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If you've read my stories, you know that they are different than others on this site. This story is an actually roleplay online between my boyfriend and I.

This one is a dad/daughter incest roleplay. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did! ------------------------------- fucinhigh08: ok you come home and im home waiting up drunk yankees2girl: mmm ok sounds fun fucinhigh08: i figured that could get dirty yankees2girl: yea it could get dirty fast yankees2girl: innocent or slut?

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fucinhigh08: slut fucinhigh08: thats why your home late your always out late partying yankees2girl: ok yankees2girl: i walk through the door at 2:00 a.m. trying to be quiet to not wake you yankees2girl: im a little tipsy but not too wasted fucinhigh08: as you walk by the living room i yell "try walking quieter next time" i say sitting on the couch still drinking yankees2girl: i curse to myself "hi dad" i say rolling my eyes as i see you drinking again fucinhigh08: "where the fuck have you been" i say staring at you standing in the doorway yankees2girl: "i was at haleys, we were studying for the big test tomorrow" fucinhigh08: "bull shit" i say swiging my last sip and standing up walking towards you "you were out being a little whore weren't you?" fucinhigh08: "im sick of you coming in late smelling like cock and booze" yankees2girl: "fuck you" i say storming down the hall fucinhigh08: i walk after you "don't you walk away from me you little bitch im your father" yankees2girl: "what the fuck does that matter, your drunk as fuck and im tired, im going to bed" fucinhigh08: i walk up behind you and grab your arm,"it matters cause i said it fucking matters, and im old enough to be drunk your only 15 and you come in drunk every night" yankees2girl: "im not drunk!" i yell "let me go!" i scream as i pull away fucinhigh08: not letting go i tighten my grip.

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"where you think your going" i say pulling you by the arm towards my room, "your coming with daddy, you want to be slut out there your gonna be a slut in hear" i say sluring my words pulling on your arm yankees2girl: i struggle to not go in the room, trying to get away "dad!

let me go! your too drunk!" fucinhigh08: i laugh as i pull you into my room "shut your mouth" i say as i fling you into the room by your arm fucinhigh08: closing the door behind me and locking it yankees2girl: i fling my arms all around trying to hit you fucinhigh08: i grab your arms wow girls xxx behind the scene push you to the floor "dont bother fighting" i say standing over you yankees2girl: i squirm underneath you and try to punch whatever i can reach "get the fuck off of me!" fucinhigh08: i step on one of your hands and hold my foot there "dont swear at your father you little bitch" i say unbuckling my pants as i hold your hand down yankees2girl: "owwwww" i scream in pain as i use my free hand to try to push you off yankees2girl: "what the fuck are you doing you sick fuck?

im your daughter" fucinhigh08: you swat and punch with your free hand but it doesnt faze me as i undo my pants fucinhigh08: i laugh "im about to fuck my daughter in everyhole she has thats what im doing" yankees2girl: i stare at you as i freeze and my jaw drops "n-n-oo your not serious.

you wouldnt " fucinhigh08: i smile "yep thats right dear, i would and im gonna " i say taking my pants down letting my thick hard cock fall out yankees2girl: forgetting whos it is, i smile faintly at the sight of your huge cock fucinhigh08: "ya see i knew you were a little fucking slut" i say grabbing my cock and playing with it as i slide out of my jeans and kneel on your shoulders and sit on your belly so im squishing your tits and my cock is on your neck yankees2girl: "im not a slut!" i say as i thrash my head side to side i start kicking melanie stone and misty rain found a sex toy in th legs "gett offf" fucinhigh08: "the fuck you aint" I say reaching back under your skirt as you kick and grab a handful of teen cunt, "see your little pussy is fucking soaked" yankees2girl: "not because of you, its because of." i stop mid sentence fucinhigh08: "because of what?" i say staring at you grabbing and rubbing your pussy hard yankees2girl: i moan lightly unintentionally "nothing" fucinhigh08: i squeeze your pussy "you better tell daddy why you little slut or im gonna get real mad" yankees2girl: "because of john" a tear runs down my face "and 2 of his friends" fucinhigh08: i slap you across the face "that little bastard let 2 of his friends fuck you, and you let them you little slut" yankees2girl: "so what dad, at least i dont have to get my own kid to fuck me" fucinhigh08: i grab you by the cheeks with one hand and squeeze and slap you hard with the hand i was grabbing your hot little wet pussy with "dont fucking talk to me like that, ill do what the fuck i want, youll fucking listen to me" yankees2girl: "fiinne" i say between clenched teeth as you squeeze my face fucinhigh08: "thats what i thought youd say bitch" i say grabbing my cock and rubbing it on your lips and all over your face fucinhigh08: rubbing it in hard i slap your cheek and slap your eye before trying to shove it in your mouth yankees2girl: i open my mouth partially wanting your hot cock partially not wanting you to hit me again fucinhigh08: i slide it into your open mouth "ya thats it take daddys cock" i say sliding it slowly deeper and deeper as you slowly start to gag yankees2girl: i cough on your cock but i let you slide it in deep to the back of my throat fucinhigh08: i grab the back of your head and lift it to get it deeper fucinhigh08: i moan loud as i lift your head all the way to my stomach yankees2girl: mmmm i cough hard as my nose touches your stomach fucinhigh08: as you cough and gag i start moving your head side to side rubbing your face and crushed nose on my stomach yankees2girl: my eyes start to water as i cough and gag so hard fucinhigh08: as your eyes water and you struggle to breath you start drooling and spiting as you gag hard yankees2girl: i pull at your ankles for you to get off of me as my face turns bright red as a tear runs down my face, still gagging hard on my daddys cock fucinhigh08: you turn bright red and your eyes bug out staring ay me as you gag hard on my cock yankees2girl: i cough and struggle for air as i claw at your legs fucinhigh08: just when your about to pass out i pull my cock out hard and fast with a big slurping sound and start slapping it on your face as you try and catch your breath yankees2girl: i gasp hard as my head falls back on the ground yankees2girl: i try to breathe hard but since your sitting on me its making it hard to breath fucinhigh08: i rub my cock all over your face wiping your spit and drool everywhere as you gasp for air, not caring i ask "hows daddys cock taste you little bitch i say poking your eye yankees2girl: all i can do is smile as my drool covers my face fucinhigh08: "ya thats what i thought" i shove my cock in and push it to the side stretching out your cheek yankees2girl: i moan as i try to say something fucinhigh08: pull out my cock, "wgats that you little slut?

you say something?" i say getting up yankees2girl: "daddy, will you uh.will you please make me cum" fucinhigh08: i stand up and as i do i grab you by your hair and pull you up to me yankees2girl: "ow ow ow" i get up as you pull my hair fucinhigh08: i pull your face next to mine with our lips touching "you want daddy to make this little pussy cum?" i say grabbing your pussy and rubbing your clit with my thumb yankees2girl: i moan loud as i close my eyes yankees2girl: "yes daddy, will you please" fucinhigh08: i start to kiss you, slow at first then faster and harder as i rub hard with my thumb and slide in two fingers into your wet little teen pussy yankees2girl: i moan as we kiss and i slide my tongue in your mouth as you slide your fingers in my wet pussy fucinhigh08: i shove you onto the bed i grab your legs and spread them wide as i bury my face in your hot little pussy licking and sucking and spitting on your hot little clit yankees2girl: "oooo fuccck" i grab onto the back of your head and shove your face in deeper fucinhigh08: hearing that i bury my face harder into your pussy shoving my tongue inside as my nose rubs your clit yankees2girl: as i feel your tongue i wrap my legs around your head pulling you taxi drivers banging on backseat hardcore and reality closer as i moan loud fucinhigh08: still licking, i turn my body around so my cock is dangling over your head as i nibble on your clit and stuff four fingers in your pussy at once yankees2girl: mmmm i grind my hips against your face and hand as i tease your cock with my tongue fucinhigh08: i moan as you tease my cock i start fucking your loose sluty pussy hard with four fingers slurping and sucking on your clit yankees2girl: "ooo fuck dadddy im cumming" i scream as i suck hard on your cock moaning loud as it slides in fucinhigh08: as you cum i try and fit my whole hand in your pussy still sucking and biting your clit as i grind your face yankees2girl: with your cock now in the back of my throat i moan and cough as i feel you trying to fit your hand in my pussy yankees2girl: i grind my hips against you trying to help you make it fit fucinhigh08: mmmmmm as my hand glides into your pussy with your help grinding your hips hard i start fucking your face like its your little pussy going fast up and down not caring its your throat yankees2girl: i cough and gag hard as spit flies all over my face, i cum again as i feel your whole hand in my pussy fucinhigh08: with my hand stuffed in your pussy past my wrist i start fucking it and moving you it around as you cum hard fucinhigh08: mmmm and i start slaming your face as you cough loud and i slam down hard and i push it in all the way and wiggle my hips around yankees2girl: i moan loud as i feel your cock fill my throat i cough hard as i continue to grind against your wrist fucinhigh08: as i feel you moan as my cock slams your throat i start pumping hard and shoot a huge thick load down your throat and pump hard as i cum and slam your pussy too with aggression it feels so good yankees2girl: i gag hard on your cum as it overflows and drools down my cheek and chin yankees2girl: i cough hard each time your cock slams the back of my throat fucinhigh08: as I leave my cock in your throat filled with cum i start working my hand in your pussy and rubbing your clit hard with my other hand trying to make you cum again yankees2girl: i gag hard turning red again, i feel your hand rubbing the inside of my pussy and the hand on my clit drives me crazy as i cum hard all over your hand fucinhigh08: mmmmmmmm feeling you gag and struggle for air makes my cock want to cum we will make you cum harder than ever joi so i start fucking your throat slowly not letting you get air After a few weeks, they get closer together.

They start fucking regularly. yankees2girl: your downstairs and i run in and straddle you asking "you like my panties daddy" fucinhigh08: i lift your shirt a little and look "mm those r cute baby whered you get those" yankees2girl: bbc slammed that hot curvy latina babe dont know, but you know where i think theyd be hotter" fucinhigh08: "where baby" yankees2girl: "right there" i point to a place on the floor "what do you think" fucinhigh08: "i think your a smart little girl i say kissing your lips yankees2girl: i kiss you back as i take off my panties as we kiss fucinhigh08: still kissing you get back on my lap and grind my hard on through my jeans as we kiss yankees2girl: i toss my panties on the floor as i grind your cock through your pants, leaving a wet spot fucinhigh08: i moan as i undo my pants and pull out my cock and rub the head on your clit as we kiss harder yankees2girl: i move my hips so your head is in my pussy, i slam down so it slides in my wet teen cunt fucinhigh08: mmmmmm i thrust my hips up as you slam down driving it deep into your hot little teen cunt i grab and squeeze your tit hard as you slam down yankees2girl: i moan loud as i break the kiss and start to kiss and nibble your neck a little fucinhigh08: i lean my head back and moan as i grab your ass cheeks and guide you up and down on daddys hard cock yankees2girl: i suck on your neck as you help me fuck your cock hard fucinhigh08: bouncing up and down i move my hips to push it in deeper as you kiss my neck and i rub the back of your head yankees2girl: i moan as i feel myself cumming i pick my head up and start kissing you hard again, massaging your tongue with mine fucinhigh08: as we kiss passionately, you fuck my cock hard as your tight little teen cunt begins to cum all over daddys thick cock yankees2girl: mmmm i start riding your cock faster and harder wanting daddy to cum deep inside his little girl fucinhigh08: i start sucking your tongue as i kiss you squeezing your ass as i begin to fill your tight pussy with cum yankees2girl:" mmmm fuck daddy" i moan loud as i feel you fill me up with your cum, shooting load after load inside me fucinhigh08: as i fill your little cunt up with cum it drips out and onto my balls yankees2girl: i grind my hips against yours as i milk your cock for the last of your cum fucinhigh08: i moan loud as i shoot my last thick load in your little pussy as it tightens milking it out yankees2girl: i stay on your cock for a few seconds kissing you, and then i get off and drop to my knees in front of you yankees2girl: your cum still dripping out of my pussy as i grab your cock in my hand and greedily shove it in my mouth as its covered in your hot thick cum fucinhigh08: grab the back of your head and moan as i take my cock deep on your own milking it with your throat yankees2girl: i suck off your cum moaning as i taste my daddy fucinhigh08: "mmmmmmmm fuck" i grab your brother and sister and mother sex and pull you up so you look at me with your mouth dripping with cum and spit "hows daddy taste baby" yankees2girl: i lick my lips "fucking awesome daddy" fucinhigh08: i catch some dripping with my finger and put it in your mouth "mmm thats what daddy likes to hear" yankees2girl: i suck your finger like your cock i smile big as i swallow your cum fucinhigh08: "mmmmmm good girl" i lift you up to my lap again and kiss your cum covered mouth yankees2girl: i kiss you back letting you taste yourself ---------------------------------- Hope you all enjoyed this one.

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I know it's a tad short, but it's still hot. There is definetly more to come.

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