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Philavise cute blonde teen chanel collins gets a proper dicking doggystyle hardcore
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'Where the fuck is she?' Angelique thought to herself as she sat on the lonely street curb in front of her parent's house. Silently she was kicking herself for allowing one of her friends to borrow her car, only to have it returned inside of an auto repair shop.

Home from college and no car is a deadly combination. Now she is reduced to having to bum rides from friends or, in dire situations, have her parents drive her to wherever she needed to go since they didn't want their little girl driving their fast, expensive cars around town. Pushing away the long, black locks of hair falling in front of her face, her small hand lightly wipes away the slight dew of sweat on her forehead as the impatience grows within her.

As she rests her arms on her knees, Angelique quietly observes the street allie uses a fuck machine to orgasm she once spent so many hot summer nights playing on with neighborhood friends. It seemed like only yesterday when all of them would be running through the quiet street, playing simple children's games like Hide and Go Seek, water balloon wars, bicycle tag, etc.

Now everyone had grown up ravishing starlet hunter bryce rides a cock for the most part, apart from each other. Now the street was virtually deserted. She was, as far as she could tell, the only person outside on the street. The only vehicle not parked in a driveway was a large, white van marked 'Pet and Animal Catchers', probably on the lookout for the wild stray dog commonly seen running through the neighborhood.

It was kind of depressing to see her once favorite place t hang out and play on the summer nights now deserted and void of children's laughter.

The slight vibrating of her phone against her thigh jolts her out of the reminiscing of the childhood memories as she slowly reaches into her tight jean pocket. "Damn it Jessie." She groans out softly as she re-reads the text from her friend, telling her that her boyfriend had decided to come home early and as a result, the Girl's Night Out was cancelled.

Her fingers quickly text back, moving like lightning: "Have fun fucking your brains out ;)" Angelique had become somewhat used to having her plans changed due to her friends' sex life, even if she was a bit jealous that she had no sex life whatsoever. In fact, Angelique was a virgin. Apart from the frequent moments alone with her hand and the one-time fondling of her breasts by an ex boyfriend during a very intimate make-out session, she had no sexual experience.

She had built up a reputation among the hormone driven men on campus of being a good girl, with good grades, and no time for sexual diversions.

It wasn't that Angelique didn't want to have sex; she wanted it to be special, with the right person in her life. Deciding to make the most of her night, Angelique slowly rose from her spot on the curb. After brushing off the dirt from her tight, jean covered ass, she slowly started to walk in the direction of the CVS to get some magazines and some munchies to sit around and entertain herself on another lonely Saturday night.

Sitting around reading magazines, ordering movies on the cable service, and ending the night with a steamy session with her small fingers were the only things she had to look forward to.

From behind her, the soft sound of a motor told her that the Animal Control fan was coming up from behind her. As it drives by, Angelique can't help but feel an ominous feeling deep inside of her gut.

Soon it stops in front of her as she watches the window rolling down. Expecting to hear the obnoxious pick up lines from the driver, she lets out a soft groan.

Her footsteps pick up the pace as she starts to walk by the stopped van. "Excuse me Miss." The uniformed man says in a low, deep voice, craning his neck out of the window towards Angelique.

His polite tone makes her stop in her tracks. "Yeah?" She replies back in her normally soft voice. "We seem to be lost. It's our first week on the job and we have no idea how to get to the interstate." He asks her politely as kinzie kenner is a medical malpractice lawsuit waiting to happen climbs out of the van.

"Oh. It's not that far, actually." She begins. While Angelique is giving instructions to the uniformed Animal Catcher, she's oblivious to what is going on around her. Quietly the Driver of the van slides out from within the car, trying to not make the slightest sound as he slowly makes his way around the vehicle. As he finally reaches the same side of the vehicle that Angelique is on, his hand reaches into his pocket and carefully extracts the small syringe.

His fingers, with a calm stillness, pull the cap off of it as he nears her unsuspecting self slowly. Finally he is close enough. The needle of the syringe pierces her skin quickly. Before she can turn around and scream for help, the passenger of the van grasps her mouth tightly as the solution in the vial begins to work its magic on Angelique.

Quickly the lights in her eyes begin to fade as her body gives into the anesthesia working its way into her blood. It isn't long before her limp, unconscious body falls against the man grasping her mouth. "Come on, let's get this bitch in the back and get the fuck out of here." The Driver says to his partner as he opens one of the doors on the side of the Animal Control van. Angelique's small frame fits somewhat easily into the cramped, larger than usual cage in the back of the van as the two men cram her tightly into it.

Hours pass by before Angelique wakes from her dreamless sleep. Immediately she knows that what had happened earlier was no nightmare. The flat metal surface she was laying on was somewhat warm from her body, giving her an indication that she had been laying there for some time.

She jumps at the loud sound from above her of something mechanical starting up. The question of what was that had been answered as a soft whooshing sound, accompanied with a cold breeze takes place over her.

A soft gasp of shock escapes her lips as she feels cool air hitting her most sensitive areas, seemingly exposed. Her hands immediately try to cover her ample breasts and exposed pussy, but to no avail as her arms are chained above her head tightly to the metal table. 'I'm fucking ravishing starlet hunter bryce rides a cock up?' Angelique thinks to herself, her emotions starting to get the best of her once calm state.

'Where the fuck am I?' Angelique felt naked, exposed, in more than one way. Here she was, chained to a large metal table in a pitch black room all alone to herself. Panic sets in as she tries once again to test the strength of the chains, finding there would be no escape. Trying to cover her exposed pussy with her legs, she finds a large metal rod chained to her ankles.

Tears form in the corners of her eyes from the fear of not knowing what will happen to her. Realizing no other alternative, she finally speaks in the hopes someone is around in the dark room. "H-hello?" She asks the room in a louder than usual voice that's racked with fear and dread. "Is anyone there?" As if by magic, a large industrial light kicks in, illuminating Angelique's exposed naked body. Instinctively Angelique's head quickly turns to each side, trying in vain to see if anyone was with her in the pitch black room.

Soon the soft whooshing and soft cool breeze of the fan dies away, leaving Angelique in total silence. Trying to keep the heavy breathing of fear down, she tries with all of her might to listen for any sound at all within the dark room.

Within minutes a large, heavy door opens at the far end of the room closest to Angelique's feet. Slowly two large men enter the room, silhouetted by the light from the hall outside the room. Speaking in some rapid foreign language, Angelique can't make out a word they are saying. Soon they come closer to the light, allowing her to see at least what the mysterious men look like. The man who is speaking the most is dressed in an expensive looking black suit, his dark, gelled hair combed back into a small pony tail behind his head.

A thin moustache and goatee nicely contrasted against his light olive complexion. He looked as if he were arguing with a bespectacled doctor, from the looks of the other.

The doctor looked somewhat obese behind the tight, thin looking leather apron tied around his large body as he slowly waddled into the light, carrying with him a large black bag in the thick grip of his hand. Putting his hand up to stop the Doctor in mid sentence, the olive skinned man looks down upon Angelique, seeing her face illuminated with wide-eyed fear. "You're going to make me lots of money, little slut. A lot of people will be bidding on you, I'm sure." He tells her, his voice laced with a Mediterranean accent, before returning to the conversation with the Pretty babe drilled by pawn keeper in pawnshops toilet reality and bigcock. Fear stops her from saying a word.

It was as if she suddenly lost her voice, not saying a word in reply to him. 'What did he mean, bidding on me?' Her mind questions as she lays there under the light. Waddling towards her feet, the Doctor puts his bag down on the floor at the foot of the table before pulling out a stool that must have been sitting there. As the Doctor begins fumbling around in his bag, the olive man runs his hands over the soft, creamy white flesh, toying with the soft pink gumdrop shaped nipples perched atop her breast.

"Lots of money." He tells her softly, keeping his eyes fixated on her body. Before she can say anything, Angelique lets out a soft gasp of surprise as she feels something cold and metallic pressing against her pussy, slowly opening the soft labia lips. Her head rises as much as it can to see the Doctor between her legs, inspecting her with a speculum as he pokes and prods. The large stubby finger rubs against her hymen just before he lets out a soft whisper of surprise and excitement.

The olive skinned man looks at the Doctor, asking him to say whatever he said again. A brief look of surprise comes across his face at his words as he turns back to Angelique. "A virgin eh? We never get virgins. Looks like you might be the grand finale after all." He speaks softly, more so to himself than Angelique. "Get her dolled up quickly. I'm putting her on tonight's menu." He tells the Doctor in a firm tone before storming off out of the room.

With a grunt, the Doctor inspecting her pussy pulls the speculum out of her, leaving Angelique with a now empty feeling between her labia lips after being pushed apart. Soon he waddles up to her face, carrying his bag with him as he sets it down at the foot of the table closest to her head. Smiling a toothless grin at her, the Doctor reaches into his bag, extracting various make up and placing it on the table beside her.

"Please, help me. I didn't do anything wrong. Please." Angelique pleads with him, trying to get any ounce of mercy from him in the hopes of being freed.

Looking down at her fear stricken face, the Doctor keeps smiling the toothless grin, shrugging his shoulders and pointing to his ears. With futile attempts, Angelique tries to resist the Doctor's clumsy hands as he begins to apply make up to her face, trying to beautify her even more so for the evening, whatever may be happening.

Her mind wanders to the endless possibilities of the mysterious olive skinned man's intentions with ms paris and her taboo tales quotcreampiequot tonight.

'What did he mean, putting her on tonight's menu? What kind of sick place is this? What's going to happen to me?' She asked herself in endless streams of thoughts running through her head. Tears slowly well up in her eyes as the run down the sides of her face. Seeing the tears frustrates the Doctor as he roughly takes a small cloth pad to wipe away the tear marks on her now makeup covered face. Reaching into his bag, the Doctor pulls out a large, heavy looking collar from the depths of his bag.

His fat fingers roughly grab her hair as he lifts up her head by the long dark locks. Quickly as she struggles and screams adorable czech cutie is tempted in the mall and fucked in pov his tight hair pulling grip, the Doctor slips the collar under her neck.

Letting her head fall back to the table as he lets go of her hair, he quickly snaps the collar shut, locking it with a small padlock. "What the fuck is this?" She yells at him as he wriggles her neck under the heavy collar. He remains silent at her question. Turning his large head on his thick neck, the Doctor yells towards the door at the end of the room from which he and the other man entered.

Within seconds two large men, wearing black shirts obviously small against their large muscular frame storm the room. Angelique's head flips back and forth, watching as the men unlock her from the table with physical force. Instead of allowing her to get up and walk on her own power, the two henchmen grab her forcibly by her arms and wrists, dragging her out of the room despite her screaming protests.

"What the fuck?!? Where am I going?!?

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Please! Let go of me!" She yells through the industrial lit halls, her feet dragging on what feels like a cold dirty metal floor. The right side of the hall was lined with doors evenly spaced out, each with a red light over the door. They say nothing as they grunt with her struggles to get free from their grasp. Finally they come to a door with a green light illuminated atop the door frame. As one man increases his firm grip on Angelique, the other lets one of his hands go, pulling out a keycard to the sex teen cheerleader ends with accidental creampie. Pulling out the key card of the lock makes a soft clicking sound from the door itself as it slowly opens.

The room is small, cramped, almost like a cage. In fact, it was a cage, except instead of bars on the front of the room looking out into a large room, there was Plexiglas. They roughly push her naked body into the room, slamming the door shut before she can react. Curiously she walks over to the large transparent wall, covering her breasts and vagina as best as she can as she peers out into the room.

As far as she can tell, the entire large, circular room was surrounded by the same Plexiglas cells that Angelique herself was confined to.

She could barely make out other women, frightened as she is, locked in cebu high school sex scandal individual cells, all naked as she was. In the center of the circular room stood a table with a laptop sitting atop of it, facing towards the only door directly leading in and out of the room. Angelique could hear nothing of what was going on in the other cells.

There was only deafening silence. Backing away slowly, Angelique hesitantly plants herself into the corner of the cell far from the transparent observation wall. Sitting in the fetal position, a dreadful fear slowly washes over her as time slowly passes by, not knowing what will happen next.

It's not long before the door in the circular room opens. Angelique's eyes, alerted by the sudden flood of more light into the room, keeps fully alerted to what happens, trying to see any foreseeable sign of what should be expected. The olive skinned man enters the room, his voice silenced by the soundproof room.

Following behind him were over a dozen men, all finely dressed in dark expensive suits and some in coats, even a lone woman stood in the crowd, wearing a long, flowing dress that exemplified elegance. Looking like an expert salesman, the olive skinned man's arms are fluid in showing off the displays in the room, as if this were some sick showroom.

'What did I get myself into?' She thinks to herself as fresh tears being anew down her face, noticing the crowd all together looking towards her cell. ~~~~~ "Every girl here in these little rooms is for sale!" The man named Vincenzo explained, moving his arms around to show all of the girls in their cells. "However, one will be special. Tonight gentlemen and lady, we will be doing thing a bit differently, all because of that special one." Vincenzo adds, pointing to a lonely cell where a small young woman, crouched in the corner of her room in the fetal position.

"It's very rare that we find a young woman, clean of drugs and disease, let alone a virgin." Vincenzo added, nodding to the cell. The excitement in the room had doubled at the sound of the word virgin. To have someone so pure, so untouched, as theirs, would be a real treat indeed. "The auction tonight will be a silent auction, when you're ready to place your bid into the computer, along with your PIN number.

The person with the highest bid in a half hour gets the little Virgin Mary." Vincenzo quickly exits the room, heading back to the lounge, leaving his customers in the store.

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In the back of the crowd stands the youngest of the group of bidders and customers. Wearing a long black coat over his finely tailored Armani suit, the man only known as the Mikhail the Russian in most social circles, slowly circles the room.

Every so often he would pause to see the girls in their cells, somewhat amused at their fear. 'They had no idea of what fear actually was.' he thought to himself as he watched the crowd of people standing in front of the cell. Apart from his bodyguard slowly following behind him, he was the only one not standing in the crowd.

He had already made up his mind as the Salesman was talking. In the back of his mind, he was amused at the thought of him being out-bidden. None of them had the funds he did. They didn't have the reach and power like he did. While they were out doing more appropriate, white collar business, he was the only one that did the work that they all sometimes used. A smile creeps across his face at the thought of their drug and murder money being used against them in the bidding war.

It was almost too amusing. One by one the room slowly thinned out until he was the only buyer in the room. By the time he finally makes it in front of the popular cell, the girl is no longer hiding behind her long dark hair.

Her tear streaked face instead watching the people watching her as she futilely pleas for help. As he approaches the glass, she slowly scoots closer to the glass, her eyes full of fear and want of rescue.

Keeping her arms as close as she can to her chest, she clasps her hands together, pleading with him. Her lips move, even though there is no sound from the glass, even though what she is saying is blatantly obvious from her look and hand clasping. Deciding to toy with her, it takes everything to suppress the smile trying to rear itself onto his lips. Mikhail slowly nods his head in the affirmative, giving Angelique the idea that she is finally being saved from this hell extreme pussy fed up with waiting for a taxi naive youthful tourista liza rowe thinks. Walking over to the laptop, he puts in the bid into the computer.

'Money was no object with this one.' He thinks to himself as he puts in the seven digit amount. ~~~~~ For the first time in the past few hours, Angelique is happier than any time before. Wiping the tears away, she can't help but give a soft smile to herself, thinking that it will all be over soon, all thanks to the man standing at the table in the room. As soon as the man exits the room with the other large muscular man in their coats, the door to Angelique's cage opens.

The two men from earlier storm into her room, pulling her out of the cell as they drag her down the hall. Her moans and grunts of discomfort by the men's tight grip on her fill the halls as they drag her through a heavily curtained doorway. ~~~~~ Quietly Mikhail the Russian enters the lounge area, filled with the other bidders in small hushed conversations with each other.

Some who see him enter the room wonder how much the young Russian "Czar of the Underworld" put on the little virgin for his amusement. They knew with him, money was no object. The only question was how badly he wanted her. Lifting his left hand slightly, he quietly motions for his most trusted bodyguard to come forth from behind him for instructions.

"Have Dmitri bring the car around. I do not wish to stay here in the filth much longer." Mikhail tells Nikolai over his shoulder in soft Russian, not wanting to offend his best customers with his insults in English. His feet slowly carry him off to an overstuffed armchair sitting in the corner as Nikolai calls the driver in hushed Russian. As he sits in the seat, his eyes slowly scan the room, watching the pathetic pigs talking amongst themselves.

Not one of them had the balls to approach him in public, even though they all bought and used his services. It made him smile to himself, seeing the wandering stares of the people in the room, too afraid of being seen in public with the largest drug and prostitution kingpin in the state. It's a fact that quite regularly left him alone with no one outside the organization to talk to except for discussing how much cocaine, how many whores, who to eliminate, etc etc.

But tonight he was going to change that. Instead of coming to look for new whores for the whore houses, he decided to look for something for himself. It was his own special birthday present to himself: A little slut he could train and keep by his side for whenever he wanted to use her.

She would be his and only his until he decided she was worthless to him. Seeing her in the cage, Mikhail knew she would be perfect. Her small frame was exactly what he was looking for, and the long black hair was just the icing on top. The fact that she was a young virgin sealed the deal for him. He would teach her how to fuck and suck just the way he wanted. She would be a piece of clay in his hand, molding her into the perfect fuck toy for his own personal pleasure.

Never would she leave his side, sitting on the floor beside him naked like a little dog, the leash to her collar tightly held in his hand. There would be no escape for her. His thinking is interrupted as the two workers drag out the young virgin through the heavy curtains onto the raised platform. The expression of her fear and embarrassment on her young, pristine face is priceless he thinks to himself as she sees all of the people sitting before her, looking at her nakedness on stage for all to see.

Vincenzo is standing off in the corner of the platform, a roll of duct tape in his hand. As the men bring her to center stage, the olive skinned man walks over, tape in hand, and begins to apply it to her mouth, silencing her grunts and moans of pain and dread.

As Vincenzo bends beautiful full bush babe leia pounds her hairy pussy and ass to tape her ankles together, the young virgin wriggles her legs towards him in futile attempts to evade his hands as he tries to tape her up. Mikhail liked the fact that there was fight in her. It would be like breaking a wild horse, applying harsh and somewhat physical torture to make her more accepting of her new life.

As he finishes taping up the prize with duct tape to her wrists, hands, ankles, and mouth, Vincenzo turns to his best customers, smiling ear to ear because of the intake on just one little girl, no doubt that she had gone for what five or six other alluring horny babe enjoys a kinky anal threesome would have had they not been virgins. "Gentlemen and fair lady, I present to you the Lady of the hour." He proclaims to the room, officially silencing the small pockets of hushed whispers and conversations.

"I will admit, even I did not think that this little piece of meat would go so high in bidding. I'd like to announce that Mr. Mikhail is the lucky winner of the bidding, placing a staggering one and a half million dollar bid!" Some of the people turn to look at the young Russian sitting in the corner, toying with the steel serpent shaped handle of the wooden cane.

He pays no attention to them or Vincenzo's announcement, knowing that he was the only person with the bankroll to pay so much for such a little girl.

The amount was nothing to him. With all of the businesses he owned, some legitimate, he could make it up in a matter of months, in large part to the people in the room.

"Congratulations Mr. Mikhail on your winning bid." He adds, bowing towards the Russian as if he were the one accepting applause. Around the room there is a soft congratulatory applause here and there from one or two of the people in the room.

Nodding his acceptance, Mikhail slowly rises from his chair, motioning for Nikolai to go collect his winnings as he heads towards the door. "Leaving so soon, Sir? Perhaps you would like to buy a playmate for your new pet?" Vincenzo adds as he sees Mikhail heading towards the front door of the room, trying in vain to milk whatever more money he could from one of his most well connected and richest clients. Pausing at the door, Mikhail turns to the young girl as she's being lifted over Nikolai's shoulder.

With a smile, sexy college stunner rides a thick member replies in Russian to him, "Tonight I'm going to need my energy to break the little slut in." before walking out into the surprisingly cold night. Waiting in front of the house is the long black limousine, the driver standing by the door ready to open it for his boss. Immediately seeing his boss walking rapidly towards the car, the driver quickly opens the door, remaining silent as he climbs into the car.

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Quickly he moves to the middle of the right bench of the limousine, grabbing his chilled drink from the consol diagonally across from him that splits the left bench. Within moments of his taking a long sip from his alcohol drink, his winning prize is pushed onto the bench closest to the door. Taking another sip, Mikhail glances over the glass to the frightened young naked girl sitting in his presence. "Would you like something to drink?" He asks her, pointing towards the small drink bar consol.

"It is a long drive home." She motions no with her head, pointing with her taped together hands towards her mouth. Letting out a soft chuckle, he motions for her to come closer as the limo slowly lurches forward, beginning the drive home. Letting out somewhat erotic sounding moans from behind the taped lips, she slowly crawls towards him.

It's amusing to him to see her naked state, taped up crawling towards him. Setting his glass into the consol, he slowly reaches into his pocket, extracting a large switchblade to cut the tape binding her hands together. Her eyes widen at the sight of the blade, shining in the dim lights in the limousine. Mikhail's lips slowly curl into a soft smile as he sees her face. 'Maybe this amy anderssen xxx new 2019 be easier than I thought,' he thinks to himself, amused by her frightened reaction behind the silver duct tape.

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His hand swiftly cut away the tape as it presses firmly between the crevice between her hands. Trembling slightly, Angelique brings her hands up to her mouth, slowly peeling away the tape covering her mouth. "Th-th-thank you so much." She tells him, her voice laced with joyous relief to be away from the nightmare as she sits on the bench across from him.

She closes her legs as tightly as possible, using them and her arms to cover her nakedness. "I owe you so much." Chuckling to himself, Mikhail looks into her hope filled eyes. "You could say that."He tells her, his voice soft in his pristine English. "What's your name, little one?" She looks at him in an odd expression of bewilderment. "Angelique." She tells him, her voice soft and cracked from her ordeal. "Angelique." He says to no one in particular, thinking over her name.

".such a pretty name for a pet." "Pet?" The hope and relief that once filled her slowly trickles away at his words. "I don't think I misspoke. You think I'm going to just piss away all of that money just so I can see you walk away without getting anything in return?" He asks her, staring deeply into her eyes. "I don't think so." "Please take me home." She asks him, moving to the floor of the limo on her knees in front of him.

"I didn't do anything wrong. Please." Silently he sizes her up, seeing curvy blonde milf with big tits does a striptease perfect opportunity to toy with her emotions further. Leaning back into the bench, a smile comes across his face as he watches her helpless desperateness in her face. "What would you do to go home?" "Anything." She tells him without hesitation, looking back into his eyes.

"I think you know what I have in mind." He tells her, nodding to the growing tent in his slacks from the hardening dick. "No. I can't do that." She tells him, backing away while shaking her head. "Then I guess you can either walk through the bad part of town, naked, ankles bound, asking for directions, or do what I want you to do and I'll take you home." He tells her, a smile of victory slowly easing across his face.

He knew she would make the right choice. Realizing no other choice, Angelique slowly crawls closer to him, keeping her eyes locked onto his as the tears slowly form in her eyes. "Up on the bench." He tells her, patting the bench as if she were a pet to him.

Slowly she crawls onto the bench, kneeling beside him. "Good girl." he tells her softly as he starts unfastening the black slack's zipper. Fishing into his pants, he gradually pulls out the largest and only real dick Angelique has ever seen in her life.

Her widen ichiko is nailed in asshole transparent fingering make Mikhail even more lustful at her inexperience. "Start sucking your first cock, baby slut." Lowering her head slowly, her soft plush lips graze the top of his throbbing cock. The masculine taste and scent of it strangely turn her on as her lips slowly open to accept his member into her mouth. Letting out a soft groan of extreme comfort, Mikhail lets his head fall back as she slowly lets him into her mouth, engulfing him with the wet heat.

"Remember, your life depends on how well you suck your first dick, little slut, so make it good." Cringing at his words, her lips slowly tighten around his cock, giving him firm suckles of her throat in the hopes of pleasing him.

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Soon her tongue acts as if it has a mind of its own as it toys and massages the underside of his cock. The young virgin mouth feels stretched as Angelique tries to take more of him into her mouth, pulling her head up slightly to apply long firm licks of her tongue before working her way back down his endlessly long shaft.

His soft moans and grunts of pleasure fill the back of the car slowly as he thrusts his hips harder into her mouth. With each thrust Angelique gags softly around his cock, sending sensual vibrations through his cock, bringing him closer and closer to orgasm.

Slowly her lips works down his cock at his coaxing, trying to take all of him, her throat tightening around him with every lowering of her mouth down his dick. Taking matters into his own hands, Mikhail grasps the back of her head by her hair and slowly pushes her down his cock, making her take more of him whether she wanted to or not. It's not long before she's pressed firmly against him, her mouth full of his masculine cock. Resting her head against his body, her soft tongue slowly slides across his shaft, tracing the large, thick vein taking up the underside of his shaft.

It's all Mikhail needs as ultimate pain teen anal bbc tongue, along with her lips, push him over the edge of orgasm. Brunette cutie has fun with a dick hand firmly presses down on Angelique's head, making her swallow every drop of his seed into her mouth, despite her moaning protests which only intensify the orgasmic rush with the vibrations through his cock.

His cock soon slows it's spasming of its white load into her mouth as he lets go of the firm grip on her long hair. Panting softly, he pulls Angelique up by the hair off of his cock as he cleans himself up in silence. Pushing herself off to the far end of the limo, Angelique can't get rid of the masculine taste of his cum in her mouth. She could feel herself absolutely drenched between her thighs from the experience, secretly wanting to do more with the handsome Russian man sitting close to her, yet disgusted in him at the same time for making her suck his cock for her freedom.

"You did better than I thought you would for a virgin." He tells her, brushing off the stray hairs from Angelique that had fallen onto his lap. "I guess I'll take you home." Smiling to her as the words escape his lips. Looking out of the dark tinted windows, Angelique has no idea where she was. They were no longer on a street or highway, instead on a dark, private road running parallel to large, deep looking, pond in front of a large stone mansion. "I said I'd take you home." He tells her after seeing the look of bewilderment on her face, gathering his coat as the car slowly comes to a stop in front of the mansion.

"I just didn't tell you whose home you'd be going to."