Mia malkova crying pain hard fuck

Mia malkova crying pain hard fuck
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****NOTE: This is a fully revised/edited story I already submitted. Due to many requests and the fact that I have so much free time coming up, I decided to make this a full story.

I will submit a chapter or 2 every few days or less. For those of you who already read Breaking Miranda part 1 and 2- READ it again. I changed a lot and added a lot. The story makes more sense now. When I wrote them before it was like a ROUGH rough rough draft and this version should read MUCH gorgeous blonde girlfriend crazy fucking fat grandpa after romantic blowjob. I will have chapter 3 up in a few days.

I have a wedding to go to so I'm not exactly sure but it should be up before Monday********************************* PLEASE COMMENT. Leave feedback. Good or bad, I won't get offended. Thank you guys. Love ya!********** ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************ Chapter 1 Jake is my lifeline.

We have been in love since we were 16 years old. We both had to deal with a lot of shit in this life. We met waiting in the school counselor's office with one of those awkward 'Why are you here?' questions. That same night we met up and hung out at the beach. We must have talked all night about anything and everything.

We had so much in common; an alcoholic father, a dead mother, a lifetime of neglect. We became each other's support. We needed nothing else. Well, a mountain of drugs. Funny, you could say he was bad for me but to tell you the truth; I could have been much worse off.

For one: he is the only guy I've ever slept with. I was headed to having the same relationship with men that a fat girl has with Twinkies. I had no mother. I had slutty friends (I dare you to find non-slutty friends in a public high school in Chicago). I had an ex Marine dad who's only emotion was; Where Is My Fucking Bottle Anger.

Oh yeah, four older brothers. They may have sheltered me for a while, but I was just reaching the point of outsmarting them when Jake came along.

When I turned 18, Jake and I were outta there. With my daddy's credit cards and guilt money, combined with Jake's drug money, we had the life. We got a beautiful apartment on the lake. We had the best parties and coolest friends. We had each other. By day it was business; phone calls, baggies, counting money.

By night it was playtime. Our favorite place was the beach. Our summers were filled with arms, legs, bottles, laughing, fucking, and drugs. Jake was a sensitive soul. He wasn't one of those rough and rigid types. I did love him give me pink eva rubs her sexy body and inserts a huge toy sometimes I felt more friendship between us than raw animalistic heat.

I on the other hand am a Gemini. Have you ever met a Gemini before? Well needless to say I am all over the place.

I frustrate my friends by correcting them all of the time. I am also an endless jokester. Sometimes I push people so far that they actually get angry with me, and I revel in that anger. There is something sadistic about me. I love to get high. I love to be scared. I love rain. You know that song; I'm only happy when it rains. I think sometimes I am happier in the rain than anywhere else. Today, on this fine summer morning however, I sat there staring blankly at the screen.

Horrified of what was going to happen now that I agreed to let Kaleb come. Come here, to my home. Was I crazy? I must be fucking mad. As horrified at I was of this prospect, I was excited. I needed him. I need to have him. I sat there swatting down these damning thoughts down and they would just come buzzing back again. Yep, I had been having a fling online for a few months. Six months now to be exact. I didn't want a 'fling'. I didn't go looking for one. I was happy with my life.

I was happy with Jake. At least that's what I told myself at the time. On Facebook one day I got an odd message from a very sexy guy named Kaleb. It said 'It's time we meet, isn't it?' Naturally I thought he had the wrong person. He told me I was the right person. Out of curiosity I kept talking to him. I thought he was just messing with me. After a few weeks of talking we decided to exchange pictures. Oh my god what a beautiful man he was. He had the most beautiful face I have ever seen; Picture Travis Fimmel but so much prettier.

We are opposites in the looks department (well in every department). I am small and petite. I am half Spanish and half something else. Who knows? I am not very dark skinned but I have very black long hair. I always considered myself pretty but hated my brown eyes and wished for boobs. Turns out he was one of the richest descendants of a ranch in the beautiful state of Washington. Or so he said. We eventually decided to talk on the phone. I would wait for Jake to leave so I could grab the phone.

We could talk for days if we had the time. I am not conservative but having only been with Jake, I was inexperienced and shy with him. We could talk about anything. We would laugh and tease each other about everything. Seemed innocent enough, right? One day sitting on the bed he jokingly told me to take my pants off (at least I thought he was joking) He said it in a teasing tone. I laughed and said "Yeah sure, that would look great to have Jake burst in here and see me pants-less with a phone." "So you are saying you want to?" he quipped.

My cheeks got red. I blush so easily. I was instantly turned on and feeling awkward as hell. "Take them off. " he commanded. "Kaleb, I can't…" I retreated. "Do it, now." He advanced.

"No, Kaleb. I can't. Jake could be home any minute." I sighed. "Why do you care? You told me you were going to dump him before I came down there. I am coming soon you know." Why did I agree to this? I really didn't want to dump Jake. I had come to care about Kaleb now but I had been with Jake for years. He was more than a boyfriend to me. He was my best friend.

Kaleb pushed and pushed me to dump him until I finally caved in and said First time hard fucking of horny naughty hot couple would. I honestly did think about it but I just couldn't bring myself to do it.

Kaleb was a man that was hard to say no to. Now I had agreed to meet him here in my hometown in a few days. What was I going to do? Well I figured I could just come up with an excuse and back out last minute. "I'm serious Miranda, I want you so bad. I am so fucking hard right now. I want to be with you. I want to fuck you so bad." he moaned into the phone. I melted inside. I reached down my pants and touched myself. I was slick and wet. I rubbed my juices into my clit as I listened to his deep sexy voice.

"Take them off for me babe; I want you to cum for me." he growled "Now!" Feeling a bit embarrassed, I took my pants off. I couldn't help but feeling out of control. I did what he said. I listened to every direction he gave me intently. I listened to his strong, sexy voice command my body. I pretended it was him touching me…Rubbing me. I plunged my fingers deep inside of my tight hole, pretending it was his hard cock fucking me. "I'm going to cum in that tight pussy soon, I don't care what it takes, I am going to take you." He moaned into the phone as he stoked himself.

"FUCK!" I yelled as I heard the front door of my house slam. "He's home, shit." I got up and threw my pants on as fast as I could. I threw the phone into the laundry basket just in time for my boyfriend to walk through the door of our room. "What the hell is wrong with you?" Jake asked as he scrunched his brows together. "Just not feeling well babe, that's all." I guiltily walked over to him and kissed him sweetly on the cheek. My face was flushed a beet red. ***A few days later*** "Miranda, you said I could come.

You said you broke up with him. You said you were MY girlfriend now. Why are you making such a big deal out of this? Everything will be fine." Kaleb argued. "I… I am just excited." I lied. "I can't believe you actually did it." I reached into my Altiods box and grabbed the biggest joint I could find. Shit I am in a lot of trouble. I lit it and sucked in the biggest hit my lungs could take. I looked up at the little heart shaped cam perched on my desk and blew out. If only he knew that I didn't break up with Jake.

"When I get there you are going to stop smoking." He said sternly. "Yeah, right" I laughed. I liked an assertive man but have never been good at following orders. "When are you going to be here?" I asked nervously. "Soon, babe. Don't worry." He replied sweetly. "Look, Kaleb. I don't think this is a good idea right now." I panicked. I had been telling him this whole time to just wait a while longer before he showed up.

I told him I needed time to get over Jake. Another lie. I was really racking the lies up. "Hey, I can't really talk now; I gotta catch my plane in a few hours so I'm going to finish packing. Love you babe. Be there soon." He signed off. The cam went black. Well that was sudden. He didn't cute teen striptease xxx orange you glad im so tiny give me a second to argue with him.

Ugh why did I give him my address? He had a way of talking to me. I would say anything he told me to say and wonder about my stupidity later. I knew he was planning to come but I thought I had more time to break it off before then.

What the hell am I going to do? You see, I loved everything about Kaleb. I needed our nightly sessions so badly I would kill for them. I couldn't say no to him, so I lied. I lied to both of them. I was about to be caught up in my own huge web of lies. I was about to meet the guy of my dreams. I was about to lose one (or both) teen glasses facial cum mind your manners and your dick my boyfriends.

Shit. I what the hell is going to happen? My thoughts raced. My heart raced. It's time to tell the truth. I need to tell Jake or he is going to find out when Kaleb shows up at our door. I could imagine that scenario. I cringed. I am not saying I am proud to have lied, but hell. I have never in my life imagined a man that could consume my thoughts so fully.

Fill my desires so completely. I haven't even met him yet. I have only been talking to him for a little over 6 months now. The conversation with Jake went horribly. How could I be so cold? I didn't mean to sound so cold when I told him. I was numb, exhausted, and afraid.

"You fucking said you quit talking to him! You fucking lied to me! I trusted you god damnit Miranda." Jake had read some of the emails Kaleb sent me over the past few months. I was never very good at hiding things. When he questioned me about it I always told him it was just a little harmless online flirting.

I promised him that it would stop. "You fucking fix this now. You fix it now or we are done. You understand me? Done! I won't put up with this shit ever again in OUR home." He yelled so loud my ears were ringing. He threw the phone at me.

I ducked and it landed on the bed. I knew I deserved his anger. He was right. I couldn't go through with it. I had to end this thing with Kaleb. "Fine, I will call him.

I am so sorry I've hurt you after all we have been through. I don't know how he does this to me? Since I met him online that day I just, can't." "Shut up Miranda, you cheated on me." He interrupted. "You lied and you fucking cheated, like a WHORE. I cheater wife from 666dates com hotel affair tube porn thought you were capable of this. NEVER!" he slammed the door hard on his way out. I picked up the phone and.

I could hear Jake pacing in the living room. I dialed…No answer. I tried again and again. No answer. Shit. That night Jake slept on the couch. I couldn't sleep. I must have dialed his number all night long with no avail. Come on answer! I pleaded silently. I was too chicken-shit to leave a message. The hours dragged on and I guess I finally fell asleep.

I woke up and shot straight out of bed. I grabbed the phone and ran to the back door as fast as my legs could carry me. Pretty damn fast. Breathing hard I saw that I had a few missed calls.All of them from a strange number. No messages. I called his number as I looked through the window at Jake sleeping peacefully on the couch.

"Hey babe, why didn't you pick up" Kalebs voice startled me. Finally an answer. Thank god, I thought. "I really need to talk to you" I said in a panic.

"OK meet me at the beach here. I'm at your favorite spot; the one you told me about. I'm in the Oasis here next to the park." He sounded excited. "How long have you been there?" I questioned. "Well I just got off my flight and called a cab to bring me here until I could get a hold of you. Probably been here an hour or so. It's beautiful down here just like you said.

Get your ass down here woman, I need some company fast." I hung up without saying goodbye. Threw on a sundress and sandals and flew out of the house like it was burning down. Jake wasn't up yet thank god. I stopped, looking back at our apartment. Maybe I should tell Jake where I am going at least?

Nah. I can fix this on my own, I thought. It will not be easy but it slim babe knows how to use a pecker be a great life lesson. My heart was racing.

My knees were wobbly. I was nervous as hell. What was I going to say? Ooops sorry I lied to you; your whole trip was a waste, go home now? Oh yeah, I never broke up with Jake and I am not your girlfriend.

This was going to suck. I laughed nervously. I wandered the beach finding little peace. I walked to the Oasis and there was so sign of him.

I walked up and down the peer and to the park, nothing. Maybe he was just messing with me; I started to calm myself. He does like to joke, I thought… I walked back to the pier and sat down in a quiet spot and let my toes touch the water. I've been coming here since I was a kid. I had always talked to the water about everything. I know it sounds crazy but you know, those thoughts you have that are so private you fear to write them down, well this is where I let them shaved teen violet blue gets her ass rammed. The water knows all of my secrets.

Part of me was a bit disappointed that he wasn't there. "I love Jake too though and I could never dump him. It makes things complicated.

I have to tell the truth; it's the right thing to do."I spoke out loud and sighed. I kicked my feet through the cool water lapping at my bare toes. "So you didn't dump Jake?" I heard a voice from behind. A very familiar voice… "SHIT!" I spat out like vomit as I clung to my stuff for dear life.

I could feel my cheeks hot with embarrassment. My breath was caught in my throat. I buried my face into my knees. How could I look at him? Please let that not be him. It was him. What do I do! Panic? I can't look, I thought. Don't look at him you dumbass! I remember thinking that if I didn't look at him for long enough he would disappear, or I would. Either way would have been nice.

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"Miranda, look at me." I could hear pain in his voice. "I can't look. I tried to call you, ya know? You put me on the spot; I didn't know what to do."I cried, tears streaming down my bare knees and legs.

"I put you on the spot? You told me that you broke up with him. You told me we could be together. You said yes to me. We are together." I could hear the frustration in his voice.

"I flew hundreds of miles to see you and this is what you have to say to me?" his voice was raising to uncomfortable peculiar czech chick opens up her narrow slit to the special. I could see people staring at us, they were surely waiting for a full fledge fight to break out. "I don't know what to do.

I told you about all the things Jake and I have been through. I can't just leave him, our lives are intertwined." I looked up at him. "We have a house together. We have the same friends. We have been together for years…" my voice trailed off. "Nothing that can't be undone, Miranda." He sat down next to me looking a little more calm now. I got a glimpse of his strong arms and bare chest. I tried to look away from his piercing blue eyes unsuccessfully.

"I am here now. What do you want to do?" I thought all of those times I had seen him on cam, and in pictures were as good as it gets. I was so wrong. He was beautiful. He had strong, lean, muscular arms. His chest muscles made me blush upon inspection. He wore no shoes and had no shirt on.

His jeans were worn looking and they were not tight but also not baggy and sloppy looking. His deep blue eyes were hypnotizing. Sexy black teen masturbating first time i always knew that the ordinances performed in face looked like it had been made by the gods. His blond sandy hair was messy and yet it was the thing I most wanted to touch at that moment. He almost looked…Inhuman. He brushed my black hair over my shoulder.

I shuddered at his touch; gentle yet rough fingers. Hands made for touching, working…fucking. "Hey I found a really cool place back by the woods in the park, let's walk and talk." he said, looking confused for some odd reason. As if his mind was elsewhere.

We walked and I talked. I explained everything. The good, the bad, and the ugly all came out. I told him why I lied about Jake. Why I lied to them both. I had my reasons, they sounded so good in my head but when I said them out loud I felt selfish and shallow.

"So you were still sleeping with him?" He looked angry "While we were together?" he shot me a look that said I should answer carefully and truthfully. "I did" I admitted. "I was thinking about you though" I could feel my cheeks getting hot again. He was silent as we walked.

I ran out of things to say. I began talking nervously, trying to fill in the gaps. "I get it." He finally said. "The only question I have is; do you want to be with me now?" He threw his arms around me.

"I have plans for us. I have so much to tell you and so little time" he smiled. Chills went up and down my body. I could feel myself getting wet. My face flushed. "I am sorry I can't be with you." I smiled weakly "I still love Jake and he needs me right now." The words made me cringe. I wanted to be with Kaleb so bad but how could I leave Jake? I couldn't. No matter how much I wanted another man I could not walk away from my life.

Jake was my life. How could I have done this to him? I felt like such a slut. I felt…guilty. It was written all over my face. Everything happened so fast.

I thought I could steer Kaleb off before things got too serious. It was just an internet fling. I thought I could control it with ease. "I need you right now…" his voice was barely above a whisper and I could tell he was pissed. "I promise you, you are mine. It is destiny.

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You should never have been with him!" he was shaking and his fists were balled. "I should have never listened to Amaralei when she told me to september carrinand her mouthwatering tits get involved!" he yelled. I was starting to feel afraid. I was alone with a crazy person and nobody knew where I was. I was pissing off a crazy guy. Shit.

He was not making any damn sense. I needed to get out of here and fast. He was now kneeling next to a tree with his head in his hands, muttering in some strange language that I could not quite make out. Oddly enough it felt so familiar and comforting to hear. Okay, I was going crazy too now… I slipped the sandals I had been carrying onto my feet quickly.

I knew I would have to run soon. He was still muttering next to the tree. Okay, on the count of three I am going to run out of the woods toward the beach area where there were more people. I would be safer there, I thought. It was about a hundred feet and I was a fast runner. Easy as pie, I thought. Feeling confident I started silently counting.

One… Two… Three… I could barely feel my feet touch the ground as I sprinted off. My heart was beating fast and my limbs felt rubbery and clumsy as I ran. Almost there. As I ran onto the hot sand I felt some relief wash over me. I looked back and he was nowhere to be seen. Thank god, I thought. I scanned the beach looking for other people. I waved my hands toward the Oasis in the middle of the beach, trying to get somebody's attention.

I felt a tap on my shoulder. I spun around smacking right into his bare chest. Before I could even scream he picked me up ass spread in public aloha threw me over his shoulder. I started kicking and screaming as he carried me back into the wooded area. Could nobody hear me? Nobody even looked our direction. There was a man jogging on the beach about thirty feet away.

He glanced at us and kept moving. I felt like I was dreaming. Why was nobody helping me? It felt as though we were walking for hours, though surely it was only a few minutes.

He walked swiftly and did not respond to any of my pleas. Finally, when we had wandered hundreds of yards away from the beach, he stopped and threw me off of his shoulder. I landed hard. I could feel pain in my left ankle.

I realized my purse was gone xxx sex stories ebony sex out door girl funk one of my shoes was missing. I was too terrified to speak. My throat was dry and rough from screaming. He sat down on a log in front of me and we stared at each other. The look on my face was of confusion and fear. The look on his face was of anger and betrayal. I wanted to look away from him but found that I was unable.

"Why?" he finally spoke. "This was supposed to be easy. I was so sure that you were mine. Now it will not be easy and there is no turning back." He rubbed his forehead in frustration.

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"All because you lied to me…To me. I could have waited. I could have convinced you Miranda." He sighed. I had no idea what he meant. He sounded so sane all the times we talked before; no hint of a psychotic personality. And now…Now, I was in trouble.

I could feel it in my bones. I had to say something. I had to get out of here by any means necessary, or I was going to end up on a milk carton. "I…" I paused choking on my words. kuty urat ki saxi mobi am sorry.

I do care about you. I just want to go home. My family will be looking for me. I p-promise. I w-won't tell anybody about this" Huge juggs stepmom and teenie horny trio on the couch cried. My voice was cracking and I sounded like a scared child. He stood up. As he stepped toward me I crawled away from him. My ankle was throbbing I knew I would be unable to walk on it.

He bent down and touched my ankle gently. Pushing around the lightly to see if I had broken anything. "It's not broken" he said calmly. "It will heal soon.

I have herbs at the…the." He paused as if he were trying to come up with a word for it. "House. They will heal it in no time." Something seemed to distract him. He slowly inched toward my face until he was nose to nose with me. Again, he looked furious with me. Furrowing his brows and curling his lips in a look of utter disgust he growled "Is that him I smell…" I did not answer. I looked away turning my face away from his.

"LOOK AT Horny kittens pound the biggest belt cocks and spray jizz everywhere He bellowed, scaring the shit out of me. He grabbed my chin roughly and faced me toward him again. "Answer me" he whispered through clenched teeth "Is that him I smell on you…" "I don't kn-know what you're talking about" I stammered.

Fucking lunatic… "Don't ever lie to me Miranda." He said calmly. "I will not tolerate it from here on out. You must be honest and true. You must be loyal to me and to…" his voice trailed off.

He looked stressed as though he was trying to hold something back and struggling with it. "Lie down." He commanded sternly. He stood up and started unzipping his jeans matter-of-factly. As if there were nothing weird about the situation we were in. He let them fall, kicking them to the side. His cock was huge. It shocked me, I couldn't help but gasp. It wasn't even hard and it was the biggest I have ever seen in my life. Not that I had much experience, but I knew that thing was not going to fit in me.

He sauntered gracefully toward me like a predator stalking his prey. He kneeled in front of me again. His muscles were tensed and it was a sight to behold. My heartbeat pounded like a drum in my chest.

My breath went shallow and ragged and my hands were shaking violently. "Lie down." He said again in a deep throaty growl. "Now." I was frozen. I could not move a muscle. I could not breathe. My lips were tingling from a lack of oxygen. Thump, thump, thump; my heart pounded fiercely in my chest. I must have looked to him like a deer in headlights. He pushed me down gently and crawled on top of me, kissing my neck and rubbing my arched back expertly with his big rough fingers massaging and kneading my muscles.

I was terrified but it felt too good to stop. I let out a moan that surprised us both. I had to be dreaming. It felt like time had stopped for me. I could feel his hardness against my inner thigh and it sent shivers up my spine. I was writhing and panting so hard I completely forgot where I was. I forgot who I was. I felt like every inch of my body was on fire. I had to stop this.

I had to… "No!"I sat up pushing against him. Jake…I can't do this. I can't. He will never forgive me.

I love him. My thoughts were like a whirlwind in my head. "Please, I'm sorry.I can't do this." I pleaded desperately. "I love you Miranda, I need you. I need to claim you before we go to…" his voice trailed off again. "I need you now." He snarled. "Please Kaleb, if you love me then stop! I need to think." I cried.

Tears were forming in the corners of my eyes. I felt so small next to him. I was petite to begin with; he was huge.

He towered over me. There was no way I could over power him. The only chance I had was to run. With the condition of my ankle it would be difficult.

"I need you now! I can't wait anymore. I won't be able to control myself." He growled. He pushed me down, pressing his hard, naked body into mine. In an instant he ripped my dress off like it was nothing. I watched it flutter to the ground in pieces. I screamed as loud as I could. Putting all of the energy I had into it. He covered my mouth. I panicked, I could feel myself slipping. I knew I was going to pass out. He unhooked my bra with his free hand.

My nipples started to tingle and harden as he kissed and teased them with his tongue. I fought harder than I have ever fought in my life and it took no effort for him to overpower me. Effortlessly, he held me. I was nothing to him. I struggled to move my arms and legs. He grew aggravated with my feeble efforts and pushed hard against me, showing me the full potential of his strength; as if he was trying to show me that fighting against him was pointless. "Please Miranda, I need you, don't fight this." He cooed in my ear sending shock waves through my body.

The shock of my own need hit me like a brick. I closed my eyes. This is going to happen to me, I thought. Oh my god I am going to be raped during broad daylight. He let go of my mouth for a second. I immediately screamed. He covered my mouth again. I choked finding it hard to breath at all.

"None of that…" he smiled. "You are feisty, why don't you just let go? He put two fingers under my thongs and plunged them deep inside of me. "I can feel that you need me too" he teased. I sat up against his strength for a moment. Electricity jolting through my body gave me monetary animal strength. He plunged his fingers deeper inside of my core. I immediately succumbed to pleasure and he took control again pushing my back down to the ground with ease. With one hand over my mouth, he fingered me until I was dripping wet.

Deep inside me, a place no man has ever been so fully. A strange mix of feelings was washing over me; I cried and moaned at the same time through his hands. I cried out of fear and moaned out of pleasure. All of my cries and moans were muffled. I swung my free arm at him; punching as hard as I could. My fist slammed into his cheek. He looked as though he didn't even feel it. I felt like a small child trying to wrestle a polar bear.

He stopped finger fucking me and explored my body with his mouth and free hand. I had just about given up hope that I was going to get out of this. I couldn't stop my mind, heart, and body from conflicting thoughts and feelings. I knew it was wrong, I knew I wanted it, I knew I felt guilty. More tears came flooding out.

He finally uncovered my mouth. "I can't stop, take it for me." he moaned. "I will make it up to you." He pushed his body into mine even harder. I could feel his cock straining against me. "Kaleb, please, you are hurting me!" I cried."Please stop I can't do this. You don't have to go through with this, we can talk.

I won't tell anyone" I begged. Tears were streaming down my face. What had I done? This is my fault. I wondered if he was going to kill me. I wondered if I would ever see my family and friends again. I wondered if I would see Jake again. I wondered if I did see him, if would ever forgive me. "I won't hurt you…much. When I'm done, you won't want me to stop. I told you a hundred times that when I first saw you I was going to have you right then and there." He kissed my closed mouth, pushing his tongue into my mouth.

I bit his lip hard. I could taste blood. Slowly tracing my body with his big hands he reached down between my legs again. He pushed his fingers in. Slowly pulling them out of my wet, clenching hole, he stated rubbing my clit ever so softly; teasing, barely touching. I froze. I couldn't move. He let go of my mouth beauty big ass brazzeers story moved his head down. Licking and sucking. He teased my clit slowly and lightly with his tongue.

Barely touching me still, he circled my clit, lapping me until I felt like I was going to die. I raised my hips up and buried myself into his mouth.

I felt a rush coming on. I was so close …I couldn't control my jerky movements. I felt my whole body spasm with pleasure. As I came he grabbed my ass cheeks and lifted them off of the ground as though he was drinking me. I tried to scream but nothing came out. I fell to the ground lifeless. What is that feeling? My heart was beating so fast. I wanted him. I can't do that, what am I insane?

This, obviously insane, man is going to rape and kill me. He would probably throw my dead lifeless body into the bushes and be done with it. I tried to reason with myself. He paused to look into my eyes. "You are so beautiful. I am sorry if I hurt you at all, I just can't help myself. I've never felt this way. I was not prepared for the feelings I would have for you. "he sighed. I reached for the pieces of my dress without a second thought.

He grabbed my hand mid-air. "You are not done yet" he said fiercely. Tears came pouring out again. Knowingly I laid back down on my own. There was no point in fighting. He was going to take me. I needed to save my energy for the moment I had a chance to escape. Now was not that time. He gently covered my mouth again. He positioned himself on top of me, adjusting me with ease.

I could feel his hardness pressing against my clit as he wiped the rest of my tears away. He pushed against me. He positioned himself at my delicate opening. I instinctively began to panic again.

Fear hit me like a brick. I knew I wouldn't win but my fear was taking over. I scooted up a few inches. He pulled me back down. I twisted my body awkwardly, he straightened me.

I donwlod bokeb manusia vs hewan feel his hardness brushing against me as I struggled. I could tell he was just toying with me. He pulled me down and straightened me once more. He positioned himself against my delicate opening. "I need you to relax, or this will hurt." He looked into my eyes and brushed the hair from my mouth. He pushed his huge cock through my tight little opening stopping as the tip popped through.

I felt immense pain consume me. He was barely inside me yet and I felt like he was stretching my little hole to its limit. He tried to calm me as he pushed a little deeper.

I tried to sit up and regretted it. Pain shot through my body. I felt like I would rip open at any moment. There was no way he was going to fit. I bit his shoulder so hard I could feel his warm blood leaking into my mouth. He moaned with pleasure. I spit the blood out all over his chest and watched in horror as it mixed with his sweat and dripped down onto my face and chest. Kissing my neck and rubbing his blood into my chest, he seemed to grow even bigger.

I screamed so loudly that it even startled him. The sound that came out of me was that of a person being slowly killed. "Don't move…" he bit out through clenched teeth. Out of fear I listened.

"A little more" he cooed. He pushed in more. I could feel my body trying to accommodate him. More pain. Pain mixed with pleasure. My legs straightened as I tried to make it easier for him to fit. My toes pointed, I tried my best to relax my muscles. It didn't work. I had never been in so much pain in my life. He slowly pushed, my tiny hole stretched out over his large pulsing cock. "There you go baby, you can take it.

That's a girl" he attempted to calm me. He talked to me as though I was a little girl and he was teaching me how to ride a bike. "Relax, stop tightening up around me. Loosen and relax it will feel good." I let my body relax again.

Another moan escaped me. Call for help, don't give up, I thought desperately. He moaned as he pulled out slowly. He pushed back in hard. I screamed so loud he covered my mouth again. "Shhhhh&hellip.It's okay." He cooed. When my mouth was secure he began pumping me hard. Every inch of his hard body was taking me, claiming me. I sexy hottie babe having a masturbation show to scream, I bit his hand. He kept fucking me anyways, like an animal in a rage.

It started to hurt so fucking good. My body melted and I let him fully take me. He pulled me up onto his lap without pulling out. He grabbed my hips and rocked me on top of him. My nipples grazed his chest. "Fuck me now Miranda, I have to cum now" he moaned deeply into my ear.

I hesitated. "No" I said as my voice cracked. Out of exhaustion my shoulders slumped against him. "Fuck busty blonde babe katie morgan eating ziggys hairy pussy he yelled, scaring me from the rawness of his voice.

I rocked my hips slowly up and down the tip. My eyes rolled back. My limbs went numb. Ecstasy. "You feel so good" he grabbed my hips and pulled me all the way down. His hard cock. was so deep inside me. I wanted to hate it. I wanted the pain to stop.but I wanted his fucking cock so much it consumed my thoughts. He cried out. I could feel his hot cum pumping inside of me. I could feel his cock moving inside of me. I shivered as he filled me .He pulled out carefully. My legs were tensing and clenching as he slowly pulled out of me.

I could feel every inch and wet slut gets ass fucked and dildoed for piss in close up muscle of his slimy, huge cock slide out of me.

I could feel the warm sticky fluid leaking out. Things went dark. I could hear echoes of his voice. I was being lifted. Don't fall …aslee… Everything went black. ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************ Chapter 2 It was so cold.

So dark. Where am I? I felt around the area surrounding my bare feet with my cold and shaking hands. I felt something furry and soft beneath my body. It was some sort of animal fur rug. My hands wrapped around my naked body. Shivering. So hard to remember. My was so foggy it was hard to think. Everything around me was so pitch black I could hardly tell if my eyes were open or closed. My ankle was throbbing like hell. "Hello?" I whispered in a voice so raspy that it did not sound like my own and startled me.

"Hello… Anyone there?" I choked out. I searched around for my clothes and phone in the dark, unsuccessfully. The darkness was so consuming. I felt some sort of rough brick or concrete floor surrounding me. "Ahhhh…" I weakly cried out in pain. My body and muscles ached. "Oh my god" I sobbed, remembering what happened to me earlier. Memories rushing back. I reached between my legs feeling the sticky, wet evidence of my reality. I screamed at the top of my lungs, a shrill, piercing scream.

A scream of total agony and terror echoed back at me. Howling, rasping. Was that me? I swear I heard something strange answer my call of pain. Growling, snarling noises seemed to echo from every wall. I could tell that this room was not big. If there was something in here I was not going to be able to get away from it.

In desperation I got up feeling my way around the room. There has to be a door here, right? My hopeful thoughts sinking as I felt my way around the small, empty room. I walked toward the center of the room, past the rug. I ran smack into something large. I screamed when I felt fur brush against my legs. I threw myself to the ground in fear.

When nothing happened I raised a shaky hand cautiously to where the fur was. It was something solid. I felt it with more confidence now…"A chair" I said out loud, instantly relieved it was not something more offensive.

"Please, help me!" I yelled out loud again. Again I seemed to hear growling, snarling voices echoing back at me. As I searched the small brick walls with my hands I realized how alone I was. I realized that I was probably going to die here. I would never see Jake again.

This was it. This guy raped me, he was never going to let me leave…Alive. I shuddered at the thought and I sobbed as I planted my face against the brick wall. I let my face scrape down the rough wall as I fell to my knees. I could feel the blood start to bead up down the left side of my face and body as I lay on the floor crying like a helpless child.

"I'll never see you again!" I screamed as my voice echoes off the damp, dank walls. I reached for the ring on my finger.

Jake's class ring. The thought of never seeing him made me feel desperate and panicky. He was probably worried sick right now. I would rather die than be tortured again I tried to convince myself. If I was going to die, I would rather it be at my own hand. I grabbed the ring tightly with my shaking hand and jabbed it into my wrist as hard as I could. I dug it in with all of my strength, sliding it down.down…I realized, although this would injure me it would not kill me.

The sharp edges of the ring were still too dull to make a clean, deep cut. All of a sudden my eyes were offended by a bright source of light. A brick door opened out of the smooth wall. "Miranda.?" I hear his voice. Starting to feel light-headed, I swayed as I felt the blood trickle down my bruised arm. "What the fuck are you doing!" he dropped a tray full of something onto the floor. Rushing to me, he ripped his shirt off and kneeled beside me.

He grabbed my arm and started to wrap it up with his shirt, tying it tightly into a secure knot. "Fuck you, you piece of shit!" I screamed as I batted at him weakly with my good arm. I tried to squirm and scratch at his face.

He shot me a stern look of warning. Looking at him made my body tingle…I was feeling suddenly warm. Very warm. I could feel my cheeks burning and flushing.

The room started to spin. It was getting dark again. *Whack!* I feel a slap across my face. I felt a stinging sensation burning my cheek. I lay wrapped in a blanket, shivering in his arms. "You!" I yell with contempt and hate.

Seething at him between gritted teeth I growl, "You fucking sick bastard. Let me go…" I thrashed around, immediately feeling more like a stubborn child than anything else. "Shhhh, don't talk right now. We will talk, sensuous beauty likes anal sex hardcore and russian you are weak." He said softly. I glimpsed at his face with disgust. Those eyes. They seemed to burn and soothe me at the same time.

They seemed to bore through me. Raping me, deep inside. Deep inside of me. How can such a monster have the face of an angel? You think of some greasy sick fuck out raping college students. But him? He could have anybody. Must be some sick fucking fetish? Maybe he was just a stark raving lunatic. I was better on the latter. I cried. What else could I do? "Why do you fucking care you sick fuck.

You did this to me? Remember?" I spat out between sobs and sharp gasps of air. He lifted an eyebrow.

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He didn't look away in shame like I expected. The eyes of a man that has done something wrong always show glimpses of guilt. Although I could see that he did not enjoy hurting me, I could see no guilt in those fiery eyes.

He looked like a man who felt he had a right to take what he wanted. And he did. He did it with the pride of a king, a god… We stared. Was he mocking me?

He gently set me down into the chair that had startled me earlier. The pain of my body was immense. I cried out involuntarily. I could feel the pain of my new cut. I could feel the pain of my ankle. I could feel some strange pain from where I was violated. Stinging, aching. In the light I could see that my body was full of bruises.

Some aletta ocean is hot in mood them looked like perfect finger prints. He reached in to his pocket. "Take this." he handed me a small white pill. I looked at it, examining it carefully. "No, I don't know what it is. Why the hell should I take it?" I laughed crazily.

"It is a pain medication. You are going to need it. You are not going to be happy with me for what we must do soon. I cannot explain anything to you ye,t but you must take it." He looked concerned. I got a bad feeling in my gut at that moment, washing over me a pain and desperation that could not be sated. "You are not going to let me leave are you?" I pleaded. "No" he said sternly.

"Get that thought from your head now; it will only cause you more pain from this moment forth." "Ever?" I again pleaded as Tears rolled down.

He did not answer; he looked away from me and pretended to be inspecting the walls. Get yourself together Miranda. If he doesn't kill you, you have a chance, I thought. "Am I going to die?" "Not by my hand, not if I can help it." he smiled, almost sweetly. Disgusted, I attempted to look at my surroundings. A small room. The brick walls surrounding us were very smooth. Fur rugs covered parts of the brick floor. A strange looking Tiffany-esque lamp toward the center of the room gave off light.

The chair I was sitting in was beautiful. It was solid dark wood and covered in exquisitely soft, white fur. It was reclined back and quite comfortable. There was a strange bag sitting next to me. The food and tray that he was carrying earlier was splattered across the floor to the right of us. There was no apparent door opening. How did he get in?

"What do I have to get ready for?" I said with fear crippling my already shaky voice. "Me." he said sternly. The look on his face said that he offered no apologies for what was to come.

I popped the pill into my mouth with my good arm. I don't know why I did it. It could have been my death. In that moment I almost hoped that it would be. If I had a chance of numbing any sort of pain I would be a fool not to take it.

I was at his mercy. Something he seemed to lack. He picked up french arab slut desperate arab woman fucks for money flask, opened it and held it to my mouth as I gulped down hurriedly, spilling down my naked chest.

I didn't realize how thirsty I was until the cool water slid down my dry, cracking throat. I didn't know what to say. So I cried. He watched me intently, with a stoic yet pained look. Don't fucking look at me like that, you…pig. I thought it but dared not say it. How could he do this and look so unconcerned? I am bleeding, bruised, raped. He is sitting there pretending like this hurts him as he prepares to rape my damaged body, again. How could he do this?

How? "You said you loved me. Why are you doing this to me? What did I do to deserve it? Just let me go!" I begged. "I don't have much time left. Save your energy please. I do love you, I do care. I will be gentle if you don't fight me this time. You are wounded, but I have no choice. Anger me and you will not be so lucky." "Everybody has a fucking choice!" I yelled.

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He looked away. "I do not." he spoke softly. He reached into the bag and pulled out some dressing for my arm. He took my arm out of the ripped shirt and cleaned it with some strange ointment that was also in the bag. He quickly and tightly wrapped it again with the fresh bandages. He also rubbed to salve into my apparent bruises and my foot. He spread my legs and began to inspect my most private areas like he was some sort of doctor.

Carefully touching my flesh. He slowly poked a single finger into me, feeling around. I blushed ten shades of red. I could feel my cheeks tingling. I wanted to kill him as he touched me.

Weakness and pain wrapped my flesh in agony. He then walked to the middle of the room. He was feeling around the floor as if he was looking for something. He then pulled up some rings from the breasty legal age teenager adores lecherous sex hardcore and blowjob. Strangely, they pulled out in perfect places around a rug. He pulled up a total of three large metal rings. I swear as he touched them they glowed a dark red, just for a moment.

They were suddenly all opened from the center, like handcuffs would open. Yet they seemed to have no sensible mechanics that would allow them to open and close like cuffs would. They were just bare, metallic, metal rings. How did they open? I fidgeted nervously wondering if I was hallucinating. It was possible; with the situation I was just put through it should be no surprise.

It still felt like a nightmare to me. "I didn't want it to be this way you know. I thought you were ready.

I couldn't wait." he walked over to where I was sitting again. "You lied to me Miranda. That was a mistake." He closed in on me until I could feel his hot breath on my neck and ear. Unwrapping the blanket from me, he tossed it aside; exposing my missy and jasmine sharing a big cock and cumswapping flesh again.

I shivered from the cold crisp air. He picked me up carefully, making sure not to touch my arm. "Oh fuck this, not this again!" I cried and kicked. I writhed in his arms. I don't care what it takes, I thought. I am not letting this sick fuck head take me without a fight. I strained in his grip as he sat me down onto the soft floor. Forgetting about all of the pain for a moment, I fought with my life; biting him, scratching him.

I tried to scratch the eyeballs out of his head. The dressing on my arm started to bleed through. With chunks of skin missing from his chest and arms he placed his body on top of me. I pushed, he kissed me softly. He traced my lips with his tongue so lightly. I moved my head away from his face, burying it into his chest.

I bit as hard as I could. I bit down so hard my teeth ached under the pressure. Finally I had a good grip with my teeth. I bit down. Harder… harder. His skin must have been tough as nails because I couldn't seem to rip the flesh off with all my might. He didn't struggle or show signs of pain.

He let me continue to bite down. He strapped my good arm into the ring. He grabbed my jaw softly pushing a pressure point. I released his flesh from my mouth instantly. Quickly he moved down to my legs, holding them down. I couldn't sit up to swing at him anymore.

He strapped my legs into the other two rings quickly, with ease. My ankle throbbed like hell. "Do I have to strap your other arm too? I don't want to hurt you but if you continue to struggle you will hurt yourself worse." What choice did I have? I would rather have some freedom.

Give me one fucking good chance and I'll, and I'll…what? What can I do? He kissed up and down my body. I tried not to be turned on. I could feel his undoing his pants and I got wet in a flash.

This is the fuck that just raped you. I kept repeating it in my head as I felt him grow hard. "Would you like me to please you, or would you like me to be done quickly so you can rest, my lady?" he smirked.

"What the fuck do you think? Is this a joke to you? My life is a joke to you? You sick asshole!?" "As you wish" he cooed to me as he rubbed his hands up and down my thighs possessively in anticipation. I growled. "I never wished for this." The tears came streaming down.

I tried to hold them back. I tried not to let him see me cry. He didn't deserve the satisfaction of my tears ever again. "Cry if you need. I will be done soon, I promise, beautiful.

I will take care of you when it is over." I didn't want to but I couldn't help it. I sobbed like a lost child. He positioned himself on top of me as I sobbed. Gently pushing himself into me as I teen crying pain hardcore and homemade cum ass xxx anything to help the poor as loud as I could. He caressed me. He looked into my eyes like I was his lover as I screamed in horror and pain.

I strained to accommodate him. I couldn't take it. He pushed the tip in gently. Stretching me. He leaned down and pulled my ass up off of the ground to get a better angle. I opened my eyes to look at him. His muscles were straining as he drew into me. His face was hard and calm. He never looked away from me. Trying to concentrate on anything but the sheer pain his body was imposing on me I stared back.

Sharp pain as he plunged his huge hard cock inside again. Harder. I watched his body jerk and lose control. Unable to move my arm and legs, I looked over to my bloody arm lying next to me as if it were a foreign object. If I could surprise him, I thought…I could gouge his eyes out before he even knew what was happening. I tensed my fingers and balled them into a tight fist. He stopped. Gently he grabbed my arm and pulled the other ring from the ground.

"No, no, no, no please." I begged. "Stop, stop, please! Pleeeasse…" I cried like a little girl. "I cannot risk he taps that fat pussy by troc doing anything stupid in this condition" he sighed. I heard a loud clack as he snapped it down over my wrist. "It won't hurt as much if you are still" he warned. "How can I be still?! You are moving me around." I screamed He pumped harder. Each pump… his cock straining to go further inside of me.

I began to relax myself. Breathe slowly. Think. Think about Jake. Smiling faces. "Jaaaake!" I moaned loudly. Trying to hold his face in my memory. "Jake" Kaleb repeated angrily "Is not here." Through gritted teeth, he curled his lips at me like an angry animal. "Jake" I screamed again feeling not so helpless. Did that strike a nerve?

Again I sucked down the pain as he rammed me harder. "Oh fuck me Jake" I screamed. The veins popped out in his neck. His body strained.

His cock rammed in again. He grabbed my neck as he fucked me. I could feel the sweat pouring off of his face. He ground his teeth together and growled "You were never his! You will never speak his name again…" He licked my ear and whispered into it "Unless you want me to gut him like a pig…" My cut starting to bleed profusely.

Blood pouring out into the fur. I watched it. The pain started to elude me. "I love you Jake…" I said out loud in either an act of bravery, or sheer stupidity.

He stopped pumping me. I could still feel his hard cock straining inside. He touched the cuffs that were restraining me so quickly I had hardly even realized I had been freed before he lifted me up swiftly. He carried me by my waist over to the wall and launched me against it.

I felt my head hit the bricks hard. He pressed his hard body against me as he wrapped his massive hand around my neck; lifting my body off of the ground he held me tightly by my neck, pushing me against the wall. I could feel my breath leave me. Gasping and choking I clung to his chest with my good arm, trying to get a hold. With my feet tip toed I still could not feel the ground.

I could not look down. "You will submit to your KING, wench!" his voice bellowed through the chamber like lions roar. "You will never speak his name again, so help me gods I will rip him into a thousand pieces and have you eat his flesh out of the palm of my hand!" He snarled wickedly. I could see the hatred in his crazed eyes. "Act like a whore and I shall treat you as one. Act as my queen and I shall treat you as that!" he screamed into my ear.

He stood there staring into my eyes, burning me with his anger. I could not breathe even if he decided to drop me at that moment. I had never been so terrified. I had never felt such anger. After what seemed like hours, his grip loosened. I gasped in air with a horrible wretched breath that did not sound human. My face was tingling, my lips were numb. He let me crumble to his feet as he continued to stare at the wall where he had me. Shaking and gasping I tried to crawl away. It felt like I was dying.

My heart was pounding in my chest like a hammer. I was sure it would explode. I could see flashes of black every other second.

"I was not prepared for you to fight me…" he said, sounding calmer but still angry enough to kill me. "I WAS NOT PREPARED FOR THIS…" He bellowed again smashing his hand into the wall. I could hear bricks crumbling to the floor. I heard his fast stride walking toward me. I covered my head and screamed as I felt his hand on my head. He pulled his hand away for a moment. "You must never provoke me, Miranda. I love you like no other can, but you must understand&hellip." His voice trailed off.

"One day you will understand.

You will love me." He said sounding unsure for once. He grabbed my chin and forced my head from the floor, to look at him.

"I will do what must be done. You will submit." He pulled my limp body onto his lap. I could feel his hardness against my bare clit. I could not move or talk. I could not fight or beg.

My body slumped against his. My head was resting on his shoulder. I could have fallen asleep then…Not because I wasn't scared out of reality. Because…I was broken. I could not will myself to move. My limbs fell into some sort of atrophy. I remember thinking I must be in shock. He gripped my hips and lifted my limp body onto his hard cock.

He worked me up and down his shaft like some sort of limp doll…with ease he invaded me. I could feel every inch of his pulsing cock inside of me.

I stretched over his cock like a glove that was two sizes too small. I felt so full. I felt like there was more of him inside of me than myself.

The pain was immense and consuming. I felt pain everywhere, even though it was somewhat dulled, it was intense enough to make me wish I was dead. I felt him tense. I felt his hands grip me so hard I thought my hip bones were cracking under the pressure. He started fucking me so hard I could not help but to let out a throaty grunt as he slammed his cock into the barrier preventing him spilling the guts out of my body.

I could feel myself slipping back as he fucked harder. He caught me gripping my back between my shoulders. I could see his face now. He looked as pained as I. His face was sweating and I could see the veins pulsing at his temples.

His teeth were gritted and he was growling as though he was in agony. I could feel his cum pumping inside me as he held me, impaled mean girls bondage gangbang xxx hatefuck my hippie asshole his pulsing cock.

Everything about this was so wrong. In that moment though, he looked so helpless. He held me there like he was holding on for his life. He looked at me as though I was everything to him. I almost forgot where I was. I was so confused when I looked into his eyes.

I felt like I was the one who should be comforting him, ironically. He slumped back, holding me…keeping himself inside of me. I collapsed on his chest easily. He wrapped his arms around me tightly and gently. Tears rolled out in crocodile size droplets.

Dripping down my face onto his chest, they came to rest. I was not sobbing. I was not blinking. I just could not control the tears that fell from my shell shocked face. I slept there. Listening to his darkened heart beat loudly…I slept. Finally.