College babe rimmed and hazed by lesbians

College babe rimmed and hazed by lesbians
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Part 4 Chapter 8 My phone was ringing, I reached for it and out of the delirium of sleep I said, "Hello" "Tommy this is Lulu. I forgot my Science Book and homework assignment. Did you bring yours home? If so can I borrow it?" At first everything seemed garbled, it was Sunday, my last chance to sleep in before back to school.

Why was somebody calling me about a book. Then my muddled head grasped the fact this was Lulu and she had hot latin babe josie jaeger gets pussy fucked on the border me.

Why? Oh yeah science book. Oh, Lulu let me call you back I am not sure if I brought mine home or not. I need to check my book bag. Time to shut up I was beginning to ramble. " I will call you back in a few." I hung up and began trying where I left my bag.

I think I left it on the sofa. I ran down the steps and into the living room. And there it was I opened my bag and the first book I pulled out was the Science Book and sticking out of it was a folded piece of notebook paper.the homework assignment. My mind says. "Alright" I called Lulu and told her I had the book and assignment and it would be on the Kitchen bar and I would be right down I had to get a shower.

I got a towel and wash cloth and turned on the shower for the water to get hot. I removed my clothes, my cock made removing my underwear a challenge. Thinking about Lulu had me very hard. Finally I stepped in the shower and under the hot water. I soaped down then poured out a generous amount of shampoo in my hands and worked it into my hair. I was working the shampoo in to a good lather. I glanced thru the shower door and in the mirror I looked like a giant soap bubble.

I turned back to the wall and continued washing my hair. I heard a slight noise and felt a cool breeze on my back. I started to turn around when I felt two arms slide around my body and two hands grasping my cock which had never lost its hardness since talking to Lulu."Lulu ?

" "Yes." She spoke in a sultry voice that was so hot and sexy I was surprised the water didn't turn to steam. " My Turn" She had moved close to me her hard nipples were like spearpoints driven into my back She had moved so close to me It was like form fitting. Her pussy hair was tickling my butt cheeks.

Lulu began stroking not just my cock but over my chest and stomach and running her fingers through my pubic hair. She turned me around, slid down my body and took me into her mouth.

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I was in heaven. My little head was in her mouth and her Tongue was washing it lavishly. I had been on edge since hearing her voice on the phone. "Lulu I can't wait." Her tongue worked harder as I bathed her tonsils with my sperm. I slipped my hands under her arms and lifted her to a standing position.

Irand them all over her back as I moved my body against her. Lulu decided it was time to finish with the shower and adjourn to the bedroom. We dried each other. I have to admit she had to make me stop she felt that after ten minutes her tits had to be dry.

So I kissed each nipple and led her to my bed room. Lulu looked at me and said, "I have been angry with you for the past week. Ever since Joni told me about your get together. I was mad because she knew that you are mine. After a week of anger and watching I realized … My waiting and my anger I stood a chance foxy fit nude ladies sharing life in the military camp gangbang losing you.

When I saw you in the Hospital bed. because of fear and worry I got angry because of fear of losing you." I put my arms around her and told her about what had taken place between other women and about the stone and what it could do. She asked, " Why didn't you use ti on me? " "Because I love you and wanted you to want me." She leaned in and kissed me deeply so deeply we lost our balance and fell onto the bed. We laughed and agreed this was where we wanted to be anyhow.

We began to explore each others body. Lulu rolled over on her back and gave ne the access to her body I had dreamed about. I started by kissing her forehead her temples then her eyelids. I kissed around her mouth and carressed her neck and covered it with kisses. I kissed up her throat, her chin and finally her soft smooyh lips. they tasted wonderful. I made my way to her beautiful breasts her aureoles were half dollar sized and a light brown.

In comparison her nipples were small. but tasty. I kissed and sucked and rubbed and stroked them superb delicate japanese siren sucking starved pecker Lulu was squirming around on the bed in estacy of orgasm.

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I left her breasts and trailed kisses down her smooth stomach to her bellybutton which I tongued quite well. I traveled further and discovered a perfectly trimmed bush in the shape of a heart. I moved out side and began kissing and licking down her right leg for about 12" then I shifted to the left leg and did the same. She shuddered another orgasm.

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In this manner I made it to her feet. I worked them over. I kissed the bottoms sucked each toe then alternated kisses her inner thighs.

With every kiss her legs would open just a bit. When I reached the apex with heaven in sight, her legs were wide spread.

I licked all around her pussy with out ever touching it. The time has come I moved inward and kissed her pussy with full tongue. I had to grab her hips I think that was a big one I had to wait till she settled down before continuing. I licked and sucked on her outer lips then I advanced to the inner lips and made my way to her Clitoris. Igripped it with my lips and lavished it with my tongue, It was like riding a bronc, a wild one at that.

I brought her to three more climaxes. She was yelling, " Do me now, put it in, I need you now." I moved up her body and searched out her slit. I first entered her with my finger she was wet, very wet. I took aim with my cock ready to fufil a dream. I slid the head in, she was tight very tight, I shoved, Lulu screamed, She had been a Virgin. I never suspected.

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She had clamped her arms onto my back and legs around my hips. Being fairly new at this myself I started to pull out she held on tightly and said " NO ! " In a few minutes I felt her hips began seducing the stranded legal age teenager anna move.

I responded It became kike a battle. Anybodies guess as to who would win. All I knew for sure was Lulu was like a house afire, Hot, Hot, Hot. I could I was getting close, I didn't know if I could wait on her.

I yelled I am cumming she yelled back Wait.I was almost there any how when Lulu started yelling "Now now now>" I had made it we weren't exactly together but damn close. "I'm sorry Lulu I didn't know it was your first time If I had known I." "You would of what.

stopped .Like hell you would have. Not after I finally got the nerve to let you." We dated the rest of that year, Lulu Graduated and started Local College I had one more year before I graduated we scheduled our wedding for the summer after.

The stone, well Lulu told me to throw it away. She never asked if I did or not SO your guess is as good as mine.