Cute euro teen bangs in fake taxi pov till creampie

Cute euro teen bangs in fake taxi pov till creampie
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Chapter 7 Jennifer felt so deliciously naughty that she was eager to confide in her girlfriend, Tracy. She knew that Tracy would be mightily impressed by her doggy adventures -- and that the carnal confession would most certainly make that raven-haired vixen all hot and squirmy, so that the two of them would be in the mood to do a bit of mutual cunt-lapping. After all, now that she was a veteran of both bestiality and incest, in both mouth and cunt, it seemed only hot slut loves her daddy s meaty rod that she complete her sexual education by discovering the undoubted pleasures involved in the sucking of hot pussy.

The saucy blonde got to her feet, juice pouring down her slender thighs and glistening on her chin, looking as if she had been eating a glazed doughnut. Joe stared at her nubile, spunk-soaked body and grinned, admiring the girl as much as ever, although no longer capable of taking advantage of that sexy body for the moment.

"Where you going?" he asked as she moved away.

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"I'm gonna go see Tracy." She giggled, gazing saucily over her shoulder. "Errr -- shouldn't you put your bikini back on?" Joe suggested, wondering if, in her dreamy contentment, she had forgotten that she was naked. "Why? I'd just have to take it off again." Jennifer gave him a meaningful wink.

Joe gulped, starting to get the picture. "Why don't you join us in a little while, Joe? When you got another hard-on," Jennifer said. She glanced at the exhausted German Shepherd. "You might as well bring Adolph along, too." Ass swinging provocatively and plump tits jiggling, Jennifer walked away with her pussy bubbling between her thighs and her tongue already beginning to tingle for her first taste of cunt.

But Tracy was already occupied. * * * When Tracy returned to her own back yard, she was hot as a pistol, her passion aroused by the distinct possibility that she and Jennifer would soon become lovers. The fragrance of her excitement preceded her and, Major, the giant Great Dane, came bounding to meet her.

His prick was hard again. It jolted under his loins. He jammed his muzzle between her legs, starting to lap around under her bushy black cunt-muff. Tracy squirmed on his tongue for a moment, then knelt down beside him and began to fondle his big cock and balls. She was wondering if it would be possible to sixty-nine with a dog, or if they would have to take turns giving each other head.

She twisted under him and slurped his cock-head into her mouth, suckling on the slick red prick while the doggy continued to wash her cunt with his drooling tongue.

His huge cock was pounding and throbbing so excitingly that Tracy wondered what it would feel like to have that rock-hard prick stuck up her fuck-hole. She felt no qualms about the idea. After all, she had already sucked his prick, so she reasoned that fucking with the big brute would not really compound her sins.

"Yeah! Wanna go fuckies, Major?" She sighed. The dog woofed and yelped just as if he understood what she had suggested. Tracy debated whether she should fuck him doggy fashion or human style. Both positions had benefits, she figured. Getting down on her hands and knees while the brute thundered into her dog style would make her feel like a bitch in heat, groveling under the animal, sinking into the realm of utter degradation. But screwing with him face to face would be thrilling too. She would be able to look up at him, to see him pant and slobber in his bestial enthusiasm as he poured the prick to her in -- she grinned at the concept -- in the standard missionary position!

It didn't really matter. Tracy knew that she would be fucking and sucking with the Great Dane a lot, and have a chance to try all the positions soon enough. She decided to take him from the front, the first time. She ground her cunt-gash onto his snout and sucked lovingly on his cock-head for another moment, then rolled away and moved toward the poolside area. A wave of pure lust caused the girl to shudder in anticipation. Major came squirming after her, tongue hanging out and stubby tail twitching in doggy delight, his bestial instincts telling him that he was about to learn a new trick.

Tracy grabbed the inflatable pillow she had been using when she was sunbathing doubled it up and slid it under her ass, so that her crotch was elevated. She arched her slim back sinuously and opened her legs. Major, not comprehending this position, thrust his head between her thighs and slurped some more.

Tracy enjoyed his tongue for a minute, then grabbed him by the collar and hauled the big dog up so that he stood straddle-legged over her, his cock level with her loins. She slid her hand down onto his cock and levered it into her soaking groin. Major whined in confusion as his cock-head flared in her drenched pussy. He shook his head, bewildered, realizing he was poised on the portal of pussy but not knowing what to do with his front paws, since he didn't have haunches to which to cling.

"Silly mutt!" Tracy giggled. It was like seducing a virgin, she thought. She pulled his cock-knob into her cunt-gash, hiking her ass up a bit higher and wriggling under the tall beast. Her cunt-lips sucked him deeper. Major woofed. The position was totally strange to the dumb animal, but his cock-head was now bedded in cunt and he certainly knew what to do about that.

His haunches tensed and, with a powerful lunge, he drove every inch of daisy summers gets fucked on her cam prick up her fuck-hole. Tracy grunted as his cock filled her. Face to face, girl and doggy, they stared at each other.

The dog actually looked rather embarrassed at finding himself coupled from the front, as if such a thing were a perversion in the canine kingdom, a taboo among modest mutts. Tracy began to move her pelvis, frigging her cunt up and down on his cock. Blonde teen fucks herself with a banana and pisses all over quivered and shook.

He pulled slowly back, experimenting carefully.

The Great Dane yelped with joy and began to whip his cock in and out of her cunt. Tracy wailed with pleasure. She gazed down the arched plane of her slender body, watching the dog's cock sink into her pussy. His balls were slapping against her ass on every plunging stroke. His head went up and down and he lapped at her tits, rapidly discovering the advantages of fucking in human fashion. He slurped at her mouth and Tracy sucked on his tongue, tasting her own succulent pussy-nectar blended with his doggy slobber.

The girl jerked and jolted wildly, even more frenzied than the pounding brute. She threw her legs up, clamping her smooth thighs around his flanks, then opened them wide again, giving him full rein in her groin. Her feet bicycled in the air behind his hairy haunches.

"Oh! Ahhhh! Pump it to me, boy!" Tracy wailed. "Feed that sweet meat to my fuck-hole, you big bastard! Hump my fucking ass off!" Major rammed in to the screaming japanese wife fucked by white guys compilation. His naked cock-head surged in her cunt-core and his thick, hard, hairy cock-stalk jolted up the length of her hot, wet hole. Her pussy creamed and his prick plowed in even faster as her cunt oiled itself with juices. His cock was hissing up her fuck hole, vibrating and steaming as he filled her pussy and she tilted her ass up and down.

Her lithe loins lashed against him. Major was shoving down, slamming into her pussy, to the hilt of his vibrant cock-rod and Tracy twisted spasmodically as the beast pulled back. She came. She came again. She knew that she was going to keep cumming as long as the doggy continued to pound into her cunt-hole, her clit going off like a machine gun and her cunt turning to goo.

She felt as if her pussy were dissolving around his rock-hard cock. Yelping and whining, Major thundered on, his paws clacking on the tiles and his head going down for a slurp of tit, then heaving back up. They were soaring towards the climax when Jennifer appeared on the scene.

"Oh, wow!" the blonde girl exclaimed as she stepped up beside the gleeful couplers. Although totally given to depravity and proud of it, Tracy blushed slightly at having been caught getting fucked by her Great Dane. But only slightly.

She could see that Jennifer was thrilled rather than shocked -- and also that the sexy blonde was stark naked and all coated with a film of congealing cum and cunt-juice. She missed a beat in her sudden surprise. "Don't stop!" Jennifer cried. But Tracy couldn't have stopped the dog if she had wanted to -- which was the last thing that she wanted -- because the savage brute was nearing the crest and frantically pouring his prick up her like some fucking machine run amok.

There was no way they could separate now until that massive step mom therapist threesome and bondage my big black threesome had emptied his scum load into her loins. Jennifer knelt down beside them watching that hairy cock vanish up Tracy's fuck-hole, then jerk back out all slathered with delicious-looking pussy-slime.

The blonde girl licked her lips in hungry expectation, giving her dark-haired friend a significant glance. Reaching down, she got a handful of the Great Dane's swollen scumbags, squeezing gently. "Ooooh, he's gonna blow!" she moaned, feeling the huge sac swell promisingly.

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Abandoned to passion, Jennifer moved behind the dog's heaving haunches. Pushing her face in, she began to tongue out his shit-hole as his stubby tail whipped around in her lust-twisted face. Jeez, I'm rimming out a fucking dog's asshole, Jennifer thought, feeling wonderfully debased and degenerate. She shoved her nimble pink lapper right up into the brute's asshole, the tangy flavor sparking on her tastebuds as she slobbered into the tight ring.

The Great Dane yowled and went delirious as he felt the sensation of the girl's naughty tongue in his tender asshole. He bucked, pumping his prick into the dark beauty with gusto as the equally lovely blonde nymphette tongue-fucked him up the ass with relish.

Jennifer slid lower and, with her nose jammed in the dog's asshole, began to lick his hairy balls holly landers and max hardcore they swung in and out of her face. As her tongue whipped about, she could feel the beast's formidable scum load sliding around inside his bloated balls. She whimpered, knowing what a treat Tracy had in store for her cunt. Adolph, the German Shepherd, had fed lovely loads into Jennifer's mouth and cunt-hole, and she was looking forward to getting a chance to milk off Major, too -- but all in good time.

There were variations to be worked first. Her face slid up and down, tonguing scumbags and rimming asshole as the powerful ass of the massive dog jolted and humped, driving into Tracy's pussy then heaving back against Jennifer's head.

Her tongue was slurping like crazy, and she could hear the juicy sounds that Tracy's pussy was making as that pliable fuck-hole pulled and sucked on dog cock. His balls whipped into Jennifer's face, then slapped into Tracy's crotch as his hairy cock-rod rammed in to the hilt, stuffing her full and rattling her bones with the fury of his assault.

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Cunt-cream sprayed out as his fat prick plugged her pussy and pumped the juices out. Jennifer moved the dog's balls aside and gazed into Tracy's cunt, delighted by the erotic vision. Tracy's pink cunt-lips were unfurled and rippling as the dog's thick, hairy cock-stalk plunged into the wet coral folds.

His balls swelled alarmingly in Jennifer's parted lips. "Shit, here he cums!" she wailed. "Ahhhhh!" Tracy squealed, jerking her fuck-hole down on the brute's prick as his fuck-juice came rushing up his prick and squirted from his cock-head, hosing the depths of her pussy with his foaming flow.

He pulled out and pumped back in.

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Great geysers of doggy jism flooded the girl's pussy, running out, blended with her own cum, to slather her crotch, turning that hairy pussy into a creamy platter, the sight of which was making Jennifer drool. The mighty Great Dane emptied his cock and balls in torrents and geysers and Tracy pumped away under him, adoring every drop hot orgy session with irresistible sex bombs his steaming hot scum as her own spunk spilled out of her pussy.

Then the doggy was drained. With a yelp, he jerked back and his long prick yanked out of Tracy's cunt. It swung around and slapped against Jennifer's cheek, laying a slick trail down to the corner of her mouth. Jennifer sucked the dog's cock into her lips and slurped the mingled juices from his spent cock, knowing that Tracy was watching -- loving to have her sexy friend watch her suck the dog's soaking prick.

And really making her hungry for the next sweet feast.