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I was very young when i started experimenting with pleasuring myself, and ended up realizing that sticking something big and hard inside my ass felt rather amazing. It was something that i couldn't stop thinking about, i wasn't even especially attracted to guys, I liked when they were gorgeous with smooth muscle brimmed bodies, but really I was only interested in their cocks. I always enjoyed being seen too, being a little dangerous.

When i went swimming I'd always happily wander around naked, noticing those who noticed me. It was exciting to have someone stare at my bare little ass in the changing rooms, sometimes I'd walk right past them to make sure they looked and watched me dry myself off.

I wanted to be hunted. So, when i turned 16 i had already been blonde teen gets cumshot pornstars and mature with myself, especially with the sex toy I'd swiped from an adult store i had sneaked into.

It was thanks to this plastic beast that when i went to get a health check up, the doctors noted some slight bruising around my ass, and so, after asking a few questions (i vaguely answered) they sent me to see the surgical team to investigate. It was a month before i saw the surgical team, although it was just the department head Mr Black, and it seemed pretty standard. He explained everything very simply, that they were concerned of possible trauma, that may have happened, but they weren't sure where from (of course, i knew).

He was a tall man, in his 40's, he was very masculine and i could tell under his shirt he was ripped. He could have been a model for the structure of his face and his graying hair.

I always liked a guy who looked like an attractive man off of a factory line, that way i didn't think of him as anything but a body with sexual hunger. Very animalistic. But alas, i was worried he may discover my secret pleasures, and i wanted them to stay secret. "So do you understand what we are concerned about then Robin?" "Yes, you think there may be some damage there, but I'm sure it's fine, it doesn't hurt, I've played around and it feels fine." He looked at me casually "You shouldn't be playing with your anus if you don't know what you are doing, lucky for you i do know what I'd doing." I shivered slightly and i think he noticed.

The room we were in was one of the larger examination rooms, with a large bed that could be positioned as they required, it even had stirrups with ties for arms and legs, something i hadn't seen before. "I've been doing this a long time, and i think i know what the problem may be, but i want to do a few tests to be sure. Now i will need to do a video examination, so, with your permission i will set up the video camera." He walked away as he spoke.

"Why do you need to record it?" I asked. "Just for reference and my records, it's very standard practice, I'm sure I'll catch your good side." "Okay." I could sense something in his voice.

I was excited now as he set up the equipment, especially with angela white jane wilde in smart house of horrors little joke, it made me feel like i was in the swimming locker rooms again.

The anticipation of knowing he would be looking and my naked ass was getting exciting. "Firstly, I'm going to inspect your anus by hand. So you will need to undress for me." This couldn't be right "You want me to take off my clothes?

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Why?" He looked at me with an attempted straight face "I need to gain access without interference and you don't want them to get messy do you? So just in case, take your clothes off please" It was reassuring enough. At this point I was starting to get butterflies in my stomach.

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I stood up and began to take my clothes off. He didn't seem too interested, he was just fiddling with the camera. So I just took them all off and created a little pile on the seat next to me and stood there waiting.

I felt so feminine and exposed just standing there. "Excellent, now, i want to you to kneel on all fours the bed, head facing the pillow and knees a few centemetres apart." I walked over to the bed, in the middle of the cold room, i climbed on minding the stirrups, kneeling down i faced the pillow and position my ass at an accessible angle. I was already excited and was worried i might start to get a boner. The idea of being dominated reminded me of fantasy's i had in the locker rooms as a young boy.

Being man handled and used between a few men. I began to be aware that he repositioned the camera so it was facing the bed at an angle focusing on my ass. I was always so pleased with how appealing it was, just perfect. And now it was the star of the show. Suddenly i heard him walk up behind me. It sounded like he was fiddling with equipment, so i looked back and saw him lubing up his fingers. He put his other hand on my ass as he inspected it "Now i noticed you have a latex allergy so i have forgone the glove, but i am perfectly my dirty hobby sasha sunrise von kerle benutzt to do so." "Oh.

okay thanks" "It should let me feel inside you clearer in any case, now take a deep breath while i slide." I didn't hear anything after that, as he pushed his big finger into my anus.

It felt strange as it wasn't my own hand guiding it, so i was refusing slightly, but then his other hand on my cheek squeezed harder and he pushed deeper until i relaxed. it was uncomfortable. He sounded pleased "There's a good boy, now i need you to relax, it won't hurt if you relax, think of something nice and relaxing." I couldn't talk as he pushed in slightly more, it felt like his finger was huge. The image of my fantasy popped into my head and suddenly my anus relaxed letting him slide all the way in and i moaned.

"Excellent, that's what we like to hear. Now let's begin." He started to dictate to the camera, which turned me on even more. "The subject has a healthy bottom, good muscle tone and skin texture, the anus itself seems to have no bruising or redness. " I moaned as he pulled back slightly. "There is good muscle activity of the sphincter around my finger, although further examination may be required" again i moaned just listening to him and feeling him move in deeper again "The patient seems to feel pressure against the prostate as slightly stimulating, although further verification will be needed, part two will commence shortly" He pulled his finger out slowly and i moaned as he did.

I realized that i was starting to get hard, and that i was trembling. He stayed at the bottom of the bed right next to my ass perched on the bed. "Now i need you to stay in this position for now while i prepare and ask you a few questions" "Okay" was all i could let out.

He called on the desk phone "Anne, could you call for my two juniors and the stand by surgical team for assessment please, could you also cancel any appointments i have this afternoon as i will be busy with a serious case, we will need complete privacy, i have all the equipment i need so feel free to head off home when you're ready." I was suddenly nervous.

a serious case? But, he has said it was all fine. I turned my head and saw him take off his coat and tie, loosening his collar slightly. I noticed sexe vierge avec du sang camera's little red light still blinking.

He saw me looking. "Looking great don't you worry yourself. Now make sure you keep looking straight ahead for me, i want you to answer some questions for me, diagnostic ones." "Okay" I replied quietly.

"You've never had an accident before have you?" "No" "It's help if you said Sir at the end, it will help me traning the audio. Okay, well, have you ever played with your anus before?" "Yes." I hesitated, but i was excited at how dominating he was, and so i played along ".sir." "Good, well it seems you may have done more than just poke around. is that the case? Have you been inserting things into your anus? Come on, speak up." "Yes. Sir" I said loudly. "Well that seems to explain the prior symptoms, but i think a full work out to check everything is okay is the safest course.

That's why my team is heading in. They can help me fully. Examine you." I was shaking at this point, with excitement. I could feel my asshole puckering with excitement and twitching along with my cock, which was now semi hard. I heard the others enter the room, one by one, i heard the voice of two women, very young sounding and then a lot of men, i couldn't be sure but there must have been at least 10.

I was too nervous to turn my head so i kept looking straight forward, trembling and listening. Suddenly the main lights were turned out and the surgical lights turned on. Black greeted them "This is Robin, and he is a classic case for being a bit too curious with his cream and coffee home sex party cunnilingus doggystyle what i like to hear." said one man.

"He definitely looks like an interesting case, how old is he? He looks like he has the ass of a 14 year old girl" said another. Black interjected "He's 16, only just, and yes I'm glad you noted his physique.

Now I will lead the examination, i need you all in your lab coats so please change. Ladies follow me. Bella, grab that bag." He spoke to them quietly behind me, i couldn't make out what they were talking about, but i heard them make some noise, as if taking off jackets, and then move round in front of me. They were young, they must have been 19, and they were extremely hot, tall, long legs, dark hair and a red head, they could have been sisters. And they were wearing very small nurses uniforms, and they didn't seem standard issue, they were revealing and far too tight.

"You're cute, that's how we like them." Said the redhead. "Now we hear that you need a quick genital examination so just roll over onto your back and we will begin." The other girl joined her "Now first you need to speak into this camera for me" she pulled another video camera out of a bag "and say that you agree to any examination we need to do to you, which will involve the surgical team, under Mr Black, inspecting, testing and probing you to reach a conclusion, and that no matter what happens you will keep the processes private and we will do the same.

so?" I couldn't believe what i was seeing and hearing, i could hear the men laughing in the side room, i could see the cameras, i could see Mr Black staring at my ass with a bulge in his crotch.

Could this really be happening? Maybe i was wrong and i was just distracted by my fantasy to see clearly. I'd heard of medical videos before, I'd seen arm and leg braces and stirrups before. They were medical professionals, legally trained, they wouldn't take advantage of my teenage desires would they? How could they even know i would be okay with this.

That's when i looked at the camera she held and said "I agree, to any examination or inspection. or probing" i was getting harder as i spoke with my trembly voice. The girls nodded, the Redhead guided me into rolling on my back. I could see Mr Black just standing there watching next to the camera.

Suddenly the girls were either side of me, Bella with her camera looking me up and down. "Lydia is going to perform the first examination, a test for any foreign substances. We could use the lab, but this is much faster. using her sense of taste" I wasn't sure i was hearing it right, and then suddenly the redhead, Lydia, was holding my cock and sucking it, with Bella getting a close up.

It felt incredible, whatever she was doing, i could see her taking my cock deep into her throat, her tongue whisking around the tip of my cock. it was incredible. After a few minutes, she stopped. Lydia looked at the camera "The test seems to show that there is no problem, however i think a further function check would benefit the patient" She looked at Mr Black and he nodded.

She pretty brunette stripping and fingering in stockings panties and stilettos off her dress exposing her tight body and small perky tits.

She climbed on slapping and fucking of a hawt whore of me with a straight face. I lay there completely still, afraid to move. She slipped my penis inside her vagina and began to rub back and forth. "It feels the appropriate size and strength." her rythm increaded slightly until she pulled off of me.

She shuffled slightly until my penis head pressed against her asshole. "Mmmm yes that's better, i can feel you better here." She pressed against me until i slipped inside her. It was so tight, and she knew how to move.

After a few minutes again, she stopped with Mr Black gesturing her towards him. I didn't want her to stop, i wanted to bury my cock deep inside her, but Bella made me to stay. Mr Black undid his trousers, bent Lydia over his desk, spat on her ass looked over at me.

"Now make sure you take note of how she behaves as it is important to your next test." He pushed his massive cock deep inside her, and she squealed with pain, and then pleasure. He drilled her hard and slow, then hard and fast. "Notice that she is receptive to my guidance. If she struggles against me i force her back how i want her. do you understand young man?" She was screaming at this point, i wondered if anyone could hear her. "Yes. Sir" I said, in awe, envious. "Good, then we are about ready to begin." He pushed Lydia over towards me again, i could see her eyes were watering, but she seemed turned on.

She sat in the chair where i had sat and Bella joined her, camera panning between myself and the room. Lydia started playing with herself whilst looking at me.

I was so turned on, and scared and nervous. mostly i was excited, at that point all i wanted was to be fucked like she had been, no kissing, no cuddling, just fucking.

I'd forgotten about how much i wanted to fuck her, now i wanted something i'd never had before. The Men came in from the other room one by one in fully closed labcoats and spread themselves around the room.

They were all similar to Mr Black, but younger, a couple of black guys, different heights, but all over 6 foot. The girls giggled with excitement as i looked around the room, still aware i was being filmed. Black stood back "These men are going to help me analyze the functionality of your ass, and I think we had better do an oral examination also, lets begin. Gentlemen, please hold his legs for me." Suddenly it felt real, it was intense.

Two of the men came either side of the bed and grabbed an ankle each, they lifted my legs in the air, stretched apart slightly. I couldn't believe how strong they were as they pulled me to the end of the bed. I had noticed that the coats they were wearing seemed like that was all they were wearing, just flowing against their bodies. "I'm just going to prepare you…" "What are you going to do?" I whimpered. He Smiled "Anything we want to, as you agreed." He lubed up his hand again, and with his other hand pushing on my thigh, he gently rubbed my asshole.

"I've seen plenty of cases like this before, a kid who loves playing with his ass, moans like a slut when I shove my finger inside him. Our job is boring, so when a little cock hungry kid comes in, wasting our time and getting turned on, we like to take some pleasure from the job. You could have walked out at any moment, said no at any moment.

So we are going to "examine" you however we like, all of us, and you're going to take it." I was nervous, I had only thought of him fucking me, I hadn't thought of all of them. I couldn't take on 11 guys could i? I started to panic "But I'm not sure if…" It was too late to back down now, and I knew it.

Deep down I knew it was a possibility when I saw them all walk in. Suddenly he pushed his finger inside me. I moaned and moved slightly trying to reach and slow him down, but two more men grabbed my arms.

One of the Men grabbed wife finds husband cheating with blonde bbw face "Have you ever been fucked before kid?" "No" They all started laughing. "Do you like the idea of us fucking you?" Black was slowly pushing his finger in and out of my ass, it was incredible, I felt so vulnerable and helpless, and yet I was enjoying it, the thrill.

"TELL THE CAMERA IF YOU WANT US TO FUCK YOU!" "Yes" I whispered. "LOUDER!" "YES!" I was completely in their hands now, every push of his finger was deep and slow, but then he pulled out… "Lets try two fingers…" when he pushed them against my ass it didn't want to stretch, I was so tight.

I relaxed and soon they were forced into me, and I moaned again as he pushed them in and out of me, gently and deeply. "Yes I think he can take it now." They picked me up off of the bed and I stood there watching as they all took of their lab coats. They were all indeed naked underneath, and they were all ripped, much bigger than me and they all had big cocks.

One of them walked towards me and I instinctively moved backwards away from him, only to bump into one of the others. A man looked at me "You aren't going anywhere…" He grabbed my arms from behind and pushed me towards the tied with cuffs and collar in black lingerie, he forced my head against the bed with my ass still standing in the air.

One of the guys from the other side held my arms down in front of my head. I looked to my right and saw another camera being set up, and heard Bella wandering around behind me with hers. They were all stroking themselves, but one of them was stroking my ass, and then with one hand on my hip and another on my ass he pressed his cock against my asshole.

It felt huge! "It's too big!" He pressed my head against the bed. He began pushing against my ass and I tried to manoeuvre my asshole away from his cock, but suddenly he slapped my ass, hard.

"For a little slut you are pretty reluctant…" He held my hips with his big hands, and began to press his cock against my asshole again, and this time he was too strong, and slowly it began to push in. It was massive, I'd never felt anything like it before, the rush as it was forcing its way inside me was indescribable. I could see the camera, and all the others watching. I noticed I was drooling and then I let out a loud moan.

"Oooohh my god… it's&hellip. it's… huge… ooooooohhhhhhh" I cried, and then it was in.

His whole cock was inside my ass, my cock was twitching and my hole was squeezing onto his cock. Suddenly everything began to happen faster. He started gently thrusting in and out of me. I could hear his deep groans "This is the tightest ass I've ever fucked… you have a tight little ass don't you" "ooooohh yes… your cock feels… huge" He started to move faster and I began to drool solo pussy performs wild orgasm all alone moan more and more.

The other men started touching me whilst stroking their cocks. I looked around and it was all I could see now. The one holding my hands kept rubbing his cock against them. It got more and more intense, and I was loving it… now I know why women love to be fucked like this, like an animal, like a little whore. All those times I'd thought about being dominated in the changing rooms were culminating here, this is what I wanted.

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I could barely stand up, my body was being pushed forward from the pounding I was getting until I was laying my stomach on the bed with my ass and legs hanging of the side getting ploughed. At times it hurt, and then it would stop and feel amazing, and I couldn't stop drooling. After a few minutes the guy in front let go of my hands. "He ain't going anywhere, he fucking loves it, fucking little slut, you like it don't you!" "oooh yes, yes I do like it…" The guy fucking me got harder and fucked me even more than before, I could hear the bed creaking as it slipped forward under my pounding.

I didn't think it could feel any more incredible until… "Oh shit I'm going to cum, do you want me to cum in your ass?!" I could barely speak but I managed to get out a "Ye.ess" His cock grew and I felt it, I thought son forces mom rape in kitchen would tare me in two, and with a final massive thud he came deep inside me, he shivered and I felt his cock spasm inside me.

I was dizzy with how amazing it felt.

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He pulled out and walked away into the other room, leaving me just laying madam teacher hot sex story half on the bed, my ass with cum dripping down it. "You're next Frank" Black announced. Another man came up behind me, I tried to push myself off the bed but the guy in front pushed my head down, but this time he held it there.

Frank grabbed my hibs, spanked my ass and then pushed his cock deep inside me, this time I yelped and moaned all in one, blowing bubbles in the pool of drool beneath my face.

He was fucking me just as the other man had, I could tell he was different, a different shape, slightly shorter, and hard as a rock. He felt angry, much more aggressive, this must be why Black didn't let him go first. His cock was sliding in and out of me, when I heard him shout.

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"Someone fuck his mouth!" Immediately another man, with one knee on the table started rubbing his cock against my face, while I was being held down by the guy in front. "I don't want to suck… oooooohhh" I couldn't concentrate, I had never thought of sucking a cock before, it didn't seem appealing. The guy perched in front of my face lifted the bed until my face was at the height of his cock, and then he pressed it against my lips.

"You had better open your mouth, it's for your oral examination" He fucked me so hard I opened my mouth just to drool, and the guy in front forced his cock in my mouth. It tasted salty, and fleshy, but not bad. He pushed it in and out, and I could feel it spasm, and suddenly I felt myself enjoying it, I wasn't pulling away, I was sucking on it almost wanting it.

Frank was loving my tight little ass now "Oh yes, you're a good little slut aren't you." "mmmm… oooooohhh" I couldn't talk with it in my mouth. And they got a rhythm going, in and out, in and out, faster and harder until Frank came as hard as he could in my ass. He waited there leaving his cock pulsing inside me whilst the man in milf loves to see horny guys get erections to her came in my mouth.

I felt it grow against my tongue until his salty cum filled me. As he pulled out it drooled everywhere, I swallowed some without thinking. And I was smiling and moaning. They walked off leaving 8 men. "Oh my odia desi budhi xxx vedio, that was incredible." I was talking to myself, only when I noticed Bella was next to me filming my reaction.

"Do you omi hat groe titten young old pantyhose more men to fuck you?" "Yes" I smiled "Please" "Tell them" I stood up and looked around, my legs trembling still and announced "I want you to fuck me". They instantly ran up to me and grabbed me, first they forced me to my knees so I could suck and play with all of their cocks.

I wasn't totally sure what I was doing but I began to enjoy it and they seemed to want me. Soon they stood me up and formed a circle as I bent over. They took it in turns, one in my ass, one in my mouth, and if I got close to cumming they stopped and spanked me, or held me by the throat. Soon a couple of them pushed me towards the girl on the chair, still playing with herself. She turned around offering her ass to me and I took it, I pushed deep inside her, and she liked it, not as much as Black but she liked it.

One of them came up behind me and pushed his way into my ass, it was unreal, I was fucking a hot girl while this guy fucked me. And then another went behind the chair so I could suck his cock. Both of them came within minutes. When they did they walked off leaving 6. Black hadn't joined in yet, I could see him watching with the camera recording.

The other five grabbed me, holding my arms and legs and dragging me over to the bed, they were being more rough than before and I was struggling against them, more for fun now. One of them grunted with horny rage "I like it when you struggle kid, it'll make fucking you even more fun!" So as they laid me on the bed I got up and ran to the corner, they all walked up to me smiling, hungry for my ass, and they could see me smiling.

They rushed me and although I struggled they spanked me, slapped me and dragged me to the bed, where they lay me on my back and tied my legs into the stirrups, and my arms into the restraints. Now I knew what they had planned. One of them climbed up on the bed between my legs, he pushed the stirrups up until my feet were way above me and my ass was totally exposed. He pressed the head of his big black cock against me, and drove it inside. Deep. It hurt but it felt good after a few strokes.

He was pounding me like mad, the bed was making so much noise, I was screaming from the pleasure, it was hard and fast and rough and brilliant. He came like a monster and got up and left. The next guy got on top and followed suit, he really got in there. My ass was swallowing him up now from all the stretching. He wasn't as strong as the last guy, and I heard myself saying: "Come on, harder, fuck me harder!" All the men loved it, and that guy came almost instantly seeing how much Poetic just ass seymore butts bradys pop productions wanted it.

And I wanted it. He left the room, and suddenly mr Black walked up to the bed, totally naked. He was the biggest man I'd ever seen, taller, more muscle bound and with a huge thick cock. He undid the stirrups and I got off the bed. His cock was huge, and I felt like playing damsel in distress again, so I began to move away but the two others had already got behind me.

They dragged me to the bed again, one of them lay down, mr Black held me by the neck, and the other stood at the head of the bed. "Lets see what you can really do shall we?" He lifted me on top of the bed facing the man, who pulled me into a position so he could slip his cock inside me, and it felt good, the man in front of me pulled my head onto his cock and they began fucking me.

It was great, and then I felt mr Black crawl up behind me. He wouldn't try that would he? I started to moan to tell him no, but they kept fucking me, holding my arms and head.

And slowly he grabbed my hips, and pressed his cock against my ass. The other cock stopped for a second as Black pressed his along side. With the most force imaginable and with the loudest moan I could ever make he pushed inside me. It was huge, so huge! Both of them got a rhythm going, and it hurt like hell to begin with.

Then it was like a dream, being fucked by three men. I couldn't breath half of the time, I couldn't describe it. They all moaned. Black pulled out and let the other two cum inside me first. For a second I just lay there but the guy underneath me pushed me onto the floor with a crack.

I truly was just a piece of meat to them. I was on the floor, feeling dirty and shamed. Black grabbed me by the hair and forced me back onto the bed, doggy style. "Stay there." He roared. He tied my arms into the restraints and then took the ties off the stirrups and tied my knees to the bed too.

I was his, and completely willing. He got up behind me and spanked me hard. "Now let's put a final show on for the cameras shall we?" He slid into my ass, which now was dripping with cum, just like my face.

I loved it, and he fucked me like a wild animal, I screamed, and moaned, and begged for more, I could hear myself saying "please, yes, fuck me, fuck me sir…" but I couldn't believe it was me.

He pushed my face and chest into the bed as he got harder and harder. I could feel he was going to cum, and at that point I got so hard that I knew I would come too. I was screaming at the top of my lungs, and came all across the bed. He felt me cum as my ass clenched onto his throbbing cock, and then he let out a final moan as he came inside me. He didn't wait, he just pulled out and walked away. Bella walked up to me with the camera.

"If you tell anyone, it won't be fun next time." "Next time?" "Most boys pass out, or can't take it, most won't take it… they'll call you in for another "examination", and if word spreads there will be more of them, they own you now. I love watching them fuck a helpless little slut." She wandered off leaving me on the bed, still tied fast with my ass in the air. Black walked past, his cock drained of life "Someone will let you out soon, so just wait there.

I'll keep these videos for my record. I can watch myself fucking you whenever I want now, thank you for being a good patient." He walked out and turned the lights on fully, leaving me there, dripping in cum and juices.

It was 3 hours before anyone showed up, apparently the night busty amateur girlfriend webcam with huge facial european and big tits surgical resident was a fan of Black videos. So he came in, fucked me (at this point I would take anyone without questioning it) and then untied me. I was exhausted and just lay there on the bed a few minutes until I gathered the strength to get dressed and leave.

To this day I fantasize about that afternoon, and still await my next examination. I always check online to see if the video is there, but there is none, it's somewhere though.