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Asian cunt shaving and wild anal japanese hardcore
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I had always enjoyed the get togethers with my dad's family, but nothing could have prepared me for this particular summer weekend. Every summer we would spend a weekend together at an aunt and uncle's house. They lived on a small river, with quite a bit of property.

I was a bit disappointed that my wife and kids were not going to be able to come with me this year, due to my teenage kids now having jobs, and my wife just choosing to stay home. So, I was alone at this years gathering, but I still expected to have fun, as I would hang out with my favorite uncle and we'd drink and make fun of everyone else!

But when I got there, I found out my uncle also had work issues and was not likely going to make it at all. So, I was stuck with many relatives I didn't much care for, and some I did not know very well. Then, surprisingly, one of my favorite family groups showed up; one of my uncles and his beautiful wife, and their two beautiful lesbian cuties lick ginger holes during massage cunnilingus and australian. Both had recently gotten married, but I noticed they were husbandless as they pulled up to the house.

We all greeted each other, and we started breaking off into little family groups. I particularly wanted to catch up with one cousin who I had always enjoyed talking to, and who had been one of the most successful members of the family, plus we shared a love for the same favorite alcohol drink.

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It also didn't hurt that after not seeing her for several years, she had turned into an amazingly beautiful young woman. After we had downed a few drinks, and we were both very obviously feeling it, we decided we wanted to take a walk down to the river. We grabbed fresh drinks and headed to the river. We walked along the river, laughing and talking, until we reached a spot that was secluded from everyone else.

It was a nice little spot next to the river, but enclosed enough that no one could see us there until they were right up on us. We decided to sit down there and talk some more. As we sat there, we moved a bit closer to each other. She caught me looking down at her legs, below her denim skirt. She smacked me, trying not to smile. She looked at her drink for a moment as she swirled it around in the glass, took a drink, then looked at me. Very reluctantly she said to me, "ever since I was about 15, I have thought you were amazing, and always wondered what it would be like to kiss you." I'm sure I looked a little shocked, but then I smiled, and told her that I wouldn't mind kissing her as well.

She smiled, downed the rest of her drink and turned to me, grabbed me and kissed me deeply. After the initial shock wore off, I took hold of her and kissed her back. We kissed passionately, letting the alcohol take us where we wouldn't normally go. It wasn't long before the next thing I realize, she has my cock pulled out of my pants, and her lips wrapped around my hard cock. After a few minutes, I pull her up and kiss her again.

I lay her back as I kiss her, and I slid my hand up under her skirt. I pulled her panties to the side, and slowly slid a finger inside her very wet pussy. She started moaning softly as I slid my finger in and out, and then started rubbing her clit.

It wasn't long from there that she was begging me to fuck her. I pulled her panties daughterswap hot daughters get stretched fucked group sex beautiful, and pushed her skirt up around her waist.

I spread her legs, and moved between them, rubbing my cock along her slit, while she unbuttoned her shirt. I then pushed deep inside her, all the while expecting her to change her mind.

As I pushed in and out of her, I leaned down and pulled her bra up over her tits, and began licking and sucking her nipples. The sex was drunk and haphazard, but we were both enjoying it. She started moaning and writhing, as she got close to orgasm. After she came, she passed out, from the alcohol and the orgasm.

But, I was so close that I couldn't stop…so I kept going a few more minutes, until I pushed in hard, filling her with my cum. After I was done, I cleaned myself up, pulled her skirt down, and fixed her bra and shirt.

I sat next to her, and waited for her to wake up. After she woke up, she wasn't sure what had happened, and I didn't offer any information, deciding it was better to let her think about it first. We got up, and made our way back along the river and back to everyone else. Late into the evening, I found myself alone chatting with the younger of the two cousins. We were sitting on the couch in the living room, and most everyone else had gone to bed. I asked how her first year of marriage had gone, and she got really quiet.

She then started talking about how they had been trying to get her pregnant, and nothing seemed to be working. As she was talking, she started crying, as she talked about how much they both wanted to have kids, and they were afraid to go for testing to find out if perhaps one of them was the problem. She was afraid it would hurt her marriage if they found out one of them was the problem. Soon she was laying her head on my shoulder as she was crying, and I was attempting to comfort her.

She looked up at me and told me that she would do anything to have a baby. I started to tell her that I wished I really knew what I could do to help, but I couldn't think of anything. But, before I could finish, she had moved up a bit and had started kissing me hard.

I sat in shock for a moment, but only a moment, before I grabbed her and started kissing her back. She asked me if I would help her, and I told her I would. She started to kiss me again, and that was about the time we heard a door open. We pulled away from each other, just in time to see my aunt, her mom, come out and go by. It was at that point, she decided we needed to go somewhere else. We went outside and headed down by the river. She smiled playfully as she stripped down to her bra and panties, and slipped into the swimming hole.

I stripped down to my underwear, and followed her into the water. She swam around for a bit, and I was starting to think she had changed her mind. But then she swam over to me, and wrapped her arms around my neck as she started kissing me again. After a few minutes she stopped and whispered in my ear, telling me how she had never been with anyone other than her husband, but that she had felt something for me for many years, sex fairy tales storys porn porn porn jav turk evli komsusunu sikiyor she knew she had always been my favorite of the cousins.

I told her how amazing cutie is not against anal fuck she was now that she had grown up so much…and we started kissing again. She reached down and started rubbing my cock through my underwear. I told her she might have an easier time if she took them off.

She slid my underwear down and wrapped her hand around my cock, and slowly started stroking. She let out a little moan as she started stroking. I reached around and undid her bra, letting loose her 40DD's. I massaged her wonderful tits as she stroked me there in the river.

After a few minutes, I slid my hand down and pulled her panties down, and then slid my hand down to her clit, rubbing softly and getting some wonderful little moans from my cousin. She was obviously torn about what was happening, as I saw her crying as I led her to the other side of the river (it was actually more like a creek, but named a 'river'&hellip.).

I asked her if she wanted to stop, amazing chick bounds on large dick hardcore and massage she adamantly and immediately said no, she really amazingly hot blonde teen and milf do not need a cock at all pornstars and fingering this.

As we reached a grassy area on the opposite side, I had her lay down. I decided that I wasn't going to pass up this opportunity, so I moved down between her legs, and began licking and fingering her pussy. I was amazed at how wet she already was. This was obviously really turning her on. She was doing a good job of keeping fairly quiet, but she was still moaning enough that if someone ventured outside the house, they would possibly hear her.

I didn't care though, and continued to lick her sweet pussy, feeling her convulse and orgasm beneath me. Once I felt she was truly ready, I slid up her body, stopping at her beautiful tits, sucking in and biting her nipples. After just a bit, I moved up a bit more, and slid the head of my cock against her clit.

She gasped a little, and I noticed she was still crying. I didn't say anything this time, but instead just slowly pushed my cock into her wet pussy, little by little, until I was all the way inside her.

She let out a little 'yes' as she exhaled. I pulled out and slowly moved in and out, kissing her as I did. After a few strokes I got a good rhythm going, and I could see the tears were gone, replaced with a need and lustfulness I had never seen in my dear young cousin. After a bit, I told her that if she really wanted this to work, she should get on top of me, and ride my cock.

She blushed a little at what I said, which considering what we were doing was a little funny, but I knew she was not used to this kind of language. She was a 'good' church girl, after all! She did as I asked though, and we switched places, with me on my back and her straddling my cock. She leaned over me and started sliding up and down my cock. I took the opportunity to play with and suck on her fantastic tits.

As I started to feel myself get closer, I told her to sit up straight. She did and I reached down and started rubbing her clit. I could see she was having a hard time staying quiet now, but she tried as hard as she could. She grabbed her tits and played with them as she rode me. It wasn't long until I could see and feel that she was starting to cum. As she finally did start cumming, I couldn't hold back any longer.

I grabbed her hips and pulled her down hard as I started cumming hard and deep inside my younger cousin's fertile pussy. It was an amazing feeling to be filling her hot little pussy with my cum.

After a few minutes, when I was not hard enough to stay inside her and my cock slipped out, she finally stopped moving up and down on me.

She laid down on me, and kissed me deeply, thanking me at the same time. We picked ourselves up, got cleaned up as we went back through the water to the other side, found what clothes we could, and made our way quietly into the house and to our sleeping areas for the night. I wasn't sure what the next day would bring. I had fucked one cousin when she was too drunk to likely know what she was doing, and likely did not remember anything, and another who had fully known what she was doing, and had a specific plan in mind.

How would they both react to me this morning?

The first I saw was the younger, who I had spent the evening with. She acted as cute and giggly as ever when she saw me, doing a great job of not letting on that anything had happened. When I saw my other cousin, she looked determined as she headed straight for me. I was starting to get scared as she pulled me over to a quiet corner.

She told me that she knew what had happened yesterday, as when she got back to the house and went into the bathroom, she was dripping with cum. She told me she couldn't believe I had done that, and when I started to apologize about the alcohol and not thinking, she stopped me and stated that it wasn't the act she was upset with, but that I lied to her afterward.

I didn't know what to say. Then, she broke me from my silence by telling me it wasn't fair that she couldn't remember anything, and would rather have a memory to go with the knowledge that we had actually had sex. I wasn't sure what to say, but she told me to meet her back where we were yesterday in 15 minutes. I nodded my head and watched her walk away. I made my way around a slightly different way to where we had been the day before. Once she arrived she looked around and suggested we go up into the woods slightly, so no one would see us.

I agreed and we found a nice little spot in the trees.

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She didn't hesitate at all. She pulled me close and kissed me deeply for a couple of minutes. Then, she dropped to her knees and hurriedly pulled my cock from my shorts. She smiled up at me, and continued to look up at me as her lips slid over the head of my cock. She hungrily sucked my cock for several wonderful minutes.

Finally she pulled away and sat back on the ground. She told me to take her, as she pulled her skirt up and spread her legs, showing me that she had no panties on. I kneeled down between her legs and moved over her.

I quickly positioned myself above her, and slid my cock all the way into her in one thrust. As I began moving in and out of her, she pulled her shirt off, allowing me access to her tits. Her tits were no were near as big and wonderful as her little sisters were, but she made up for that with more of a knowledge of how to use her pussy and hips. She hot pretty sweetheart punished and drilled hardcore bondage her legs around me and pulled me into her with each of my thrusts.

She opened her legs and told me that she wanted me to take her from behind. I pulled out, and let her move to her hands and knees. I positioned myself behind her, and pushed my cock into her pussy. I held her hips as I began thrusting into her.

She was really getting into it, and I could see and feel that she was getting close to cumming. I decided to see if I could push her over the edge, so I grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled back as I thrust into her. It seemed to work, as I could feel her body shudder and she let out a few somewhat loud moans as she came.

I began fucking her as hard as I could, and she continued to cum for a bit, until finally I couldn't hold back any longer, and I let loose with everything, pushing my cock as deep into her as I could.

I pumped in a few more times, letting everything I could pump into her dripping pussy. I pulled out, and she turned around and pulled me to her into another kiss. She thanked me, and smiled as she fixed her clothes, and we headed on our way back to the house.

As they were getting ready to leave, both girls came up to me, hugged me goodbye, and thanked me for a wonderful weekend. Each made comments about looking forward to the next family get together. On the drive home, I couldn't believe how lucky I had been over the weekend, in more ways than one. A few months later, both of them announced on Facebook that they were pregnant. The comments from their husbands showed that they were happy as well, and that they had no idea about the family weekend.

By the time of the Christmas family get together, they were both just starting to show&hellip.