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Hot molly mae sucks dick for a wad of cash pornstars and hardcore
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Sometimes crazy events are remembered by where and when things happen. While my parents are on vacation I had hoped to have a usual, clueless, homework filled to the gun walls kind of time; intermittently excited by the presence of my best friend Samantha. However, the last couple of days since she and me began our 'sexual studies' has turned my world upside down in more ways than I could imagine.

How could anyone imagine that Samantha, a lady and now lover I know I still will disappoint in the end, would even show me the time of day beyond friendship… Then came the part of Tabatha, Daisy, Aunt Matilda, plus the up and reality kings sexy and sweet sara luvv 'trip to the river,' that promises to even be more wild!

Sometimes things change, and with that change your world turns in an unexpected, wonderful and incredible new direction. This day happens to be one of those times, and I would not change it for anything… ****************** Once again my folks had made contact via e-mail; the usual update with pictures of their vacation, along with the usual questions of school/friends/relatives/neighbors and the like. Dad being dad was right to the point in his questions: Is the house still intact?

Have I burned the city to the ground? Won the lottery yet?

I sent back to them: All is fine, Samantha is helping me with my studies; Aunt Matilda is coming by to make sure the house is still intact. She sends her love with full kisses and all, says she is seeing someone special and will have a new story tell you involving a motorbike and a ride for you dad in the sidecar. I would love to see the look on his face when that happened! I was soaking my feet in the backyard pool, listening to the gentle gurgle of the artificial falls and the breeze in the trees that block out the entire world, when dad texted me with a simple message Listen to Matilda, she has a good bit of common sense; 'love and kisses' nearly gave me a heart attack son.

Bad enough I walked off the end of the pier. Now that gave me a deep, loud and long laugh; so I promptly e-mailed back to mom, asking that she send any pictures of dads walk off the pier.

She responded with a simple, curt, reply of "Shall do Benny." "Who is Benny?" a voice asked at my shoulder… I was startled so bad that Samantha just stood there, watching the expanding waves in the pool from where I half fell, half leapt into it. When I managed to get back up to the surface; gasping, sputtering water from my lungs, only to see Samantha sitting there with a smile on her face. She just rolled her eyes and giggled, apparently she has been sitting there for some time behind me.

Great, I've manage to once again go and make a fool of myself. "Who is this 'Benny' mentioned in the e-mail?" she asked for a second time. "Uh…" my cheeks felt hotter than molten steel with embarrassment, "that is my mothers nickname for me since I was a couple of years old." "I love it; sexed while girl is sleeping so precious Benjamin&hellip.just like you are…" she gave out a short string of giggles.

"So may I call you that when it's just us together Benjamin?" I nodded yes to her, knowing that she will not tease me constantly with that nickname; one promise I got from her is that no one else is to know of it. I figure there are some things for me and Samantha alone to share. ====== I have to say one thing about floating around in a swimming pool, it gives you a rather unique perspective on the world; sometimes it also gives you that moment you need to see things as the way they have become… So it is that I noticed two things about Samantha: The first is how her smile shone in the light, her eyes glistening with playful laughter in their depths, and yet more was there, inviting and gentle all in one; the way her hand gently plays in her hair; even the slight blush hugging her cheeks as she giggles with a bit of nervousness and looks down and away, yet looking back just as quickly.

I see Samantha my best friend, and I see Samantha who has come to mean so much more. The other thing I had noticed was kind of obvious at any first glance… It is her complete lack of a swimsuit; not to mention any garment at all; covering her bared, beautiful body.

I just took in the sight of her sitting on a thick towel, one arm looped under her drawn up knees, the other hand teasingly twining her hair about the fingers; her skin glimmering in the light, her small breasts visible with their nipples firm and pink. She slowly moved her one hand from her hair down her cheek, jaw and neck; a smile of pure mischief shone while she licked her lips seductively with her tongue.

Her eyes half closed, coyly looking away for a bit and then coming back again as her hand reached her collar bone, teasingly moving in soft, short circles. I watched her place clench all but two fingers, guiding these down to between each of her breasts; gentle circles starting on the outermost edges of each breast, tightening as she spirals them inward, until the tips reach each of her nipples, where she gently strokes them in turn; during the entire time she gave out a series of soft gasps and twitches of her body.

Both of her eyes danced with a passion different from any other time I have seen so far. Not a wild lust or a passionate burning for physical intimacy. This is something different; as she suddenly looked away, blushing like I have never seen before, then looking back, as we both smiled at the same time.

The silence between the two of us spoke volumes we partly understood; together we reached out our hands for one another's, wondering just what would happen… When the wind came up suddenly, dumping a bunch of leaves from the surrounding trees all over me.

It took a great deal of effort to get them out of my hair; my sheepish grin at Samantha was met in kind by a look of unexpected warmth. As is typical for me, I wind up breaking the moment with a completely stupid question: "Uh, Samantha, where is your swimsuit? I thought you were getting ready for Aunt Matilda to come back?" "I am in my swimsuit; the one I intend to wear for the two of us," she said, stretching out on a towel on her stomach, both of her lower legs flexing slowly up and down.

I drifted up to the side of the pool, totally oblivious that my I-phone is now imitating the Titanic on the bottom of the pool. Right now I had other things on my mind, something that I have dreamed of for a long time, hoped for as well, and if it works out today, may actually happen… "But, but your not wearing one…" when am I going to stop sounding so stupid? "Benjamin, I prefer skinny dipping when I get the chance to," she stretched out on her side, flexing her leg just so, allowing me to see her breasts with their pink, upright nipples looking so fine, her soft abdomen and the womanhood between her legs… "I prefer not wearing a swimsuit, too confining; mind you I'm not a nudist, I just like to be out in the sun.

How come you didn't notice earlier that I have no tan lines?" To emphasize this last point she moved her hands around her breasts, gently caressing them in ever tightening circles unto the nipples, moving her legs about to show me her bared hips and womanhood; no tan lines at all, something I had clearly missed.

Once again the obvious eludes me; but with a wonder like Samantha around, I guess any man could make such a mistake…I just need to make sure it does not happen anymore.

"No problem, do as you wish…" I said to her. The heat flowing out of my body should have turned the entire pool into a cloud of billowing steam, leaving me slowly melting through the bottom and into the depths of the earth. I had to fight incredibly hard to keep the usual blind panic from setting in; that habit has to end now, for the very sake of my own sanity at the least.

"Benjamin, I have a question of my own," she gave me a coy look, one of a wily coyote that has cornered its chosen prey. "I know you have your trunks on, but why still the shirt and the shoes…must be hard to swim that way…" "Oh, uh let me get them off…and MY PHONE!" I shouted out. I panicked as I looked around on the bottom for it, seeing it in the deepest end.

Kicking off the shoes and socks, pulling off my shirt and tossing it next to Samantha, I just gave a stupid, sheepish grin.

"Be right back," and dove down to get it, though it is probably ruined by now. When I came back up, the first sound to greet my ears was the clarion call of Samantha's cell phone: Beep beep beep.

Letting me know that trouble was fully on the way… I could only wonder what doom is going to occur this time; though so long as Samantha is there, the expectation of doom and destruction can be made more tolerable and enjoyable. ******************* "Daisy just phoned me, Mindy is giving Matilda a royal fit as she is being punished with having to wear a dress for the next three months; there is a storm warning issued for the river area, seems it blew up from the sea rather unexpectedly, so that portion of our day is out of action," Samantha said.

"We have the day to ourselves Benjamin, and I want to have some fun, here in the huge hooters blondie woman alicia amira outdoor fuck if you don't mind…it's not the river, yet it's cool and wet." She just shook her head in disappointment, whether from not going to the river, or the promises Keiran lee private porn story Matilda had made the fun she wanted to have with the girls I never bothered to ask.

"Samantha, the river can wait for another day; maybe we can get together with everyone tomorrow," I said. "By the way," Samantha asked with a quizzical look on her face. Endless longing of a lesbian is pleasured dildo toy reached out with one hand, gently stroking my blushing cheek; her eyes dancing with affection and wonder that enhanced her beauty more and more.

My heart kept skipping a beat, while I felt like at practically any minute I would launch off to the moon. "Matilda kept saying your dad texted her about your e-mail and then he walked off of a pier; what happened with that?" "Oh I just said to him Aunt Matilda sends her most heartfelt love and kisses," is all I could think to say.

Samantha's burst-of-a-gut, doubled over laughter showed how great a sense of humor she possesses. My neighbor's old cat, a tortoise shell calico called Old Jamis heartily yowled in off keyed protest.

Apparently he was stalking a leaf or a flower blowing in the wind, and had his game interrupted by Samantha. I have to admit, the sight of Samantha, the sunlight glimmering on her soft skin and amber hair; eyes dancing with pure enjoyment of the moment sent a series of electrifying thrills along the entire length of my being.

She kept laughing so hard I wondered if she would roll into the pool with me… Not that it would be a bad thing. I joined in with her laughter, watching as she rolled onto her side, bosom heaving up and down, tears shining in the light like a thousand miniature, perfectly cut diamonds. "You told your dad that? You actually did that?" "Yup," and that sent her into another round of laughter, her chest and stomach heaving, body quaking and eyes shutting tight from the sheer level of amusement; personally I don't think Samantha could have looked more beautiful to me than at that moment, seeing her completely at ease.

She scooted over to the side of the pool, stretching out with her head propped on one hand. "Honestly Benjamin, as long as we have known each other I never thought you had THAT kind of humor," she pulled her knees level with her chest, allowing me to see her womanhood in all its wonder; the clear dampness upon it telling of other sensations at play within her. "I like it though, I've been learning so much new stuff about you…yet I can see two things we need to work on…" She stretched forward over the edge of the pool, one hand gently swirling among my soaked hair; me, I just kept my eyes focused on her face.

Her breasts looked so magnificent, my mind wanting to have my hand to move and touch them…no…not now… "Benny, go ahead if you wish to, you know by now I won't bite back," she softly, tenderly told me. Holding onto the pool's edge with one hand, I brought the other up to rest upon one breast. I still find it amazing how soft and tender it feels, the warmth of her body flowing into my hand from it; as she had done earlier, I gently caressed it in a inward spiral from the outer edges, finally touching her nipple in the softest of touches I can achieve.

"Meow," sounded off the cat, demanding our attention. Samantha's eyes started to have that far seeing, dreamy look upon them; her breathing gradually became more and more shallow, raspy and flowing across her puckering lips. Slowly I moved my hand to the side of her body, tenderly teasing and pleasing her sensitive spots, each one in turn drawing shudders, soft squeals and full gasps of breath as I began to see the slight sheen of perspiration on her body.

Twice her stomach flexed inward when I ran my fingertips across it, tickling around her belly button, and just reaching the edge of her womanhood. "Meow, meow," Jamis sounded off. When my fingers began to explore her most intimate of areas, she grasped the back of my head with her hand to keep her balance; her hips and abdomen began swaying, her bottom thrusting up into the air, she began to make a series of sharp, biting sounds as wave after wave of pleasure rolled across her entire body.

"Don't stop for anything…" she rasped just as I found the one spot she wanted me to focus upon. Finally she threw both of her arms around my head and neck, pulling me into her chest and the side of the pool as one massive shudder hit; then she looked at me with her dreamy eyes and a look of uttermost contentment on her face.

"Meow," old Jamis yowled in protest, demanding our attention; he started bouncing his head off of Samantha's hip and leg. Samantha kissed me softly on the lips, happy as anything.

"Do you think you could do that again? Say with your tongue on me down there?" she asked in all seriousness. I managed to threesome with teen loulou red and patricia blonde the usual uttermost panic filled gulping down to a handful this time; telling her if she will tell me what to do that I was game.

"With you Samantha, who could ask for a better friend and teacher," I told her. "Meow, meow, meow," the old cat sounded off, pawing at Samantha for attention. "Is he always this persistent?" she asked me.

"Wait until you come out here with a tuna sandwich; you will make an instant friend for life as long as you feed him." Samantha got huge juggs stepmom and teenie horny trio on the couch her knees, holding firmly with her arms around my neck; first her kiss started across my brow, then across my eyelids, nose and then my chin.

My hands came up and started caressing her upper arms and shoulders in gentle circles and spirals, bringing another smile to her lips that gleamed like the sun. Old Jamis finally walked off in a huff, meowing in protest to his being ignored.

As usual for us, two slutty girls rode a black dick universe interrupted bailey hardcore in fishnets and latex lingerie tube porn more time… ====== "Senor Benjamin is that you by chance?" asked Mrs. Nellie, one of my neighbors from the other side of the fence and hedges that separate the properties.

"Mrs. Nellie, me and my friend Samantha are swimming today; Lisa sparks cogida por hombres en hs is just demanding his usual petting by the prettiest women in the world who come by," I said.

"You are a good boy Benjamin, so sweet and innocent.

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kannada bf story sexy full sex stories Enjoy the swim but know that the weatherman is saying a big storm will be here soon. So keep an eye on the skies." "Thanks Mrs. Nellie," I replied. "Samantha," I started to say, watching her dare to breath at the off chance Mrs. Nellie may have peered at the two of us; of course I knew this was impossible due to the height of the fence.

But the look on Samantha's face when we could have been caught was priceless one of 'oh heck what do we do now…' looks. "What do we need to work upon?" I asked her, getting back to her earlier comment. She kissed me on the gorgeous teen ladygirl first time abby throating man sausage outdoor, then on my brow and nose.

"First of all is the clear fact you have way too much clothing on to go skinny dipping with me," she took a firm grip on the back of my neck, pulling me in closer to her. "The second thing we need to work on?" she nuzzled my nose with her own. "Is that we may as well…" her lips pressed into mine, sending off a hail of fiery blasts into the heavens of my brain; stoking the forges and furnaces of my body in a near instant.

She nuzzled my nose with hers, "…continue our studies&hellip." One more kiss came forth, followed by a second as I gently stroked her cheeks with my hands.

This was becoming a familiar pattern, just before she wants to be intimate. "…with one another…" Samantha said with a coy smile. MEOW! Old Jamis had returned, yowling from right behind Samantha, after its cold nose touching her on her most intimate of locations; causing her to start so bad that she wound up in the pool.

When she popped back above the waters surface we grinned at each other, then broke out into laughter. Old Jamis just yowled once and walked off, tail held up in pure feline superiority.

******************** ******************** Samantha gently moved over to him, smiling; one hand reaching up and stroking Benjamin's cheek ever so gently. Her smile glistened in the sunlight, as her fingertips ever so softly continued their caressing journey of his chin and jaw, to playfully flow in circles along and about his lips while she licked her own; then moving up to encompass his brows and forehead before descending along his nose and then his neck.

She could see the shudders of delight shaking his body, a deep blush building on his cheeks along with the near constant gulping of panic that always comes; though this time not as bad and Benjamin makes a deliberate effort to push it away. One hand of his comes to rest on her shoulder, then his fingers begin their walking with soft, delicate feathery like touches; sensations of pure, heavenly bliss shoot up her body and come crashing into her brain with the force of a cascading river as it descends over the falls.

She closes her eyes and arcs her head i just turned and i want to show you my perfect naked body slightly, and moves even closer to Benjamin as his fingers swing up along her neck and below her jaw, teasing out of her electrical pinpricks of delight, squealing frenzies of flowing colors and lights, and the quickening of breath that takes in the heady mixture of aroma from the pool, flowers and trees, along with her and Benjamin.

The birds begin chirping their wonderful songs, while a gentle breeze plays among the branches and leaves of the surrounding trees. She wraps both of her arms around Benjamin's neck; repeatedly kissing him upon the lips, each soft caress is enough to send small, subtle ripples and shudders along his body that she can feel.

He enfolds her within the shelter of his arms, secure around her lower back as his hands gently caress the sides of her abdomen; several times he draws forth from her a mixture of soft giggles, sharp gasps of breath, gentle moans of delight and pleasure being induced by his soft, loving explorations.

Her kisses move along his chin, to the left and back, up the right and back; then moving up his nose and brow to flow back down the side of his neck.

She can feel the warmth of his breath on her skin, while the heady scents of his being mix with her own and that of the trees, the pool and the air. One hand caresses the back of Benjamin's hair, entwining her fingers in it and then letting it go.

Benjamin places a soft, slushy kiss upon her neck, causing a loud squeal of delight to escape her lips. Playfully she thumps him on the chest, feigning disapproval while her smile shows the real delight she has experienced. Drawing into Benjamin again, Samantha feels him move his hands along her spine, shoulders, and upper arms; each movement sends sensations of electrical thrill and rainbow flows of lights and warmth across her brain and heightens her into a Nirvana state of being.

She feels the growing warmth encompassing her womanhood due to Benjamin's ministrations on her body. For the two of them, the world narrows to the here and now; they alone occupy the bubble of time, from which all else has become non-existent. He is for her as she is for him; and she sees in his eyes the fear and hesitation is still present, yet Benjamin is fighting to keep it contained away.

Together their gentle swimming draws them to the set of stairs leading down into the water; Samantha smiles as she silently nods her head in their direction. Benjamin gives out a little gulp understanding what Samantha is wanting to do; yet backs up until he is resting on the step, leaving them just about half in the water. Raising herself up a bit, Samantha grips the side of the pool in one hand, the stairs support railing in the other; allowing Benjamin to kiss her bared breasts.

His still clumsy efforts draw a giggle out of her, yet the flexing of her back into him, her stomach firm on his chest, eyes closing tight and breath turning shallow, shows her own desires are still reaching higher and higher. Slowly he eased one hand down to her womanhood, doing as she has shown him before, gently feeling and caressing with his fingers among the hidden folds and depths all women have.

In short order Samantha clutches her arms tight and firm around his neck, resting her head next to his own; small, constant, delightful quivering sweeping her body from top to bottom. Samantha looked deep into his eyes, a hunger born of lust shining back, making it emphatically clear what she has in mind.

Within a few moments, Benjamin sees his shorts flying into the air, landing near the towels cute blonde gets jizz on her ass what is left of his phone. She suddenly looked at me with a hunger in those beautiful eyes; telling me what she intends. Samantha snuggled into his lap, wrapping her legs about his waist as tightly as she could, then reached one hand down to his manhood, gently stroking its length.

Benjamin wrapped his arms around her lower back to give her some extra support; sex teen cheerleader ends with accidental creampie then the two began to kiss one another, fires of passion building and flowing one into the other, a union of two bodies into one that both want and need to have happen. She helped to guide his manhood inside of her body; easing her way down step by step, pushing Benjamin to the limits of his endurance as she firmly locked her pelvic muscles about it, then began to adjust her position for both to enjoy the moment in the fullest.

"Benjamin, just hold onto me," Samantha whispered into his ear. He tightened his grip about her, not daring to let go. She moved her pelvis side to side, while rising and lowering her body over his manhood. Soon enough a light sheen of perspiration flowed on her body, her eyes becoming dreamy, eyelids flickering as she gnawed on her lips as the pleasure from her body increased with each movement.

Benjamin tried to move in time with her, his efforts somewhat awkward and clumsy in comparison to those of her own; yet she seemed to understand his intentions, slowing her frantic pace to keep in time with him, giving a soft whisper here and there of what to do for the both of them moving as one. He felt the fires building to volcanic intensities in his manhood, pressure mounting upon pressure revealed into his melted brain as thunderous flashes of light, heat and passion beyond description; he struggles to hold back as long as possible, chest heaving like a bellows with grunts and groans growing with each moment passing.

Samantha started to softly croon, literally the loudest sound she has made in their shared love making; giving a shock to poor Benjamin who did not expect it at all. Losing control of his focus, he feels his body push past the line of restraint and suddenly he hits his climax, sending his life seed into her body once, twice, three times and then a fourth, before his manhood finally implodes into disfunctionality.

She looks at him with a look of being completely sated, giggling gently and then kissing him on the lips. "Samantha," Benjamin began, trying to avoid the look of horror building on his face as he realizes how many times he climaxed in her.

"Samantha, I didn't mean for that to happen…" he said, voice cracking at what he assumes is an insult to her, his coming repeatedly and she only one time.

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She just silenced him with her fingers gently placed on his lips. The expression on her face makes it clear to him, there is no insult or any such wrongness expressed.

"Benny, sometimes it happens, so far that's the best WE have done together, and hopefully just the beginning of it being better and better." "I guess there is some hope for me…after all…" he said to her.

She nodded, nuzzling up to him, then whispered those magical words into his ear, their life and world changing instantly and forever… "Benjamin, I love you." ******************** ******************** The weightlessness of water, its firm grip holding her in invisible hands spreading over each portion of her body as she drifts in the pool.

Samantha let the rich warmth of the waters ease their way into her body, still holding a rueful smile on her face; to be startled so bad by a cat, plunging forward into the water and atop of Benjamin. To her surprise this brought the flushing heat of a blush to her cheeks, embarrassment and delight mixing into one stream of thought and sensations unknown to her before.

Benjamin has turned out to be one delightful surprise after another, even taking his fairly naïve skills in sex and romance; though there is great potential to be refined by practice and lots of sweat, bumping and grinding away with one another. Having drifted to one side of the pool, she does a backward roll and then a twist to float backwards the way she has just come from. Just the fact he could make such a breakfast for her! It had been so good that she wolfed the entire thing down in a heartbeat!

And such a joke as he pulled on his father was concerning Aunt Matilda…original AND hilarious. He has come to show me a side of him that I never could have dreamed of, yet looking back over the long time of their friendship; even when her growing attraction to him seemed only physical, and his cluelessness about even that, made her desire him more and more…yet… Her mind and heart raced as a sudden image came about, her and Benjamin as a family; though the fact she cannot have children of her own means they would have to adopt… With one thought, Samantha has understood her entire view of Benjamin and their shared world has just moved into a whole new level; one she wants to explore with him… She sees Benjamin pass by the kitchen window, some tools in his hand, most likely to work on his I-phone.

Closing her eyes for a moment, she breaths in the air, taking delight in the salty smell of the pool blending with the aroma of the blooming roses, snap dragons (fiery oranges, brilliant yellows, and pastel blues), they hanging wisteria from its vines in the tree branches. These merge with the soft yipping of a neighbor dog wanting to play in that far off yard, a cats mewing, robins, sparrows and a hoot-hoot of an owl out in the daytime. "My home is so plain compared to this magical world Benjamin lives in," a wicked grin crosses her face, "even with what I now know about my own mothers 'bridge club' from Matilda…that is going to be so much fun.

I just wish we could have gotten to the river." The first little tap-tap-tap droppings of rain fall onto her skin and the surrounding water surface. She looks up, and sees the darkest of storm clouds bellowing into sight; racing like minions of doom preparing to smite all of the living they confront in the world.

Kicking her feet she swims to the nearest exit from the pool and climbs out as she heads for the house, pausing only to grab up her towel.

************* ************* Bing! Clang! Aoogah! Thud! Crash! "Wonderful, why did dad have to go and install that stupid doorbell," I said, shaking my head at the perpetual bad timing of the universe in my life.

The remnants of my I-phone are scattered about the dining table, drying out with nagpuri bipi xxx story jarkand assistance of a fan; I just hope that the data on it can still be salvaged and that I can get a new phone soon.

As I was sliding my chair back, Samantha passed by, pausing long enough for me to see the towel hugging her wet body, her damp hair encompassing her face in such a cute manner. She smiled and looked over at the door. "Benjamin do you want me to get it? I saw in the window a UPS truck just outside; the driver won't wait long to see if someone is home…" she asked. "Go ahead Samantha, I'm going to turn the TV on and see about that storm brewing up," I said.

In the living room, as I switched on the TV for the weather channel I happened to look out the window; seeing the rain continue to build as Samantha went running up to the driver just as he was about to climb into the delivery van.

I could see even at this distance the towel showing more and more of her form off, the nipples of her breasts clear for anyone to see. The sight of her mostly bared thighs sent my heart to fluttering as she reached out to sign for the package being delivered. The delivery man did his best to keep from looking at her as she signed for the package, then fighting to keep her towel on as the wind suddenly picked up; despite her best efforts enough of it moved to clearly expose her womanhood to the driver… And to the club of bike riders training for their endurance run in the mountains that was once again passing by the house… I just shook my head as Samantha regained control of her towel, clutching the package to her bosom; then the cute little cringe she gave as the bike riders went cascading into a mass erin the uptown escort stockings wreckage as they lost focus of the road and focused upon her.

The delivery man did slightly better, missing his seat completely on the sight of Samantha's bared form; he hit the ground with a thud, stood up and brushed himself off.

"My apologies ma'am," he said while standing again and climbing into his seat, "I did not mean to be so clumsy, have a good day." I just rolled my eyes to the heavens, wondering what else could go wrong.

As she hastened to the house I went to meet her, grabbing a warm and dry robe to wrap about her as she closed the door behind her. In minutes she was sipping away on some hot apple cinnamon tea; I was rubbing away on her shoulders and arms to get them warmed up, as the weathermen commented of the storms growing ferocity; amply confirmed by the retort of thunder all but shaking the house to pieces.

Looking at the small parcel, a box big enough for a regular textbook, the two of us began to wonder exactly what it contained; no return address was on the outside, just the house address, my parent's name, and the mark of 1 of 5 to be delivered. "So what do you think it is Benny?" she asked with a flourishing smile. "Who knows, my folks anniversary is coming up soon; it's probably a present for them, or some kind of gift to my mom from dad.

With him anything can happen, he loves to surprise her," I said. "I'm glad you're here Samantha that storm is bad and I could not imagine you caught out in it. Good thing we did not go to the river after all…" I just stopped speaking as she placed her hand on my forearm, gently playing her fingertips across my skin in such a way that sent my brain into terminal meltdown; my cheeks flushed hard and fast, the heat flowing into them like molten metal.

I saw then that she had opened her robe up, both of her breasts visible. "Samantha, remember what you wanted to do earlier when we got out of the shower the other time?

Let's see what was it you were singing?" I slyly smiled at her. She held her hand to her mouth while she was deep in thought, trying to remember what I was talking about. Then her eyes flared wide in recognition, mouth hanging open, as both hands clasped over it.

"Benny you little CAD!" she squealed in a mixture of wonder, embarrassment and hope. I stood up and extended my hands for her; and let out all the air in my lungs as she leapt up and crushed me in a massive bear hug. During this move of hers the robe fell to puddle about her feet on naked french gf fingering her twat in front of a webcam masturbation laura fox floor. "Sixty nine it's so fine, we will have our own sixty nine so all will be just fine…" she coyly started singing; her eyes dancing with wild passion.

She pulled me down slightly, arms around my neck, and pressed her lips onto mine in a fiery embrace. "Benny I never thought you would get the nerve up to ask me that…I love you Benjamin, I love you greatly and wish we could be together forever," she rested her head up against my chest as I embraced her in a hug.

"Samantha you're not planning playgirl seduces fellow to fuck pornstar and hardcore leaving town or something?" I asked her. "No Benjamin, I just want to be with you; I've talked about you with your Aunt Matilda, and even though she hates most men, she has a lot of good, old fashioned common sense.

She said that we 'could be a wonderful couple if we wanted to make it happen,' " "Samantha will you wait here for a moment; there is something I need to go and get," I said. She looked at me with a bit of confusion and concern as I headed to my bedroom. I had to dig deep into the depths of my chest of drawers, searching for the little box.

It's been three years since I inherited it, and set it aside for this day.

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I can only hope Samantha will love it. Yes, right where I had left it. ====== As I entered the dining room again I saw that Samantha had put big boobs milf and teen bitch threeway session in bed her robe once again, though it still hung open down the front. I pulled my seat up in front of her and sat down, showing the small box in my hand. Her eyes went wide with recognition, sparkling with what I hoped is acceptance when I opened it so carefully to show off the platinum ring set with twelve small blue sapphires.

"Samantha, this belonged to my great grandma, the only item I got as part of the inheritance; it had a note for a long time saying to give it to the one who means the most to me in my life…and that is you…" Samantha started gasping, eyes tearing up, and her hands covering her mouth as she mumbled "Oh my…oh my…" "Benjamin," she gulped hard, "you are asking to marry me? I mean, me, Samantha?" "Yes I am," I told her.

Taking her hand, I slid the ring upon her finger, covering it with both of mine. All but leaping into me, she swept me into a crushing bear hug saying yes-yes-yes over and over again as the tears flowed down her cheeks.

Blam! Bloom! Loud tiger roar! Thud! Crash! The perversion of the universe strikes again; as it seems to be doing all too often.

"Let me get that Samantha…" I began to say; Samantha was already heading for the door, peeking through the eyehole to see who it could be. "Hey Benjamin, it's another UPS van, do you want me to get it?" Samantha asked. "Thanks Samantha let me know if it is too heavy for you to carry or I need to sign for it." "Will do that," she answered. I focused again on the mess of my I-phone while Samantha got the door; only to pick up a moment later what she was saying loud enough for the delivery agent to hear as well: "…love of my life, we are so fine; we shall do our own sixty-nine; can't wait for you to do me the best, so, so well like all the rest; all night we will stay in our bed, rocking our world until it falls apart…" I just sat there with absolute horror on my face, her words clutching my brain like the jaws of a trap set for a wolf in the woods.

Samantha showed a grin on her face, posing to let me xsensual tetti dew korti every girl is a model that her robe has opened up, allowing the delivery agent a complete view of her naked body from head to toe.

She gave me a purely impish grin, licking her lips for a moment and teasingly sucking on one finger while the agent was doing something with the delivery slip to be signed. I tried to speak or call out to Samantha, but instead of words coming out of my mouth, it sounded like a full orchestra of bullfrogs choking on dry crackers lodged in their throats.

When the agent spoke to Samantha, my sense of impending doom came crashing home completely; I all too clearly recognized that voice my cousin Bonn'udie, who was adopted from India as a babe by my fathers twin sister.

Commonly called by the nickname "Bunnie," she is regarded among the family gossipers as an all consuming man eater; insatiable beyond anything and lover of both men and women; the more the better. She has the looks to match her reputation as well - Five foot seven, glistening black hair, a deep almost coppery tan, her uniform and shorts hugged each and every curve of her body as she stood there entering the data into her notepad system.

"Ma'am that's all of it," Bunnie said to Samantha. Four small bundles went into Samantha's waiting hands, probably the remainder of the earlier delivery. "I'll make sure Benjamin's parents get these. Do they get these often, I mean the address…or I should say, there is no return address…" "Yes ma'am, they get these all the time. Their boy Benjamin hasn't a clue that his own folks 'business trips' overseas are actually to the quarterly Club Caribbean Hedonism festivities," Bunnie said.

"One to two weeks of nothing but purest of sex, sex, sex, no holds barred and everything goes…well, I can dream of the 'someday.' That package is the same I deliver to so many others in the area; advertisings for the festivals, main events, parties and couples looking to hook up for swinger's parties…" I could hear the rueful tone of Bunnies voice. My own parents are swingers! I had to brace myself against the wall to keep from falling flat on my face.

"I have to admit, as a babysitter goes for Benjamin, its nice to see one of their friends offering to help out. Just try not to kill the kid sweet, innocent, and completely clueless as ever. I mean ma'am, if he sees you like this he will have sunny leone xxx idesex stories 2019 heart attack from sheer panic…" "Don't worry Bunnie," Samantha's voice was turning cold, "I won't try to&hellip." "Maybe you should, that boy needs someone to actually rock his world for once, probably for the only time in his life at that.

Honestly, to think I have to be related to such a nerd and uttermost loser in a family of hedonists, there is no accounting for genetics alright," Bunnie said.

"Oh well, at least this is my last stop," I could hear Bunnie writing something on a piece of paper. "Here, if you get a chance to tonight, the bridge club with Mrs. Miller will be having a real party, she would just love to entertain a wild thing such as you." To my shock I saw Bunnie reach her hands out and gently cuddle Samantha's breasts, gently stroking the nipples until they all but glowed.

Samantha just glared at Bunnie, her anger beginning to build. "Besides which, I tight teen pussy and anal banged by bbc be there as well…" running her hands over her shirt, Bunnie emphasized each of her breasts, teasing her nipples with a fingertip while looking at Samantha with unadulterated lust.

"Yeah, she would rock your world indeed, and if you ever get there so will I. I'll even do you special; we can make one of the couches smoke all night until neither of us can orgasm any more. If Marion joins in, she will be insatiable, not even a pride of lions devours men and women like that one…WHEW!" "Mrs. Miller?" Samantha asked of Bunnie.

"Oh yeah she is such a screamer Mrs. Marion Miller is her full name if your interested. At the last party Mrs. Marion did six girls and eleven guys before the night was through. She encourages the men by letting them cum inside of her, and at least twice each at that!" Bunny's enthusiasm apparently knows no limits.

"Though they say that her daughter is a true innocent like Benjamin," she shook her head while having a disparaging smirk on her lips. "Poor girl probably never has been into bed with anyone, so unlike her mother…oh well, guess sometimes a mistake winds up in the gene pool…too bad, we could have a deflowering party for her twenty or more guys and all of us girls for her alone…what a way to go out of the world…I can just see the cum of all those men dripping out of her womanhood, each guy getting to do her twice…or three times." Bunny's sigh was audible for some distance, as she envisioned such an experience for her.

Samantha stood there, her face locked on Bunny with the promise of certain doom…weather concerning the tale of her mother, or Bunny's account of what should happen 'to her innocent daughter' I could not be sure. I just figured Bunny's lifespan was now measured in seconds at best. All of a sudden an idea came to me…a chance to have some fun… "Sammy, honey bunch," I called out in a high pitched, off key tone, "what's taking so long dear, the rest of us girls want to get the orgy going again and Benny will not do so until you get here…Sammy darling…oh come on the rest of us are so bored honey…" I heard the slight squeaking noises coming from Bunnie as Samantha grinned, and then all but slammed the door in Bunny's face.

Samantha just kept grinning as she walked back over to me, the light shining on her bared body; emphasizing each and every luscious curve of her chin, neck and shoulders, breasts and abdomen, and her legs with each step she took. "Benjamin it looks like our parents have kept secrets from both of us…I wish we could shock them with something after they come back…" she shook her head. "Maybe there is…how about a video of us getting it together?" "Nah, remember that Tabatha already made one of all of us?

We need something better…" she said with a coy smile on her face. I slid my hands gently along her abdomen, drawing a light tittering stream of laughter as they met behind the small of her back; then moved one down to her thigh, gently caressing and tickling each area I could reach, until up between her inner areas, and began to tease her most intimate of areas.

Each gentle stroke, done as softly as I could, started bringing out of Samantha soft gasps and one or two slight cooing sounds; then she grabbed me firmly about my back as her body shuddered, one leg shifting suddenly into my own, as she hit her climax once again this day. She looked at me with those dreamy eyes, cheeks flush with delight and a bit of embarrassment; while I just gave a sheepish grin and asked if she wanted to do it again.

"Well Benny, since you seem to be in the mood for some more lessons…" she said. Samantha put one hand on the back of my neck, drawing me into her and locking her lips onto mine, gently kissing me again and again. My hands went to exploring up the sides and back of her body, trying to recall each of those most sensuous locations she has, to bring the fires of passion to full intensity within her… I moved my kisses down to the side of sunny leone hot xxx story with condom download cheek and chin, then to her neck that sent her into a deep gasp for breath as a wave of pleasure shook her body from head to toes and back again.

She started to slide her hand down kidnapped euro cum mouth european and glamour trunks when the universe interrupted yet again… "Why does this keep happening?" we asked in unison. ====== Bing! Blooey! Meow!

Chirp! Thud! Crash! "Come on in!" I called out while Samantha hastily tied her robe shut. I recognized the figure that entered instantly as she pulled back the hood of her raincoat.

"Senor Benjamin, oh I see Senorita Samantha is here as well," asked Mrs. Nellie. In her early seventies, she is the typical appearing grandmother in that everyone on the block is her family and grandchildren, real or jessica and leo have kinky lesbian sex in their blood ties to her.

In her hands she holds a small basket covered with a towel, bread rolls by the smell of them. "I made these for you as I know you love them so much…oh my!" Seeing the ring on Samantha's finger, she smiles knowingly and in true delight.

Putting the basket on the table she took up both of our hands and covered them with her own then commenced a Spanish prayer of blessing for the couple to be and their wedding day as well.

I had to explain to Samantha that Miss Nellie is a preacher, her husband a justice of the peace and the owner of a small business nearby. Samantha looked at me and then to Mrs. Nellie, apparently coming to a quick decision. "Mrs. Nellie, I know this may be a sudden request, but between you and your husband, what would you charge me and Benjamin for a quick wedding service and the marriage license we need to make it official?" Samantha asked.

"Let me make a call, oh you two are a splendid couple, so young and full of life's fire," she clapped her hands together while a genuine smile emerged on her face. I offered her a seat on one of the chairs as she placed her call on her cell phone.

She briefly told her husband what was going on and to get down here yesterday with his records and the stuff we will need for the wedding license and all of that. "He is already home Benjamin, and will be here shortly; one thing with the wonders of modern technology is the forms can be filled out and filed right here. You will both be officially hitched shortly." She looked at the two of us with a serious look on her face, and then placed her hands over the two of ours.

"I have to ask this up front; are you two sure about doing this? It's a very serious step, your lives will become as one, for good and bad; are you absolutely sure on the matter?" she asked. Without hesitation we both answered yes. When her husband arrived the ceremony was very short and to the point. Mahn, her husband served as witness to the ceremony, helped fill out and then file the forms.

I noticed then that he had brought a set of glasses, a bucket of ice and a bottle chilling away within… "Benjamin, before you ask I know your too young to drink; so I hope the four of us will all be happy with a Dr Pepper in place of the customary wedding toast," he stated.

"Good thing, Benjamin's parents were emphatic about there being no booze before their vacation; it's the first time he has not had a baby sitter, so what happens…" she smiled at me with love in her eyes.

"He up and gets married…oh how the parents will respond…" Mahn jokingly says, hamming up the words with an expression of abject horror of a parents face. All of us cracked up laughing. "Benjamin, while I am thinking of it the position you applied for is open, so is the one you did Samantha. Both of you will be able to work together," said Mister Mahn, the husband of Mrs. Nellie. "I need a couple of file clerks, its thirty hours a week doing data entry at home, fifteen a week in the office; and you will get a good pay with benefits," we both nodded yes, especially when he said we can start as soon as our graduation comes about at the end of the month.

====== About an hour later, after Nellie and Mahn went home, I was working on my family's notebook, wondering what to tell my dad in the e-mail… Samantha came up with the perfect 'nightmare scenario' to tell my dad… "Hey Benjamin, why not send her a reply that not only did we get hitched, we won the lottery, Aunt Matilda has gotten married and controls the local Hells Angels Biker Club, but that I am also pregnant…" "Uh Samantha," I started choking and gagging… Sitting herself on my lap, arms around my neck, she grinned and put her forehead to mine.

"No silly I'm not pregnant…your parents and my mother have been keeping secrets from us for some time; now we need to show them what kind of fun their kids can have…then we get back to our studies…" "Samantha that should be WE continue our studies; I think now we are in the 'Masters Dissertation' program; and will be for the rest of our lives.

Besides we have still one thing to figure out; now that we are hitched, are we to live apart or what until we can get our own place?" "Benny, we will figure that out soon enough; I prefer being here with you…" she said, her voice trailing off for a time. Beep… "One ultimate sling shot e-mail on the way to dad, and to…oh no!" I just cringed.

"What's happened Benjamin?" Samantha asked. "I just sent it to the entire mailing list instead of just my dad." Samantha laughed and pulled me against her chest, rubbing my neck and kissing me on the forehead. I looked up at her with a sheepish grin that she returned in full. "Well Benny, we still have the promised 'sixty nine' and a few other things to take care of…and I hope tonight we get to wear the bed out completely…and the couch if we have to…" The first e-mails started to come in: Aunt Matilda Congratulations to the saucy co ed bint has her twat pummeled of you!

I figured this would happen; Ben tell your dad I win the bet, he stays home and I get to go with your mom to the Hedonism Olympics! By the way I ran into Bunnie and she kept saying something about "Ben and his babysitter" what's up with that? The hell's angels were a nice touch; if you get pictures of your dads reaction PLEASE send at once!!! Mom's e-mail: Benny, congratulations to you and Samantha; Aunt Matilda figured this might happen your dad took another walk off the pier again right into the garbage scow below; Samantha welcome to the family, will send pictures of dad as soon as they fish him out of the trash.

By the way, if Samantha wants to move in until the two of you get your own place after graduation she is welcome to stay. And Samantha, try not to turn Benny's brains to mush; he is a good boy, real sweet and so innocent… Good jest about 'being pregnant' Samantha; dad nearly had a heart attack, choked on his drink, scared all of us sunbathing on the nudist deck.

Will be home in a couple of weeks; fill me in then Samantha, I want to hear all the juicy secrets of you and Benny; and anything about Matilda. Other e-mails came in, with congratulations and a strong complaint from Samantha's mother due to us not inviting her to the wedding.

"Why should I not be surprised my dad and Aunt Matilda figured we would get hitched?" I just shook my head. Samantha suddenly looked into the living room, where I could see the rain coming down in full force; lightning dancing in the background. "I think I hear the couch calling for us to come and practice our techniques Benjamin and if anyone watches the show…all the better for us…" she gave me a feral, thrill filled grin.

I gave her back a matching grin. Together we headed for the couch, until I swept her up into my arms with her squealing in delight; made it across the threshold and then promptly collapsed onto my rump with her in my lap.

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"How about we start here?" I half jokingly asked. Her robe went flying away from her shoulders; she moved around to face me, legs wrapping tightly about my waist.

"Fine with me Benjamin, we begin here," she said, leaning into me and kissing my lips with fiery intensity. She pulled my shorts down and took my manhood in her hands, stroking it to full intensity before sliding her own womanhood over its length and then hammering home with all the frenzied force she can deliver.

I held her across her lower back, my body rocking in time with her own, the fiery rivers of lust brewing, flowing and merging in a cacophony of patterns and forces as the two of us moved as one; all too quickly I wound up hitting my climax, fully spilling my life seed deep inside of her. "Again Benjamin, let's not stop until there is legal age teenager pretty nymph endures hard ramming hardcore and blowjob more left inside of you…" she said with a grin that matched my own; my hands running over her perspiration covered body; I put my mouth over her nipple, caressing it with my tongue, the free one being caressed and teased with one hand, building up the fires within her body once again.

I worked my kisses down her body, towards her abdomen when she lifted my chin up with her hands, looking at me with some curiosity. Then she understood my intention. Grinning, we moved over to the couch, with me on the bottom as she moved over my body; she told me what to do, showing me where to use my lips and tongue for the best effect on her womanhood. I have to admit, I was nervous as anything; yet I still wanted to try and please her.

We've talked about it so much already, so its past time to make it happen… Samantha soon went to town on my manhood, her fiery lips and stroking hands moving over its length, building one fiery river of raw lust onto another. I felt my heart racing, my brain slag away and my lungs bellowing for air like a forge in a foundry.

Yet that first taste of her womanhood, the salty-sweet mixture of her flesh, womanly juices and all others mixing into one was intoxicating. I went about pleasing her as she showed me, still as clumsy as anything and getting a pointer from here, such as small teen drips with cum smalltits hardcore the left or right a bit, faster or slower…drawing a mixture of sighs, soft little coo's and one large shudder that had her back arching.

I lost all track of time, caught up in the here and now of the two of us together. Samantha's breath became shallow, raspy and bated as her body flowed about; her excitement building one step at a time, especially when my tongue touched one area that sent her into the heavens! I was fighting to hold back my own climax; hoping against hope to get her to climax first for the both of us.

I felt the forces building beyond my control in my manhood, demanding to be released; I fought harder to keep it under control, moving my mouth away from her womanhood and stroking it with my fingers instead.

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Then she hit her peak, the womanly juices flowing over my fingers and hand just as I hit my release. Samantha moved her head to the side, choking and swallowing my life seed that was released fully into her mouth.

I apologized to her for losing control, but she grinned and kissed me, letting me understand the taste of my own seed on her mouth and tongue. The expression on my face caused her to break out in laughter. "Benny, you are suppose to do that inside my womanhood; not my mouth. Practice will make perfect my love and my husband…" she teasingly said, her hand stroking my chest under my shirt.

"Samantha how soon do you want black guy and girl shot xxx storys go for it again?" I asked her. "Benny, call me Sam or Sammie when it's just us together okay?" she said. I nodded agreement, and kissed her softly on her nose, preparing to engage in our dance of love one more time. All of a sudden she started blushing like mad, eyes lowering and head turning to the side; I caught the cause of her concern a moment later, as several of our friends who live nearby had come to congratulate us on our wedding…and staring at us through the living room window…backlit by the flashes of lightning from the storm… They got one heck of a floor show… "And here I thought you wanted that to happen?

Oh dear, this may need to have an encore for them…" I said in a teasing voice. She broke out in full laughter, seeking out her robe to go to the door and let people in.

So it was that one door on our lives closed as another opened, one with me and her together for all of time. (fin)