Perky tits teen smashed by huge shaft in many positions masturbation pornstars

Perky tits teen smashed by huge shaft in many positions masturbation pornstars
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I woke early, it was a typical Sunday. I stretched fighting off the remnants of sleep. I could smell food cooking from the kitchen. So I rolled out of bed and headed out of my room wear a sports bra and panties.

Let me tell you about my self. My name is Ashley. I'm 5'5", with long blond hair, 120lbs with a 34C chest. I have a very athletic body. I love working out at the gym and playing sports.

As I headed towards the kitchen I could hear moaning from within. I stepped into the kitchen to see my older brother having sex with our mom. My dad sitting reading the news paper, drinking his coffee at the kitchen table. Tom my brother is two first time bloody sex story best older then me, his athletic body was built like a Greek god.

He has short brown hair and deep brown eyes. He has the second biggest dick I have ever seen only beaten by a little by my father. My mom was sitting on the counter with her legs spread wide. I could not any of her because Tom was blocking my view.

My brothers back was turned to me so all I could see was him pounding away at her. His ass a cute blur. It kind of made me horny, watch as he worked himself in and out of her. My mom was a normal house wife, she was naked I knew, She often did not wear underwear just incase my dad or kayden kross manuel ferrara escort scene digital playground got frisky.

As I walked into the kitchen, from behind my brother. My mother saw me and between her moans and Tom not slowing downshe said "Honey as soon as your brother and I finish, I make you break." She didn't even finish her sentence as the orgasm caught her. I went to sit at the kitchen table by my dad. My dad is a very sexy man, he is 6'3" very athlete me and him workout at the gym together, which is not a bad thing but it has lead to a few bathroom sex encounters.

He clean shaven and has a very masculine chin. With short brown hair and brown eyes. As I sat down at the table I could not see him from behind his paper. After watching my brother and mom have sex, I wanted a morning dick.

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So I reached under the table and found my dads leg he did not have pants on, but a pair of boxers. So I reached into the little hole and grabbed his dick. He was not hard so I stroked till he was nice thick and round. I started working him for a few seconds till I heard the paper move.

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He peeked his head around the paper and our eyes meet. He gave me the look. Without saying anything I know what he wanted. I let go of his dick and crawled under the table.

I grabbed what we called the knee pillow. Everyone thought it was for the dog, but it was for my mother and me. We spent a lot of time under here servicing my dad and brother.

After put the knee pillow under my knees I looked up to see, my fathers huge cock. He had already taken down his boxers for me. He was huge, not just long but fat. His dick was about 9inches long and about 2-3 inches wide. But I love my fathers cock. I loved the feel of it. I reached up and wrapped my hand around it.

I started stroking it again then brought my mouth to it. I licked his huge cock up and down. From above the table I could hear my dad moan. Then I kissed the head before letting his cock slipped between my lips.

My head bob up and down on his cock. As I sucked his cock my hand played with his balls. I love the taste of his cock in my mouth. His cock was so big I could not go very far but it was the most amazing feeling have a huge cock in my throat. He put is hand on the back of my head to guild my head. As I sucked him I let my tongue guild along the bottom of his shaft. He loved that I did that. He would never say it in front of mom but he would tell be I gave him the best blowjobs ever.

I loved when he called me his little cock sucker. I stated making slurping sounds as I sucked. I worked his shaft a little hot chick sucking and riding his dick I felt him press on my head to tell me to go deeper.

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My mouth opened wider and let his cock slid deeper into my throat I did this a few times till I got a little light headed. He's breathing was getting a heavier so I knew he was getting close. But I was not about to let him cum without being deep inside me. So I stopped sucking him and pushed a little at his legs. He put down his paper and pushed the chair back from the table.

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So I could get out. I hooked my panties with my thumbs and slip them down. I threw my leg over my dad, he grabbed my hips and guided me down onto his dick. Even though I was soaking wet I had to slowly down his dick because he was so big.

I let "ah" slip as I slid down. "You like that Ash" "Yes Daddy" "You like Daddy hard Dick in your tight pussy" "Yeah" When he was all the way in I started moving my hips. We both started to moan. It feels so good to have a big dick in my pussy. I stated riding him up and down.

I wrapped my arms around his neck. And started fucking him harder. I worked it for a few minute but I was getting tired and started to slow. So he picked me up, with me still in me and laid me on the table. He started to fuck me so I wrapped my legs around his back and held on. He huge cock was going in and out so fast. It felt so good. I was so close to coming.

I moaning so loud now. Daddy never disappoints with is huge dick. After a minute or two his breathing got heavy again so I know he was close. He teen show cam amateur russian paramours having sensual sex one last trust and we came together. It was amazing.

I love when he comes deep inside me. He laid on top of me for a minute gave me a kiss on the lips and said "Good morning sweetie". I just laid there as my mom put a plate of food next to me and said "Breakfast is ready".