong the feeling last as long as possible." "Well mister it's time you gave me my nut cream." Her head went back down on his cock and within two minutes she was swallowing gobs of warm cum.

She made sure she had gotten every drop out then put her head on the pillow next to him. "Am I a good cock sucker?" "You're the best cock sucker ever, I thing rather then panties I'll get a t shirt on the front it will say Nicks cum goes in here with an arrow pointing toward your pussy. On the back it will say world class cock sucker who swallows. What do you think?" She was giggling like a school girl, "If you get it for me I'll wear it Saturday night if you like." "You'd really do that for me?" "I sure would as long as you keep me squirting and full of cum yes!" "Ok I'll bring you the shirt Saturday morning before the party, now I've got to get dressed and get back to school.

Nick was gone in ten minutes, she sat on the edge of her bed, her pussy was making gurgling noises as cum leaked out. She was in a sexual daze until the phone rang she answered it, Caroline voice came through clear 'Hi Gail we still on for lunch?" Two hours later at lunch the women discussed their sexual adventure and the coming party.

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Gail told her about the squirting contest they wanted Caroline giggled "if it makes them happy I'm ok with it, but they know they must fill the pussy with cum after right?" Gail nodded. Caroline told her she had an industrial sized vibrator home, she was sure that it would do the trick. They both laughed about the cum in the panty thing, they parted thinking about how excited they were already getting about Saturday nights party.

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