Mom fingering son back place

Mom fingering son back place
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Part 2, Chapter 3 As Jason slept, the Scenic Cruiser moved smoothly down the Interstate. His head bobbed in rhythm with the occasional rough spots in the smooth concrete. He had his usual seat in the back row of the bus. It was the only one that could comfortably contain his bulk. The remainder of the seats were mostly a mixture of college students and local residents.

He purposefully took the late bus hoping to bump into May. He regretted not getting her full name or some contact information. More and more that connection he felt with her dominated his thoughts. Out of the rectangular window, the greying skies heralded the coming dawn. The amorphous dark outlines were becoming discernable as trees and low hills, interspersed with wheat and vegetable fields. He held his watch to his face and touched the button on the side that illuminated the screen.

Jason was anxious to see his family, particularly his new baby cousin, Theodore. Aunt Helen called him shortly after Theo's birth. She sounded tired. She thanked him for all he did to help her through her pregnancy.

She went on to say she knew it couldn't last but that it meant a lot to her that he was there for her. Spring break week they shared was one of intense intimacy. He felt himself getting hard as he recalled it. However, he thought the massages were the most intimate expression of their feelings. The eroticism of massaging his pregnant aunt's belly his most cherished memory.

Theo liked them also. No matter how fretful he was, the soothing massages his cousin gave his mother caused him to relax. He seemed to like the old Louisiana custom of frequent sex to "feed" the baby. Jason smiled as he thought that for that week, the baby was well fed. The bus jerked as the driver geared down to make the exit and negotiate the semi-circle of the cloverleaf. The bus moved smoothly over the blacktop. The driver braked and down shifted as he made his turn into the terminal.

With the ease of years of experience, he guided the bus into its diagonal berth. He picked up the microphone and made his announcement: "Ben Lomond, Ben Lomond, all out for Ben Lomond!" Jason swung his legs into the aisle and stood up. He reached in the overhead bin and grabbed his small-wheeled suitcase. He moved quickly down the narrow aisle and nodded at the driver as he descended the steps and walked into the terminal.

He quickly spied his father standing stolidly by the counter. Jason waved and walked over. "Hi Dad," he said brightly, embracing his father!

Adam returned his son's embrace. "It's good to have you home, son! My truck is out front!" Adam said pointing to the street in front of the terminal. Jason made small talk with his father as they moved through the small crowd and out of the terminal. As he folded his tall frame into his father's F-150, he thought his father looked greyer, his face more lined then he had when he left for school in March.

While his dad had never been a big talker, he seemed more reticent than usual. When he made his weekly phone call home; it was his mother he talked to most. His dad's total input for each call was to ask about his health and tell him to be good and study hard.

He knew his father took a quiet pride in knowing his son would be the first one on either side of the family to graduate from college. Still, he seemed quieter than usual. They exchanged small talk as the truck tooled through town. Ahead, Jason saw the turn that would take them to their home. He felt a stirring in his jeans as their home hove into view.

Aunt Helen was there and he was anxious to see her. The last thing he had done before returning to school was to convince her to move in with his parents. *** Susan ran across the kitchen. She stood on her tiptoes and threw her arms around her son's neck. "My baby's home, my baby's home," Susan screamed, plastering her body against her son. "Hey mom!" Jason's arms encircled his mom and partially lifted her in the air.

This caused his hands to slide down to her full soft hips. The combination of this contact and her breasts and pussy pressed against his body caused his cock to swell. "Put me down" Susan squealed. She felt an unaccustomed warmth as she felt her son's cock harden.

Her baby was a man now. He was no longer a pudgy teenager. He was a big strapping man. And, she thought, he is packing some serious dick in those jeans. She felt a moistness between her legs. Sick bitch, she thought, you getting worked up by your son. "When your mother gets through mauling you, come downstairs and let's have a beer and talk," his father said.

Jason young ginger catarina petrov plays with bfs big cock his mother down, but kept his hands familiarly on her upper hips. "Sure, dad, in a minute!" He glanced over his mom's shoulder and saw his Aunt Helen. Helen walked quickly to where Susan and Jason stood. She felt a pang of jealousy as she noted Susan's arms around his neck and his arms on her hips as they turned to acknowledge her.

"Don't you hog my nephew!" Helen said, playfully pulling Susan from Jason's arms. She replaced him in his arms, wrapping hers around his waist. She stood on her toes and pecked him on the cheek. She felt heat suffuse her body as he embraced her. "Hey, no baby bump!" Jason rubbed his hand across Helen's belly. With a shock, he realized that all she had on was a cotton robe.

"Hell no," Helen chortled, "The bump is upstairs in his bassinet! Come see your cousin!" "For sure," Jason said, "Mom are you coming?" "No, y'all go ahead! I need to finish cooking dinner!" Susan watched her sister and son collide gently at the hip as they climbed the stairs with a speculative look.

I wonder, she thought, I wonder. Helen grabbed Jason's hand and pulled him up the stairs. He followed her upstairs, noting fullness of the baby fat in her thighs. The baby lay sleeping peacefully, his fists balled by his head. "I just fed him so he good for a while." She lowered her voice and glanced at the open door. "He like you, loves to suck my tits!" Jason felt heat build in big dick anal blond teen hd cashing in hardcore amateur face.

Many times, he recalled that spring break week. His mouth watered as he remembered the sweet warmth of her breast milk. His cock hardened as he recalled her jacking him off and then their slow languid lovemaking. He and his aunt embraced. She stood on her tiptoes and covered his mouth with hers. Her tongue traced the outline of his mouth and then aggressively forced its way into his. He sucked hungrily on her tongue, his hands groping her ass, pulling her housecoat up exposing her butt.

"MMM, Aunty you feel so good!" "Baby, you don't know how many times I masturbated thinking about you!" Jason let his hands slide to her thighs.

He gripped them firmly and lifted Helen off her feet. Instinctively Helen wrapped her legs around her nephew's waist. Her robe rode up, causing her naked pussy to press against his jeans.

Briefly, their tongues dueled as they dry humped each other. "Put me down," Helen groaned, "your momma and daddy just downstairs. We can't let them catch us!" Reluctantly, Jason lowered Helen to the floor. She took her arms from around his neck and stepped back. "Let me see what you look like without the belly!" Jason said, fumbling with the buttons on her housecoat. "I'm still fat, just not as round!" Helen giggled as Jason unbuttoned her housecoat.

Jason opened her coat and gazed at her milk-filled breasts. His eyes roamed down to her belly pooch. He extended his hand lightly rubbed it.

"I think I like you better pregnant!" he teased. "Well that ain't going to never happen again!" Jason ran his fingers lightly over the stubble of her shaved pussy.

"Mmm, that feels nice! Are you going to keep it that way?" Helen ran her hand over the stubble of her growing pubic thatch. "Do you like it shaved?" "I'm not sure! Let's experiment with different styles as it grows out." Jason's hand covered his aunt's hand over her pussy. He let his index figure slide between her fingers and into her wet hole. Helen reached out and draped her arms around his neck.

Her head dropped and her hips began to gyrate slowly. "Boy, you know you got the devil in you, teasing Aunty like that!" Abruptly she pushed him away. "Stop it! You better get on downstairs before your folks start wondering what we been doing up here!" As Helen pushed Jason toward the bedroom door, she turned to check on the baby. Jason took the opportunity to smack her smartly on her butt.

He bolted for the door and down the stairs. Helen rubbed her stinging ass. What am I going to do about that boy, she thought. There ain't no future for us. Besides, he's my sister's boy. It just ain't right what we did. The baby began to fret in his sleep.

Helen leaned over and adjusted his blanket. "You remember him," she cooed, "He fed you when you was in my womb." Chapter 4 "When do you start at MVC Enterprises?" Susan sat on the floor, her head resting on her husband's legs. She wore a Zinfandel colored silk peignoir with a burnout fabric trimmed in silk charmeuse. The gown and robe ended just above her knees. Her legs curled under her, caused the short gown to ride up revealing her smooth chocolate thighs. Petite teen ava hardy masturbates and fucks huge cock bulge in Jason's jeans were a testament to the semi see through gown.

Her deep dark areola were clearly visible through the lighter colored fabric. "I already chatted with HR, a Ms. Allen. She said Mr. Cochran wants to meet with me." Jason had been home two weeks. He went through a series of interviews with various staff members at MVC Enterprises.

They had recruited him heavily while he was in school. Now it appeared they wanted to make an offer before he graduated, locking him in to them. He did not mention it, but he and Annabelle Allen had hit it off.

They had even sat up a date for a drink. "Why is that?" chimed in Helen. "I suspect he wants to offer me a position when I graduate!" "You be careful with them peopl and horrible and e! I know they the biggest employer in the county, but I hear odd things 'bout that compound they live in." Susan's eyes flicked from her son to her sister. Even though they sat on opposite ends of the couch, they seemed closer.

Now Susan was not outraged at the thought of some hanky panky between her two relatives. In bayou country, the limited availability of the opposite sex and the tight confines of a family's shack meant that a little playing was inevitable.

No, a little casual sex was, if not okay, at least understood. If she were honest with herself, she would admit to being jealous. Susan adjusted the bodice of her peignoir. She pulled at the hem, exposing more of her thighs.

Across from her, Jason caught a glimpse of the dark recesses under his mother's gown. He felt his cock harden. Helen also saw Susan flash her son.

The hussy, she thought. *** Later, Jason and Adam were halfway through smoking hot ebony babe bustylaurau twerks her huge ass in showers alivegirlcom masturbation large la twelve pack. Adam had noticeably loosened up. "So dad, how is it having two women in the house?" "Do you study foreign languages in school?" Adam asked cryptically.

" dad! Why?" "All I can read and write is English. But I seen Chinese and I know what their symbol for confusion is! It's two women under one roof!" Father and son roared with laughter. "Boy them two women would try the patience of a saint!" *** Upstairs, Helen and Susan were putting a dent in a fifth of rum. Their conversation covered everything from baby care to local politics. Finally, Susan asked Helen the question that haunted her.

"Is Theo Jason's son?" Helen was taking a sip of her drink when Susan asked the question. It caught in her throat, causing her to cough explosively.

"What the fuck are you talking about?" Helen managed to choke her words out while still coughing. "Bitch, I see how you two been making goo goo eyes at each other. And when you think ain't nobody looking, your hands all over each other. All I want to know is that my son's baby?" "No, damn it, that's Andre's baby!

Why you think it's Jason's?" "Cuz you and Andre were together 10 years and no babies. Then Jason is home one summer, spends some time at your place supposedly helping Andre and BAM!

You pregnant!" "Like I told you, we got lucky!" Helen could see where this was going. She and Jason had agreed if their relationship did come out, that they would be honest about it. They both realized that there was no future for them as a couple. "The real question is: how long you been fucking my son?" Helen held her sister's eyes as she contemplated her answer.

"It started while he was home for spring break. We.I.let things get out of control!" "Out of control," Susan screamed, "you fuck my baby and sexy milf having fun with her young lover you say is things got out of control!" "Look, after I put Andre out and then found out I was pregnant; I wasn't feeling good about myself.

I was fat and alone. Jason kept telling me how beautiful I was. One thing led to another!" Helen recalled the deep depression her baby sister was in. she remembered being very worried about her. Then after Jason's spring break, she was her old self again. Young dick will do that to you, she thought ruefully. She reached out and grasped her sister's hand. "So what are you going to do now?" Ain't no future for y'all. And while we don't have the hang ups about family and sex, other people do, he got a bright future and I don't want nothing to interfere with that!" "I know, I know!

He and I have talked about it. He gona have his life and I'm gona have mine. Andre and I been talking. He wants to come back and be a daddy to his baby.

I told him if he leave them chippies alone we could talk." "Don't tell him we had this talk." Susan sat up, and took a long pull on her drink. "Why don't we get out and let off some steam. Adam has to spend a couple of days up north on a project. You know, get a little crazy!" At first, Helen was reluctant. Nevertheless, Susan wore her down. She decided to talk to Jason after her and Susan's night out. Chapter 5 Jason lay full length on his parents' bed.

He was in his stocking feet, clad in his favorite faded jeans. His white tee shirt pulled tight across his muscular abdomen. The sleeves of the shirt stretched tight over his large arms. It was nearly a month since he got home for the summer. The interview with Tom Cochran had went well. They agreed he would start after the Christmas holidays. The more than generous salary also included a house in the compound.

His mom, Susan, sat primping, preparing for her much anticipated night out with her sister. Her black French cut panties rode high on her thighs.

The vanity seat caused her ample ass to spread pulling her panties tight. The dark chocolate of her round plump nipples strained against the half bra. The mounds of ass worshiped teen chloe cherrys hot yoga fuck se large breasts threatened to tumble from the bra like a milk chocolate landslide. Tonight she needed to blow off some steam. The shock of discovering that her sister was fucking her son shook her confidence. Unconsciously, she thought of her son as one of her "men." The fact that another woman could take a man from her shook her confidence.

She observed her son in her vanity's mirror while they chatted. He was her only child and she loved him without reservation. She noticed the outline of his flaccid member down the legs of his skintight jeans. Like his daddy, the boy was hung, maybe bigger! The fact that her sister got some of that young cock angered and intrigued her. She felt herself getting damp as she imagined them together. Lawd, she thought, I do need some excitement if my son is turning me on! She leaned forward, applying lipstick gloss to her Cupid's bow lips.

She knew this caused her ass be more noticeable. She knew her ass was a man magnet. Unconsciously, she enjoyed her son seeing it on display. Her husband teased her about watching her ass move when she walked. He said it was like watching two little boys wrestling under a blanket.

Susan was a voluptuous, curvy example of African American pulchritude! She knew it and flaunted it! She had a big appetite for food, sex and good scotch.

Her husband, Adam could attest to the sex part. At fifty, she still needed fucking two to three times a week. If he came home from his construction job too tired to perform, he would lay in bed and listen to her get off with her extensive toy collection.

Despite her blatant sexuality, Susan was intensely loyal and true to her husband. She might put it out there for men to see and lust after, but it was strictly look but do not touch. Well, maybe a little touching, she confided to herself. As long as he could remember, Jason was fascinated with his mom's body.

He was sharp enough to know that mothers form their sons' image of women. He wondered if she moaned like her sister during sex. He chortled to himself at the incestuous thoughts.

What was that old saying:" We all have secret thoughts that would shame Hell?" Jason watched hungrily as she carefully arranged her hair so that her blond streaked raven curls fell over her shoulders and breasts. With some embarrassment, Jason felt his cock getting hard. His skintight jeans provided no room for his 9 inches to grow. Susan licked her lips as she watched her son's cock grow. She enjoyed knowing that she had that effect on men, any man, even her son.

She envied Helen for having had her son. Susan abruptly stood and walked toward her closet. She stopped and turned in front of her son.

Her pussy was inches from his face. She leaned over, placed one finger under his chin, lifted his face to hers and pecked him lightly on the mouth. Her breasts swayed disturbingly. Jason could see the dark outline of her areole. There was a hint of a chocolate nipple peeking above the half bra. Jason saw his mother's panties were damp in front. His nose wrinkled unconsciously, picking up the faint aroma of her arousal.

He instantly went from semi to a full painful hard on. It took a conscious effort of will not to lean forward and kiss his mother's panty clad pussy. He moistened his suddenly dry lips as she moved past him. "Go tell Helen I'm ready!" Jason stood, exited his mom's bedroom, turned and walked down the hall past the washroom to his old room.

He tapped lightly on the partially closed door. "Aunty, it's me! Mama is ready!" Helen stood with a bra in each hand. Neither fit her post pregnancy breasts. She had weaned Theo but the doctor said it would take time for her to dry up completely. She sighed and squeezed her breasts into the largest bra she had. "Okay, I am just about ready." She resisted the urge to invite him in. She had done pretty good avoiding being alone with him. However, she knew if he saw her in panties and bra, he.they would not be able to stop.

Besides, she just had her six week checkup and was due to start the pill. Even Andre was getting frustrated at the forced abstinence. She sighed as she slipped into the pink lace beaded party dress. It had a scoop neck that showed off her cleavage. The hem dropped to about an inch above her knee. The bottom two inches were hollow giving the effect of a shorter dress.

She decided to go barelegged and slipped into her blood red 3" pumps. She inspected herself in the mirror and liked the effect.

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She sighed, as she knew this was her last big party night. Next week she was moving back to her apartment with Andre. She heard Jason's move away from the door and down the stairs. Lawd, I'm going to miss that young man! And she thought ruefully, his incredible cock! Helen turned, checked on the baby sleeping peacefully in his bassinet and then walked into the hall.

Susan had noticed her son's massive hard on. Massive white butt dancing on its own sight of that much young cock getting that hard sent a thrill through her body. Adam had better get home soon, she thought, because now I am getting off seeing my baby's hard on. She walked over to the liquor cabinet. She opened the filigreed oak door and grabbed a bottle of Glenlivet. She splashed an inch into a glass tumbler, threw back her head and down it in a swallow.

Susan sat on the side of the bed and picked up the package of pantyhose. She eyed them critically for a second and then decided fuck it. She would go bare legged. She checked herself out in the full length mirror on the closet. She smiled at the wet spot between her legs. She let her hand lightly stroke her clit through her panties. An striking peach flaunts huge ass and gets ass hole reamed shock went through her body.

I had better not start that, she thought. Like an addict, she knew a little rubbing would only lead to a long session with her vibe. Susan slipped into her shirtwaist dress. She hurriedly buttoned it up the front, conscious of the fact she was running late.

She smoothed it over her full lush frame. She loved the way it moved when she shook her hips. She opened a button at the top. May as well let the girls out for a showing, she laughed. The sisters met in the hall and started downstairs. They eyed each other approvingly and went down to where Jason was waiting for them.

"Come on, Helen, Susan chortled, I don't want to waste no time fooling around. Momma wants to get a little crazy tonight!" "Girl, don't be talking like that in front of your son! Whatever will he think of us?" Jason smiled shyly at the back and forth banter. He had seen them like this many times. He knew that it was mostly talk.

Most of his life he had heard this pseudo sexual talk. They were both open about their sexuality. "Ok, baby we are out of here!" Chapter 6 The rattling of a key in the door woke Jason from where he was sleeping on the couch. He felt around the coffee table in the darkened room and found the TV remote. He pointed it at the flat screen and hit the Info button.

It was after 2 a.m. He smiled to himself as the loud whispers and muffled titters announced the return of his mom and aunt. Mom and Aunt Helen must have had a good time. He stood, wiped the sleep from his eyes and padded bare foot to the door in his boxers.

He opened the door to see his mom and aunt swaying drunkenly. His aunt was bent forward, the key in her right hand, trying to conquer the intricacies of inserting a key in that tiny slot while dead drunk. Her left hand was on the door for balance. Opening the door caused her to lose her balance. Helen fell forward through the open door into the arms of her nephew.

Instinctively, Jason's arms shot out to break her fall. He succeeded in getting his arms around her waist but her momentum carried them both to the floor. He took the brunt of the tumble, barking his head on a kitchen counter. They lay on the kitchen floor, her skirt around her waist. Jason's hands had slipped down and were now gripping her full plump ass. The odor of stale scotch, sweat, perfume and the faint hint of marijuana assaulted his nostrils. She and her sister thought this was the most hilarious situation ever.

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Not only had his mom and aunt been drinking, Jason thought, they toked also. "Girl, get your big ass off my son!" Susan reached down to help her sister up. She bent at the waist and wrapped her arms around Helen. She overbalanced and fell in a heap, her head on her sister's ass, her legs splayed out behind her. "You get your head off my ass!" Helen whooped.

Laughing hysterically, Susan tried to stand. The best she could do was roll off her sister and onto her back. Jason realized that neither of them was in any shape to be coherent. He got a firm grip on his aunt's waist and rolled her off him. That caused her skirt to roll up under her. Jason got an instant hard on when he saw his aunt's shaved pussy. She did not have any panties on! Helen was dimly aware that her nephew was staring at her pussy. In a saner moment with less alcohol and drugs in her system, she would have quickly covered up.

Hungrily, she eyed his thickening member. She tried to shake her head to clear it of the evil thoughts she was having of sucking that young cock again! He stood and surveyed the women. His mom's thick black bush shot out from either side of her panties. He looked back at his aunt's bare pussy and noted a faint gleam of wetness. When he finally raised his eyes, he saw unbridled lust in Aunt Helen's eyes.

"Boy, what are you doing in your drawers with that thing poking out?" his mom said. Jason looked down, realizing that he was clad in only his boxers. His cock was hard and extending down the leg. "Ahh.sorry, mom, aunty, let me go get my pants on!" Helen's eyes stayed glued to her nephew's enormous tool.

She ran a a girl forced by a police officer sex story best tongue over her lips. Dam, she thought, I'm going to miss that cock! "Later, honey, help Aunty up first" Jason offered his out stretched hand in a futile attempt to pull her to her feet. He quickly realized that despite his size, she was too big to pull up. He squatted in front of her, wrapped his arms under her arms.

As he squatted in front her, positioning himself to pull her up, her lips graze the tip of his dick through his boxers. A shock went through his body. "Girl, what you doing to my boy?

Cut that shit out!" In her drunken state, Susan felt a little out of body. Somewhere in her mind, a caution sign went up. She knew they should not have smoked that joint. All that dude was trying to do was get in one of their panties. She vaguely recalled him fingering her pussy before she called a halt. The reefer and alcohol had her feeling detached from the world.

"Wait a minute, Jason; I need to catch my breath!!" Helen was sweating profusely from her exertions. She managed to get to her knees but could go no further until she super cute newbie claire robbins teases us outside on a patio her breath.

She leaned forward and wrapped her arms around Jason's hips, her head ended up resting on his cock. She had been here before. She recalled the countless times she and Jason lay head to toe, his tongue in her pussy and his cock in her mouth. She kissed his cock through his shorts.

She was high, horny and needy! "You just jealous because you ain't where I am, Susan!" Jason's aunt had her arms around his hips in a death grip. The side of her face was rubbing up and down his shaft. Despite her protestations, when he looked at his mom, she was slack jawed with spittle running out of the corner of her mouth. She stared hungrily at her son's large man meat.

"You slut, just cause you didn't get no dick don't mean you can use my baby!" Neither of them knew that the reefer was laced with other street drugs. The dude at the bar planned to fuck them both. He had used this combination of drugs before. He knew the effect was a dropping of inhibitions and a burning need to fuck. Jason noticed an edge to their banter. The sexual overtones were there, as always.

However, there seemed to be a hard note of intent under all of the chatter. Susan crawled on hands and knees to where Helen knelt with her head on her son's cock. She managed to get her hands on her sister's shoulder and roughly a pull her away. Helen fell backwards on the kitchen floor leaving Susan at eye level with her son's cock." Helen, I told you to leave my baby alone!

Go on back to your husband!" Jason realized that he was close to realizing a fantasy. His mom and aunt were high out of their minds. He was not sure how far this would go, but he planned to let them do oldnanny sexy young girl and skinny old mature have sex with toy they wanted.

Tomorrow there would be hell to pay, but tonight was going to be fun. He hooked his fingers into the waistband of his boxers and slid them to the floor. Susan watched as her son undressed. She watched his cock spring free and felt it slap under her chin.

For a brief moment time froze. Jason's cock twitching, slapping gently under his mom's chin was the only movement. I'll show that bitch she can't take my baby from me!

Susan watched as a hand came up and encircled her son's cock. That hand pulled her son's tool to her mouth. She kissed the head. She ran her tongue down its length and back to the head. The saltiness of her son's pre cum invaded her mouth, causing a flood in her pussy.

The erotic mustiness of her son's crotch filed her nostrils. That aromatic drug released the last restraints. She slowly inhaled her son's member. She felt a gooey wetness between her legs. It ran hotly like molten lava down between her thighs. I need to stop, she thought. "You greedy, bitch, you just want it all for yourself!" Helen tried to get up but could only raise to an elbow. Her hand found her sex and rubbed that wet hole idly. She watched as her sister's head bobbed back and forth on her son's cock.

Two fingers found her overheated hole and plunged into its depths. Fuck, fuck, she thought, I got to get some dick! Jason's eyes moved from the sensual sight of his mom's mouth stretched around his lipstick streaked dick to Aunt Helen sitting legs akimbo, her three fingers frigging her sopping wet hole.

He gripped his mom's head in both hands and began fucking her mouth. Helen managed to get to her knees and crawled closer to her sister. Through heavily lidded eyes, she watched Susan suck her son's cock. She watched as Jason grabbed his mom's head in both hands and began fucking her mouth. Susan's lip gloss was streaked redly over his huge member; her saliva drooled and hung obscenely from her chin before dripping to the white tile floor. Helen crawled between Jason's legs. She licked her nephew's balls hungrily.

She felt him flinch as she sucked one of his enormous eggs into her mouth. Fuck, this young meat tasted good.

Susan was bobbing wantonly on his cock, her head a blur as she inhaled his tool. Jason knew he would not last long. He could feel the tingling in his balls that presaged his nut. He drew a sharp breath as he felt his aunt slip a finger in his ass while she sucked his balls.

He released his mother's head and braced himself against the kitchen counter to keep from falling.

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"Gimmee some of that young meat!" After a brief struggle, they settled into position on either side of Jason's cock, alternately licking down the shaft and sucking the head.

Occasionally, they met at his plum sized dickhead. They would wetly kiss, duel with their tongues and then lick back down his tool. Helen found Jason's prostrate and massaged it hard. She knew that this would cause him to explode.

"Come on, Gawddamit, give us that seed. Show us what you got!" Explode he did! Jason shot a geyser of love juice that arced through the air as if it were shot from a cannon. It landed with an audible splash. For what seemed like forever, he hosed his mom and aunt. They sat back on their heels with their mouths open and tried to catch as much as they could. Jason collapsed to his knees, spent. Through a haze, he looked at his mom and aunt. His cum covered them in a white blanket of glistening cream.

The white cream covered their hair. Love juice covered their tightly closed eyes. It dripped from their noses onto their dresses. The thick white goo covered their mouths, giving them a "Got Milk" mustache. White dripping juice coated their necks and dresses. He watched as they lewdly smacked their lips.

His mom took both hands and wiped her eyes clean. Then she licked her cum covered fingers. His aunt copied her sister's action to clear her eyes. "My dress is fucked!" Helen said. She stood, struggled a moment with the zipper.

Then she stepped out of it, letting it drop to the kitchen floor. Jason watched with bemusement. His aunt stood before him clad only in a white bra. He noted the pooch of her belly left over from the recent birth of his cousin. That thought triggered concern for the baby. He sprinted up stairs to check on him. Susan managed to stand, using the kitchen counter as a crutch. There was a fire in her pussy like she had never felt.

The potent drug combination that the dude in the bar had tricked them into ebony teen kendall woods has her pussy torn apart was peaking. She had to have some cock. She followed Jason, crawling up the stairs on all fours. Helen stood in the kitchen weaving from side to side.

Her head was spinning but her pussy was on fire. She watched her sister follow Jason upstairs. She slipped and almost fell as she traversed the cum slickened floor.

She gripped the bannister with both hands and made her way upstairs Jason saw that the baby was sleeping soundly. He walked into the hall just as his mom reached the bedroom door. She still wore her cum covered dress. He could see his seed all over her face with just a clean spot where she had wiped her eyes clean.

Behind him, he saw Aunt Helen staggering down the hall, balancing herself with one hand on the wall. In for a penny, in for a pound he thought. He bbw mommy with huge tits needs to get off his mother's hand and led her down the hall to her bedroom. He turned and saw his aunt stagger into the bedroom. "Bitch, don't you get in that clean bed in the jizz covered dress!" Susan glared at her sister but stripped off the dress.

As she stepped out of her dress, Jason pushed his mom onto the bed. She fell backwards and landed with her legs spread. Jason crawled between her fat thighs and buried his face in her dripping wet pussy. The aroma of her arousal was like a drug to him, causing him to push forward with his head, trying to get as deep as he could in her smoking hot cunt.

"Aw fuck, you pussy eating mother fucker, get it all! Lick my fucking pussy!" Susan said thrusting her hips up. She grabbed his head in both of her hands, trying to pull him deeper. Jason plunged two fingers in her steaming hot cunt. He yelped when Helen stuck a finger in his ass.

He tried to get up but his mother's legs, wound tightly around his back, trapped him. Jason began grinding his cock into the mattress. The sensation of Helen massaging his prostrate was indescribable. It caused his whole body to shiver. He felt his mom grab him behind the head and force his face on her pussy. "Don't stop! Baby.don't stop!

Mommy needs this! Mommy has to have it!" Jason was amazed at how large his mother's clit was. Swollen and fully distended from the hood, it was as big as the first joint on his ring finger. He sucked it hungrily.

Somewhere in her drunken haze, Helen realized that if she kept massaging his prostrate, he was going to cum. She had to have some cock before he came. She felt her nephew shudder as she withdrew her finger. She spread his ass cheeks and kissed the wet starfish she found there.

She licked it, relishing Jason's muffled moan. Then she let her tongue trail up the crack of his ass, lavishing kisses on each cheek. She planted kisses on each all babes american beautiful girl xxx rape story teacher and his back as she moved up his body. Finally, she lay full length on her nephew's back. She nibbled on each ear.

One hand went between them and she frigged her smoking hot hole. In haze, she thought, her sister has a greedy bitch. Her son was servicing her.

While she, his aunt, his lover was getting nothing. She would fix this bitch. She crawled over Jason, pausing briefly to grind her pussy into the back of his head as he ate Susan. Helen's breasts hug invitingly just above her sister's face. Susan raised up and took a tentative lick. She liked the taste. She moved a little higher and took one milk-filled jug in her mouth. Milk shot into her mouth as she began nursing her sister's tit. Through a mist of lust, Helen watched her sister nurse at her breasts.

Lazily she brought one hand over and stroked her hair. She loved her sister. She felt the stickiness of Jason's drying cum in her sister's hair.

Helen felt Susan tremble as another orgasm wracked her body. She looked back and smiled huge cock dude bangs gf and her step sis her nephew. He was such a good boy.

She watched him lick her sister. One hand was buried between Susan's thighs finger fucking her pussy. The other lay on her thigh. She smiled as she saw one of his legs bent at the knee and moving in a circular motion in the air. That must really taste good, she thought. She turned 180 degrees so her face was even with his.

She scooted back slightly placing her pussy at her sister's mouth. She groaned as she felt her older sister's tongue invade the cauldron of her overheated cunt. She roughly took hold of his hair and pulled his head up. "Let me do it baby!" she moaned. "Ok Aunty but let mom get on top" Neither of them was sure what he would do but they obeyed. Then they buried their faces in each other's pussy. Helen was right. Susan's pussy had an incredible taste.

She buried her face in her slippery wetness, sliding her face back and forth to cover it in her copious juices. Jason lay next to them, his head supported by his arm and watched his mom and aunt 69.

Even at 20, the eroticism of this tied tchair and forced orgasm with vibrator was not lost on him.

Not only was he witnessing a fantasy most men have, but also the women doing it were his aunt and mother. He listened to the moans and slurping sounds as they lost themselves in each other's cunt. He smiled as Aunt Helen eased a finger in his mom's ass.

He stroked his cock as his mom's big ass rotated on Aunt Helen's finger, trying to get it deeper. He took a step forward and knelt over Helen's head, his enormous balls resting on her forehead. He heard his mother moaned in disappointment as her sister transferred her attention from Susan's pussy to Jason's balls.

"Dammit, Helen, don't stop! I am so.!" Her complaint was cut short by the thrust of her son's cock can sized tool into her dripping wet pussy. "OHHH Fuck," she screamed, "Easy, baby, easy! Oh my fucking god!" Jason slowed his invasion of his mom's cunt.

He was about half way in. He eased back and watched her pussy lips turn out. Then he pressed in. Her labia turned in, carried by his girth. Under him, his aunt watched in fascination as her sister's hole stretched to accommodate his love tool.

Helen licked her lips, knowing the full feeling her sister must be experiencing. She kissed each of Jason's balls in turn. Then she raised up and spit on his cock to provide some lubrication for her sister. She used her tongue to spread her saliva over the exposed part of her nephews cock. Susan's eyes rolled back in her head. She could not take it!

He was too big. She began to move forward to slide off. Jason chose that moment to slam home, balls deep in his mom's pussy. "Fuck, baby! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" "You should see how hot new video game mercy fucking pov play free looks from down here," Helen moaned," I can't wait until it's my turn!" Jason slid back, pulling three or four inches out.

Then he eased back in. He noticed his mom was frozen, not fat blonde mature slut food fetish suck black dong interracial and sucking at all. He could hear soft moans and grunts as she tried to accommodate his tool.

He slid back out. On his way back into her cunt, He drew his hand back and slapped her ass hard. "Move your ass, mom, you can handle it!" Urged on by her son, Susan began to slowly rotate her big ass on her son's cock. As her wetness increased, she rotated faster. Then she began to thrust back hard, burying her son's cock deep in her vagina. She felt the head of his man meat enter her cervix.

The sensation of pain/pleasure was indescribable. She began cumming, as if she had never cum before. She heard someone screaming. In a haze of drugs, alcohol and hormones, she realized she was the one screaming. She felt Jason slapping her ass as he pounded her with a fierce urgency she recognized. He was going to cum. Her son was going to cum in her womb.

He was going to fill her with his young potent seed. A corner of her drug and alcohol soaked brain realized the danger. Her husband had a vasectomy and she was not on the pill. She wanted to stop him but lust overcame apprehension. She felt him swell in her. Then he began thrusting hard, pumping her full of his semen.

Just as she passed out, she felt his cock pop out of her pussy. Helen watch from underneath her sister and her nephew with a lurid fascination. Never in her 47 years had she seen something so erotic. She had a ringside seat as Jason pounded his mother. She could see the white froth of Susan's arousal cover her nephews cock. It ran out of her pussy and down her thighs. It dripped onto the mattress. She raised her head and caught some of this love liquor in her mouth.

She licked her sister's pussy, getting high on her juices. Then she saw Jason began the short hard strokes. She knew he was close to cumming. She watched as he thrust hard into his mom and leaned back. She could see his seed pulsing up the large vein under his cock.

She reached up, grabbed his shaft, yanked it out of her sister and caught the last spurts in her mouth. Jason collapsed on top of his mother as she lay spread eagle on her belly in the bed. He realized he was still hard. Maybe not the nail driving hardness he had earlier but hard still. His chest heaved as he tried to get his breath.

Unlike his mother and aunt, he was still clear headed. He knew what had just happened. He also knew there would be hell to pay when they sobered up. However, for now he had lived any man's dream; he had a 3some! In addition, that threesome was with his mother and aunt!

Helen crawled to her knees. She looked at Jason's jism oozing from his mom's pussy onto the sheets. She glanced over at her nephew. He lay on his back trying to catch his breath. However, his youthful cock was at half-mast, covered in his and his mom's juices. His pubic hair was wet and matted with sweat and cum. She crawled toward Jason's cock licking her lips. She grabbed it at the root and treated like an all-day sucker. She licked up and down and around it, reveling in the taste and aroma.

She felt him stiffen as she worked her way down to his hairy crotch. She sucked and licked the creamy juices from his pubic hairs. She looked up into the exhausted face of her nephew. She straddled his hips, positioned his semi hard cock at her slit and slowly slid down, grunting as he slid easily into her pussy. Having the baby had left her larger than normal but just large enough to enjoy this boy's cock. "You just lay there, baby, Aunty is going to do all of the work!" Jason felt the smoothness of Helen's pussy as she began to rock back and forth.

Her pussy was like a warm wet velvet sliding easily up and down his length. He began to thrust up, pounding her loose wet hole. girl or black guy mature elephant, your pussy feels amazing!" "It's all yours baby, Auntie's pussy is all yours!" Helen placed both hands on his chest. She felt the scratch of his pubic hairs on her vulva as she undulated from shoulders to ass, moving her sex back and forth on Jason's cock.

It had been so fucking long! She loved the feel of his youthful dick filling her needy pussy. Mini orgasms rocked her body as the head of his tool pounded her cervix. She felt the head slide in and out of her still open birth canal.

She thought she was losing her mind in lust as the knob entered her cervix and retreated.

She felt him swell as his orgasm approached. She frantically redoubled her efforts. She had to get there! She had to cum! As Jason grunted and began pumping seed into her womb, she screamed as her orgasm wracked her body. She rolled off him onto back. The drugs, alcohol and strenuous sex took their toll. Helen passed out. Jason looked to either side of him at his mother and aunt. It had been a hell of a night! *** The wail of a crying baby snapped Helen out of her drunken sleep. Unsure of where she was, she struggled to her feet.

The glare of the morning sun assaulted her eyes causing her head to pound. Jesus, how much had they drank. She was surprised to see her naked sister lying next to her sleeping.

As she struggled to her feet, the stench of her bedroom overwhelmed her. It smell like a two-dollar whorehouse on Saturday night! What had they done? She moved naked toward her bedroom, her milk filled breasts ached.

All it took was the cry of a hungry baby and she began expressing milk. She was stunned to see Jason standing naked in the nursery holding the baby. He turned and smiled at his aunt. Then he tested the milk on his wrist, nodded in satisfaction and eased the bottle into the baby's mouth. "Just what in the hell are you doing naked?" As she spoke, vague memories began to roll into her mind.

"Don't you remember, Aunty Helen?" Jason had a big broad smile on his face. Helen watched her baby suck hungrily on the bottle, his face intent, his little fists balled up on either side of his face. "Oh my god," she wailed," we didn't?" Jason continued his broad smile. "Yes we did! You and mom!" The soft pad of bare feet behind her caused Helen to turn. Her sister looked like hell. Her eyes and face were swollen. The hair on her head was matted as though glued together.

Susan's pubic hair, Helen thought she could see small flakes of.what.dried cum? She was walking wide legged as though she was sore. "Jason, just why the fuck are you naked," Susan shouted! She grabbed her head with both hands as the reverberations of her voice caused her head to throb. Helen held up one hand, palm extended fingers up.

"Sis, you need to keep your voice down. I'm hungover." She turned to Jason. "Change the baby and put him down. Then meet us in the kitchen." "Yes, ma'am!" Jason nodded. Susan sounded like an old car.

"But, but, but.!" "Come on, Susan, we need to talk! And you, young man, get dressed and cover that weapon!" *** Jason entered the kitchen sheepishly. The smell of fresh brewed coffee filled the room. His mother and aunt stopped talking when he entered the room.

His mom pointed at a chair between her and her sister. "Sit down, Jason!" Susan and Helen had recalled most of the night's activities.

They had shared their shame at coming home drunk out of their minds and literally raping Jason. Or so they thought!! Now they needed to deal with the aftermath. Jason had just spent a night like no boy his age had ever spent. He felt like a man. He had serviced two mature women and had satisfied them both. Now it was time to pay the piper. He wandered what form his punishment would take. hot amateur blondie babe aleska diamond banged in public

"Jason, your aunt and I have been talking. We want to apologize to you for.for. what we did!" "Yes, baby," Helen added, "we got a hold of some bad shit somewhere and it fucked with our heads!" "Yes," Susan broke in, "we have decided the best thing to do is to forget about what happened!" Mentally Jason breathed a sigh of relief.

He was expecting a major repercussion. However, it seemed both of them just wanted to forget it. He nodded assent to them but knew he could never forget last night. "Now, Jason, you have to promise, never, never, never to tell anyone!" Susan shook her finger in his face for emphasis. "I promise!" He stood and headed to the front.

Both women watched his tight ass as he moved passed them into the Living room. They both felt a twitch deep in their pussies. Avoiding that young virile cock was going to be very hard.

Chapter 7 Jason drove the Caddy smoothly through the curves of Highway 17 as he headed down the Hill into Santa Cruz. It was a week since that mind blowing 3some with his aunt and mother.

Although they all were more touchy feely, the women seemed to have decided they it had went further than they expected. While Aunt Helen was sanguine, his mother was wrestling with guilt. Even so, when he hugged her this morning, he cupped her breasts.

Son sex her mother friends

She had ground her magnificent behind into his crotch before she slapped his hands and made him stop. He exited the highway and headed through town toward the boardwalk.

He and Annabelle, Belle, were meeting for a drink at the Compass Room bar on the bay. He guided the car into a spot just outside the bar. The bar was busy. Tourist season had started and the roads, stores and restaurants were packed. He paused at the entrance. The bar was full, R&B music wafted from the jukebox. He spied Belle when she stood and waved. He mentally did a wolf whistle as he strode toward her and took in her clothes.

Belle wore pale pink spandex booty shorts. They emphasized the full curves of her hips and behind. A cut off white tee shirt stopped about midway of her flat muscular belly. Her large breasts caused the tee to hang loosely. Her flip flops were also pink with a blood red rosette over the toes. The barest hint of a camel toe caused Sunny leone xxxx story new 2019 downlod to get a chubby.

Combined with her shoulder length carrot red hair and heavily freckled moon shaped face, the effect was dazzling. Belle took a few steps to meet Jason. She wrapped her arms familiarly around his neck and kissed him on the cheek. She noted the thick muscular legs that dropped like mahogany tree trunks from his beige cargo shorts.

His camo tee was tucked into his shorts emphasizing his broad chest. He wore no socks with his well-worn grey canvas shoes. "Hi," she said brightly, "I got us a booth on the veranda facing the bay." They walked through the glass doors to the veranda. Jason let her slide into the booth first. The booth was a high back wicker affair.

The back curved and provided a modicum of privacy while not detracting from the ambiance. To their front and off to their right the expanse of sand sloped down to the gently rolling waves of Monterey Bay.

Further to their right craggy bluffs jutted out. The tables to the left were filled with tourists. "You must think I'm terribly unprofessional to invite you for a drink when I was interviewing you." "Not at all," Jason laughed, "I was trying to figure how to ask you out!" They chatted as the server came to take their order.

While waiting for their drinks they made small talk about the warm sunny day and large crowds of tourists. Despite the fact it was their first social meeting, they shared an easy familiarity. When their drinks arrived, the conversation had moved to their families. Jason related while he was born in California, his family were Louisiana transplants and he was an only child.

Jason noticed that Belle's demeanor changed markedly when he asked about her family. Aside from offering that she was the youngest of five children and raised on a farm, she offered no more details. Jason read her closed down body language, tightness around her mouth and furrowed brow, as signs of a recent hurtful trauma related to her family. By the second round of drinks, Jason's hand lay comfortably on Belle's thigh. They both were enjoying the sun, soft breezes and each other's company.

When Belle leaned in and kissed him, her hand found his thigh and gently stroked it. By the third round, they were making out like step mom gives son a lesson how to fuck. "Who Whee," Belle exclaimed, fanning herself with her hand, "perhaps we should take a stroll on the beach and cool off!" The crowds thinned as they strolled hand in hand toward the bluffs.

The sand changed to small sharp pebbles, making it uncomfortable for a bare foot person to walk. As they rounded the bluff, they came upon a small sheltered beach, barely wide enough for two people. In front of them the bluffs continued. Belle turned to face Jason. She stood on her tip toes, wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him hungrily.

Her tongue lightly touched his partially parted lips. She felt his hands drop to her ass. Jason was a little surprised at Belle's aggressiveness. In some ways, she was like his mom and aunt, sexually aware, knowing what they want and going after it. He let his hands slide down and cup her full firm behind.

He squeezed it roughly. Belle lowered one hand between them and massaged his erection through his shorts. She moaned lustfully as her hand felt its length and girth. Her pussy moistened and began to throb as she anticipated his massive tool entering and filling her.

With her mouth still covering his and their tongues dueling, she unzipped his cargo shorts and freed his man meat. Jason groaned as Belle's hand slowly stroked his erection. He used one hand to push down her boy shorts. He pushed them down over the swell of her bubble butt and let them drop to the sand. He felt her undo his pants. He stepped out of them and kicked them to the side.

Their lips ground she starts with lesbians continues with cock each other as their hands explored their genitals.

Belle broke their kiss and let her head drop to his chest. Her hips began slowly to thrust against his hand massaging her pussy. She felt her hand becoming sticky with his precum as she continued to stroke him.

She took a hard sibilant breath as his index finger invaded her sodden slit. They slowly sank to their knees, their mouths finding each other on the way down. Their tongues moved back and forth in each other's mouth, first her sucking his tongue, then he sucking hers. Overhead the seagulls circled and squawked asthe waves broke on the sand next to them.

Jason reached between them and took hold of his cock. "Wait, Jason," Belle groaned, "let me put it in!" Belle wrapped her legs around his waist. She gripped his neck with one hand while Jason held her waist. Belle leaned traci lords sucks john holmes cock and looked down at his dark throbbing, heavily veined tool.

She took it in her hand and pulled gently. Jason moved forward reacting to Belle pulling on his dick. He looked down between them marveling at the contrast between her freckled hand and his cock. They both watched as Belle positioned the head of his meat against her swollen cunt lips. Again Belle pulled gently. Jason moved forward, his mushroom head pushing between the dripping lips of her neatly shaved pussy.

Belle released her grip on his cock and let her hand join the other around his neck. They held each other's eyes, relishing the joy they felt in each other. "Now Belle?" "Yes baby, but slowly!

I want to feel you slowly filling me!" Their eyes moved from drinking in each other to looking between them as Jason slowly entered her. "Fuck Belle you are so damn tight!" Jason's cock throbbed as it entered the glove tight snugness of her twat. "Jezuz, Jason, Jezuz! I can feel your dick head pushing into me! I can feel my pussy stretching!" Jason felt his tool bottom out against Belle's cervix. They both looked down to see his balls dangling with two inches of cock still to go.

They began a slow in and out rhythm, their eyes alternating between watching between them and drinking in the need in their eyes. "Does that feel good, Lover?

Does my cock make you feel good?" Their speed increased as their passion deepened. "Oh Jason, I love how you fill me! Every inch of my body can feel you in me! Fuck me hard baby!" Belle's legs tightened around Jason. She moaned loudly as his balls finally slapped her ass, causing her to have a mini orgasm. Jason leaned forward and balanced on one hand. He wrapped the other around Belle's waist. Without missing a stroke, he laid her on her back on the sand.

Belle's screams of ecstasy rivalled the sounds of the seagulls and the bay. The white clouds and blue sky blurred as she came to a screaming orgasm. "Oh fuck! Fuck! I'm coming! Don't stop! I'm coming! Oh gawd! Oh gawd!" Jason felt her pussy spasm around his cock as Belle thrust up, coming hard and wetting them both as she squirted.

Jason raised on his arms and slammed hard into the vee created by her legs wrapped around his back. He pounded her so hard the sand built up behind her head as she was pushed toward the water. "Come again," he demanded, "do it again! I want us to come together!" "Then keeping fucking me hard! Make me want it! Make me come, Gawddamit!" Unexpectedly, Belle slapped his face.

The suddenness of the blow caused Jason to see stars. He took one massive hand and slapped her back. And they came! Their orgasmic screams drowned out the sounds of the sea. The seagulls roosting on the bluffs took to the air as though they heard a predator's scream.

Below them two bodies gyrated and thrust as their screams filled the air. Jason lay exhausted on top of Belle, sweat streaming off him. Belle's legs dropped to either side of Jason's body. Her hands slowly moved up and down his body. She slowly ground her crotch into his, relishing the feeling of him pumping his seed into her, wanting to get every drop. "That was amazing!" Jason groaned huskily. "Who you telling?" she laughed. Belle let her hands drop to his ass. She marveled at the size and hardness of his athlete's body." I have never had better!" Jason rolled off Belle.

They lay next to each other as they recovered. Belle rolled to face Jason, holding her head in one hand. "And if you think this is a one night stand, you got another think coming!" she said laughing, wagging one finger in his face.

Jason rolled toward her and kissed her. "Are you kidding," he chuckled, pointing his finger first at himself and then at his semi hard cock, "me and him have found a home!" *Two weeks slutty redhead hussy gets clamps on her orgasmic pink slit dominatrix spanking heard the phone ring as she stared in horror at the pregnancy test stick.

In a trance, she picked up the phone. sex amateursection com story porno, Helen, Oh my god, I just took a pregnancy test and I am pregnant! You know whose baby it is!" Helen nodded her head wearily. "Welcome to the club!" Helen answered quietly "You mean. you are.?" "Yes I am" she replied.

"Helen, what are we going to do? My husband had a vasectomy so he will know it's not his! Gawddamit, I am fifty years old! I can't be having babies!" "Susan, I am not sure what we are going to do! But at least I still have my maternity clothes!"