Hardcore slave sex and submission of fucked slave tied and used whilst tube porn

Hardcore slave sex and submission of fucked slave tied and used whilst tube porn
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It was the beginning of autumn and the leaves where falling as peter was walking down the road to work. The same road he walked every day. Peter was an average built guy, short ash blond hair, light blue eyes. Nothing special. Peter has had the same job for almost 3 years now. As he approaches his work, he can see his boss yelling at another employee through the shop windows. John, the other employee. Just stood there staring at his shoes while he got chewed out by the boss.

"Oh god, he is pissed again" Peter said as he walked up to the door. "Good morning" Peter announced as he entered the shop "PETER! get on the floor now! These computers won't sell themselves" yelled Andrew. Branch manager of ABC Computers. The worse computer store according to peter. Peter put his bags in the locker room and preceded to the floor to assist the chica se graba para su novio customer's that were there.

"I wish something would change, I'm sick of the same shit everyday" peter said as he approached john. "I know what you mean," John replied "Hey guess what! I read about this company last night that employs people to do service jobs at fancy private events" Peter stared at john for a minute "you mean like waiters or cleaners?

That sounds worse than this. Cleaning up after rich assholes" peter argued "Maybe so, but it would not be the same people, there would always be a change in places, people and jobs. Plus you get paid a great salary. More than this crap job now" Jack said with a grin. Peter continued to gaze at John. His mind deep in thought, considering what John mentioned. "Ok, send me a link and ill check it out tonight" Peter said reluctantly "Ok but make up your mind fast, they only hire people twice a year and they recruitment period is almost up, I signed up last night" John said grinning even wider, knowing he had almost convinced peter to do it.

Ever since they were kids, peter followed john with whatever idea he came up with. "Peter! John! Stop talking and come merchandise these new parts! Now!" Yelled Andrew. The two sighed and went to work. Later that evening after work. Peter had just finished eating and cleaned up the kitchen. He decided to check out the job that John was going on about. He logged in onto his pc and opened the link. It did look prestigious, the web site has pictures on the home page of grand looking parties, and everyone looked professional and happy.

The list of jobs was quite extensive. Waiters, bar staff, kitchen help, valets, and doormen. The list went on. What caught his eye was "no experience needed. Full training provided" He decided to sign up. John was doing it and it did not look half bad Peter thought to himself. After he completed the form and emailed it through, he received a confirmation letter saying they would contact him in a few days if his application was successful.

Peter then watched some T.V and went to sleep. The following day at work, peter told John that he signed up "Great!

You doing the right thing, think of all the fun we will have, all the money we can save" John said excitedly. "Yeah yeah" Peter said. "We still need to wait to see if they accept us. Come on, let's focus on our current job before we get fired. The days dragged on and then 30 minutes before closing time John ran up to peter. "Look look!" john said almost knocking peter down. "They accepted me! Check your emails" Peter took out his phone and there it was the conformation email. "We should quit right now.

We will be able to start tomorrow. The sooner the better" John said "I don't know, what if…" "No what if's or but's" John said cutting off Peter. "Come on, this job is shit, the pay is shit, the boss is shit. Let's get out and start our new jobs" Peter thought about it and then agreed. The two both walked into the boss's office and told him that they quit. "Get out the both of you! And don't come back. You are never welcome in this store again!

"Yelled Andrew. On the walk home, peter thought to himself that he understands why Darla crane moms dirty book was mad. They did not give any notice.

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Peter got home and made himself something to eat. Watched some T.V and then started to pack some clothes into a bag. According to the acceptance email. They would be staying on an estate a few miles outside of town. They would be there for 3 weeks for training in the various positions they would have before they start work.

Peter finished packing and took a shower and went to sleep. Peter woke up the following morning around 7 am with John yelling for him from the road.

"Come on, the taxi is waiting" John yelled. Peter got up, quickly wet his face. Grabbed his things and ran down stairs. Locking the door behind him.

He threw one of his bags to John who put it in the trunk of the cab and then they were off. "A few miles" peter thought to himself "this is taking forever. This place must be in the middle of nowhere." After around two hours they finally arrived at the massive steel gates. The driver pressed the buzzer and the gates opened. The drove up the long winding driveway to the main house.

A lady was standing at the front door waiting for them. "Good morning" the lady said in a warm tone with a soft smile. "I am lady annabeth and welcome to Walton's estate. Please follow me as I show you to your rooms. Then I will take big titted wife fucked after giving a blowjob big tits on a quick tour of the estate" The boys grabbed their bags and followed the lady.

"Wow she is stunning" John whispered to peter "Did you see the rack on her? And that ass?" Peter smiled as he shushed him. After the Tour, The boys walked around and explored a bit before dinner.

"Come on John, it's almost dinner time and we need to still find the dining room" peter said. After a short time of wondering they found the dining room. Inside there was about 20 other people, 8 guys between the ages of 18 to 27 and Ladies between 18 to 30. "How come we never came across any of them until now?" John asked. "Don't know, it's a pretty big place" Peter said as he sat down next to a brunette girl and introduced himself.

She just smiled and shook his hand. The annabeth come in and said a few words, introduced the two boys to everyone and told everyone to eat.

After dinner, everyone sat at the table just staring at their laps. "What's going on" Peter asked John. This is a little weird. "Yeah it is, I don't knooow whaats…" John collapsed forward. His head landing on the table. Peter started to feel very drowsy.

His head felt like it cheating wife loves sucking me off cocksucking swallow double the size and he too collapsed onto the table. Slowly peter opened his eyes, unsure of what happened or where he was, he realized that he was lying in bed, still very weak and feeling numb.

He tried to move buy couldn't. He felt so weak. He looked around and realized he was alone in the room. Bits of information started to come back to him. He started to remember that he was at the estate and the last thing he can remember was John collapsing next to him. All of a sudden the door opens and a lady walks in wearing an extremely tiny dress that almost covered nothing. Long dark hair cascading down her neck, the tiny white dress trying desperately to conceal her c cup breasts.

And small tight ass. She is carrying a tray with what looked like breakfast on it. "Oh my god, she is beautiful. How can she wear such a reveling uniform?" Peter thought to himself. "Morning my name is peter" he said to no reply. She just put the tray on the bedside table and started to leave. All of a sudden peter felt an odd feeling around his cock. It felt tight. He put his hands under the blanket and felt a metal cage around his penis attached to a metal ring around the base of his penis.

"What the fuck is that!" peter yelled. Going into panic trying to remove the device. As he pulled, he felt something move inside his ass and realized the device that is attached at the base of his penis also runs to his ass where a rather large object is being held inside his ass. "Don't bother to struggle, that lovely device is polished steel.

"Annabeth said as she entered the room. "Glad to see you are up" she said approaching peter. "What the hell is this thing and where am I" Peter yelled "Calm down, that device is a chastity device that connects to a butt plug, its locked in place." Peter cut annabeth off "Get it off me now!' peter yelled.

"First calm down and secondly.

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No, it stays until you have learnt your place" Annabeth said "Fuck you bit." Peter was interrupted by a sharp electofying shock around the base of his cock and inside his ass.

"Fuuuuck!! What was that!?" peter cried out "The device you have attached to you has a built in behavior modification tool. Basically it's linked to this remote I have. If I am unhappy with you, I can punish you by pressing one of these buttons. The shocks range in strength. That was level one and they go up to 6. Level 6 will stop you from walking or moving. You will lose control of all bodily functions.

If you try leaving the manor, the device will trigger. It has a range on it. You can call it an electric collar." "Why are you doing this to me?" peter pleaded "Why? Well we have a very select group of clients that have very, how would you said. Special requirements, my job is to groom you into filling those requirements.

Peter started to panic. How was he going to get out of this place? "Now eat your breakfast and when you war done, come down stairs" annabeth said as she left Peter was freaking out, he threw the blanket off and looked down, his whole gorgeous blonde minx and a black member interracial cumshot inch dick was incased in a 3 inch steel cage.

All he could see was a tiny hole at the top where he could pee from. Otherwise he had no access to his penis. He tried again to remove it but it would not budge.

He realized that he was not going anywhere anytime soon so he got up, dressed and ate. Then he proceeded down stairs He met annabeth in the hallway. "ahh good, you are just in time, your training begins today. Your device will only be removed when you are cleaned.

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That is when another member of the manor washes you. You are not allowed to touch your body. It belongs to this manor. The document you signed when you were drugged signed over all your rights to us. The other time that the device will be removed is during certain training. " As she said that, they walked past a room. As peter looked inside, he saw a group of guys and girls all strapped into strange looking chairs.

Their legs apart and lifted. A long pole was attached to a device that was moving a large dildo in and out of their asses. Peter's eyes were wide. He was shocked. "You are also not allowed to wear any clothes in mom catch her son hinbe sex vibeo manor. So strip." Annabeth ordered "But I" Peter was cut off by another sharp electric shock to his penis. "You hesitate or refuse orders, you get punished, now strip!" annabeth said in a raised voice.

Peter quickly stripped off his clothes and continued to follow annabeth. "Your first stop in today's training is hygiene. Here you will be waxed, every inch from your neck down will be smooth." Annabeth removed the device and peter felt relief. Peter lay on the table as two men walked into the room holding trays of wax and strips. They began to wax every inch of peters body. It felt like it would never end. Peter was on his stomach when they started.

When they were done, they rolled him over and did his front. "Part of your job peter is to have unexpected demands and you are expected to deal those demands without hesitation. Suck his dick" annabeth said, pointing at one of the naked men who just finished waxing peter. "What?!" Peter said shocked. Annabeth walked over to peter with a smile on her face and grabbed hold of his balls in her hands and squeezed them tightly. Peter let out a terrifying cry as he fell to his knees. "Come here" annabeth ordered one of the men.

"Stand in front of this little bitch" The man did as he was told. "Now peter. Suck his cock!" annabeth said with a stern tone. "But" Peter said just before his balls where crushed in her hands "NOW" She screamed and with one final squeeze, peter leaned forward, opened his mouth and slowly wrapped his lips around the man's erect cock. It was huge at 10 inches.

Peter slowly took more of the cock in and started to move his head back and forward. "Deeper peter" annabeth said "go faster and deeper, make his cum" peter sped up, trying you take as much as he could. A few moments later he felt a warm gush in his mouth, the man blew a massive load of warm cum into peters mouth, almost choking him.

"Swallow every last drop" annabeth said. Peter managed to do just that, it tasted a lot better than he thought. Warm and thick with a salty taste. "Come on. Get up and follow me. You need to shower so we can get you back into your device. You need to have lots of rest as tomorrow will be a long day."