Elephantsex fairy tales mia khalifa 7days ago

Elephantsex fairy tales mia khalifa 7days ago
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Chapter one Shoping for a specific item. It was a sweltering hot day, and Phil walked through the parking lot of the mall, he fixed his sights firmly on the fine tight-assed woman walking just a few yards ahead of him. He watched her hips swaying from side to side as she struggled to keep control of the 6 or 7 bags she was carrying, when suddenly one bag burst open, the contents spilling all over the ground. "Oh shit!!", the woman cried angrily. Ever the gentleman, Vito helped her out, and after picking up the fallen groceries, offered to carry a couple of bags for her.

"Thanks", she said, smiling, "I'm just parked up here." Vito had admired this beauty from behind and was certainly not disappointed by the view from the front. Her long, straight, brown hair, partially covering her face, with short bangs falling down over her forehead. Her smooth, tan complexion contrasted greatly against the bright white teeth she flashed when she smiled. Although an expensive pair of sunshades covered her eyes, Vito was sure he recognised this sexy woman.

He was about to say something when she asked, "Don't I know you??" "Yeah. You look kinda familiar too", replied Vito. "Oh. I got it!", she said entusiastically, "Didn't you just move 8th blue sky with sunny leone across the street?" "Elmvale Avenue??" questioned Vito.

"Yeah. That's right. I just live across the street and up one. I'm Jenny" "Pleased to me meet you. My name's Vito Scaletta." The two talked for a short while about the neighborhood before they reached Jenny's SUV, and they said their goodbyes and went their seperate ways.

Chapter two Invitation to her inner circle Later on that afternoon Vito was mowing his lawn and thinking about his gorgeous new neighbour. He glanced across a few times at her house with the SUV parked outside. There were a couple of kids playing outside, until Jenny's door opened and a man, who must've been the kid's dad, called them inside.

Vito pieced it together that jenny was obviously a married woman with 2 kids. As he kept mowing and thinking about this sexy soccer mom, he noticed her strolling across the street in his direction. "Hey there Vito!!", she shouted while waving, "You sure look like you're workin' hard." "Yeah. No rest for the wicked I guess", he replied while wiping the sweat from his forehead. Jenny smiled, "I was wondering if maybe we could borrow your lawnmower later on?" she queried, "It's just that our one broke down and Peter hasn't had a chance to fix it yet." "Is Peter your husband?" "Yeah, he's just been real busy lately, y'know." "Yeah, sure.

Well, of course, you can borrow it, I'll drop it over when I'm done here." "Thanks Vito. I'll see you later on so." Phil watched carefully as she slowly walked away, once again swaying her hips gently.

She wore a pair of tight-fitting denim shorts, that showed off her beautiful long legs, and a pretty tight, baby blue top, through which the outline of her nipples were obviously shown. Phil was getting more and more excited as he had talked to her and watched her walk away, and by the time she had closed her front door, he had a fully stiff dick. She really was a top class prick-tease!! Shortly afterwards, Vito brought the lawnmower across the street, and just as he was turning in the drive-way, the door flung open, as Peter and the two children came out of the house.

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Peter opened up the car before spotting Vito. "Oh, hey there. It's Scaletta, isn't it??", Vito Scaletta? said Peter as he stretched out to shake hands. "Yeah, that's right. I was just bringing this over." "Yeah, yeah, Jenny said you would" cut in Peter, "Listen, I'm in abit of arush, so if you just leave it around the backyard and I'll return it a.s.a.p." "Okay" hesitated Vito as Peter sped off in the car, with the kids in the back, without saying so much as a thank you or goodbye.

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Vito carried on, around the side of the house, and left the mower on the patioin the back-yard. The back door opened, just as he was about to leave. Jenny popped her head around and invited him in for a coffee. He could hardly refuse an offer of being alone in there with such a beautiful woman Chapter three The older the fruit the sweeter the juice.

"Your husband was sure in a rush a while ago" "Yeah, Peter's always rushing somewhere"replied Jenny as she stared into space, "His brother's in town for the weekend, so he's bringing the kids to meet their cousins at his mother's", she replied despondently. "That should be nice for them", announced Vito.

"For them, maybe, " she replied, "But I know what he's like when he meets up with his brother. They'll spend the eveniong going from one bar to another and I won't see him all night." "I wouldn't mind too much", she added, "but he seems to spend more nights away from home than he's here because of one reason or another, and me and him never get to do, y'know. . things.

anymore." "Things??" asked Vito, acting the fool. "Well. .it's been like.it's been nearly 4 months since we last had sex", she admitted embarassedly. "4 months", Vito shouted out, obviously shocked, "How could any man in his right mind leave you unsatisfied for that long." "Well, I suppose he is a busy man", offered Jenny. "Well, I'll tell you something", he announced, "If I was your husband, I don't think I could go guy bonks anal and cums on body hours without you." "Really??" she asked, obviously impressed.

"Absolutely, you're a very sexy lady." Jenny rose from her chair and slowly walked around the table to where Vito was sitting. As she walked she told him, "Nobody's said anything like that to me in a very long time." "You should be told that every day", Vito said. She placed her left hand on his right shoulder and gently pulled herself onto his lap, so that she straddled him.

"Y'know, waitnd for 4 months has made me a very horny woman.

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And I can see by the bulge in your jeans, that I make you a very horny man." "Well, if we both feel this way, we should do something about it", offered Vito. "It would be wrong not to", Jenny whispered, just before grabbing Vito's hardening cock, and thrusting her tongue down his throat.

The two of them locked in a passionate kiss, while she rapidly undid his zip and released his dick into her hand. Meanwhile, he was returning the favour, by trying to get her out of those tight denim shorts.

She stood up and wriggled out of them, standing in front of him in a light blue thong, the same colour as her top, which she flung off into the sink behind her.

"Fuck me right here, right now!!" she pleaded, "I've waited long enough, please, please, make me scream." Vito quickly pulled off his jeans and t-shirt, before tearing off her thong in a passionate rage.

Once again she straddled him. He tried to finger-fuck her first but she begged, "No, I need your cock, I really, really need your cock inside me, please!!" She was frantic now, and as he moved her gently onto his throbbing dick, she threw her head back in sheer relief.

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Slowly she began to grind up and down on his dick, as he lifted her up and down at the same time. Her amazing 34C breasts were just inches from his face and he began sucking and biting on her left one as she moaned and groaned as her wet pussy was penetrated deeper and deeper.

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After a few minutes her heavy breathing and groaning grew stronger and louder. He knew she was near her orgasm and wanted to make sure that she experienced it fully.

He lifted her up onto the table while he stood in front of her. He pulled her pussy closer to him and when he found his mark he penetrated again, thrusting his cock even deeperthan before. The experience was incredible for her as she finally climaxed, screaming out in absolute satisfaction, months of frustration finally released. Chapter four The Casanova and The Whore. Vito Vito thank you that was amazing!!!", she yelled. Exhausted, he fell back in the chair. However she wasn't finished yet.

She sat up on the edge of the table, wild-eyed and panting, "Oh, Fuck me again, Please, please pound my tempting virgin doll teasing pussy in bed like before!!!" He got up from the chair and walked in to the living room. She followed him. When he got to the long sofa, he stopped, turned around, grabbed her, and threw her exhilarated body onto it. He lay down on top of her and looked right in the eye, "Okay then, I'm gonna fuck you like a whore!" "Yes", she screamed, "Fuck me hard, make me scream again, oh god I'm so fuckin' wet for you." He entered her pussy lips again with his still-erect cock.

He pounded her even harder than before, pushing his whole body down as he forced his cock in.

He wrapped his arms around her fully spread legs as he penetrated further and quicker. He pounded her wet pussy harder and harder, as she screamed and moaned, "OMG, it hurt, but it hurts so good, Don't stop, please, I'm nearly there, oh yeessss!!" Just as he began to cum, spurting out cum-loads all over her beat-up pussy, she roared in excitement as she climaxed for the second time i just 10 minutes.

They both collapsed in exhaustion, their bodies covered in their juices. THE END Well as for Vito Scaletta His Life ends there. I'll think of a new character as of then goodbye.