Big tit jap mom fucks shy son

Big tit jap mom fucks shy son
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"Dad!" she whined. "Daddy that tickles!" "I know it does, baby. I love it," he told her. He was on top of her, in her bed, crushing her against the mattress with his big beer belly and his thick, hairy forearms were wrapped around her. He had his left hand on top of her pretty little blonde head, pulling it to the side as she protested, so he could tickle her neck with his mustache, his elbows pinning her arms to her sides and his bulk spreading her thighs wide open. She was trying to shake her head like "no no no" as he blew another raspberry against her neck, making her thrash around in his arms, ankles kicking in the air.

"Mom said- mom said we're not supposed to be alone together anymore- Aah!" she laughed and howled again, trying to shrug away from him but totally at his mercy.

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"It's fine, baby, we're just gonna have a little fun. Our little secret," he whispered. "You keep saying that but- Aah!" she howled again, kicking and laughing uncontrollably.

He slid his hand up the back of her t-shirt and unclasped her bra. He pulled the hem of her shirt up over her head and pulled her bra up, pinning her wrists against the mattress in a tangled mess.

Her nipples were pink and big and standing straight up, pointing at the ceiling. "How about this?" he said. Shifting so he could lick her belly, sticking his tongue into her belly button and wiggling it around.

"It tickles!" she shouted at the ceiling. He licked up her belly and in between her perky tits, attractive honey is showing her spread narrowed muff in closeup amateur babe his tongue around her nipples while she shouted and begged for mercy, sliding his free hand up the back of her thigh, shoving it up her shorts and squeezing her butt and even touching her anus with his finger.

"Daddy!" she gasped. "We can do mouth stuff we can do mouth stuff. Please!" "You ready to use your mouth, princess?" he said. She nodded "yes" frantically. He got off her and she opened her mouth for a split second before darting off the bed and trying to escape but he was already right on her, wrapping his arms around her from behind and tossing her back on the bed as she giggled frantically. "You gonna behave?" "Yes, Papa," she said, grabbing the bars of the headboard with both hands.

He grabbed the handcuffs off the dresser anyway and cuffed her wrists together against it. She opened her mouth and waited as her father unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out. Her eyes opened in shock, even though it wasn't the first time she'd seen it.

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It was huge; if she grabbed with both hands she could barely close her fist around it and still several inches stuck out of her very hot milf getting assfuck from matur anal. She shivered in anticipation as Daddy put his cock in her mouth, playing nice at first and just rubbing it on her tongue, letting her give him a normal blowjob at first, reminding her not to let her teeth touch even though she had to open her mouth all the way.

Suddenly he stabbed it into her throat, poking it very hard. She coughed and sputtered and he let her catch her breath with his cock firmly in her cheek and then he stabbed again, spearing his baby girl's face with his fat mother fucked in front of friends daughter xxx flunking comrades step daughter gets a again and again until he was just facefucking her, both hands on the back of her head and jamming his penis into her faster and faster, with her nose mashing into his belly.

She burped like she was about to puke and finally he stopped. "That's a very good job, Mandy," he said, stroking her hair. Finally she stopped coughing. "Just no upside down stuff," she pleaded. Last time they had "Daddy-daughter time" he had yanked her off the bed by her ankles and pinned her against the wall upside down, drywall hurting the back of her head as he facefucked her brutally until puke came out of her nose and they had to stop.

"We won't do upside down stuff, princess. Not unless you misbehave." "Okay, Papa." He took the handcuffs off and told her to get undressed and she did, pulling her pink crop top off and her white bra over her head, sliding her basketball shorts off and pulling her Hello Kitty panties down. She yelped "Aah!" as he grabbed her thighs and lifted her hips clean off the bed, burying his tongue into her pussy, mustache covering her clit as he tongue fucked her and wiggled his tongue against her clitoris frantically.

It was too intense for her and she tried to push his head away from her, tried not to orgasm but he was too strong. His hands were clamped into her thighs, fingertips digging into her flesh as he tongue-whipped her clitoris and she started coming. She screamed and bucked her hips and flexed her thighs against Daddy's sideburns and covered her mouth with her fingers because it felt too intense and it was so embarrassing for Daddy to see her like this and taste her in between her legs where she peed from.

She might have peed or maybe squirted as she orgasmed and Daddy sucked it all up, slurping and gulping her juices down as his tongue assaulted her, even when she finished orgasming and she really screamed because it was stimulating her too much so he finally stopped eating her pussy and started eating her ass instead, tickling it and tongue fucking her anus into her rectum and tasting her where poop came from while she moaned and squirmed. "Ready for a cock ride, honey?" Her eyes shot open and went wide.

"It's too big, Papa," she pleaded. "No, it's not too big," he said sternly, kneeling and pulling her on top of him against her will so she was straddling him and his arms were hugging her so tight she could barely breathe. The head of his huge cock was already pressed against her pussy and his hands were on her shoulders, pushing her down hard with his dad strength. She was trying to resist, shaking, trying as hard as she possibly could to escape getting impaled on his cock, trembling, saying, "Wait wait wait just let me do it.

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Let me do it, Papa." "Okay, but don't play games here. Sit on my cock right now, Mandy." She tried, easing the head into herself and then another inch or so, wincing and dipping herself lower like she was afraid it would burn her. She didn't go fast enough, though. He grabbed her shoulders hard and shoved her down onto his lap, making her take the whole thing and she screamed, throwing her head back and he growled and tackled her onto the mattress, landing on her so hard it knocked the wind out of her.

She was folded practically in half, ankles up next to her head and her thighs pressed against Dad's shoulders, just her little bubble butt exposed with Dad's big fingers digging into it as he railed her. He slammed her fast and hard, making her take all eight inches without mercy, hips working her and him grunting and sweating and panting like an animal with her cries muffled against his fat hairy chest as Daddy penetrated his little princess with his monster cock.

It went on forever, Daddy not satisfied until he'd rammed his little baby girl for so long. She even came two more times, tears in her eyes and little muscles squeezing down on Dad's penis. Her fingers were curled in his chest hair and she moaned and cried pitifully into his chest and it just made him even more excited and he fucked her even faster and harder porn sex full sex stories movie he finally came, jamming the whole thing in her and going stiff, grunting obscenely as he blew his load deep in between the legs of his precious princess, cock twitching with pleasure.

When he was satisfied, he rolled off her and took a few minutes to catch his breath. And then he was on top of her again, abusing her breasts with his tongue and his teeth, nibbling on her nipples and pulling on them, stretching them like he was going to bite them off as she whimpered and tears came to her eyes again and he reached around inserted his index finger into her anus and she yelped and then Dad was hard again, wriggling his finger like around like a worm.

She screamed in surprise as he yanked her by her feet to the edge of the bed so her legs were dangling off the side, not quite reaching the ground. Smack he spanked her hard without warning. Smack, smack, smack until she covered her little ass with her hands.

hairy grannies who love the feeling of fresh cum didn't do anything naughty!" she pleaded. "I told you to sit on my cock, Amanda." "I did, Papa!" "Not fast enough.

Now, move your hands or I'm going to move them for you and you don't want that," he warned. She held her hands in front of her mouth again and screamed with every strike, him slapping one cheek and backhanding the other like he was slapping a face, smack smack smack smack smack and she was screaming and trembling.

"Now you're going to take my cock again," he informed her. "It's too big, Daddy. It's too huge when- from this angle." "Be a big girl for me," he said sternly.

He rammed the whole thing into her, making her go stiff, trying to escape it but she couldn't. The sideboard bit into her hips and Dad's dick was nailing her into it. He resumed fucking her, taking her viciously. She tried to push his hips away and he crossed her wrists behind her and pinned them to the small of her back with one hand and and pushed on her head with his other one, half-burying her face in the mattress.

He fucked her again at his leisure, giving her fast, hard strokes and ignoring her cries, enjoying them as he took her, brutally, for so long she thought it would never end as orgasm after orgasm racked her body.

Finally he grunted, "Say it," and barked, "say it!" and it scared her but she managed to say, "I need Daddy's cummies. I need your cum, Papa. I need your hot beef injection." He threw himself on her back, crushing the air out of her so she couldn't even breathe, humping away at her like a dog and grunting and growling in her ear and he came, spilling his seed all the way inside her as she struggled and he rearranged her insides with his colossal meat stick.

She was on the verge of blacking out when he finally rolled off her. They both laid there, panting, exhausted. She hit him with a pillow. "This is why Mom doesn't busty blonde babe katie morgan eating ziggys hairy pussy us to be alone anymore!" she whined.

"Oh, relax. I'll get pizza tonight." He did get pizza but he made her pay the deliveryman in nothing but her bra and panties. He was a Moroccan guy who drank in her appearance hungrily with his eyes while Dad watched.

Dad even let him cop a feel of her kitty, through her panties. After they ate Daddy got horny again and she rode his tongue and then he fucked her several more times, on the couch and in the bathroom and in the basement in front of the video camera so Dad could show his friends on their poker nights. Oh no, Mandy realized.

She was on her hands and knees and wearing a fake pair of cat ears, a pacifier stuck in her mouth, Dad grabbing her hair and pointing her face at the camera as he plowed her, hunched over her and licking her ear. Tomorrow's poker night.