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Playgirl acquires rough plowing smalltits and hardcore
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Hello my dear readers, I do apologize for the removal of my stores. However I am in the midst of editing and revamping a few of them. this will take some time and I am not sure when I will have them back up.

I hope this does not discourage anyone whom may have become a true fan of my works. So with that in mind I'll post something here that I hope will stem the tide of your waiting. now where did I put it. now this is just something I was toying around with. let me know if its worth continuing. Hands bound by iron, eyes covered by cloth and mouth silenced by leather. Were it not for the sudden dips and bumps in the worn road impeding her voyage she would be less terrified of her soon to be fate.

Taken from her home, from her family and her simple life she now cries silent tears of sorrow and fear. Long passed now her questions of why it had to be her home, her peaceful village.

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Never had her people done anything to harm others never had they sought more than their peace of mind and days filled with prosperous work and the knowledge that their crops aided the people of the empire.

But now that was over, lost to a great fire set by those who defied the empire, who sought to bring chaos and ruin to the prosperity of the good people. No it was not questions that occupied her mind now it was the anger, the self-loathing for her weakness. Had she the power, the strength and the conviction to stand up and fight back… then maybe… just maybe she could have saved someone… anyone… Fire burned within her now, the same fire that razed her home to the ground.

She vowed vengeance upon those responsible, swore to inflicted the pain she and her people suffered ten times over onto those who slaughtered her kin.

They would burn, they would scream in agony as the flames of retribution and judgement ate their flesh. Pain all they would know all they would feel in their last moments of life could be no more than the greatest of eternal suffering and agony. Little did she know that these thoughts which were nothing more than muffled whispers had entertained a being lurking in the forest, this entity was older than most of the great cute chick fucks a huge glass dildo. This creature was a beast that man had not seen or faced since the Great War which found the empire.

This particular lifeform had long been forgotten and believed to have been exterminated. But here it in this dark and vast forest its kind had stayed hidden and safe. This sentient creature was now one of many that lurked in the shadows. However the smell of burning flesh and wood had attracted it and some of its kin.

Never had they come so close to the forest's edge. Silently they crept through the dark woods, slowing making their way toward the scent of ash and blood. Slowly toward the sound of unsuspecting mortals who would soon know terror.

"What say you Den, how much will this one bitch fetch the boss? A hundred gold pieces?" An older man looked to his companion for a moment then gazed upon the woman riding in the cage behind him.

"This one? Hm… if the bitch is pure then she might sell for at least two hundred." She is a rare one ain't she? Just look at the light golden skin and those ears, elf blood runs in her veins no doubt. Aye a fine price she'll fetch my lad. But best not count the coin before its in yer hands.

Who knows what might happen, hells we might come upon another unguarded hamlet and find us another one of her elf blooded kin." The two spoke at ease not even aware of the approaching danger. Their captive however could, she heard their heavy limbs crashing into the soft soil, heard the slight scraping of their scaled hides rubbing against the bark of tress.

She knew that something was coming, something big and hungry edged its way ever closer. Whatever it was she knew it could hear aby jones bellissima camgirl con delle tette enormi parte armoured caravan of raiders and thieves. Knew that the clang of steel against steel called to it.

So she decided why not make it even easier for the beast to find them. Grabbing her chains she smiled inwardly and slowly tapped her shackles against the iron bars of her cage.

Harder and harder, faster and faster she struck the bars which kept her locked in place. "Oi! Knock it of you stupid bitch! Don't matter how much ye bang that iron aint nothing nor no one gonna come savin' yer sorry hide from slavery!" She chuckled and kept at it, aware that this was luring something terrible ever closer. And that's when they all heard it. A loud blood churning cry of agony, no sooner had it sound that it died and was soon replaced by a horrifying roar.

Screams of terror and agony echoed in the forest as the raiders were attacked by large reptilian beasts. Dozens had come in search of prey to satisfy their hunger for a fresh kill. Swords struck the thick hides but did little more than scratch the hard scales and turn the beasts' attention to the sword drawn fools. Minutes passed and soon the remaining dozen raiders were surrounded by the large creatures. Blood stained their maws and razor sharp teeth and claws.

Their golden eyes piercing the very souls of their weak prey. With hungered snarls and growls they closed in, slowly inch by inch making their circle smaller and smaller. Ready to strike they lunged up, only to suddenly stop.

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As a deafening roar sounded from within the depths of the forest. With the dying of that horrible roar the forest and everything within it went silent. Nothing dared to break that forced calm.

Nothing dared move, nothing dared to even breathe. Even the large beasts were silent and held still. "What was that?!" one raider exclaimed in terror. "somethin' big." Was the only answer.

They listened carefully, their eyes searching the forest between the gaps of the beasts' circle. Nothing was there, nothing was moving toward them from the forest. The sudden rush of wind and the large shadow that swept over them was the thing the heard and saw as a massive blaze of flame descended upon them. The intense flames quickly burned them to ash. The only one that remained was the woman locked within the cage.

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A sudden cough escaped her and she knew that her life was forfeit. The beasts hurried to her cage and sniffed the air. Snarls and growls sound from all sides and she trembled in freight of being eaten by whatever killed the raiders. Her cage was suddenly knocked down to ground and torn open. She slowly reached up and pulled down her blindfold to look upon the creatures that would be her death. She breathed but a single word.

"Beautiful." That word made them stop and back away. She cocked her head to the side and removed her gage to speak better. "You understand me?" she asked in confusion. Then the crash of trees breaking and the earth moving tremor took her attention to the road ahead of her.

There in the middle of the path stood a large winged reptile that she only heard of in tales of legend. With wide eyes and her mouth agape she slowly stood and brought her hands up to her chest.

It was not terror that sex in black fishnet lingerie and a shiny corset her in place and silent but shock of seeing such a magnificent creature of old. "Dragon…" she glanced around at the pale green creature around her and gasped. "All of you are dragons… How? You were thought to have been wiped out…" she was awe struck and she thought this to be a dream, so she slowly reached out to the closest one in an attempt to touch it.

It growled in warning but went silent once the winged dragon make a grunting noise. Slowly she moved closer and reached out with her shackled hands. Just before her hands touched the scales she pulled back suddenly and took a breath. Then she closed her eyes and reached out quickly, her hands firmly placed on the creature's head. She felt the scales under her finger and smiled.

This was real they were real and very much alive. Opening her eyes realized how close she was to it and slowly backed away.

"By the Gods… you are real and you are so… wonderful, magnificent and… this is amazing… beyond words this is… breath taking." She was crying again tears of joy and relief her kin had been avenged and she was alive. She had been blessed to see creatures once thought to be nothing more than myth and yet here they were.

"You need to leave, go back to your homes. If anyone finds you here… if anyone learns of your existence then you will be hunted down again. I know that I can't leave either, I know of you and that is a threat to you. I know my life is to be cut short by you, and that does not frighten me. I have seen a wondrous thing and that alone has brought me peace. Do what you need to, but make it quick and painless if at all possible?" she spoke to the large dragon as she clasped her hands together and closed her eyes.

"I'm ready." The dragon stood over her and leaned its head down. Its hot breath warmed her cold frame and made her shiver slightly. But she remained still and smiled all the same. "No child, I do not wish to take your life. You are not our prey, you are of and ancient bloodline. But I cannot allow you to return to human settlements.

You will come with us, you will tell me of the world as it is now and I will teach you something in exchange." The dragon's voice was deep and calming. Smooth and gentle was his tone.