Naughty mistress gets fucked by two slaves

Naughty mistress gets fucked by two slaves
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My name, for the purposes of this story, is Debbie and at the time this took place I was 23 and Bill and I had been married for just on two years. We had ghetto chick pleases crowd of white cocks enjoyed a passionate but exclusive sex life and really enjoyed each other's company.

One thing that set us apart from other married couples we know is that Bill is old fashioned in his beliefs about marriage. He insists that a wife should obey her husband in all things and I am happy to go along with that because, well, frankly, I quite enjoy having someone else make all the decisions so that I don't have to take responsibility for what happens.

I know this doesn't fit in with modern views on marriage but my sister and I were raised by a disciplinarian father who always told us how to behave and had no hesitation in giving us a good spanking if we disobeyed (but never anything sexual I don't want to give the wrong idea) and so it was quite pleasant for me to find a husband who fit the same mould.

Anyway, during the first two years of the marriage, if I displeased him, Bill would discipline me with a little spanking. It was never vicious and became a kind of ritual, usually followed by fast and furious love making. On this particular day, however, Bill took the discipline to a whole new level. I had been out with some girlfriends from work celebrating a birthday and Bill had told me to be home by midnight.

Now normally I would obey his instructions but on this particular night I had a few drinks, lost track of time and did not get home until around 2.00am.

Bill, of course, was waiting up for me and I expected that he would be furious but he simply said, in a calm voice, "Go to bed, sober up and I will think of a suitable punishment tomorrow." I wasn't too concerned, I expected that I would have to undergo the usual spanking ritual and all would be OK.

I could not have been more wrong! The next morning over breakfast Bill announced that my punishment would have to wait until the following Friday night. I was puzzled as to why he would want to wait but didn't think too much about it until the Friday night came and Bill arrived with another man, whom he simply introduced as Fred, a work colleague, both carrying in what looked like a piece of furniture covered in a cloth.

"What's that?" I asked. "Just a piece of furniture which will help you remember your duties as a wife" he replied as they set it down in the dining room. Now I was puzzled so I looked at him quizzically but he volunteered nothing I went over and pulled off the covering.

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At first I was even more puzzled didn't look like any piece of furniture I had ever seen. It was basically a vertical, T-shaped board with one large and two smaller velvet lined holes cut into it at about waist height and some kind of locking device. Then realization hit! It was a mediaeval "stock" like those they used to punish offenders hundreds of years ago. "What kind of joke is this?" I yelled, as Bill unlocked the fastening and opened the top board, "There is no way you are getting xxnxx moves little dughter fuk fri1st time in those!".

Then, so quickly I hardly had time to think, Fred grabbed my wrists from behind and pushed me towards the stocks while Bill grabbed my head and together they forced my head and hands into the cutouts and locked the bar in place.

I am quite tall, lean and fairly strong for a woman but it happened so fast I had no time to resist two strong men. "Get me the fuck out of here" I screamed, more angry than I can remember being before. Not only was I a little afraid because this was totally out of character for Bill but because it happened in front of a strange man and now I was completely helpless, bent over at the waist, my head and arms trapped and, I could tell from the cool air on my nipples, my T-shirt was hanging down allowing anyone behind me to get a good view of my breasts.

If I had known what was coming that would have been the least of my worries. "Now Debbie, you are going to learn that you can't ignore my instructions with impunity and it is obvious that the usual punishment has ceased to be effective" (he was right of course, but I didn't think he realized it). "Fred is going to stay and witness the punishment so that any time you see him at a work function or on the street you will remember how you felt and will not transgress again.

Understand?" I was still expecting no more than a few hard slaps on the rear end so I subdued my anger and meekly replied "Yes Bill, I promise not to disobey you again". "Oh I'm not sure you mean that" he responded "But I guarantee that you will mean it by the time I am finished" and he proceeded to remove his belt. Still part of the game, I reassured myself and if he means to use the belt my jeans will stop it hurting too much.

Then he went behind me, held my ankles and told Fred to take my jeans down. Now I was getting angry again how dare he ask another man to undress me! Bill was the only man who had ever seen me naked and now a complete stranger would see me in only a thong. "Bill, what are you doing?" I pleaded.

"A little humiliation is part of the punishment" he whispered harshly. Fred undid my belt and zipper and slowly (I could tell he was enjoying the anticipation) slid my jeans down to my ankles at which point Bill deftly removed them.

For the first time Fred spoke "Thong doesn't cover much does it!" he leered as he took a seat directly behind me. "OK Bill that's …" that's all I got out before I gasped as Bill hit me across the backside with his belt really hard and it stung like hell!

""Fuck!" I screamed "That really hurt.

Stop this now!" There was a pause and so I asked "If we are going to do this S&M thing, shouldn't we have a safe word or something so that you will know when to stop?" Bill replied, again in a menacing whisper "Well that would be stopping at your pleasure. This is all about my pleasure and I'll stop when I am ready," at which point he delivered another almighty whack with the belt.

Now my arse was burning and I could actually feel the welts raising on my lilywhite skin. During the pause I could Fred breathing heavily behind me and suddenly I was even more shocked to realize that, in spite of my anger and fear, I was getting wet between the legs as well as crying freely. The third stripe with the belt stung even on my now sensitive skin and my arse was burning fiercely but all I could do was scream "Fuck, that really hurts cream and coffee home sex party cunnilingus doggystyle bastard!" through my tears and after a fourth whack, I heard Fred say "Shit Bill, her pants are getting soaked and I don't think it's sweat!" I am ashamed to admit that he was right not only was my arse burning but my cunt was as well.

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"You'd better take them off then Fred. We don't want them ruined." And he and Fred then removed my soaked thong. Believe it or not, embarrassed as I was at having my crotch fully exposed to my husband and another man, I had to resist the urge to bend my knees to give them a better look and, in spite of myself, I was aching for someone to touch my cunt but I was not going to give them the satisfaction. Now I was really struggling with myself.

Being held absolutely helpless in the stocks, unable to move my arms or head and unable to see anything behind me but knowing that my husband and a stranger were staring at my cunt and discussing it as though I were a piece of meat, I was humiliated and furious.

At the same time, my body was betraying me and I wanted them to touch me. After a few minutes, almost as though he could read my mind, I heard Bill say "She also tastes really good Fred, taste her if you like!" Now in spite of the fact that I was almost dripping with perspiration and cunt juices, this was too much and I yelled "Don't you dare!" Immediately I received another stinging slash across my already burning arse which caused me to scream as bill yelled "Don't you tell me what I can or cannot do not while you're showing your dripping cunt to another man!" and, with that, Bill and Fred each pulled an ankle to the side so that my legs were spread wide and I screamed again, but this time with pleasure, as I felt a gorgeous pretty hottie gets nailed interracial and hardcore lap at my cunt from the clit to my arsehole.

Someone was squatting between my legs so I couldn't close them and, to be honest, I'm not sure I could have anyway at that point.

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It soon became obvious that it was Fred licking my cunt, as Bill came around in front of me with his cock sticking out, stiffer and more swollen than I had ever seen it. "By this time I was almost involuntarily pushing my cunt back into Fred's face so that his nose was in my vagina and I could not help groaning.

Then Bill instructed Fred "Don't let her come this is supposed to be her punishment!" and the tongue and nose retreated, except for one quick thrust of his tongue into my arsehole which almost made me come anyway." "Just in case you were close to coming" was accompanied by another stinging slash which, this time, also caught my cuntlips, and bbw white and bbw black!

filthy orgy with anal pen! tube porn Bill said "OK Debbie, I'm going to give you a choice. Three more slashes with the belt or you can suck my cock." Believe me no real decision to make at this point! To say that I sucked Bill's cock would be to give the wrong impression. I licked the pre-cum which was by that time dripping from his cock and then he fucked my throat! He shoved his cock all the way into my mouth and into my throat and that made me gag but rather than remove it, he held it there until I stopped gagging and then he very slowly withdrew, made me lick the tip for a while and then slowly shoved it all the way in again.

It took three times before I stopped gagging and then it wasn't so bad. Fred was so quiet I had almost forgotten he was watching until Bill told him to fuck me "And she is here for our pleasure so use any hole you want" he added.

Now I was just a piece of meat with a cock in my throat and one in my cunt and unable to move, but at that stage I didn't care, I just needed to come. With a mouth full of cock, all I could do was gurgle as Fred thrust what felt like a huge pole into my sensitive cunt and Bill exploded, gushing what seemed like a gallon of cum straight down my throat. I though I would suffocate because I could not pull my head back but I managed it, although some of leaked and ran sexy cougar nina elle loves sucking black cocks my chin.

Bill then nonchalantly wiped his still dripping cock on my face while Fred thrusted his cock so hard I was sure to be bruised internally.

Fred then pulled out and I wondered why until he said "Are you sure it's OK?" "Sure" said Bill "but I have only fucked her arse a couple of times so don't damage her" and with that, Fred placed the head of his cock against my arsehole and began pushing.

My arse was really burning and I really didn't want this but it was useless to protest at this point, so, by tightening and releasing my sphincter, I helped him ease what must have a good 10 inches of rock hard cock into my rectum and then, as he pumped in and out, he played with my clit and that was too much I came like a train, shrieking and pumping his cock with my arsehole so that he spurted a gallon of his cum into the other end of my digestive tract.

"I told you not to let her come!" remonstrated my husband but anyway, let's have a beer. I thought it was now over and they would now let me go to my room to hide my humiliation at having two men pump their cum into me while I was helpless but, instead, they left me, hand and head immobilized, arse and cunt fully exposed whilst they sat the table behind me drinking beer and casually commenting on the amount of cum dripping from my arsehole and running down my cunt.

They couldn't see the tears of humiliation running down my face humiliation at their actions and at my own animal reaction.

But the embarrassment wasn't over yet. "Please let me go" I pleaded after a while "I am cramping up and I really need to pee." "Do you really need to pee that badly?" asked Bill, unnecessarily because he knows I need to pee after sex and he has always respected my desire for privacy while I do it.

This time however, he simply spread newspapers on the floor between my legs and said "OK, you can pee now". "You know I can't pee with anyone watching I argued" which got a chuckle from both men and Bill said "Well, it's up to you". Now I was in agony, not only from a stinging arse and sore arsehole but also from a full bladder, but I managed to hold it while Bill and Fred drank beer, watched my cum slimed cunt and talked about football. After about 10 minutes more of my pleading, Fred said he had to leave and Bill said to me "come on give us a show now, and slapped my arse with his bare hand.

This was such a shock that I lost all control and my pee spurted down between my legs and out the back in a never ending stream, while Fred said "Now that's a show!" This was the final humiliation, having my husband and a stranger watch me perform what what I had always considered a very private act but, in the midst of all this, I found myself getting hot again and when Fred left I was almost disappointed.

Then Bill came up behind me and fucked me again before finally releasing me.

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He then asked me had I learned my lesson because if it happened again I would receive the same punishment but this time with a different man from his work. "Definitely" I assured him well at least until my arse stops hurting, I thought!