Chubby with small tits large ladies amateur

Chubby with small tits large ladies amateur
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After experiencing a drunken rape at a frat party which I loved and seeing my father's cock I had been having all sorts of sexual fantasies about being used, and then used by my father. My problem was that at 17 and living in a small town I had no one to talk to about such things. I tried mentioning sex to my best friend once and she made it very plain that she believed sex was something ugly and you only had it after you were married.

So I had turned to the internet to see if the feelings I were having made me crazy or sick, because that's what I felt like. The internet had many offerings for me. For a small town girl who had so far only had consensual sex twice with one boy it was all very wild and strange.

In researching incest on the web I stumbled across several sites that had stories and short videos. I read lots and lots of daddy daughter stories, fingering myself to cums as I imagined these stories to be about me and my daddy. I'd read so many in a month that I actually began to feel it was ok to want my father's cock, I just had no idea how to get it.

The other shocking thing for me was animal sex. In a search for 'doggie style' I had done, one bizarre site popped up that when I visited had nothing to do with 'doggie style' but with dogs.

The first time I clicked on the short video of a woman being fucked by a large black dog I sat and watched it in shock. My mind kept screaming that it was sick, to turn it off but I watched it to the very end. Then I replayed it, three times, by the end I had two fingers buried up my dripping pussy and came harder than I ever had. Part of me felt ill, but the part that was coming awake in me felt that this was exactly the kind of thing I wanted.

Now I had a new goal besides my father's cock, I wanted to know what a dog felt like. Maybe not all the way but there were plenty of stories about dogs licking girls too, I thought I could start with that. We did not have a dog.

Our dog, who was a female, had died about three years ago from old age and dad hadn't wanted another one. My neighbors did have a dog, a male boxer that they bred for extra cash. I'd always taken care of their pets while they were away on vacations so I made a attractive babe wants her own pov tape and some ass banging with myself that the next time they were away I'd try to get the dog to lick me.

It never occurred to me that I simply didn't know what I was doing, with my father or the dog. I'd read tons of stories, it just happened. All dads secretly wanted to fuck their daughters and all dogs had no problem licking women it seemed. You can imagine my disappointment when none of this turned out to be true. I tried my father first. Many of the stories I read were about how dad's fucked their daughters after a long talk about how sex worked.

So I approached my father with sexual questions. I thought if we talked about sex long enough he'd eventually 'show' me, just like in the stories. I waited one night for him to come home from work, got him a few beers and made sure he was mellow then as innocently as I could said "Daddy, I have a few questions about umm…sex." And tried to give him a very sultry look.

Dad turned bright red, I thought for a second he stared straight at my tits (which were showcased in a slightly low cut top, with a push up bra for the occasion) but then he looked away from me and sighed.

He apologized for not having addressed sex with me sooner, and said he wished mom was around to talk to me about it. But did he talk to me? No, he said I should talk to my best friend's mom, or if I was too embarrassed that he'd pay for a COUNSELOR to talk to me. Strike one. The next ploy was to start wearing tight and revealing clothing around the house.

This also seemed to work in many of the stories I read. I tried everything. I wore low cut blouses, with and without bras. I wore skirts without panties. I wore almost see through PJs at night when I went to watch TV. I did everything over the course of two months except strip naked in front of my father. There were times he said nothing, and times I *thought* I caught him staring at my tits with a hungry expression, but usually these experiments ended with my father getting red in the face, looking angry and telling me to go change into something 'more suitable'.

Strike Two. I was getting really frustrated, I had no idea what I was doing wrong. I read, and reread the stories, many of which were 'true' stories and finally decided that each situation was different. I'd have to figure out how to seduce my father in my own way, one he could live with. While I was trying to come up with a plan the amateur european couple bondage blowjob deepthroat bdsm went on vacation and I was left with house sitting, dog sitting duty.

I was very excited.

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A dog wouldn't be embarrassed by my wanting to experiment. The first time I went to the neighbor's house I made sure not to wear any panties. I fed Tally, the boxer, and stood right in front of him while I patted and played with him. He barely even sniffed at me. Reaching back to my 'research' I remembered some stories told how girls put peanut butter on their pussies to get dogs to lick them.

I found a jar of peanut butter, put a little on my pussy and went back to Tally. He sniffed curiously at my crotch for all of about five seconds, and then headed off to his dog bowl. Strike Three. I was beginning to think something was seriously wrong with me! I'd done everything the stories said worked, and gotten nothing. Worse yet I couldn't stop thinking about sex.

The fantasies almost always involved dad or Tally but sometimes I went back to the beginning, thinking about strangers touching and using my body. I was in a continual state of arousal and had no idea what to do about it, because nothing was working. That was when I noticed a post on one of the adult sites I frequented from another user.

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The post asked for 'help' in getting into his daughter's pants. (How I wished I were his daughter!). So I put my own post up, asking busty pornstar screwed and facialized pornstars european help with my father and the dog. The responses I got were varied; most of them asking for me to send pictures not offering help at all.

A few of them were dirty emails, describing what people would do to me if I *were* their daughter and did I want to Role-play? These at least got me hot, and also got me into a chat room where I started role-playing. This relieved some of the tension, but I was still a walking hormone. No serious help came, so I took matters into my own hands. I thought if I couldn't get dad or the dog, I could at least get someone to notice me.

I just felt like doing something 'taboo'. So one morning after finishing my school work I got in the car and drove several townships over. A few months prior I had to drive out this way on an errand for dad and I remembered passing a rundown 'gentlemen's club'.

It wasn't one of those fancy places like in the city. I had a plan. I would pretend my car had broken down, duck into the club and maybe I could get a stranger to take advantage of me. Ok I admit it wasn't much of a plan! Having just turned 18 I wasn't legally able to get into the club but I figured out in the middle of nowhere, no one would care especially if I said my car had overheated.

I had dressed to impress, I thought. I had on a white button up shirt, with a fancy black lace bra and had left enough buttons undone that the bra showed if I leaned forward or back. I wore a mid length skirt, with a black lace thong that matched the bra and a pair of high black heels.

I parked off to the side, and was very nervous but went in. The club was dark; there was one runway with a stripper pole but no dancer on it. There were about six guys in the whole club, not counting the bartender. I felt everyone of them staring at me as I stepped inside, and I got more nervous and a little excited. I walked up to the bar, but before I could say anything the bartender who had just looked me over head to toe and seemed to like what he saw said "You here to audition?" He thought I was a stripper!

For just a second I thought about saying yes, the idea of getting on that stage and showing my tits to these strange men got me wet instantly.

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However, the shyer side of me won out and I shook my head. "No, my ah car is overheated and I need to let it cool down.

Can I wait here?" The bartender stared directly at my breasts then nodded. "Sure, you need me to call a tow truck?" I told him no and sat at the bar then ordered a coke. As the bartender got me a coke two of the guys got up from their table and came to stand by me smiling, also staring down my shirt. The milf sarah gets seduced by blonde alexa grace for fuck was getting me very hot but I was still very nervous. One of the guys asked me if I wanted him to go look at my car.

I told him no, it did this all the time and I just had to let it cool down for half an hour and it'd be ok. They nodded, and sat down on either side of me at the bar. They were staring right at my chest, making small talk about mechanics and how cars worked. When the bartender brought the coke over, another guy behind me said "I'll get that Frank." And I turned around, there was an older guy standing behind my barstool. He was maybe in his late fifties, a little pudgy, he reminded me of what a grandfather would look like I guess.

He smiled at me, then at my tits and back at me. "Come sit with me honey, these boys are just going to bore you with car talk." He didn't really wait for an answer, just took my coke off the bar and headed back to a booth. I smiled at the guys on either side of me and shrugged. I said something stupid about going where my coke went or something, and one of the guys leaned close and said quietly as I stood up. "I'll buy you whatever you want if you come out back with me instead." It was the first opening I had, because the way he was looking at me I had a good idea what he'd want once we got out back.

I got really nervous though and shook my head, choosing to go to the booth with the older, safer looking man. I slid into the booth next to him, it was in the back and dimly lit but I could still make out most of the people in the club, just not clearly. The man introduced himself as George and seemed very friendly and nice. He laughed as he took my drink under the table, produced a little bottle of rum and poured some into my coke saying not to tell anyone.

I sat there sipping my coke, having no idea what to say or do at this point. George did though, he asked where I was headed too and I told him another town on an errand. He talked but it was always to my tits, and finally when he seemed to run out of small talk he looked around the bar then back at me and licked his lips.

"Can I see more of 'em honey?" I felt myself blush and looked right at him, but didn't know what to say or do. He smiled. "Girl dressed like you in a place like this, probably not just running errands right?" He said it quietly and was so gentle and quick I didn't even notice he'd moved his hand up to my shirt till he unbuttoned another button.

When I didn't say anything, because I was shaking in my seat, both nervous and turned on he undid another button. I thought I better ginger pussy gets drilled by huge cock right after bathtime something, so I just blurted out. "Well, no but I don't know what I'm doing here." It just came out. He smiled, and pushed my shirt open so it fell to either side showing my lace bra.

I thought a few of the men in the bar turned to stare but George said real quiet. "They can't really see us honey don't worry.

Besides, you got nice tits you should show 'em." I squirmed in my seat, and watched as he ran a hand up and cupped one of my tits.

My nipple got hard instantly, and even though I was really nervous I was getting hot. I said nothing and just sipped from my coke. George smiled and massaged my tit till my nipple got harder, and then he pinched it through my bra. I moaned, because it felt good and he smiled broader. "That's it honey, just enjoy." He was quick, he reached down and undid t he front clasp of my bra in one movement, then pushed it aside, releasing my 32C breasts to the open air.

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I gasped, my pussy got soaked instantly because I was doing something naughty. I was sitting in a strip club letting a stranger feel me up, while other strangers could be watching.

George just stared at my tits for a moment, then hissed. "Damn fine tits." He pushed my hand with my coke in it up. "Drink up honey.relax." I gulped down the whole drink while he pinched one nipple then another.

When I put the drink down he smiled, and pushed me back a little in the booth. Sex fairy tales storys rocky x full story he leaned over and took a nipple into his mouth.

I was on fire. I was letting him do this, a stranger, older than my father in public. I figured the men really couldn't see what was happening or just knew better than to interrupt because no one else came to the booth. George sucked on my nipple, biting it then moved over and did the same to the other. As he was sucking he put his hand on my knee and pushed my legs apart.

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I was trembling in the breathtaking enjoyment from group fucking hardcore groupsex, but I didn't want him to stop. When his hand rode up to touch my pussy through my thong he hissed again.

He pulled away from my tits and smiled at me. "You're all wet honey, what are we going to do about that?" Then he slid a finger right past my thong and into my dripping snatch. I moaned aloud and spread my legs wider. "That's good honey." he whispered. I heard a zipper then he took my hand and pulled it into his lap wrapping it around his stiff cock he'd pulled out. "Fair play honey, jerk me." He said and slid another finger into my pussy.

I came instantly; this was so much what I'd wanted. To be seen as a slut that would do something like this. I started jerking his cock in my hand, amazed that an older man was so hard and long. He worked his two fingers in my pussy, his thumb flipping over my clit till I came again. Then he smiled at whispered. "Come on baby, lean over and suck me dry." I'd never given a blowjob in my life, and even though I was on fire and feeling super slutty I just didn't think I could.

I wish I could say I did, right then lean over and blow a complete stranger but I chickened out. I shook my head, and he looked disappointed but shrugged shoving his fingers deeper into my pussy.

"Well jerk harder then honey, I wanna cum." So I gave him a hand job while he fingered me under the table with my tits hanging out for everyone to see. They had to know I thought, but I didn't care. He came all over my hand and himself, and when he was finished he pushed my hand up to my mouth.

"Lick it clean for me baby, come on." I put my hand to my mouth and tasted my first cum, it wasn't bad. There wasn't much but I licked it clean while he put his cock back in his glir and glir hand kaking. He smiled sliding out of the booth.

"You want me to send those other boys back?" I got instantly chicken again and shook my head doing up my bra and rebuttoning my shirt. "Then I suggest you go on and get missy, cause they're going to want some of what I just got and they're not as nice as me." He turned and walked off then. The slutty part of me that was awakening wanted to stay and see what would happen, but the chicken won out and I wobbled out of the club, into my car and drove home where I promptly got into the bathtub and fingered myself to several more cums while remembering what I'd just done.

Now I was feeling pretty proud of myself. At least I knew it wasn't me, I was obviously attractive enough to get stranger's attention. Partially brave enough to act like a slut, so I knew I could find a way to get my father and the dog eventually. Help arrived the very next day in the form of an email in response to my add on the adult forum.

This response was different from the rest, it didn't ask for pictures, or want to role play it said simply that if I was truly wanting to do these things he'd be happy to offer advice and help. I wrote back, and he responded almost instantly. The first several emails described my situation, and it got up to what I had done the day before. He wasn't shy, he said that excited him and that I must be a real unfathomable and sexual anal penetration smalltits homemade. It was the first time someone called me that, even in an email and it made me wet.

I told him I wanted to be, but was having trouble figuring out how to go about it. No problem he responded. We could work on my father slowly, but if I wanted to be a true slut he would help me, he'd tell me how to do it, and did I want to know? Would I do what he told me too? The emails excited me, and I said yes I wanted it and I'd do what he said. That's when things started getting really wild for me.