Guy gives cumshot in a girls mouth

Guy gives cumshot in a girls mouth
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This text file contains sexually explicit material. If you do not wish to read sunny leone and akshay kumar real xstorys type of literature, or you are under age, PLEASE DELETE THIS FILE NOW!!!!

For those of you who have not read any of what I have already chronicled about my wife I will give you some background and a deion. I found my wife when she was only eighteen, working as a secretary. She was, and still is, beautiful. She has long thick brown hair that flows down below her shoulders. Her breasts are large, full, and natural with just a hint of sag. Each breast is tipped by large round light-brown areola that forms big beautiful circles around her protruding hard nipples.

Her tight stomach is flat and her ass is hard and round. She always keeps her pussy shaved, except for a small area of hair above her clit. Her pussy lips are equally amazing. They are long, but not too long, and distend and open like a flower when she gets excited. I, on the other hand, am a tall, thin, average looking guy, but I always keep myself in good shape. My best attribute was my cock. I am over nine inches long and am very thick, all the way to the bulbous mushroom-like head.

What my wife, and other women, always appreciates the most is that it never really goes soft. It stays around seven inches, even when `flaccid', and hard enough to penetrate all but the tightest holes. This story is true, with some alterations like names and dates. I also took some liberty to combine some experiences so the story would not drag on. Everything that she does and everything that happens in this story has happened to her, in the way it is presented. Enjoy: 06b Another for the Group (Short Story): (M/F, M+/F, Wife) I knew a guy that I wanted to add to the group.

The group of men that I was going to share Carole with in exchange for favors like their wives or some kind of business transaction. This guy was going to be a great addition to my business. Rick was an average looking man. Recently divorced, he lived alone. During a phone conversation, I invited Carole and I over to his house for a visit. We got there, after an hour drive, around six on a Friday night. I had Carole dressed in some jeans and a tight red sweater.

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I let her wear her panties, but definitely no bra. The sweater was cut low both front and back and the cold weather had the desired effect on her nipples. She looked amazing. Rick shook her hand when I introduced her, and his eyes wondered down to her chest as he did. I couldn't blame him. Her tits looked incredible, especially with those nipples pushing out so far. We had a wonderful dinner and drank wine as we talked.

The longer we talked the more we drank. Eventually, the conversation slowed. I put my arm around my wife's shoulders while we leaned back on the couch. My hand came down, naturally, right on top of her right tit. Rick's eyes wondered over to where my hand was.

"I guess we better go. I am not sure I could drive home if I drink anymore," I said. "No problem," Rick said. "I have an extra bedroom." I looked at Carole.

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"Okay with you?" I asked. "Sure," she smiled. "Thanks," I said to Rick. Carole sat up and asked, "Do you have any cards?" "What?" I responded. "Let's play some poker," she suggested. Rick quickly agreed. "Sure," he said. Then he smiled, "Strip poker?" He winked at Carole. "Sure," she replied to his shock. He turned and quickly looked at me. I nodded and smiled. "I'm in," I said with a smile and a thumbs-up.

Rick got a deck of cards and we all moved up close to the coffee table. I refilled the glasses and Carole drained her glass. I refilled hers and said, "Sorry, she gets a little crazy when she drinks." I laughed and then kissed her. Rick looked a little nervous as he dealt the cards. Luxury beauty love fucking hard hardcore and outdoor won the first round, so Rick and I took off our shoes.

Carole won again, we lost our socks. The third round, it was Rick who won. I took off my shirt and Carole took off her shoes. Next round, I won. Rick took off his shirt and Carole lost her socks. The rounds were going perfectly. Rick won again. Carole and I both took off our pants. Carole giggled, drunkenly, as she dropped them to the floor. She posed sexily in front of us in her sweater and panties. The looked great. I took her hand and pulled her down. Still giggling, she fell back onto the couch.

Rick still had his pants on and I was wearing only my boxers. Rick won again. I looked over at Carole. "Well," I started. "Who's first?" Carole looked at me with a feigned nervous look. "You," she said. I stood up and dropped my boxers. My cock came out anal gostoso com uma universitaria novinha xvideosbuceta estudante swung back and forth.

Carole looked lovingly at it. Rick looked amazed. He looked over at Carole when she made a "Mmmmm," noise. Carole licked her lips.

I sat back down. "Your turn," I said. Carole stood and slowly, playfully, started to lift her sweater. "Come on, you little tease, show us your tits," I called out. Carole pulled her sweater up and off. Man, she looked incredible. Those big natural tits bounced as they were set free. She dropped her sweater to the floor and ghetto chick pleases crowd of white cocks her hands up to underneath her tits.

Cupping them, she presented them to the both of us and smiled. "You like?" she asked with a giggle. "Fuck those things are great," I said with a smile.

She turned towards me and pushed them into my face. I kissed her right nipple. "Guess I am out of the game now," I said. I picked up the cards and dealt them to Rick and Carole. Carole lost. Again, she stood in front of us and swayed seductively. I wasn't going to wait around this time. "Here, I'll help." I reached over and yanked her panties down. She stepped out of them and stood before us.

The both of us guys stared at her naked body. She was perfect. Her legs shapely. Her ass tight and round. Her shaved pussy lips were glistening wet.full and slightly open.

Her stomach showed only a little bit of baby-belly. Her big beautiful full tits stuck out proudly. Her face was beautiful and so was her smile. "Guess its time for bed," I said, standing. Rick looked disappointed and nervously frustrated. "Which room is ours?" "Uh," he stammered. "That one, over there." He pointed. I stood and took Carole by the hand and led her off to the bedroom, leaving our clothing on the floor in the living room.

We got in bed and I had Carole suck my balls while I listened to Rick move around the house. After he cleaned up, he went to bed as well. When everything was quiet, I pulled Carole up to me. I whispered in her ear. "Hope on. Fuck me and be really loud about it." I smiled at her.

Carole climbed up on top of me and slowly guided my long hard cock into her tight pussy. "Oh, my God," she moaned loudly as she moved down, pushing my cock up inside her. "Oh, God, your cock is huge." She bottomed out. "Oh, Fuck, it's so big," she moaned loudly. "Fuck me, please," she moaned. "Fuck me hard." I knew Rick was listening. Carole was loud enough that he could have heard it anywhere in the house.

"Come on, you little slut, fuck me," I said, equally as loud. "You love to fuck, don't you? You love cock. Say it.say it." "God yes," she moaned. "I love to fuck. I love cock. Fuck my pussy. Yeah, oh God, yeah." She reached down with her hand and started rubbing her clit.

It was only a minute later that she orgasmed. "Oh, God, YES," she cried outloud. "I'm cumming. Oh, God. I'm cumming.fuck me.fuck me.Ahhhhh." "That right, bitch, cum on my cock," I said, as her body shuddered on me. "Do it again," I encouraged. "Cum again. Do it." "Oh.oh.oh, God." she moaned.

She continued to bounce on my cock. "Yes, yes, yes." she called out.

"Oh, God, I'm gonna cum again. Suck my tits. Oh, oh.Yes, bite my nipple.suck it.OH, YES.I'M CUMMING.I'M CUMMING.OH, FUCK." When she was done this time, I pushed her off me.

"Turn over, I want to fuck your ass," I announced. "Oh, God, yes," she moaned. "Please fuck my ass. Stick it in me.please, please, please.ahhhhh." "Spread your ass cheeks," I told her. She reached back and pulled them apart.

I pushed my big cock into her ass. She let out a loud squealing noise. "Fuck, your ass is tight," I announced. "Oh, yes, fuck my butt with your big dick," she squealed. "Use me.use me.fuck me." Intentionally, I fucked her tight ass hard and fast. It didn't take me long before I was cumming deep in her ass. I fell onto the bed next to her. "Go get cleaned up," I told her. We kissed and she Carole got out of bed. Because there was no bathroom attached, she left lucky anal teen and black sucking riding first time it wasnt clever of marsha may to get bedroom and went out into the hall bathroom.

After cleaning herself, she turned off the bathroom light and walked back out into the hallway. I saw her walk right passed the open door of our room. She slowly opened the door of Rick's room. It was dark inside, when she walked in.

She pulled the covers down and climbed into the bed. "Um," Rick started to say. "Shhhh," she said, putting her finger up to his lips. She kissed him on the lips and then moved her head down his body to his crotch.

She found his cock long and hard. "Mmmm," she purred. She took it in her hand and flicked her tongue over the tip of his cock.

It twitched in her hands. She let out a small giggle. "Nice," she said. "Can I suck it?" she asked. "Please." "Uh, sure," he responded. "Are you sure it's okay?" She didn't answer. Instead she put her mouth over the head and continued to run her tongue around the hole in the end.

He gasped when she took it fully into her mouth. "Ohhh," he panted. She moved her lips further down his shaft with each suck until she was deep-throating him each time. She was aggressive with him and after a couple of seconds of deep-throat he came. She gulped his cum. After she swallowed it all, she kept it in her mouth and sucked out what was left in his shaft. Leaving it, she came up to him. "You taste great," she told him.

"I gotta go, but I'll be back." She kissed him again and got out of bed. Carole came back into our room with a big smile on her face. I smiled back at her.

"About time you got back," I said for Rick's benefit. "Come here, I want to fuck you like the doggy bitch you are." On her hands and knees, she let out a long loud groan as I shoved my cock back into her pussy. "Oh, yeah," I said. "Fuck, your pussy is tight. Look at the mirror." There was a large mirror on closet door. "Watch me fuck you," I continued.

"I love the way your big tits hang, you fucking cum slut." Again, I didn't wait. I came inside her a minute later. I pulled out and slapped her on the ass. "Go get cleaned up," I told her. "I'm tired." She got up off the bed. I smiled at her and nodded. She knew what I meant. She smiled back and mouthed, "I love you." She turned and left the room.

A couple minutes later, I heard her say, "Don't worry, he's asleep. Come on.Fuck me." There was a pause and then, "Oh, God yes, fuck me with that big dick." For the next hour, the sounds of young school girl and boy sexy story emanated from the room.

I heard Carole announce her orgasm several times before he almost yelled out about his. The two of them fell to the bed, panting. "God that was great," she told him.

"Thank you." A moment later, I heard him say, "Oh, yeah." I knew what was happening. She was sucking his cock clean. "God, you are good at that," he moaned. I drifted off to sleep when the other room got quiet. It wasn't long, however, that I was woken up by more sounds of sex.

Carole was performing magnificently. I could hear it and I knew he was experiencing it. I knew what she was doing. She let him rest a little, then she would start gently licking his cock. Then she would suck it. Eventually, it was hard again. I listened to them fuck again.

They both announced their orgasms before it became quiet again. When I woke up, the next morning, I snuck over to his room and peeked in. Carole was on her back on the bed. Rick was on top of her and pounding into her. He had his arms pushing her legs up, her knees next to her shoulders. Her feet straight up into the air.

Her toes curled with pleasure. Carole looked over and saw me watching. I saw a little smile in recognition. Then she quickly went back to performing for Rick. "Yeah, fuck me," she encouraged. "God, that's good." Rick was going at her.

It was awesome. He was pounding her hard, so her tits moved like giant pools of jello. He put his right hand on hot petite teen lucie cline spreads tight teen pussy of her tit and squeezed it. "OH, God, yeah," Carole groaned. "Fuck me.That's right, fuck me.My body is all yours.My pussy is yours." Just then he pulled his cock out of her, pulled her legs down and climbed up, straddling her stomach.

He pumped his cock with his fish as massage with a side of anal doggystyle and deepthroat started to spurt.

"Ohhh." he moaned. Carole opened her mouth and looked down at his gushing cock. The first shot hit her right between the eyes. She giggled.

"Cum on me, baby," she said. "Cum on me.yes, yes." The next blast, she caught most of it in her mouth. The rest he shot all over her heaving chest, coating her big tits. "Oh, thank you," she said. "Thank you. I love the taste of your cum." He stared down at her as she pulled her tit up to her mouth and started to lick up the cum.

He watched her for a minute before climbing off her and sitting on the bed next to her. She rolled over onto her side and laid her head on his lap. She took his wet limp cock into her mouth and started sucking it. As she sucked, she rolled over onto her stomach and then got up onto her knees. I was now looking at her wet swollen pussy. I quietly walked into the room. Rick saw me and panicked. I held up one finger and shushed him.

I smiled and moved up onto the bed behind Carole. Carole knew I was there, but she never stopped sucking Rick's cock. That is until I pushed my cock up to her swollen pussy lips. I rubbed the head of my cock between her wet lips and then I buried all nine-plus-inches with one thrust. She gasped and moaned around Rick's cock. I held my cock still, buried all the way in and reached forward to grabbed both her tits with my hands.

"Come on, bitch, fuck my cock," I told her.

Carole immediately started moving her body up and down my long shaft. She stopped sucking him a couple minutes later. She pushed herself up with her hands so that her face was right in front of his. I let go of her tits and gathered her hair. I pulled her hair as I fucked her. She looked Rick right in the eyes and panted and moaned. "You love to fuck don't you, you fucking slut," I said. "Yes, Sir," she gasped. "You want Rick to fuck you again, don't you?" "Yes, Sir." "Well then, beg him to fuck your slut ass, bitch," I slapped her ass cheek to emphasize my order.

"Oh God," she gasped. "Please fuck me," she said, looking directly at Rick.

"Please.I beg you. Please fuck me again. I need your cock in my butt." "In your what?" I barked. "In my SLUT ass," she corrected. "I want to be your whore," she continued. "Please use me like a slut whore," she asked. "Please, you can do whatever you want to me. Please fuck me again." By now, as you might expect, Rick was hard again.

I pulled out of Carole and fell onto my back on the bed. I pulled her over on top of me and she eagerly and expertly impaled herself on my rod. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her down onto my chest. She reached back and spread her ass cheeks. Rick knew what to do. He moved right up behind her and pushed his cock right up her ass.

Carole let out a squeal. It wasn't more than a minute xandra sixx and jayden cole sharing toys my multi-orgasmic wife was thrashing around on our cocks. To push her further over the edge, I slapped her nipple just as she reached climax. She came three times before Rick shot a load into her ass followed by me pumping my hot sperm into her pussy. "Holy fuck," Rick said, rolling onto the bed. "I need a break." "Take your time," I said, getting up off the bed.

"If you take the deal, I'm gonna offer, you can keep her all weekend." He lifted his head up off the bed. "Huh?" I gave him the rundown with all the rules and what I was asking for. While he was thinking about it, Carole started sucking his cock.

He looked down at her and smile. "Deal," he said. "Great," I said with a grin. "I'll see you tomorrow night then." I got up, gathered our clothing and left.

I took her clothes as well. I knew she wouldn't need it. Carole told me later that she worked him all weekend and fucked him every time she could get his cock hard again.

She stayed completely naked the entire weekend. When they weren't having sex, she worked around the house, cleaning. Rick also broke out his camera and took pictures of Carole. Rick is still, to this day, a frequent visitor and user of my wife. At the same time, my businesses have benefited greatly with his help.