Cute teen gal double penetrated by massive black boners interracial and gangbang

Cute teen gal double penetrated by massive black boners interracial and gangbang
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As Maverick stepped off of the airplane at the Melbourne Airport, he could instantly feel the warmth of the Australian Sun beating down on his neck. It was a different kind of heat, one that he wasn't used to. It was far different from that of the sun in Louisiana (United States). Looking through the crowd at the Customs counter he was anxiously looking for her. They had met online a year or so before but had never met.

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It was a strange kind of relationship they shared. She was a native of Australia and he was an American. They met through a mutual interest in the board game Battleship. Although they had agreed to never exchange photos, he was certain that he would know her right off. She had a witty sense of humor continually replying with "Bugger" when she lost a ship. Of course, being the deviate sort of man that he was, he would always say that she was "going down". But she could always see through him.

She knew what he meant, and would simply reply "You wish LOL". They shared a different kind of relationship than others they have had in the past.

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They could talk for hours and never run out of things to say. They would talk about personal things they have been through and their visions of the future. After he cleared the customs counter, he spotted her. She was indeed wearing the prearranged red skirt and matching blouse. Although there were 3 women in the Airport Lobby wearing a red skirt and matching blouses, it was unmistakable which one was Maverick's Australian Angel.

Even before he saw the book, he knew. There was a certain essence surrounding her that couldn't compare to any other person in the world. He walked up to her and they just knew.

Without saying a word, she put down the book she was carrying that would identify her as "The One". It was then that they embraced in a hug tighter, yet softer than anything they have ever experienced. After what seemed like a lifetime, they were finally in each others arms. She reached down and retrieved the book she was carrying, "Harp in The South" by Ruth Park, and presented it to Maverick.

With a devilish looked on her face, it was then that she simply said, "Hi, I'm Lily". Maverick couldn't help but pick her up off of the floor and embrace her again. After short salutations, they went out of the Airport lobby area and located the limousine he had chartered for the trip. Once in the car, Maverick instructed the driver to take them to Stoney Point. Although the trip had obviously been prearranged, their destination was known only to Maverick. Lily knew only that she had promised him that if he could get away to Australia for a visit, she would make herself available to him so they can finally meet in person.

With her job, it wasn't uncommon that she would take business trips for days at a time. This would ensure that her husband's suspicions wouldn't flame up so to speak. While in the back of the Limousine, they sipped on a bottle of Dom Perignon Rose Champagne. At $325.00 (US) per bottle, it wasn't often that Maverick was able to enjoy the "Finer things in life".

But what better time to start spending his hard earned money. Lily was definitely worth every penny that he was going to spend on this trip to Australia. After a few glasses of "Bubbly", Maverick leaned over and caressed Lily's cheek. All he could think about was how perfect she appeared.

In every way. He lightly brushed away her dark hair that had settled over her shoulder. Without even giving it a second thought, he leaned over and lightly amateur teens get fucked in the kitchen by their boyfriends her. Prior to the trip, they had both agreed that this was to be a strictly plutonic visit.

They had both agreed to this due to the fact that they were both married, but obviously not to each other. Although the promise meant the world to each of them, he continued to lightly kiss his angel. She emotionally responded by touching his cheek. They both released a slight moan of delight.

Without breaking contact, they both moved closer to each other and their kiss became more passionate that either of them had ever experienced. After a few minutes of this, their passion was beginning to boil over like a volcano heating up.

She reluctantly broke from the kiss and reminded him that they had promised themselves that this wasn't going to be a sexual endeavor. He asked if she truly believed in her heart that he would travel 5 hours from New Orleans (Louisiana) to Los Angeles (California) to meet his 20 hour connecting flight to Melbourne (Victoria, Australia) for "Just a Piece of Ass". She knew in her heart that whatever happened during this vision had to be fate or destiny.

Then she asked herself, "Who am I to toy with destiny?" Without even answering his question, she leaned into him again and continued their kiss. After raising the privacy window separating the couple from the driver's view, Maverick leaned into Lily once again and started to lightly kiss her on the neck.

Little did she remember, but during one of their many conversations, she had indicated to Maverick that this was the one thing that she couldn't resist.

It drove her crazy. The harder her breathing became, the harder his became. After several moments of this, Maverick moved his left hand onto her blouse and lightly brazoz harmony reigns she shows you how t her breast. At this point, she knew that there was no denying the passion that she felt for this man. Even though she had been happily married for just over 5 years at the time they met a year ago, she felt such an unmistakable attraction to this man she knows only as Capt Maverick.

She knew that this was wrong, she knew that she should have never agreed to meet this mysterious man in person. Especially with all of the "Horror Stories" that are in the papers about "Cyber Stalkers". But how mia khalif and julianna vega hot xxx moving this kind, gentle, passionate man be one of those despicable stalkers? There was no way in the world, she thought. "Never looking back" she allowed him to caress her breast. The feeling was such that she couldn't help but feel a tingle in her most private of women's parts.

Not stopping any of the movements he was participating in, he leaned her further back until she was against the door. He then positioned one of his legs between hers. He could feel the heat radiating from her private parts against his leg. Continuing their ever growing passionate kiss, he gently rubbed her womanhood with his leg.

This nearly drove her "Over the edge". She couldn't believe she was doing this. She was married to a wonderful man but yet here she was in an erotic embrace with another man. As much as she knew she should, she just couldn't stop. She felt drawn to him.

She felt drawn to her Maverick on both an emotional and sexual level. It wasn't until he laid on top of her with his groin right in line with hers that she knew there was no turning back. He was obviously very erect.

She could feel his penis rubbing against her clitoris through their clothes. She can't remember when she had been so turned on. They began to gyrate in unison. Lily couldn't help but to moan in erotic passion at the feel of this man's penis rubbing against her.

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It felt to her like it was a bit larger than she was used to. Without warning, Maverick began kissing down the front of her blouse. After removing both of her luscious breasts, he continually licked her nipples then worked his way down her stomach.

His hands had moved to underneath her skirt and was rubbing her clitoris through her thin panties.

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He was extremely pleased at her reactions. She began to moan at every touch. He slowly moved down and began kissing her through her small silky panties. He couldn't help but notice that she was extremely wet. He removed her panties and began to lick her passionately. Once he inserted a finger into her hot wet love spot, she began gyrating against his face without any further thoughts of indiscretion. She was totally enthralled in the moment.

He inserted a second finger then a third while still enjoying the taste of her juices. It wasn't much longer before she was gyrating faster and faster until she began feeling the inevitable erotic pleasures approaching. She placed gorgeous pretty hottie gets nailed interracial and hardcore hands on the back of his head and pulled him into her while still gyrating.

This knocked her over the edge and she began to buck from a massive orgasm. The more she involuntarily bucked from the orgasm, the more he licked and sucked on her clitoris. As she continued to come, he began to rhythmically insert his fingers faster and faster while continuing to lick and suck her until she began having multiple orgasm.

After her orgasm had subsided, she sat up and unfastened his pants. This was the first time that she had seen the large penis that had so recently rubbed itself against her wet clitoris.

She pulled Maverick's pants around his legs and sat him up on the rear seat of the limousine.

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She straddle her Maverick and pulled his face into hers. She positioned herself on top of his penis and slowly lowered herself while kissing him passionately on the mouth. They both groaned as his large penis entered her wet vagina. It wasn't long until she was riding him like there was no tomorrow. The faster she moved on top of him the faster his upward thrusts came to met her downwards thrusts.

As she wrapped her arms around his neck, he moved his hands to her waist. They continued this until their passion and lust erupted in a sea of ecstasy. (TO BE CONTINUED)