Latina hottie sucks dick on the beach

Latina hottie sucks dick on the beach
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I awoke, laying in her bed. Those 5 seconds were you wake up and dont know where you are or how you got there overwhelmed me, and then I remembered. I sat up and looked to my right. Brook layed there, her black hair dishelved and her little lips puckered out, holding nagpuri bipi xxx story jarkand sheets over her naked body in a death grip. I assumed I didnt look to well either.

I looked at the body mirror she had opposite her bed. My brown hair was sticking up in some places, and flat in others, I looked like shit. There was nothing remarkable about my apperance. I had dark brown hair, kind of shaggy, all around my head, small lips, and a good build. I wasn't a football player, but I wasn't chubby either. My skin was relatively pale, with last summers tan wearing off, and winter not letting up for a couple days of sun, but my most noticeable feature was my eyes.

They were a bluish grey, almost white. I got used to them, but they were still novels to the others around me. I stood up slowly and stretched, my back cracking. I hot pretty bitch loves her daddys powerful rod hardcore creampie on my boxers, then made sure everything worked right, and shuffled over to the bathroom.

I immediately took some water and splashed it over my face. I thought of the events leading up to this. Bad grades, only getting worse, in fear of dropping out, girlfriend out in Florida- Oh shit. I had completely forgot about my girlfriend in the heat of things. I had always wanted Brook, and it just kind of creeped up on me, without my say in it. She was in Florida right now, and wasnt going to be back till friday.

I still had Brook to myself for a week. I wondered what I would do when Taylor, my girlfreind, got back. I would worry about it when the time came. I slowly walked into the kitchen, my body aching. I walked to the cupboard, looking for some cereal. Finding none, I made some eggs. I sat on the table watching TV and finishing my eggs when Brook shuffled in the room, her hair a mess, but wearing a pair of pink panties and a pink bra.

"You sure look nice this morning" I said, a big grin on my face. I heard her mumble something along the lines of "Fuck you" as she shuffled into the bathroom. I got up and quickly and washed of my plate, putting it in the sink. I turned around and walked over to her as she walked into the room. "Hello there," Sex stories 4 sex fairy tales pron sex shoophie dee said, embracing her and giving her a kiss. She pulled away and grinned, going over to the cupboard to get a glass of water.

"So you mind telling me what that was about last night?" I asked her. She blushed. "I thought it was time we got to know eachother better" she said with a giggle. After watching TV for a while, I got up. "I think I'll go take a shower," I said. She turned around from making herself some eggs, diminishing my view of her perfect ass, but offering quite a nice one of her tits.

My boxers were getting a little uncomfortable. "Have fun," she said, blowing me a kiss, her voice layered with ecstasy. My boxers got really uncomfortable right about then. She looked down at my crotch and giggled. "Mission accomplished," she said. Son of a bitch. She was tormenting me. I walked into the bathroom, closing the door, and pulling off my tight boxers. I turned on the water, and hopped in. The water was hot, rushing over my body and relieving me.

The steam rose, making the air more humid, soothing my sore muscles. I washed my body, starting with my hair and working my way down.

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I finally got down to my dick. "I think I'll wash that," Brook said, stepping into the shower with me. I hadn't heard her come in, and I nearly fell over. She laughed, then looked at me. "Don't think I'm done with you yet, we've still got work to do, now that we've started," she said, leaning in real close, "Dont believe for a second I'm doing all the work." "Oh yes?" I asked her, pulling her closer to me, "and what if I dont cooperate?" I reached behind her and grabbed her ass with my right hand.

"I don't think you have a choice," she said, reaching down and grabbing my cock, mashing her lips against mine simountaneously. By now my cock was harder then ever. I moved my right hand from her ass around her thigh and over her pussy, while my left slowly stroked her stomach and moved up toward her tits. I lightly touched the outer flesh of her pussy. "Mhmmm," she said, breaking away from my mouth. "Be gentle. Im still sore from last night," I laughed, and rubbed harder.

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I reached up with my left hand and grabbed one of her tits, massaging the nipple, while my right hand slowly stroked her tender lips. The water was beating against my back, intensifying the experience, making me calm, yet still horny. I slowly started to kiss her neck. She just gave out. There was no warning.

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All of a sudden she cummed all over my hand, her juices flowing over it and into the tub, to flow down to the sink. I was stunned. "I must be doing something right," I said, shaking my head and laughing.

She grabbed my hand and raised it to her mouth, sucking it clean of her juices. "I kind of like this hardcore Brook," I said, wiping more juices off her pussy, older licks and extreme brutal slavemouth alexa it to my mouth. I liked it clean. It tasted like the sweetest candy you could busty milf mona kim trades expert blowjob for huge cash bigtits and bigcock have, fresh and soothing and sharp and subtle all at once.

She tried kissing me. "Haha. Nope. This is my candy," I said, savoring the taste of her cum. "I made it," She said, folding her arms across her chest and elevating her breasts. "I did all the work," I said, giving her a kiss, and the last of the cum in my mouth.

She licked her lips clean, and looked around. "Hmm, well, I guess its time for me to be off," she said, and pretended to get ready to leave. "Oh no you dont. Not untill you fix this," I said, and pointed to my rock hard dick. "Ohhh. What have we here?" She asked, getting on her knees. She slowly started to stroke me.

I rolled my head back, and closed my eyes. I could hear her giggle at my reaction. "You know, I really have to go." She said, stepping out of the shower. I looked at her questioningly cause I thought she was joking. I was wrong. She flicked her head back and flashed me a iew of her perfect smile, and coupled with her ass in my face, it only made my dick throb harder.

Then she walked out. I felt like an abandoned puppy. I got up and followed her, my feet stumbling on her plush carpet, till I cornered her on the couch. "Hmmm? Whats this?" she asked. "Bend over." I said, in the most serious voice I could muster She slowly smiled, stood up, and poked her ass in the air, exposing her button hole ass, and wonderful pussy. She leaned the front half of her body onto the couch, and without warning, I plunged the whole length of my shaft down her.

She yellped and buried her head in the couch cusion. After a minute went by, she raised her head. "Ever do that again, and I'll kill you," she said breathlessly. I couldnt help but laugh. She was sitting here with my dick all the way down her pussy, unable to move, and completely helpless, and she was threatning me.

"You're something else Brook," I said, pulling my length out of her. I plunged it back in, going faster and faster. God she felt so good. I knew she would be sore for a week, she was so tight. As I neared my climax, I could feel her tighten as well. I kept going till I felt that familiar building up sensation, and then plunged my shaft as far as it could go down her pussy.

We cummed at the same time, our juices mixing together and pouring out of her. I pulled my shrinking cock out of her as she cummed for the second time today. She rubbed her pussy and licked her fingers. "Too much of you, not enough me," she declared, a frown on her face.

I looked at the clock. "Shit Brook, its 7!" We had [pleasantly] wasted the whole day together. "I have to get home," I said, and indeed I did.

I had an exam to study for. "No!" She yelped, jumping up and clinging to me with her naked body. "Please stay," she asked. She looked so sad, so hopeful. Who was I to say no? But I was spent.

"Brook, I cant do anymore. You've wasted me," I said, ever aware of her perfect tits. She looked at my cock.

"Looks like your still kicking," she said with a giggle. Lo and behold I was already getting hot again. "I dont know how you do it Brook," I said grabbing her body, "but you do it well," I said, lifting her up and carrying her back to her room. And so, the week passed without incident, and I was preoccupied with school work and Brook was busy with her new job at Subway, so we didnt see eachother again untill Friday night the next week.

I drove her home from school (her pajero en internet tube porn worked but e had just decided I would drive her home) and when we got to her house, I went inside, since it was the weekend, and I had no chool work to do. She opened the door and took me inside.

Once in the doorway I piced her up and threw her on the couch, rubbing my hand up her thigh. She sat up and sighed contentadely. "I love you," she said, kissing me deeply on the lips. "I love you too Brook," and I rubbed her pussy. "Damnit! I try to have a serious moment with you and you have to make me hot!" she said, but I could see her trying not to smile. "Awwww, is little Brook sensitive?" I asked, rubbing her again. She moaned softly. "Don't you have work tomorrow?" I asked.

"Yeah, so.?" I slowly got up. "You better get some sleep." I said, walking towards the door. "You asshole!" She yelled, throwing a pillow at me. "Sorry hun, gotta go!" I said as I closed the door as she tried to throw another pillow at me. I would coe back later tonight, I just wasnt in the mood right now.

I chuckled as I walked ino my house. My parents were out, on a buisness trip, and my sister Jen was out with her freinds, so I had the house to myself.

I went to my room, got on the laptop, checked MySpace, surfed YouTube for a bit, then ploped down on my bed to take a nap. I awoke aware of one thing. I wasn't alone. "Hey honey," I heard a voice say. "Miss me?" Oh shit. Taylor Thoughts?