Kimmy granger ride on top of her step bros cock

Kimmy granger ride on top of her step bros cock
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THE GIFT I stumbled over the metal threshold of the doorway as I hurried into the convenience store. I looked down immediately to see what my toe had hit then looked up, embarrassed, to see the reactions of the other two people who were inside. They averted their stares as soon as I looked their way.

I wanted a quick cup of coffee to drink as I drove the long descent down the mountainside into the desert. It never ceased to amaze me how it could be a warm balmy evening leaving San Diego then drop to near freezing temperatures in the mountains.

By the time I got to Palm Springs, it would be hot and dry. Ignoring everything except my personal mission, I filled a foam cup with coffee, struggled to find the right size lid, grabbed a pack of sugar and a stir stick, and headed toward the counter. I was second in line. In front of me was a nicely shaped young woman who was certainly not dressed for the frigid mountain air outside.

She had on a yellow tube top and blue jean cutoffs which left most of her goose-bumped skin exposed. Without being obvious, I lowered my eyes to catch a glimpse of the backs of her very well shaped legs. I was hoping that she would turn around so that I could see whether the view of her front was as lovely as my view of her back. As I tore back the perforated flap on the lid of my cup, I could smell the steaming coffee. I also noticed the sweet, fresh, citrus fragrance emanating from the young lady.

The clerk was handing her change when I sucky fucky session with a busty teen a raspy voice coming from behind me. "Nobody moves!" I turned around to see two men with nylon stockings over their heads standing just inside the door.

The taller man had a small silver gun in his hand. He raised it, his arm outstretched, and pointed his weapon straight at the clerk's head as he approached her. "Who else is here?" His voice sounded angry and urgent. The clerk, a chubby middle-aged woman wearing a stained red smock, just glared at him with her mouth open. It struck me that she shouldn't have been so surprised that a hold up was taking place in that store. Considering the somewhat secluded location, I would have thought that the place would be robbed every other month.

"Damn it! Answer me!" The clerk closed her mouth momentarily and looked as if she might be peeing her pants. I was mentally projecting an order to her to answer the guy before I had to watch her face explode from the impact of a bullet. teen talked into and pussy pounded creampie first time if youre going to be a creepy she said softly. He had come so close that the end of the barrel of the gun was just inches from her nose.

She looked at it, her eyes almost crossed. "Nobody else," she whimpered as tears began to roll down her flushed cheeks. "All the money!" The gunman told her, as impatient as I had ever seen anyone. The young woman in front of me turned slowly to look at the door, only all babes american beautiful girl xxx rape story teacher see that it was blocked by the other masked bandit.

She was extremely pretty, even teen pornstar gets laid by mature couple her frightened state. Long auburn hair framed her youthful face. The tube top didn't do much to hide the roundness of her breasts and the peaks of her nipples. The clerk scooped handfuls of bills out of the cash drawer and handed it over.

There might have been two hundred bucks at the most. The gunman stuffed them in his pants pocket. "Lay down!" he yelled at the clerk, who complied immediately, then he turned his eyes toward her customers. He instantly focused on the girl in front of me. "Yeah," he said, in a different, but extremely disturbing tone of voice. "Nice." "Come on!" his companion shouted from the door.

The gunman stepped to the girl and stood a few feet in front of her. She didn't move, apparently frozen with fear. "Very nice. I bet you got a sweet little cherry that needs to be popped, huh??

A sick expression washed over her face as she listened to his words. I could only imagine the horror she was feeling. Her hands were trembling, just like mine were. "We're going to have to take you with us and have a little party for awhile." He reached out with his gunless hand and cupped one of her breasts with it, then moved it higher to grasp the edge of her tube top.

In one quick movement, he pulled it down around her waist to reveal her breasts. They were indeed awesome. Her nipples, bright pink, were erect and stiff, pointing slightly upward, possibly from an involuntary physical reaction to the cold or the anxiety she was feeling.

With my back to the door, and the gunman's stare zooming in on the girl's naked chest, neither of the robbers could see my hands as I worked the plastic lid loose from the coffee cup. I just hoped that the burst of steam from the hot liquid wouldn't be noticed.

"Oh, yeah. Real nice tits. I'm going to take my time with this little bitch," he said wickedly, roughly squeezing and twisting her breasts with his dirty fingers. "You can have what's left of her when I'm done," he called to his accomplice. "Bring her then, and let's just get the hell out of here," he called back. Without releasing his hand from her bosom, he aimed his gun at me. Although it was difficult to tell because of the stocking, it appeared that he was still concentrating his gaze on her nipples, apparently preoccupied with blonde babe with curves gets some anal. The foul odor of liquor on his breath overpowered the girl's perfume.

"Give me your wallet, asshole," he mumbled, much of the commandeering edge gone from his voice. I glanced down at his crotch and it was evident from the bulge in his pants that he had quickly become sexually aroused from feeling her breasts. "I got a hot date here who just can't wait to suck my dick and feel it squirt inside her mouth." Considering that my wallet probably had more money in it than had been in the cash drawer, I wasn't overjoyed at the prospect of giving it to him.

I had never considered myself the hero type, but I was determined to do something to allow me, and the young girl, at least a fighting chance.

My first thought was to throw the coffee in his face. But I opted for his groin instead, figuring that the heat would permeate the fabric of his pants and cause a more dramatic reaction.

"You like to be fucked in the ass? Huh, baby?" He was utterly oblivious to what I was doing. "We might have to party all weekend." He was moving closer to her, his legs spread apart, more than likely intending to get a cheap thrill by rubbing his penis against the smooth skin of her thigh. I knew that if I was going to do something, I'd have to do it soon. "I'm going to want to come in every sweet hole in that pretty, pink, little body you got.

Maybe twice, even." Without another thought, I lowered my hand and splashed the contents of the cup between the gunman's legs. "Son of a bitch!" he yelled, taking a step backwards. Luckily, it took him a few seconds to compose himself before he could shoot as the scalding coffee ran down his pants legs. I lunged toward his arm, concerned only with the gun in his hand. My momentum carried us to the counter. His back crashed against it, and I pushed his arm back as far as I could.

His hand slammed against the wire hangers of a circular metal rack which displayed cigarette lighters, knocking it off onto the floor. The pain must have caused him to release his grip, because the gun flew out of his hand just as it fired. The bullet hit a fluorescent light fixture in the ceiling, and shards of glass showered down on us.

"Run!" I yelled, letting go of his arm. She had clutched her hands to her face. I grabbed one of them and pulled her down the isle of the store behind me as I searched for big tit milf gets titty fucked after sucking restroom, hoping it would have a lock on the door.

I didn't look back to see what the bandits were doing. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the guy who was guarding the door keeping pace with us as he ran down the adjoining isle. It was obvious that he would reach the back of the store, lined with coolers for bottled drinks, before we would. I had no idea what I would do then. Behind me I could hear the gunman cussing at me. I assumed that he was looking for his gun.

Just before I reached the end of the isle, his partner appeared. Thank goodness he didn't have a gun that he had been concealing. Unfortunately, he did have a knife. In fact, it was a very big knife. I glanced to my side and saw a plastic barrel full of soft drink bottles laying on a bed of crushed ice. I let go of the girl's hand, picked one up, and threw it at him. He ducked to the side, behind the isle of merchandise, and the bottle smashed against the glass cooler doors spraying cola in every direction.

"The bathroom!" I yelled. "And lock the door!" She took my hint and darted around me to the right. I kept picking up bottles and flinging them toward the end of the isle as fast as I could, knowing that I might be shot in the back at any moment.

The third bottle broke one of the doors in the cooler. In only a few seconds, the floor was covered with broken glass and foaming liquid. "Jesus Christ, Ben. Let's get the fuck out of here!" I saw the top of my pursuer's head as he ran back toward the door.

In a flash I cut to the right and saw two restroom doors. Figuring that she instinctively went into the women's room, I tried the knob to it first. It was locked. "It's me!" I shouted, expecting to be killed. I heard a click, and the door opened. I slipped inside, closed the door, and pushed the button on the knob to activate the lock. The girl had pulled her tube top over her breasts and had begun to cry, her arms wrapped around her shivering body.

I grabbed her and stood her in one corner of the tiled room next to the door. "Stay right there," I whispered.

She nodded, her eyes wide with a look of complete trust in my spur of the moment judgment. Blowjob my gf ends in cum overloaded mouth stepped across the doorway and huddled in the other corner just as the crack of the gun sounded.

A bullet pierced the steel door as the sound reverberated throughout the small cubicle. "I'm gonna kill you, you son of a bitch!

You're one dead mother fucker." The gunman's voice was full of rage. I heard the knob jiggle as he tried to open the door. Then, a few seconds later, four more shots blasted out in quick succession, blowing holes in various areas of the door. Bullets and sharp pieces of metal and wood ricocheted off the walls and porcelain fixtures.

"You better hope I never see your ass again!" There was silence. I looked over at the girl to make sure that she hadn't been hit by a bullet. She was sobbing, a terrified look of need on her lovely face. We stood there, completely still. I wondered whether the bandits had gone or whether this was just a lull while the gun was being reloaded.

I also had the terrifying thought that they may be looking for the key to the door. If they found it, we were doomed. I couldn't see anything in the room to use to wedge the door closed. When no more shots came in the next few minutes, I began to relax. "Are you okay?" I said softly to her. She nodded to me, although she didn't seem too sure of her response. "Hold me?" she sobbed. "Please?" I went to her side of the door and took her in my arms.

Her soft shoulders felt cold, like she had been chilled to the bone. Her lithe body melded into mine as I did my best to warm and calm her. It was impossible to hide the fact that I was shaking like a leaf myself. After nearly a minute she seemed to relax a little. Thank you," she murmured. "Thank you so much." "That's okay," I said. "If they've gone, the woman behind the counter should come and get us.

That is, if they didn't shoot her." "If they'd taken me.oh, God." She started sobbing again. "If it wasn't for you." "I know. It's okay." "No. I mean. I don't know if I could have lived through that." She pressed her body tighter against me. I could feel the firm roundness of her breasts pressing into my chest and the smooth silkiness of her back with my hand. "I just don't know how to thank you enough." I began to notice pain in my right forearm. I looked down to see that blood was dripping from it onto the side of her shorts.

"You're hurt!" She said in a concerned voice. "Did he shoot you?" I let go of her with that arm and saw a small gash just below my elbow. I didn't know whether a bullet had grazed me or I had been cut when I slammed into the counter. "Here," she said, going to the paper towel dispenser, seemingly forgetting about the possibility of more shots bursting through the door.

She held several towels under the faucet and returned to me. With an incredibly soft touch, she wiped the blood away and cleaned my wound "Oh my God, you've been shot." "Yeah, I guess I have," I admitted, looking closely at my arm. She looked up at me with a look of true admiration and concern. Her blue eyes sparkled through her lashes. "No one's ever done anything like this for me before." She returned her attention to my arm.

"It doesn't look too serious, thank God." From the store we heard a voice. I swept her into my arms again and pressed our bodies tightly into the corner. This time she wrapped her arms around me as well. I could feel her yielding to me, as if she enjoyed the feeling of my body against hers. She nuzzled her face against my neck while we waited. When I heard the voice again, I was convinced kinky slut gets fucked hard on a model casting session pornstars hardcore it hadn't come from either of the robbers.

Reluctantly, I released her. "I think it's safe to go," I told her. "If you think so," she replied. She raised onto her toes and kissed me gently on the lips.

"Thank you. I really mean it." The voice had come from a customer who had just happened into the store. The clerk finally got up off the floor as we neared the counter, and she grabbed the telephone to call the police.

Within five minutes the parking lot outside looked like a convention of red, blue, and white flashing lights. An EMT swabbed and bandaged my arm while I was interviewed by three different police officers.

I declined a ride in the ambulance since it appeared that I only had a bad scratch. In less than an hour I was told that I could go, but should expect to hear from other officers within the next week.

I made my way to the coffee machine again and filled a cup that I hoped I would actually get to drink. I held it up to show the clerk, who nodded and told me it was on the house. As I started toward the door, I heard the young girl's voice. "Wait!" she called, walking quickly toward me.

"Who are you? I mean." she smiled. It was the first time I had seen a relaxed expression on her face. "I'm sorry, that's no way to make an introduction. I'm Beth Teegarten. I. I want to do something for you." Her offer was certainly tempting. She had apparently taken the time to freshen her makeup bigtits stepdaughter rides cock outdoors reality and amateur police grillings and looked absolutely gorgeous.

But, she was at least ten years younger than me. Probably the only thing we had in common was the fact that we'd been victimized by the robbers. "You really don't have to do anything. I'm just glad we're both safe." "But.where are you going?" "I'm spending the weekend in Palm Springs; going to watch the golf tournament." "That's where I live.

How about I make you dinner? A thank you dinner?" I paused, letting her eyes coerce me into accepting her invitation. I might have been reading more into her gaze than she intended, but it was telling me that much more than dinner might be on the agenda.

"Here," she said, stepping back to the counter. She took a pen from a display and wrote something on a napkin. "Give me a call this weekend." She handed me the napkin. "Please?" "Sure," I told her, "take care of yourself." She leaned into me as if we had known each other forever and wrapped her arms around me. When she stepped back, I saw the sparkle of admiration and gratitude in her eyes again. I returned her smile and left to get in my car.

I called Beth Saturday afternoon, and she invited me to her apartment for dinner that evening. The conversation was somewhat uneventful; no indication from her that we would do anything but socialize. Since I had other plans for dinner, we had agreed on drinks and a snack.

I wondered if her zealous admiration of my foolhardy bravado had worn off in the intervening twenty-four hours. I wasn't prepared for the atmosphere that awaited me when Beth opened the door to her apartment. The lights were off, but the room was illuminated by dozens of flickering candles.

She looked incredibly sexy, wearing a burgundy negligee made of silk or a synthetic imitation which clung tightly to her breasts and upper body. The skirt, flaring elegantly from her hips, stopped about three inches above her knee. "Hi," she told me sweetly. As soon as she had closed the door, she wrapped her arms around my neck and hugged me invitingly. "I was beginning to think that you weren't going to come." She took my hand in hers and led me inside.

Because of traffic and my unfamiliarity with the area, I had arrived almost half an hour later than we had agreed on the telephone. The air was sweet from the scented candles and much warmer than I would have liked. Her apartment was huge. The living room was nicely decorated with comfortable sofas, chairs, and a low coffee table. The walls were a light peach color, adorned with a tasteful assortment of framed prints.

I assumed that the double doors to my right opened into her bedroom. "Sit down," she extended her hand toward one of the sofas, arranged in an L-shape in one corner. She sat, tucking her slim legs under herself, and pulled me down next to her. "It's warm in here," I said. I instinctively noticed how her nipples strained at the thin fabric she was wearing. I could still visualize how pink, full, and stiff they had been in the store.

"Well, let me cool you off, then." She started unbuttoning my shirt very slowly. "I like to be warm," she whispered, lowering her mouth to my chest as my shirt opened. She pursed her lips and blew cool air across my skin with feathery softness. Glancing up at me, she said, "I have a surprise for you." "Oh, no," I replied, "I think I've had enough surprises for awhile." The sweet fragrance of her perfume, mixed with the scent of the candles, was beginning to have an intoxicating effect on me.

"Oh, I think you'll like this surprise. It's a special way of saying thank you." She leaned back, staring at me from under her long, dark lashes.

"I want you to meet a very good friend of mine." I assumed that she was making a coy, erotic bi boyz and their cute beautiful gf to some particularly enjoyable part of her body.

"Well, any friend of yours is a friend of mine," I quipped, trying to play along with her. "Good. Remember that, Okay?" "Sure." She pulled me to her, kissing me deeply.

She thrust her tongue between my lips and ran it in circles on the roof of my mouth. It brought back pleasant memories of our brief previous encounter in the restroom. Her firm young body felt wonderful and willing in my arms. She withdrew, and slowly opened her eyes. "Yessss," she hissed mischievously. "I think you'll like this surprise." She turned her head toward the open doors, and called softly, "Jen?" I was bewildered.

I had thought that we were alone. Through the doorway poked the head of a young girl with long, straight blonde hair. She glanced at us momentarily, then started walking toward us, tying the belt of the pink robe which surrounded her graceful, petite body. "Hi," she said as she approached. "Paul, this is Jennifer Allen," Beth told me, a bright smile on her face. "We went to high school together. She's going to college here, and is sharing the apartment with me until she can get her own." I was shocked when I noticed that, in many details, Jennifer was very similar in appearance to Beth.

Not quite as tall, the same blue eyes, and a slim, youthful frame, she couldn't have been more than eighteen or nineteen years old. She sat on the other side of me, and I presented my hand to her. "Hi, Jennifer," I said, looking into her wide eyes. Even in the flickering shadows of the candle light I could see that she had flawless, soft skin. Her narrow nose and full pink lips reflected a virginal, wholesome beauty.

The quivering of her warm hand indicated that she was either nervous or excited at the prospect of meeting me. I turned toward Beth without releasing Jennifer's hand. "This is quite a surprise," I stated flatly, raising my brows to show Beth that I was pleasantly dazzled. "Beth's told me a lot about you." The sultry tone of Jennifer's voice was enticing. I turned back toward her. It would have been impossible for any man to misinterpret the eager, inviting look in her sparkling eyes. "All positive, I hope?" She lowered her gaze quickly, scanning my body, then focused on my eyes again.

"Oh, yes. Very positive." Almost imperceptibly, she ran the tip of her tongue between her lovely lips. She began stroking the palm of my hand with her soft fingers.

The robe had fallen open, revealing the provocative cleavage between her firm breasts. "There's where he was shot," Beth commented, pointing to the crimson scratch on my forearm. I had not put a bandage on the wound, figuring that it would heal better if left open to the dry air in the desert. "What you did was very brave," Jennifer told me with an admiring gleam in her eyes, her fingers tracing little circles in the hollow of my elbow. For several seconds there was an uneasy silence in the room.

I didn't quite know how to react. "I thought you might want you get comfortable with us," Beth told me. Sitting between two nearly naked, beautiful teenage girls was more than comfortable, I thought to myself. Although I knew nothing about Beth, I wouldn't have dreamed what was happening would be possible. "Jen and I are `very' good friends." Beth extended her right hand in front of me, which Jennifer grasped almost automatically with her left.

"While we were in school together, we sometimes.," her voice trailed off as she looked fleetingly toward the young kelly wells takes 6 cumshots in her mouth. "Experimented," Jennifer completed her thought. "I think lots of girls do. We're not lovers. We're not gay; at least I'm not." She cocked her eyes toward Beth, who shook her head back and forth.

"We just. well, kind of practiced, I guess." She moved her soft fingers up the inside of my hand, over my wrist, until she was sliding her fingers up and down my forearm.

"Yeah!" Sexy babe love anal vibrating her tight ass erotica movies responded, sounding happy with Jennifer's choice of words. "I know it sounds adolescent, but we sort of practiced like we were with a man instead of each other. That's why I want you to be comfortable," Beth told me, giving me a soft kiss of reassurance. "I told Jen that I thought it might be fun if we all experimented together." My heart was pounding rapidly from the sexual tension mounting inside me.

I felt my organ expanding, cramped by my clothes. The room felt ten degrees warmer just imagining the wonderful experiments the three of us could perform together. "I'm comfortable." Jennifer tossed her head nonchalantly, raising one shoulder to accentuate her admission. She released Beth's hand and placed hers on my bare chest, kneading my left nipple between her thumb and index finger. "In fact, I'd like to get much, much more comfortable." "Hummm?" Beth inquired, placing her wet mouth on my again.

I communicated my willingness with my lips, enjoying the other girl's invigorating caresses. As Beth's mouth retreated, Jennifer leaned toward me and replaced it with her own. She manipulated me until she had sucked my tongue between her succulent lips.

As Jennifer drew her head away, she moaned softly. She turned her head and kissed Beth with the same enthusiasm she had me. I watched their beautiful faces joined together just inches in front of my eyes. As their lips separated, their tongues extended and danced together passionately.

What I was seeing caused unique feelings of awe and excitement. It was obvious that the two of them still enjoyed practicing with each other. My wandering thoughts were interrupted when I felt Beth start to unbuckle my belt and work at the snap of my trousers while Jennifer's left hand released the remaining buttons of my shirt.

Beth ran her tongue up the right side of my neck, finally licking my earlobe. Her warm breath in my ear felt delightful. Jennifer covered my mouth again with her velvety, lush lips and sucked invitingly on my tongue, biting it gently between her teeth. With my pants unzipped, Beth gently pulled my stiffening cock out of the flap of my underpants. I felt her hand caressing its head, tugging it as if to try to make it even larger.

As she did so, I felt Jennifer's left hand delicately encircle my shaft. "Oh, yes," Jennifer whispered. She ran her cupped hand from the base to the head, as if measuring me. "Oh, God yes," she commented in an exuberant sigh. "I'm getting really comfortable already." She moved her gaze from my cock to my eyes.

"You're really hard; and so big." With my left hand, I pulled the belt of Jennifer's robe loose, causing it to gape open. I placed my left hand around her throat and ran it slowly down over her right breast.

Her skin was as smooth and soft as silk. Her breasts were smaller than Beth's, but firm and magnificently round. Her nipples were smaller as well, but rigid and elongated from her flourishing excitement. Beth raised up on her knees on the sofa, still nibbling on my neck and ear. With her right hand she was sliding my pants down off my hips while I raised them to assist her.

I placed my right hand between her legs and stroked her inner thighs with my fingers. She spread her legs farther apart, lowering her undulating vulva toward my hand. Jennifer stepped down off the sofa, and knelt in front of me. She lifted my underpants over my cock and pulled them to my ankles. "Wow, what a beautiful cock," she murmured, gazing at my organ standing proudly just in front of her face.

Without untying them, she yanked my shoes from my feet. In no time she had removed my pants and socks, and her soft lips were kissing their way up my right thigh. When my fingers reached Beth's pussy, I found that her labia were swollen, separated, and coated with her natural lubrication.

I wondered if she and her friend had been practicing something together just before I arrived which caused her condition.

I traced my middle finger up and down her open slit a few times, savoring her sublime slipperiness, then caused her to inhale sharply when I touched her engorged clitoris. "Oh, yeah," Beth whispered, just before clamping her lips on mine. I could feel Jennifer's wet lips reach my scrotum. With latina babe cameron canela gets all her holes poked forearms resting on my thighs and both of her hands wrapped one above the other around my shaft, she would open her mouth wide, then slowly close her lips, pulling the elastic skin into her mouth.

As she moved her head away, she allowed the skin to slip out from between her lips luxuriously, tugging my pubic hair gently. Once her mouth was empty, she repeated the technique on another area of my sensitive sack.

Beth leaned forward, lowered her head and kissed Jennifer longingly while I ran my fingers in circles on her clitoris. They worked their soft, wet lips together for a few seconds, then Beth plunged her mouth over my cock.

She began sucking me slowly, saliva oozing out from around her lips. Jennifer leaned her head to the side and kissed and nibbled on the shank of my shaft. She cupped my balls in her hands and massaged them with her supple fingers. Just when I thought that Beth was close to climaxing from the stimulation of my fingers, she twisted off the sofa onto the floor and pulled her negligee over her head.

I marveled at the tantalizing perfection of her youthful body, recalling how wonderful it had felt to hold her in my arms in the store restroom. Tossing the garment aside, she nestled on her knees beside Jennifer between my legs, allowing Jennifer an opportunity to taste me. Once again, she opened her mouth wide and lowered her head slowly. I felt only the warmth of her breath as she descended over me, until I felt the tip of my cock bump something in her throat. Then she closed her sweet lips around my shaft and slowly raised her head, tightening her wet grip as she progressed upward.

I closed my eyes and inhaled deeply in response to the indescribable softness I felt surrounding my organ. The feeling of Jennifer's mouth was much different from Beth's. Her lips were warmer, softer, and tighter, though not as slippery and wet. After several repetitions, Jennifer returned her mouth to my scrotum, letting Beth suckle me again.

She pumped me feverishly, the saliva spewing from her mouth and creating a ring of foam around the base of my cock. Her movements were frantic in comparison to Jennifer's slow, soft, oral embrace. She slowed after a few minutes and concentrated on licking up and down the right side of my shaft. Jennifer raised her head and joined her, doing the same on the other side.

I spread my legs wide and watched the two young girls as they worked magic on me. Beth's beautiful auburn hair bounced as she slid her mouth on me. Jennifer's blonde locks teased my thigh while she tongued the crown. Intermittently, they would kiss each other passionately, using their lovely small hands to continue stimulating me.

Then, as I felt I was nearing the point of no return, they placed their lips on either side of my foreskin and sucked and nibbled. I imagined how gratifying it was would be to surrender control and come with their mouths on me like that. What a wonderful expression of appreciation. But, not wanting to climax too quickly, I placed my hands under their chins and raised their faces to me. Jennifer eagerly kissed me, sucking on my tongue, then Beth nibbled on my lips, breathing heavily.

"A wonderful surprise," I said, my eyes gleaming at them appreciatively. "Absolutely wonderful." Jennifer stood, allowing the robe to fall to the floor, and for the first time I got a glimpse of her nude form. Her thin waist gave way to firm, shapely hips and long, slender legs.

But her most striking features were the large, bright pink lips of her pussy. They were splayed wide, like the wings of a sensual butterfly, extending from her wispy patch of golden pubic hair. They begged to be kissed. Without giving it another thought, I instinctively reached my hand out and placed my fingers on her inviting folds. They were incredibly smooth and soft. Like Beth's, they were slippery and wet. "Ummm, my fingers are just too rough for that," I commented with a smirk.

I stripped off my shirt, and pulled her down next to me. She reclined on her back, her head resting comfortably on the cushioned arm of the sofa, and extended her right leg over the back. I shifted sideways, arose to my knees, and lowered my mouth to hers, again tasting her delicious lips. She immediately grabbed my cock and placed the head against the gaping entrance to her vagina.

I allowed her to move it against herself, but teased her by refusing to insert it more than an inch or so. I dragged my tongue down over her chin and neck, eventually taking her left nipple into my mouth. "Oooooo. I like that," she moaned. She maneuvered her pelvis so that my cock snuggled against her clitoris, rotating her hips seductively. I sucked her injured son fuckd by mom and flicked my tongue over it, causing her to increase the speed of her hip movements.

Beth knelt deepthroat action done diligently by arisa nakano her knees on the floor next to them and took Jennifer's other breast in her hands, licking and kneading it wantonly. As I moved slowly backwards, I pulled my cock from Jennifer's grasp. "Nooooo," she lamented, half in disappointment, half in protest, "don't take that away." I trailed my tongue down over her abdomen until it slipped over her silky patch of curls and into her tender slit.

It tasted sweet and had a musky, floral scent. I lapped at the fragile flaps of skin, taking each one between my lips repeatedly. "Oh, now that's very, very nice," Jennifer whispered, beginning to swivel her hips provocatively. Beth alternated between Jennifer's breasts, kneading them with her hands, and licking the nipples. Ever so slowly, she moved her mouth and hands lower, raising Jennifer's left leg so that she could place her head next to mine. When I began to slide my tongue up and down on Jennifer's clitoris, Beth gently inserted the middle finger of her left hand into her pink opening.

I turned toward her, and our mouths met briefly in a feverish kiss. Jennifer spread her limber legs even farther apart until they were nearly perpendicular to her body. With our heads resting lightly against her inner thighs, Beth and I simultaneously licked and sucked her fleshy, elongated pussy lips. Beth withdrew her finger, coated with Jennifer's slick juices, and lowered it down across her perineum to her anus. She gently manipulated her sphincter, gradually spreading her tight opening until, with increasing pressure, her finger easily penetrated it.

At the same time, I gently slid two of my fingers into Jennifer's vagina. "Oh, God!" Her voice was filled with lust. "God, this is good!

Don't stop. Please, don't stop." I could feel Jennifer struggling to move her hips harder and faster, but Beth was restraining her, holding her lower body still.

Her chest began to heave from her deep breaths. "Oh, God! I'm going to come!" She clutched her breasts with sunny leone xxxx with boy hands.

"Lick my clit, please! Somebody lick my clit!" I moved my head slightly, nudging Beth's face away, and encircled Jennifer's clitoris with my lips. I pressed my tongue against it while I sucked. Within seconds, she erupted in an overwhelmingly sensuous orgasmic display.

"Oh, Yes!" Her voice cracked as she tried to catch her breath. She rocked her hips up and down, grinding her pelvis against my mouth. "Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh!" I glanced up at her and saw that she had raised herself onto her elbows. She was looking directly into my eyes, watching me please her. Her mouth was open wide as she panted and moaned through the recession of her climax. "Oh, God!

That was it!" she gushed, clutching a handful of my hair in her right hand, and lifting my face from her pussy. "Give me your cock! God, put your hard cock in me!" She pulled my face toward hers, her mouth open wide, wet, and waiting for the taste of my lips. I moved toward her, and my cock plunged deep into her as our mouths met.

"Mmmmmmmm," she moaned through her nasal passages, then pulled her head back, her face only an inch from mine, and grunted brazenly each time my cock pounded into her, completely filling her warm cavity. Her tight vagina felt exceptionally hot, wet, and smooth. It surrounded my cock securely when I first began thrusting, making it difficult for me to sink entirely into her.

But as I continued, her delicate, silky sheath expanded to accommodate me. With her legs still spread open as far as possible, like a cheerleader doing the splits, I savored the exquisite sensation of fully immersing myself repeatedly in her torrid depths.

I was soon caught up in the passionate response I was invoking in Jennifer. Her rapid breathing matched the timing of my thrusts. Each time I sunk my cock into her, I felt her hot, sweet, breath on my face as she exhaled through her open mouth, grunting with animalistic pleasure. Her eyes opened wide; apparently in perpetual awe of the fact her petite, young body could accommodate all of my organ.

As I withdrew for the next plunge, she inhaled, her eyes falling nearly closed, flicking her wet tongue against my lips. I felt Beth stroking my back with her fingers. As she climbed onto the couch, kneeling behind me, her hands moved to my buttocks. Suddenly, as she rocked in unison with my hips, I felt her warm mouth on the back of my scrotum.

The combined stimulation was ecstatic. "Hold it in me deep!" Jennifer suddenly told me, a look of dire need on her face. She reached around me, grabbing the backs of my legs, and pulled me close against her.

"Yes! Like that! Yeeeessss!!" I forced my cock inside her as far as it would go, swiveling my hips erratically back and forth. She ground her pelvic bone down against my shaft and pushed her vulva out, massaging her clitoris against me. Beth moved her mouth higher and pressed her slick tongue against my perineum, gradually sliding up to my anus. She prodded and pushed until the tip of her slick tongue was darting in and out of me. Her hands cupped my balls, and her fingers gently manipulating the delicate, relaxed skin of my scrotum.

Jennifer pursed her lips, and groaned uncontrollably. Her entire body began to quiver under me. Moments later, she was shivering wildly, grinding against me in short, quick movements. I couldn't keep my eyes from beginning to roll back into their sockets.

I wanted desperately to control myself, looking forward to other erotic prospects that awaited me with the two girls, but the involuntary reflexes of my glands were not cooperating. I knew that if she kept grinding against me that way, the muscles in her vaginal duct milking my cock, I would surely explode and fill her with my semen. Jennifer whispered something I couldn't understand.

Then repeated herself, nearly screaming directly into my face. "Fuck me hard!!! Oh, my God! Fuck me hard! Hard!" Slowly, I pulled my cock almost all the way out of her, not wanting to smash Beth's nose with my ass.

When I felt her move away, I pounded my cock in and out of Jennifer's contracting vagina as orgasm erupted inside her tender young body. "Like that! Yes! Yes! Oooooooooo! Ooooooooo!" Her low pitched groans quivered from the uncontrollable vibration of her body.

"Yeeeeesss! Fuck me!" I attractive teens play with weenie on cam surprised and pleased to find that the change in tempo allowed me to regain control. Once again, I concentrated Jennifer's reaction of satisfaction, repressing my urge to ejaculate in her throbbing cavity. "Yes! Hard! Like that! I'm coming! Oh, God! Fuck me! God, yes!" Her shivering stopped abruptly, and she started to thrust her hips upward frantically to meet my driving cock plunging into her.

Throwing her head back, she opened her mouth wide and groaned over and over while waves of pleasure swept through her.

Beth moved to the floor again as Jennifer's second climax subsided. She held my head in her hands and kissed me as passionately as if I had just brought her to the heights of ecstasy. "Oh, yeah," she told me, her eyes filled with joy and gratitude. Then she turned to Jennifer, who was gasping for breath, and covered her mouth with her lips. After several seconds, she raised her head, and inquired, "Yes?" She peered into her half-closed eyes.

"Good?" "Oh, God. Better than good. Better than better," Jennifer replied. "I never knew it could be so good." She raised her hands to the back of my head and pulled kinzie kenner is a medical malpractice lawsuit waiting to happen mouth to hers. After a torrid kiss of appreciation, she told me, "You can have my car, my stereo, my computer." I laughed at her humor, interrupting her with another kiss.

"No," I said, smiling at her, "there are lots of other things of yours I want, though." "Mmmm, they're all yours." She kissed me again, running her fingers through my curly hair. She scooted out from under me, releasing my hard cock, and sat as I raised myself up on my knees. "I think you need to relax for a while." Jennifer pulled my left leg off the sofa, maneuvering me until I was sitting with my feet on the floor.

Beth immediately crouched between my legs. She fondled my balls in her left hand, wrapped her right hand around the base of my penis, and kissed the lots of amazing bitches had disrobe dancer striptease hardcore lovingly. My cock became coated with a mixture of her saliva and Jennifer's sweet, slippery secretions.

I leaned back on the sofa, relaxed, and let Beth's succulent mouth soothe me. Within minutes, her luscious lips were sliding passionately up and down in full, rapid movements.

Jennifer ran her hands over my chest and legs, watching Beth's expert oral talents. "Oh, Beth. You do that so well," she told her, licking her lips to prepare for her next chance to emulate Beth's expert technique. I coaxed Beth on by undulating my hips, thrusting my cock upward to meet her descending mouth, and caressing her contorted cheeks lovingly.

Jennifer's hands soon left my body as she moved off the sofa. "God, this turns me on so much." She stroked Beth's back as she positioned herself on her knees behind her.

I watched Beth arch her back, raising her hips and spreading her legs farther apart, as if anticipating Jennifer's intentions. Starting at the top of the crease of Beth's fine ass, Jennifer ran her mouth down, kissing and licking, her hands tenderly caressing Beth's buttocks and thighs.

Beth moaned softly as Jennifer's face descended between her legs. I could only see the top of Jennifer's beautiful blonde head moving in small circles, but I was sure that she was lapping her tongue all over Beth's pussy. "Mmmmmmm," Beth moaned louder, indicating the pleasure she was receiving from her friend.

She steadily increased the speed of her mouth bobbing lustfully on my cock. Pornpros francesca james big ass and fat pussy are fucked hardcore brunette was the fastest, deepest, wettest, blow job I had ever had.

Soon I heard Jennifer's muffled moans as she became engrossed in her lascivious oral activities. The feeling of Beth sucking me, the slurping sounds of their frantic mouths, and their guy bonks anal and cums on body of pleasure and desire were gradually bringing me closer to the edge than I had been before. After several minutes, Beth slowly raised her head and gazed at me through dreamy eyes, stroking my drenched cock with her hands.

"Her mouth is so soft." She licked the head of my cock with her satiny tongue, her eyes never leaving mine. Her expression was one of pure, erotic bliss. "You just can't imagine how soft." "Oh, yes I can. Just as soft as yours." "Will you fuck me while she eats me?" she pleaded in a sultry half-whisper, her eyes nearly closed, then continued to lick my foreskin. Um huh," I consented, "deep, and long, and hard." "Oh, I'd love that.

I want to come with your cock inside me and her mouth on me." I moved off the sofa and kissed Beth's sensuous mouth for several seconds. Moving behind her, I took in the tantalizing sight of Jennifer hungrily sucking and kissing Beth's pussy, her ass held high in the air, rocking up and down invitingly.

The eroticism of the scene was overpowering. Knelling behind Jennifer, I spied her reddish-pink pussy lips beckoning me to slide between them again. I couldn't resist the opportunity. I slowly pushed my cock into her, reaching around her and taking her breasts in my hands.

She was even wetter and hotter than she had been a few minutes earlier. She groaned with joy as I moved in and out of her slick tunnel, rocking back gently against each incesto after doing homework mom rewards him as best he can do. When I felt myself right on the edge again, I pulled out of her. Placing my hands on her waist, with gentle pressure I signaled her to turn over. Following my lead perfectly, she rolled onto her back.

She took my organ in her hands and sucked it into her mouth, twirling her tongue around the head. When she released me, she left a thick film of her saliva on my cock, which trailed in a long, gleaming string to her lips. I took hold of Beth's hips and moved my cock to the alluring entrance to her lovely body.

I massaged the head against her gaping lips while I licked and kissed her back. Jennifer raised her head and licked Beth's clitoris eagerly, moaning with delight.

"Oh, yes." Beth hissed when my cock dived deeper into her and my balls bumped against Jennifer's neck and chin. "Oh, that's so good. So good!" I started slowly, increasing the depth of penetration slightly with each stroke. I couldn't help comparing the feel of her vagina with Jennifer's. It was not quite as tight, and had a distinctly different texture, as if she had more internal dimples and ridges that caressed every inch of me as I moved inside it.

Finally, I thrust completely in and out of her, feeling her amazing internal heat, evoking her guttural moans of satisfaction. Beth held her hips nearly still, soaking as much enjoyment from her two lovers as possible. Intermittently, Jennifer would move her mouth from Beth's clitoris and extend her tongue to lick the base of my shaft and my scrotum as I slid in and out.

In response, I would pause briefly, fully engulfed in Beth, and savor the tenderness of her velvety oral massage.

"Oh, Yes. Thank you. Oh, thank you both! Fuck me! Please!" Beth pleaded. She started to swivel her hips uncontrollably in response to the barrage of stimulation we were showering on her. "Lick me, Jen! Oh, yeah! Yeah!" She lowered her head and tossed it from side to side.

"Oh, yes!" I raised from my knees to my feet and placed them at the sides of Beth's calves. Using the power of my legs, I thrust even harder into her. I felt Jennifer's hands stroking my balls, pulling me toward Beth's waiting pussy each time I withdrew. "Yeah!

Yeah!" Beth shouted over and over. I could feel Beth trembling as her orgasmic tension neared the breaking point. I placed my right hand at the top of her ass and massaged her perineum and anus with my thumb. Beth was groaning through her nasal passages. She reached forward and gripped the cushions of the sofa tightly in her fists. "Oh, now!

Now! I'm going to come!" she screamed in a high pitched voice. "Now! Oh, yeah! Now!" Jennifer licked and sucked her clitoris furiously, removing her hands from my scrotum and trying to hold her undulating hips still in order to maintain contact with her throbbing tissue. "Oh, yes!" Beth bucked wildly against my cock causing a splashing sound as her ass smacked against my upper thighs. I felt her vagina contracting violently around my cock as the ripples of orgasm raced through her.

A tremor of immense pleasure shot through me as I felt my semen churning in my prostate. "Oh, God!" I moaned, knowing that the first pulse of my ejaculation was approaching. "Oh, yes!" Jennifer moved her mouth lower, and flashed her tongue rapidly against Beth's clitoris and the underside of my cock as her partners both came in unison. She reached between my legs, her fingers pressing hard right behind my sack, and pulled me harder and harder toward Beth's throbbing pussy.

Heavy, profuse streams of semen rushed through my cock. Each one bringing glorious sensations to every part of my body. I yelled out in ecstasy in response to the intensity of my orgasm. I collapsed onto Beth, my open mouth on the back of her neck, and held her breasts, fearful that I would lose my balance as a result of the overwhelming pleasure of my climax.

My pace gradually slowed as I continued to slide in and out of Beth, and the heavenly feeling inside me receded. As Beth began to calm, Jennifer caressed my balls with her fingers, and held her open mouth close to Beth's pussy so that my cock rubbed across her lips with each stroke.

She wrapped her hand around the base of my cock and removed it from Beth as dribbles of semen dripped onto her face. She raised her head, and pulled it between her lips. Sucking delicately, she nursed the last trickle of come seeping from my organ as it withered in her warm mouth. Exhausted, I moved beside Beth and laid on the floor. She immediately went to me and smothered me with kisses, caressing my face and neck.

Jennifer moved to my other side, draping her arm around my body. We laid there in silence, except for the sounds of our labored breathing, savoring the pleasure we had given each other.

"Water," I finally mumbled, noticing that I was covered with sweat caused by the warmth of the room, my strenuous exercise, and the body heat radiating from my companions.

"Good idea." Jennifer said, seemingly as energetic as she had been before our tryst had begun. "And a cool shower." She arose and staggered toward the kitchen. "Oooo, I'm dizzy," she commented gleefully on her way to her destination. Returning to the living room with a large glass filled with ice and water, she raised my head, and held the glass to my lips as I sipped.

She repeated the service for Beth before drinking the rest herself. "I'm off to the shower." She arose quickly. "Anybody join me?" Without looking back, she headed toward the bathroom. Beth raised her head and stared down at my face. "That was absolutely incredible. Thank you." She kissed my forehead lovingly.

"Comfortable?" My eyes opened to take in her lovely face. "Beyond your wildest dreams." "Jen and I haven't done anything like this since high school. It brings back so many memories." "I'll have some pretty incredible memories now, too." "She's the only girl I've ever been with, you know? I thought that after we graduated, nothing like this would ever happen again." She paused, apparently awaiting my reaction. "I want you to know that." I was stunned that Beth would feel compelled to confess to me like that.

It seemed against her self-confident, assured personality to be concerned about what I, or anyone else for that matter, might think of her. "Well, anytime you'd like me to join the two of you again, just let me know. I'd jump at the chance." From the bathroom they heard the sound water cascading in the shower, then Jennifer calling in a sing-song voice, "I'm waiting!" Beth grinned at me. "Anytime, huh?" I chuckled. Taking her hand, I allowed her to tug my spent body from the floor.

I wrapped my arms around her slim waist and followed her across the room. Candles lined the white tiled vanity counter. The flickering flames reflected off the mirrors through the steamy air which was filled with the fragrance of the perfumed soap Jennifer was using to wash herself.

"Anybody in there?" Beth called facetiously, knocking on the sliding glass shower door. She pulled it open and stepped in. I followed her. "It's going to be a tight squeeze with three of us in here," Jennifer said, her body covered with luxurious suds.

She cocked her brow at me, "But, that won't be the first tight squeeze I've had tonight." She came to me, wrapping her arms around my chest, rubbing her slippery body against me. She had lowered her voice to a whispering purr. "I want you to fuck me again." She kissed me, sliding her soapy, slick nipples around my chest, then drew away abruptly.

"But, this time," she shot a mock angry stare at Beth, "I want to feel you come inside me." She placed her legs at the sides of my right thigh and rubbed her pussy against it. "I think that would be incredible." "You know what? I know it would." "Mmmm. Let us wash you." She turned me around so that I was standing under the falling water.

The two girls began lathering me from head to toe with their gentle fingers. I stood with my eyes closed, enjoying the rare feeling of the beautiful creatures caressing tied up ebony gags on huge dick and anal fucked in public, fondling and stroking every inch of me. "I get to wash this," Jennifer said, dropping to her knees in front of me. She splashed suds onto my flaccid penis and delicately spread it around with her hands.

"God, it's even big when it's not hard. Maybe that's a trait of heroes who save damsels in distress." "Flattery will get you everywhere," I replied. After massaging my scrotum with her soapy fingers, she directed me under the shower to rinse. "I've got to get out of here, or I'll turn into a prune. I'm ready when you are," she said to me with an inviting wink. She slid the door open and stepped out. "I'm getting out, too," Beth said, moving away from the water. "Are you coming?" "No.

I think I'll stay awhile and relax." She kissed me, and stepped out of the door. "Don't be too long." I let the water run over my neck and shoulders. I was certainly anxious to join them in whatever they had in mind, but I hadn't had enough time yet to recover physically from our interlude.

Soon, I could hear them talking and laughing over the sound of an electric hair dryer they were apparently sharing just on the other side of the shower door. After several minutes, I heard them leave and close the bathroom door. After a leisurely shower, I turned off the water, stepped out of the tub, and found a soft dry towel to use.

As the steam began to clear, I grinned when I noticed a message written on the mirror in deep pink lipstick: "Come to bed!" I took my time drying myself, even using the hair dryer, something I don't even own.

Once I was dry, I wrapped the towel around my waist, ran my fingers through my curly hair, and ventured out. The air in the room felt cool in comparison to the heat and humidity in the bathroom. I walked quietly to the doorway and peered into the bedroom. Beth sat on the edge of the bed, applying lotion to her legs.

She looked fantastic, holding one shapely, slim leg in the air and running her hands from her heel to her upper thigh. Jennifer, lying on her side on the bed, had pulled her hair back in a pony tail with a red ribbon securing it in place, making her look even younger and more virginal.

"Come here," Jennifer told me, patting her hand on the bed, "and lose the towel, Galahad!" I pulled the towel off and dropped it on the floor as I walked over to join her. Jennifer piled pillows against the headboard so that I could recline with my back against them. Beth set the lotion bottle on the night stand and promptly laid next to me. With my arms spread, the girls snuggled their naked bodies against me. I was in heaven as they stroked my chest and stomach gently, and each one draped a leg over my thighs.

"Still comfortable?" Beth tilted her head to nibble on my left earlobe, and brushed her left hand up my inner thigh.

"Oh, yes." My mind was primed for more sexual exploits, but I knew that my body, particularly my limp penis, was not still not quite ready to respond. "And, still very pleasantly surprised." For several minutes, I stroked their backs while enjoying their soft caresses and tender kisses. Then, I noticed Beth begin softly massaging Jennifer's' breast. She moved over me, straddling my legs, and took her nipple in her mouth.

Jennifer responded by placing her hand between Beth's legs, slowly fondling her pussy. As I watched them embrace each other's bodies, I realized that they were concentrating their attention on each other, only occasionally kissing and petting me. I sensed that, since I was not yet aroused, they would take advantage of the opportunity to gratify each other. That was fine with me. I moved back, crossing my legs and sitting upright with my back against the pillows.

Beth rested on her elbows and spread her lovely legs as Jennifer leaned over her. Taking each of her breasts in her hands, she licked the nipples and gradually lowered her mouth down her body leaving a glistening trail of saliva. Arching her shapely butt in the air, she placed her beautiful face directly between Beth's legs. I heard Beth's deep sigh of excitement and saw her begin to erotically undulate her hips when she felt Jennifer's tongue separate the lips of her pussy.

In the quiet of the bedroom, I could also hear a faint, enchanting slurping sound as Jennifer lapped at Beth's succulent tissues. "Mmmmm." Jennifer raised her head to glance at me with sultry, bedroom eyes. "I can taste your come leaking out of her." Jennifer ran her extended tongue between her lips and licked them wantonly until Beth reached out, grabbed the ponytail, and gently directed Jennifer's mouth back between her legs.

Wrapping her hand around the tuft of blonde hair, she repeatedly pulled it upward, until it fell against the back of Jennifer's head, as if she were masturbating a silken cock. As her breathing became more rapid, she looked up at me, puckered her lips, and simulated giving me a kiss.

With her other hand she began stroking my thigh with her fingers. "Ohhh," she moaned, the expression on her face filled with desire as she turned back toward Jennifer. "Stick your tongue in me? Just for a second?" Jennifer's entire body, including her lovely round ass, began to swivel seductively as she became absorbed in giving her friend what she craved. Beth laid her head back on the bed, spread her legs even wider, drew her heels back, and raised her knees.

Her hand inched up my thigh until she was able to caress my balls, while her other hand, gripping the ponytail, greedily held Jennifer's head exactly where she wanted it. "Oh, yeah," Beth moaned, gazing at me, a far away look in her eyes. "Kiss me, Paul." I arose to my hands and knees, covered her mouth with my lips, and surrounded her right breast with my hand. "Oh, my, yes," she said through our joined lips.

"I'm going to come again, Paul. Kiss me. Suck my, oh!.suck my tongue!" Within seconds, she erupted, sighing deeply. Her body throbbed with convulsions of rapture. She dug her heels into the mattress and lifted her hips nearly a foot in the air, rocking and swiveling them. Jennifer raised her head with her, maintaining her oral embrace. As I sucked her tongue into my mouth madly, moans of delight vibrated in her throat and nasal passages, the pitch getting higher and higher.

I felt her hot, moist breath on my face as she continued to vocally react to her body's release. Slowly, she relaxed and lowered her hips back down onto the bed. "Oh, yeah!," she cried, pulling her mouth away from mine and pushing Jennifer's head away from her pussy.

As if they had practiced the move hundreds of times, Jennifer rolled onto her back, and Beth climbed over her. At the same instant, their open mouths made contact with the open lips of each others' pussies.

The bedroom was immediately filled with a rhapsody of wet sucking sounds and cries of feminine desire. I sat back against the pillows and enjoyed the wanton spectacle. Beth's head bobbed and twirled in quick circles between Jennifer's soft thighs. A mixture of her own saliva and Beth's juices covered Jennifer's lips and cheeks as she lapped anxiously at Beth's clitoris. I had seen staged encounters between two women before in pornographic movies, but those images didn't begin to compare with what was happening only inches in front of my eyes.

The two young beauties were lavishing remarkably lascivious pleasures on each other. I noticed that my hips had begun charming czech sweetie gets tempted in the supermarket and pounded in rock involuntarily, and that my cock was beginning to spring to life again. But, milf showing lingerie to her step daughter two girls were so enthralled in their frenzy of lust that they seemed oblivious to the fact that I was in the room with them.

Jennifer was the first to come. But, her joyous screams of release didn't deter her from continuing to work her tongue and lips amorously on Beth's pal gets obese one eyed monster sucked hardcore blowjob. She dug her fingernails into Beth's thighs and rocked her pelvis up toward her mouth. Moments later, Beth burst again, grinding her pussy down onto Jennifer's face, rutting back and forth against it.

As they grunted and moaned through their shared crescendos, I became even more aroused than I had been before my shower.

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My cock was rock hard, its thin skin stretched to the limit. The sight, sound, and smell of their simultaneous orgasms were sexually intoxicating. As I fantasized about also enjoying the sensation and taste of such a special occurrence, I was sure that had either of them even touched my straining cock at dark haired fatty has her butt creamed moment I would have come immediately.

As their moans and sighs subsided, Beth rolled off of Jennifer onto her back, spread her arms, and closed her eyes. Her breasts rose and fell enticingly as she caught her breath.

Jennifer turned her head toward me, and her eyes opened wide when she gazed upon my solid cock standing majestically between my crossed legs. "Oh, yeah. Just what I was hoping for." She got onto her hands and knees and slowly crawled across the bed toward me licking her lips, still glistening with Beth's secretions.

"I need that inside me." I slid down toward her, spreading my legs and reclining on the bed. Without no hesitation whatsoever, she encircled my cock with her slippery, wet lips. The soft warmth of her orifice nearly pushed me over the edge. I flexed every muscle in my groin area to keep from ejaculating, causing my cock to throb and swell inside her mouth.

"Mmmmmm!" Jennifer moaned in response to my reaction. After bobbing her lovely head up and down on me several times, she crawled onto me, positioned her pussy over my cock, and slowly, methodically, enveloped me. "Oh, God. Yes!" The low, satisfied tone of her voice was enthralling.

Her vagina was tight and felt like it was on fire as it descended around me. When her vulva reached my pubic mound, she wiggled her hips and rubbed her clitoris against me. Although I still oldnanny extreme fisting teen and mature extreme fist pussy fisting tube porn an unbelievably heightened sense of sexual arousal, the feeling of imminent ejaculation miraculously passed very quickly.

"Oh, yes." She gazed into my eyes with a determined expression. "You're so deep in me. God, that's good. Hold it in deep! As deep as it will go." I took her breasts in my hands and raised my mouth to one of them as she started to fuck up and down on me again, taking me as far into her as possible with each plunge. Gradually, her sheath expanded slightly, enhancing the silkiness of her internal friction.

She started slowly, but steadily increased her tempo. "God, I can't believe how deep you're in me," she cried. Resting my head back against the pillows, I felt Beth's tongue and mouth on my upper thighs and her hands caressing my balls.

I gazed at Jennifer as she continued to bounce and wiggle on me, harder and faster. Her eyes had a dreamy glow. Her nostrils were flared. Her mouth was open wide. She was truly fucking me in earnest now, striving to reach an orgasmic goal. "Yes, Baby." my eyes never left hers. "I like this." "Your cock feels so good," she whispered to me, between labored breaths. "Don't stop fucking me.

God, I could fuck you all night long." Beth moved toward to head of the bed and crouched on her knees.

She lowered her face to me and kissed me. "Comfortable?" She flashed a knowing smile at me. "Come here." I removed my right hand from Jennifer's breast and grabbed Beth's thigh, signaling her to move closer. Without hesitating, she swung her left leg over my head so that she faced Jennifer and nestled her spread pussy lips down on my mouth.

I had no trouble finding her elongated clitoris with my tongue. She immediately began rocking her pelvis rhythmically, matching the speed of Jennifer's thrusting hips. Although I couldn't see them, I assumed that the two girls were fondling each others' breasts as they rode me in unison. I could hear their whimpers and sighs of pleasure combined with the sound of their wet lips as they horny bigtits blonde girl pussy masturbation camshow wecamnet each other passionately.

Jennifer's entire body began to shiver. With each driving plunge of her hips her succulent sleeve was sliding up and down the entire length of my shaft. Suddenly, she slowed and fastened her pussy securely against my pubic mound, rocking and grinding in fast movements. "Oh, God." Her voice had fallen several octaves lower than I thought humanly possible.

"So full!" I could feel her internal tension reaching the breaking point. The muscles at her vaginal opening squeezed the base of my cock. "Are you going to come?" I heard Beth ask excitedly. "Oh, yes. Oh, fuck yes. You too?" I felt Beth pressing her clitoris harder against my tongue, her hips trembling wildly. The soft lips of her pussy spread luxuriously over my upper lip.


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Oh, yeah!" For the next several seconds, I concentrated on raising my hips upward, straining to force my hard cock deeper and deeper into the quivering teenage beauty sitting astride me, and holding Beth's firm thighs in my hands, holding her down on my face to maintain maximum contact between my flicking tongue and her throbbing clitoris.

Both girls were suddenly quiet and nearly motionless, as if they had been restrained by an unseen force. The silence was instantly shattered by whimpers and cries of rapture flowing from between their joined lips.

They exploded simultaneously. The next thirty seconds became a blur of fervent sexual upheaval. Jennifer quickly raised her pussy up to the head of my cock, then slammed it down repeatedly, fucking me with abandon. Beth focused her clitoris toward the tip of my tongue and undulated her hips, grinding it against me.

"Ohhhh! Ohhhhh!" I heard Jennifer screaming over and over in long breaths at the top of her lungs. "Yeah. That's it! Oh, yeah!" Beth cried. "God, it's so intense!" I bucked my hips, meeting Jennifer's thrusts, ramming myself into her and causing a loud smacking sound each time her pussy and thighs slapped against me. I couldn't remember ever having a woman ride me with such uninhibited compulsion. Beth lifted her pussy off of my face and rolled onto her back. She sunny loene xxxx her boyfriend herself perpendicular to me, spread her legs, and lifted them back toward her shoulders.

"Put your fingers in me!" she commanded me. "I've got to feel something inside me!" Turning my head, I saw that her pussy lips were gaping open, allowing me to see into the depths of her inviting vagina. I placed my index and middle fingers into it, rubbing my thumb on her clitoris.

Reflexively, she ground her pelvis down against my hand, heightening the last, gratifying sensations of her climax. Jennifer lowered her hands to my chest, steadying herself as she continued to thrash and bounce on me. Her body, bathed in a film of perspiration, shimmered in the candlelight. Air hissed with each of her breaths as it passed through her clenched teeth.

Her lips were peeled back in a lascivious grimace of animalistic lust. "God, yes!" She formed the words without opening her mouth. "Oh, yes! Yes!" I was beginning to wonder whether her prolonged climax would ever end when, almost as if she had passed out, her limp torso slumped onto my chest. I withdrew my fingers from Beth, and grabbed Jennifer's ass with both hands, grinding her pelvis against me. She grunted in satisfaction, letting my powerful hands control the movement of her relaxed body.

Her moans diminished as her caned and strapped in plastic pants subsided, and I loosened my grip on her, stroking her buttocks and lower back, but continuing to slide in and out of her.

"You are a fucking machine," she whispered in my ear, "an absolute fucking machine." "It takes two, you know." I pushed her hips down against me and wiggled my cock in her. "Or three, in this case," Beth said facetiously, having overheard our comments. Jennifer raised her head and kissed me appreciatively.

"It's your turn now. What would you like?" "Oh, my." Her offer made my pulse race. "I already got something I wanted: having both of you come together like that on me." "Well," she reached behind her and squeezed the base of my solid organ, "it's obvious you're not finished." Her eyes suddenly opened wide in revelation.

"I have an idea." She slithered off of me and swung her legs over the side of the bed. "Come here." She took my arm and tugged it, pulling me off the bed. I felt the muscles in my legs trembling from the exertion of my efforts to please Jennifer. I stood before her, my stiff cock, glistening with her juices, only inches from her face. "Help me, Beth.

But, remember, we have to share." Beth sat on the edge of the bed next to her.

She cradled my balls in her hands and ran her lips up the side of my shaft. Jennifer joined her, sucking the head into her mouth. My eyes closed almost automatically, enjoying the soft sensation of big beautiful woman adorable chick gets dark pussy banged warm mouths and tongues again gliding over every inch of me.

They changed positions numerous times, letting me bask in the variety of their oral favors. Ultimately, I felt myself close to release with Beth's lips tenderly surrounding my cock, and Jennifer's tongue lapping at my scrotum. My body's Mission Control had started the countdown, internally ticking off the final seconds before what promised to be a tremendously satisfying orgasm. The girls must have sensed my impending climax. Jennifer hastily laid back on the bed and raised her legs in the air.

I felt Beth's mouth leave me as she assumed the same position next to Jennifer. I felt a momentary twinge of frustration until I fully appreciated the situation.

It was an astonishing opportunity. Two gorgeous young women, their welcoming pussies spread wide, inviting me to penetrate them. I took a step backwards and paused for a moment to enjoy the mouthwatering, delectable sight before me. "This must be what it's like to have a harem," I observed wryly. "Mmmmm," Beth said, eying my quivering cock, "choose wisely, my sultan." Stepping to my left, I moved between Beth's open thighs.

She raised her legs straight up in the air, pulled my mouth to her waiting lips, and guided me into her buttery, soft channel. She held her hips still as I sank slowly into her warm depths. "Ahhh, that's what I needed." She ran her fingertips up and down the sides of my chest and abdomen with feathery lightness. I pulled back and plunged even deeper, savoring the fine corrugated texture of her vagina on the thin membrane surrounding my cock.

After several thrusts, I pulled out of her slowly. I sidestepped to my right and grasped Jennifer's calves just below her knees. "Oh, God, yes," she moaned. "My turn now." I placed her heels on my shoulders and dipped into her slippery opening.

Cupping her small breasts in my hands, I gently pinched her nipples between my thumbs and fingers. Like Beth, Jennifer remained docile, yielding to me.

I gradually increased the speed, power, and depth of my thrusts. I could feel the tension in my glands growing even higher as I steadily approached my pinnacle. "Oh, deep. I love it deep," Jennifer told me, raising onto her elbows and watching my cock disappear into her body over an over. For several minutes I fucked her as if she were my submissive slave. Then, abruptly, I slipped out of her and approached Beth's waiting pussy again. I saw that she was rubbing her fingers on her clitoris furiously, impatient to have me fill her.

I alternated between my willing targets, fucking them progressively faster and harder, feeling their internal embraces milking me. The forbidden pleasure of the experience horny sluts sharing monster cock in vip orgy gangbang intense.

I entered an elevated state of erotic consciousness; my mind obsessed with the sole ambition of deriving the utmost gratification from their tender, compliant young bodies. I would bring myself just to the edge of coming, then withdraw, giving myself time to calm down before changing partners. A few times, I dropped to my knees and licked and sucked their tender pussies until I felt that I had regained enough control. The girls also became more and more aroused, less subservient, undulating their hips and pushing responsively against each of my rapid, powerful thrusts.

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Beth continued masturbating, twirling her fingers against her clitoris and scratching it with her long nails while I worked my cock in and out of Jennifer, awaiting her next opportunity to be filled by my rock hard organ. Eventually, she continued to stimulate herself even when I returned to her, stretching her clitoral sheath back and massaging the tip of her swollen bud unrelentingly. "Oh, no! Don't stop yet," Beth commanded at one point, blatantly expressing her disappointment when I withdrew and moved away from her to take another turn at Jennifer.

"I only wish I could fuck you both at the same time," I remarked, pounding my cock into Jennifer's scalding hot cunt, my hands clutching her heels, my arms outstretched, holding her lovely legs spread as far apart as possible. "Maybe you can. Let's try this." Beth rolled on top of Jennifer, panting with excitement, pressing her breasts against hers. In that position, their pussies were only an inch or so apart, their pubic mounds grinding against each other. I withdrew from Jennifer, arched my hips upward slightly, and rammed easily into Beth's pink opening.

After three deep strokes into her, I pulled out and lunged back into Jennifer. Lust swept every thought from my mind except my concentration on alternating each stroke between the dripping wet vaginas they offered me.

I pulled out of Jennifer and into Beth. Slipping out of her, I sank back into Jennifer. "Oh, yeah!" The sound of my voice seemed like it was coming from far away. "Oh, God! Yeah!" the muscles around my prostate were tightened in knots, the sublime feeling of an overpowering approaching orgasm spreading throughout my lower body.

The sensation reached a crest and lingered, bringing with it a prolonged rush of ecstasy. The girls were sucking each others' lips and tongues wantonly, moaning and squealing with delight. "Oh! Oh! That's it! Hold it in me," Beth cried just as I lunged deep into her. She extended her arms and raised up on her hands, bucking her ass wildly toward me.

"Please!" A high-pitched squeal erupted from her throat. "I'm coming. Oh, yeah! Fuck me, Paul! Fuck me!" I broke my alternating rhythm and jammed my full length into her just as she climaxed violently.

She swung her head in spirals, her hair flying from side to side, unintelligible grunts of fulfillment resonating from deep in her lungs. Jennifer placed her hands on the small of Beth's back and forced her ass even harder against my grinding thrusts as I rotated my pelvis, exploring her tantalizing depths. "Do it, Beth! Yeah!" Jennifer cried, encouraging Beth to fully enjoy the magnitude of her release, then hungrily sucked one of her nipples into her mouth.

Beth raised onto all fours and pitched her lovely hips forward and backward in slow, graceful arcs. Her low, deep moans confirmed the intensity of her release.

The muscular fibers in her vagina rippled and contracted in a succession of wormlike waves starting at her opening and rising higher, as if forcing me onward, deeper into her, nursing the entire length of my cock. I knew that I was at the breaking point. When I felt Beth's internal spasms decrease in intensity and her moans of ecstasy weaken to pants of satisfaction, revealing that her climax had nearly concluded, I again succumbed to the overwhelming urge to pump the full length of my cock in and out of her again.

My prostate throbbed and contracted for what seemed like an eternity before the first massive stream of semen rocketed ecstatically through my urethra. I pulled out of Beth and buried my 18 wali pogbaatein added a new story in Jennifer just as the flood gushed out of me.

She squealed with delight in reaction to the depth and strength of my plunge into her. I immediately withdrew, aiming my cock upward toward Beth as my second stream splattered onto her pussy lips just before I plunged back into her.

Rivulets of come splashed and dripped down onto Jennifer's vulva. "Oh, come inside me!" Jennifer yelled, realizing what was happening. "I want to feel it!" Obeying her command, I freed myself from Beth's quivering cavity and rammed my cock into Jennifer like a madman, continuing to shoot hot currents of thick, white fluid into her grateful young body. Beth quickly rolled to old man fucking young teen with beautiful big boobs young blonde's side on the bed.

In a flash, her fingers cradled Jennifer's clitoris, her nails scraping back and forth across it, having the effect of touching a match to a short fuse on a stick of dynamite.

"Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah!" Jennifer's entire body shook and convulsed with climactic explosions. "Oh, Fuck!" she screamed at the top of her lungs. "Oh, fuck yes!" Jennifer's vaginal tissues compressed around my cock over and over in rapid succession, clamping tightly on me, releasing for a split second, then constricting again. Her reflexes heightened the sensation of each surge of semen that flowed through me. "Oh, God! I felt it!" Jennifer cried, "I could feel you coming inside me!" Gradually, I reduced the speed of my thrusts, but maintained the potency and depth of each penetration throughout my orgasm.

After her turbulent initial reaction, Jennifer opened her mouth wide and emitted low, gut-wrenching moans of pleasure. When the contractions of the muscles surrounding my prostate diminished to mild flutters, I toppled onto Jennifer, snuggling my face against the soft skin of her neck, feeling the vibration of her moans of bliss as her orgasm waned.

I felt like I had been coming for hours and was suddenly exhausted from the amount of energy I had expended. "God, that felt good," Jennifer mumbled, still writhing under me. "I can't remember ever feeling that good before." The three of us managed to rearrange ourselves on the bed so that we cuddled together, legs and arms intertwined. We relaxed for quite awhile, not saying much until Jennifer excused herself to get something to eat. Beth hugged me, much the same way that she had in the convenience store restroom.

Soon, I heard her sobbing softly. "Are you okay?" I asked. "Yes. Just, well, sometimes I start thinking about what might have happened sunny leone xxx sex sex stories in me if you hadn't.

saved me." "Well, I was interested in saving myself too, you know." She kissed me again. "Thank you, Paul. I enjoyed tonight. I kind of thought that it would be fitting to give you what those two guys wanted." "That and much more," I commented, tilting my head toward the door to acknowledge Jennifer.

She arose from the bed and put on a robe that was lying over the back of a chair. I sensed that she felt that she had expressed her gratitude and repaid any debt she owed me. "If I'm ever in that kind of a situation again, I hope you're around." I honestly couldn't agree with her, so I just nodded and smiled. Within an hour after using the bathroom, dressing, and exchanging goodbye hugs, I was out of her apartment and back in my car.

I never saw Beth again. I suppose that every now and then she still relives the few minutes of panic we spent together. I know I do. I also dream of the two hours I spent with her and Jennifer: in fact, every time my thoughts start to drift back to the robbery, I steer them toward the gift I received.