Hot and ready for taking a mouthful of cum

Hot and ready for taking a mouthful of cum
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When I was 19 I had my first gay experience. I had been with a girl for two years or so and we had just broken up. I had been fantasizing about sucking cock, and getting fucked, since I was 18 or younger. Ironically my ex girlfriend had mentioned bathhouses weeks before we broke up; this peeked my curiosity even more. She had told me there was glory holes, saunas, hot tubs and much more. It just sounded very relaxing and laid back.

I never felt comfortable meeting someone online, or at a bar back then, so I figured the bathhouse was the best bet. So I went! I was shaking uncontrollably when I paid my way in. The rush going through me was intense, I almost felt light headed. There was techno music playing and dudes in towels every where. I went to a locker got naked and got my towel on.

I should mention that I was 21 6'3" and 170lbs brown hair and blue eyes and white.

I was a piece of meat in there and I loved it. Every guy was looking me up and down, I had never gotten that kind of attention from women. It was obvious I was nervous too. I walked around scoping the place out, it was nice.

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I started getting really turned on as I walked by the hot tub, and saw a guy's head bobbing up and down on another guys dick, the guy receiving the head was in complete bliss, it was hot.

I then decided to go to the porn room, where they had several videos playing with several sets of bunk beds all attached to watch on, and play on. I sat on the edge of one so I could make my way out quickly if need be. It was very dark, but as my eyes adjusted I saw a guy on a bunk on his knees bent over with his head bobbing up and down and amazing babe having hot group sex smalltits hardcore guys legs coming out from under him.

As the guy giving head got up I saw him gulp something down, and as he walked out of the room he wiped cum from his face, it turned me on so much, I wanted that! At that moment I looked to my left and saw a big black guy staring at me and jerking off, I looked away fast. What I had fantasized most about was big cocks, and especially big black cocks. I looked back and he was still looking at me. I was so nervous I didn't know what to do.

He walked over and sat beside me.

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His cock was so big and had a huge head on it. I wanted to suck it bad.

He started rubbing my leg. he then started rubbing my cock, which I wasn't sure about, I didn't even know what a bottom or a top was yet, and I didn't know what I was, but I did know I just wanted sweetheart delighting dude with fellatio smalltits and hardcore suck and be fucked. He started sucking me a little, which was really good but I just didn't get hard. He could feel me shaking and started rubbing me gently so I calmed down.

I reached for his dick and started stroking it, at that point I started to get hard and he knew what I wanted. He stood up so his huge black cock was in my face. I slowly started sucking it and it got harder, and then I could feel and taste his spurt of pre-cum spilling into my mouth. I didn't think I would be able to taste it. I got even more excited and started going faster and faster.

I started thinking about how many others had sucked his dick or had he fucked today. It kind of turned me on. I kept going faster and faster, I was finally sucking on a big beautiful black cock, I was so turned on. Then he stopped me because he was gonna cum, and I guess he didn't want to.

I thought I might have done something wrong.

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He then left the room. I decided to go check out the glory holes. there was a hole lines of booths with a video playing out side them all. I saw one guy getting his dick sucked and got really turned on again. I then walked into a booth and stuck my dick through the hole.

Immediately I felt an amazing blowjob. The softest lips with no teeth and pure moisture I was getting off on it bad. Just then the same black guy walked up and saw me getting my dick sucked.

He slid in behind me and closed the towel so it was just he and I and started rubbing his dick in my crack as I was getting sucked, and kissing xxx of boss and hot moms neck.

My eyes rolled back in my head; I needed cock in me now! I asked him to fuck me, and he said he doesn't do that, but his partner, who is sucking my cock will fuck me. I asked if I could suck his dick while getting fucked by his partner and he said of course. He then grabbed me and led me to their room. We got in their room and his partner, a small white guy, started sucking my dick again, and I started sucking the black guys dick, but he could tell I just wanted to get fucked.

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I had fantasized a teen girl vs double blt about being finger cuffed, I always loved watching porn stars getting finger cuffed and I wanted it too. The black guy told his partner to fuck me. His partner had a small cock, which was for the best for my first.

It was about 5.5 inches. I got on my hand and knees on the edge of the bed, he put a condom on and slid in me, I told them to be gentle cause it was my first time, and they loved it. As soon as the guy was in my ass he said "holy shit, that ass is tight!" As he banged away I started sucking that big shiny black cock again.

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He started gagging me on it and pushing my head down on it hard, which was new and weird, but I liked it. I then kept gagging my self to keep him from doing it too hard(these days I'd love having my throat fucked). The black guy kept taking his dick out of mouth to keep him from cumming.

I asked him why he didn't want to give me his cum and he said not yet. As they both pounded my holes I was moaning very loud, my dream was cumming true. The black guy looked down at me, I looked up at him with his giant cock in my little white mouth and he said "it's never as good as the first time." I found out later he was wrong. After ten minutes of using my hole his partner said "shit, Im gonna cum, I can't help it, that ass is so tight Im gonna cum." and he pulled out, and pulled off the condom and shot a load all over my back and ass.

Right then the black guy told me I could have his cum. I started sucking his cock harder and harder and 10 seconds later he blew a load all over my face. His partner started licking and kissing my ass, which made me explode all over the bed. I thanked them asked there names and went home. I decided next time I wanted bigger cock and Man fucks beauteous gal previous to gfs want to eat a load.

Thank you for reading. Please comment, because I have more stories to write and want to know how to make them better. They get much dirtier;)