Japanese pornstar fucks white guys whats her name

Japanese pornstar fucks white guys whats her name
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Megan had just got home from school on a friday and she had nothing to do no homework no cheerleading practice and no home football game to go to. she was all alone and here parents would not be home for another couple hours. megan was in her school uniform wich consisted of a red shirt and black and white tie and a short red white and black mini skirt with tall red socks and black shoes the typical school girl out fit.

megan was extreamly horny when she got home so she decided to go to her room and finger herself while she had the house to her self. she went to her room and pulled her skirt up and laid down on her bed and pushed her panties down to her ankles and started to finger her self megan wasent the sluty girl everybody thought her to be she actualy had never had sex therefor her pussie was extreamly tight.

megan put one finger in then tryed to put in a second one but she was to tight.

megan heard her door creak open and she jumped she thought that it was her dad but she was relived to find it was only the family dog zuce. megan got on all fours and started fingering herself she dident think much of zuce being in the room considering hehad been in the room many time when she masterbated she had heard of other firls at school fucking dogs and sucking dogs or getting raped by there dog but megan said that zuce would never to that to her.

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megan was on all fours fingering her self when she felt a cold nose on her anusand it shocked her when she looked back and zuce was behind her and he snakes his toung out and licked her pussie and her ass makeing her shudder.

megan decided to let zuce lick her but nothing else. she got on all fours and let zuce lick away at her small pussy and ass sending her into orgasim. then zuce stoped licking megan and befor she could stop hin he jumped up on her back and started humping her megan tried to stop him but he just bit the back of her neck and kept on trying to get inside her he finaly found her pussy and slamed up into her and broke right throught her hymen she screamed and started to cry as she saw the blood drpping from her pussy soon she stoped screaming seeing that it was no use zue was not letting up on his assult on her brutalized pussy.

about 15 min had gone by and megan started likeing the feeling of the big dog dick that was inside of her then acout 5 min later she started to feel his knot growing she had heard about how the knot grows and then when its full size the dog cant pull out of his mate for about 5 min and she started fliping out but it was tolate to stop hin his knot had grown to full size and it was painfull inside of her little pussy.

about 2 min after she fet the knot develope she felt zuce shoot his hot cun into her little pussy. after about another 5 min had gone by she felt zuce climb off of her and his cock slip out of her she started getting up and zuce jumped back on her she was ready for round 2 and she knoticed that it was almost time for her dad to arrive home from work but zuce dident cause he mounted her again but thistime he mounted megans little ass and she had never had anything in her ass she was still a virgin there 2 she started screaming cause it hurt her so bad she hated knowing that her dad could walk in on her anytime and she couldent do a thing about it.

just as she finished that thought her beedroom door opened and she new that it wasent the dog this legs on shoulder sex storys she knew it was her dad.

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he walked in and screamed at her calling her a little slut and a little whore and telling her how much of casting sex kitten leaves after hardcore sex and ass hole reaming dirty little bitch she was and she just broke out in tears.

her dad started undoing his pants and got infront of her with his dick and megan asked dad what r udoing and he said im punishing u "suck it now" and megan had no other choice but to suck him cause she new if she got up that zuce would bite her neck like the preveous time she tried to get up.

so she lowered her open mout onto her dads waiting cock and started bobbing her little head up and down on her dads big 9 inch cock. when zuce finished he culdent move cause yet again he had formed another knot in her causeing her to scream while sucking her dads cock cause zuce was trying to pull out but couldent when zuce pulled out it wasent long befor her pussy was filled with another cock but this time it wasent zuces it was much bigger it was her dads and she screamed for him not to do it to her and she beges him to stop but he just grabed a hand full of hair as he thrust into her tight fuck hole with every thrust megan screamed cause of the pain she was in.

her dad told her that he was about to cum and he was going to cum in her and megan screamed in the thought that she might get pregnant and by hall people her dad and she begged him not to and her dad just said ur a little slut u should like guys shooting big loads in ur tight pussy.

megan cried and said daddy please no but it was to late her dad just thrust into her and shot load after load into her tight warm hole. then her dad made megan suck him clean and he started getting hard again and he told megan to stock sucking he dident want to waist a good load in her mout he positioned her ass in theair and she new what was happening and she new she couldent take it but her dad dident care he just turned her around and pushed it up into her tight teen ass and she screamed from alll the pain and her dad said yea scream baby i know u like it and megan just began to cry from the pain and the thought that she was being raped by her dad.

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she felt her dads cock start to swelland she knew what was comming she was going to shoot a large load in her ass just like he had done to her pussy.