Silver haired beauty loves having sensual sex

Silver haired beauty loves having sensual sex
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Cinema fun It was a warm night, rare for the time of year so before we left for the movies I changed in to a pleated black skirt and breezy tank top. Iv always had very large breasts so it was essential to find a white bra for underneath my top. I was feeling a little frisky this particular night so I decided to go with out panties for a change.

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We were seeing a drama film, just to pass the night along, which had already been at the cinema for quite some time now, so we knew we'd be the only people in the cinema. We got some drinks and candy and went in to the theatre, my husband grouping my ass along the way, he pressed me against the wall, just out of sight from the staff.

Kissing me tenderly, he reached his hand up my short skirt and caressed my naked ass cheeks. When we finally reached the screen room we were a little surprised to see a few other people in to see the same film. We took seats at the very back so we were well away from the others, and the film soon began. About 15 mins into the film I felt my husbands hand gently slide up my leg, pushing my skirt further up and down my leg. Although we're a young couple we are very open about what we want and have a great sex life.

As I became more aroused I began to tease my husband back, trying to be as subtle as I could. After a few minutes of this I could feel my the wetness of my pussy on the rough material of the cinema sunny leone sex her cunt, and leaned over to whisper this in his ear.

He grinned and began to softly kiss his way up and down my neck and ear, grazing his teeth against my skin, knowing it would drive me wild. I spread my legs and lifted the small bit of my skirt that I was still sitting on, and made sure my bare ass and shaven pussy was pressed firmly against the rough material seat.

I glanced briefly at the movie screen and down at the other people in the cinema, as I began to slowly grind my wet pussy on the seat. I could see now that all the other people we're men, and much older men by the look of it. Older men had always turned me on and when I turned and whispered to my husband he just smiled and proceeded to grasp my big tits from under my shirt. I moaned softly and felt a surge of desire when he forcefully grabbed my face and turned it towards the other people in the cinema, 'watch them, do you want them to see us?

Do you want them to see you grinding your wet pussy on the seat like a horny little slut?', he whispered in to my ear, making me gasp and nod as I ground my dripping pussy harder.

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He unzipped his jeans, pulling out his already semi hard cock, and used his other hand to push my face down in front of it. Knowing that I was being told what to do. I took his cock between both my hands and positioned myself so I could lean over to reach his cock. I teased the head of his dick, and slowly took it into my mouth as far as I could, moaning as I felt it grow hard in my mouth.

I felt is hand tighten on the back of my head as grab at my hair as he pushed my mouth further down on his cock, making me gag and dribble. One of his hands ran down my back and grouped my ass hard before pushing it down, I dint know what he was doing until I felt the arm rest of the chair. I began to pump his cock in my mouth harder, each thrush pushing my ass down and grinding my pussy on the arm of the chair. I felt his cock twitch in my mouth and knowing he was about to cum, I began to cup and group his balls, while he pushed my mouth down hard on his cock, face fucking me.

I moaned around his cock glad that the particular movie we had gone to see was a loud one, and drank as his hot sticky cum squirted in to my mouth. I sat back in my seat licking at my lips and chin while hubby straightened himself up.

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Glancing down at the other people in the room I saw that no one had noticed what we were doing, and I had to admit I was a little disappointed. Suddenly my husband pushed me back in to my chair and told me to lift my feet up on to the seats in front of me, to steady them while I spread my legs and he lifted my skirt over my belly, exposing my dripping wet shaved pussy.

He lifted my shirt and almost ripped off my bra, letting my big breasts flop out and bounce around. I gasped and moaned as he took each on my nipples in to his mouth one at a time, one of his hands forcing me to watch the other people in the cinema. He thrust two fingers in to my gaping pussy hard, whispering in to my ear sunny leone is doing sex with a men always making me watch the other men in the room.

'oh, look how wet you are slut? Mmm I bet all these dirty old men catching you would get you wet huh?', he thrust his fingers in to my cunt hard letting my juice dribble out and on to the seat.

I began to pant hard my tits bouncing from the force of his finger fucking as I struggled against his hold on my face and watched the men in the room, whishing they would see us, and hoping they would want to watch more!

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'stop moving slut, you know you want to cum for me', he breaths into my ear and sends me over the edge making me moan, almost too loud, he holds his hand over my mouth and pumps his fingers in to my cunt hard a few more times before taking them out and sucking off all my juices.

After the film ended, we stumbled out of the cinema, red faced and cuddling each other.

My husband had told me not to put my bra back on, and as we walked from the cinema to the car I was aware of all the men who had seen the film with us and the staff, staring at my big tits and hard nipples through my top.

I was so excited about what we had done I made hubby promise to take me to the cinema again next week, and maybe we would even bring toys this time!.

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