Breathtaking bombshell flashes oversized butt and gets butthole rode

Breathtaking bombshell flashes oversized butt and gets butthole rode
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Jesse was skinny, dirty fair blonde, with straggly hair and big full pink lips. He was the epitome of the cute innocent boy next-door type.

That was because Jesse was essentially the innocent cute boy next door. That was he was. Jesse had no big moment of reveal, no jaw dropping moment that he declared to himself that he was gay.

Instead, it was always a fact he had assumed he knew about himself always. He was always a little girly growing up. His thin reedy body adding to the effeminate way in which he often held himself. As a kid, he indulged in dressing up in all manner of clothes, but especially clothing himself in his mother's shocking red feather boa, a wide brimmed hat, necklaces and precarious high heels.

As he wobbled along strutting his stuff in the heels in front of the long full-length mirrors, Jesse would mimic the screen legends of old, pouting and posing, striking sultry poses without understanding the context. He did so normally only sporting a pair of plain colour y-fronts running his hands over his pale skin and snapping the elastic of the y-fronts for some weird sport.

Only in adolescence, he did start to attribute any sexual deviancy to his behaviour. Sporting his get-up in secret for fear his step-father would angrily rage that 'Boys don't play dress up.' But they do thought Jesse when it felt so nice! The sexuality to the scenario only hit Jesse when his cavorting about led to Jesse taking his first boner.

Then he figured there was lots to be gained from playing dress up. And the nice feeling about dressing up became a little more understandable. As usual, Jesse had been closeted away in his room when he had his first boner.

He was wearing only a pair of too small pants that he liked to wear when he dressed up. The tight feel of the pants against his groin pleased him for some reason. The way the tight material cupped his small pert ass and made it look in the expansive mirrors of his bedroom.

He was admiring his small lean body in the mirror as he pranced about in pair of old pink heels and an old pearl necklace, his mother thought she had thrown out, and frolicking with a exciting cum hole drilling action hardcore blowjob shawl rescued from a charity bag.

Striking poses for the imaginary paparazzi and licking his lips as he tousled his hair, rubbing and squeezing his nibbles as he played his hands all over his body. When he felt it happen . In surprise and wonder, he felt his penis strain against the fabric of his tight green y-fronts, an aching stretch of the fabric, a constricting entrapment of his beastly cock!

Ok, his cock was not beastly, but Jesse rather liked to believe it was. Rather his cock was average if not chubbier in width than other guys his age. Not that he had at this point looked at other guys his age!

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His heart had started to race, the drumming of his heart blocking out all other noises! He felt palpitations flood his body, a heat wash over him, making him feel sweaty and hot and . the word that came to him in that instant was 'horny'. The word 'horny' triggering an impish smile on his face even as he nervously bit his lip. His eyes bulged with the bulge that was forming in his tight green y-fronts.

He pulled back the elastic of the pants to savour the sight. His knees trembled as he took in the beautiful sight held within. He looked around wondering what he was to do.

He had an urge to photograph it! To stand at the window and shout at all the neighbourhood to come and view it!

Instead, he opted to savour the moment for himself, looking at himself in the mirrors and marvelling. Then with his first stiffy, he had started to rub the stretched cute eighteen year old asian luscious cutie of his pants initially necesito esto mas seguido mi amor video completo download link dubious care and ministrations.

He felt a surging urge to explode, to yelp aloud, to thrust and to rub and to pet and to squeeze his organ. His organ that had blossomed and engorged into a living python. It felt like the centre of his being and yet a separate entity to his body yet one that controlled all of his responses. Thusly he had sauntered up to the mirror pulling the pants down over his straining penis engulfing it with his hands and squeezed, pulled, rubbed, twisted and massaged the boner.

He kicked off the heels. Then he pressed himself up against the full-length mirrors that covered the built in wardrobe that lined his bedroom. With a desperate desire to seek some sort of satisfaction he did not yet fully comprehend, he needed to press his body and mostly his erect penis against the coolness of the smooth mirrors.

In doing so, he started to gyrate his body, moving it slowly against the mirrored surface. Then with a building crescendo of desire of animal urges, he had humped the mirror like he had seen his neighbours dog teen chloe couture feasts on big cocks of handymen the stump of the cut down tree in its backyard.

With laboured breath, he humped the mirror for the fucker it was. The pearl necklace clanging and jingling against the mirror and Jesse's body with every lustful thrust and grind. Panting heavily, Jesse grinded his adolescent genitals against the mirror, hugging it with his body, while the whole time his penis leaked with copious amounts of what he worried was piss but similarly cared not a whit for, only the pressing need to satisfy some basic carnal urge.

The precum surged out over the mushroom head of his cock. It slathered his cock, the mirror, the carpet and his legs with a promise and foretaste of what was to come. Jesse reached down to stem the tide but instead allowed the precum to flow over his hand and up to his face and to his nose and to his mouth he brought it.

He licked his fingers, savouring the taste and the smell, all the while humping at the mirror, stifling with great effort the moans that longed to escape from him.

Jess could feel a building volcano within. A surging roaring explosion awaiting the need to be expelled forcibly. Suddenly, his body arched in a euphoric spasm. He moaned aloud as he threw his head back. The pearl necklace clattering as he was thrown back. His shaggy hair hanging down, that not matted to his sweaty forehead and neck. His cock exploded with a jet of spunk.

A fountain of creamy goodness, erupting and shooting up the length of the mirror, plastering the glass, his belly and cock with glorious cum. His knees trembled and his body wanted to collapse against the mirrored wall and collapse into the ecstasy of the moment.

He grinded the mirror some more with weak feeble efforts as his energy and payload was spent. At his ankles, his green pants were now a sopping mess, covered in precum, escaped piss and tendrils of spunk. Jesse sank to his knees leaving a trail of oozing wet precum and climactic spunk.

An explosive burst on the mirror indicative of where his cock had erupted. Jesse put his back to the mirrored wardrobe.

He looked deliriously down upon his rapidly deflating boner. He massaged its ebbing virility as he licked his lips and wiped his brow of the sweat. The room was filled with a stale musky smell and a scent of spent spunk and sweat. Lifting his hand up from his cock he held it aloft to watch the cum trickles and glob over his fingers.

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He brought his fingers to his mouth and sucked greedily on them, licking and relishing the bitter salty taste of the cum. A deeply satisfied smile spread across his face as he fell into a satisfied stupor as the light of the evening sun filtered through the window to bathe his cum soaked body in its light. He was a devilishly angelic sight to behold. For a long time, Jesse just lay there propped up against the wardrobe, savouring the heat of the sun, the scent of his sexually satisfied body, and the euphoria that flooded his whole body.

With a self-smug grin he turned to look up at the spunk trail left behind on the mirror. For what reason it occurred to him, Jesse got onto his knees, feeling the wet patch of carpet underneath, and facing the mirror he started to lick up all off the spunk.

Pushing his face into the place where the greatest amount dribbled down, plastering his rosy red cheeks from exertion in cum. Once more, he massaged his now limp dick, relishing and revelling in his antics. He watched in the mirror as he caressed his own body, exploring the beauty of it, glorying in the after bask of sexual satisfaction. He picked up the green pants, now soaked, sniffing them, inhaling the stale starch smell of the soaked material.

Flicking out his tongue and licking the soaked cum covered material. He then used the pants to massage his cock. With alarm and great excitement he felt his dick begin to throb and fill once again with blood and lust. He continued rubbing and squeezing the head of his cock with the pants.

Leaning back, he braced himself on one arm as the other furiously jerked away on his cock. It raged once more. His hard on not as hard as the last time but still a triumph and thrill for the young Jesse. He started bucking his hips, thrusting his cock into his hand and the glove of the wet green pants. With more unrestrained moans he felt a mounting thrill through his body as once again his cock erupted in gooey cum.

Two sexy lasses and one stiff rod mere two teaspoon full this time, but enough to place Jesse in another stupor as he fell back on the bedroom floor. He flopped his arms back over his head as he luxuriated in the feel of the deep pile carpet against his naked body, squirming his buttocks into the deep pile and dropping his raised knees to the floor. His cock shrivelled in its satisfaction, the cum dribbling from its small tip.

In the setting sunlight, Jesse fell asleep to sweet pleasant memories and sweet dreams he only but could wish he could remember .