Stud cums on attractive gal after sex

Stud cums on attractive gal after sex
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Okay, here's part two of The Angel Next Door. I read your comments and I plan to add more detail and make the part itself longer. I don't want to rush it, but I don't want to take too long too so I'm using my own judgment. Hope you enjoy!

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busty blonde nurse stinks a large cock. I ran my fingers through my black hair. It was cut short, but just long enough to be able to style. I took the time to select my favorite shorts and tight tank top. Then I headed outside. I stepped out onto the porch of my dad's house. It was a nice, white-washed porch with a few lawn chairs set up for relaxing. My dad and I have been living alone since my mother left us when I was five.

I rarely see Dad because he's always either working at his car dealership or hanging out at bars and stripper clubs. Yeah, great influence. But I'm distracted right now. Across the street is Lillian Rush, the new girl on the block. She's bent over the garden in front of the house, tenderly planting flowers and clearing out the weeds.

It's a hot day, so naturally, she's in tight jean shorts and a rose pink tank-top. So hot. Oh so very hot. I was surprised how fast she let me get to know her.

It was the first day and she sister and brother joking 2019 let me kiss her.

It was a magical kiss and I couldn't believe she was so forward. But she seems to have reserved herself suddenly. It's been a week and we've not talked. I sat down on one of the lawn chairs with my water bottle and just watched her. The sun shone down, glistening off her hot skin. The combination of her sweat and the bright sun gave her skin an oiled appearance.

I loved her honey-blonde hair. And her blue eyes were so gorgeous and seductive. Lillian stands up and dusts off her shorts. Then she turns and sees me. I wave casually. I know she knows I've been watching her.

I'm not sure if she's uncomfortable or wanting me, but I'm wanting her. I keep hoping she decides to invite me over again. I don't know why she suddenly got quiet. The girl of my fantasies disappears into her house and my phone rings.

Sure enough, the caller ID shows Lillian. Yes. "Hello, Lily," I answer casually. Maybe if I play it off as if I don't care, she'll have to make a move. "Hey, Josh. How are you?" she asks. Damn her voice is so sexy. "I've could be better…much better," I say quietly. There's a pause on the line and I can tell she's thinking. "Wanna come over? My parents went out to dinner." Finally, she's inviting me. "Sure thing, one moment." I hang up and take my time returning my water to the refrigerator.

I plan on keeping her hanging and working in her brain, making her want me. I meander out onto the porch and I can see she's waiting inside the screen door. Haha, just a little longer. I wander across the street, stressing the fact that I'm in no hurry. I can see her shifting back and forth, anxious or excited. Finally, I reach the door. "Wanna come in?" she offers.

Her blonde hair is pulled back into a messy pony tail. I shrug. "That's what I'm here for," I smile at her and she smiles back. That smile melts me. Fuck, Lily, I want you so bad. Why are you so difficult? Big titty nurses brooke haven titty fucking sat down on the couch and leaned back against the pillows, completely casual.

She just stands there, watching me. "How are your parents settling in?" I ask. "Well, they're okay. They aren't a fan of the neighborhood, probably all the crimes reported in the area," she explains, sitting down across from me on the loveseat. "Yeah, I guess there were quite a few rapes in the area last year. They wouldn't want something to happen to their lovely daughter." I've caught her attention. Her blue eyes sparkle, but did I just see a flash of apprehension?

Maybe I made her nervous. Perfect. "So there are some bad boys around here?" the way she says bad boys, I can't help feeling she might be indicating something. I lean over until I'm almost by her ear. "Maybe." I whisper. Did she just shiver?

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Mmm. "Wanna go for a dip?" she asks, standing up and heading for her bikini laying over the couch. Girl, I wanna go for more than just a dip. But I just say "Sure". I don't care if I have swim trunks on or not. I'll just jump in. We head out to the pool, her with her sexy walk and me with my casual swagger. My swagger usually kills girls, but she either doesn't notice or she's hiding it. Lily slips into the pool water and drifts to the opposite side. I follow her every movement. When I reach her, I lean against the side of the pool and lock my eyes on hers.

She's paralyzed. I can tell I've finally got her. I smile, knowing I've got her where I want her and for a moment, she's hesitant. Then she slides over and lays danielle black girl w hot body gets white creampie p body on mine. Our lips meet in perfect union, the most angelic kiss that ever existed. Our tongues meet, perfectly in tune. I wrap my arms around her waist, then I push her back from me.

She's confused. "Why'd you stop?" she asks. "I never stopped. It was you who went silent after the first day we met. Why did you ignore me?" I demand. I have to know what's going on. "My parents don't need to know my ever move, do they? Especially in this neighborhood, they'd never stay if we hung out." "So you forget about me?" "I never forgot. I played it safe." "Baby girl, you aren't safe around me." That turned her on. Her eyes lit up and she leaned into me.

We met in a passionate kiss again, this time I slid my hands down her back. She shuddered as I let myself fondle down her thighs and up her arms. I feel her up everywhere she lets me. I might succeed this time. Lillian surprised me when she wraps her legs up around my waist and pulls herself tight to me. I go hard, but this time she doesn't flinch.

Fuck, girl. How far can I go? My hands explore up her stomach to her bikini line under her breasts. Then they slide up along the babe with great tits milks a cock of her mounds and pause to rest centered on her chest.

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A small moan escapes her lips and she tenses up, probably embarrassed. Yes, here we go.

Slowly, I test her limits, slowly fondling her breasts. My hand glances over her daddy fuck his cute daughter tube porn breast and I feel her nipple is hard and showing through her bikini. Gently, I pinch her. She moans again, and I laugh. "Enjoying it?" I ask. I'm afraid that if I speak, it will ruin it, but I couldn't resist. She nods and slides her tongue back into my mouth.

This is it. I have to see how far I can push this. I slide my hands up under her bikini and lift it off her breasts. Perfectly round, naturally large, and all angel. I squeeze her breasts and she moans again.

Such a sexy, seductive moan. I harden up even more and I can feel my erect is pressing her thighs. She's not pulling back. My hands trail down her her hips and onto her butt. I squeeze her upper thigh, relishing in the smooth, ample feeling. I lift her up and carry her over to the edge of the pool and set her up on the steps.

I have more mobility here. Lillian rests her head on my shoulder as I begin sucking her neck. "Mmm…uhh," she moans. I slide my right hand over her hip and down between her legs.

Slowly, I rub her most private part, gently wooing her. "Uhhh," she moans louder. I slip my fingers into her bikini and tickle her clit. I slip my fingers between her soft, perfect lips. I can't see her, but just feeling is more than a fantasy.

She was so warm even in the chilly pool water. I can't tell if she's wet because obviously, we're both in water. I remove my hand and lift her up onto my hips. Then she shocks me. Lillian gently and hesitantly, begins rubbing her hips up and down, softly grinding on my cock. The feeling is unnatural. I'm not even in her and I'm in heaven.

"Josh, move faster," she whispers. She reaches down and unbuttons my shorts. She pulls my boxers down and wraps her slim hand around my cock. Slowly, she begins rubbing and fondling. "Mmm…Ugh" I grunt in the feeling. Our lips meet in oral fusion and I rub her clit a little faster.

We're both moaning now, feeling electric. I've never had such a perfect hand job, let alone sex in the pool. It never crossed my mind that this would be one of my fantasies let alone come true.

I slide her bikini off and press her hips to mine. She grinds softly at first, then heavier and faster. "Ugh, ugh," I groan, pressing my hips into her movement. I grab her waist and pull her back.

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Then I guide myself to her entrance. I hesitate, but when she doesn't object, I press into her. I pull out before even getting halfway in. I line up again, then I thrust all the way in. "Uh…Uh…Ahh," she moans loudly as I glide in. Slowly, I begin moving back and forth, sliding in and out. Her moans begin coming regularly and heavy. I grunt occasionally as her pussy tightens and grips my cock. Ahh, fuck. Shit this is good. I begin picking up makes hottie reach alot of as I fondle her breasts and our mouths collide again.

I pump strong into her, fueled by her heavenly noises and the supernatural feeling. The feeling was alien. I've had sex before, but nothings ever felt this good. Not even when I ass-fucked a red-head with a big donky. Suddenly, I feel pressure building up in me and my thrusts elevate until I'm pounding into her pussy.

She's yelling now, despite her efforts to keep quiet. I believe an orgasm might be building in her because I can feel my climax coming. "AHH!" she shouts and thrusts at me, matching my pace and meeting each thrust with her own. There's a rumbling in the distance, but I barely notice. We're pounding away in pure ecstasy and…SHIT!! There's a car coming! She must have heard too because her eyes widen and she gasps. I reluctantly pull out petite chick renee roulette pays quickie sex to stranger guy search the pool for my shorts.

She rushes into her bikini as a white SUV pulls into the driveway. "Get out of here!" she whispers in a panic. My cock is still throbbing and hard, but I force myself away and out of the pool.

"Jump the fence!" she calls quietly to me and I rush for the four foot wood. FUCK, JOSH. You've done it this time! Before I leap, I glance back at my angel. She's running for the house. She looks back, waves me to go, and disappears into the back. I leap over the fence and run a few properties down before daring to cross the street. I don't dare to look toward the house. Her parents are home and I'm still rock hard. Fuck, that was fantastic.

But too close. Next time, I need to be more careful…next time… ………………………………………………………………………………&hellip.

How did you like it? I added more detail and took more time. I know it could have been better, but I'm on a time limit here. Let me know what you think, and stay tuned for part three!

Thank you!!