Huge delights for adorable hotties hardcore and reality

Huge delights for adorable hotties hardcore and reality
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Ch 2. Kiersten, knees brused from being fucked hard on the kitchen floor, face and mouth covered in her son in laws sperm looks up at her daughter Lauren with desperate eyes. Lauren petite teen gets cum from huge dick 5'2, shorter than her mom. She is skinnier at around 95lbs, with a similar figure as her mom. She also likes to run and has small breasts, but a nice bum.

She has brown hair and bangs like her mom. Lauren is still in school. "What are you doing mom?!?" Lauren screams, seeming shocked. "First i find you cheating on dad with that black guy from next door, and now you are fucking Kelly's husband?" Kiersten looks up at her daughter, not knowing what to say.

"Look Lauren, it just happened," Sean says, his cock still leaking into Kiersten's mouth. Kiersten instinctively licks his cock, but realizes better. "Just wait till Kelly hears about this!" Lauren spouts. "You too are so dead." She says, typical teenage girl talk.

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Lauren is now staring at Sean's fat cock cum still leaking out, now onto Kierstens hair. Sean and Kiersten both notice. "I see what is going on here" Sean says happily, "you don't want to feel left out do you Lauren?" Kiersten looks up at him with eyes saying, please do not do this.

"Um.I.I have to meet my boyfr." Ice video 20160501-132622 tube porn tries to say still looking. "Come here Lauren, why don't you help your mom with the kitchen chores?" Sean says getting hard again. Lauren walks over hesitantly. She is wearing a white tank top and tight jeans. She has pretty tall heals on for a young girl. "'um.what do you want me to do?" Lauren asks timidly. "Get down next to your mom, little slut." Sean says, pushing her down.

"Don't call my daughter a slut!" Kiersten yells. "Shut up slut, clearly you aren't in a position to say anything." Sean says and Kiersten does as she says.

Lauren squats down next to her mom. "See that cum on her Kiersten's tits? Lick it off, now bitch." Lauren looks at her mom and then at her beautiful little tits. Kiersten looks saddened, but isn't going to stop her. Lauren starts to suck on her moms nipple, which is glistening wet with Sean's cum. "Yeah slut, lick your mom's breast." Lauren smiles but then gags a little on the cum.

"It is an acquired taste" Kiersten says in her regal way. She then takes Sean's hard cock and starts to jack it off. "Taste this honey, it is yummy!" Lauren licks the head of Sean's cock, looking up at Kiersten and then at him. Sean then droops a combination of spit and Kierstens asshole onto his cock, which then goes onto laurels tongue.

"Swallow it whore." Sean says to her. "Tell your daughter to swallow it." Sean says to Kiersten. "Honey swallow his spit, it tastes yummy." Lauren does as her mom tells her. "Now that you have tasted that, lick your mommys asshole." Sean says, pushing Kiersten back on her knees. Kiersten juts out her bum, arching her skinny little back. Sean spits on her asshole, and Lauren goes down and licks it up.

"Suck on mommys asshole Lauren." Lauren keeps licking, not knowing how to suck. "No like this you little bitch," Sean says, bending down and sucking hard on her asshole. Kiersten quivers and screams a little. Sean takes lauren by her hair and pushes her into her moms soaking asshole. "Suck you slut!" Lauren starts to suck on it and Sean keeps holding her head down. He then lowers his cock down and entered his mother in law's asshole, with Lauren sucking on the hole and Sean's cock at the same time.

Lauren's cute little face has spit all over it and Sean slaps her with asshole covered cock, and then plunges into Keirsten. "SUCK MOMMYS ASSHOLE LAUREN. FUCK!!" Kiersten screams and squirts pussy onto the floor again. Her skinny body shakes as Sean keeps pounding. He holds Lauren down, forcing her to lick, her pretty face rested on her moms ass.

"FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME!" Kiersten keeps screaming and her daughter looks concerned. "FUCK ME TILL I SHIT MYSELF, FUCK ME!!" "MOM!" Lauren is shocked now, coming back. "You bitches need to shut up. I think its time to feed you sluts." Sean says, forcing his cock in deeper. He looks at Lauren, while fucking her mom.

"You ready to taste your sisters cock?" Sean laughs and forced her head to his cock and her moms asshole. "Um what do you mean, what is going to happen?" Lauren is genuinely puzzled by this. "Shut up daughter, just do what I do, FUCK, Very sexy blonde on webcam more videos on sexycamsorg FUCK IM CUMMING!" Kiersten says and then screams. Sean pulls his glistening fat cock out of Kiersten's tight asshole, and starts jacking.

Kiersten turns over and squats next to her daughter. She pulls her in to her face. "Stick your tongues out and start kissing each other." Sean says getting ready.

Kiersten starts to suck on the end of Lauren's tongue, who looks confused. Sean then unleashes a bigger load than the first time, first squirting on Kiersten's tongue, face and her red hair (on the bangs), then the second stream hits Lauren in the eye and her hair (also on her bangs), the third stream is the biggest and goes from Kiersten's tongue and into Lauren's mouth.

Lauren gags a little but keeps her tongue out. The remaining spurts land in both girls mouths.

"Fuck yes sluts, keep kissing." Kiersten is kissing goopy cum into Lauren's mouth. Lauren definitely has more and is showing that she is a bit queasy. "Now swallow you whores." Sean says inspecting. Kiersten swallows dutifully like the regal whore she is. Lauren is hesitant and sick, but Kiersten grabs her by the throat with her little hands. "Swallow honey." Kiersten says.

Lauren swallows and starts to gag more, but keeps it down.

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'Good girl." "You bitches did good," Sean says. "Now get out of here Lauren. Go give your boyfriend a big kiss with my cum on you haha." "OK sir Lauren says." She wipes off the visible portion with her finger and goes to put it in her mouth. "No, share with your mom!" Sean orders. Lauren puts her finger out and her mom, still on her knees, sucks the cum off.

Lauren then walks out of the house, Kiersten stays on the floor, like a good obedient slut. "Good job mom in law, your daughter is a great kid." Sean says. So you like black cock?