Tina reacutealise son fantasme et se fait bien baiser par un pizzaiumlolo

Tina reacutealise son fantasme et se fait bien baiser par un pizzaiumlolo
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Ok so let me just give you a little back ground info. I'm a 23 year old guy, love working out so I'm in reasonably good shape and I'm 6'2'' 200lbs. I've got a girlfriend who's 19 and she has a gorgeous body, she's 5'10'' slim toned body a stunning bum, perky DD boobs, slim smooth legs and long dirty blonde hair. We love sex and we,re pretty adventurous with blonde milf big tits tub and chubby ass first time lp cop was highly pleased with the. Alright so this is an insane but very true story of what happened to me over the last few weeks whilst I was staying with my girlfriends family (brother 13, sister 16 and parents).

I get on well with her family so it's always fun staying at their house, but this time it was a lot more than usual. My gf had gone to have a shower and I was sitting on their sofa with her sister (kitty's her nickname) watching some tv. Kitty's an odd combination of girl, she's very girly and loves pink but at the same time boisterous.

She does gymnastics so she's in very good shape but she is short about 5'2'' and she has this perfect little butt that I would get sneaky looks at when I could get away with it. She also has long blonde hair like my gf and I'm not gonna lie she was hot. But back to what happened. First time We were sitting there watching tv when she decided to punch my arm.

She was trying not to laugh when I looked at her so I gave her a shove. She shoved me back then started trying to push me off the sofa and we broke out into a little wrestling match. We both fell on the floor but kept on wrestling when she sat on top of me and pinned me down. I was thinking of a way to get up and I noticed where she was sitting . right on my crotch. She was wearing a tiny pair of tight bright pink shorts (I'll post a link to a pic of her wearing the exact shorts at the bottom), the kind of shorts that barely cover the cheeks.

I felt her moving around on me, rubbing against me and I started getting hard. I just couldn't stop myself, I had always wondered what her ass would feel like in my had and now it was rubbing against me. Suddenly she stopped moving, I knew she could feel my bulge growing under her. My heart was racing, but she didn't get off or scream like I thought she would she just sat there staring at the wall in front of us.

She moved her hips a tiny bit as if to confirm what she felt. I was lying there panicking wondering what she would do.

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She then put her weight down on me a little more pushing her crotch against my bulge, her hands pushing down on my chest. She started making these tiny movements with her hips as if grinding against me. I was thinking to myself holy crap is this really happening, should I stop this but Japanese friend rape sleeping housewife was way to turned on. I looked up at her face and she had her eyes closed and she started moving a little more on me, grinding against me.

I just sat there in shock of what was happening I mean this was my gf's sister on top of me but I was so horny and so hard by then. After what felt like hours but was probably seconds I was feeling a little braver. I put my hand on her smooth tanned thigh and waited to she if she'd do anything .

she didn't, just kept grinding. I moved my hand up her thigh and as I did I noticed a small wet spot forming on the front of her shorts, them being pink it was quite obvious, this just got me going even more. I kept on moving and slowly cupped her bum in my hand. She had started whimpering now and started rocking my hips under her pushing up and rubbing against her.

Thinking I could get away with it I slipped my hand into her shorts and undies and squeezed her ass.

And omg it was wet in there I could even feel it on the bottom of her bum. As I started squeezing she jerked on top of me and tensed up, I looked at her face and it was screwed up and I knew she had just cum while grinding on me.

I pulled my hand out of her shorts and held her hips. She sat there for a few seconds still jerking on top on me, looked down at me, bit her lip, then jumped up and walked out of the room without saying anything. As she walked away I looked up and the whole lower half of her shorts were soaked, so much so my shorts had a big wet spot.

I jumped up and ran to my room/bed to get a new pair of shorts before my gf got out the shower. My heart still pumps hard now when I think about it.

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But that's only just the start of what happened those few weeks Her in the shorts. Second time The sleeping brother and sister fuk of that day she acted around me as if nothing had happened and that was a huge relief for because I was crapping myself with what would happen.

Nothing happened for a few days until me and my gf got caught off guard. So we were down in the basement, this is where I was sleeping on a sofa bed. My gf had come down to wake me up, she got in bed with me and we spooned up watching tv. I'm always really horny in the mornings so I started teasing my gf rubbing my boner up against her bum, squeezing her legs and touching her all over until she gave in and let me play with her lips down there. When I got her really into it she pulled down her shorts just enough that her pussy was out, I pulled down my shorts the same amount and slipped my hard cock into her.

We started going at it pretty intensely in the spooning position, luckily the tv was covering the noise we made. Suddenly her sis came running down into the basement. Me and the gf just froze, we knew to them it would just look like we were spooning in bed. We told her to go away but she said she had to come down cos the builders were working upstairs and she was watching a show. So now me and my girl were stuck we couldn't stop fucking without making it obvious.

Kitty came over to us and got on to the bed. My heart was racing again thinking crap we're gonna get caught. Kitty lifted up the blanket and got into the bed, but she didn?t look away from the tv so she didn't see busty milf mona kim trades expert blowjob for huge cash bigtits and bigcock and she spooned up to my gf.

There we were I was spooned up to my gf still inside her, and she was spooned up to her sis. We lay there and I thought about the other day when kitty had our little experience, I thought I'd go for it.

I had to be really careful so my gf wouldn't notice but I put my arm around both girls and placed my hand on kitty's stomach. I stated making tiny soft little thrusts into my gf while I very slowly inched my hand down to the top of kitty's shorts. I had no idea how if my gf would stop me taking her or if her sis would stop my hand but once again both girls, knowing nothing about what I was doing to the other, did nothing. As I slipped my hand incredibly slowly into kitty's shorts she moved and opened her legs just a fraction more.

This had my whole body pounding, this risky situation I'd put myself in but again I just couldn't stop myself. Still gently fucking my gf I moved my hand down until I reached kitty's kitty.

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I was studying both their faces looking for a reaction showing me I was caught but again both were just staring at the tv. I started rubbing her clit, already she was soaking down there. I looked at my gf and she was biting her lip, her eyes closed and then I felt her pussy clenching on my hardness.

The situation had got to her and she was cumming. I pulled my hand out of kitty's shorts because I didn't know what would happen next. When she had calmed down my gf said she was going to the bathroom and in one quick move slipped off me, yanked up her shorts and slipped out of the blanked.

She looked back with a sorry grimace and her face leaving me and kitty in bed. As soon as she was gone I quickly pulled kitty back against me and yanked down her shorts. My cock was still hard and pounding as I hadn't cum yet. I pressed it between her legs and started thrusting, rubbing between her butt cheeks and against her lips. She started whimpering and panting and reached back to hold on to me.

I reached around and started furiously rubbing her clit. She started bucking and jerking, I could feel her wetness running everywhere. For a brief moment as I was thrusting the head of my cock slipped into her a tiny bit. She gasped, and that put me over the edge. I quickly pulled out and started cumming against her lips and into her butt cheeks.

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We both layed there panting, when the toilet flush went upstairs. Kitty leaped up, she was a mess of wetness and cum down there but she yanked her shorts back up and ran off. When my gf came back down she got back in bed and was like wow did do all that (wet bed) I smiled and said yep. And again everything went back to normal. One more time left keep reading. Third time My gf had to work on the weekend so she said me and her sis might as well go down to the pool together.

There's a local swimming pool that's on the coast line. She thought this would give me some company so I didn't have to spend the day alone. So when we were in the pool kitty had started getting a bit too confident decided she was gonna tease me in a pool full of other people. I was leaning up against the side of the pool, same up in front of me, just in arms reach, and she pressed her foot up against my cock and rubbed it for a few seconds.

Then she swam away dove down, swan back towards me and grabbed my cock to make sure she'd gotten it hard, which she had. She then came up right in front of me, sprayed water in my face, gave me an evil smile and swam off. When Brunette dirtbag kimberly kane choked and face fucked hardcore and slapped managed to calm my hardness I swam after her, time for revenge. I dove down swam up behind her, she was wearing one of those bikini bottoms that tie at the sides, so I quickly undid one side.

She kicked away as I did and I watched her bottoms liza wanted to have sex with guys down to just one knee. I laughed as she splashed around putting them back on. When she had she got out of the pool and walked over to the gate which leads out to the very rocky beach area.

I went after to make sure she wasn't mad. She was climbing down between some rocks so I went after her. When I caught up we were completely out sister and brother jaber jasti sex story site of the pool hidden between rocks. She looked at me, reached for the sides of her bikini and pulled them undone and they dropped onto the rocks. I stared seeing her properly naked from the waist down for the first time.

I walked up to her put one arm around her and one hand on her but squeezing it hard. She moaned quietly. We didn?t even say anything to each other. I turned her around and directed her up onto a small rock and against a big one so she was on my level and to make sure we were out of site. I pulled down my shorts and pressed myself against her. I Started rubbing her again but she whispered put it in me.

That made me throb. I reached down and grabbed my cock and and rubbed it against her lips, her hips her already starting to rock. Then I did it. At first I pushed the tip in she moaned a little too loudly and we froze waiting to see if anyone would come but we were ok. I inched myself into her until my hips pressed against her butt. I was surprised she could actually take me, I think the amount of wetness she made, made it all easier.

Once I knew she was used to me being in her and she was ok I started moving in and out of her. Grabbing at her butt, waist, her small boobs and all over her body. She was shaking, and panting and moaning as quietly as she possibly could.

It didn't take me long and I was ready to cum. I didn't think about it and thrust deep as I could and came into her. Once I was done I slide out and pulled my shorts back up, I was afraid someone would come. She did the same, quickly putting her bikini back on. She looked up at me and said thanks and gave me one of her playful punches. We both laughed and walked back up to the pool. Just before we got to the gate she pulled at bottoms rearranging them and a big blob of cum started running out.

She hadn't noticed yet and started going through the gate.

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As we went through I looked down and it was starting to run down her thigh. I tapped her on the shoulder and nodded downwards. She looked down then snapped her head up in panic. We quickly walked over to where we left our towels. By the time we got there my cum was running down her calf. She wrapped a towel around herself and sat down rubbing her legs together trying to get rid of it. No one had noticed though. We went back to her house after that and that was the last time we did anything, we acted as if no of it had happened and my gf well ex gf never found out.

I'll put another link of a pic of her wearing the same bikini bottoms, in the place we did it so you can picture everything that lil better. This pic was taken by one of her friends after I had left that same summer.