Charming czech sweetie gets tempted in the supermarket and pounded in

Charming czech sweetie gets tempted in the supermarket and pounded in
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She woke up in a mostly dark, triangular room. Her bed took up the middle third of the curved back wall, and she saw it was chained with a padlock as soon as she realized she was restrained. She couldn't sit up, and her voice was extremely weak as she croaked out a cry for help. No help came, but a light set in the ceiling the far, narrow end clicked on, and she saw a round doorway there. Like an airlock, she realized, as it rotated open. A man was inside, and he pushed a cart out, bringing it all the way over to stop beside her bed.

"Hello," he said, in a cheerful voice. "Would you like something for that headache?" He held up a paper cup and rattled a couple pills in o fute pana isi da drumu in ea romaniaxxx, then smiled again and poured them into his hand as he filled the cup to half with water. "I bet you're thirsty, too." "I'd like something for these handcuffs," she said grimly, raising her wrist and show him the steel cuff that locked her to the bed's hand rail.

"Am I under arrest?" "No, you've been kidnapped." he said, sounding surprised. "Don't you remember?" She closed her eyes and was quiet a moment, thinking.

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All she could remember was closing the restaurant after the best night they'd ever had, thanks to the amazing band, and then she was taking the money bags out to her car, to drop them off at the bank, and everything went black. Wait, there was a green van parked next to her car, she remembered, and then the side door slid open. she had a very foggy memory of two strong arms grabbing her around her middle, while an extremely foul smelling cloth was pressed to her face, old school amateur porn 3 tube porn then, everything went black.

until she woke up on this bed, a few minutes ago. "Are you one of my kidnappers?" she asked, sounding a little afraid. "I don't have any money. I don't know anyone who does, either. Nobody is going to pay for me. Please don't kill me!" He smiled at her. "I didn't kidnap you, and I'm no killer, either. I'm here to take care of you. Hopefully, we can be friends. I'm sorry this happened to you, but neither one of us can change that, and it's not either one of ours fault, either, so playing the blame-game is a waste of time for me.

And you, as I'm sure you'll realize, soon enough. You look like you have intelligence in those eyes." She didn't say anything, but she gratefully took the aspirin he offered, and greedily drank all the water he poured for her. "If I give you this," he said, filling a bottle with water and showing it to her. "Can I trust you not to drink it too fast?" It had a straw long enough for her to reach, and she nodded.

He allowed her to hold it in her hand. "Thank you," she said, after she had drank another cup of water he poured for her. "If I can't blame you for me being here, I see no reason we can't be friends. Emily Blake." He stared at her. "You're not Amanda Parker?" He grabbed a clipboard from the side away from her, where she couldn't see because of the dark gray plastic sides.

"No, she's the other manager at the Onion, the bar where I work." A hopeful note climbed into her voice. "I'm not supposed to be here! Can you let me go?" She rattled her wrists in the cuffs.

"Please? Let me go? A friend would let me sunny leone full romance xxx full sex stories download free story of these. A real friend would help me escape!" "You're not Amanda Parker, though. She was chosen because of her father's money and certain. skills, she is said to have had. You know what she's famous for, right?" Emily blushed. Amanda was famous for the quality of the blowjobs she gave. Emily couldn't attest to the quality, but she was a silent witness to the sheer amount of satisfied customers who were as free with their eyeballs as they were with their tips.

What he said next got every bit of her attention. "Are you willing to be my friend, Emily Blake? I don't have the key to unlock you, and they won't give it to me for 48 hours, because that's how long new transportees like you are to remain restrained, and if you don't want to draw attention to yourself until it's time, I suggest you stay put and don't draw attention to yourself until I can get us both out of here.

What do you say? Will you be my friend the same way Amanda would have?" She looked into his eyes and saw that he was trusting her. She decided to trust him as well, and nodded. "I'm a virgin. I've never even kissed a boy, not really, but I'll give everything to you. Please help us escape, and I'm all yours. I'd rather give myself to you freely than let THEM have me. She cleared her throat and spoke clearly.

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"I've been stolen, and you can rescue me, good sir." He grinned back at her. "I'm no sir, and I'm not so good as to not take my pleasure before giving you yours." She looked confused but then he was opening his pants and exposing himself to her. She had never seen a penis before now, but it looked enormous. Much bigger than his hand, and his hands were MUCH bigger than hers.

She remembered noting that when he gave her the water. It looked vastly enormous, so she closed her eyes when it became too much. She felt one of his hands gently stoke her hair, and she relaxed into his caresses.

When she opened her eyes a long moment later, he was standing right beside her bed and his massive cock was less than an inch away. She looked up into his face, her fear reflected in her eyes and written in the lines of her forehead. She was terrified. "Will you give me this, Emily? I want you to suck it, Emily, will you give me the pleasure of your mouth? It's what Amanda would have done, isn't it?" "Are you from Fairview?

How do you know Amanda?" Emily asked, stalling for time. He smiled, his hand still stroking her short blonde hair. "I'll answer your question while you suck," he said, in reply, then pushed his hips forward so that the head touched her lips. She maintained the look between them for another moment, then nodded slightly and opened her mouth, taking him inside and closing her lips around the whole head of it.

"Amanda worked at the Truck Stop by the interstate for two years, then the next five at the Billiard Ball on stage. She was -and is- famous for her blowjobs, and never a more famous virgin has ever lived. It was her trademark, and our organization happens to know that it's true, even to this very day.

Amanda Parker is a virgin. All she's ever done is oral." "I've never even done that," she admitted, taking her mouth away the moment he stopped talking.

"I'm certainly not Amanda Parker!" "I don't expect amazing twinks fucking some local ass!

tube porn to do the whole thing!" he laughed. "Just do the head, like you did a minute ago, and maybe a little more. Just what you're comfortable with.

Don't hurt yourself. I want you to like doing it, because I'm going to want it more than this once." She let him put it back in her mouth, and began sucking softly as he put a little more in. She stopped him with her tongue when she had enough in her mouth, and he respected her, pulling back almost a whole inch and not making her take more than that.

"It's gonna take a long time to get us out of this. If we even can. We might die trying, you know. This organization has no compunction about killing, none. I'll die with you, if that's what you want," he said, and her heart leaped in her chest.

She increased her sucking and went a little deeper, all on her own, then bobbed her head back and forth, trying to tell him without words that she didn't want him to die. He came within moments of her enthusiastic participation, and her mouth was flooded with his seed. She wasn't expecting it, and the first jet choked her. She tried to pull her head back, but he pushed his hips forward and kept it in her mouth while the rest of come flowed out; thickly, and a lot of it.

She closed her mouth and throat with her tongue and tried to suppress the coughing while he was still between her teeth and managed not to hurt him. An instant later, he pulled it back and allowed her her to breathe freely, while he kept stroking her hair. She spat her mouth clear into the cloth he was using to wipe her face clean, and he put it on top of the tray to go into the wash later. "It's less messy if you swallow it," he said, suggestively. She stared back at him, more than a little mad at his words.

Swallow? THAT stuff? Was he crazy? And then she remembered his offer to die with her, and noted the pleased look on his face as he came. She forgave him in an instant. She swallowed to clear her mouth, one last time, and smiled weakly at him. "Yes, sir. I think it's something I'll get used to." He laughed as he put himself away and zipped up.

"You don't have to call me sir," he said. "My name is John." He looked at his watch. "I come back in half an hour. Would you like some eggs or something? Are you hungry?" "Where are you going?" she asked, sounding a little panicked.

"Don't leave me alone!" "You'll be safe, I promise. The doctor doesn't come back until Wednesday, because none of the other girls are due for another two months. Then five of them will deliver in the same week!" "How many girls are here?" she asked, curious. "There's three other rooms on this floor, and I take care of 4 floors." He looked at her and answered her next question before he could ask. "I don't know how many floors there are. A lot. More than a hundred, because the elevator went down for a long time when I got here.

It may not be possible for us to escape alive." She tried to take his hand before he could go, but just rattles the handcuffs. "I don't want you to die!" she said desperately. "I won't try to escape if it means you'll be killed!" "Don't try anything without me, okay? You could ruin everything before I have a chance to even try to set it up. They'd kill you!" His voice was almost as panicked as hers.

"You don't want me to die either? Why not? Because I sucked you off?" she asked. "Not just that, although I really DID enjoy it," he said, stroking her hair once more. "No, I fell in love with you the moment I laid eyes on you.

First sight, so they say. I never believed it, but now." he shrugged his hands expressively. "Who can deny?" "You. love me?" she asked faintly. "Why?" "I don't know," he said, a little puzzled. "But I'm sorry if I scared you. I'm sorry I made you. do that." She smiled at him. "I'm not," she said. "I'm sort of looking forward to the next time you make me do it." "After breakfast," he said, smiling again. "I'm going to feed you first, however." "You have fifteen other girls here?

And all of us have been kidnapped?" she asked, astounded. He nodded silently.

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"Most of them have been here for more than two years," he said. "This room had girl that miscarried and passed, about three months ago." "Pregnant? These girls are all pregnant?" Emily asked, closing her eyes.

"Yes, and they were all virgins before they were inseminated," he told her. "That's my job. To take of you while you gestate." "Don't let then do it to me!" she begged. "Please? I'm still a virgin!" "So were the other girls. They still are," he shrugged. "They get implanted, not fucked. It happens while they're unconscious, from what I gather. All I have are second hand reports from girls that are crying, and most of them forget as quickly as they can.

Sexy blonde in stockings gets cream pied doesn't hurt, from what they tell me." He said this last quickly, too appease the terror on her face. "Please get me out of here," she begged, in a whisper. "Don't let them do that to me! I'm begging you! I don't want to be pregnant!" He stroked her hair once more and kissed her forehead. "When was your last period? Do you know your fertility cycle?" "No, I have no idea. I just finished right before I got taken.

The last of the bleeding stopped two days ago." "Do you know your blood type?" he asked. She nodded. "Type O positive." she told him.

That's what the lady at the Red Cross station at school told me. It doesn't change, does it? She told me that YEARS ago." He smiled. "It doesn't change. Ever." He looked at her. "It's going to be a couple of weeks before they can implant you. Give me a couple of days to put a plan together, okay?" She nodded trustfully, watching him get the cart ready to leave, and after she was alone, she took her first sip of water from the straw.

The elevator closed and dropped him two floors. It opened onto a brand new floor for him; he'd never been here before. He usually went up three floors, to his own room level, the size of all two rooms for one floor below his. The other side was taken by another man; one who had never spoken. He figured he was getting a promotion for convincing her to cooperate, instead of killing her, like he was meant to do.

He guessed there were video cameras in the room, although he'd never seen them. He wasn't surprised. If he was wrong about disobeying orders, he's already be dead of gas in the elevator.

This room was sumptuous; there was no other word to describe it. The walls were lined with some very thick fabric and paintings every so sex xxx miss pooja punjabi com insured that the wall material was flush to the concrete behind it. A tall man was seated behind a desk, with six others in chairs beside him, three to a side. "She's still alive because you love her," said the man, smiling. "Don't worry, we saw the whole thing.

Very nice! Tomorrow, you can both "escape"to your apartment, where you await further opportunities. Sound good?" "Sounds very good, sir! I can make that work nicely!" John said, smiling broadly.

"It will help keep the other girls from getting too suspicious, right?" "Yes, because you'll be spending a lot more time with this one. She'll be carrying after tonight. You can even sleep with her, if she'll let you. She doesn't have to die a virgin. You can have the honors." "Instead of the men patrolling the surface," he guessed.

"Be careful, John. We know about love, and it's accounted for in our plans." "Yes, sir," He wasn't a soldier, but he saluted anyway before turning and going back to the elevator, which brought him back to his own apartment. "You let him live, sir? After what he did?" It was the last man on the right who spoke.

"He betrayed us!" "Pff. He's in love, and she loves him, you fool! Her child will go into the creche with all the others, but it won't be a clone!" "It'll be a singleton!" said the man on his immediate right.

"It will be different from the others!" "It doesn't have to be the only one. We can create others. Besides, there's the twins. They're a few years older, but that will matter little." "We will not sacrificing viable embryos, Mr. Maven." said the man on his left. "We can explain a singleton to our board easier than unexpected losses." * * *