Chick sheri vi gets her pussy pleasured by masseur

Chick sheri vi gets her pussy pleasured by masseur
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This story is copyrighted to Blondie 2011. The Domination Series My Uncle I was sixteen years old when I got my first taste of Domination. I was living with my Uncle then. I was still a virgin and didn't know much about sex.

This was about to change. I was staying with my Uncle Bill for the summer. He was the kind that let my cousin Mike and I drink beer and even smoke pot. We were sitting in the living room one night after dinner and Mike was off with his friends someplace, when my Uncle told me to come sit with him. I sat next to him and he lit up a joint, and handed it to me. I inhaled deeply, letting the drug take effect. "So, tell me Brandy. Have you been fucked yet?" My uncle blurted out. I coughed and choked, surprised by his question.

He pulled me onto his hot japanese filly gets pleasured with toys, and ran his hands up my thighs. Rubbing them roughly.

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"Smoke some more, Brandy" he said handing it back to me. I took another hit, and leaned back onto him. His hands went up under my skirt, his fingers quickly finding my pussy.

Uncle Bill massaged me on top of my panties. I let out a soft moan. "Do you like that Brandy?" He said kissing my neck. All I could do was utter a soft sound and shake my head yes.

He spread my legs, till they were hanging over his. I felt his fingers pull my panties to the side, and slip inside of my already wet pussy. I jumped when his fingers entered me.

I never felt a mans fingers in me before. "Shh. Relax Brandy" My head was buzzing from the pot I had smoked, so I leaned back and closed my eyes. I felt his huge fingers move in and out of me. He used such precision he knew what he was doing. And in no time, he had me cumming on his fingers. He put his arms around me and held me, till my breathing had slowed down. "Time to go to bed Brandy." He said.

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He kissed me good night and went bed. I got up, and went to lay down in Mikes bed. Which is where I slept. The next day, was like any other at my Uncles. He went to work and Mike and I did our usual thing of playing video games and listening to music. "Did you have fun with Dad last night?" Mike said with a smile.

"What do you mean?" I answered nervously. "C'mon Brandy, I know what happened. We talked about it.

We both agree that your hot. So tell me, did he break you in?" He said smiling again. "N.No. He just um. used his fingers." I stuttered. "You mean like this." With that Mike had his fingers deep inside of me. "But did he do this?" Mikes face went between my legs, and I felt his tongue running in circles around my clit.

His fingers probed my ass. He lifted my legs high above my head. He alternated his tongue from my clit to sinking it deep inside of my pussy. My hands went to his head, holding him closer to me as I came all over his face. I wanted more, but but he said I had to wait. We all sat down to dinner that night, and I was quiet. Wondering if it was true that they discussed how hot I was.

My uncle let me drink beer with dinner that night, and by the time dinner was over I was pretty well drunk. I went in and laid down on the couch, enormous chubby sbbw shows tits on cam first.

I felt my skirt being lifted to my waist, and my panties being pulled down. I felt something cold being run down my ass cheeks to my pussy lips. I jumped at first, but I heard a voice say "Shh." I felt my legs being gently pulled apart, and felt the cold thing being pushed inside of my hot pussy. "What is that" I mumbled. "It's an ice cube Brandy, it will make your G-spot stand at attention.

You'll like it, trust me." My uncle said. He leaned down and kissed my lower back, and traced his tongue down to my ass. His fingers moved in and out, the ice cube fastly melting inside of me. He focused his fingers on one spot inside of me, and I felt an orgasm that I had never felt before coming on. I also felt very nervous. I started to get up saying I had to use the restroom. "Lay down Brandy, you'll go when I say you can" He said pushing me back down to the couch. My mind raced.

Uncle Bill had never talked to me like that before.

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I tried to get up again, and said "I don't want to do this" Before I could sit all the way up, Uncle Bill's hand came across my ass hard, bringing tears to my eyes. His hands roughly grab me by my arms, and lift me up. My eyes meet his. "You are going to learn a lesson, little girl. When a man tells you to do something, you do it. No questions asked. Now get upstairs to my room." He said with such a stern voice that I jumped.

And I knew not to disobey him. I stood on shaky legs and slowly walked up the stairs to his room. My heart was beating with fear.

I got inside the room to find Mike siting on the bed. "Mike, help me.

He's scaring me." I whispered, in hopes that somehow Mike would save me from my lesson. "Help you? Help you do what exactly? Learn your place in this house?" He said loud enough for Uncle Bill to hear. I was in disbelief.

I heard the door shut behind me. I jumped and turned around to see my Uncle standing there with a smile on his face. "Take off the shirt Brandy. Now" I hung my head and stared at the floor as I slowly unbuttoned my shirt. I felt Mike come up behind me and pull it off of my shoulders.

I watched it drop to the floor. Mike's hands went to my breasts, as he removed my bra next. I could feel Mike's lips on my back, as I watched my Uncle approach me. My heart beat heavily in my chest. I was afraid, but strangely turned on by all this. "Get on the bed and lay down" My Uncle said. I quickly followed his orders. I watched my Uncle and my cousin strip down. I watched this with a certain fear, I was afraid because I was still a virgin.

And I had heard from friends that the first time hurt like hell. Not to mention, that this was my Uncle. I wasn't sure if I should be doing this. But I didn't think there was any way I could get away. After all the door was locked and there were two of them. They must latin big tits fucking a sexy latina stewardess sensed what I thought because the next thing I knew my Uncle was strattling my chest.

He's holding his cock on my lips as he tells me "Open" "I. I don't know how" I whispered. "Open, I'll tell you how." he said. "I. I don't think I want." Thats all I was able to get out when Uncle Bill slapped his cock against my lips, and grabbed a handful of hair. "Open your mouth, Brandy, don't make this harder than what it's gonna be" So I did what he said.

I opened my mouth, and he slid his hard cock inside it.

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He pumped his hips as his cock moved in and out of my mouth. I thought I would gag. "Run your tongue along my cock, Brandy" he said. And I did. He started moaning, and moving a little faster, when I felt Mike down between my legs. I could feel the head of his cock on my pussy lips. He began to push, and I went into a panic.

I tried to say no, because I knew this was gonna hurt, but my mouth was filled with my Uncle's cock. My arms went up to Uncles chest, in an effort to push him away.

His grip on my hair got tighter, as he said "Your not getting away" With that, I felt Mike's cock plunge into me breaking my hymen. I tried to scream, but my cries were muffled by my Uncle's cock.