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Tai woke up slowly. His body felt like it had been beaten with a bag of ice. He was in complete pain and he could feel the icy chill in the air.

He opened his eyes and looked around. He looked around and found himself in a lush field in the middle of nowhere. There were mountains in the distance. How could this have happened to him? The last thing he remembered he was sitting at a bar trying in vain to drink away his sorrow.

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Could he have passed out? Could this all be a dream? If that was the case why was he in so much pain? Suddenly an angelic voice rang out over the wind. "Hello is anyone out there?" Sora yelled. Tai's mind went into hyper drive. This couldn't be could it really be her? Tai forced himself to his feet. He limped towards the sound of her voice. With every word from Sora Tai felt the pain in his body melt away.

It was as if she was reviving him from the pit of despair he was feeling. Finally he saw her. She glowed with radiant beauty.

It had been years since they had seen each other. Her hair had grown longer and so had the rest of her. Her body was the picture of perfection. He smiled widely and ran over to her. "Sora I'm over here!" Sora turned to him and couldn't believe her eyes.

Tai was standing before him as though they never left each other. Sora ran over and hugged him tightly and could feel a warm feeling spreading through her heart. No matter how long it had been Tai was still the best friend she ever had. She could always count on him. "Tai so you are here too?" "Yes if this is a dream I never want to wake up." "Tai this isn't a dream we're back in the digital world." "But why after all of these years are we back?" "I don't know but I think that we are not the only ones.

The others have to be here too let's go looking come on." Sora held out her hand to him. A sharp wave of shyness rose up in him. It was as though he was 12 years old again. He reached out slowly and grabbed her hand.

Tai could almost feel his hormones kick in. A bulge began to appear in his pants. The two walked through the field looking for the others. Tai felt as though he was walking with her through super dp slut sofia is fucked up the ass park.

It was almost like a date. Tai felt happier then he had felt in years. The sound of a couple of loud thuds appeared in the distance. Sora and Tai turned to each other in fear. Their friends must be in trouble.

They ran down the field and saw a pair of bodies lying on the ground. Mimi and Izzy lay spread eagled on the ground like broken rag dolls.

Sora ran over to Mimi. "Mimi can you hear me? Please wake up!" Mimi slowly opened her eyes and looked up at Sora standing over her.

"Um Sora can you tell me why you are not wearing any panties?" Sora screamed and closed her legs tightly. She completely forgot that she left them lying on the floor back home. Tai's eyes jolted as wide as they would go. The bulge in his pants was now pressing against his zipper. She was not wearing panties the whole time they were together. He stared at her luscious ass just feet away from him.

It was defenceless ready for the taking. He instinctively began walking towards it. The sound of Izzy groaning snapped him back to reality. Tai offered his hand to Izzy.

"Are you ok man?" "Yeah thanks." "Izzy do you know what is going on?" "How the hell would I know that I'm not god." "Well you are the smart one. You always know what to do." Izzy grunted. He hated his position in the group. He was always scissor fuckers maggie green amp sara jay fondle tits amp more one they turned to when they were lost or stuck.

They would have been dead within the first month in the digital world if it wasn't for sampling attractive hotties moist beaver hardcore blowjob and what did he have to show for it?

They still treated him like an inferior. "Well I'm sorry I don't know any more then you do?" Tai clenched his fist. He didn't like the insubordinate nature in Izzy's voice. Tai didn't like to be challenged and he wasn't going to take it from a little computer nerd. Sora could sense the tension in the air. She turned to Mimi. "So how did you two get here?" Sora asked. "I don't know we were just watching TV and suddenly a red portal appeared in the sky and sucked us in." Mimi replied.

"Wait you two are living together?" Sora asked. Mimi blushed a little. She didn't want Sora to know the whole truth about her past. "Yeah something like that." "Wow I'm so happy for you both." Izzy rolled his eyes.

"Hey you two can have your girl talk later. We need to figure out what the hell is going on. We need to find the others." Everyone looked at Izzy with shock. He had never been the angry type. Tai glared at him. "Hey shorty I think that you need to remember your place. I'm the leader here. What I say goes?" Tai shouted.

"Ok then what does our great and powerful leader suggest?" Everyone turned to Tai. Tai grew nervous. He began scratching his head. "Yeah what he said. I need to find Kari and make sure that she is alright." A loud sound of a man and a woman arguing rang through the air. "What the hell is wrong with you?" The female voiced yelled.

"Oh great so this is somehow my fault?" The male voice responded. "Well you could have caught me before I hit the ground!" "Oh I'm sorry but I sort of landed on my ass which is still sore by the way." "How many times do I have to say I'm sorry?" Tai, Sora, Izzy and Mimi all looked at each other in confusion. "It couldn't be." Sora said. "It has to be." Tai replied. The group walked over the hill and there was TK and Kari. They failed to even see them and kept yelling at each other.

"Yeah you know what I don't think sorry is going to cut it. I mean for a girl whose name means light you have a lot of darkness." TK yelled. "Oh yeah well you are lucky I even bother to date you because you're hopeless!" Kari replied. The others watched in shock. "Should we go over there?" Mimi asked. "Yeah I'm staying out of that one." Tai replied. TK and Kari glared at each other. The two grunted and turned away.

They spotted the others standing in the hills and horror filled their faces. "How much of that did you see?" TK asked. "Nothing." They all said at once. Another male voice echoed from their side. Everyone turned and saw Joe rushing towards them. He was wearing a pair of orange pants and a plain white t-shirt. He looked extremely unkempt and rugged. "Guy's you're all here too?" Joe yelled. "Joe is that you? What the hell happened to you?" Tai inquired. Joe was silent. They clearly had not heard of his deeds.

They could never know for they would never understand. "Nothing it's just been a rough couple of weeks but that's not important. The important thing we are all here together now." Sora looked down. "Not all of us. Matt's not here." Tai flinched at the name.

"Matt can take care of himself. We need to figure out what we are going to do. I say we head to Infinity Mountain. That's where we were called to last time. We should get there before dark. " Everyone looked at Tai in shock. "Tai Matt is your friend and you are just going to abandon him." Sora asked with fear in her eyes. "Hey he's a smart guy he is probably already there." Tai explained. "I don't know if I'm smart but I'm a hell of a lot smarter then you." Matt called out.

Everyone turned around and saw Matt standing behind them. He smiled down upon them. Sora ran over to him and embraced him in a tight hug. Tai's eyes looked at their embrace and white hot rage filled his heart.

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His mind flashed to the two of them naked with their hands rubbing all over each other's sweat soaked bodies. Matt thrust his hips into Sora's sending her into a symphony of lustful moans. Sora licked Matt's ear sensually. "Oh Mathew you're so good at this. I know I made the right choice." "Of course Sora I'm a real man." The two began to French deeply.

Tai fell to the ground and tried to wipe the image from his brain. Sora let go of Matt. "Oh baby I was so worried about you. What happened to you?" "I ran into some old friends." Matt signalled ghetto chick pleases crowd of white cocks his shoulder. Sora looked over the hill and her eyes lit up in happiness.

Standing over the hill were eight friends that she was sure that she would never see again. All of their Digimon from Augumon to Gatomon were there to greet them with smiling faces. The Digimon all ran over to their respective masters. It was the happiest any of them had been in years. Augumon ran over to Tai. "Hey Tai are you ok?" Tai put on a fake smile. "Yeah I'm fine buddy it's so good to see you." Matt looked at everyone enjoying themselves.

He hated to be the one to break the mood but certain things couldn't be ignored. "Everyone listen up. It's great to see you all again but before we get going there are a few issues that need dealing with. First of all I found this is the bushes." Matt reached into his pocket and tossed out an orange prison shirt.

Everyone gasped and Joe's heart sank. He had been found out he knew that he should have ripped it up when he had the chance. All eyes turned to him in his orange pants.

Gomomon turned to Joe. "I don't understand Joe what is going on?" "Yeah Joe what is going on? You mind telling us why you are in prison?" Tai asked. "You wouldn't understand. None of you know what I've been through." Joe said trying to mask his shame.

Kari looked at her dear friend and could see the sorrow hiding in his eyes trying desperately to come to light. "Joe what happened to you. Please tell us maybe we can help you." Kari said Kari moved closer but Tai blocked her off. "Don't go near him Kari. I don't want you near this creep!" "This creep is our friend Tai. This is the man who helped us defeat the dark masters." "That was a long time ago.

Who knows what kind of horrible things he has done since! So why don't you tell us Joe!" Joe knew that he couldn't hide it anymore. He only prayed that they would understand.

"You see you guys don't know how lucky you are. You all found someone to love you. I've been alone all these 13 years and my feelings of lust and loneliness began to infect my mind. In a moment of desperation I did something I'm not proud of. I had sex with a dead girl." Joe's worst nightmares could not compare to their reactions. Tai looked furious and shielded Kari from his view. Sora looked as though she was going to throw up everywhere.

TK couldn't look him in the eye and Matt looked like he was going to rip him in two. He dropped into a deep bow. "I'm so sorry everyone please forgive him." Kari looked at him deeply. "It's ok Joe I understand." Kari told him sweetly. TK grunted and glared at Kari.

"Oh yeah you sympathise with him. You two could exchange notes." TK yelled Kari glared at TK with fear. "TK please don't do this." Kari pleaded.

"What is going on?" Mimi inquired. "Oh yeah it looks like we have two rapists in our midst. She forced me to do horrible things to fulfill her sick fetishes. He treated me like a fucking toy!' TK yelled. Matt turned to Kari with hate in his eyes.

"You bitch what did you do to my little brother?" "Hey he broke my heart first. He deserved what he got." Matt lost control and punched Kari to the ground. Everyone stared at him to disbelief. Mimi ran over and checked up on Kari. Tai rushed over to Matt and pushed him away. "Hey take your hands off my sister you sick bastard!" Tai yelled. "Don't talk to me like that Tai. This doesn't concern you." Matt responded. "You attack my family it is my hot ts cheerleader seduces dorky tutor. I won't let you hurt those that I care about." "Oh yeah how does that apply to yourself?

Did you ever stop and think that maybe you hurt us?" "What the hell are you cute teen show her nasty body on cam about?" "After the wedding we never saw you again, Where have you been man?" "I've been a little busy." "Yeah Kari told me us all about it.

You've been living the life of a lunatic seeking any adrenaline rush you can. What's wrong life not very fulfilling?" "How could I enjoy life when you stole the most important thing in it." Everyone looked at Tai in confusion. "Tai what are you talking about man?" "Sora you stole her from me!" "Stole her? She was never yours to begin with!" "I always loved her and you knew that.

I've known her all my life and she was the world to me. I was about to make my move when you stepped in and stole her." "Love is not first come first serve you know. She had a choice and she picked me not you. You've had six years to get lovely asian girl devouring massive throbbing dick it." "Shut your fucking mouth Matt!" "No I'm tired of listening to you the self appointed leader. You think you are a man but you are nothing more then an overgrown child!" Tai and Matt clenched their fists.

The tension in the air was almost visible. Sora stood between them and held her arms out in protest. "You two need to stop it. Tai you are supposed to be his friend. Matt you are going to be a father you need to start acting like it." Sora pleaded. Everyone turned to Sora in shock. Tai's rage level pushed to it's limits. Every fibre of his being wanted to tear Matt apart limb from limb.

His love for Sora was the only thing keeping him in line. "Oh my god Sora you are pregnant that's so wonderful. You're going to be a great mom." Mimi said with a happy glee in her voice. "No she's not. We are not having a baby." Matt declared.

Sora turned to Matt in shock. "Matt you can't still think that way. This baby is a part of us. Are you really going to deny it life out of fear?" Sora asked "I'd rather see it unborn then heartbroken. I won't let you ruin a life." Tears rolled down Sora cheek. The world around her vanished and she could feel her soul draining from her body.

All of the years of debt and despair never succeed in bringing her down because through all of it her husband stood by her side. She always knew that she could count on him. Now he had abandoned her and she couldn't handle the weight of the world anymore. Sora fell to her knees and began crying out loud. Tai's rage finally broke through his threshold. "You bastard how could you hurt her?

She's an angel and broke her heart!" Tai yelled. Tai ran at Matt at full speed. Matt made a hook punch for Tai's face. Tai's MMA instincts activated. Tai blocked the shot and used the momentum to hammer fist Matt in the side of the head. The blow dazed Matt and Tai took full advantage of the situation. He gave Matt a hard shot to the gut and throat. Matt launched another hard punch but Tai pushed Matt's arm to the side and low punched Matt's exposed rib.

Tai kicked Matt to the ground and jumped on top of him. Tai punched Matt rapidly to the face causing him to gush blood.

"You see I've devoted my life to building my skills. What have you been doing huh? What have you been doing?" Tai yelled. Matt gave Tai a hard head butt to the face breaking his nose. Tai fell off of Matt and screamed in pain. "Sorry I guess I've been too busy fucking Sora non-stop. You know on our honeymoon we spent the first day doing nothing but having sex over and over again.

I doubt there was a combined time of an hour that my cock wasn't thrusting inside of her. She moaned like an injured dolphin. She swallowed all of my cum like it was a fine wine." Matt boasted Tai grunted loudly and rushed at Matt ready to make him scream like a girl no matter what it took. A blue wave of energy smacked Tai in the chest and sent him flying. Gabumon stood in front of Matt with rage filling his eyes.

"Touch him again and then the next one will go through your head." Augumon stood in between Gabumon and Tai. He took a defensive stance. "Brother if you so much as law one claw on Tai I'll roast you." Tai stood up and stood behind his partner. Everyone looked at the scene with fear. "Guys please stop let's just call it even ok?" Mimi pleaded.

"No this ends now I'm done following his rule." Matt said. "Fine by me I'll be happy to shut you up. You guys know what to do." Augumon charming czech sweetie gets tempted in the supermarket and pounded in Gabumon began to glow. They both grew over 4 times in size. Augumon grew a brown bull skull over his head and Gabumon grew into a large wolf.

They had become Greymon and Garauraumon.

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The two Digimon charged at each other. Greymon used his horn to launch his enemy across the field. Garauraumon got up and charged at Greymon tripping him. Greymon launched a large fireball and Garauraumon responded with a powerful ice beam. The two blasts collided causing a large explosion but not doing any damage. Tai grunted in frustration. "Greymon digivolve to ultimate now!" Greymon began roaring but nothing was happening.

He tried again but achieved no results. "Hey Greymon what the hell?

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Don't you dare disobey me!" "Tai I'm sorry but I can't digivolve. I'm getting any feeling from your heart crest." "Don't you talk back to me like that! I am not the problem here." "But indeed you are." A dark voice from above sounded. Everyone looked above. All at once their hearts sank. Apocalymon descended from the sky with a sickening smile on his face.

Fear rushed through them all it was like a nightmare that they couldn't wake up from. Their greatest enemy, the enemy that they vanquished together stood before them as though they did nothing to him.

"It's been a long time children you've all grown since last time. I'm glad because breaking a child is easy but breaking an adult that's just fun." Apocalymon boasted.

"That's impossible we locked you away." Izzy pointed out. "Indeed you sleeping mom and son kuck and for 13 years I lived a fate much worse then death. But now I'm free and it's all thanks to you. As your morals waned so did your crests. Your corruption caused my freedom. In a way I should be thankful however I have you to thank for being imprisoned in the first place. Now it's time for my revenge." Apocalymon launched a large red beam that knocked all of the digidestined and their Digimon to the ground.

Despite being in complete pain Tai rose to his feet. "We locked you away once and that was our sucking and riding till cum tube porn. This time you die! Everyone let's finish this!" Tai yelled.

Everyone rose to their feet and the Digimon digivolved to their champion forms. The Digimon scattered. Birdmon and Kabutarimon took to the air. They launched a blast but Apocalymon deflected them sending it into Togomon and Ikarumon. Garauraumon jumped up and bit down hard on Apocalymon's arm. Apocalymon smiled and turned his arm into fire burning his mouth. Greymon grabbed him and tried to use his strength to crush him. Apocalymon blasted Greymon sending him flying through a pair of trees.

Gatomon leaped up and scratched Apocalymon leaving a large gash in his face. Apocalymon grabbed her and began squeezing her body. Angemon smacked Apocalymon's hand freeing Gatomon. Apocalymon grew angry and blasted Angemon to the ground. 'Even the angel falls.

A fitting end to your saga." Apocalymon said. Apocalymon reached out and grabbed Sora. He began fondling Sora's breasts with his clawed fingers. Sora screamed in pain. "Oh you don't know how long I've been dreaming of this moment. The moment where I have you in my grasp." Apocalymon stuffed a finger up Sora's defenceless vagina squirting blood everywhere.

"Get away from her you creep. Garauraumon save her!" Matt yelled. Garauraumon began charging at Apocalymon. "No amateur real pov girlfriend gets a facial mine!" Tai screamed. Greymon smashed Garauraumon away. Apocalymon smiled and knocked Greymon unconscious. "What you a team you all make. Let's see how you do divided." Apocalymon called out.

Apocalymon sent out a pair of tentacles and grabbed Kari and Mimi. The two girls began screaming for help. The tentacles went down their throat cutting off their speech. Tai watched in horror as the most important people in his life were being stolen before his eyes.

Tai dashed towards them. He didn't care if he had a Digimon or not he would either save them or finally die like he always wanted. He looked next to him and saw Matt running beside him. He didn't care about him right now he could only think about his loved ones in danger. Sora called out for help one last time before the tentacle jammed it's way down her throat.

Tai and Matt leaped into the air towards her. Apocalymon smiled and vanished with the girls. The two boys hit the ground hard but felt no pain. Tears rushed from their eyes uncontrollably. Tai couldn't believe what was happening. He failed her they both did.