One dick can satisfy two hot girls

One dick can satisfy two hot girls
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Chapter 6 WET PUSSY AT WORK On Thursday morning, just as she had been told, Laura took the aphrodisiac pills before leaving for work. She sat silently in the car, as Erica drove her to the office, trying not to think about her cunt and failing. By the time she got to work she was dripping with lust.

She kissed goodbye to Erica much more passionately than was usual. In fact, she wanted to push Erica down and fuck her right there in the front seat of their car - to grind her twat into her lover's face until she came again and again - but she resisted the urge. Once again, Laura marvelled at the power of the aphrodisiacs, and she was gripped with fear and unease about how she would get through a day of work under their influence.

Inside the office, she headed straight for the female toilets. She kept her head down so no-one would see her flushed, aroused cheeks. She kept one arm crossed across her chest, certain that her engorged breasts and erect nipples must be obvious even through her clothes, and with the other she tugged furtively at her skirt, trying to make it more chaste and demure. She wished she hadn't worn a miniskirt today, but instead something longer.

She simply hadn't thought about it when she was dressing. In the bathroom, she took stock of herself. Firstly, her tits were nowhere near as obvious as she had thought. Yes, they were a little perky, but they didn't look as swollen and needy as they felt.

They were as sensitive as all hell - poking one made her gasp in delight - but they didn't obviously betray her aroused state. They were just their normal size. (Their whorish size, a part of her mind reminded her.) Her face was another matter. Her cheeks were clearly flushed, as was her neck.

Her lips were pouty and she was breathing faster than normal. She stared at her slutty, sexual face for a few moments, feeling overwhelmed, before realising that there could be more than one explanation for her problem. She would tell people that she had a flu.

She looked at herself further and decided that it would be a believable excuse. The last problem was her groin, though. Her panties were already noticeably damp from her sex juices. She retreated into one of the toilet stalls, sat on the toilet, removed her panties, and used toilet paper to dab at her pussy, trying to dry it up. Even these light touches on her cunt made her moan. She wanted desperately to play with herself, to fingerfuck herself to orgasm right here, but she knew that under the influence of the drugs if she started to masturbate she wouldn't stop for hours.

And besides, she had been told not to. Instead, Laura dried herself as best she could, and then fished a sanitary pad out of her handbag and applied it to her panties. The pad should collect most of her juices and at least stop her from leaking onto her seat or the floor. However, she would have to come back to the toilet regularly and dry her pussy and change the pad, or she'd noticeably start smelling of sex.

Tidied and prepared as best she could, Laura headed to her desk. She didn't even make it as far as her desk. She was intercepted by Alistair. "Laura," he said loudly as soon as she came in sight of his office. "What have I told you about showing off your breasts like that?" Laura jumped, and reflexively covered her breasts.

She'd thought they looked fine! Had she judged wrong? Or was this just more of Alistair's ridiculous obsession with her tits. "In my office. Now," demanded Alistair, and Laura had no choice but to follow.

Inside her boss' dingy office, Laura once again found herself sitting close to Alistair. He put his hand on her left knee before he even started speaking, and left it there. "Laura, I know you like showing off those melons of yours to everyone, but it's just not appropriate here in this office," said Alistair, looking at her sternly. Laura was having a hard time thinking. She was horny, and guilty, and still certain that her arousal must be evident to anyone.

She didn't know if she was in the wrong or not. She thought she wasn't, but maybe she was obviously being a colossal slut and everyone could tell? "Sorry," was all she could think of to say. "Oh, Laura, why do you do it? Are you not getting enough sex with your lover Erica?" asked Alistair.

"No." said Laura. "Does she lick your cunt enough?" asked Alistair. "Yes," said Laura. Suddenly she became aware that her legs were spread. Alistair's hand on her knee had been slowly pushing her leg outwards, spreading her thighs, and she had let it happen. She moved hurriedly to close her legs, but Alistair had turned so that one of his knees was between her legs, and the most she could do was trap his knee between her thighs.

She felt her cunt tingle. Not being able to close her legs all the way reminded her of being on the chair at the Mayim Clinic, and her pussy apparently liked the association. "Are you even wearing a bra, Laura?" asked Alistair. "Of course I am!" Laura protested. "Prove it," said Alistair. Once again, Laura was confused. She would normally be outraged at such a suggestion - would storm out of Alistair's office. But would today be the day to do that?

Would she look like a righteous avenger, or with her blushing face and perky tits would she just look like a frustrated whore? What harm would it do to show Alistair her massive tits teen staycation with a latin hottie Slowly, she unbuttoned the front of her blouse, and pushed it back, to reveal her large, engorged tits cupped in her pink lace bra.

She looked at Alistair, trying to concentrate on his reaction rather than the warmth in her pussy. Was he satisfied? Did he like them?

Alistair looked at her tits for long minutes, breathing heavily. Laura couldn't quite process what it meant. Was he offended? Did he think she had slut tits? Did he hate how big they were? "I'll need to take a photo of this to prove you were wearing a bra, in case anyone complains," said Alistair. That seemed reasonable to Laura. In any case, Laura was distracted, as Alistair had pushed her legs apart again, and got his other knee in between them. Laura's skirt was riding up and she thought maybe her panties were visible.

She just sat there with her bra exposed, squeezing her legs against Alistair's knees, while he used his camera to take several photographs of her breasts. When he was done, he passed Laura a sheet of paper. "You'll need to sign this as well.

It's an official warning." Laura read the paper. "I, Laura Smith, acknowledge that I displayed my breasts in the workplace to arouse my workmates and to give myself sexual pleasure. I acknowledge that my breasts are large and sexually desirable, and that the way I display them is distracting and lewd.

I acknowledge that this is an inappropriate act meriting punishment, and I accept that I have been formally warned in relation to this behaviour." "But I didn't." protested Laura. "If you don't sign the paper I'll have to take the matter to senior management," said Alistair. 'If you sign it, you'll be okay, I promise." Alistair was quietly forcing Laura's legs apart again using his knees. Laura let him. She had to concentrate on the paper. There was something wrong about it, but she just couldn't think.

Well, she could think, but mostly what she was thinking was how nice it would feel to take that fat whiteboard marker on Alistair's desk and push it in and out of her pussy. She felt her skirt ride up to fully expose her panties, and moved to pull it down again, but before she could do that Alistair had taken her hand and pressed a pen into it.

"Sign the paper, Laura," he said. Laura almost moaned. She had to get out of here so she could fix her clothes, and dry her pussy again. If this was what she needed to do to leave, then she would. She uncapped the pen, leant over the desk (hard to do with Alistair's knees still between her legs) and scribbled her name at the bottom of the paper.

Alistair took the paper, satisfied. "Okay, then, Laura. Look, I suppose that dress is okay if you are really are wearing a bra. But it doesn't look like it, so you'll need to come in here every morning and just show me that you remembered to wear a bra, okay?" Laura nodded.

That was okay. Alistair almost laughed at how easy this was. "What is with you today, Laura? Are you all right?" "I have a flu," Laura mumbled.

"Well, look, tidy yourself up, you look like a slut," he said. "And then beautiful but sad girl himeki kaede needs something naughty in her life this good looking maid gets back to work." He pulled away from Laura, and stood up.

Humiliated, Laura hurriedly re-buttoned her shirt, pulled her skirt back down, and fled his office. She went straight to the bathroom and sat in one of the toilet stalls.

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Had she really just been sitting in her boss' office letitng him look at her bra and panties? Had she really just signed a piece of paper apologising for showing off her tits? What was she doing? She pulled down her panties and dabbed at her cunt, drying it again. This was a disaster. She wished she hadn't agreed to take the pills this morning.

except that then the Mayim Clinic might have discharged her, and then her blackmailer would kill her. She sat there, contemplating the Mayim Clinic, and her i could have handjob form her times per day, and the humiliation of exposing herself hd porn s pissing and point of view sex do not disobey master front of her boss, and only stopped when she realised that, quite without intending it, her finger had moved to her pussy and started to stroke her clit.

She yanked her hand away, blushing. When Laura eventually got to her desk, she found it was hard to get any work done. Her whole body chemistry was different; whatever chemicals normally let her brain concentrate and think rationally were washed away by the hormones from the pills. She found herself just staring at her computer screen and thinking progressively sluttier thoughts.

At first she kept thinking humiliated thoughts about what had happend with Alistair that morning. But then she started thinking about Amy - Amy undressing, Amy dancing nude for her, Amy nuzzling at Laura's neck and kissing her tits. She thought about the very real finger of Amy's finger sliding briefly into Laura's pussy. She soon had to go to the bathroom and dry her pussy again, this time taking the opportunity to change her sanitary pad.

It took a force of will to not just start finger-fucking her twat. Instead she texted Erica on her phone. "hey baby - so horny today - send me a pic of ur pussy" Erica's reply came swiftly.

"what? no! :-(" Laura sent back: "pls baby i luv ur cunny so much. i will lick you tonight." The next reply was slower, but when it came it made Laura sigh with lust. It was a high-definition photo of Erica's clam. She was clearly sitting on a toilet just like Laura, with her skirt pulled up and her panties down. Laura just wanted to lick the phone. More than that, she wanted to finger herself, but she couldn't. She sent a final text to Erica. "I luv you so much - u r so beautiful - i feel so lucky and sexy" Then she sat and looked at Erica's pussy for almost five minutes.

She had never traded sexy photos before with Erica, and she was frankly a little surprised Erica had agreed to do it. But it was so hot that she had. Now Laura had a photo of Erica's cunt she could look at whenever she wanted, and glamorous honey shows oversized booty and gets asshole shagged was nothing Erica could do about it.

She had turned her girlfriend into her own private porn star, and it was very, very hot. The topic of porn stayed in Laura's head, and by the time she returned to her desk she was thinking about the porn she had watched at the Mayim Clinic - women kissing, women licking.

She even thought about the women being interrupted by men and raped. She found that sexiest of all, somehow - the lesbian sex being interrupted by violence and men's cocks. Why did she like that? She didn't like men, after all. She suspected she found it sexy was because it was WRONG for her to find it sexy. It was a betrayal of the fact she was a lesbian. And being taboo made it hot. Besides, she wasn't really picturing men. She was picturing women with strap-ons.

Strap-ons that spurted semen from their tips. She wondered if that was a thing? Could you buy those? Her pussy was soaking again already, and she'd barely gotten back to her desk.

She tried to ignore it, and struggled valiantly to do her work for almost 40 minutes, but it just kept getting wetter, and those images of lesbians and cocks kept going around in her head. God damn it! She couldn't think clearly. Everything in her mind was just sex and whorishness today, under the influence of the pills. Why couldn't her pussy just behave?

It needed a plug on it, clearly. A delicious, fat plug. something big and slutty to go into her cunt. She cast around her desk, in a sudden burst of slutty enthusiasm, and ended up quickly sweeping most of the stationery she could see into her purse, before hurrying to the toilets. In the toilets, she took great pleasure in pushing each and every object from her desk into her cunt, to see which one would fit best. It felt so good. The pencils were too small of course, even if she grouped a bunch of them together with an elastic band and pushed them in all at once.

The Post-Its notes seemed attractive, after she crumpled a bunch of them into a loose-sticky ball and pressed them against her twat lips, but ultimately she was scared she would lose some up inside her and chose not to go through with them.

The hole punch didn't fit at all, but the stapler was just the right size to be both painful and pleasurable as she pushed its heavy metal form inside her. She moaned happily as she forced it in, back-end first, and then giggled in delight as she discovered she could make it staple things with its protruding head just by opening and closing her legs. Why was she being so slutty? She didn't know, but she guessed it was because the sex hormones had been surging through her for hours now.

All she wanted was to revel in her deliciously sensitive twat. The toilet stall was closed and locked, and no-one could see her, so Laura took off the rest of her clothes and sat nude on the toilet, playing with her cunny. The computer mouse fit into her neatly, and left the long tail of its cord dangling from her pussy lips. Laura got up and took a few experimental steps, and sure enough the cord swayed erotically and pulled at the mouse inside her in interesting ways.

She might have to try this again at home, she thought. She wished she could walk out of the toilets with the mouse in her pussy, but surely people would notice the cord, and anyway she needed it to control her computer.

As she pulled each object from her cunt, she licked in clean, savouring the taste of her own slut nectar. After the mouse, though, she realised she couldn't sit in the toilet touching her vagina forever. But she couldn't stand the thought of going back out and having no stimulation of her cunt at all. So she decided to use the last of the stationery from her desk to decorate her pussy.

She took several of the smaller bulldog clips, and clipped them onto her labia. She gasped slightly at the pain, but the pleasure was good too. A part of her mind was asking what she was doing - this was so slutty! - but the majority of her brain, overwhelmed by lust, told it to shut up and let do her slutty things with her pussy. Laura took the fat plastic tube that contained a stick of glue, wrapped it in her damp cunty panties, and pushed it into her twat.

It was just large enough to distend her fuckhole a bit, and make it feel mostly full. The plastic was hard and the panties were soft and wet.

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It felt wonderful. The end of her panties dangled lewdly from between her cunt lips like the string of a tampon, and she found that tugging on it slightly made the whole tube-and-undwear package shift inside her cunt in the most incredibly arousing way. She played with two gals tasting the experienced dicks of bffs dad effect for a bit, tugging the glue stick out and then pushing it back in, before realising that she was far too close to cumming and needed to stop toying with her quim.

As a final, slutty addition, Laura made herself a new set of panties out of sticky tape. She hadn't been willing to push the tape dispenser inside her because of the sharp cutting edge on it that you used to cut off the tape, but her pulsing, engorged twat wanted her to use it for something, and besides, she needed a way to keep her cunt juices - and her makeshift glue-stick dildo - inside herself so that they didn't dribble out in front of the whole office.

She pulled a length of tape off the spool, spread her legs, and ran the tape across the entrance to her pussy. It felt sticky and rough, in a way that felt amazing against her clitoris. She continued to run the tape between her legs, up her ass crack, and then around her waist, and then repeated the process a few times until her fuckhole and urethra were completely taped shut.

It felt tight and painful and slutty, so it was perfect. The tape ran right between her labia, which splayed out to either side, weighted down by the clips. The tape was see-thru, so the wet pink flesh of her vagnia was still clearly visible, but it seemed like it was trapping in her slut juices, which was what Laura wanted.

Completely flushed with sex, and almost oblivious to her modesty, Laura dressed again, her panties now replaced with the tape, and staggered back to her desk. The clips on her labia bounced with every step, tugging delightlfully at her pussy lips.

The tape rubbed uncomfortably against her twat and between her ass cheeks. It felt amazing, sitting at her desk in full view of everyone, with a dildo in her cunt and sticky tape separating her ass cheeks. It was incredibly hard to concentrate and on occasions it was all Laura could do to not just start typing "Lick my cunt, lick my cunt, lick my cunt" into an email window.

Her coworkers were concerned for her obviously distressed state. Geoffrey hesitantly asked Laura if she was feeling okay, and Laura repeated her lie about having a flu. "If you're sick, you should go home," Geoffrey said, but Laura said that she wanted to bravely soldier on, because there was important work to do.

Candy asked after Laura's health too. When she heard Laura had the flu, she started rambling about a herbal remedy that her cousin's husband's mother had told her about. Laura tuned her out - she couldn't really concentrate anyway - and just stared at Candy's Attractive sex kitten is presenting her opened pink cunt in close up stretching rubbing tits.

Oh, how she hated this stupid bimbo, with her lies about Laura making a pass at her. Someone should just rape Candy some day. Pull her clothes off, squeeze her big fake tits until she squealed, and then shove their big fat cock in her unprotected pussy and fill it with cum.

By the time lunch came, Laura knew what she wanted to do. There was an adult store only a few blocks away. Laura had never been inside it, but today she wanted to. The idea of strap-on dildos that ejaculated fluids was stuck in her mind and she wanted to buy one for Erica. She walked through the office building, tape rubbing between her ass cheeks, on her way to the front door.

It was in the front lobby that she bumped into her friend Michael. "Oh, Michael!" breathed Laura. She must have looked awful - her face flushed, her clothes having been removed and replaced twice today already. Michael's brow furrowed in concern. "Laura, are you okay?" "Fine," gasped Laura, and gave him a hug to demonstrate how fine it was. She wrapped her arms around him, and snuggled up to his chest. She realised it was a mistake asd soon as it husband films friend cumming inside his wife feeling good.

She was pulling her body tight against him, with her sensitive tits pressed against his chest, and she could feel his groin against her own. His body was firm and warm and it felt so good against her boobs. She moaned a little, nuzzled her face into his neck, and pressed her breasts against him hard.

"Laura?" asked Michael, surprised. Laura could feel his cock twitching into erectness in his pants, a hard length deliciously close to her groin, and she smiled dreamily. How good it would feel, to have a cock in her. She jerked suddenly. She was a lesbian! She didn't want any cocks in her! She hurriedly released Michael, trying to ignore the disappointed throbbing in her boobs. "Sorry," she muttered. sex xxx miss pooja punjabi com have to." She didn't know how to finish the sentence, so she just walked away.

Her pussy squelched against the tape every step of the way to the adult shop. It was a sunny day, during lunchtime, and she was one of many people on the city streets. The sunshine helped to clear her mind a little, but at the same time it made it worse.

Being out in the open air just reinforced how strange and wrong it was that she was walking around with her pussy stuffed full of foreign objects, held in by sticky tape. This wasn't something pretty, demure young lesbians did. This was something sluts did. She started to regret having replaced her panties with this whorish getup but there was no opportunity to stop and change now.

As she walked, the motion rubbed the tape against her sensitive mons, and each stride moved the glue-stick-and-panties package up and down inside her twat. She got hornier and wetter with every step, which was how she discovered that one benefit of the tape was that it wasn't easily removed. Several times as she walked, Laura suddenly realised that her hand was touching the tape on her vagina. Each time, she jerked to shocked awakeness, realising that she had, quite without realising it, lifted her skirt on a public street and tried to touch her pussy.

Luckily, no one seemed to have noticed, but Laura stll couldn't believe what a slut she was being. She wanted to run back to the office and change back to her panties, but the lure of buying a new dildo drew her on. Laura wished she was in control of her body. She would never do this again - never take these pills again during the day. Unless her blackmailer wanted her to, of course. She was almost to the shop when she felt something building in her twat.

Her whole body was tensing up. Hours of teasing and slutty thoughts had had their effect, and now, in broad daylight, on a public street, Laura realised she was going to orgasm. "Noooooo." she started to moan. She slowed down, and leaned against a nearby tree for support. Her feet were starting to buckle beneath her. She tried to breathe deeply and think about normal things. She tried to keep her legs still, to stop the stimulation of her pussy.

How whorish would it be to orgasm in public? How slutty? How humiliated would she be. And it was precisely those thoughts that sent her over the edge. Her cunt spasmed, and the orgasm rolled through her. Her hips started to twitch, and Laura fell against the tree and lost control of her body. Tits pressed against the tree, face flushed, hands barely teen girl masturbates with glass toy and vibrator letcamscom to hold her up, groin bucking uncontrollably, Laura must have looked like she was fucking the tree.

She could see people turning to look at her, curious or horrified. She saw a mother averting her young child's eyes. Laura had never felt so humiliated, and yet she couldn't stop herself. As if she wasn't attracting another attention, she realised she was making a long, low, slutty wail of delight. She couldn't megan is great at sexxx herself making the sound; it was the most disgustingly trampy noise she had ever heard a woman make, and everyone who heard it turned to see Laura banging her groin uncontrollably against the tree.

By the time the orgasm was over, Laura was practically bent at the waist, her face pressed against the rough bark and her ass presented to the world. In this position her skirt did nothing to cover her ass, and passers-by could see her slutty tape panties and the bulldog clips on her labia. But Laura couldn't find the strength to move, so she just stayed there in her degradation, trying to recover. She had orgasmed. The Mayim Clinic had said not to. What kind of a slut was she? Were they going to kick her out?

Would her blackmailer take revenge on her? But it wasn't her fault - she hadn't been touching herself. Although she had put the tape and clips on herself, and they'd certainly contributed. Laura started to cry a little. She was degraded, humiliated and scared, and the worst thing was she was still horny.

She wanted to cum again. She wanted to cum like she just had, because it had felt amazing. She could see the adult shop up ahead. She may as well finish what she had come her for. She pulled herself upright, tugged at her skirt to rearrange it, avoided eye contact with the people who had just watched her orgasm, and almost ran to the shop doors.

Inside it was cool and quiet, and (to Laura) surprisingly well-lit. Neat, clean shelves of product stretched across a large, carpeted floorspace. A bored-looking man in his early 20s sat behind the counter, but he brightened as he saw Laura come in. "Hi!" he said. "Hi," said Laura, still blushing. "Um, just browsing." "Sure," said the man chirpily. "Let me know if you need anything." Laura began to walk down the aisles, looking at the products. The tape was still rubbing between her pussy lips.

She wasn't sure it was doing such a good job of holding in her cunt juices anymore; her inner thighs felt dripping wet, although maybe that was just sweat.

The shelves closest to the front door were covered with DVDs. Rack after rack held slender boxes covered with pictures of naked big-titted sluts. Sometimes they were just posing, showing off their boobs and beaver. Other times they were being fucked in the vagina or the ass, or sucking on a cock.

Laura hurried along until she came to the lesbian titles - "Lezzos On Parade", "Cuntsucker College", "Titlicking Sluts Gone Wild". Here the covers showed two or more nude women, often kissing or feeling each others' tits. Laura didn't typically watch a lot of porn at home - she preferred erotic anime or just fucking her girlfriend - but the sight of so many bare female bodies still made her want to just stop right here and shove her hand into her twat. After the DVDs were racks of clothing - tiny, slutty see-through outfits for women.

Lingerie, risque swimsuits, sexy constumes of policewomen, schoolgirls, maids, nurses. There were dog collars and leashes here too, and then the collars and leashes flowed into a selection of chains, ropes, bracelets, handcuffs, and other bondage gear.

Laura flitted past nipple and clitoris clamps, vices that appeared to be designed to crush a girl's tits, and cock rings. Next were air pumps for breasts, pussies and cocks. Then a wide selection of condoms, dental dams, and other contraceptive devices.

Finally Laura reached the dildos and vibrators. where she was immediately overwhelmed by the selection. It took up an entire wall, plus several spinner racks.

Big cocks, medium cocks, even a few small cocks. Rubber, plastic, and fibreglass. Some had flanges to massage the clitoris. Some were double dildos designed to simultaneously penetrate the cunt and ass.

There were strap-ons to let a woman fuck someone, but there were also dildos with straps, to hold them inside zcollege blonde ex girlfriend daisy stone doggystyled outdoros while you walked.

Many vibrated, in a range of different ways. Some rotated. Some were covered in round beads. Then there were the "massagers" - wands with fat, round heads - and alongside them were a range of vibrating capsules, balls, and clamps. Some of them came with remotes. Laura surveyed the collection in dismay.

How was she supposed to find what she was looking for?

The clerk at the front desk had clearly noticed her confusion, because Laura suddenly realised he was standing behind her. She spun around, blushing. "Is there something in particular you're looking for?" he asked politely, smiling. Laura felt awkward. She couldn't very well say no, as she'd obviously just been looking for a particular item that she couldn't find.

But to say what she wanted would sound so whorish. She dithered for a moment, and then felt something wet running down the inside of her leg - her cunt juices. She needed to get done here and get back to the office. She'd already been a total slut today, in public - what did it matter if one more stranger thought she was a trollop?

And besides, they wouldn't sell it here if they didn't think it was normal for people to buy it. "I'm looking for a strap on," said Laura, "but I was wondering if you maybe had one that.

spurts stuff?" She was blushing so much it hurt her cheek muscles. "An ejaculating strap on?" asked the clerk. "Absolutely. Just up there." He pointed. "We've got a range of sizes, and they all vibrate." Laura looked. The largest of the strap-ons was monstrous. Even in her aroused state Pretty petite girl gets her tight pussy fucked felt sure she would hurt herself trying to fit it into her poor pussy. But the next size down looked good.

The clerk got it down from the shelf for her and unp the least of the smutty whore preview her to the counter. Laura felt weird as he placed it on the counter - a giant plastic phallus, pointing upright.

The clerk grinned. "Are you intending to give, or receive?" Laura didn't meet his eyes. "Receive." She knew he'd be picturing the dildo slipping into her cunt - or ass - and wished he wasn't.

The clerk turned the dildo over and opened a hatch in its base. "Okay, so you put your fluid - whatever you're ejaculating - in here. You should give it a wash out with detergent after each session. You can put most anything in here, but nothing more sticky or thick than semen. or detergent, if that's a better measure for you. It's sensitive to stimulation - once you start rubbing it, or squeezing it, it'll leak a little bit of the fluid out of the tip, like pre-cum.

There's attractive gal receives banged well pornstar hardcore switch here with several ejaculation settings. You can turn off the pre-cum feature, you can manually tell it to ejaculate - at which point it basically pumps out everything inside - or you can get it to randomly ejaculate after a certain amount of stimulation.

There's also a 'urination' mode, where it releases all the fluid, but slowly and under more pressure. It's got little motors in it, and they're controlled here.

You can have it vibrate at a range of intensities, plus also when it ejaculates the motors make it kick or twitch a little, which I hear is nice." He replaced the hatch. "Now, do you need any fluids to go with it?" "Fluids?" asked Laura stupidly, then immediately realised what he meant. But he was already explaining. "We've got an artificial liquid that looks and tastes like cum; a lot of our customers buy it.

It's not super-cheap, though. We've also got actual pig cum, which is cheaper. It's completely safe and mostly indistinguishable from human cum. We've got a serum that replicates female vaginal secretions. You can use regular milk - we don't sell that - or some people like human breast milk, which we DO sell. And of course there's urine, which obviously you can make yourself but for some reason some people buy it, so we've got that too." The image of the plastic cock pumping each of those into Laura's pussy, or into her mouth, almost overwhelmed Laura on the spot.

They were so disgusting. They were so slutty. She didn't know whether she felt closer to fainting or cumming. When she spoke she could barely hear herself. "Can I have some of each?" The clerk smiled evilly. "Of course." The total purchase ended up being expensive - apparently fake cum didn't come cheap - but Laura had enough to cover it.

She probably shouldn't be spending this money when she had such a huge debt but today, under these drugs, whatever her pussy wanted, it was going to get. She walked out of the store with her new dildo in a brown paper bag, and a range of liquids in bottles in a special cooler-bag. The clerk had told her they'd need refrigeration tonight but they'd last just fine in the cooler until then. Back at the office, Laura once again headed straight for the toilets.

She locked herself in a stall, and then immediately began pulling off her tape panties. They had been a stupid, slutty idea that had humiliated her in public. Sure enough, underneath them her pussy was soaking wet, enough that Laura's cunt juices were actively dripping from her pussy into the toilet bowl. Laura's hands had gotten wet just removing the tape, so she lifted them to her lips and licked them clean.

They tasted like sweaty, slutty cunt, which Laura loved. She then removed the clips she'd put on her labia. Just the absence of the constant pain in her twat lips was itself a stimulant, and she sighed happily. Finally, she pulled the panty-and-glue-stick package out of her snatch. She moaned a little as it slid free.

Her panties were, of course, now soaking wet. She couldn't wear them like this. She extracted the plastic tube of the glue stick from them - how tiny it looked next to her new strap-on!

- and then contemplated the sodden lingerie.

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It smelled like cunt. On an impulse, she put the panties in her mouth and started sucking on them. The cunt juices flowed out sex wwe esx xxx story the panties and onto her tongue.

They tasted amazing. She left the panties in her mouth, sucking on them appreciatively, while she used toilet paper to dab at her pussy and try and soak up her twat nectar. Once her cunt was dry, Laura was ready to go back to her desk. But her eyes fell on the brown paper bag from the adult store. She decided to make her lunch a little longer, and look at her new toy. She couldn't put it in her vagina, of course, because she would just end up orgasming again, but.

She pulled her panties out of her mouth, and then held the long plastic schlong in her hands. It was contoured much like a real penis, although it was sllightly larger than all but the most well-endowed of cocks. It had bulges about halfway along and again at the tip. She lifted it to her mouth, and put the tip between her lips experimentally. It felt good there. It reminded Laura of pleasant associations, like sucking on a lollipop or icecream, or the range of pacifiers and binkies she had had as a child.

Laura had always enjoyed having things in her mouth, and in fact had not stopped sucking her thumb at night till the age of 13. She let the dildo slip between her lips and into her mouth, where she started sucking on it gently. It felt great. She imagined the dildo strapped to Erica's groin, with Laura sucking on it while Erica stroked her hair.

But what else could it do? Laura fished around in the cooler bag and brought out the fake semen. There was enough in the bottle to fill the dildo about three times; she removed the dildo from her mouth, opened the base, and poured a serving into the dildo's tank.

She looked at the settings, and decided to activate the "pre-cum", ejaculate randomly, and no vibration except for the ejaculation kick. Then she put the dildo back in her mouth.

Almost immediately after she started to suck, she felt the pre-cum begin to leak onto her tongue. It was syrupy and salty, and warmer than she had expected, heated by the dildo's internal motors. Also, it tasted incredible. She almost moaned with delight. Was this what cum had always tasted like, or was it just the serum?

No wonder so many women were willing to suck cock if this was their reward. It was a shame it had to come out of men. She continued to suck on the plastic cock, and, for the sake of realism, began to use her hand to fuck the shaft in and out of her lips slightly.

Her pussy was dripping again, but she ignored it. In fact, she clamped her thighs tightly together. She really wanted to play with the cock, but she couldn't afford to let herself finger her pussy or she'd orgasm again like a slut. Laura had more control than that, she was sure. With her free hand, she got out her phone, and brought up the picture of Erica's cunt. There it was - nude and delightful. Laura sighed happily around the fake schlong in her mouth. But there was something else she wanted to see.

She brought up her web browser, and Googled "blowjob". Was she doing it right? Was this realistic? She had to know. Soon her phone screen was filled with images of big-titted sluts sucking on cocks. She realised she was holding the cock at the wrong angle - a real man's dick wouldn't bend that far down - and changed her posture so she was hunched over the dildo, her face bobbing up and down above it rather than below it.

And all these girls had their tits out. Laura unbuttoned her blouse, and then pulled her large boobs free of her bra. There - that felt more correct.

Suddenly the dildo kicked in her hand, and all at once her mouth was flooded with warm, sticky semen. Laura gasped in surprise, and some of the sperm drooled out of her lips and dripped down onto her now-naked tits. Recovering quickly, she started to swallow, and was able to stop any more of the spunk from escaping her mouth. It felt so good to have her mouth filled with the hot liquid. It felt. right. She waited until the dildo had stopped kicking, and then actively sucked the last of the sperm out of it, using her tongue to clean the plastic shaft, before finally removing it from her mouth.

Well, she thought, looking at the sex toy, that was money well spent. She tucked the dildo back in the bag.

She anything you want daddy and be gentle with me xxx nikki was cleaning her flat that day going to clean it now in the sink and risk someone walking into the bathroom - it would have to wait till that night.

She looked down at her tits, and the splatter of sperm on them. It would be a shame to let any of the expensive serum go to waste, so she wiped her tits clean with her hand, and then licked the sperm off her hand. Then she tucked her melons back into her bra and did up her blouse. Her pussy was another problem. She didn't think she could make it through an afternoon with another round of the distracting tape between her pussy lips. But on the other hand if she went back out with no panties she would drool whore syrup all over her chair, and everyone would be able lesbians babes szilvia and anett finger fucking smell her cunt.

She looked at the crumpled up wad of her wet panties, which were sitting on her knee. She had an idea.

Opening the door of the toilet stall, she peered around to make sure she was alone in the bathroom. Then she quickly ran to the sinks, held her panties under the tap, and soaked them with water.

She rubbed at them as the water ran over them, and then began to wring them out a few times, trying to wash out as much of the cunt juice as possible. When she'd done as much as she was prepared to risk - someone could walk in at any time - she turned off the water, wrung them out more to try and get the moisture out, and then ran back to the toilet stall.

The panties were sopping wet now, but they didn't smell like cunt, and if Laura was lucky the wetness would mask the smell of her very overused beaver. She wrung them out one last time into the toilet bowl, to minimise their dripping, and then put a sanitary pad into the crotch and pulled them up her legs.

The underwear was cold and moist against her groin, and it clung to her ass crack in a distracting way, but she thought she could get away with it. She collected her bags, stepped out of the toilet, and looked at herself in the mirror. She didn't look great. She was sweaty, her clothes were in a bit of disarray, her face was flushed, and Laura was pretty sure she could see her erect nipples even through her bra and shirt.

But if she crossed her arms over college teen threesome fucking sucking brunette teen blowjob doggy chest to hide her nipples, she could otherwise get away with still claiming it was just a flu. Satisfied, Laura went back to her desk. The rest of the day passed, if not easily, then at least without further embarassment. The delicious taste of the cum stayed in Laura's mouth even after she drank four glasses of water to replace the spent fluids.

Her pussy appeared to calm down, presumably from the drugs beginning to wear off, even though Laura's thoughts regularly turned to how wonderful the plastic dick had felt in her mouth, and the magical moment when it had started to kick and spray her tongue with semen. By the end of the day Laura felt like she was, finally, in control of her body and her thoughts again.

She could look back on the things she'd done that day, and feel disgust and embarrassment. She'd acted like a whore. She'd done stupid, disgusting things that had humiliated her in public and could have cost her her job, if anyone had found out. What kind of a slut was she? And of course, now, just as she was feeling human, she had to take the pills again, for her trip to the clinic.

She didn't want to. But that photo of the blackmailer's knife was still in her thoughts, so she swallowed her dose, and began her slutty, wet-pussied walk to the cilnic.

(To be continued.)