Angie love oiled big tits ass continue on mypornox com

Angie love oiled big tits ass continue on mypornox com
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I was driving down the Highway one night in my big truck, up ahead a car was pulled over with hood I slow down and in the car all alone was one women.

I pulled over,knocked on the window and she got out. what a girl she had long blonde hair down to her waist and the prettiest smile I ever saw. she said she was out of gas.

so I offered to take her to the next exit and get some and get her on her way. we get headed for the exit she tells me she has just left her Boyfriend and was moving to her Moms house in the next state and wanted to start over again.

we reached the station and got the gas we got back to her car and got it going and we wave good bye and I get going down the road thinking damn she sure was pretty as she pulled out and disappeared.

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I pulled in at the next truck stop to sleep I had been driving formore than 8 hrs now and boy I was tired. around hour later there was a knock at my truck door and to my surprize it was her with a big smile and a bottle of wine.

she told me she ahd been looking for me o a hour or so.

she said she had forgot to thank me. so I invited her in.

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as we sat there talking, I could see in here eye's that she was thinking the same thing I was so I reached over and kissed those ruby lips, they were as soft as I thought they would be. soon we were in the back of the truck naked and I was as hard as a rock and she started to give me head oh she was the best, taking it all the way to the balls.

I started to feel a heat way down deep in my balls as she was working it in and out of her soft mouth I could see her in the moon light.

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as she worked it up and down. I felt that I was going to come like I had never done before.

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I exploded like a cannon she took every drop as we lay there together holding each other she softly stroked me. I started to feel it again so I reach down and felt her soft wet pussy and stuck my finger in and started to play with her clit she started to moan slow at first then more as I worked it back and forth,then I turned her and entered her from the rear her pussy was as soft as her mouth was.

I thrust fully in her and worked it in and out slow at first then faster and faster she was moaning erotic poundings for a cute pretty hottie matching my every thrust faster and faster her sounds must have been heard all thu the truck stop as she came and came over and over as I came in her we collapsed in a heap of sweat and cum we fell a sleep in each other arms to sweet dreams all night long and in the morning she was gone.

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I'll never forget her and that night as long as I live and will always be looking for that 1996 blue pontiac sunbird convertible every time I go thorough Georgia maybe someday I'll find her and My Heart.