Milf with fleshy cum hole sucks cock

Milf with fleshy cum hole sucks cock
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Two weeks had gone by since the wildest hour of my life. My wife's best friend, Melissa—a blonde girl my height with a slim figure,piercing blue eyes, and a smile I'd sunny leone pron film storys with man in love with—and I had seen each other several times over that period of time, but little had occurred between us in person, mostly because Natalie, my wife, was always around.

I'd gotten a single blow job from Melissa when she and I had managed to get fifteen minutes alone, and I had given her pussy a nice rub during a movie when Natalie and Melissa's husband, Steven, were sitting right next to us, thanks to a very large blanket that covered all four of us.

How we'd not been caught during THAT escapade, I don't know. Other than a few clandestine kisses and fondles, though, this was the limit of our physical contact up to that point. We HAD communicated nearly constantly on Facebook, however, and our relationship had deepened significantly.

Thanks to our smartphones, we shared numerous photos and videos with each other, many of them without clothes, and we would video chat as often as possible… which was basically whenever both Natalie and Steven weren't around. Although these video chats were always in the nude, they weren't always about sex. We'd laugh and talk about everything from videogames to work to even our spouses and people we found attractive.

Our secret phrase, "I need to adjust things on the Sims 3," though, would always let the other know that we were majorly horny and we'd masturbate in front of each other until we both came. Melissa and I had gotten into the habit of leaving our phones by our pillows each night in case a "Sims 3" text came through.

Both of us were porn addicts, and we'd finally admitted that to each other—and ourselves—a few days before the events I'm about to tell. Already we'd shared thousands of pictures and dozens of videos with each other.

We were both getting a good idea of what the other really liked when it came to watching sex. I was into more softcore stuff—women showing off their bodies, especially in public places. Age didn't matter much to me, as long as the women weren't too old, and I liked girls with long hair on their heads and little hair on their pussies. Breasts could be any size, really, as long as they weren't too large, and the same went with overall body shape.

I was simply a lover of female beauty. I also truly enjoyed watching lesbian scenes; the more naked girls the better. Melissa was much more interested in hardcore stuff, especially orgies.

She was with me in loving exhibitionism. Her ideal man was a thin guy with a long penis; she said that for her it was actually the length, not the width that mattered. A chiseled face and abs made her pussy flutter. Melissa could also appreciate the beauty of other women, so much so that she'd thought she was lesbian for a time.

When I asked her if that meant she was bi-sexual she said she didn't know but that she certainly wouldn't mind finding out. I was sitting naked on the couch, cross-legged, penis only partially hard, talking with Melissa via video chat. My blonde girlfriend was also naked, hair pulled back in a little ponytail, small breasts barely visible due to how close her computer was to her.

We'd not been very horny when we'd gotten together, but it was tradition to be naked when we talked, so there we were. "When will Natalie be back?" Melissa asked, taking a bite of cereal. You'd think it would be strange to talk about each other's spouses in such a nonchalant manner, but we'd gotten used to it.

Neither of us were willing to go through the hassle of divorce at the moment and we were perfectly happy with our current relationship, so we figured why be awkward about things? "I'm not sure." Seeing her eat made me remember that I'd not done the same yet that day and I began to get hungry. "She went to do a photoshoot of a bunch of girls. Keep talking. I'm going to get something to eat." "What the crap, Brian, you're supposed to know when she'll be back!" Melissa giggled.

As she talked, I bounded up from the couch, making the laptop fall backward so the screen and camera were pointed to the ceiling. She continued talking as I grabbed a cereal bar. "I mean, what if she came back and you were sitting there talking to me, naked?" "Well then," I said, coming up to where I could stand over the camera, giving Melissa a great view of my dick, "she'd get a good show." I jokingly jacked off for a few seconds with the hand that wasn't holding my breakfast, making Melissa laugh so hard that she spit some milk and cereal out of her mouth.

"Wait," she said as I started to move, "keep doing that. I really like that view. I think I'm starting to need to adjust my Sims 3 a bit." "Oh, is that so?" I continued to masturbate for Melissa, beginning to go a little slower as she scooted her computer back with her foot to reveal her entire naked body.

A bowl of cereal sat next to her right sunny leone sex stories bp story download the floor and she quickly drank the rest of the milk from it, setting down the thing and its spoon with a clatter. Spreading her legs wide, she began to rub her vagina. Knowing how much I liked bald pussies, she'd waxed hers, so it was as smooth as silk.

Of all the thousands of pussies I'd seen, few could compare to Melissa's. "Oh, Brian, I love how I can see your balls bounce from this angle." "One of these days you're going to have to give me the same view." "I don't know if I could… I've never cum standing up before." Melissa giggled, making her breasts shake some, and the action made me speed up my jacking off.

"You know, it really turns me on knowing that Natalie could walk in the door any minute. Promise me that you'll cum all over her if she does, okay?" I laughed. "I'd probably scream like a little girl, to be honest with you. But I'll do my best to aim in her direction, I promise." "Hey, I know something you'd like," Melissa said, suddenly reaching for something next to her. It was the spoon.

She licked it off seductively, making me laugh, and then began to use it to play with her pussy. "So what are you waiting for?" I asked. "Put it in!" In a way that I found absolutely adorable, Melissa craned her neck so she could see her crotch better and gingerly began to stick the handle of the spoon inside of her. Once it had gone up to where only the bowl of the utensil was still visible, she looked up to me, eyes wide, mouth open in a huge smile.

"It fits!" We both laughed, and she started to rub her clit, leaving the spoon inside of her. I almost asked her to turn the thing around so the larger end was inside of her, but decided that I didn't want to have her chance losing the thing inside her pussy. I opened my mouth to tell her about this thought.

My phone began to ring. "You better answer," Melissa said after the second ring. "Besides, we don't have to stop." She winked. Figuring that this was true, I grabbed my phone, saw that it was an unfamiliar number, and answered it. "Hello?" As I said this, Melissa began to moan loudly, trying not to laugh as she did so. "Hi, Brian?" It was a young woman's voice. She sounded confused. "Yeah?" "Oh, hey, yeah. This is Danica. Natalie just wanted me to let you know that we're on our way.

She's driving. She ran out of memory on her card, so she needs to come and put our pictures on her computer before we go to the park to do the next set." "OH, BRIAN!!!" Melissa said this so loudly that there was no way that Danica couldn't have heard it. I waved frantically at the screen, but it only made my naked girlfriend begin to giggle uncontrollably.

"Umm… we'll be there in like two minutes," Danica said. She was obviously trying not to laugh. "Sooo… you might want to make sure you're presentable?" I heard girls giggling in the background and Natalie ask something to the effect of "what that was supposed to mean?" "Okay, see you soon," I said, trying to act casual. As I hung up, I glared at Melissa. "That was Danica! One of the girls Natalie is photo shooting. They'll all be here in like two minutes." She continued to laugh, but it started to die off.

"Don't worry, Brian, there's no way they can prove anything was going on. You're not mad at me are you? I'm sorry." I softened my face. "I could never be mad at you, Melissa. But I need to get dressed." "Oh, come on… I dare you to japanese teen takes on a group of guys uncensored naked." She began to rub her clit as fast as she could. "You know they'll like it." My clothes were in a pile next to the couch.

I started to put them on as I spoke. "I'd get arrested!" "No you wouldn't… you're on your own property." Melissa continued rubbing, the spoon still sticking out of her. Her breasts were shaking with the movement, and I greatly desired to take out my hard-on and continue wanking.

"Quick, Brian. How many girls would see you naked? Thinking about this is turning me on so much." "Well, Natalie. And there's Danica, Laurel, Jenny and a couple of other girls that I don't know." I pulled up my pants and buckled them on, grabbing my shirt. "Are they hot? Do you want orgasms of a hot swarthy beauteous hottie fuck them, Brian?" "Not as much as I want to fuck YOU right now," I admitted, swallowing as I pulled my shirt over my head.

I'd rarely seen Melissa so turned on. She was rubbing her clit so furiously that it was visibly red and swollen. "Danica and Jenny are hot. Laurel's not bad. I don't know the other girls. I think their names are Ashley and Maddison?" "Oh, Brian, don't close the computer yet. Keep talking to me… Tell me why Danica and Jenny are hot. Tell it to me dirty, Brian." Looking at the door and knowing that the girls could be here any second, I hesitated. But I was fully dressed now, and I could just close the computer at the first sign of someone being at the door.

Besides, I loved Melissa and I wanted her to cum. She was obviously enjoying the thrill of this. Still, I wasn't sure how to tell her how hot two other girls were… especially not in a "dirty" way. "Danica's only eighteen, still in high school, actually, and Jenny's only nineteen.

They're both pretty short, especially Jenny. I think she's not even five feet.So you know what that means; I could make them literally screw around my dick. They both have long, brown hair. Jenny's tits are HUGE for how small and young she is, and Danica's rack is pretty nice, too. Oh, hey, you'll like this. Speaking of Danica's boobs. The first day she came to our house, she was wearing this really loose shirt and decided to lay down on our couch for a bit. When she did, like holly taylor is ready for some real action pornstar and knockers of her boob fell out of the top of her shirt.

I couldn't see her nipple, but it was so nice and round, I just wanted to go over to her and make the rest of it fall out. She laid there for like five minutes, and I was just staring at her pretty much the whole time.

She finally looked down and saw that she was basically flashing me, and I KNOW she could tell that I saw, because she looked up at me and kind of gave me an 'oops' smile as she adjusted herself. I've jacked off to that memory a lot." As I'd been talking, Melissa had continued rubbing herself, bringing a hand up to her right breast and squeezing it. Her mouth was in a little "o" of pleasure.

She looked on the verge of cumming, and I thought frantically of how I could push over the edge. That's when I heard a car pull up in the driveway. "Crap! They're here!" I reached toward the computer, but Melissa let out a squeal. "Wait! Point me out the window! Ravishing starlet hunter bryce rides a cock want to see them!" "You're crazy!" I said, laughing, but I quickly took my laptop over to the window and pointed it outside.

"Ohhh, they could see me naked if they just looked." I could hear sloshing sounds coming from the speakers, and, even though I couldn't see the screen I knew that Melissa was still rubbing herself furiously and that she was extremely wet.

Out on the driveway, the doors of the car were opening and girls were pouring out of it. They were all dolled up in dresses for the photo shoot except for Natalie, who'd been behind the camera, and none of them were even looking this way; they were all talking excitedly amongst themselves like young girls typically will when in a group.

Still, the exhibitionism did the trick and I heard Melissa gasp and the sloshing noise stopped. I quickly turned the computer around to watch my girlfriend cum, realizing that usually when I saw this I was half out of my mind with my own orgasm or at least too turned on to truly appreciate what I was seeing.

Her legs were twitching, as were her butt muscles, making her flop a little on the ground, and her face had completely relaxed. Liquid covered the hand that she'd been using to pleasure herself, and the spoon glistened as if it had just been under a faucet. A sheen of sweat sheathed her body, giving it a soft, sexy glow.

Her breasts, nipples hard, heaved as she sucked in breaths. The door rattled and I shook myself out of my stupor.

"I love you, Melissa," I whispered, hopefully loud enough for her to hear, right before closing the laptop Not too soon, because the door flew open, letting Natalie and a stream of young women in. They were all laughing and talking amongst themselves. "I'm so sick of getting stared at, though!" Laurel was saying. She was a little taller than Danica, had long, jet-black hair, and the largest breasts of all the girls there by far, including my wife. At twenty-one, she was a little chubbier than what I'd usually like, but she was still pretty.

The white top that she wore was quite tight, accentuating her largest assets. "I mean, SERIOUSLY. Boobs aren't everything, right?" "To some five legal age teenager honeys relaxing masturbation and smalltits they are, though," a red-head girl that I didn't know said. She had a rather distinctive face; I immediately thought of Reese Witherspoon when I saw her. This girl looked very similar to the actress, except for the hair color.

She wore a blue, form-fitting dress that made her butt and rack look amazing. As she saw me, she started laughing, addressing me as if we already knew each other. "Sorry, Brian, girl talk." "Meh, he's used to it, Ashley," Danica said, plopping down on the couch so that her chest bounced inside the extremely tight red dress she wore. "It's not the first time Laurel and I have talked about boobs in front of him." That much was true.

It was the reason I'd once overheard Laurel tell my wife how much she liked me. She'd said she felt comfortable talking about anything with me, almost like I was "one of the girls." I'd not been sure how to take that, but if it meant they were comfortable talking about their bodies in front of me, I'd live with it. "Nothing wrong with some good boobs!" Jenny said, laughing and sitting next to Danica.

She wore a green, strapless dress, but had a t-shirt underneath. The last girl, who must have been Maddison, was obviously the outcast of the group. She was taller than me, had dark hair that went down to her chin, was fairly chubby, and was a little on the homely side.

She also didn't seem nearly as happy or energetic as her friends, but she came and sat down in one of our chairs and watched the conversation unfold. Natalie, meanwhile, had grabbed her laptop, sat on the couch, and was busy transferring the photos from her memory card to the computer while the girls continued speaking. I simply sat on the floor and listened, enjoying the energy and beauty coming from these young women. My penis still throbbed from watching Melissa masturbate to orgasm only minutes before, and having so many beautiful girls around kept me turned on.

Even the air smelled like girls; I could detect at least two different kinds of perfume. "I guess boobs are okay," Laurel conceded, sitting on the floor and showing more leg than she probably would have if an eligible young man had been around. "But none of you understand what it's like to have… THESE." She gestured to her chest.

"I mean EVERY guy amazing pretty teenie suckes and gets fucked at them. And they're IMPOSSIBLE to cover up. Whenever I bend over, I wonder if I'm giving a show." "Then give a show!" Ashley said, "Let them fly! You don't need to hide them. Honey, if I had them tits, I'd be waving 'em around for EVERYONE to see." She blushed and looked over to me, but none of the other girls so much as glanced at me, so she just looked back at Laurel, giggling with everyone else.

"We all know THAT much is true," Danica said to Ashley, glancing at me and then quickly looking away again. Taboo sexy night out with nichole mac smalltits pornstars statement made everyone but me laugh, even Natalie. "Hey, you guys want to see these photos?" Natalie suddenly said, and within seconds the girls were crowded around my wife, looking at her screen. Of course, it would have been weird for me to crowd in with them, so I just stayed on the floor, watching.

Laurel was bending over right in front of my face, only a few feet away, giving me a great view of her somewhat large butt. Ashley was bending over from the opposite side of the couch and had begun with her hand up to the top of her dress to keep from showing cleavage. But whenever she pointed at a picture on Natalie's screen, she would let go, revealing the freckle-covered tops of her breasts, then bring her hand up again, until finally she just gave up and let her hand rest on the arm of the couch.

Even Danica's thigh-high dress was distracting me, as she kept crossing and uncrossing her legs while she sat on the couch. Unfortunately, I was at the wrong angle to see anything, but still… all of this served to keep me very horny indeed. The girls bantered on about their photos and I pretty much ignored what they were saying, just enjoying the scenery. One exchange did catch my attention, though. "Oh no, here they come," Jenny said, putting her hands to her eyes and laughing.

"Ohhh! There she is!" Ashley said, laughing. I admit that I was watching her a lot, as the view of her cleavage was amazing, ESPECIALLY when she laughed. "Ow ow, girl! Take it OFF!" "Oh my gosh," Jenny said, blushing.

"Like you have any room to talk! Look at THAT!" Ashley also blushed and collapsed to the floor, giggling, one of her breasts coming dangerously close to escaping.

Suddenly, the rest of the girls roared in laughter at what they saw, every one of them blushing furiously, even Maddison. "You HAVE to promise to delete these pictures, Natalie," Laurel said, wiping her eyes. "Yeah, I think we'd all kill you if these got out," Danica agreed. Ashley got back up long enough to see the photos the other girls had seen and then had another laughing fit on the floor, giving me some more excellent views of her cleavage.

My hard penis now gave a slight tent shape at my crotch. It was telling me to go look at the photos in question, but I knew that this wouldn't be wise at the moment. "Don't worry," my wife said, "I'll get rid of them once everything downloads." "But hey, at least we all know that we could be THAT kind of model, too," Maddison said quietly, and everyone only chuckled a little bit.

Yes, she was definitely the odd one out. "Oh my gosh," they all said in unison, busting out laughing as another set of photos came onto the screen.

This kind of thing went on for a while. Once, Danica looked over at me, and her eyes traveled down briefly, obviously catching sight of the bulge at my crotch.

Giggling, she looked me in the eyes again and said, "Don't worry, Brian, you really DON'T want to see these pictures." Of course, that made me want to see them even MORE.

Finally, the laughter died down and the girls just started saying how pretty everyone was again. Once everyone had gotten a drink, they began to file out the door, Natalie speaking as she went. "We'll probably be back in a couple more hours, Honey. We're just going to shoot in one more place. Call if you need anything! Love you, bye!" "Love you, Brian!" all of the other girls, except Maddison, mocked, giggling as they left.

As I heard them get in the car and drive away, I debated. I really wanted to tell Melissa about the experience I'd just had and yank off in front of her. But the experience wasn't necessarily complete, was it? Had Natalie erased those photos? If not, what did they show? I quickly opened up my wife's computer, typed in her ridiculously easy password, and began searching her files.

I found the day's photos without difficulty and began to quickly scroll through them, looking for anything out of the ordinary. The girls really were very photogenic, except Maddison, who had very few photos in the first place. I felt bad for her.

Most of the shots were solos, a lot of them up close of the girl's face, but some were of multiple girls at once. None of them looked too&hellip.

And then I saw it. The first indication of anything out of the ordinary was a shot of Jenny awkwardly trying to remove her t-shirt from under the strapless dress she was wearing.

She obviously wanted some shots of herself without the t-shirt. There were a few shots of this, with her laughing, obviously not being able to get the t-shirt out of the dress for some reason. Then there were a couple of shots with Ashley in the frame, trying to help, both girls laughing. When I tell you what I saw next, keep in mind that they were in an old courthouse that was open to the public; anyone could have seen what happened.

The next shot was of Jenny pulling down her dress to the waste, showing off her t-shirt. The following shot showed her removing the t-shirt, the thing covering her head. She had no bra beneath. Her breasts were quite beautiful, although one was noticeably larger than the other. She had tan lines indicating that she'd tanned with a bikini recently, and her breasts were rather pale, except the nipples, which looked very dark in comparison.

Ashley was in this shot, pointing, her hand over her mouth, laughing hysterically. The next shot showed Jenny, hair frizzy from static, a look of half-triumph, half-giddiness on her face, still topless, her foot on her t-shirt as if she had conquered it. Next I saw her adjusting her dress so that she was covered up, and she was finally blushing. I was very conscious of my hard penis against black thugs forced gangbang 18yr old white girl bottom of the laptop and started to stroke it through my pants.

Jenny was my kind of girl. Ashley was too, it turned out. After a few shots of Jenny, now showing luna star in babe with phat ass bare shoulders in her dress, there was suddenly a photo of Ashley, who was obviously making fun of what Jenny had done before.

I blinked and started to rub my penis faster. The girl had pushed down the bust of her blue dress to reveal her breasts. They were squishing up out of the top, nipples red, freckles all over them. She had a fake-sexy look on her face. The next several photos were of her doing this, going up to the asian teen in this scene is sexy and of her friends and waving her chest at them mockingly.

Each one was laughing hysterically. The next series of photos seemed more organized, and they looked to be in a more secluded area.

They showed all five girls bending over toward the camera and smiling, doing their best to show as much of their breasts as they could. Jenny's boobs were completely out, as were Ashley's. I could see the top of Danica's nipples, and I probably could have seen more of Maddison's, but her hands were in the way.

Both girls had nicely proportioned breasts, but whereas Danica's gave nice cleavage, Maddison's were a little too spread out from one another. Unfortunately, Laurel's top went pretty high and I could just see the very top of her breasts. The next few shots showed various versions of this pose. Next, Natalie had gone around back and taken photos of the girls' butts.

They began covered, but as the camera had clicked, they had hiked their dresses to show their underwear. Danica and Ashley both wore red panties, the rest white.

The last group photos showed the girls mooning the camera, panties down to their knees. Laurel's large posterior was quite round, and Maddison's was surprisingly shapely, as was Danica's. Both Ashley and Jenny had very little in the way of hips. In the very last of this set, I was surprised to see that Danica had spread her legs a little bit, perhaps unintentionally. I zoomed in and indeed saw a little sliver of her somewhat hairy pussy.

The last of the risqué photos were of Danica and Laurel, and they didn't come until after I'd scrolled through several hundred regular photos. Danica was behind Laurel, and it looked like they were just taking normal pictures until one photo suddenly had Danica grabbing hold of Laurel's breasts. I'm not sure if it was fake, but Laurel sure looked surprised. Still, there were several more of these shots, and there was something in the two girls' shameless attractive chick cant live without hardcore that made me think that perhaps the contact had been more than just joking around.

By this time, my penis was getting sore from me rubbing it through my pants, and about thirty minutes had passed by. I began going through the photos again, picking out all of my favorites and putting them into a zip file so I could email them to myself. Once I'd done that and deleted my evidence from off my wife's computer, I closed it and opened my own.

The video chat program was still open from when I'd been talking with Melissa, and I realized that I still hadn't told her about all of this. She'd want to see the photos, too. I was about to open Facebook when my phone began to ring. "Hey, Brian." It was Natalie. "Would you mind if the girls stayed overnight? We're wanting to have dinner and play a few games and stuff and then do another shoot first thing in the morning." "No, I wouldn't mind." And I wouldn't, not at all.

I'd seen some very intimate pictures of these girls and was very willing to spend some more time with them. "Thanks, Honey! Do you mind putting that lasagna in the oven in about an hour?" I agreed and we hung up. It turns out that I already had a message from Melissa on Facebook when I opened it. "Oh. My. HEAVENS. That was one of the BEST I've ever had, Brian. I owe you big time. Still in the afterglow. hahaha…" It showed that Melissa was available, so I typed to her.

"Hey, what's up?" That was our phrase asking "Hey, is your husband/wife looking over your shoulder right now?" I waited only seconds for the response. "What took you so long??? I want to let you screw me RIGHT NOW!!! Please come over??" "Wish I could, but I'm stranded. You'll never believe what just happened!" So I told her everything. I told her about the girls coming home, and about the pictures, and about how I was about ready to cum at any second.

Melissa made polite comments every now and then, but didn't truly respond until I had finished. "Holy crap, Brian, you are LUCKY. You're going to send me these photos, right? I NEED to see them… hahaha." "Of course. Right now, actually. Hey, tell me if you see Danica's pussy in the last shot of them bending over." Turns out she could. Blonde milf big tits doggy hot milf fucked delivery guy left for work a few minutes after that, so we stripped down and went into the video chat again.

Car girl boy night full

Melissa still had her hair up in a little ponytail. "Show me your dick," was the first thing she said after we said hi. I angled the camera down to my throbbing member and she laughed, clapping her hands. "It's so red. You've been rubbing it, you naughty, naughty boy!" "Well, duh." "So those girls are staying the night?" "Yeah," I said, bringing the camera back up to where we were looking at each other.

I also began to rub my penis again. Seeing Melissa naked really made me want to have sex. "Want to have a crazy night?" she asked, a cute, amateur girls give a hand job cireman look on her face.

"I have a few ideas." "And I really want to hear them, but first I REALLY need to adjust my Sims 3 settings. Please?" Melissa put her finger to her lips as if thinking and hummed. "Hmmm… No. I think you should stay horny, Brian. If you cum you might decide not to do what I'm about to dare you to do." So I listened to her ideas and decided she was right.

Unless I was horny, I'd never do them. A couple of hours later, the smell of lasagna filled our house. I'd ended my chat with Melissa a while before when Steven had come home early, almost busting her naked on their living room floor. The girls came home, hungry and not quite as energized as before.

Looking back, I'm pretty sure they were so energized the first time because of their exhibitionism. Later, I would check to see if anything like that had happened on their second go around and nothing even came close.

We ate dinner and then the girls began to change, one by one, from their dresses into what would pass for their impromptu pajamas; my t-shirts and Natalie's sweat pants.

Because of how their dresses were made, only Maddison and Laurel had bras with them. There was a discussion of bra size while the girls tried to see if Natalie's bras would fit any of them.

Turns out no one there but my wife was a Lucy belle jumps on a hard pecker cup. Danica and Ashley were both Bs and Jenny was a D. I even found out that Laurel wore a triple D and Maddison claimed she only wore an A. The girls all said that if this was the case she needed to start buying bigger bras. It was very enjoyable watching Danica, Ashley and Jenny jiggle under my own t-shirts. Danica was especially fun to watch, as she wore a white t-shirt and had decided to take a shower.

The garment clung to every curve, making her nipples quite visible. After this, we played a game of bowling on the Wii. The lack of bras on three of the girls present made this game highly enjoyable for me. Finally we put in a movie and the girls claimed their spots for the night.

Danica was on the couch, her legs across me and Natalie as we finished the movie. I'm not sure if she knew it, but her calf was resting right on my ball sack. Laurel was on the floor beneath her. Ashley, Jenny and Maddison lay in a row right in the front, facing the TV. They all had blankets and pillows. When the movie ended, they decided to put on a chick flick and began to fall asleep. Eventually, Natalie and I extracted ourselves out from under Danica's legs greywood entertainment all lesbian storys made our way to our bed, where we undressed and got to bed ourselves.

Cute chick sucks dick in pov porn, however, didn't fall asleep. Rubbing my penis every now and then, keeping partially-clothed images of the girls in my living room in my head, I remained excited.

Eventually, I could tell Natalie was asleep. I reached over to where my phone was plugged into the wall and grabbed it. It was one in the morning. Now would be as good a time as any to fulfill Melissa's dare.

Being as quiet as I could, I got out of bed and removed the only thing I had left on: my underwear. My penis stood up straight, and I pumped it a few times for good measure.

Grabbing my glasses and holding onto my phone, I went out toward the living room, completely naked. Trembling, hardly able to believe what I was doing, I walked forward, listening to the sounds of the girls breathing. Our fridge had a light near the ice dispenser, so there was actually quite a bit of visibility. If any one of the girls were still awake and looked over here, or if any of them woke up, I'd be toast.

Unless they didn't complain about what they saw, which was very unlikely. Even though I'm not a bad looking guy, I WAS the husband of their friend, after all. I turned on the video recorder of my phone, did a once-over on my body to show that I was naked, took a deep breath, winked at the camera, and continued walking. In a few seconds I was standing over Ashley. She was laying on her side, facing me, mouth slightly open, her breathing coming in deep and strong.

I knelt down, my heart pounding, and wondered how I was going to do this. Gingerly, I touched the sleeping red-head's arm. She didn't move. I picked it up and moved it to her side, revealing that her right breast was halfway out of the top of my t-shirt. Seeing this hardened both my penis and my resolve, so I reached down with very, very gentle fingers and brushed the freckled flesh of her chest.

Ashley didn't so much as change her breathing. Making sure that my phone was catching all of this, I pulled the fabric of my t-shirt down from her breast as gently as I could, revealing centimeter after centimeter of beautiful flesh. Finally, I came to where I could see the areola, and I kept going until her entire right breast was exposed. Stroking her nipple with my thumb, I almost went on to the next girl and then decided to take things one step further.

Kneeling as close to her as I could, I bent my penis down to her breast and stroked it with my tip, leaving pre-cum on the girl's soft flesh. Ashley moaned and stretched, making me fall over backwards in terror, landing on my naked butt. She didn't wake up, however. Instead, she ended up on her back, her breast still exposed. I sat and watched that pre-cum-dribbled breast for a very long while, wondering if the girl was about to wake up and wondering if I should just call this off.

But I didn't. Shaking and swallowing, I stood up and walked to where Jenny lay between Ashley and Maddison. She lay on her tummy, making any kind of breast play impossible. But there was still some fun to be had here.

Gingerly, making sure that I didn't touch her or either girl to her sides, I straddled her right below where her butt was. I touched her side to test her reaction, but she was also quite out. Reaching down with the hand that wasn't holding my phone, I touched her butt. Still nothing. I then began to slide Natalie's sweat pants down blonde chick gets hard dong in her asshole her rear end, millimeter by millimeter.

Suddenly she groaned and turned over, her thigh brushing up against my bare leg. I froze in horror, realizing that I was straddling this little nineteen-year-old girl, completely naked. Jenny opened her eyes for a second, looked at me, and then closed them, clearly oblivious.

This should have been my clue that she was too light of a sleeper to keep trying, but I WANTED to continue. There was a thrill involved here. When she'd turned over, she'd revealed a large amount of skin on her thin belly. The bottom of my shirt was only about three inches away from her breasts. I took hold of the shirt and slowly pushed it up. This time, Jenny didn't move except to breathe. Eventually I had both of her breasts bared and I did to them what I'd done to Ashley's.

I left a little dribble of pre-cum on each, keeping the breasts exposed to the air. Standing, I stepped away from Jenny and tried to decide what—or who—to do next. Maddison would make sense with the normal progression, but I wasn't sure how to go about things with her; I was fairly certain she still had a bra on and I was now definitely in a boob mood. Thus, I went on to Danica, who was laying on the couch. She was on her side, already showing a good deal of cleavage, quite similar to when I'd seen her breast the first day I'd met her.

Of all the girls here, I REALLY wanted to have sex with Danica—she was a high schooler, after all—so I think I lost a bit of self-control. Without much preamble, I stuck my hand down Danica's shirt and groped her breasts. She didn't even move as I did this for a good two minutes, even getting brave enough to tweak her nipples.

I knew from past conversations that she slept like the dead. Luckily, this turned out to be true. When I'd finally had my fill of this and started realizing how dumb it was, I decided to leave my pre-cum calling card somewhere else. I leaned forward, careful not to step on Laurel, and stuck the tip of my penis on the girl's slightly parted lips.

Some sort of automatic reaction kicked in and Danica puckered, kissing me. As she unconsciously licked the liquid off her lips, I hot mortal kombat porn mileena fuck pussy the urge to shove my dick into her mouth and stepped back.

Laurel slept right beneath me, large chest heaving up and down. The next step was a no-brainer. I knelt down beside her and, being more cautious than I'd been with Danica, I tested out touching the top of her chest. She moaned but didn't move, so I slowly slid a finger under a shirt, encountering her large-cupped bra. There was another very quiet moan from her, but when I looked at Laurel's face she didn't seem awake.

I wondered how tight her bra was against her skin. Moving myself to where I knelt about Laurel's head, my penis mere inches away from her face, I slid my hand underneath her shirt slowly, and felt that the bra was quite tight against her. I wondered how she could sleep like that. "It has a front clasp, Danica," Laurel suddenly whispered very quietly, and I froze, looking down at the girl who obviously NOT asleep.

She had a dreamy smile on her face, but her eyes were closed. "You can figure it out." For a minute, nothing of what Laurel had said registered to my terrified brain. Then it seeped in. She thought I was Danica. And she was talking about her bra.

Laurel's hands were at the bottom of her shirt before I could even begin to contemplate running away, let alone looking for her bra clasp, and she pulled it up, revealing her massive, white bra.

She set the shirt next to her and then worked on revealing her breasts, eyes still closed. It took her a few seconds, but once the clasp was free her breasts spilled out like liquid. They were beautiful, with big round areolas that had large nipples in the center of them. Whispering, "You know what I like," she found my wrist with her hand and brought my palm into contact with her soft flesh. NOT knowing what she liked, I simply began to massage the breasts the best I could, one at a time, recording the whole thing, sometimes tweaking her large nipples.

"Yeah, that's it. I promise I'll repay you." But Laurel was lightly snoring in just a couple of minutes. Still, I continued to massage her breasts. The whole experience was too much for me. Knowing that Danica and she had done this before, and who knows what else, made me need to cum.

I decided that Laurel's calling card would be different than the others' and I didn't care that getting splattered with hot cum would probably wake her up. Maybe I'd send some spurts of it the other girls' ways.

I was only a couple feet away from Danica's face, after all. Putting my phone into my left hand, I grabbed my dick with my right and began to pump it directly over Laurel's chest, knowing that I'd cum at any homemade teen boss films and amazon ass lick first time this is our most extraordinary. Pre-cum began to fly everywhere.

I saw large droplets hit Laurel's left, upper breast, her right nipple, the valley right between her large tits, and one even landed on the corner of her mouth. "What about me?" a timid voice whispered, and I froze in mid-stroke, looking over to where I'd heard it from. Maddison was wide awake, sitting cross-legged on the ground, watching me masturbate over Laurel. I'd actually forgotten the girl. Now, as she continued to whisper, I realized with dread that this might have been a big mistake.

"I watched you touch all of the other girls. I watched you put your… your thing on them. But you were just about to finish, weren't you? Why not me?

Am I not pretty enough or something?" The girl was crying. Was this some sort of trick? Did the girl really WANT me to fondle her in her sleep and put pre-cum on her? Or was she just trying to get me to admit to something? Why would she need to have me admit to something when she'd caught me red-handed? All she really needed to do was scream. "You… want me to touch you?" I asked hesitantly, heart pounding, removing my hand from my penis and turning toward Maddison. "I don't know." She shuddered as she cried, still whispering.

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"All I know is that when I saw you come in here, naked, I wondered if it might be for me. I know… that's stupid. But it got me all excited. And then when you started touching everyone, I was like, I could live with that. That would be kind of nice. I'll just pretend to be asleep. And then you just passed me up." "I was going to do you after Jenny, Maddison," I said, coming toward her.

I thought that there was only one way I was going to get out of this, and I was perfectly okay with that avenue.

"It's just that you had a bra on and I thought it would be harder. And then when I got done with Laurel I was just so ready." My penis was directly in front of her, hard as a rock. She kept glancing away and then looking back at it. "Do you like it, Maddy?" I asked, deciding to use a pet name. "Do you want it?

If you do, it's yours. Right now. Just take my hand and we'll go to the bathroom and we'll do it. Right now." I reached out my hand to her. She hesitated, eyes wide. For a long minute and a half, she moved her eyes from mine to my penis, mouth half open in shock, obviously not knowing what to do. My heart dropped as the girl started to shake her head. "Do it, Maddison!" a voice whispered from nearby.

It took me a second to realize it was Jenny. Ah, crap! I thought. Looking over to the girl, I saw her looking at us, a sheepish grin on her face. Her shirt was still up to reveal her breasts, making me think that she'd been awake the entire time that I'd been touching her. My heartbeat quickened and I swallowed again. Quickly, I glanced over to Ashley, but the girl was still asleep. Laurel and Danica were behind me, and if it weren't so obvious, I'd have turned around to make sure they weren't awake as well.

Looking back at Maddison, I extended my hand further to her. "Serious?" Maddison said, shaking. "You want ME?" "Yeah, come on. I'll make it nice for you. Would you mind if Jenny watches? And if she records it?" "I… I wouldn't mind," Maddison said, taking my hand and standing. I had to look up to her. "Want to?" I asked Jenny, holding out the phone.

I figured that if she wasn't busting me, and if she'd been awake when I'd exposed her and dribbled pre-cum on her, Jenny must be extremely horny. Might as well take advantage of that. Honestly, I wished that it was HER I was about to have sex with. "Only if I get a copy," she giggled, standing up and letting her shirt fall down over her chest. brunette dirtbag kimberly kane choked and face fucked hardcore and slapped course," I agreed, and I began to tow Maddison toward the bathroom, Jenny following us.

I really couldn't believe this was happening. When we were all in, I shut the door and turned on the light, somewhat blinding everyone for a second. "I can't believe I'm about to have sex," Maddison whispered, echoing my thoughts. She was still shaking. "With a married guy." "Shh," I cooed, moving toward her and kissing her lightly on the mouth. Jenny went and sat on the toilet, recording everything that was about to happen.

I moved up against Maddison, not thinking of how crazy this was, wanting sex NOW, not willing to have much foreplay, and I let her feel the full hardness of my shaft against her.

She moaned as I kissed her more forcefully. "That was my first kiss," she whispered as I moved down to her neck. I fumbled at the t-shirt she wore—my own shirt—and got it up over her head. Her white bra was barely lighter than her pale skin. I reached around her and fumbled for the bra clasp, which took me only a few tries to open.

She just stood there as her bra came off, mouth open, obviously overwhelmed. Her breasts were just as white as the rest of her skin, and the nipples were hardly darker. They were fairly far apart from one another, but they were a good shape, if small, especially for her size.

And when I bent down to kiss one it was actually quite firm. Maddison gasped as I took her nipple in her mouth, making Jenny giggle a little. I then gave the same treatment to her other breast. Although Maddison was just standing there, processing information, it was a very special experience. This was obviously many firsts wrapped into one for her and I was honored to teach her the ropes. Seeing her stand there topless made her FAR more pretty in my eyes, too, and I now wanted her badly.

Having Jenny there watching was also a huge turn on. I kissed Maddison's belly button. As I tore down her sweat pants and panties at the same time, I asked her a question. "Do you ever have orgasms when you masturbate?" "Yeah… sometimes?

I think?" "Good," I said, "because I want to make sure you cum tonight, and you might not cum from me having sex with you since it'll be your first. So let's get started. Sit on the floor and spread your legs." She complied, spreading her thick thighs apart to reveal a very hairy crotch. I went behind her and started to work on her vagina with my hands, finding her clit within a minute. Jenny was watching us, mouth open in a smile, and female cum squirting mujerlunabella 7 (squirting tube porn caught my eye quite a few times as I rubbed the clit of her now-moaning friend.

The small girl bounced her eyebrows a few times the first time our eyes met as if to say "go get her." Every once in a while she'd focus on the phone she was recording this whole thing on, and I'd later find out that she'd zoomed in and out of different parts of our bodies; mostly Maddison's, as the girl was between the camera and me.

Jenny got up-close shots of both of our faces, both of Maddison's breasts, her belly button, and the hairy pussy that I was rubbing with both hands. I began to kiss the back of Maddison's neck. Maddison came in just a few minutes, unable to stop a few screams from coming out. Her entire body shook, and she leaned back up against me. My hands were sticky and the smell of her orgasm filled the room.

"Okay, you ready for the real thing?" I asked after she'd caught her wind, coming around to the front of her. To my frustration, she shook her head. "No… I… I think I changed my mind. Sorry. Brian, I really appreciate this, but I think I better not have sex yet." "Well, I'm not going to force you," I said.But I still needed to cum! "You record us, Maddison," Jenny's voice suddenly said, and her arm was thrust out with my phone to the other girl. I looked at Jenny and saw that the short girl's shirt was already off, revealing her full, slightly mismatched breasts.

Her long, dark hair spilled down around her body. She was onion shaped booty tiffany mynx ass worshipped and fucked striptease pornstar down to remove her bottoms when I spoke, her breasts bouncing around with the motion.

"Are you sure?" "I want your dick, Brian. Lay on the floor." She smiled sweetly as she pointed. I looked at her vulva and saw that only a small strip of hair grew above it. Quickly, I lay down on the floor, seeing that the naked Maddison was recording all of this, her beaver wet with her juices. As soon as my back hit the tile, Jenny was on top of me, letting my penis slide up inside of her. If I'd thought Melissa's pussy had been tight, Jenny's was like a clamp.

As I'd told Melissa earlier that day, Jenny was small. I didn't go all the way up inside of her. "We haven't even kissed," I noted as she began to ride me. Giggling, she puckered and aimed toward my mouth with each outward thrust, letting us have a small peck each time. I actually came out of her a few times that she did this, but each time that happened she made sure to get me back in very quickly.

The feeling of her riding me was phenomenal, and I knew that I'd come at any time. Her relatively large breasts jiggled as she moved, hypnotic, and they occasionally brushed against my belly and chest. Remembering my conversation with Melissa earlier made me think of something I wanted to try before I exploded. "Will you screw me, Jenny?" I asked. "What do you think I'm doing, silly?" "No, I mean like this. Hold still for a second. And raise your legs up.

Yeah like that." Jenny did as I asked and I began twisting her around. The room was small, however, and whenever she brought her legs in to avoid hit the counter and walls she kept losing her balance, laughing a little too loudly and tipping over. "I can help," Maddison suddenly said, handing me the phone. In seconds, the tall, naked girl was twirling the tiny naked girl—who was sitting hunched forward, cross-legged—around my dick while I recorded it, all of us giggling much too loudly.

At one point I came out of Jenny and Maddison timidly grabbed hold of my shaft, helping me re-penetrate her friend's vagina.

Once we'd had enough of that, Maddison continued to help by thrusting Jenny up and down on my cock. Jenny grunted each time that she came down, but she didn't complain. Her face was scrunched up in what looked to be half-pain, half-ecstasy.

Maddison's hands were under her armpits, helping as the short haired luna panda getting her face humped hard acted like a frog, hopping up and down on my dick. Both girls' breasts bounced with the motion. Finally, I could hold it no longer. I began to cum up into Jenny's pussy as it continued to pound me, and within seconds there was so much of the stuff that it was squirting out around my shaft.

I did my best to continue to record as I had my orgasm, but after watching the video, I knew that it hadn't been a very good recording job. "I think he just went," Maddison squeaked, looking down at me, eyes wide. "I know! Don't stop!" Jenny's muscles were tense and she had sweat all over her body. Maddison redoubled her efforts, pounding her friend down onto my still spasming penis over and over again.

Jenny opened her mouth, held her breath and closed her eyes, and her face went slack as the rest of her body started to shake. Still the taller girl continued to pump. Even after Jenny's body relaxed and she began to take in gulping breaths, her orgasm complete, Maddison brought her up and down on my softening shaft.

"Stop!" Jenny gasped. After Maddison continued for a few more seconds, she spoke louder, "Maddison, stop, you're hurting me!" The other girl let go and Jenny collapsed down on top of me.

Both of us, quite sweaty, were sucking air in and out of our lungs. Maddison sat down next to us, legs crossed, taking the phone back. She zoomed into where mine and Jenny's conjoined privates.

"Look at all that semen," Maddison whispered. "I dare you to lick it off," Jenny replied, somewhat sleepily. "Ewww, no!" the larger girl said, giggling. "That's gross!" "Don't knock it 'til you've tried it," Jenny said, snuggling her head into my chest, her hair xxx sex stories storys 3g 5menit around me. Maddison slowly put her hand forward, touching the bottom of my softening penis. This made me twitch so violently that Jenny almost fell off to the side of me.

She craned her neck around just in time to watch Maddison stick her cum-covered finger in her mouth. Grimacing, Maddison swallowed and said, "Ugh. Still, not as bad as I expected." After this, we were all silent for a while. Finally, Jenny struggled forward, causing my penis to snake out of her, a weak smile on her face. She kissed me. Stroking her hair and kissing her back for a while, I noticed that the smell of Jenny's orgasm was somehow different than Maddison's.

I'd never before realized that girls' fluids SMELLED different. Then again, I'd never had two of them orgasm in front of me in such a short period of time. We didn't say much as we got cleaned up the best we could without water—the sound of the tap was too risky—and went back out to the living room. I was still naked, of course, but the two girls had gotten dressed. Ashley still had a breast exposed and Laurel was still topless, though she had turned onto her left side.

When I pointed out these things to my companions they giggled. "Will you still be my first?" Maddison asked shyly as I kissed her goodnight and I nodded as I smiled. "You just say when." "And I want to do that again. Maybe with more people." Jenny knelt down, found that she was face to face with my now-soft penis, gave it a cute little kiss, and went the rest of the way to the floor. When I sent the video to Melissa in an email, this is what I put in the subject line: You won't believe this!