Big ass cuaght in fitting room with hidden cam

Big ass cuaght in fitting room with hidden cam
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Finally! Home at last; it had been such a long day dealing with clients… The boss hat can be such a strain on your sanity. As you opened the door to your apartment, you were very surprised to find that all the lights were off even more surprising was that the normal rambunctious dogs similarly did not attack you!

"Hello?" you called out, more than a little nervous. Why am I being stupid you berate yourself. If you just go upstairs, you'll find them everyone else. As you head up the stairs you become even more unnerved by how utterly quiet it is and you barely had the thought that something is very wrong as you opened the door and were suddenly thrown against the bedroom wall. You tried to scream but only found your mouth suddenly full of cloth what was it, a shirt? It seemed to small and silky.

You couldn't see anything as you tried to look around, just the faint outline of your bedroom and clearly the shadow of a man but whoever had you didn't stop there. It was so quick you barely understood what was happening as the rough ropes cinched tightly against your hands.

Even quicker was how suddenly that same rope quickly thrust your arms in the air and suspended you on the tips of your toes. Your screams silenced by the gag in your mouth; you could only think "What was happening? Who was this? Where are my dogs and my family? Are they ok?" But there would be no answers, only the brutal strength of someone turning you around to face the door.

You couldn't help but struggle and kick you wouldn't go down silently, that is, until you felt it. The cold steel was sharp against the back of your neck and you stopped moving altogether. You whimpered but the tart taste from the cloth in your mouth only pervaded. You couldn't even plead for him to stop as the knife turned under your shirt and started to cut away. You started to struggle again but the knife turning again on your back busty vanesa plays with her meaty pussy you stop immediately and you resumed the pleading.

It wasn't until he had your shirt and bra off completely that you stopped resolute in your defiance. The cold was biting your nipples quickly standing to attention. You were embarrassed, but he didn't stop to feel you up. He was methodical. He continued down and further removed your pants and underwear. The shiver that you felt run down your spine as his nails scraped along your shoulders and his damp breath on the back of your neck seemed to travel all the way down to your body. You hated the feeling as your pussy started to throb in anticipation you knew exactly what he planned to do to you… You thought… They seemed to go away for a bit and suddenly you were unsure.

You didn't want to turn away not willing to face whoever it was. Maybe this was it? Did they not have the balls to finish it? You had almost started to feel something akin to hope when your head was suddenly ripped all the way back and nothing. The blackness was infinite, and you knew that they had blindfolded you. The lights seemed to come on, you could tell by what little seemed to make it through the son force rape mom kitchen of your blindfold.

The respite was clearly done as you felt the sting on your ass, and you couldn't help but jerk backwards in a vain attempt to keep your ass out of the way of whatever was striking you.

You were shaking in anticipation, waiting for your it to happen. But nothing seemed to happen. Was it one minute? Five? The wait seemed forever. But you couldn't keep arched forever and slowly you straightened your back. That's when it you felt it again another burning ribbon across your ass, the distinctive crack against skin. FUCK! That hurt. Whoever it was, they were patient.

Why was this happening? What did she do to deserve this? Where was her husband, her dogs? Again, another crack unmistakable now as the belt connected at the crease of her ass and thighs. You couldn't cry out but it wouldn't stop you from trying… The sting literally sent shock waves up your body and the throbbing you felt seemed to be felt in huge waves, washing across your body so that even your pussy wasn't immune.

Again, the belt landed, and again, you couldn't help but arch your back as much as possible. Your toes were starting to tire, and your ass was on fire. They were thorough in the approach. For the first time you felt it his rough calloused hands on your back. They seemed to be sliding down your back… Fuck! You felt his breath against your ear, you felt the goosebumps that it always caused you.

That's when you heard it, his deep authoritative tone that was still completely foreign to your ears. "Submit." One word. The thought made you involuntarily clench your legs, but you could still feel it the wetness gathering in your pussy, your primal need begging to do what he told you to do.

But you were resolute you wouldn't give in so easily min leggigs fuck storys sex storiesm as you felt your juices run down your thighs. He didn't seem to wait for a response, seemingly satisfied with whatever answer your body had given him. You tried to listen, to figure out what was next, to at least prepare. Was he going to whip you more? Would he fuck you?

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How long would this last? What sounded like whispers in the background made you stop but you weren't sure. Were there other people here?

How many people were here? Again, you thought you heard something; like faint footsteps or something. If only you could see them it may give you some measure of control, to at least speak, to do something, to even remember… That's when you felt it. You screamed to no avail as what felt like pure fire ran down your tits.

The pain was unimaginable, and you twisted and kicked. Slowly the pain receded, and the skin felt cool and cracked like something had dried on top of it. The taste of the clothe in your mouth was pervasive and the smell pungent. You tried to cough but couldn't as you felt it again the hot fire running down the opposite tit. You screamed again as you felt the fire reach your nipple. The sensitive flesh took to the hot liquid quickly, causing you to buck like crazy.

Again, it cooled quickly, and you calmed as you felt it cracking. Again, the fire poured down your back and ass. You couldn't help but moan as you felt what seemed to be nails scraped your abdomen as they traced circles. Were they examining you?

The unmistakable fruity odor told you this wasn't the same person as last time; the nails were clearly longer and sharper this time. You were suddenly very sure that there was more than just a man in here.

That's when hot mom poran vide zabardast heard another voice; this one altogether feminine "Do you like the taste of my underwear?" A high-pitched laugh as you finally realized what was in your mouth.

The thought made you gag as you now knew what the pungent odor you smelled was. The surprise on hearing a women's voice combined with her underwear in your mouth made you squirm uncomfortably; what was happening, how could she do this? But, internally, you knew women have desires as base and primal men; clearly demonstrated by the growing stream of liquid running down your legs.

She laughed again, the women finally declared "My, she seems to have sprung a leak. Would you like us to plug that for you, darling?" Her hands were somehow rougher in their groping than the mans as they worked across your stomach and down your legs, forcing them wide.

"Tsk, tsk, I'd say she's enjoying this a little too much. Maybe we should turn this up a notch!" Fuck you! You could barely stand at all anymore and slowly you felt your toes give out, much to the dismay of your wrists. Still you had to at least try to keep yourself up. You weren't ready to quit yet. That's when you felt the rope get tighter and the pain was excruciating as you felt your feet leave the ground.

How was this even possible? Why hadn't anyone come to help? Clearly, they must have heard something happening. Her soft hands found your legs somehow, you felt that you might prefer the man still. You felt her coiling something around your ankles, the same rope from your wrists, maybe? Finally, she seemed to finish, and you felt them slowly cinch onto something, your leg being stretched but at last you found something that felt like hard rubber, not the floor, but something to stand on, maybe, if you could just reach it.

Again, she did the same to the other leg but pulled further out. You complied easily, anything to stop the pain in your wrists. Slowly, you were lowered until you were barely standing on the balls of your feet. The release in your wrists was staggering and you felt like you might cry just from the relief. But you suddenly noticed that you couldn't move your legs inward or public beach cap agde by naomi slut and the only relief for your wrists was in the exact spread pose that you were in now.

"Well at least she trimmed recently although I might consider shaving her later" the female said. "You know how much I love a bare pussy." "Speaking of her pussy" the man began "I thought you said you were going to plug her leak, or was that all talk?" "I'll wait until she's begging for it; besides, that's what your cocks are for anyway, right?" The implication of the word "cocks" was not lost on her. The thought caused her pussy to twitch so there were multiple men here. Fuck, what did I do to deserve this?

Why me? "Enough talk makes her dance for us" another man said, the tone all-too familiar. What the fuck was going on? "Entertain us" the other male said. "Yes, sir" the female responded quickly, as if a trained monkey. The thought amused her greatly, despite her predicament.

Her hands quickly found your tits and grip was not gentle. You could feel her squeezing it felt filled with need or desire. The thought of a woman grasping so passionately at your body and roughly at the simple command of these men made you… envious?

No, that can't be the term, can it? That was a strange thought innocent teen gives blowjob in pov and gets pink twat drilled the woman seemed content to roughly exploring your body. It felt like an inspection the way she left no crevice unexplored, no detail unnoticed. As she worked her way back behind you, you heard her speak again "I think she needs more punishment before I make her please me, however.

May I have you belt, sir?" "Certainly" the familiar voice said, if not colder than normal. She didn't wait long, and you quickly felt the sting of the belt on your ass again. This hurt worst than before as it felt as if your very pride was shaken at the thought of the woman wielding the belt, bearing down on you, taunting you.

Again, and again it landed on your ass. She wasn't gentle or nice, and you felt as if you could barely move. The pain was unbearable. This time you heard her whisper in your ear "Will you submit?" Thinking you would do anything to end her torture, but barely understanding, you simply nod your head in defeat. "Good girl, you've earned a prize" she said tauntingly.

"Unfortunately, I've had to wear them all night and I am wild hunks fucking chaste honey smalltits hardcore bit sore". You hear a sigh of relief and then you felt it. The pinch on your nipples caused you to whip back it was excruciating! "Ah, wow! Much better, don't you think?" Her tone was so haughty. Fucking bitch! "Now, lets see what presents you have for me, huh?" Her hands started running around your pelvis and you know innocent teen gives blowjob in pov and gets pink twat drilled means business as she carefully avoids all but the most delicate parts of your pussy.

Fuck… Your thighs she squeezes and slaps; her hands darting in and around, roughly handling your body. She squeezes your ass cheeks and slaps them hard with her hand. Fuck. Then it happens. Her fingers grip your pussy katya rodriguez sweet latina gets fucked on cam you can feel how easily they make their way inside you. I'm too fucking wet you think to yourself. Her fingers are clearly practiced as she grips and pulls you up by your pussy; the pressure on your clit tremendous and you couldn't help but reach a desperately needed orgasm on her hand.

With your body shaking and the striking feeling of your juices dripping down on the floor from her hand, you couldn't believe you didn't last longer. You knew you were wet, were turned on, but at least you had hoped you might last longer… As quickly as she inserted her fingers, they were out just the same.

She slapped you across the face; the sting only worsened by the warm wet liquid left to cool on your face. A reminded that you had just been violated, and clearly, gotten off to it. "I never told you that you could cum, slut" she whispered.

"This time hold it in, or you'll lose a lot more than your pride" she whispered in your other ear. Again, her fingers found your pussy, and impossibly, the sweet spot you love deep inside. "Fuck" you can't help but moan into her underwear.

You knew you wouldn't be able to hold it for long and you just prayed you could outlast her quickly moving fingers. You could feel how wet you were, practically her the gushing sound of your pussy; there was no stopping the amount of fluid running down your legs and the sloshing was unmistakable. The thought that she so easily manipulated your pussy made you convulse and your body started seizing as your orgasm hit. She slapped you again, and again, across your face.

"She needs more discipline" "Let me borrow your whip" she said, "I will teach her to submit to you properly" "Oh, looking to exact some jav collection amateur japanese pussy wankers babes and asian the familiar voice was cold and mocking.

"Please, sir, I promise not to break the merchandise" she said. "Fine," the familiar voice said tiny tit amateur fucks her hot pussy paused "but bring her down." Thank god, you thought guiltily.

"I want her on her knees when we finally break her; she needs to be tamed" The betrayal you felt at that mount was visceral could he really mean to hurt you? To "break" you, as he put it? The ropes on your feet fell off and finally, the rope suspending your wrist seemed to come down. You had hoped to catch yourself on your feet but realized quickly that you somehow didn't have any strength left and falling on your knees and elbows clearly losing any dignity you had left. The ropes on your hands kept them together still, but at least you weren't bound.

That is until you felt your hair being yanked back roughly. You started to get up but felt a stinging on your face as you were slapped again, this time, the hand much rougher than previously, and clearly not wet from your pussy… "Stay down, slave" the familiar voice said. You got back down on all fours quickly and stayed still.

"Look, she's starting to behave" the woman said, "She looks so precious, almost like a dog!" You groaned at her mocking voice but still you kept still. You didn't want to provoke them any further. "Your right" the familiar voice said, "But I think you need to break her in a little more" That's when you felt the stinging sensation across your back.

You arched but stayed still, you knew you couldn't move. "I couldn't agree more, she needs discipline, Sir." Again, and again the whip fell; but you didn't move. Your back arched as you silently weathered the abuse on all fours; quite like a dog indeed, you thought miserably to yourself. You were ashamed at how fucking turned on the thought made you. Then the whips stopped, and her hands found your pussy again, playing with it, toying.

You knew you were an utter mess down there, the carpet you were kneeling on was soaked. Then she spread your ass and you could her spit; it landed on your ass, warm. You tried not to move as her fingers found the spot. They knew they had you when you complied. In your ass, her fingers moved in and out, circling around, playing with both your holes and you knew that she could practically make petite teen gets cum from huge dick cum on demand.

"She's starting to behave like a good girl" the other man said, "let her use her mouth for better things." The woman pulled her fingers out of your ass and pussy and you could hear her stand up.

She grabbed your face and slapped it hard, but you kept looking straight ahead. Then as the underwear was pulled out of your mouth, you tried to breath in as much as possible. The air smelled distinctly of sex, no doubt because you had cum all over the floor. The woman only gave you a few seconds before moving forward. The feeling of her skin against your face, the definite odor of her pussy, you didn't even register what you were doing before you found yourself desperately licking her pussy." "Ugh" the woman grunted "Not so fast." She pulled your head away.

"You need to learn patience slut" You nodded in defeated agreement and waited until she released your head. Waiting to be told to do. So, this is what it means to be broken, you think to yourself.

Finally, after an agonizingly long time "You can lick her" a man side. Like a dog finally given her treat, you immediately began running your tongue over her pussy. The moans that escaped her lips didn't dissuade you no, rather they made you feel powerful for a change.

This you could do. Again, and again you licked, savoring the taste of her pussy, the liquid running over your tongue until finally you could feel her losing control, she was shaking. Losing control, you thought. Just a little more and she would cum. But it wasn't to be. "Stop" both men said, and immediately she stepped back. "You will be as trained as she is when we are done, Amber" The voice still so familiar was now confirmed, caused you to shiver.

It was his belt that the woman had used, it was his ropes that tied her up, and this was his ploy. Your husband. "Come here" he called again. Obediently, you crawled on all fours to the man clearly responsible for this night. "Have you learned your lesson, Amber?" the man said. "Yes, Sir" "Are you going to be a good little slut?" "Yes, Sir" "Do you think you have earned your collar yet?" Confused, but desperately wanting his approval you said again "Yes, Sir" "We will see…" he replied, "I need you to masturbate for me." "You see, we have an audience and they wouldn't want to be displeased".

"Yes, Sir" you replied. You tried to stand up but the sting of a mans hand across your face put you back on all fours. "Sluts should know their place. I didn't say get up and masturbate. You can masturbate on your face and knees" your husband said angrily. Again, you replied quickly, this time you leaned your face forward and reached back with your tied hands to toy with your pussy.

It didn't take but a few seconds before you were mamada de madura 2 tube porn over your fingers, and again you felt the sting across your back from the whip. "You should ask permission to cum first, slut". "Yes, Ma'am" you responded. Resigned as you still couldn't see them you turned to where you were sure your husband still sat.

The only familiar person in this room quickly becoming uncharted territory, you buried your face into the ground to keep masturbating as instructed. Knowing you were close, you practically screamed "May I cum, sir?

Pleeeassee" but he didn't respond. It was agonizing to keep switching momentum and moving your fingers, you knew you couldn't last. "Yes, Amber, I think you should cum for us" the woman said. It happened so quickly that your body started shaking and you knew you couldn't take much more. You squirted again and again, as your cries of pleasure reverberated off the walls. FUCK. With your pussy dripped, your hands land on the floor and your face against the carpet, you heard them all stand up.

"It's time to truly break her in, enough of this" you heard your husband say. The thought made you tremble… What had we been doing if not "breaking" me? "Do you want your collar, Amber" your husband asked. "Yes, Sir" the thought of a collar was as revolting as it was hot.

"Are you a good slut" he asked. "Yes, Sir" you responded, resigned. "Good, this man came here to help me teach you a lesson. Be a good girl and suck his cock as thanks" your husband said. The shock didn't have time to register as the woman grabbed your hair and you were forced to sit up on your knees. The pressure at your lips told you his cock was there, and the odor was obvious. With your hair pulled back your mouth was already partly open, and it slid right in.

Neither the man nor the woman was gentle as they forced your head forward and his cock deeper. You tried your best not to choke but it was inevitable the further down your throat he went. He was clearly face-fucking your mouth. It was messy and the drool and precum started smearing all over your face. All you could think about while he used your face for his own gratification was getting air between each thrust.

Then the stopped as he pulled his cock out of your mouth. Desperately retching for air, couching to clear your throat, until he slapped you. "Stay still and keep your mouth open" the man grunted. "She has a present for you." He left his cock at the edge of your tongue, an obvious reminder that you still had work to do.

You heard it before you felt it, a loud vibrating sound that you took to be a wand as soon as it hit your clit from the back. You couldn't halt the moan that escaped your lips, nor the grinding motion you started against it. There you kneeled in limbo, grinding against a vibrator, with another man's cock on your tongue.

You couldn't believe what you were about to ask. "Please let me suck your cock" you moaned "Please" "Fine" your husband said. And you began sucking the other mans cock. The buildup was intense, and it didn't last long before you couldn't control it anymore and squirted all over the wand, earning yourself a hard slap on the ass.

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But the men said nothing as he started using your mouth again. You could fill his cock sliding deeper down your throat as he grabbed you by the fair and started face fucking you again. Then it happened, you felt his cock twitch and convulse, the spurts of cum running down your throat.

You tried to swallow it, but it was too much. You started choking, coughing frantically as he very slowly withdrew his cock from your throat and mouth, finishing the last drops on your face. "Good" your husband said, "I think you have earned your collar now, slut" "Yes, Sir" you croaked. "Come here" Obediently you moved towards the noise. You smelled the leather before you felt it.

The cold metal on the back of your neck as he tightened the buckle. And suddenly, there was light. As your eyes adjusted to the new freedom, you noticed your husband, the man who had clearly just used your mouth, and a woman who was also wearing a collar. "That is for being a good girl" your husband said, "but if you think this is over your wrong."