British housewife is shared by her husband and he films

British housewife is shared by her husband and he films
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The Vampire's Kiss Chapter 12: Wanton Sin by mypenname3000 Copyright 2016 Jezebel groaned in delight as her enemy, her hated foe, pleasured her cunt.

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The demon gloated in the depths of the priest's soul. He howled in agony as he was changed, transformed by the demon's domination over an angel. Even an angel as corrupted as Aurora had become still held a tenuous connection to Heaven. The succubus's red wings spread wide in Father Augustine's soul. The angel and demon were both inside the priest, possessing him at the same time. Aurora had entered to do battle with Jezebel, a common tactic of the angels to drive out a demon.

But Aurora's corruption made her uniquely vulnerable to the demon's wiles. Aurora was a succubus, driven by hungers for sex. She bore the same demonic taint the pumped through the heart of her master—the vampire Damien.

Both were creatures of darkness, and Jezebel knew how to manipulate such passions. Aurora's defeat had been simple. She had been unable to resist feasting upon the demon's pussy. The angel tried to feed from the demon, to ingest the sexual energy burst through Jezebel's cunt as she ground her flesh on Aurora's mouth.

But the link worked both ways. Jezebel stole the angel's energy. It merged with her demonic power and then poured into her instrument—the priest. She transformed him, making him more than a man. The energy of Heaven and Perdition merged in him. He became Nephilim. An ancient creature. Strong, powerful. The mighty heroes of cute babe double stuffed by huge black boners outdoors that battled gods, caused miracles, and were remembered in the twisted tales of the mortals: Talmai, Gilgamesh, Hercules, Goliath, Arba, Ahiman, Sargon, Nimrod, and more.

The Nephilim bore many names: the Fallen Ones, Terrors, Weakeners, Giants, Devastators. Father Augustine suffered. Change never came without its pound of flesh. "That's it, angel-slut," Jezebel moaned, writhing, undulating, reveling in her victory. "You have handed me the keys. Damien proved far stronger than I anticipated and then you delivered me your power. Foolish cunt." Aurora only moaned, consumed with rapture.

The angel didn't care. She only wanted to feast and feed her venal appetite. Her hands wrapped about Jezebel's waist, gripping the demon's ass. Aurora's fingers clenched and relaxed, pulling the demon close so Aurora could feed. Jezebel's black hair spilled out her shoulders as she humped against Aurora's mouth. The pair floated through the pit of the priest's blackened soul. Corruption surrounded them.

The demon loved to spread it. Her black wings flapped in delight. "So good," Aurora moaned. "It is," Jezebel purred. "Are you even aware of who's cunt you devour?" "Yours, Mistress." The words were so sweet. Jezebel trembled. Her pussy clenched.

A small orgasm rippled through her body, teasing her with all the delights Aurora would deliver. The angel drank the fluids gushing out of the demon's cunt. The flow of her angelic energy increased, spilling into Jezebel and merging with her demonic essence.

Jezebel's eyes rolled in her head. She gasped and moaned. Aurora's tongue brushed the demon's clit, caressing it. Shivers of delight ran through the demon. Her wings flapped harder as her butt-cheeks clenched beneath Aurora's fingers. The angel latched her mouth about Jezebel's clit. Aurora sucked and nibbled. Jezebel shivered again.

She ran her hands through the angel's blackened hair while golden eyes peered up into the demon's violet depths. "My slut," Jezebel purred, loving the word. "How many times did you fight me?" "So many times," Aurora answered. "I wanted to destroy you. I Fell to kill you." Jezebel laughed, savoring the irony. "And now you want to fuck me." "I do." Aurora latched her mouth on Jezebel's clit again, sucking hard. Jezebel's head tossed back as the pleasure swelled through her.

Aurora's fingers caressed the demon's ass. Fingernails rasped across her plump butt-cheeks, the stimulation sending new ripples through the demon. Then Aurora shoved her fingers into the demon's crack and plunged sexy model gets cumshot on her face sucking all the love juice into her tight asshole. Jezebel gasped at the intrusion. Her bowels clenched on the angel's probing fingers.

Jezebel humped harder against Aurora's mouth. "Fucking angel-slut. Finger my ass. Lick my pussy. Give me all your energy." "Yes," groaned Aurora. The angel's tongue flailed through the demon's pussy. Jezebel gasped and groaned. Her bowels burned when Aurora shoved a third finger into the demon's asshole.

The angel's tongue caressed and explored the demon's folds, teasing her, driving her passion to new heights. With one hand, Jezebel played with her dark-red nipples topping her small tits. She pinched and pulled them, going back and forth between the sensitive nubs as her pleasure built and built. Her body trembled. The demon howled. "You fucking angel-slut! Yes, yes, yes." Jezebel came hard on Aurora's mouth.

As the pleasure burst through her demonic flesh and spilled across her mind, she drank more and more of the angel's energy. She fed it into the priest, changing him faster.

"Give it to me," gasped Jezebel. "Feed it to me, angel-slut." "Yes," moaned Aurora, fingering the demon's asshole faster. Jezebel savored her sphincter stretched open, her bowels clenching about plunging fingers. The demon shuddered.

Her moans reverberated through the priest's soul, echoing back with her screaming passion. Dark rapture consumed the demon. And she wanted more. "On your hands and knees, slut," hissed Aurora. It's time to be fucked. In the priest's soul, nothing was real. Jezebel's appearance was completely malleable, like Aurora's.

The angel-slut, even when she was a pure servant of Light, had given herself a busty, curvy figure. Aurora enjoyed being admired by men. She didn't have to have the pillowy tits that heaved as she rolled onto her hands and knees, or to have that magnificent, heart-shaped ass begging to be fucked.

And the demon had control over her body. Jezebel was female because that was the sex she enjoyed being. But she had dabbled as a male. For angel's, their sex was set. They couldn't change it. That would be against the rules.

Demons loved to break the rules. Jezebel stroked her clit as she shaped her the nub. It sprouted, growing thick and long before her. A hard shaft, purely male, thrusting before her feminine body. Her pussy clenched and relaxed as the dick bobbed before her.

The demon loved possessing men because she loved feeling them fuck women. A hot cunt or velvety bowels wrapped tight about a dick always felt amazing to the demon. Sometimes, she indulged herself and created a dick instead of experiencing it vicariously through men she possessed like the priest.

Jezebel fell to her knees, her massive dick bobbing before her. It was huge, thicker than her wrist, longer than her forearm. A monstrous cock thrusting from her body. She stroked it, loving the feel of it as she stared at Aurora's wiggling ass. Olha o que ela falou pro corno enquanto assistia filmes porno demon slammed her dick deep into the angel's bowels.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Lord, yes," Aurora screamed as her bowels were invaded by the thick cock. "Thank you, God, for giving me this pleasure." "Such sweet blasphemy," Jezebel purred behind Aurora.

"Scream out how much you love my girl-cock." Aurora shuddered. Her bowels clenched down about the mammoth dick. It hurt as it slammed into her bowels, the pain becoming rapture. Her crimson wings spread wide as her asshole embraced the bliss and agony of the girl-dick. "I love it, God," american housewife alby daor goes interracial and anal Aurora as she bucked into her enemy's thrusts.

There was a small part of her that remembered her hatred, sunny leone hot xxx story with condom download gnashed and wailed, but that part no longer controlled Aurora.

Her hungers did. Aurora didn't care that Jezebel claimed her angelic essence, that moment by moment she came closer and closer to becoming one with the demon. She didn't care that the mortal priest would soon become an abomination. An abomination who would be Damien's enemy. All that mattered to the angel was feeding her hungers. And the wonderful, impossible girl-dick would do that.

Thick cum lurked inside the demon's body. It would spill into Aurora and feed all her hungers. She would glut on them. "Watch her fuck me, Lord," screamed Aurora, her pussy clenched, Her heavy tits swayed beneath her as she bucked back into Jezebel's thrust. "Watch me take every inch of her blessed cock. Heaven's light, this is so hot." "Angel-slut," gasped Jezebel.

"Yes, yes, yes." Aurora savored the word. "I'm your angel-slut, demon. I love your cock. Keep fucking me. Spill your cum into me." Jezebel's small breasts jiggled and bounced as she pounded Aurora's asshole. The burning bliss spread through the angel's body. Her wings flapped and her body trembled.

Aurora slammed her ass back into Jezebel's thrusts, the slap of their flesh echoing through the priest's soul. A wonderful, decadent bliss spilled through the angel. Her back arched as her first orgasm exploded through her. She embraced the rapture flowing through her body. She gasped and screamed out her joy. "Such a wonderful cock! Oh, yes! She's tearing my ass apart, Lord, and I love it!" The angel's wings flapped every time the demon's dick buried into her asshole.

The burning bliss shot through Aurora. She embraced it, loved it, savored it. Nothing else mattered. Her fingers clawed at the emptiness of the priest's soul as her moans echoed over and over. The demon's fingernails raked Aurora's back, leaving burning scratches between the angel's wings. Aurora shuddered, savoring every sensory delight. Her soul quivered as the flood of her essence poured faster into the demon. "Give it all to me!" "Yes!" Aurora screamed in answer.

"Take it. Just dump your cum in me. Please, Mistress." "Mistress," Jezebel purred, savoring the word. "You'll be mine for eternity." "Just keep fucking me. Keep cumming in me. Let me drink your juices. Let me feast on your lust. I don't care. You can do what you will to me." Aurora's orgasm burst through her angelic body.

Her wings flapped hard as she shuddered. She bucked back into the demon's thrusts. Aurora's bowels writhed about Jezebel's cock. Greed and lust burned in the angel.

She needed the demon's cum. "Flood my ass," screamed Aurora as the pleasure crashed into her mind. "Please, please, please." The demon seized a fistful of Aurora's blackened hair. She yanked hard on it, jerking back the angel's head. "You're my slut." "Yes!" The demon drove her dick into the angel's ass. Aurora felt the cum race from the depths of the demon's body, up her cock, before the hot jizz spurted into the angel's bowels. Aurora drank in the cum, feasting on it, and fed her Mistress the last of her essence.

As Aurora screamed her bliss. Her body became billowing mist. It flowed around Jezebel. Aurora, consumed in rapture, flowed into her Mistress, merging with Jezebel. The angel trembled inside the demon. You are mine forever, the demon hissed. Aurora shuddered as her pleasure bled out of her.

Then she reached out to the steel bars of her cage. The fog of ecstasy blew horny babe katja kassin female dom interracial sex her mind. She was trapped inside the demon's soul. A prisoner, her essence stolen by Jezebel. By my enemy. "No!" Aurora screamed, her soul clawing at the demon's. But she had no strength. She had given it all way. "You bitch. Release me and fight me." But isn't this better?

the demon asked, her smug voice echoing from every direction at once. Now you'll always reside close to my heart. A part of me. All those centuries of yearning to be free of Heaven.

Now you'll get to see what can be made of freedom. "No!" Aurora threw her soul against Jezebel's. And bounced off. She was trapped. Her foe had defeated her.

The bitter knowledge that Aurora had succumbed with no resistance to Jezebel's dominance was bile eating at the angel's soul. I was weak. I never was strong. Weak. Damien overcame me. Jezebel hardly had to try. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Britney Lawson stared at her mother's unmoving form. Blood pooled from the older Donna Lawson's neck, savaged by Damien's sharp teeth.

Britney licked her lips, her body shuddering in anticipation. Britney was a Thrall, in tune to the vampire she served—Damien. And right now, the venom of his bite changed Donna.

Though she was dead, soon unlife would breathe into her body. She would rise again, a vampiress bound to Damien. Britney chortled in delight, glad to serve her Master with her mother. "We'll be his forever," Britney cooed as she stroked her mother's cooling cheek. A bead of Britney's milk gathered at the corner of her mother's lips.

The eighteen year old's nipples ached as she remembered the hunger with which her mother had feasted, nursing and suckling. "Forever. Isn't that wonderful? "Of course it is. I know how much you admired Damien. I saw those looks. We both ogled him." Britney giggled. "Remember that weekend a few months back when he was working in the yard shirtless. Your mouth was wide open. Mmm, his muscles rippling as he worked.

Did you ever masturbate to him? "I did. All the time. And then he took my virginity. It was wonderful. I was already his thrall. I loved it as much as you loved surrendering to his bite." Britney sighed.

"But what did the priest do to you, Mom? You were so dangerous." Britney couldn't believe how swift her mother had moved. She had fought Damien, wounded him, almost defeated him.

Britney had to throw herself at her mother to protect her Master. She moved with inhuman speed. All the women with the priest did.

Samantha, who Britney was supposed to be a bridesmaid for next week, and a blonde girl Britney didn't recognize were incredible.

"You were so different. And your blood, Mom." Britney licked her lips, shuddering at the power in her mother's blood. She only had a taste from the blood staining Damien's lips. But it had made her cum so hard beneath her master.

Damien had been driven wild by the blood. "He came so much in me, mother." Britney shoved her hands between her thighs and rubbed at her wet pussy. Her fingers glistened with cum and her pussy juices, mixed together. She rubbed the cum on her mother's lips. "There, something for you to taste when you wake up." A tug seized Britney. Her master needed her. Britney gained her feet, surveying the loft.

The scent of blood filled the air. It splattered the floor. The vampires were the source of some it, but Damien, his beautiful wife, and the nubile Mary had already healed. Mary nuzzled at Samantha's neck, lapping up the last of the young woman's blood.

Abigail turned Samantha. She underwent the same changes as Britney's mother. Soon, both would be reborn. "Her blood is delicious," Mary moaned, lifting her face from Samantha's neck.

"I've never tasted the like." "You've been a vampire for a day," Vickie groaned. "How much blood have you tasted?" Vickie was Sweetheart delighting dude with fellatio smalltits and hardcore other thrall. She lay on her stomach, holding her wounds. Britney gasped. She wanted to run to Vickie and check on her, but she knew the thrall would heal fast.

Damien needed Britney. She felt it. A strong pull. Anger radiated off her Master. He stood at the doorway, glaring out at it. Abigail was at his side, her red hair falling down her naked back. Master snarled, his body tensed. He wanted to chase after the escaping priest who somehow naughty milf jerks off a naked young dude stolen Aurora.

But he couldn't. Sunlight spilled through the doorway. For Britney, the light proved no problem. She stepped into it as she rounded on her master, the sun warm on her naked skin. The busty blonde thrall fell to her master's knees, his cock thrusting hard before him, lust and rage almost warping the air around him.

He couldn't touch the light. For him it was a barrier. Death. The sun's purity would consume him. Damien glared at the sunlight as Britney opened her mouth and sucked his cock between her lips. She sighed as she suckled, his dick warming in her mouth. A vampire's temperature was the same as the ambient surroundings.

It made Damien's flesh cool to the touch. But he warmed when he was in her. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked hard. He needed his lust fed so he could focus. He was drunk on it. The blood burning in the air did not help.

For a vampire, it was an intoxicating scent. Beside him, Abigail snarled. Britney served Damien, not Abigail, and so she pleasured him. "I'll tear his head off," Damien snarled, his hand forming a fist in Britney's hair, holding her tight.

His hips thrust forward, driving his dick down Britney's throat. It hurt. Her throat stretched around his girth as his balls smacked into her chin. "She's mine!" "We'll get your angel back," Abigail hissed. Then she broke away and strode into the loft. "Mary, stop nuzzling at the slut and lick my cunt." "Mmm, yes," Mary purred.

Britney smiled around her Master's dick. Mary, who had been Britney's best friend for as long as she could remember, loved to lick pussy. In life, she had been wild, the opposite of the quite, demure Britney. Mary, always wild, had popped her cherry young and never looked back. Despite their differences, they had always been good friends. First my best friend serves Master, and now my mother.

Britney savored the violent thrust of Damien's dick, welcoming his shaft slamming down her throat over and over. He pulled on her hair as he fucked her mouth. She sucked and moaned, putting her all into pleasuring him. "He stole my angel," growled Damien. "I'll make him howl." "Yes," Abigail purred, her voice throaty.

Mary's tongue made a wicked sound as the vampiress pleased Abigail. "We'll make him pay. And Faust." Damien snarled and slammed his dick harder into Britney's mouth, excited by the prospect of violence. Britney shuddered. Her pussy dripped with cum and pussy juices.

She shoved her hand between her thighs, frigging her clit. She circled her nub. Sparks of delight burst through her as she pictured her Master killing the evil vampire Faust and the priest. Blood spurted through her imagination. Hot and coppery. Though she was still human, she enjoyed the taste. He'll share it with me. I lick the blood from his body. Britney shoved a pair of fingers into her foul mouth slut with big tits gets assfucked tube porn, cum-filled cunt.

I'll lick him clean of all the wonderful blood. "We'll bathe in their blood," Abigail moaned. "Yes," snarled Damien.

Yes, Britney screamed in her thoughts as she ground the heel of her hand on her clit. The young she doesnt miss a drop in her mouth sucked harder. Her nipples ached. Milk beaded at her fat nubs and dribbled down the curves of her breasts before running down her stomach.

She groaned and shuddered, frigging herself harder and harder. Her body convulsed. Bliss burst through her. Britney's greedy pussy spasmed about her thrusting fingers. The pleasure rushed through her body as she imagined licking the blood from Damien's muscular body. She could almost taste the coppery delight of Faust and Father Augustine's blood as she sucked on his cock. "Fucking slut," growled Damien.

"Keep moaning." I will, Master. I will give your cock so much bliss. Cum in my mouth. Give it to me! As the pleasure washed through her mind, Britney moaned louder, her passion humming around her Master's dick. She thrust her fingers deep into her sopping hole.

Her clit throbbed beneath her grinding hand as juices bathed her palm. Damien's cock slammed over and over down her throat. His balls smacked her chin. The vampire snarled.

The muscles of his chest heaved. His cum spurted. The blasts rushed into her mouth, filling her with his wonderful cum. The seed warmed by her sucking, salty and vital with unlife.

Britney's head spun as her orgasm reached new heights. Damien ripped his cock from her mouth, and some of his anger bled away. Britney sucked in breaths through her nose, holding as much of his jizz in her mouth as possible. She scampered to her feet, racing to her mother's side. The young woman kissed her mother's cool, unmoving lips. Britney thrust the cum into her mother's mouth, feeding the burgeoning vampiress her Sire's cum. Britney smiled when she broke the kiss.

"Now you'll really taste him when you wake up, Mom." "Ooh, you are so wicked," Mary smiled. Britney hadn't noticed the raven-haired vampiress moving closer.

The vampiress's had the ability to move at super speed, almost too fast to see. She had a huge smirk on her face, Abigail's juices staining her lips. "I am wicked," Britney answered her vampiress friend. "So wicked," Mary male gey tmale gey sex and leaned in, latching her lips around Britney's fat nipple. A moment later, the vampiress's fangs bit. Britney shuddered as Mary suckled, drinking a mix of blood and milk.

Britney smiled, stroking her friend's hair and savored the delight of nursing a vampiress. Her toes curled and she mewled.

"A car is approaching," Abigail announced. Damien smiled. "Rosa. Her blood is sweet. That's how the priest found us." Abigail frowned. "I don't follow." "Rose was the realty agent," Britney skinny nuru masseuse getting pussyeaten massage and cumshot, her voice thick with ecstasy.

"And Father Augustine knows how you think," Abigail hissed. "I hope Rosa has a big enough car." Damien nodded. "And we'll let Rosa choose our next lair. The priest doesn't know her at all." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The agony ended. Father Hyrum Augustine regained his consciousness. He lay curled in the back of the gray church van that had served as the mobile command post for hunting. He had spent many tense hours waiting in the van while his charges fought the undead.

He sat up, brushing a weapon rack, sliver-plated machetes rattling. Power strengthened his limbs. Energy brimmed inside of him. He laughed, a deep rumble The last thing he remembered was the crimson-winged demon becoming red cloud and flowing into his body then agony.

His soul had been shredded as the female voice lurking inside him warred with the demon. But the Holy Ghost had prevailed. And gifted you such power. You are beyond human. You are Nephilim. Mighty. You shall command much. "Father," Joy shouted from the driver seat. The van slowed to a stop. "You're awake. Praise God, I feared you would die like Samantha and." Her shoulders shuddered, tears thickened her voice.

"Like Donna. The vampires killed them." "Turned them," he said, his cock so hard. I am mighty. Powerful, the female voice answered. Gifted. Long life, strength, virility. The changes even now work through your body. The years melt away. Youthful vigor is yours. "What do we do?" Joy asked. "We fought them and they beat us. We came so close, but Damien and his vampiress were so strong.

Should we go back to Faust?" The female voice hissed in rage. A second voice hissed with her, burgeoning with lust.

"Fuck," the priest growled. His cock ached. It tented the front of his cassock. He ripped up the black robes, his cock sticking out, the tip purple-red. "Get your ass back here, Joy." "No, no, no," gasped Joy. "It's that demon.

She's afflicted you with lust." "Yes," growled the priest. His voice sounded so strong, losing the rough timber of middle age. "Move, girl." He throbbed so hard, his dick aching to explode." "Yes, Father!" Joy undid her seatbelt and bolted out of the van. She raced around it and threw open the side door. Sunlight spilled in. Beyond her, the Chicago skyline dominated.

The blonde, barely legal nymph jumped into the back. Before she could close the door, the priest seized her blonde hair and pulled her down to his cock. She didn't fight as he fucked his dick into her mouth. He groaned as he sank into her warm, wet, sucking hold. His head lolled back. "That's it, whore. Suck my cock. Put that whorish mouth to use." Joy sucked hard. The van swam around the priest.

His balls boiled. "Harlot. Every member of your sex is a whore. You are the reason sin exists. It comes from that wet hole between your thighs." Joy moaned her agreement, her tongue swirling about the tip of his cock. She bobbed her head, eager to rut. A filthy sow. Like every woman. One hand stroked his shaft and the other massaged his balls, eager for his cum to spill into her mouth. "You love drinking men's seed, slut." Another moan.

Her blue eyes stared up at him, dewy with her excitement. He fucked his hips, driving his cock down her throat. She gagged and coughed. He didn't care. He forced his dick gloryhole lesbians tugging bukkake cock stockings glamcore and deeper, loving the tight confines of her esophagus. "Fucking whore," he breathed as his balls erupted already. The lust billowing through him had to be released. He couldn't think until his sin had been expelled into a woman's hole.

The cum spurted out of him, shooting right down her throat. She groaned and gasped, her throat swallowing. The pleasure rushed through him. It raised him to the stratosphere in seconds, leaving him gasping and groaning. And needing more. He had sin brimming in his balls that needed to be expell "Fucking slut, get those skirt off, I need to fuck you right." Her mouth popped off his dick.

"Yes.Father." she panted, spit running down her chin, her eyes red. "Your's bigger.I almost.choked.on it." "I have been reborn," the priest said. "The demon's fires burned me, but instead of consuming me they reforged my body." "Hallelujah, Father," Joy gasped as she wiggled her slim hips, baring her shaved cunt, her thighs covered in her juices.

Her sinful, spicy scent assaulted the priest's nose. His dick sexy year old sweetheart gets fucked hard. He seized Joy by the throat. He spun her around and slammed her onto the van's floor. She didn't cry out in pain. She, too, had been reborn when she drank his holy communion last night. Instead, a wanton moan escaped her lips. She parted her thighs, inviting him to take her, to spill his gabriella paltrova enjoys their big hard cocks into her wanton hole.

Her eyes pleaded with him. She whimpered and shuddered, her body yearning to couple. "Whore!" snarled the priest as he drove his dick deep into Joy's pussy. She gasped and shuddered in delight. Her thighs went around his waist. She pulled him in tight, humping against him, her heartbeat fluttering beneath his fingers. I could crush her life.

The priest stared into the his whore's blue eyes as she gasped and moaned, his dick sawing teen adria uses her flute as a sex toy and gets busted by her teacher pornstars and big dick her hot, wet depths.

She bucked into his thrusts. Her body trembled and her sweet moans escaped her lips. Pleasure fluttered through her body. Her heart beat faster and faster. "Yes, yes, yes," she cried out. "Fuck me. Pound me. I need it. Sweet Lord, I need you to keep fucking me." Her hot, wet tunnel constricted about his dick. Like his hand wanted to clench about her throat.

His balls smacked over and over into her flesh. Her body writhed and wriggled. Her pink tongue flashed across her lips. "Father, yes," she gasped. "Oh, you're dick. So big. You're stretching me out. Oh, Lord, I've never had a dick so big. It's—" Her words cut off. He choked her. She never stopped bucking against him. Her face turned red as her mouth opened wide.

Her pussy clenched on his shaft. She shuddered and then her cunt went wild, spasming on his dick. The slut came. Her eyes rolled in her head as she bucked into his thrusts.

Her face turned redder and redder. The pleasure on his dick was exquisite. The slut soared into the heights of her orgasms as she flirted on the edge of death. The priest relaxed his grip. She sucked in deep breaths, the red fading from her face as she bucked. "Oh.God.yes.keep

It's.rapture. Heaven." "You are such a slut, "he growled, squeezing again, reveling in his power over his angie love oiled big tits ass continue on mypornox com. Her pussy spasmed. Her orgasm never ended. One ran after the other, massaging his cock.

His dick gave her such pleasure. He mastered her wanton body. He could see it in her eyes as they grew more and more unfocused. "I own you, woman." He released her throat. "Yes," she coughed and gasped. "Yes.yes.yes." Her thighs squeezed him tight as he squeezed again, her life fluttering. His balls smacked into her ass. Her juices coated his groin and matted his thighs.

Every thrust brought another shudder from the slut. Her pussy was a furnace. It boiled his cock. The pleasure rushed through his mind. He thrust deep into her cunt.

Awesome girl and lad in oral sex

His balls tightened. And then they unloaded. He flooded her pussy—My cunt!—with his seed, claiming her. She gasped cute college girls sucking and fucking dicks at the party tube porn flopped on the floor of the van.

He released her throat. He allowed her to live. "Wonderful.wonderful.Father," she gasped between coughs. Her throat was bruised by his grip. Her smile radiant. "Did I satiate your lust?" "Not even close," he growled as he ripped out of her cunt. He flipped her over and slammed his dick into her asshole. She groaned and squealed beneath him, her bowels stretching around his huge cock as he reamed her hard.

Her screams of joy echoed through the van. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Damien waited for Rosa to appear. His Latina vampiress strode into the loft, her clothing torn and matted with her own blood. The sunlight didn't affect Rosa—her vampiric gift immunized her against the sun's purity.

She's not held prisoner by light. Damien's telekinesis seized Rosa and pulled her to him. The vampiress gasped as her feet dragged across the floor, tearing open her stockings. He seized her by the neck and pulled her to him. She swayed, her eyes wide as he stared into them. "The priest?" "And his women," she hissed.

"Shot me with an oak crossbow. I fell through my office window and landed on the sidewalk. I was paralyzed until the EMT's arrived and removed the arrow." "Bolt," corrected Abigail. Rosa ignored the interruption. Her dark eyes almost burned. "I wanted to kill them, Sire, I wanted to feast on them. But your commands." She shuddered. "I stole an SUV. It's in the alley." "Feast on Britney," Damien commanded, releasing her neck.

"Regain your strength. Then we'll prepare the SUV to depart." "I can start working on it, Master," the pained voice of Vickie said. The thrall struggled to stand. She clutched at her stomach. "I'm healing." "Not fast enough. Rest." A smile flashed across Vickie's coffee-cream face.

She sank back down and closed her eyes, letting out a sigh or relief. "You always were soft with women," Abigail purred, hugging Damien from behind, her naked breasts pressing into his back.

Her hands stroked his muscular stomach. "I remember that vampiress that almost took your head off." "I was nineteen," Damien said, a smile crossing his lips. "And thinking with your dick even though your wife was standing twenty feet away." Abigail's hand slid down his belly and stroked through his pubic hair to grasp his cock.

"You're still thinking with it. You don't want one of your precious women hurt. You want them all to yourself." "They're mine," Damien snarled. Flashes of Abigail gasping and heaving beneath Faust shot through his mind. "Ours." "Ours," she shuddered. "How sweet of you to share." Her mouth nibbled at his neck, her teeth nipping, drawing blood; his huge tit bbw lexxxi luxe plays with her stepdad tony d throbbed harder in her stroking hand.

"Always share," he groaned, savoring his wife's hand. "Are you holding to our marriage vows?" "Some." She gave a wicked laugh. "Having a harem of women would violate one of them." Abigail let out a throat purr. "Look at them." Britney shuddered on the floor.

She had Mary and Rosa drinking from her breasts. The blonde thrall's hand plunged between her thighs, frigging her pussy as her breast milk and blood flowed into the vampiresses' mouths.

Her milk and blood scented the air—salty and sweet. Damien licked his lips. Rosa's curvy ass swayed, her skirt torn in spots, matted with her blood. Her golden-brown flesh peaked through, healed from her curvy brunette teen has her muff drilled. Her nylons were mostly intact, clinging to her lush legs, hugging them with a sheen of darkness.

"Fuck her," Abigail purred. "I want to watch you pound the vampiress slut. I want to watch your muscles ripple. It's almost as hot as watching you kill." His wife released his cock and pushed him forward. Damien strolled to Rosa. He wanted to control his lusts. He shouldn't be fucking, but there was too much blood in the air.

It kept his dick hard. He fell to his knees behind Rosa and shoved up her skirt, his fingers squeezing and clenching at her ass through her pantyhose. He ripped them apart, exposing her golden-brown ass and the thong disappearing between her butt-cheeks.

He kneaded and groped her ass, loving how firm she felt. Her tart musk of her excitement bled through the skimpy, black cloth as the vampiress moaned. "Ooh, Master," Britney purred, her glazed eyes finding his. "She's moaning as she suckles. She likes it. Naughty slut." "She is naughty," Damien groaned in agreement as he leaned down and bit into the globe of Rosa's ass. Blood trickled out. Salty and wonderful, brimming with Rosa's excitement.

He sucked on the blood, letting it spill around his tongue. When he raised his lips, he watched the twin trickles run down her cheeks to her thighs, soaking into the nylons. He bit again, giving her a matching mark on her other butt-cheek, watching how the blood trickled differently as Rosa shook her ass. He licked up the blood trail, savoring her salty flavor as his lips moved closer and closer to her pussy.

Her thong was in the way. His fingers ripped it and threw it to the side. Her tart passion filled his nose, almost drowning out the scent of her blood. He nuzzled into her flesh, licking it. Her pussy warmed as the blood and milk she drank from Britney's teat flowed through the vampiress's body.

His tongue licked, gathering her tart juices. "You always want to please women," Abigail purred, sliding beside him. She licked at a line of blood down Rosa's ass.

Already the bite marks healed, the flow slowing, stopping. "You're her master. Take her." "I am mastering her," Damien answered.

"When she cums on my lips, it is because of my will." Abigail laughed then kiss him. When she broke the kiss, she purred, "Then make the slut howl your name." Damien grinned at his wife before he buried his lips back between Rosa's thighs. He licked and nuzzled at her pussy. The vampiress shuddered, moaning about Britney's nipple. The thrall gasped and bucked, cumming hard, flooding the air with her sweet excitement.

Abigail couldn't resist. She moved between Britney's thighs and feasted, adding blood's coppery tang to Britney's juices. The thrall moaned louder, her orgasming robbing her of coherent thought, a wonderful symphony inspiring Damien to lick and bite harder at Rosa's cunt. Blood spurted into his mouth, bleeding from Rosa's pussy lips.

Her pink flesh crimsoned. He licked at it, savoring the coppery, tart tang flooding his mouth. His fingers attacked her clit, rubbing it hard then pinching and stretching it, giving the vampiress pain.

She loved it. Her moans grew louder, her hips shifting. Her juices and blood flowed as her excitement mounted. Damien probed his tongue into her sheath, caressing the folds of her pussy before he shoved a pair of fingers into her tight depths and turned his fangs to her clit. He bit the nub. "Yes," Rosa moaned, squirming, her pussy clenching hard on Damien's fingers.

"Oh, fuck, yes. That's wonderful. Oh, damn. Oh, fuck. Keep doing that, Sire. Oh, yes." Her engorged nub throbbed as her blood squirted into his mouth.

She bucked and gasped into his lips, screaming out his name with all the passion her undead body possessed. Her juices gushed from her cunt as her orgasm consumed her. Damien feasted on her juices. "Yes, yes, yes," screamed Rosa. "Master her cunt," Abigail moaned in obvious excitement. "Yes, she's your slut. She knows it." "I do, Sire." She pressed her pussy back into his lips, her juices and blood filling his lips.

He savored it as her pussy spasmed about his fingers. His dick ached. He needed to feel her velvety sheath on his shaft. He ripped his fingers out of her cunt and slammed his dick into her wet, cumming depths. She clenched and squeezed about his dick. Her head tossed back, her eyes rolled back. Blood and milk stained her lips. "Fuck, fuck, yes, Sire. Pound my cunt." "Pound her," groaned Britney, her voice almost sleepy.

She had three vampires feeding on her at once. Her body quivered as she lolled. Abigail raised her lips, pink froth cfnm mom and offspring jerking a dick them.

She lunged at Damien, kissing him hard as he fucked Rosa. Sweet pussy and coppery blood covered her lips, the flavor burning through him, driving his hips to thrust faster. Harder. To fuck Rosa until he erupted in her cunt.

Damien moaned into his wife's kiss, pulling her body tight against his as he pounded Rosa's cunt. The vampiress moaned as he plunged over and over hackiee online live desi sex her depths, her back arching, her dark hair dancing through the air.

Abigail kissed Damien harder, her teeth cutting his lips. His blood flowed, spicing the kiss. Abigail moaned into it. Her hot cunt pressed into his hip. She pressed her hot clit into his skin. His enhanced senses felt the nub throbbed with every beat of her undead heart. More and more of her juices stained his thighs as she rutted and moaned, glutting on the excitement as she fed on his blood. She humped faster and faster, her fingernails raking. Bleeding scratches appeared in the wake of her sharp nails.

Damien loved the pain. "Fuck me, Sire," Rosa gasped. "Yes, yes, yes. Pound me." "Oh, yes, Master," Mary purred, the raven-haired vampiress crawling over Britney, her nostril flaring. She scented blood. His blood. Mary's tongue licked up Damien's scratches, her wet tongue adding a sting of pain to the wounds.

Damien growled as she licked up the drops of his blood, not wasting the treat. Her lips kissed at his wounds, exciting him. His balls swelled. Abigail broke the kiss, her body shuddering. "Pound the cunt," gasped Abigail, her green eyes rolling in her head. "Yes, yes, yes." Her muscles contracted. He could hear them clench, squeezing out the flood of her fluids that gushed out her pussy around his plunging dick.

Her tart musked filled the air as she trembled against him. Her clit throbbed. Her labia quivered. "Flood her cunt," screamed Abigail at the height of her passion. "Yes," begged Rosa. "Sire, yes." Damien growled and buried into his vampiress's snatch. His balls erupted. His inflamed lusts pumped load after load of his jizz into her.

He snarled, the taste of his own blood still staining his lips, mixing with the flavor of Abigail's kiss. He squeezed Abigail's ass hard, bringing a sweet moan of pain from his wife as his orgasm tensed all his muscles. He kissed her again, biting her lips, savaging them, drinking the coppery drops that flowed. Father Augustine couldn't stand up to Damien and his harem. The priest had tried with his strange, enhanced women and failed.

Damien, Abigail, and his women would rip the priest apart, rescue Aurora, or avenge his angel's death. He ripped his cock from Rosa's cunt.

"Britney, Rosa, paint the van's windows. We're leaving in ten minutes." "Yes, Master," Britney said, her eyes snapping open, the lethargy fading as she gained her feet.

The bite marks around her hibiki otsuki you will only tissue japanese and asian already closed, her body healing from the vampiress's feast.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Father Augustine stepped out of the van into the parking garage beneath Faust Tower. His hands felt mighty. He clenched his fist as he stared at the support column before him. Curiosity gripped him. How strong am I? The priest punched. Concrete sheered off the side of the column, cracking and falling to the ground in a cloud of gray dust.

Expose rebar, twisted and gray-brown, appeared, iron bones sheered of their hard flesh. "I didn't feel a thing," the priest muttered, staring at his hand. "Father," Joy gasped, her eyes wide. "That was chesty babe enjoying huge dick pumping her hardcore phatass. You're like a superhero." "Nephilim," he answered, ignoring what he had read in the bible about the Nephilim.

"Come." "Yes, Father." Her voice had a dewy tone. Her cunt must be dripping. They rode the elevator in silence. He could feel the whorish lusts rippling from Joy as she oyeloca latina babe christina aragon hardcore sex her hips, her venal desires gripping her.

She wanted to fuck. He could smell the waft of her feminine excitement. "Always the whore," he said, watching the floors tick by. "I am, Father," Joy moaned. "You're just so.irresistible." She reached out, stroking his arm through the long sleeve of his cassock. "You're growing younger, Father. Handsomer." "Control your lusts, slut." Her hand jerked back.

"Yes, Father. I'll try." "It is all you can expect from a woman." The elevator dinged onto Faust's floor. I ignored the secretary's question as I stepped off the elevator and marched to Faust's office. The woman protested, squawking like a hen. I did not care. I marched towards the doors to his office, mahogany veneers over reinforced steel.

One of his thralls—a large, African-American man with forearms thicker than most men's thighs—stood before the door. "I need to speak to Faust." "It's the day, Father," the man answered. "He's—" Father Augustine's hand seized the thrall's balls and squeezed.

The man grunted, his knees buckling. "Then wake him up. Now." "Y-yes," groaned the man. His nuts crushed beneath the priest's fingers. The thrall would heal.

"Run, dog." The man staggered to his steps. The secretary kept squawking. Father Augustine glared at the woman. Her jaw snapped shut and she fled back to her desk. Joy let out another venal moan. Father Augustine pushed against the doors.

The steel beneath groaned and buckled. The mahogany veneers cracked beneath the stress. Fractures radiated from his hands. The metal groaned louder. Loud, tearing rents snapped through the air then the hinges squeaked as the doors pushed open. "Father Augustine," panted Joy.

"Oh, my God. You are his chosen warrior. We shall defeat the darkness." "We shall," the priest said. "What are you doing.?" The new woman's voice trailed away into a shocked gasp.

The priest turned and smiled at the sight of the vampiress Lynette wearing an black negligee that clung to her lush body, her black hair tousled from her disturbed sleep. The priest smiled as her nipples hardened beneath the fabric. "Waiting for Faust," the priest said, reaching out to pinch her nipple through her negligee. Lynette moaned. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Faust marched through the office, his executives and their staff's reeking of fear.

They all knew not to ask questions of his business. Anger boiled through him. He had sent Lynette to deal with the priest but she never returned to their bed. What could have distract the. Faust had lived over a century. He had witnessed many things. He had escaped hunts by the best of the Knights Venator. And when he pledged corrupted souls to the demon Jezebel in exchange for power and protection from Heaven, he had step son get ass his mom fed a business empire on the corpses of his enemies.

He had bathed in blood, forced husbands to kill their wives, mothers to drown their children. He had reveled in the darkest, foulest debauchery.

He had witnessed the depths of humanity's dark sins. He had thought he had seen everything. But the sight of the steel doors of his office broken open shocked him. Molded into the steel were two hand prints, one on each door, pressed into the steel like they were made of clay. Faust was a vampire. He had strength beyond a normal human. He could not have ripped those doors open. For the first time in many years, fear touched the vampire as he ventured into his office.

The priest sat in a comfortable, dark-red leather chair in the reading corner, his blonde slut Joy standing at his side. Faust's vampiress, Lynette, knelt before the priest, her mouth hungrily devouring Father Augustine's cock.

"That is my property, Jezebel," Faust snarled, striding into the room. "She is not for your priest. I have not agreed to that." "Agreements change," the priest said, speaking with his own voice and not the demon who possessed him. The vampire swallowed at the intensity of the priest's blue eyes.

If he were living, fear would have loosened his bowels. To be continued.