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A woman of 21 was walking down the almost dark streets of the cities less traveled streets. She had buttock length hair, which would be even longer when it was unbraided. She was a little heavy, but by the way she was built you couldn't tell that she weighed in at 260.

She looked more along the lines of 230. Which on the streets normally gave her an advantage in certain situations. Today instead of her normal outfit of a muscle shirt, sneakers, and slacks, she wore instead a six inch pair of stiletto boots, loose fitting mini skirt, and a tube top.

She strolled the streets casually and carefully surveying her surroundings she knew them well but after living on the streets since the age of 14 she had learned that letting your guard down can lead to terrible things. So she didn't do it very often. She watched has a black van drove past the only windows that could be seen through were the front ones. It looked like a company work van, one where they didn't want you to see what was in the back so the windows were non-existent.

That was the third time it had rolled past. Then a fourth, and then a fifth. On the fifth it stopped at an opening on the curbside. The passenger rolled down his window. He called out to her. "Hey can you help us find this address we can't seem to find it." "Sure." She called out and she walked over the chick with big tits enjoys playing with a hard cock.

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He handed her the paper on which the address was written. She read the address over, started muttering to herself. Then turned to the man. "This Is on the other side of town." The man looked at her wide eyed.

"It is? How do we get over there?" She started to give directions to the men when she heard the side door of the van open she had no time to turn around, before a knife was at her throat and a hand was over her mouth.

Then she heard a man whisper in her ear. "Do as you told and you wont get hurt." The front passenger put his head out the window. "Hurry up boys get her inside we aint got all night. We gotta be back by morning, the boys will be waiting for breakfast." One of the other men replied.

"Yes sir." 2 men came in front of her as the man that had the knife to her throat started pulling her back towards the van. The other 2 men helped lift her inside. The door slammed shut as the car lurched forward. One of the men grabbed some rope and tied her feet together tight.

The she was rolled on her stomach. Before he removed the knife from her throat and the hand from her mouth he asked her. "Your not gonna scream are ya cause I really don't want to have to kill ya." She nodded, and he removed the knife from her throat and the hand from her mouth. Then he said.

"Put your hands behind your back. She hesitated. "NOW!!!!" She did and almost immediately felt the cold steel of hand cuffs and the clicking of them locking in place. Her legs where then brought up and tied to the hand cuffs. She was now hog tied and completely helpless. One by one they cut off each article of clothing, except for the stiletto's. One of the men grabbed her braided hair and pulled her head up, and looked her in the eyes and said "Now open wide." She hesitated.

She was disorientated and confused. She had no idea what was happening. "DO IT NOW!!!" He growled at her. She opened her mouth wide and a gag was inserted, then buckled around her head. Then he looked her over. "Well pretty thing your not going to need these anymore. At least not until we sell you." Then him and the other 2 men in the back of the van began laughing, as the man slid her glasses from her face.

"You have a long ride ahead of you hunny night night." Then a damp clothe was placed over her nose and within seconds she was knocked out cold. The men talked amongst themselves through the 5hr drive to their place. The man in the front passenger seat opened a small window to the back. "Hey boys we're almost there finish getting her ready." One of the men said "Ok boss. Will do." It was a little hard getting the full leather hood on, since she was knocked out.

The hood was designed for the mouth to be open, but have the eyes and ears covered when wanted. When they put the hood on only the leather blind folds were still in place. The van came to a stop, and the side door slid open. It took all 5 men to get her out of the van. "Ok boys into the barn." "Yes, sir." The other 4 replied. They had brought her to what appeared to be a ranch.

With many acres of land. The 5 men carried her into the barn and around into a stall. There in the floor there was a pole that came out of the floor. It looked almost like a bird perch, and the height could be adjusted if needed. On the floor there were O bolts in the floor about 8 feet apart with chains attached to each one.

About 12 feet in front of the pole in the ground was another O bolt with a chain attached. "Put her on the floor. Fred go get the cuffs." "Yes, sir." Fred said and ran off to get them. "Ok we need to start untying her, get her stood up and bent over the pole." The men gina caranlydia hull in extraction 2019 as they we're told with much ease almost as if they had done this before.

They were bending her over the pole as Fred arrived. Fred rushed in and began placing the leather cuffs one on each ankle and one on each wrist and as each was placed another would step in and lock it onto the chain till all were attached.

The chains were still lose at this point, they wanted to see her fight as they stretched her out and at the same time telling her what was going to become of her pretty body.

"Ok. Bring out the smelling salts we only have a few more hours before they boys wake up and want their breakfast." Said the man in charge with a giant grin, looking the hung woman's naked body over. Fred brought in the smelling salts and put them under her nose. She jerked up, or at least tried because she couldn't go far with her hands chained to the floor. She couldn't see anything, she tried talking but her mouth was full of a knotted rope gag.

Then she started fighting the bonds in which held her, screaming through the gag. The guy in charge came up behind her, grabbed her under her chin and pulled her into him. "Now hun you really don't want to hurt yourself. Be quite and still and listen and then you will learn." He said to her.

Then he turned to the others "Tighten the chains take them as far as you can without seriously injuring our guest. We do want her to be able to play later this morning." " Yes, sir." One of the men replied.

He stepped in front of the woman and grabbed the chains and began to pull. The man let go of her chin and laughed as he watched her scream and thrash about. The man pulling on the chain pulled till her hands were within 4in of the ground in a diagonal position and locked it in place. Which left her nice round ass high in the air. "Ok boys we need to spread her legs too. They'll want a good look at what they'll be able to have." She couldn't protest at this point since they pulled both legs apart at the same time.

They spread her playing with me momes tits purn xxxx wide, till she thought they would break off her body and then the pulling stopped. The men locked the chains in position and then raised the bar in which they had bent her over till it hit her hips.

"There we go all ready now. I can't have you on the spex mature receives big cumload in her mouth before they see you." The man in charge said. Then she felt him rubbing himself against her ass, his cock getting hard.

Then she hears. "Hmmm. What ya think boys should we take her for a spin?" She heard all 4 say in unisons "Yes." "I get her first as always." "We know boss." "Good." The man grabbed her hair and pulled her head up, and said "Your going to take my cock and your going to the whole thing which ever hole I put it in even if I have to force it.

She heard the unbuckling of a belt then the zipper of pants. The gag was removed from her mouth and before she had time to catch her breath a huge swollen cock was forced inside.

"Suck on it bitch get me nice and hard so I can take that sweet tight ass of yours." She started sucking but it wasn't enough for him so he stepped forward as close as he could get. Then he grabbed a bigger chunk of her hair slammed his hips up as he forced her head down. She heard him moan as she gagged over and over again. He had forced it into her throat. She didn't think any man could get that big. He was all the way down her throat. She didn't know it but that man was 14 ½ inches and a little thicker then a beer can.

He started throat fucking her hard, letting her gag repeatedly for minutes, forcing her head to stay in place. After 2 or 3 minutes of throat fucking he'd let her up for a small intake of air and then force her down again. Laughing at her as he listened to her gag. "Good little bitch. You'll take this cock 5 times a day if not more and your gonna like it." She kept gagging as he forcibly throat fucked her hard. "MMMMMMM.

Good little whore I'm nice and hard now and your bent over, ass waiting for my big cock to take it." He said with his cock still down her throat. He pulled out of her mouth, and walked around behind her. "I'm gonna love this aint I sweety. Your ass never been taken?" The woman couldn't speak she just shook her head. "Good cause I'm gonna love to hear the scream." She could feel him rubbing the head of his cock up and down her ass crack but all she could do was pant after having been forced to gag for so long on his huge cock.

There was little warning as he lined the head of his cock up with her ass hole and thrust it in. She screamed a blood curtailing scream, as he force his entire 14 ½ inches inside her in one thrust. She began crying as he fucked her ass harder and harder. "Be a good little whore a take it all. Take it all you little bitch." The more she screamed and cried the harder and faster he fucked her.

"MMMMM. I think I could get used to you, bitch. You can take my entire shaft in your ass and mouth. MMMMMMMM." Then she heard him moan and could feel him shoot is load deep inside her ass. "Mmm. Yes baby just the way I like it." He kept pumping his hips till all his cum had been released and he had shrunk down. "She's all yours boys." He said. Then whack. There was a sharp stinging on her ass. The man had hit her with a riding crop. Then she could hear the other 4 fighting over her.

They finally agreed that 2 could fuck her at a time. One in the mouth and one in the pussy or ass which ever they prefer. She could hear them striping then she felt a blonde spinner in cutoffs sucks huge dick rubbing his man hood up and down her slits.

As if deciding which one he wanted. All of a sudden her head was pulled up by her hair. She opened her mouth there was no point in fighting at this point she was completely and utterly helpless and out number 4 to 1 maybe 5 to 1.

The guy forced his cock down her throat causing her to gag he held her there. "Ah. That feels so good. The constricting of your throat around my hard shaft. MMMMMM. Nice." The guy behind her decided it would be nice to take her ass too.

She could feel the head of his cock on her ass hole. He said. "Make her gag really hard well I force it in and keep her gagging the entire time man. I love listening to them gag on cock well I fuck their ass and I love the feel when the ass constricts with every gag." "Ready?" The other guys says.

"Yeah." And then he forced her head far down on his cock as far as he could. And the other guy forced his cock in her ass as she started gagging. They got a rhythm going one fucking her throat almost never letting her breathe but keeping her constantly gagging for the guy fucking her ass.

The guy fucking her ass was fucking her hard and deep. So hard that her hips hurt from hitting the bars that kept her from kneeling, laying, or sitting. The guy throat fucking her says "Freddy fucking a hot abused slut hardcore big dick almost ready to cum because I'm about to shoot a huge load down her throat." "Yeah, man." "Good." He forced his cock farther down her throat causing her to gag more and more till he shot a huge wad down her throat.

She could feel it dripping down. At the same time the other guy shot his load deep in her ass. The process was repeated except this time it was her throat and pussy that was being fucked. All she could feel was terror when the abuse was over. What will happen to me next she thought.

They had left the gag from her mouth she remained quite out of fear. The hood was still in place and she was in total darkness. She heard a bell ring several times. Shortly afterwards the shuffling of feet. Then she heard the man that had raped her first say. "Ok boys. We have a new mare just inside that stall. Take a looksy and if you like. she's yours along with any of the other studs on this property that want her." The boys came rushing into the stall in which she was tied and hooded.

Hands started groping and feeling her, being stuck inside her. "We wanna keep her. She's pertty. We can all take her before we eat right? "Yes you can. Just now I have to explain somethings to her before ya'll get started k?" "Yes, sir." They replied. "Girl I know you can't see me but you can hear me.

You are now the property of The VTP Stud Ranch. You will be fucked by whom ever wants to and any of the clients studs, that have paid to have their studs fuck woman on this farm.

You will get my stable hands twice a day. Its part of their pay. This morning after they are done with you I have several clients that their studs need a good fucking. If you survive this first round this morning come afternoon you shall be branded and made up to our preferences'. Ok boys she's all yours and remember you know which horses need the fucking when all of ya are done right." They nodded their heads.

"Good now get along get what needs to be done before morning meal done before bell toll." There were 20 guys that fucked her that morning 2 at a time each depositing their cum inside her.

She got a hard fucking, ass and pussy sore, throat raw from cock being forced in and out of it. Her ass and pussy dripped cum. Then she heard the clip clop of horse hooves. She felt its hot breathe on her ass and pussy as it sniffed her. Then it mounted her. Its huge member searching for a hole and as it found one she began to scream. "NNNNOOOO!!!! Please don't do this to me. Please." she began crying. Then the horses huge member found a hole.

The horse thrust is 17 inches and very huge girth deep into her ass. She cried out in pain.

The horse thrust harder and harder, faster and faster. It forced its entire cock into her. She felt as if his huge member would come out her mouth. The stud humped her faster and harder, pawing her back and leaving hoof size bruises. It seemed to go on for ever. Till finally she felt his throbbing cock pulsate and start to shoot wad after wad of cum till it gushed around his cock and out onto the floor. After he shrank he dismounted her and walked off. She let out a sigh. Thinking it was all over for now, but she was wrong.

In came another horse he to mounted her. This time the stallions huge member found her pussy. He thrust in and out, in and out, faster and faster.

With each thrust his member hit her clit. She tried at first to ignore it. She didn't like what they were forcing her to do and become, but she was overcome by the pleasure. Before the stud could shot its wad she let herself orgasm 6 times. Her 7th came when the young stud himself started shooting his wad inside her. His semen was to much for her small pussy cavity to hold and it soon gushed around his throbbing member which was still shooting off its load.

Then the horse dismounted and was gone. One of the stable hands entered the stall and said "Open wide." She opened her mouth and a rubber gag was inserted, it was then buckled behind her head, and then the rubber gag started getting bigger. It was being inflated. The man inflated it to the point where she almost started gagging on it. Then the hearing sensory deprivation device went on and every thing now seemed hopeless. She had no idea how long she had been left in the stall.

All sense of time was lost. She didn't know what was going on. Then she felt a hand on each side of her hips. She could feel a huge cock head being rubbed up and down her slits and then pushed into her ass. It slid in a lot easier this time as her ass was still dripping cum. She could feel the mans cock throbbing and he got more forceful with every thrust. As if trying to plunge is dick deeper inside her. Then she felt him pull out and jumped at the surprise of hot semen being shot on her hack.

A collar was then placed around her neck, her feet were the first to be untied, then her wrist. She slowly straightened up. Still in her six inch stiletto's she didn't want to fall over. Some one grabbed her hair and also the collar and pulled her along. She stepped carefully as she was still blindfolded and she couldn't hear either. They stopped and she was forced to her knees., and bent over. Her hands where tied down to a lower rail and girl on girl porn xnxx beautiful girl collar was tied to a rail just above that one.

Her feet were then tied together. From the outside view, the woman was tied to a fence her huge breast hanging free, her ass out. Near by there was a bed of hot coal with an iron rod sticking out of the coals.

One of the men puts on a heavy duty glove grabs the iron rod out of the hot coals and you can she that they are about to brand her like they would a cow or horse. As the man places the hot branding iron on her hip she jumps, but its mark is permanently burnt into her skin. Then another guy walks up with piercing equipment and begins to pierce each nipple placing a ring in each one.

As each one goes in a 5lb weight is snapped on. The woman is quivering in pain, and you can tell that the men are enjoying it way too much. The man that pierced the nipples slapped her tits causing the weights to sway back and forth.

She woman is now beyond quivering, she is shaking. They finally take the entire hood off of her. Then they untie her feet and take off her boots. Then they untie her from the fence and pull her oriental luscious hottie in underware cumshot lingerie japanese her feet.

Her knees are weak but they force her to hold her footing. She looks down at the ground and tears streak down her cheeks. They lead her to an old thick oak tree, where chains hang from one of the thick branches.

They tie her hands to the chains and hoist her slowly up off the ground, till her feet are a good 6 inches off the ground. The weights still attached to the nipple rings. She was shaking and crying from pain and the swinging made it worse. She looked up at her hands and then hung her head. A man came up behind her and in his hand was a riding crop. He brought it back and with a hard swing, smacked her across the back with it. Her head shot up and back and she let out a loud scream.

Her body swinging back and forth more. From the look on her face you could tell the pain was becoming unbearable. The man in charge walk up and stood in front of her. "Scream all you want. The nearest house from here is 100 miles away. There's no one here but us to hear your screams and we love hearing them." The man behind her with the riding crop smacked her back even harder the second time.

She screamed again and began crying hard. She was swinging faster now the weights on her brunette cutie has fun with a dick swinging along with her, causing her great pain. She hung her head again, crying hard. The man with the riding crop walked off and she was left to hang. Some time later she was lowered from the tree and lead to a fence.

She was forced to bend over, then they tied her hands to one of the lower rails. Spread her feet apart and tied them to the posts. The weights were left to free hang and caused her great pain. Then the man in charge walk up in front of her, grabbed her hair and pulled her head up. "Open wide." he says. She opened her mouth. "Good girl." He guided his cock into her mouth and then he forced it down her throat. She started gagging over and over again.

She couldn't breathe and he wouldn't let her. He fucked her throat fast and hard. Laughing at her as she gagged. "MMMMM. Baby that feels so good." he pulled out long enough for her to get a gulp of air and then his cock went straight back down her throat.

"I love the feel of the constriction of your throat around my cock every time you gag. Keep taking. Take it all bitch. Take it all." He became rougher and rougher as he throat fucked her. Letting her get less and less air as he forced his dick down her throat.

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She couldn't stop gagging on his huge member. "MMMM. Here it comes bitch. Take my wad and swallow it all." He thrust harder and deeper as he moaned well he released his wad down her throat. "MMMMM. So good." He continued to thrust till his cock shrunk. "Get her in the barn. Set her up for the next round." "Ok." A man came up behind her.

He untied he feet from the posts and then her hands from the rail. Grabbed her by the hair and dragged her into the barn, to the stall which she knew she had been in but never seen. She took a good look at the stall before she was forced to bend over the pole near the rear of the stall.One of the other stable boys came in and tied her hands in place, well another 2 spread her legs apart and tied them in place.

She began crying again.

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Attractive teens play with weenie on cam knew what was going to happen, and she didn't want it. The man in charge came into the stall. "Your lucky hunny. Normally you'd have to take the stable hands twice a day like I told you earlier but its getting late and we have a huge order to fill." He began laughing "Set up the camera's boys, gag her good, then bring in Charely.

Make sure to close the stall door behind you and then lock it." "Yes, sir." the stable hands replied. They began rushing about setting up camera's, and they forced the inflatable gag into her mouth. Then there was the sound of heavy hoof falls. She looked between her legs to see the hoofs and legs of a large draft horse behind her.

She watched as the stall door slammed shut and she was left with the behemoth, for the night.